Ultimate Backflop - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Oct 21, 2014
  • Gav and Dan show you just how lush water looks in slow mo, by jumping into a pool.
    Watch in HD if you can!
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    Filmed at 1600fps with a Phantom Flex
    Ultimate Backflop - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Pac-Man Jones
    Pac-Man Jones 12 days ago

    Good way to rupture your ear drum doing it sideways lol

  • Maisie McLaren
    Maisie McLaren 2 months ago

    Big ol eyeful of dans bulge and I’m not complaining 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Luke O'Donovan
    Luke O'Donovan 3 months ago

    Have you ever tried slow-mo videos of anything dissolving? Thought came to me as I was dissolving pain killers in water.

  • Manon Gambey
    Manon Gambey 3 months ago


  • Manon Gambey
    Manon Gambey 3 months ago


  • Manon Gambey
    Manon Gambey 3 months ago


  • Manon Gambey
    Manon Gambey 3 months ago


  • SonG Bird
    SonG Bird 5 months ago

    0:59 he looks like mr bean

  • StarlitKitty
    StarlitKitty 5 months ago

    Oh my God Gavin is wearing jeans

  • Jason Junior
    Jason Junior 6 months ago +1

    What's the name of the back ground music sounds they use in the slow motion parts ?? They are relaxing !?

  • Lucca F
    Lucca F 6 months ago

    water in slow motion
    always good

  • Steampunk Goat
    Steampunk Goat 6 months ago

    why are you under a towel gavin
    _what is gav doin' under a towel, are you scared? _*_it's okay, you don't need to hide we are nice people_*

  • Looking Places
    Looking Places 7 months ago

    Who let the whale out of the water

  • Melissando
    Melissando 8 months ago

    Beautiful foot Dan 💜

  • Robby Lirk
    Robby Lirk 8 months ago

    That back flop was awesome. You should show some stuff in reverse. Like he's coming up out of the water towards the camera

  • Li Moala
    Li Moala 8 months ago

    Sexiest whale ever

  • Logan Gouss
    Logan Gouss 8 months ago

    2:52 lol

  • CatNoodle 101
    CatNoodle 101 8 months ago

    Why does my screen decide to buffer when I start rewatching the best vids?! :'(

  • RoVendeyte
    RoVendeyte 8 months ago

    I ship them

  • real cool dude
    real cool dude 8 months ago

    Who else backed up

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez 8 months ago


  • James Albright
    James Albright 8 months ago


    MUAPRO HD 8 months ago +1


  • Jordan Watkins
    Jordan Watkins 9 months ago

    3:00 The earth is flat

  • Emily D.
    Emily D. 9 months ago

    I wonder how deep this pool is? It doesn’t look to deep. I could see you falling and hitting your back! That seems to hurt if that happened!

  • Danielle Pagan
    Danielle Pagan 9 months ago +1

    Did someone say timber?

  • Finn Baikie
    Finn Baikie 9 months ago

    You guys should to a sting pong video

  • Cristiano Messi
    Cristiano Messi 9 months ago

    Niceee pool

  • Kazz Gamez
    Kazz Gamez 9 months ago

    1:37 lol

  • James Middleton
    James Middleton 9 months ago

    1:37 boner alert

  • Bike Rider
    Bike Rider 9 months ago

    why daniel always be victim for their experiment...haha

  • Logan Hildebrand
    Logan Hildebrand 9 months ago

    I do t know how sexy that actually is...

  • murad lol
    murad lol 9 months ago

    wow Dan sexy water pop up XD 3:00

  • SideBomb15
    SideBomb15 9 months ago

    Most of the comments are people saying how nice Dan looks lmao BUT THEY AINT WORNG

  • Shayla Garmon
    Shayla Garmon 10 months ago


  • Tomly99
    Tomly99 10 months ago

    1:56 looks like a dick

  • Flirinel Td
    Flirinel Td 10 months ago

    2:43 11/10 choice of music

  • shadythe omellet
    shadythe omellet 10 months ago

    the sexists whale

    iSUPERNOVA 10 months ago

    1:00 looks like mr bean

  • OpFrosted Flakes
    OpFrosted Flakes 10 months ago +1

    2018?!?!! LETTTSSS GOOOOO

  • OJO
    OJO 10 months ago

    2:46 - 3:15 . Sexiest whale i have ever seen

  • Hunter Dexi
    Hunter Dexi 10 months ago

    How dose it feel to be in more USclip rewinds then dantdm

  • Electric dubstep
    Electric dubstep 10 months ago

    that is back stabber

  • Cosmic Fire
    Cosmic Fire 10 months ago

    Dan you're such a sexy whale. 😂😂😂😂😂(I couldn't type that without laughing)

  • yoj joy
    yoj joy 10 months ago

    3:00 anyone know this song nome?

    SPOOKY SAN 10 months ago

    Just like angel wings at 1:56. Dan is gone.

  • RichGuy05
    RichGuy05 10 months ago

    Lol sexy whale dan

  • DRUK
    DRUK 11 months ago

    I can't be the only one who keeps thinking that on Gavin's coat says gay, instead of Gav. Right?

  • Tyisawsome456
    Tyisawsome456 11 months ago

    I don’t mean to bother but what’s the music at 2:44??

  • Xx UltraGaming xX
    Xx UltraGaming xX 11 months ago

    1:00 Dan you have officially become a living meme

  • Amanda Chapone
    Amanda Chapone 11 months ago

    Sees thumbnail
    Sees title
    *that looks painful*
    *anyone who’s ever done a bellyflop or a back flop knows*

    THERELAXINGEND FAN 11 months ago

    He made a water angel lol

  • Fortnite GOD
    Fortnite GOD 11 months ago

    Can you slo mo my life?It's going way to fast

  • Simon Koetsier
    Simon Koetsier 11 months ago

    Sexy hairflip. NOT HAHA 😂

  • Nicole DeVelbiss
    Nicole DeVelbiss 11 months ago

    those guys are idiots why would they do that

  • Neal Caffrey
    Neal Caffrey Year ago

    Behold the god of the sea Poseidon.

  • Clarks_ Here
    Clarks_ Here Year ago

    3:13 tea real sexy

  • natz_artz_natz_storiez_natz_plays_ nata_kont

    1:47 its like the Titanic!

  • Rawan Waleed
    Rawan Waleed Year ago

    1960:in the future we are going to have floating cars

  • JasonIsBored
    JasonIsBored Year ago

    Side flop is basically called a dead fish, just so you know.

  • im sorry, what?
    im sorry, what? Year ago +1

    I am the 3,600th comment!

  • Alana Carroll
    Alana Carroll Year ago

    2:55 oh yeah that's sexy all right

    CTY JHU Year ago

    1:02 It was at this moment that Dan knew that he had made a mistake

  • Taps fan
    Taps fan Year ago

    I love the bare patches on Dan's chest where his hair has been RIPPED from his body!! 😁😁😘😘

  • Katelyn Miller
    Katelyn Miller Year ago

    My favorite part was when Dan did that sexy whale thing

  • Mr Greening
    Mr Greening Year ago

    A cock shot for a backflop? All my eyes could focus on then was his penis!

  • Dede Putra
    Dede Putra Year ago


  • Pew .mp7
    Pew .mp7 Year ago

    0:37 when you get slip by running closer in the pool

  • Jordan walker
    Jordan walker Year ago

    That guy looks like Shane McMahon

  • Wind Waves
    Wind Waves Year ago

    Someone save Dan

  • Beautiful M
    Beautiful M Year ago

    why does they guy do any thing to

  • rachael calero
    rachael calero Year ago

    Dan's changed so much appearance wise

  • Evatsug29
    Evatsug29 Year ago

    2:51, looks like a blob fish

  • Ave Vee
    Ave Vee Year ago

    I want a sexy whale tshirt.

  • AwesomeAchieverz
    AwesomeAchieverz Year ago

    That "sexy whale" is still sexier then every girl from my school

  • blaze bushman
    blaze bushman Year ago

    1:38 nice view of dans boner

  • jeefcake
    jeefcake Year ago

    boner detected

  • Legend Plays1006
    Legend Plays1006 Year ago

    oooooh that back flop is gotta hurt!!

  • Kath Moon
    Kath Moon Year ago

    the amateur-level: I used the youtube slowmo to watch gavin's reaction at the end.

  • •Sad Lazuli•
    •Sad Lazuli• Year ago

    1:30 // Dan... is a man💀

  • History Kitchen
    History Kitchen Year ago

    2:48 "Free him."

  • Dope B34st
    Dope B34st Year ago

    when he did an backflop it looked like an vagina

  • David Holaday
    David Holaday Year ago

    It's crazy how the water separates around him and then fills in the gaps.

  • Anna Larsson
    Anna Larsson Year ago

    You guys really should do a collab with Rhett and Link! It would be absolutely hilarious!!

  • Wejustmight die
    Wejustmight die Year ago

    The "sexy whale" was the ugliest thing I've seen all day...

  • Lisanna Strauss
    Lisanna Strauss Year ago


  • JJM
    JJM Year ago

    Thhhh that looks painful

  • Tocancan Smiles
    Tocancan Smiles Year ago

    Watches sexy while part

  • Sofia Loveland
    Sofia Loveland Year ago

    So sexy.

  • DefinedMav
    DefinedMav Year ago +1

    Every backstroke dive ever

  • frill necked lizard

    at scouting we have a 10 seconds rule, you have 10 seconds to remove everything you don't want to get wet from your pockets because you will be trown in water, and I am not talking about a swimming pool.

    HC GAMING AU Year ago

    Gavin should be in some of the experiments it is starting to get boring dan just doing all of the experiments

  • Flash RL
    Flash RL Year ago +1

    1:39. Who saw dans boner

  • Iroman Captin America

    Why was the camera pointing to his pines (1:26-1:30)

  • Marsular
    Marsular Year ago

    Is it only me or the backyard is always changing

  • Charlotte Leblanc

    That sexy whale😫👌❤

  • Imke Constapel
    Imke Constapel Year ago

    Looks like moses parting the sea

  • Tim E
    Tim E Year ago

    got to 2:52 where he is still totally encased in water

  • Carter
    Carter Year ago

    aren't all whales sexy whales?