i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am sorry
    Thank you so much for watching!

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  • SethEverman
    SethEverman  8 days ago +100431

    hey guys i'm back

  • Sparkling Sundries
    Sparkling Sundries 3 minutes ago

    Pleeeeeease song the whole song!!

  • meibeth
    meibeth 32 minutes ago

    please sing more in your videos, if possible. thank you.

  • P Official
    P Official Hour ago

    i hope this can be full version🙃😢

  • -
    - Hour ago

    Low key love your voice ngl

  • Mr Koala
    Mr Koala 2 hours ago

    This is true art.

  • An0maly Ops
    An0maly Ops 2 hours ago


  • Mr Blabatash
    Mr Blabatash 3 hours ago


  • Lance Pena
    Lance Pena 3 hours ago

    He’s the bald guy


  • T VM
    T VM 4 hours ago

    If you play this at 11:58:35, seth start singing when the ball drops

  • Daniel Jr 45
    Daniel Jr 45 4 hours ago

    I think you need to make a full on album of all your shenanigans but make the songs full length as well. I would listen to nothing else if you did.

  • Teddly
    Teddly 4 hours ago

    Captions are in Korean

  • Aaditya Chakravarty
    Aaditya Chakravarty 4 hours ago

    Need. The. Full. Song. Please.

  • M10
    M10 5 hours ago

    Please do a full version of the Ain’t no sunshine remix aaah

  • April Lynch
    April Lynch 5 hours ago

    is that him actually singing?! /(*0*)\

  • Lucca Parolo
    Lucca Parolo 5 hours ago

    HE SUNG!!!!
    And was GUUUUUD!!!!!!!

  • neonoviy voen
    neonoviy voen 5 hours ago

    Can i get full version?

  • Juan Gutiérrez Benítez

    OMG! He is singing and is so GOOD!

  • mary bostwick
    mary bostwick 6 hours ago

    fuck your voice is hot

  • John M
    John M 6 hours ago

    Thank you master Seth

  • [GD]TheUnrealDeath
    [GD]TheUnrealDeath 6 hours ago

    Morgan Freeman's got some competition.

  • Bobby Lee
    Bobby Lee 7 hours ago

    Still Dre Tiger

  • yi
    yi 7 hours ago

    seth has taken this to a whole new level. and his singing voice is so beautiful aaa

  • SaltpeterTaffy
    SaltpeterTaffy 7 hours ago

    "What instrument to you play?"
    "Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E."

  • Kabii Kins
    Kabii Kins 7 hours ago

    This is like the fifth time this particular joke was made and it somehow gets better with each rendition.

  • Darren Burton
    Darren Burton 7 hours ago

    I was getting really into this song and then the video stopped... 😮😮

  • Simeon Neese
    Simeon Neese 8 hours ago

    This went in so many directions I did not know I wanted it to go in. Now I have seen the light.

  • Yannick Aleong
    Yannick Aleong 8 hours ago

    im prety straight, but if there was one thing to turn me gay, itll probably be this

  • Jose Arce
    Jose Arce 8 hours ago


  • SlozH _ Sama
    SlozH _ Sama 8 hours ago


  • amanio trent
    amanio trent 8 hours ago

    I’m... so confused

  • a_common_weeb
    a_common_weeb 8 hours ago

    i serously need a full veirson of this

  • shadesofstars
    shadesofstars 8 hours ago +1

    *guess who's back*

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 8 hours ago

    I just realize that this is a representation of No nut november

  • LVBBoi
    LVBBoi 8 hours ago

    I need a full Rocky music video
    R I G H T N O W

  • Jon Green
    Jon Green 9 hours ago

    will you make a longer one cause I love this!

  • sidknee
    sidknee 9 hours ago


  • Justin Xiong
    Justin Xiong 9 hours ago

    I haven’t seen content this good in a while! Glad to see that there are still channels out there like this one making awesome content! Keep it up!👍

  • David Treacy
    David Treacy 9 hours ago

    Would any saint be able to tell me the chords he’s playing with the snoop dogg bit

  • tubtub :D
    tubtub :D 9 hours ago

    captions: k o r e a n ( a u t o - g e n e r a t e d )

  • parajack160
    parajack160 10 hours ago

    So this is what Agent 47 is up to after leaving the agency.

  • Eerick Joslin
    Eerick Joslin 10 hours ago

    This has to be the 10th time I've seen this now.
    I keep clicking it anytime it's suggested again.
    All the little damn details jam packed into this! His editing is on point too!!!!

  • King Ace
    King Ace 11 hours ago +1

    Please, make a full version of the Song

  • Jon Teixeira
    Jon Teixeira 11 hours ago


  • The Diamond Maker
    The Diamond Maker 11 hours ago

    Play at 0.75 speed for raeggeton

  • Carly Horne
    Carly Horne 11 hours ago

    Getting them Downton Abbey vibes at the start and then not at all lmao. U r my USclip fav of 2019

  • Cookie 4811
    Cookie 4811 11 hours ago

    you can stare into my soul all day, its fine. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Crowther
    Jordan Crowther 12 hours ago

    I fell for it again

  • Anti Riku
    Anti Riku 12 hours ago

    this a vibe

  • Josh McDonald
    Josh McDonald 12 hours ago

    Your voice. This is what Odysseus heard when tied to the mast of his ship. I'd crash my ship for you!!!!

  • fenixa21AND
    fenixa21AND 12 hours ago

    Woah i love it!!! YOU MUST MAKE A FULL SOUNDTRACK!!!

  • Spasmas Smith
    Spasmas Smith 12 hours ago

    Fucking goosebumps

  • longingformilk
    longingformilk 13 hours ago


  • Junior Quarshie
    Junior Quarshie 13 hours ago

    Finish the song >:(

  • Dra. Idachi
    Dra. Idachi 13 hours ago

    I need a singing seth again...

  • OmegaRosso633
    OmegaRosso633 13 hours ago

    I'm mind-blown, this guy's awesomely gifted

  • CaptainX
    CaptainX 13 hours ago

    I would pay good money for a full song of that

  • malov77
    malov77 13 hours ago

    Please full!

  • Emmanuel Thomas
    Emmanuel Thomas 13 hours ago

    Good job sir

  • SkylerNetwork
    SkylerNetwork 13 hours ago

    Epic shitpost.