Why He's No Ordinary Dave


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  • hurricane CHRISS
    hurricane CHRISS 2 months ago

    Him and Quentin🤔
    I see it yall💯
    I can already imagine Drake shitten BRIXX 🙃

  • Emmanuel A
    Emmanuel A 3 months ago

    I kill wasp for a living.

  • Euan unmentionable
    Euan unmentionable 4 months ago

    Dave is a bit like Ronnel from top boy

  • OT
    OT 4 months ago

    Inspiration 🔥

  • Fizzy ___
    Fizzy ___ 6 months ago

    Laike yano laike

  • Marzuq Imran Vohra
    Marzuq Imran Vohra 8 months ago

    sounds like a poem

    DJ GAMERS 8 months ago

    Anyone know what jacket dave is wearing?

  • Jaming Gaming
    Jaming Gaming 9 months ago

    What’s the jacket

  • dotdot dot
    dotdot dot 10 months ago +2

    Ordinary name, extraordinary character

  • Luke Oliver
    Luke Oliver 11 months ago

    Anyone know what team he supports

  • Azzam
    Azzam 11 months ago +1

    We need a dave x vince staples track

  • Aziz Daghistani
    Aziz Daghistani Year ago


  • Jb A
    Jb A Year ago

    He was insane at leeds

  • - fab-x-gaming
    - fab-x-gaming Year ago

    Every time he says like I lose my will to live

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee Year ago +1

    bruv, i kill wasps for a livin

  • SaucyMicz
    SaucyMicz Year ago +1

    Dave was standing on my road 😱 I'm acc gassed to be from streatham

  • shinra corp
    shinra corp Year ago +2

    guy is wise way beyond his years

  • Junior Gordons
    Junior Gordons Year ago +2

    Amazing Personality

  • Nikhil Gordon
    Nikhil Gordon Year ago +2

    Anyone know where to get his jacket?

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan Year ago +1

    anyone know what make that jacket is, it's fresh 👊👊

  • ashis gurung
    ashis gurung Year ago +11

    "like" most used word by any roadman

    • Archie HW
      Archie HW 9 months ago

      Nah pre sure it’s bruv or innit

  • John eckleston
    John eckleston Year ago +2

    I also kill wasps for a living

  • Dana ‘Cucked by Schaub’ White

    Like, like, like. Like? Like.

  • E-MAN1UP
    E-MAN1UP Year ago +1

    Didnt wanna say doin it for money

  • jessie bobrect
    jessie bobrect Year ago +6

    I don't think Dave would be able to comprehend how much he's loved by his fan ❤ been watching he's freestyles and all that since day one and now he's flying off. Actually proud

  • I Shot Your Pet Bee
    I Shot Your Pet Bee Year ago +4

    Dave is the future, standard. Trust me

  • sean Otoole
    sean Otoole Year ago


  • Jack SD
    Jack SD Year ago

    This guy speaks my language

  • gl2certi
    gl2certi Year ago

    2017 is yours dave

  • maxbuzz27
    maxbuzz27 Year ago

    Anyone know those white Nike shoes?

  • MrBerns42
    MrBerns42 Year ago

    you'd have to be on meth to do a one-take lolol

  • Ashraf Islam
    Ashraf Islam Year ago +4

    Him and JME just need to sit down and have a conversation, recorded.

  • Jimmy Conz
    Jimmy Conz Year ago +2

    Suck your mum 10 times if you disliked this

  • Darren Brady
    Darren Brady Year ago +6

    everybody is saying drake made him but did drake write his lyrics no so be quite fam

      IIIMTSIII Year ago +2

      Darren Brady his black box made him 🔥

  • Ronald Macdonald
    Ronald Macdonald Year ago

    I swear den steps R from gangland wen they have the mashines

  • A Person
    A Person Year ago

    Hairline kinda do a shuffle cant lie

    • Ricky Hunter
      Ricky Hunter Year ago

      A Person Makes no sense. Ur takin a L for dis one

    PSHOW Year ago

    Different breed!

  • Treyza
    Treyza Year ago

    Respect 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Stephen Mvpurry
    Stephen Mvpurry Year ago

    Dave is a thug LOL, he needs to fix up his life

  • Sufyian Abdullah
    Sufyian Abdullah Year ago

    Love this man

  • Dilection
    Dilection Year ago +1

    All the best brother with your art

  • Akash Shabir
    Akash Shabir Year ago +1


  • kaiayanna. xo
    kaiayanna. xo Year ago +5

    His work rate is A1

  • Brandon Dobson
    Brandon Dobson Year ago +2

    Dave is an inspiration and is showing how youth music on the roads should really be, it ain't all about the crime and that 💯

  • Shebby Siege
    Shebby Siege Year ago +8

    He reminds me of that guy who went with you from primary school to college. It's like he was always there and he'd be your friend even when the odds are against a man.

  • Lstn Up Ldn
    Lstn Up Ldn Year ago +1


  • Lord Of Reptile
    Lord Of Reptile Year ago +5

    he loves saying "like"

  • Bobby Bancroft
    Bobby Bancroft Year ago +5


  • xaminxa
    xaminxa Year ago

    i hope hes right

  • Zakir Hussain
    Zakir Hussain Year ago

    drake made this guy loool

    • Ur local Batty crease
      Ur local Batty crease Year ago +3

      Zakir Hussain suck ya mudda ya battyman

    • The LR Project
      The LR Project Year ago


    • Johan waza
      Johan waza Year ago

      Zakir Hussain I'd not go as far as saying he made this guy but he's helped his future in a big way

    • B Muzo
      B Muzo Year ago +2

      Zakir Hussain what? Are you licked out your mind Big man, wahum to you rude boy you don't Know daves been setting pace for few years now, drake made my left ball bag kmt

  • Aaron Matomisa
    Aaron Matomisa Year ago +3

    How many times does he say "like"???

  • Alf
    Alf Year ago

    Maud maud

  • Marcus Laverl
    Marcus Laverl Year ago +1

    Seems like a humble kid, big big future ahead

  • H/S Soundz
    H/S Soundz Year ago +5

    This guys too clever. Respect to him! Gonna be big 100%

  • Adon mahga
    Adon mahga Year ago +11

    in grime... you can't say scruface and stumpy didn't make some of the wickedest beats

  • Tegrenade
    Tegrenade Year ago +3

    He definitely is achieving what he set out to do ✊🏾💯

  • Abz
    Abz Year ago +292

    man said aj dm'ed him like a girl 😂😂

  • Bellz O
    Bellz O Year ago +1

    so much talent, doing his own ting in his own way respect.Im regreting not going to meet you at richmond now

  • xuhso
    xuhso Year ago +2

    ɪ ʀᴀᴛᴇ ʜɪᴍ ᴍᴀᴅᴅᴅᴅʟʏ

  • BigJoenads
    BigJoenads Year ago +98

    He seems pretty intelligent and clued up

  • TulioLDN
    TulioLDN Year ago +34

    make a tune called Like

    JNR LXXXVI Year ago

    Gwaan Dave big up yourself... talent beyond his years

  • Casanova Frankenstein

    Youre already there Dave.. Youre already there

  • LifeOfAlpay
    LifeOfAlpay Year ago +127

    His mindset is amazing!

    • Farhiya A
      Farhiya A 7 months ago

      LifeOfAlpay Same he’s wise.

    • TJ jones
      TJ jones Year ago

      +Lord of Frog's Disabled Cousin and I'm onto you don't watch that understand!

    • Young Dizz
      Young Dizz Year ago +20

      LifeOfAlpay fuck off Alpay I'm on you you sumo looking batty boi

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith Year ago +19

    Man said give Scrufizzer a night hood 😂

  • neil warnock
    neil warnock Year ago +19

    im thirty bro but ill listen to elf kid,splinta, izzie, dave, mez,issiah dreads.age shouldnt b a boundary.if its wavey its wavey

    • Ab Sa
      Ab Sa Year ago +3

      +Gabriel Saeed 30 is young, just wait one day you're 22 next thing u 35

    • Aizen Kazama
      Aizen Kazama Year ago +3

      Gabriel Saeed Bet you don't complain when Giggs does though 👀🙂

    • Gabriel Saeed
      Gabriel Saeed Year ago +1

      Rory King 30 but you still type like that 👀🌚

  • History_Related
    History_Related Year ago +1


  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Year ago +43

    Dave you're already a game changer

  • 123hez
    123hez Year ago +12

    Great edit and incredible artist, very inspirational.

  • James Saukila
    James Saukila Year ago +237

    'He dmed me like a girl' 😂

  • Texting Story
    Texting Story Year ago +30

    He'll go far.

  • ImFromLDN1
    ImFromLDN1 Year ago +320

    Dave will definitely get to the stage Skepta is now within the next 5yrs if he keeps doing what he's doing, he's way too advanced & screwed on for his age not to get there 💯

    • TGFP :
      TGFP : 5 months ago

      ImFromLDN1 imagines he’s 19🤭

    • Chicken nugget 24/7
      Chicken nugget 24/7 6 months ago

      Acester Dave is way better then skepta

    • Gregor Stevenson
      Gregor Stevenson Year ago +1

      fola oriade Fuck up

    • Lil Tony
      Lil Tony Year ago +8

      Drake didn't take shit....He asked him if he could remix it and Dave said yes

    • TheDangerbreed
      TheDangerbreed Year ago +8

      drake is trash, and the cover was horrible. Skepta spits bars.

  • Poohead 0161
    Poohead 0161 Year ago +9

    This guy is the future fam, i remember his old tunes like streetstarz freestyle, blackbox, wanna know, midsummers night this guy has progressed and he's on the way to the top !

  • 12 o'clock JL
    12 o'clock JL Year ago +122

    Inspirational (like)

  • StakeGamingHD
    StakeGamingHD Year ago +57

    the amount of time he said lyk tho 😶

    • chenelle97
      chenelle97 Year ago +12

      now i read this comment like is the only world i can hear omggggggg

    • Darkiie
      Darkiie Year ago +6

      StakeGamingHD Notting compared to the amount vanbanter says init init

    • StakeGamingHD
      StakeGamingHD Year ago

      all I heard was lyk still

  • mk y
    mk y Year ago +18

    How many times this nigga said 'like'...

    • Ghost Face
      Ghost Face Year ago +1

      Scoobay you took he words out of my mouth

    • Scoobay
      Scoobay Year ago +26

      mk y Subliminal messaging to make us like the video.

  • Adam Morris
    Adam Morris Year ago +15

    Legend in the making

  • XzOpe
    XzOpe Year ago +74

    Dave and Scrufizzer need to make a track

    • Fatah Hashi
      Fatah Hashi Year ago +3

      Predator Gaming dave is already bigger than Bugzy, Dave is on bigger things

    • INKYDROPKICK loves you
      INKYDROPKICK loves you Year ago

      yes blud

    • Wavy
      Wavy Year ago +4

      Dave and Bugzy, Dave would blow up and Bugzy would has his first Ft. with a young star ygm.

    • KingLos 2016
      KingLos 2016 Year ago +3

      And rapman

  • The Tinman
    The Tinman Year ago +4

    Dave's proper you know

  • Amin
    Amin Year ago +25

    real as they get

  • Spirix
    Spirix 2 years ago +14


  • Harry Avery
    Harry Avery 2 years ago +8

    dave knows whats good

  • Major Reflex
    Major Reflex 2 years ago +67

    Dave is a serious guy

  • Unknown source
    Unknown source 2 years ago +47

    ratings for dave

  • Gabriel Akibo-Betts
    Gabriel Akibo-Betts 2 years ago +28

    went to that kebab shop yesterday, it's dry

  • John eckleston
    John eckleston 2 years ago +2

    Great vid

  • Lil Frog
    Lil Frog 2 years ago +91

    Dave and AJ, the realist

    • Gladys Cooke
      Gladys Cooke Year ago

      Lord of Frogs Noble Steed their my faves in the grime scene right now rt 👏🏻👍💥💜

    • Tobi
      Tobi Year ago +1


  • Nick Sing
    Nick Sing 2 years ago +29

    game changer

  • H Ahmed
    H Ahmed 2 years ago +17

    Dave looks and even speaks like Skepta..

    • Carl Ward
      Carl Ward Year ago +2

      H Ahmed no he doesn't but when it comes to music he's up there with him

    • MistahRyxn
      MistahRyxn Year ago +12

      H Ahmed no

  • dave banda
    dave banda 2 years ago +31

    Six paths!

  • Brands
    Brands 2 years ago +26

    From his karma tune I knew he was gonna be big

    • Wavy
      Wavy Year ago +5

      Dm me ik him set

  • Rostam Satarzai
    Rostam Satarzai 2 years ago +2

    Real rapper

  • Cameron Hoskin
    Cameron Hoskin 2 years ago +31

    The realist

    TOITN 2 years ago +211

    I'm 30 years old and I've been listening since the Blackboxes. I swear to God that me and this kid Dave could kick back and reason with no issues whatsoever. I've been putting people onto Dave, and all the ones who used to write lyrics all reacted the same way. Dave is the writer's writer. The talent this youth possesses is mad.

    • Swammy 0190
      Swammy 0190 Year ago

      J. no one can take jokes

    • J.
      J. Year ago

      Swammy 0190 ... haha?

    • Swammy 0190
      Swammy 0190 Year ago

      LIVE Plays i was joking fkin hell

    • MixtapeSadness
      MixtapeSadness Year ago +9

      You're all childish how can you call him a pedo? jokemen

    • Swammy 0190
      Swammy 0190 Year ago

      J. bigman listen i know the hood, i was just crakin joke