100 People Tell Us Their Turn-Ons | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Jul 3, 2017
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    A rapid-fire montage of 100 of us responding to the same awkward prompt.
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    About this video:
    What lights your fire?
    100 People Tell Us Their Turn-Ons | Keep it 100 | Cut
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Comments • 5 632

  • Melon Boi227
    Melon Boi227 Hour ago

    A cheeseburger

  • Panda
    Panda 7 hours ago


  • Zoe Pot
    Zoe Pot 8 hours ago

    Left handedness....

  • Ezinne Irozuru
    Ezinne Irozuru 10 hours ago

    "Sword based anime" I feel you😂

  • strawberry kun
    strawberry kun 16 hours ago

    When a girl bits her lips😍😍😍😍

  • Hailey Fine
    Hailey Fine 21 hour ago

    Muscley defined thighs, damp clean hair, smirking.

  • Beba Sanches
    Beba Sanches Day ago

    A nice smile/laugh.

  • homoromantic lesbian


  • PunAmation studios

    0:48 *tities*

  • l u s t
    l u s t Day ago


  • minmin
    minmin 3 days ago

    My fam is yitties

  • Xexin Kansichi
    Xexin Kansichi 3 days ago

    Intelligence doesn't really make sense. I mean i get why that's attractive in general but a turn on? Like I'm going to start explaining the history of China's foreign policy and how its effecting the world today and half way through ma is going to start kissing me and ripping off her cloths?

  • UnsungHeroRising
    UnsungHeroRising 3 days ago

    1:42 yo you guys get Emma Stone on the show now? lawwwl

  • Hanna Gonzales
    Hanna Gonzales 4 days ago

    yo lemme get the sword-based anime guy’s @

  • The trash can
    The trash can 4 days ago


  • Viridian
    Viridian 5 days ago

    0:49 its the girl from getting high 100 ways
    prob high rn

  • Kovu Kingsrod
    Kovu Kingsrod 5 days ago

    When a girl plays with her *vaginas*

  • Dinosuar Lover
    Dinosuar Lover 5 days ago

    that girl who says "veins" is it like:
    guy: look at this cool thing i can do with my veins
    girl: oh! oka-
    girl: *intense moaning*

  • Shay
    Shay 5 days ago +1

    6'2 bitch what

  • Judah Michener
    Judah Michener 5 days ago

    “butt ass naked against some satin”

  • Geraldine Torres
    Geraldine Torres 5 days ago

    Chichis JAJAJAJAJA

  • SuperGlued Crown
    SuperGlued Crown 5 days ago

    When a woman force kisses me. Like when I’m not expecting it. So hot. 😂

  • Tatiana Lekka
    Tatiana Lekka 6 days ago

    good grammar

  • digital sleepers music

    Rock, hard, *DICK!!!*
    *Me: oh hi Mom*
    *Mom: what about dick?*

  • Briana Harvey
    Briana Harvey 7 days ago


  • Exclusive Beats
    Exclusive Beats 7 days ago

    Do girls really like our British accents?

  • Krypto
    Krypto 7 days ago

    guys were the only honest ones lol
    no one:
    girls: inTeLLiGEncE
    *meanwhile smart nerds get bullied at school by girls laughing at them*

  • Urchinator
    Urchinator 7 days ago

    1:27 beggars cant be choosers darling.

  • Nay Say
    Nay Say 7 days ago

    A woman on her knees in the kitchen, wiping the floor wih a rag..

  • creat le
    creat le 7 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who is into wide shoulders?

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 7 days ago

    1:42 is that emma stone?

  • Victoria Espinoza
    Victoria Espinoza 8 days ago

    Okay but guy butts y’all !!

  • Joshua Christensen
    Joshua Christensen 8 days ago

    Soccer uniform

  • MM B
    MM B 8 days ago +7

    Whoever edits these videos is actually a GENUIS!!

  • Sjocastic
    Sjocastic 8 days ago

    I love how most the women state non corporal things and the guys are mostly something specific and appealing to the eye.

  • Leah Bremner
    Leah Bremner 8 days ago +1

    *Man tears i like that *so u planing on cutting some onions or something🤔😂😕😢😂😂

  • Jimin’s Wife
    Jimin’s Wife 9 days ago

    Plump lips.

  • Savannah Ramirez
    Savannah Ramirez 9 days ago

    A perfect cheeseburger

  • lataminoxur emu666
    lataminoxur emu666 9 days ago

    I have many many many kinks xD

  • Gabriel Shippey
    Gabriel Shippey 9 days ago

    The last bitch was so fucking sexist towards men. MAN TEARS TURN HER ON. lmao oof

  • CuriousityKilledTheCat

    I know American girls like British guys but do American guys like British girls (accents but also in general) - asking as a British girl lol

  • vibeswithsyd
    vibeswithsyd 10 days ago

    when a man... *cook*

  • emma t
    emma t 10 days ago

    axe body spray . girlllll

  • Lord zockt
    Lord zockt 10 days ago

    1:03 my man

  • BrandonG092
    BrandonG092 10 days ago

    1:04that’s what a virgin looks like

  • Rachel a
    Rachel a 10 days ago

    When he speaks other languages 😍

  • Skee Skrt
    Skee Skrt 10 days ago

    1:45 had me DEAD

  • Merron Douglas
    Merron Douglas 11 days ago

    "Man tears" FUCK THAT'S MY TURN ON

  • Marlbrough
    Marlbrough 11 days ago +1

    It's funny to read closed captions because at the end they've put «reflective music».

  • bri mck
    bri mck 11 days ago

    1:35 is that nish kumar

  • Brendex
    Brendex 11 days ago

    Arm veins yeeeeees

  • crayonsandcolouringbooks

    Smiles while kissing, morning voice, soft hands, any kind of accent, soft laughs, basically anything wholesome aDGUGI

  • Luiza Amorim Zago
    Luiza Amorim Zago 11 days ago

    I like when ppl touch me, like hugs or just touch in general but not in a harassment way more in a way to show affection

  • Tidda Gürl
    Tidda Gürl 11 days ago

    Jawlines 🤤

  • Doynavon Keith
    Doynavon Keith 11 days ago

    Thigh high socks😩

  • K3swan •
    K3swan • 11 days ago

    1:45 “ DICK!”

  • R G
    R G 12 days ago

    Now WHO is 0:56

  • Park_ Jimbles
    Park_ Jimbles 12 days ago

    Everyone else: Semi-normal answers
    That one chick: A good cheeseburger

    I love this

  • Mentalno Zaostao
    Mentalno Zaostao 12 days ago +2

    I'm sorry but that has to be one of the most disgusting cretures I have ever seen in my life...

  • Yinx
    Yinx 12 days ago +1

    boii I love ya😂

  • Deltas IronFang
    Deltas IronFang 12 days ago

    Last ones legit me

  • Nahshon Devose
    Nahshon Devose 13 days ago

    1:27 wow I never thought I’d see to 2 palest people in the world right in a row.

  • Brooke Mckeever
    Brooke Mckeever 13 days ago

    Guys: a cute smile
    Girls: long hair

  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller 13 days ago +27

    1:43 "Rock hard.... *DICK* "
    Im wheezing😂

  • iiAmFrosty
    iiAmFrosty 13 days ago +1

    A switch.

  • The Drawer Kring
    The Drawer Kring 13 days ago


  • Baron_Trump#13
    Baron_Trump#13 13 days ago

    1:44 kill it

  • Amla Day
    Amla Day 14 days ago

    do kinks

  • dang divine
    dang divine 14 days ago

    smelling good, neck kisses, humor 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 i also fucking love tall guys

  • 🥮miamia🥮
    🥮miamia🥮 14 days ago

    when guys can sing.... I’m yours.

  • DancingTrash
    DancingTrash 14 days ago

    Jins shoulders
    Armys will understand 😉

  • Jenesis Jacob
    Jenesis Jacob 14 days ago +2

    “Intelligence, Hand holding, voice.... then *TITTIES* “

  • Peger Pup
    Peger Pup 15 days ago

    I don't know why but I love how soft they are,especially the LARGE plushies, you feel so small compared to it.

  • NanaBanana
    NanaBanana 15 days ago +5

    Watching this makes me think... what do the boys at my school think of me and other girls (their turn on’s) ??? 😂

  • Cheybat
    Cheybat 15 days ago

    1:03 lesbians

  • Valeria Montanari
    Valeria Montanari 15 days ago

    1:26 she is so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Heesoo Shin
    Heesoo Shin 15 days ago +2

    Doritos shapes body.

  • Awkward ユニコーン
    Awkward ユニコーン 16 days ago +1

    I feel like the only person who gets turned on by collars and cat ears

  • F. B. I.
    F. B. I. 16 days ago +2

    Hmmm I’m gay so girls turn me on

  • Famalami
    Famalami 16 days ago


  • georgia paloma
    georgia paloma 16 days ago

    When a girl plays with her vaginas

  • MrSayonara88
    MrSayonara88 17 days ago

    i consider turn ons as an action, characteristic, or skill....i didn't know "naked against some satin" would be a turn on?! like when are you going to see that in public? and "leather and some chains" ok so she likes Hot Topic?!?

  • so you're a twink huh
    so you're a twink huh 17 days ago

    men are fucking perfect and everything turns me on lmao

  • marko maric
    marko maric 17 days ago

    What the hell is that 1:45

  • RainaAstaldo
    RainaAstaldo 17 days ago +1

    When they have a naturally sexy af growl...mmmmfffhh ;-)

  • DeathMayBeTheBiggestBlessing x

    Im a 30 year old woman and literally nothing turns me on and I never feel sexual. I think something is wrong with me????

    • Anthony Pappas
      Anthony Pappas 16 days ago

      There's nothing wrong with you. It sounds like you might be asexual.

  • Sanako 銀
    Sanako 銀 18 days ago +2


  • Sugarisud R.
    Sugarisud R. 19 days ago

    Take your fucking stupid videos of USclip. There are children watching this crap, because that’s what it is crap. Your a system rat part of the world web like porn violence and other corruption rotting people’s psych gradually. Who fucking cares what turns other people on!

    • Anthony Pappas
      Anthony Pappas 16 days ago

      This channel seems to push the boundaries of the types of content to put on USclip. If anything, USclip should mark these videos as restricted so kids can't watch them.

  • lemon lime
    lemon lime 19 days ago

    Arm veins, back muscles

  • Muhib Al-Rawi
    Muhib Al-Rawi 19 days ago

    1:53 Is she a Crazy Feminist or just a thot?

  • Leather Hitman
    Leather Hitman 19 days ago +1

    Leather Smoking

  • The black cat
    The black cat 19 days ago +1


  • Gae Elle
    Gae Elle 19 days ago

    Morning Voice. Arm veins. Dominance. Sensitivity.Confidence. Eyes.Lips... big nigga lips🖤🖤Smile. Laugh. When they’re really focused and they don’t notice you looking at them. Sense of humor. Kisses. Rubs. Grabbing you with just enough force, but not so much that they hurt you. Little touches non sexy places like your arm, shoulder, knees. Grey.Sweatpants. When a guy moans or sweats..... I just love boys😁😁

  • taene
    taene 20 days ago

    hands. when a guy pushes his sleeves up. collarbones. fucking cOLLARBONES

  • goth boyo
    goth boyo 20 days ago

    lemme tell you every time i think about my boyfriends chest or his eyes my heart nuts a little

  • Mathilda Lando
    Mathilda Lando 20 days ago

    does she even know what ''mind f*ck'' means? 0:32 ... lol......
    ( "Noun. mindfuck ((plural mindfucks)) ((slang, vulgar)) Something that intentionally destabilizes, confuses or manipulates the mind of another person'') .

  • General 666
    General 666 21 day ago

    ~Bi Male~
    #1 Thick ass head of hair
    #2 Great Smile
    #3 Attentive
    #4 Legs and Booty
    #5 Nice boobs/pecs

  • adult lessons
    adult lessons 21 day ago

    My boyfriend... He turns me on

  • hi i dont know wtf im doing with my life

    Someone sensually touching my waist or inner thigh, a satisfying voice, thigh highs, lingerie, being dominated, and some kinds of pain

  • Anday 34
    Anday 34 21 day ago

    The last one tho❤️👌