Angry Customer Destroys Gamestop Because He Couldn't Return Fallout 76 (Footage)

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • A customer at an undisclosed GameStop location attempted to return a copy of Fallout 76.. Due to the fact that it was an open, new game (without a receipt), he was told he could not receive a refund for Fallout 76. The customer then walked out of the GameStop, destroying everything that was in his path before he stepped out the door. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA for more awesome content.
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Comments • 7 469

  • Sean McCarthy
    Sean McCarthy 24 days ago +1661

    *gamestop gets destroyed*
    "Thank you for calling gamestop this is Bryan how may I help you?"
    What a champ

    • Truth Hurts
      Truth Hurts 14 days ago

      What a chimp out.

    • dragon king leonides1527
      dragon king leonides1527 15 days ago

      Get this man a raise

    • point zero gaming
      point zero gaming 16 days ago

      Look bro that rage moment was uncalled for you're basically doing the same thing was probably for his USclip channel do wipes his cam out to get paid.

    • lonelysith66
      lonelysith66 17 days ago

      Jethro Wegener employee of the century tbh

    • J
      J 17 days ago

      How many dirtbags would use gamestop as a rental service. Their return policy is fair

  • Matt Thornton
    Matt Thornton 17 hours ago

    It’s simple common sense. No receipt, no refund. Why are some people so fucking stupid?

  • Nick Hannon
    Nick Hannon Day ago

    You can’t compare return policy on a physical copy to digital. Once open it can’t be sold as new anymore. Very poor analogy.

  • shihab alden
    shihab alden Day ago

    If he hit rdr2 he was gonna get gunned down by me

  • adamkillsall25
    adamkillsall25 2 days ago

    So glad this dumbass got arrested and even gladder to know his fucking baby tantrum just made it so much worse on himself. Boo hoo your out of 60 dollars but guess what? Now you get to spend thousands of dollars to repay what you damaged, lawyer fees, and court costs. Hope your happy moron

  • thundertower
    thundertower 2 days ago

    lol 😂 just keep it, think of it as buying a piece of history.

  • Peyton Norwood
    Peyton Norwood 2 days ago

    He wasn't returning fallout 76 that's was a rumour. The OG Snapchat account said he was returning a sports game

  • Lapatik
    Lapatik 3 days ago

    He didn't have the receipt on a physical good. That ain't Gamestop's fault.

  • Nagol Loop
    Nagol Loop 3 days ago

    GameStop’s return policy is no worse than if I bought a game at any other actual physical store, and they kinda are the only main store that actually will take games back at all if they’ve been opened so yeah.

  • SpaghettiMind
    SpaghettiMind 3 days ago

    He trashed the store? And he wasn't arrested? That's the thing that really concerns me lol.

  • Questioning Everything

    This is bullshit this video game out before it was released you did this for click bro not cool

  • Peter Ramirez
    Peter Ramirez 3 days ago

    Ok so you do make some good points, so how come it’s ok for Nintendo to do so but Gamestop can’t? Just shows your hate for the company. I bet when you do the video of how Gamestop closed and how much you’ll miss it and what not will show the hipocrisy in full force from many.

  • Peter Ramirez
    Peter Ramirez 3 days ago

    And if you want to have a return customer you adjust it it’s no biggie really it depends on the dm and store leader.

  • Peter Ramirez
    Peter Ramirez 3 days ago

    Read the damn receipt dumbass

  • Jesse Negro
    Jesse Negro 3 days ago

    A reason why gamestop probably doesn't accept returns on opened new games is because....well 1. The game is a physical game, not a digital download. 2. When the cellophane is opened the game is considered pre owned. Because only new games are wrapped in cellophane. Who would go into any store, not just gamestop and ask for a new copy of "xyz" and then get handed a game thats not wrapped in cellophane and get told " oh yeah that games new but someone bought it and unwrapped the cellophane and then returned it. But don't worry it new" If I buy a game digitally and want to return it then yeah its fine because its not like you can buy a "pre owned" digital game. No one owned that digital game before you. You don't have to worry about the disk or cartrige being scratched or anything. Like dont get me wrong, GameStop is anything but perfect and I definitely dont agree with some of the things they do but to bash them about something like this just because places like steam and sony offer returns on DIGITAL games is ridiculous.

  • Ariez St*r
    Ariez St*r 4 days ago

    Oh no snorlax fainted!

  • Lukaz Szudarski
    Lukaz Szudarski 5 days ago

    I called GameStop up the day Super Smash Bros Ultimate came out and I asked how much I could get if I traded in new with no membership. They give you $23.

  • Valari Simonetta
    Valari Simonetta 5 days ago

    This is my store!! I just left there, the manager told about this. Winter Haven, FL

  • MadDogMajimaswifey
    MadDogMajimaswifey 5 days ago

    My local gamestop is amazing js never had an issue with it

  • narsplace
    narsplace 5 days ago


  • Víctor González
    Víctor González 5 days ago +1

    this baldy is an idiot

  • strippinheat
    strippinheat 6 days ago

    DO NOT CALL REGIONAL OR CORPORATE BECAUSE A STORE EMPLOYEE WAS FOLLOWING POLICY, PLEASE. All that does is gets the employee in trouble, yes the employee gets in trouble by following corporate policy. Sounds fucked up, and it is. Many times, a DM would ask why I didn't "help the customer" that came to them angry that I didn't do what they wanted, even though I followed policy exactly. Of course, the very next time I broke policy to help a customer, I'm asked to explain why I didn't follow policy. So at the very least, if you contact GS upper management, DO NOT MENTION EMPLOYEES OR STORES SPECIFICALLY. Please. You're going to make a suffer wageslave's life even worse. And don't trash the store, because that same person is going to have to clean it up with the time they don't have because they aren't scheduled enough time to do what they have to do already. Focus your anger on the people that actually wronged you.

  • SuperZombieBros
    SuperZombieBros 6 days ago

    That GameStop looks like mine. I wonder...

  • Zelder
    Zelder 6 days ago

    2:13 ?
    But you are filming yourself too.

  • RRebel 993
    RRebel 993 7 days ago

    Rosie’s are red
    Violets are blue
    Should’ve got Red dead redemption
    Sucks to be you

  • Chi Dude
    Chi Dude 9 days ago

    You very live man, love the channel.

  • Martin Eastman
    Martin Eastman 9 days ago

    Even if people could easily make bootleg backups of PS4 and XBONE games-- they couldn't do that with a used game? Their return policy is just another way to pressure people into buying used games.


    good thing the cops weren't called otherwise this could have been a lot darker.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 9 days ago

    What's that keyboard you got there called

  • Louie Macorncan
    Louie Macorncan 9 days ago

    that dude had a recipe, I've come to talk to that guy, he has it and shows it. The GameStop can't return it because of 1st policy and Bethesda's policy and recharge, the gamers ask to refund their money on pc and also directly that they did bought on pc from the company and their policy said they can refund it, but once they went through support, basically they said to the ppl who payed "we can't return the money" *cough* BS *cough*.

  • SourStrawberrys
    SourStrawberrys 10 days ago

    He DID have a receipt in his hand. But like you said receipt doesnt matter after you open it. But I don't think the problem was that he opened it. The problem was he was post the return time, if you listen closely.

  • Nick Nytro
    Nick Nytro 10 days ago +1

    Not really an antiquated policy. And it’s not just GameStop. You can’t buy a new game anywhere, go home and play it, then return it a day, a week, or however long later and expect to get your money back. Once you open the wrapper, it’s not “new” anymore. If you drive a new car off the lot, it immediately ceases to be new, the value depreciates immediately.

  • ShadowBladeX
    ShadowBladeX 10 days ago

    Physical Copies and GameStop >>>>>>>> Digital

  • Bagawould
    Bagawould 10 days ago

    No, he did what every gamer wants to do deep down in their heart but scared to.

  • David Reiter
    David Reiter 10 days ago

    I understand the hate of not being able to return. A physical game cannot be sold as new once opened, thus why new games cannot be returned after opening. The employees did nothing wrong here. In reality, you have a right to request a return from the publisher. Digital makes sense, it does not have package to be opened. Don’t want physical, don’t buy physical. Comparing physical to digital is not the same...bad analogy.

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis 11 days ago

    I had the Power Armor edition on pre-order. When the reviews hit, Gamestop wouldn't let me cancel my preorder. They said "it's too far in the process to cancel" even though it was 2 weeks prior.
    I discovered that you can take online orders to the store for a refund. The employees were not happy about it and ended up giving me my money back. Then I hear others who were not able to return it at all. I feel bad.

  • oJay
    oJay 11 days ago

    But all he was doing is laughing at the camera giving a reaction just like your dumbass seems to be fucking doing so fucking hypocritical

  • chy03001
    chy03001 11 days ago

    There's a certain irony in you telling others to stop filming themselves when that's your primary delivery method.

  • Black Toof
    Black Toof 11 days ago

    Of course he's black. This is why they are from apes. Gg

  • The High Tower
    The High Tower 11 days ago

    When black people look at other black people like.... Wtf?!

  • ShadowGundam1989
    ShadowGundam1989 11 days ago

    1:38 I agree with you 100% on that one Rich

  • Sans from_Undertale
    Sans from_Undertale 11 days ago


  • heavymetal420xx
    heavymetal420xx 11 days ago

    Honestly i download more games now on Xbox one x than buying disc and here's why
    1. You have it forever as long as you dont lose your account
    2.Disc get scratched
    3. You can instantly switch to another game without changing disc
    4.I dont have to be pressured to pre-order
    5. Save time and gas
    So yeah digital games honestly is the way to go and this is coming from someone who use to buying going to the localing gaming store to buy games

  • Joseph
    Joseph 12 days ago

    Yo they are going to lose money to even get developers to fix it.

  • Yeerr
    Yeerr 12 days ago

    Why are you making it such a big deal that the dude recorded his reaction for a couple seconds? You have some real issues. I can already tell you’re an annoying person to be around

  • Billi L'avventuriero
    Billi L'avventuriero 12 days ago

    That's strange, here in Italy if you buy a game from gamestop and don't like it, you have 24/48 hours to return it.

  • FLEX316
    FLEX316 12 days ago

    Stop filming your self say's man filming him self?????

  • Nova Surge Gaming
    Nova Surge Gaming 12 days ago

    He did have the receipt. Listen closely the Hame Stop guy says "when I run your receipt it's not gonna even come back in as a return for a brand new game"

  • Darryl Nevels
    Darryl Nevels 12 days ago

    That why I have a modded ps4 and xbox one. And yes I have a original ps4 and xbox one.

  • Bobby Keoudomxay
    Bobby Keoudomxay 12 days ago

    If a video game is terrible then don’t buy it in the first place

  • janderreyes
    janderreyes 12 days ago

    Imagen someone asked why he got arrested (if he even got arrested)

  • Rephrase-then-Erase
    Rephrase-then-Erase 13 days ago

    black people with their anger issue smh.

  • Dr Big Sprite CranBerry

    Well at least he didn't touch red dead redemption 2.

  • CreativeGuy
    CreativeGuy 13 days ago

    So.... you criticize the guy for filming himself at the end of the video... claim he's trying to get his 15 minutes of fame and that no one cares about him but you use his video to gain 15 more minutes of fame yourself. Guess what? People do care about him. He was there, he filmed it and he deserves those 15 minutes of fame as credit for having filmed it. Come down from that cloud you are on, you aren't above everyone.

  • Stfu Trolls
    Stfu Trolls 13 days ago

    Seriously people still think they’re going to get the amount they paid for from gamestop

  • EMB 59932
    EMB 59932 13 days ago

    Or you can just rent the game for $3 and then make your division 24 hours later. Even thought all the fallouts been great and I doubt plp this.

  • Rot05
    Rot05 13 days ago

    GameStop will be out of business before 2021. More companies are going to digital. Soon consoles and handhelds will also go to digital. Why waste the money and the materials creating something that could be sent digital and cost you less as a company to produce. Cut out the middleman, the shipping times and increase profitability what's not to like?

  • Rot05
    Rot05 13 days ago

    FF to 53 second mark.

  • FreakishNoob
    FreakishNoob 13 days ago

    "A dude walks into a Gamestop" there's the issue.

  • Phantom V
    Phantom V 13 days ago

    Im mad too and i dont even own it

  • Lostframe
    Lostframe 13 days ago

    I am so lucky, plax games 40 years and never give money to developer,,,only at Balkan.

  • Lostframe
    Lostframe 13 days ago

    Bethesda, We dont want yours TES6...we want a to fire up some of yours people, yes, we wanna head on stick.

  • zion cole
    zion cole 14 days ago

    so are you just blind because he has the receipt in his hand

  • Justin C
    Justin C 14 days ago

    Gamestop doesn't have a return policy. If your policy is you can't return it, that isn't a return policy, that is an "All sales are final" policy.

  • Danny Dutch
    Danny Dutch 14 days ago

    I feel his pain felt like crying after hour playing it felt like crying after wasted £40.... Fallout76 really really bad game to play no fun in it

  • Ricky Scott
    Ricky Scott 14 days ago +1

    Lol gets mad at filmer because he didn’t film it himself fair use policy please

  • Mr. Gutsy
    Mr. Gutsy 14 days ago

    1:48 Very ironic.

  • Spartahhh
    Spartahhh 14 days ago

    3 was dope Vegas is a masterpiece 4 is meh so I knew 76 was going to be Garbo I’m sure dying light 2 will be Garbo too dying light 1 is a masterpiece but it seems like when the hunger is gone in a game company their games start to suck

  • Robert Ybarra
    Robert Ybarra 14 days ago

    Return policy is the same at all brick and mortar stores. Steam is the the only place i know for returns. Thats why Bethesda wouldn't have it on steam.

  • KIRA Animations
    KIRA Animations 14 days ago

    Ppl,go to a redbox before you buy new games u cn sample it before u buy it

  • rubba dubb
    rubba dubb 15 days ago

    LMAO his nipples are pissing you off

  • dragon king leonides1527

    Well Bethesda did say they ain't doing no refunds on it

  • Meme Of The Season
    Meme Of The Season 15 days ago

    I see where you’re coming from, but I wouldn’t buy a returned new game if it’s already been opened.

  • AlexDroog71
    AlexDroog71 15 days ago

    As soon as I read the title of this video I said to myself it has to be a black person. This stuff happens so often I can't help but automatically think its a black man or woman.

  • TheN64man
    TheN64man 15 days ago

    You can't return it if you open it, but why would anyone return a game without knowing if they liked it?

  • The Dollar Guy
    The Dollar Guy 15 days ago

    He got out more action out of that return than the game itself.!

  • Burst
    Burst 15 days ago

    What a tool

  • SmlWng123
    SmlWng123 15 days ago

    The problem with Gamestop's return policy is that they are dealing with physical goods. With a completely digital copy, you can return a game and it literally costs the company nothing. If you are dealing with physical goods and it is altered in any way (ie: opened), then the product cannot be resold as brand new and revenue is lost. Physical media is just an outdated way of selling video games.

    xGOOFYJELLYFISHx 15 days ago

    The dude had a receipt tho, Brian told him even if he scans the receipt he still can’t get a refund.

  • adam grigsby
    adam grigsby 15 days ago

    the guy's probably a freaking crackhead the one to get some drugs and he's upset I watch people do this kind of crap and they're all these idiots from the hood I think they're entitled everything and have the five-year-old mindset they never grew out of

  • dunewizard
    dunewizard 15 days ago

    I am glad the person filming makes a point to capture his own face... he filmed VERTICALLY... he knew to Name and Shame himself.

  • Poké Gamer
    Poké Gamer 15 days ago

    How would gamestop know someone's play time on a game though? They can't make it like Steam's policy. Gamestop's policy is dumb but they can't really make it any better because returning a physical game is not as easy as a digital one.
    They technically could make it better by removing the bs about if the wrapper is taken off they cant return it. That should be removed and the only thing to make it so you cant return it would be if there was any damage or whatever on the game cartridge/disc. Oh and you also would need the receipt of course to prove you bought it there.

  • Pyramid Head
    Pyramid Head 15 days ago +1

    I don't see a harm in doing what he did at the end of the video it to me made it like wtf moment but if it makes you angry well not my problem and all I have to say to it is get over it and move on there are worse things in life.

  • Cool Shabz
    Cool Shabz 15 days ago

    Well I buy games before I check gameplay or review fallout games are crap anyway who wants buy them.

  • 1983kyrios
    1983kyrios 15 days ago

    Steam's return policy is better than GameStop but fallout 76 wasn't sold on steam. GameStop wasn't going to get stuck with that crappy game. He shouldn't have bought it in the first place.

  • Michael Pascua
    Michael Pascua 16 days ago

    It’s pretty simple. You can’t return physical disc games. It just can’t be resold in that way. Dude should of bought digital. Cause it’s much easier to process transactions and returns. Common sense.

  • Velvet Room
    Velvet Room 16 days ago

    Shut up fatty

  • Lester Zorn
    Lester Zorn 16 days ago

    Ur reviewing someone else video and complaining about someone else getting their 30 sec of fame? The video was 47 sec with the filner in it for about 2. If u dont find flaw in that, it an absolute fatfuck

  • TheWeeknd
    TheWeeknd 16 days ago

    Isn't that the return policy everywhere. Walmart best buy have the same return policy.

  • Shizei
    Shizei 16 days ago

    All F76 jokes aside, that guy acted like an immature little child

  • Darren Huntington
    Darren Huntington 16 days ago

    Dude says ill scan your reciept so he did have one you muppet

  • KixongGaming
    KixongGaming 16 days ago

    I've played a couple of games more than 2 hours, one even more than 10 hours and Steam still gave me a refund. Fk Gamestop.

    RRAMOS 16 days ago

    If gamestop allows returns itll also put pressure on the publishers to put out good content instead of a quick buck that youre stuck with.

  • Nike Justdoit
    Nike Justdoit 16 days ago

    Correction actually with Nintendo you can return a game to Nintendo eshop but Nintendo only makes a one time exception afterward you can’t return another game to the eshop on the same console.

  • TheDeathflows
    TheDeathflows 16 days ago

    He dindu nuffin

  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon 16 days ago

    Takes 7 mins to talk about this

  • OMEGA-P _74
    OMEGA-P _74 16 days ago

    Should have just went to Wal-Mart. No issue's with a return. Especially since it's the Holiday's. Now you probably locked-up in a F'd up situation with no bail and no store credit 😂😂.

  • me me
    me me 16 days ago

    I prefer g2k their pretty chill and. Amazing