AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!


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  • RexakonGaming
    RexakonGaming 20 hours ago

    Oh boy! I get to listen to quality ASMR

  • Aura Riftor
    Aura Riftor 20 hours ago

    Already have enough money

  • Technology Blog
    Technology Blog 21 hour ago

    What about AirPower? Make a video about that please. I’ve been waiting for it for so many years!!

  • CaliSun
    CaliSun 21 hour ago

    Repeats too much, avoid this guy

  • Mike Kobb
    Mike Kobb 22 hours ago

    2 minutes in: GET ON WITH IT!

  • Rick098 j
    Rick098 j 23 hours ago

    Buy this on ebay, is less expensive, i SWEAR

  • CrYpTic_Wolf
    CrYpTic_Wolf 23 hours ago

    Fake black AirPods

  • Tony Li
    Tony Li 23 hours ago

    The phone on the thumbnail is fake if you didn’t know. The new iPhone has different number of holes on each side.

  • Christian V
    Christian V Day ago

    I literally ordered the old ones a week ago. And you’re telling me there will be a 2 & 3 soon? Ffs

  • MrImba250
    MrImba250 Day ago

    I can’t believe that there is such a big market for the apple air pods. I would like to have some BUT I hate the form of the normal EarPods. Bad noice cancelling and a bad wearing comfort. I love my Sony in ear Headset for 8 EUR. A good sound, a good wearing comfort and a perfekt noise cancelling. If apple produced in ear Air pods, I would by theme instantly. But it seems that I have to wait some more years, to get some.
    I can’t be the only one, who thinks like this. The market could be much bigger, when they produce this type of Air pods.
    (Sorry for my English, when there was something wrong. 🙃)

  • MoneyBaggGlock _

    I wish they made it like $50-65 dollars

  • عثمان عدي

    I hope it’s less than 170$

  • Tina Jackson
    Tina Jackson Day ago

    I don't like the flattened bottom. I hope they don't do that.

  • Yusif Aliyev
    Yusif Aliyev Day ago

    My AirPods were working perfect but suddenly in 3 months the sound became low and I don’t know what to do?

  • Jasmijn Vermeulen

    Sooo im in a dilemma. HELP!
    I use my wired pods alot and i put them on the loudest settings. I even put my spotify equalizer on its loudest setting, and im not sure if this is what made my pods break. When i listen to a song with base, the sound gets diffrent.
    I also play with the cord so im not sure if this problem is because of the loud setting or this cord.
    Ik about to buy airpods but if the reason is the loud setting than they will be dead in no time.
    Who can help me ?

  • Lord Assface
    Lord Assface Day ago

    Apples next idé "Wireless wiers"

  • Lucas Da Silva
    Lucas Da Silva Day ago

    Oh god. I bought mine today

  • Armando Montoya
    Armando Montoya Day ago

    So to recap W3 chip and Bluetooth 5.0 got it. He repeated it so many times that it’s now embedded into my brain.

  • James exit
    James exit Day ago

    are there any advantages of airpods 2 over airpods 1 with iphone 6s?

  • Night Owl Racing

    until they make them actually look good, sweat/water proof for active users, I don't see 90% of us using them until after 2020.

  • だょ!タケノコの山


  • あり
    あり Day ago

    but I prefer beats x😎

  • Mr. St267eve
    Mr. St267eve Day ago

    Wait so should I ask santa for the air pods 1 or should I wait until the AirPods 2 come out and buy them ??

  • Edward Brownlie
    Edward Brownlie Day ago

    So basically it’s just a different colour?

  • Ter Stegen
    Ter Stegen Day ago

    Just bought air pods 1 today ....

  • Bril
    Bril Day ago

    You can shortcut this video to 4 minute

  • Viktor Horinek
    Viktor Horinek Day ago

    He really likes adds huh

  • Historia
    Historia Day ago

    Fuck I just bought the first AirPods

  • D Parker
    D Parker Day ago

    No, they don’t fit everyone ears the same. For me, they’re to big and hard. They rub my ears raw, it’s the same with the earbuds. My ears are hard on the inside, everyone doesn’t have fat ears.

  • Connor Chow
    Connor Chow Day ago

    What brand is your chair? Where is it from?

  • Nic LaVallie Drums

    5% of apple iPhone users use them because most know that they suck and don’t fit in your earl well nor stay there. I’ve always had a problem with their headphones not staying in my ears. Not to mention tons of others sound better for less money.

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball Day ago


  • OnePiece 4Ever
    OnePiece 4Ever Day ago

    Pls apple do something better on the airpods sound, the sound could be better

  • Stinealis
    Stinealis 2 days ago

    Pretty sure the best selling accessory is a charger

  • wendy fairy tail is my family

    I think the airpods 2 will have like the stéréo effect in them like iphone xs

  • Tyler Wood
    Tyler Wood 2 days ago

    go to @ijustine she's actually legit

  • Tyler Wood
    Tyler Wood 2 days ago

    hes so fake

  • ben hartson
    ben hartson 2 days ago

    how’d he get the coloured airpods ?

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 2 days ago


  • TonklaApipu ZaZa
    TonklaApipu ZaZa 2 days ago

    I have AirPods but some one steals it

  • PhoenixDestiny Phoenix

    Did you spray paint an AirPod to Space Grey, to think its an AirPod 2??? To have ppl think you have one.
    I’m curious,,, & yes I agree to some ppl you are repeating yourself.

  • Surya Coapy
    Surya Coapy 2 days ago

    Hugely repetitive, speculative guesswork and no facts. Clickbait title.

  • chero chan
    chero chan 2 days ago


  • NotYourBuddy
    NotYourBuddy 2 days ago


  • Leslie Barraza
    Leslie Barraza 2 days ago

    I feel like AirPods are just AirPods there is no AirPods 2 or 3

  • Strictous _
    Strictous _ 2 days ago

    I just don’t want white air pods😩

  • Spookpy
    Spookpy 2 days ago

    So should I wait or ????

  • LowestArtist77
    LowestArtist77 2 days ago

    Fuck off just but the air pods

  • Bailey Evans
    Bailey Evans 2 days ago

    Air pods are so uncomfortable to me they deadass hurt my ears bad af lol🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 3 days ago

    In other words just buy the Jabra Elites. Way ahead of you

  • Ronni Ochoa
    Ronni Ochoa 3 days ago

    I just got my air pods stolen haha🤠🤠

  • Vloggers Show
    Vloggers Show 3 days ago

    Should I buy AirPods now or wait till new year and see cus I feel like when I buy them the new ones will come out

  • xd Azovan
    xd Azovan 3 days ago

    *This is why I have ad-block on.*

  • CozmicsHD
    CozmicsHD 3 days ago

    Rather buy i10 tws on Alibaba

  • RuizuKun_Dev
    RuizuKun_Dev 3 days ago

    the differences that I can confirm is the prince increase.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 3 days ago

    How many commercials can you pack into an 11 minute video... I got 4 commercials... how many did you get? this channel is almost more commercials than content... annoying... unsubscribed...

  • logicgamer70
    logicgamer70 3 days ago

    Would the iPhone 7 work with AirPods 2

  • The best Name
    The best Name 3 days ago

    In Israel all most every body has air pods

  • Hayden Baker
    Hayden Baker 3 days ago +2

    i cant wait until i put my phone and airpods in my pocket and my phone starts charging my airpods until i have no battery left

    • Hexen Jager
      Hexen Jager Day ago

      You do know your phone cant out put wireless power right and it cab only intake power

  • XxNATE29xX
    XxNATE29xX 3 days ago +1


  • Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson 3 days ago

    Where did you get you’re painted silver?

  • OPUS Digital Audio
    OPUS Digital Audio 3 days ago

    Who makes concept videos? Need to hire.

  • RedDawn 29
    RedDawn 29 3 days ago

    Apple is a partner company with my store in the airport and they have said there want be a AirPod 2 at all

  • Trevor Lear
    Trevor Lear 4 days ago

    I’m waiting till the AirPods 2 come out, then I’ll buy them lol

  • Samuel Mento
    Samuel Mento 4 days ago +4

    who is listening to this on their airpods

  • Dillon Walker
    Dillon Walker 4 days ago

    He said u could use on a airplane but when u get on a airplane u have to put ur phone on airplane mode which disables Bluetooth

  • Robb Bergqvist
    Robb Bergqvist 4 days ago

    When is iPhone 11 release ?

    KING_ LIL_G 4 days ago

    Apple gay 1,2, and 3 gayyyyy

  • William Kee
    William Kee 4 days ago

    Should I buy AirPods now, or wait until 2019

  • Tek Time
    Tek Time 4 days ago

    This vid more about the ads than anything else

  • kipling1957
    kipling1957 4 days ago

    Hmm...I thought we were already at 2nd gen. AirPods.

  • Al D
    Al D 4 days ago

    One thing, the whole Apple Music platform use the AAC 256 kbit music format, so even if the AirPods 2 are more capable, they would never deliver AAC 320 as it is not used by apple anyway. As of right now AirPods 1 are already capable of handling MP3 320 kbit anyway, please do your homework before getting false content out

  • Turki Al essa
    Turki Al essa 4 days ago

    Nice t-shirt with the matryoshka 👍🏼

  • Justin T
    Justin T 4 days ago +1

    if they don’t make new colors im not getting a pair

  • Awa Seck
    Awa Seck 4 days ago

    I’m just waiting till those new ones come out so that the older version of air pods will become cheaper and I can buy them 😂

  • Ben Pavlovsky
    Ben Pavlovsky 4 days ago

    I just bought AirPods....

  • Lilly19716
    Lilly19716 4 days ago

    I smell Donald Trump from his talk 😒😒😒

  • josh.250
    josh.250 5 days ago

    I just found this video and I just got AirPods yesterday and now i know there’s gonna be a new version early next year😭

  • Ken jaylon De jesus
    Ken jaylon De jesus 5 days ago

    Im using airpods

  • wrinklywitwicky
    wrinklywitwicky 5 days ago

    How did you get that metallic matte case?

  • Brooke Rye
    Brooke Rye 5 days ago

    I like the blue ones

  • Mike Torres
    Mike Torres 5 days ago

    I understand you need to monetize your video but you have way too many ads. That’s why I unsubscribed

  • אמילי שומיק

    Are you fucking kidding me they are soooooo expensive for normal people not tech people

  • Jian Tian Yap
    Jian Tian Yap 5 days ago

    Is it real?

  • Gabriel Ramos
    Gabriel Ramos 5 days ago

    Should I get the AirPods now? Or wait till the AirPods 2 come out?🤔

  • I carry my Revolver In single action

    I watched this video on LG tones 😫

  • willem newhouse
    willem newhouse 5 days ago

    Lol the bit rate won't mean shit because the headphones sound quality is so god awful.

  • Alexxus Davis
    Alexxus Davis 5 days ago

    I just gave my friend my old AirPods, just to give me a excuse to get the new ones lol

  • Ryan Gradek
    Ryan Gradek 5 days ago

    would the new airpods work with android phones like the old one?

  • Bool01 Guytr
    Bool01 Guytr 5 days ago

    he talks to much

  • Kennii Kalonji
    Kennii Kalonji 5 days ago +2

    Watching this on my brand new iPhone xs gold 256GB. Meanwhile my S8+ is in the room on the wireless charger. Feels like a weight has been lifted off me now that I’ve moved to iPhone. (8yrs on Android)

  • YungKeemThaDream
    YungKeemThaDream 5 days ago

    I’ve been putting off buying these for months because I felt that as soon as I bought them new ones would come out and would you look here

  • Claudio M.
    Claudio M. 5 days ago

    You said „hey Siri“ and my siri goes on😂😅

    ROB URG 5 days ago

    is it gonna be like iphones you can trade the first one for those

  • NomadApe
    NomadApe 5 days ago

    Why no Airpods? 1. too expensive and too easy to lose
    2. It's nothing to be paranoid about, but if there is even a slight risk of health problems (tumors, sterility...) with Wifi+Bluetooth, it hardly seems like the best idea to put it on both sides of your brain (for long periods of listening to music!)

  • John M
    John M 5 days ago

    It’s the price lol.

  • Michael Gutierrez
    Michael Gutierrez 6 days ago

    these are the best idea for headphones... to bad they dont fit my ears...

  • Random
    Random 6 days ago

    why don't they just release airpod 3 instead of releasing airpods 2 first

  • Uhc Nairb
    Uhc Nairb 6 days ago

    No one want to know why his shows the black Airpods on the iPhone?

  • aH Xaviee
    aH Xaviee 6 days ago

    Can we just get a volume button 🥺