Gordon Shocked at Bankrupt Chef's Expensive Ingredients | Kitchen Nightmares UK

  • Published on May 24, 2017
    Chef Ramsay is fed up with the cook's excuses.
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  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 2 days ago

    Kitchen Nightmares UK Season 3 Episode 7. Thank me never.

  • Cheese Borger
    Cheese Borger 5 days ago

    “Ready steady twat” ahaha

  • Neeraj Kumar
    Neeraj Kumar 10 days ago +1

    anyone got a count on fuck

  • Reuben Corrigan
    Reuben Corrigan 13 days ago +2

    why is there no music? it's kind of eerie

  • Quetzal Coatl
    Quetzal Coatl 13 days ago

    This UK version is more relaxed than the US 😂

  • Sherry Drake
    Sherry Drake 13 days ago

    Gordon think a lot of his body. He shows himself showering or changing clothes on every episode. He obviously likes to show off his upper body.

  • mike devaney
    mike devaney 13 days ago

    this was definitely one of the more interesting episode's out of the series! the chef had high standards and was organised with great ingredients but he just wouldn't change and completely misjudged his market

  • Steve27775
    Steve27775 14 days ago

    'Ready Steady Cook' hasn't been on the air for 9 years, so that shows you how old this clip is.

  • Josh Gartland
    Josh Gartland 14 days ago

    Ready steady twaaaaaaaaat

  • Ronnie McFarlane
    Ronnie McFarlane 15 days ago

    Which season and episode is this? Anyone know?

  • Ryan Morgan
    Ryan Morgan 15 days ago

    At least his food looks pretty good. Id eat there and have no worries waiting 30minutes. I actuall hate eating at a fine dining place and food comes out it 10 minutes and im not on my second wine or beer. I feel as though thise resturants just want you to move on.

  • Sin Sanity
    Sin Sanity 18 days ago

    Keep your fookin shirt on.

  • Someone123
    Someone123 20 days ago

    KN UK: hello how are you doing

  • Travis H.
    Travis H. 21 day ago

    This is such a refreshing change from watching chefs fuck everything up from incompetence

  • Raphael Gordh
    Raphael Gordh 21 day ago +3

    It's lovely how the UK version doesn't have dramatic effects and music every 10 seconds to tell u how u should react.

    • jrcwwl
      jrcwwl 15 days ago

      It would be pointless in the uk, most there have the personality of a wet gym sock and don't show emotion about anything
      unless it had something to do with that useless erstwhile monarchy.

  • Big Travis
    Big Travis 22 days ago

    Lying ass chef- I stand around and do nothing but it’s very stimulating with all the wonderful food I eat
    Gordon- fu#k you
    Owner- I sell 1 $40 bottle of wine for $3.000 and I’m good

  • Sofa Overlord
    Sofa Overlord 23 days ago

    "Ready Steady Twat"

  • Tom Hardware
    Tom Hardware 23 days ago

    Is this guy happy about anything?

  • Tom Hardware
    Tom Hardware 23 days ago

    He complains when people use cheap ingredients, and now complains he uses expensive and pretty stuff? Lol what a load of bull.

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd 24 days ago

    "Sometimes I watch ready steady go..."
    What's "ready steady go"?

  • Simon Grönlund
    Simon Grönlund 24 days ago

    OK, this was 2 years ago and I want the continuation. Did Gordon save the sinking ship from disaster? I am curious :)

  • abe mathiau
    abe mathiau 28 days ago +1

    This salads dying in the heat like its creator LOL this guy's got smartass that rival Ramsey

  • Andre Bell
    Andre Bell Month ago

    4:03 wow

  • mrmactknife
    mrmactknife Month ago

    I always enjoyed the UK version much more. Is it still being made?

  • RancidBathwater
    RancidBathwater Month ago

    He should become an artist ffs.

  • Mini Donut
    Mini Donut Month ago

    Wheres the music

  • Pleased Popper
    Pleased Popper Month ago +1

    "Ready steady twat" 😂

  • Eileen Cullen
    Eileen Cullen Month ago +1

    This chef really needs to get his sh*t together!

  • Simon0
    Simon0 Month ago

    Less is more? No less is less. More is more. Get it right Gordon.

  • Lupus Rex
    Lupus Rex 2 months ago

    The UK version is so quiet and calm, I fucking love it.

  • wolf fam!
    wolf fam! 2 months ago

    My names NINOOO

  • Alex Gleason
    Alex Gleason 2 months ago +1

    'Ready steady twat' lol

    ZMOLIE 2 months ago


  • Juan Andrade
    Juan Andrade 2 months ago

    Man episodes in the uk are so different from episodes in the u.s. lol

  • Retards for sale!
    Retards for sale! 2 months ago

    Did I need to see chef Ramsay changing shirts?

  • Ingrid Garcia
    Ingrid Garcia 2 months ago

    Why does the UK version not have the weird music ?????

  • DarthSinistris
    DarthSinistris 2 months ago

    Fuck me, the production difference between the us version, and the uk version is jarring. I guess in the us, people need to be told how to feel and when via loud intense music, and quick reaction shots and cuts.

  • Tacotouch
    Tacotouch 2 months ago +19

    Kitchen Nightmares US: Chef uses horrible ingredients and doesn't try.

    Kitchen Nightmares UK: Chef uses great ingredients but tries way too hard.

    • Tacotouch
      Tacotouch 15 days ago

      More of a sarcastic joke but my bad 😂

    • Kilo Byte
      Kilo Byte 15 days ago

      Did you not hear the part about Ramsey saying it's too expensive even for London? Most of the American restaurants are mid priced at most. Idiot.

  • Robert Ghotanian
    Robert Ghotanian 2 months ago +1

    1:39 “Well you look well on it” had me cracking up for hours😂😂😂

  • Daher Hani
    Daher Hani 2 months ago

    Poor western civilization.

  • Coco H
    Coco H 2 months ago

    I love how Ramsey isn’t shy to undress for us. 😉 He’s such a good man. He treats everyone like a friend, hard work and dedication doesn’t go unrecognized by him and neither does lazy chefs. When he believes in you that’s because he sees your talent. He’s only hard on his chefs because he wants to bring the best out of you.

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton 2 months ago

    I couldn't believe he was using real baby skin and jowls? That stuff is expensive

  • Least Attached
    Least Attached 2 months ago +2

    First time I saw gordan complain that the food has TO GOOD QUALITY of ingredients

  • EvilErrorYT
    EvilErrorYT 2 months ago +2

    I prefer the American version seems more over the top which I like x)

  • Most Hated
    Most Hated 3 months ago +1

    Yawn. European version.
    “The Gordon Ramsey Show”

    • SantomPh
      SantomPh Month ago

      UK version
      And it is much better. Please stay in the US with your "fresh frozen" bullshit

  • Bananabug 4
    Bananabug 4 3 months ago

    First restaurant that’s actually clean

  • MrGoatflakes
    MrGoatflakes 3 months ago

    3:14 isn't that dude an actor?

  • nathan taffijn
    nathan taffijn 3 months ago +2

    At least the place looks clean at least.
    Not enough food to feed someone more just a snack so of course people are not going to go their to eat no matter if they can afford to or not.

  • Layzee x
    Layzee x 3 months ago

    I would eat here...

  • JustinBieber
    JustinBieber 3 months ago

    I fucking hate the Nino bit. It's getting so damn old.

  • Kevin Allen
    Kevin Allen 3 months ago +3

    That poor chef looked depressed. It's hard to be good and still lose.

  • TheSFHAA
    TheSFHAA 3 months ago +4

    'Ready Steady Twat'. Sounds like it came straight out of TV Go Home.

  • OlymPigs2010
    OlymPigs2010 3 months ago +1

    ...Hold the B.S.! - I worked at a steak house once and it was a really run down,grungy looking place...faded and cracked grey tiled floor,the tables and chairs were old ,worn and unmatched chrome sets from the 1950's.They did a great and consistent business even though the restaurant had no "atmosphere" and at that time no liquor license either (patrons brought their own wine) ....what they had in spades and prospered on was amazingly delicious steaks cooked over an open fire of very dry spruce kindling!

  • Natty Gurl
    Natty Gurl 3 months ago

    damn gordon is kinda fine tho 👀👅

  • diegobrown19
    diegobrown19 3 months ago

    I want to see Chef Ramsay do a Kitchen Nightmares series that only features fast food restaurants like Arby's or Burger King.

  • Avern Vrey
    Avern Vrey 3 months ago

    He'll just complain about anything. There's no consistency.

  • artnos
    artnos 3 months ago

    this is so much better than the american version, i love the technical talk

  • tackless
    tackless 3 months ago

    This should have had subtitles.

  • Tony Quigley
    Tony Quigley 3 months ago

    How much face does that man have? There is WAYY too much going on on the front of this dudes head ffs

  • Unholy-Soil
    Unholy-Soil 3 months ago

    Goddamit, i wish Gordon stayed with the UK Version...

  • TheNanaGabbana
    TheNanaGabbana 3 months ago +1

    For once the Ingredients are too good 😂💀💀

  • Guerilla Gurus
    Guerilla Gurus 3 months ago

    I find it odd that chef doesn't wear an under shirt.

  • Carlos Alfonso
    Carlos Alfonso 3 months ago

    I wish they would show re-runs of Joel Robouchon so we could see rhe GOAT Chef at work.

  • grayson901
    grayson901 3 months ago

    The British version is so much better than the over produced nonsense of its American counterpart. The British version is a bit more nuanced and unique in that it's not the same old thing every time. Additionally it doesn't treat its audience like a 5 year old child.

  • MysteriousGamerLegend
    MysteriousGamerLegend 3 months ago

    Gordon orders water
    "Its dryyy, what are you doing?"

  • Huncho D Pete
    Huncho D Pete 3 months ago

    If he bought non fresh Gordon would talk shit it’s clearly a double standard

  • Nick Mad
    Nick Mad 3 months ago

    love it

  • Darth Yoder
    Darth Yoder 3 months ago


  • Ajay Johal
    Ajay Johal 3 months ago

    Nino could probably do a better job. And he would have pictures to prove it !

  • Olbap Rabocse
    Olbap Rabocse 3 months ago

    First time Gordon hasto deal with a competant chef with fresh food

  • Olbap Rabocse
    Olbap Rabocse 3 months ago

    Gordon talking about pretentious food and overpricing...looool

  • BenRangel
    BenRangel 3 months ago

    While Gordon indicates the ingredients are too fancy for the area’s simpler taste - he’s also shitting on baby carrots for being too 90s. I honestly think most simpler diners are not nearly as trend sensitive as chefs, your average person wouldn’t say baby veg was ”so 90s”

  • so
    so 3 months ago

    Ready steady twat

  • Victor Salas
    Victor Salas 3 months ago

    So fucking in some fucking crap, then crapping on crap lol thats all i heard 😂😂😂😂

  • KunraVong
    KunraVong 3 months ago

    This is the only episode of any show Gordon has done where the Chef has done what Gordon screams at other Chefs for NOT doing. Fresh food, clean kitchen, walk-in clean, all food labeled and Fresh..

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 3 months ago

    Wtf did they say? Read steady twat?

  • isra mintTM
    isra mintTM 3 months ago


  • Brady Golden
    Brady Golden 3 months ago

    That waiter is stunning though

  • Mikkle Chua
    Mikkle Chua 3 months ago

    I'm not a chef or a businessman, but maybe remodel the outside. Just plain white walls aren't much to look at.

  • kwickeb99
    kwickeb99 3 months ago

    He takes so much pride in cooking ..hes over thinking things...trying too hard..poor guy..

  • Sassy g3rl
    Sassy g3rl 3 months ago

    Chef Ramsey is so sexy 😏

  • Star Hunter
    Star Hunter 4 months ago

    This is basically ASMR, especially compared to the American version. I nearly fell asleep.

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 4 months ago

    ooohh when u click into a kitchen nightmares vid and u immediately see a shirtless ramsay 😍😍😍

    SAGAR KHANDEKAR 4 months ago

    It's a fucking crap on crap on crap and crap and crap on crap fucking fucking fuciky

  • R. Ive
    R. Ive 4 months ago

    That kitchen is fagged out.

  • Syrena Xhaferi
    Syrena Xhaferi 4 months ago

    women are better cooks naturally

  • desert123100
    desert123100 4 months ago

    Gordon puts his jacket on at the beginning of the episode but not the undershirt? whats the point of this

  • David Saul
    David Saul 4 months ago

    Those ingredients look delicious though

  • Jeffrey Evans
    Jeffrey Evans 4 months ago

    i'd lay down money that gordon could set up a food cart on their street and sell out of fish & chips everyday of the week .

  • James Lloyd
    James Lloyd 4 months ago

    Ready, Steady, Twat

  • Claudette S
    Claudette S 4 months ago

    This is depressing af, but I nearly saw Gordon topless. Let's make that calender? 🤣🤣

  • mebeNL
    mebeNL 4 months ago

    Hey Kitchen Nightmares, less is more when it comes to editing the American version. There's a reason why the British Baking Show on Netflix is popular; no dumb editing tricks that would ultimately detract from the actual drama of the show.

  • yambi orange
    yambi orange 4 months ago

    I want to try it, looks good, and more clean,

  • Pizza goes splat
    Pizza goes splat 4 months ago

    Anyone else notice how clean the kitchen is compared to the American one?

  • Mahfuz Ahmed
    Mahfuz Ahmed 4 months ago

    Ready Steady Twat 😂😂😂

  • James Milner
    James Milner 4 months ago

    He called it pretentious and then said it’s amazing produce 🤔🤔🤔🤔 get a dictionary Gordon

  • Peter T
    Peter T 4 months ago

    as restaurateur, having days with no guests, would be a sign to close down the business

  • xxlCortez
    xxlCortez 4 months ago

    It was so much better not hearing the stupid added sound effects.

  • Mustafa Albayati
    Mustafa Albayati 4 months ago

    Great fridge great ingredients, shit chef ! Bad combination

  • MinaVerse ミナベルセ

    Here from Jaiden Animations,