We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • The Day i Committed To My Bestfriend!!

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Comments • 40 690

  • Unicorn Nation
    Unicorn Nation 9 hours ago

    Why does she have to dress like a thot to everything she goes to

  • CrazeCrame
    CrazeCrame 9 hours ago

    Wow, so many ads on such a fake video.

  • Audriazark
    Audriazark 9 hours ago

    Y'all stupid little kids,go play outside or something then faking a pregnancy and acting like your 18.

  • mad xo
    mad xo 9 hours ago +1

    *their marriage is as fake as her long ass nails 🤠🤧*

  • Jimin's Lost Jams
    Jimin's Lost Jams 9 hours ago

    *w h a t*

  • Ariel Her
    Ariel Her 9 hours ago

    Uh uh bruh this is fake

  • xalicedancing x
    xalicedancing x 9 hours ago +1

    NOT HATING BUT.... For anyone who thinks this is real, go onto the little Vegas chaple website.... It does fake weddings and wedding photos 🙃

  • Doughball the hamster
    Doughball the hamster 9 hours ago

    When your 14....

  • Gabriella xx
    Gabriella xx 9 hours ago

    Best friend? Really its so stupid

  • wat3rl1ly
    wat3rl1ly 9 hours ago

    The fact that they got married at the shitty little white chapel in Vegas is fucking stupid are they fucking poor

  • Lyrical Rhythm
    Lyrical Rhythm 9 hours ago

    Oh lord this girl needs some jojo in her life 🤦‍♀️

  • The Army That Blinks
    The Army That Blinks 9 hours ago

    I’m still watching Blue’s Clues.

  • Ruby Bodle
    Ruby Bodle 9 hours ago

    lmao the guy didn’t even say anything to do with being a wife/husband this is literally like a kid’s birthday party or when you’re 5 and you get “married” to your friends...this is so fcking fake it’s hilarious

  • Ananya Sharma
    Ananya Sharma 9 hours ago

    seriously? destruction*100

  • Alice Xxx
    Alice Xxx 9 hours ago

    all the likes are just little kids in kindergarten who wish this was them

  • double M
    double M 9 hours ago

    DISGUSTANG.. I love jojo now, follow the right path everybodyy

  • m4reen hi
    m4reen hi 9 hours ago

    How much ads can be in one video? WTF

  • Mya
    Mya 9 hours ago

    What a waste.

  • It's Lathi !!
    It's Lathi !! 9 hours ago

    I appreciate JoJo siwa now

  • lightning david
    lightning david 9 hours ago

    They really are not dressed up like they should be

  • lightning david
    lightning david 9 hours ago

    That is not how a real wedding goes

  • Boo Milkshake
    Boo Milkshake 10 hours ago

    Wait...so they are legally married...

  • Isabelle Hallisey
    Isabelle Hallisey 10 hours ago

    they didnt even say the words husband or wife once during the wedding ceremony

  • giovana villalobos
    giovana villalobos 10 hours ago

    They are so stupid honestly she keeps complaining about having hate comments , well know she knows why she gets hates comments he got "married" she pregnant at the age of 15 and 16. Her mom isn't doing anything about like they ain't gonna last for ever. Her and mikey are gonna break up that's how relationships work at being a teenager.

  • preachyy
    preachyy 10 hours ago +2

    she got married at a place for PRETEND WEDDINGS

  • Xeref
    Xeref 10 hours ago +1

    this is the saddest thing i have ever seen

  • rabi'atul 'adwyh
    rabi'atul 'adwyh 10 hours ago +2

    can we talk about that wedding dReSs.giRl EyE-

  • StassyLove
    StassyLove 10 hours ago

    I thought that she is very very rich and her wedding will be very big and she will have 543 guests and dress to floor with gold or something like that and her ,, husband “ get normal formal shoes not rainers wtf

  • Steph_Saavedra 06
    Steph_Saavedra 06 10 hours ago

    Sincerely this is stupid

  • Bruh Yo
    Bruh Yo 10 hours ago

    Isn’t the legal age for marriage 18 and 16....well I guess u don’t have to worry about that bc it’s fake

  • Reyna Gamer
    Reyna Gamer 10 hours ago

    ᑎOᗯ ᑌ ᑕᗩᑎ ᘔIᑎᘜ Tᕼᗴ ᗷIᘜ ᗩᑎᗪ ᑕᕼᑌᑎKY ᔕOᑎᘜ!

    I'm kidding

  • Hyped Burrito
    Hyped Burrito 10 hours ago

    I’m dying by reading the comments ololololololololol.
    There’s just so much to sayHEHE

  • Kawaiisky Gaming
    Kawaiisky Gaming 10 hours ago


  • Reyna Gamer
    Reyna Gamer 10 hours ago

    Congrats girl!!!..

    You officially turned 5 years old!

  • StassyLove
    StassyLove 10 hours ago

    And she can’t be married bc she is not 18 sooooooo

  • StassyLove
    StassyLove 10 hours ago

    Why he has trainers at a wedding lol

  • Shealeigh Frazier
    Shealeigh Frazier 10 hours ago

    Over her face

  • Shealeigh Frazier
    Shealeigh Frazier 10 hours ago

    She has a veil on I thought she was pregnant how is that possible 😂 over her face

  • Jason Tymko
    Jason Tymko 10 hours ago

    Stop giving this whore views, if she really is pregnant, why isnt her boyfriend in jail. And her mom is totally okay with this?

  • 1,000 subscribers without videos

    Dani's child:mom can you help me with my homework?
    Dani:after I have finished mine

  • nika boo
    nika boo 10 hours ago

    Like if it’s fake

  • Kaitlyn Norman
    Kaitlyn Norman 10 hours ago

    Watch, the next 10 months she’ll file a divorce

  • Peyton Edge
    Peyton Edge 10 hours ago

    I'm sry but wtf

  • Okay Kayleigh
    Okay Kayleigh 10 hours ago

    me and my friends on a minecraft server 5 years ago making some weird fake wedding:

  • Stella Graham
    Stella Graham 10 hours ago

    It's fake asf do u take dani to be ur bestfriend in a normal wedding it is do you take dani to be your wife

  • jocelyn _
    jocelyn _ 10 hours ago

    This REALLY happened within a ten mile radius of me oh my god

  • · aubrey ·
    · aubrey · 10 hours ago

    This "wedding" is so fake. She's holding some random flower pen and pretending to make it like a beautiful bouquet. I'm cringing too much.
    Edit: The dancing tho LMAO

  • Melody Lucero
    Melody Lucero 11 hours ago

    Oops I almost pushed the like button

  • Melody Lucero
    Melody Lucero 11 hours ago

    So you are getting married at 13 disgusting 😫😵😬

  • Joce Lop
    Joce Lop 11 hours ago

    En las Vegas también se casó en las Vegas Paulo y resultó ser una mentira!!!! Mira qué casualidad

  • Kaynani Manzo
    Kaynani Manzo 11 hours ago +1

    "Oh i know why don't i say im a slut and im pregnant"
    (Yup definitely better than admitting im just fat) 😂💀

    DJ SWAG 11 hours ago

    What have u brought upon this cursed land

  • Lauren Preda
    Lauren Preda 11 hours ago

    This isn’t even a real wedding

  • iiCookieKateii
    iiCookieKateii 11 hours ago

    no hate but this kinda looks uh...

  • Natalia alcantara
    Natalia alcantara 11 hours ago

    Was she not just saying that she wasn't 12 and that she was 13 and now she's "15"

  • alma Amaya
    alma Amaya 11 hours ago

    I never knew dani and mikey are gypsy.... Getting married while you 15...and i think 17 years old 😐

  • Maritza Serrano
    Maritza Serrano 11 hours ago

    I love how the guy is just checking his shirt at 4:17 like what a mood😂💀

    CLOROX BLEACH 11 hours ago

    If this is a real wedding why is she wearing a 1$ dress???

  • sam beane
    sam beane 11 hours ago

    dude they aren’t husband and wife... they are bff and bff!! boi

  • Michelle Chavez
    Michelle Chavez 11 hours ago

    that stupid fat kid keeps blaming willy and being such an asshole to him when it's not his fucking fault they got "pregnant"

  • Idek Lmao
    Idek Lmao 11 hours ago +1

    I'm done. Bye

  • Meg R
    Meg R 11 hours ago

    No one is talking about that the had no groom or bridesmaid or flower girl or a ring

  • Jimena Moreno
    Jimena Moreno 11 hours ago +2

    The guy taking the picture was probably like

    Aren’t these kids like 12?

    And the answer to that would be

  • Johana Ruiz
    Johana Ruiz 11 hours ago

    So u have to dress sluty for ur wedding🤷😬

  • Rachel Yustisiana
    Rachel Yustisiana 11 hours ago


  • Max Beaudoin
    Max Beaudoin 11 hours ago

    You guys are fucking crackheads she's faking it

    She's at a chapel which is a fake wedding that costs 35 dollars to pretend a wedding

  • Kate.
    Kate. 11 hours ago

    I want to commit danielle cohn baby

    get it cuz it doesn’t exist

  • Emily O'Donnell
    Emily O'Donnell 11 hours ago

    That Elvis impersonator knows his shit😂

  • Grace Bresnahan
    Grace Bresnahan 11 hours ago

    Who else went Straight to the comments

    I did for sure 😂😂

  • BemBem Plaz
    BemBem Plaz 11 hours ago +1

    It’s literally fucking illegal for them to get married, and have a child. Like how is a middle schooler supposed to raise a human being for 18 years...

    • BemBem Plaz
      BemBem Plaz 11 hours ago +1

      He isn’t even a real pastor, and they said “bff” instead of husband and wife... Watch them break up in a week lol

  • Journey with us
    Journey with us 11 hours ago

    Her: let’s get married
    Him: gets ring set from Claire’s

  • Elaine Cates
    Elaine Cates 12 hours ago

    Ok this is not like a marriage this they pledged to be bffs forever

  • Maija Zvir10
    Maija Zvir10 12 hours ago +1

    She is prego the belle looks prego

  • Trisha Ten Pei Wen
    Trisha Ten Pei Wen 12 hours ago

    Jesus man she's just like what 15 & she's married wtf how does her parents even allow this

  • Savanna Guidry
    Savanna Guidry 12 hours ago

    You know if you go to it on insta it said take fake

  • Celeste' LG'
    Celeste' LG' 12 hours ago


  • Guadalupe Espinoza
    Guadalupe Espinoza 12 hours ago

    I was born into the wrong generation

  • kayla s
    kayla s 12 hours ago

    watch her say is was a miscarrige..

  • Itz.ur. girl.alanna
    Itz.ur. girl.alanna 12 hours ago

    At 2:20 the boy with the gold sperkel jacket is the boy with the house of horrors and he sang the same song

  • Three Esmane
    Three Esmane 12 hours ago +1

    this is some jake paul shiii

  • Alexis Valenti
    Alexis Valenti 12 hours ago


  • MochiJiminieJamsIG A.R.M.Y

    How tffffffffff

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 12 hours ago

    I cant wait to they break up

  • Rene Santos
    Rene Santos 12 hours ago +1

    They are married as best friends but why are they kissing? 👀 Friends. Are. Friends.

  • Aislynn Grill
    Aislynn Grill 12 hours ago

    “now you aren’t spouses yet.”

    SUGA MYSHITUU 12 hours ago +1

    no one evem came lol

  • Jazmin Andrea
    Jazmin Andrea 12 hours ago

    This marriage is as fake as her age 💅💅

  • Domenica de la torre
    Domenica de la torre 12 hours ago

    The amount of chromosomes I've lost watching this is concerning. Help 😢

  • Kaelyn Wordzz Vlog Channel

    The fact that nobody is dressing up thoooo

  • Dalia Perez
    Dalia Perez 12 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the dog???

  • Valeria Soto
    Valeria Soto 12 hours ago

    What the actual hell.....suddenly I’ve liked Jojo Siwa way more.

  • Welcome to hell
    Welcome to hell 12 hours ago

    Suddenly Jojo Siwa isn't as bad as I thought.

  • Success Storm
    Success Storm 12 hours ago

    *3-6-9 girls wanna drink wine Dani Cohn it’s abortion time*

  • kayla hegler
    kayla hegler 12 hours ago +1

    If this was a really wedding WHY TF ARE U DRESSING LIKE A THOT 👎🏻👎🏻NO SIS

  • Emily Ocana
    Emily Ocana 12 hours ago

    That’s a fake wedding it little Vegas chapel it’s 35$ for pictures

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 12 hours ago +2

    Onestly who cares if it is fake or real just love one another.Danielle is a wonderfull person

    Don't hate on me because im nice

  • Namara
    Namara 12 hours ago

    Considering Elvis married his 14(?) yo cousin i think this is fitting

  • Keke's World
    Keke's World 12 hours ago

    1:00 and 1:09

  • xXxOgreToesxXx 69
    xXxOgreToesxXx 69 12 hours ago +9

    This is the same girl who made these lyrics:
    "Watch me dab, while ride past,
    got to much swag even on my hoverboard"

  • AlienAsh
    AlienAsh 12 hours ago

    Faker than my dentures!!!!!

    Hint.. I dont have dentures!