Angry Customer Destroys Gamestop Because He Couldn't Return Fallout 76 (Footage)

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • A customer at an undisclosed GameStop location attempted to return a copy of Fallout 76.. Due to the fact that it was an open, new game (without a receipt), he was told he could not receive a refund for Fallout 76. The customer then walked out of the GameStop, destroying everything that was in his path before he stepped out the door. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA for more awesome content.
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Comments • 6 220

  • Sean McCarthy
    Sean McCarthy 6 months ago +1879

    *gamestop gets destroyed*
    "Thank you for calling gamestop this is Bryan how may I help you?"
    What a champ

    • Corsica
      Corsica 3 months ago

      Was just about to comment thst

    • UN Fenrir Gaming
      UN Fenrir Gaming 3 months ago

      To add i also say consoles knocked over too

    • InnerRise
      InnerRise 4 months ago

      +CJ T working any retail PERIOD.
      Thank god I got out even if my soul still isnt intact.
      Had a drunk coming for my momma over the phone asking how she was and everything. And I told him just how fine she was doing then he said he would come back up to the store and whoop me and my coworkers arses until he was tired.
      I died.
      Called security. They told me they would give me 20 minutes
      After that they were leaving and whatever happened in my store, stayed in my store and I could just handle it however I liked.
      Basically........throw down rough the drunk up when he showed up on my own without any repercussions.
      Retail is a hard knock life.

    • Anthony Arias
      Anthony Arias 4 months ago

      Travis Heitzman idk what you are talking about dude I'm just saying no expensive merchandise was broken so that's probably why it wasn't that big of a deal its just a mess he will have to clean up

    • Travis Heitzman
      Travis Heitzman 4 months ago +1

      +Anthony Arias That's a lazy mf that works there and won't clean up. That's one of the things they're hired for.

  • Zante Kyero
    Zante Kyero Day ago

    How Fortnite kids be when they get finessed buy V-Bucks scams

  • Blake the Tank
    Blake the Tank 7 days ago

    2:02 I think he just wanted to show his reaction to the whole mess...don't think he is looking to be famous. Why are you referencing worldstar hiphop? Is that code for something?

  • Deon Denis
    Deon Denis 13 days ago +1

    Well.. At least he didn't hurt anyone right?, But seriously he might need to work on his anger management(even tho if you buy a game in cash or credit, then you should be able to get ALL of your money back in cash or credit). That and don't buy games at places with terrible return policies in the first place.

  • Zoloft77
    Zoloft77 23 days ago

    I wonder what's he reaction upon the massive price drop of Fallout 76 a week later if he just waited.

  • Bob MONEY
    Bob MONEY 24 days ago +1

    Thats the one i go to

  • KidZanarkand
    KidZanarkand Month ago

    If Gamestop allowed games to be returned in 2 weeks, everyone would just buy them new, beat it in 2 weeks (gamers spend a lot of hours on games), and get a full refund. Same concept if I wanted to return an opened blu ray to best buy, it would mean free rentals and the companies wouldn't make any money.

  • Alex Jensen
    Alex Jensen Month ago

    Dude behind desk = proboss. Answer those calls.

  • jotaroxtreme
    jotaroxtreme 2 months ago

    This is why you buy online only games digitally.

  • Lord Baryonyx
    Lord Baryonyx 2 months ago

    Fallout 76 not worth it especially when you get in fit.

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 2 months ago

    Why didn't the cashier just give him his money back from his wallet if GameStop itself couldn't do it?

  • MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamer 2 months ago

    That dude should go to jail! Destruction of property.

  • Spy boi
    Spy boi 3 months ago

    Well he's first mistake was buying the game in the first place.

  • kelly mcclure
    kelly mcclure 3 months ago

    You seem more about the person filming the video and that they filmed themselve at the end, then the real issue, the adult man that freaked out in a store. That adult has a real issue. I would say anger issue. Which is i huge issue, its a a game. Myself, i am very new to games, i have only had a ps4 for one year, love fallout 4, but waiting on 76. I have been to gamestop 2 time's. Even i know that if you buy a new game u will not get money back. But i am cool with instore credit, because i play video games. So this adult has some big issues.

  • Feneas Del Fox
    Feneas Del Fox 3 months ago

    Gamestop also opens new games and SELLS THEM AS NEW
    That really pisses me off personally

  • Med Smith
    Med Smith 3 months ago

    The guy in Blue hahaha

  • Rololoko Sctrez
    Rololoko Sctrez 3 months ago

    4 eyes, fat and bald creepy

  • Superstar Roundhouse
    Superstar Roundhouse 3 months ago

    Some of these kids in comments LOL , They want buying games to magically become unlimited game exchanging instead XD

  • Superstar Roundhouse
    Superstar Roundhouse 3 months ago

    LOL ,That be completely crazy !!!!! XD I bet everyone including the gamestop worker went on to have a wonderful day after it happened too ^^,

  • Nigel Reginald Augustus-Bakersfield

    IT IS MA'AM!

  • Lia Flexx
    Lia Flexx 3 months ago

    Game stop is selling a bugged out unfinished game, and they have terrible store polices. Bethesda is not alone in the blame by any means! That man's out-rage is 100% warranted and I'm glad it brought national attention to their terrible business practices despite that poor employee who will spend a few hours cleaning the mess. I'll light a candle for him this evening. In another video I saw the police were called. I hope it's to give that man medal! If not he can always say he was getting in touch with his feminine "emotional" side.

  • Zomagedon
    Zomagedon 3 months ago

    1:16 he Superman-ed that thing

  • UN Fenrir Gaming
    UN Fenrir Gaming 3 months ago

    Inital reaction dammit man. But i als found myself luaghing. Wont lie

  • Christopher Whitaker
    Christopher Whitaker 3 months ago

    The beginning of this video made me think of a Count Dankula "Absolute madlads" opening.

  • Brian Ofori
    Brian Ofori 3 months ago

    I completely understand his reaction 😂

  • Percyyy
    Percyyy 4 months ago

    “Thank you for calling GameStop how may I help you”

  • Anonymous Gamer
    Anonymous Gamer 4 months ago

    Yeah, Steam has a pretty good return policy.

    • Anonymous Gamer
      Anonymous Gamer 4 months ago

      On top of that...if you don't want a game anymore, you can delete it (it's silly, I know, but that option is there for you. It's an option _I've_ taken advantage of.)

  • Thekeyman1
    Thekeyman1 4 months ago

    From 2007-2010 I worked part time at a Gamestop, and managers had the ability to give you a refund for an opened brand new game. If they would, would depend on the customer involved. (If they had a reputation returning brand new games for example) you'd be put on a list

  • Thekeyman1
    Thekeyman1 4 months ago

    Lol!!!! From 1:15-1:32 I'm quite certain he left the game and his receipt in the store. Lol!!!!

  • Andrew Hedquist
    Andrew Hedquist 4 months ago

    So it’s not GameStop fault not returning open games in their policy. It is still against us copyright law to return open media. I work at Best Buy and we have the same policy

  • Personal YouTube
    Personal YouTube 4 months ago


    DJJAMMONSTAR 4 months ago

    Wal mart take any game back and give you full store credit for it .....Even games not from wal mart you just don't tell them that part lol

  • none of your business
    none of your business 4 months ago

    How is the policy of not accepting a return when the cellophane is removed antiquated. The distributor won't take it back, and they can no longer sell it as a new game. Do you expect Gamestop to lose money?

    • none of your business
      none of your business 4 months ago

      Thirdly how many games cannot be completed in 14 days? Not many.

    • none of your business
      none of your business 4 months ago

      Also a digital game has no physical property that can be damaged. If the game sucks it's not Gamestops problem.

  • LukeTrinton
    LukeTrinton 4 months ago

    he's probably mad because he can't get what he wants so he acts like a 3 year old temper tantrum in a nutshell.

  • electro chemical
    electro chemical 4 months ago

    i HATE game stop they are rip off artists

  • Joshua H
    Joshua H 4 months ago

    Physical media falls under copyright laws thats why they cant return it. Its not gamestop’s policy its us copy protection law

  • RD400D78
    RD400D78 4 months ago


  • Brian 716
    Brian 716 4 months ago

    Why antiquated? Open a brand new game you can review endlessly on youtube and with demos. They diddnt have the ability to sell that item the whole time you had it and can't sell a used game as new. They get a paperweight because you diddnt do your homework?

  • Soldier1287
    Soldier1287 4 months ago

    skeepee de bop oom dada

  • Gabe BX
    Gabe BX 4 months ago

    Punk needed to be stoped

  • Just a Normal scout
    Just a Normal scout 4 months ago

    GameStop sucks

  • crash test
    crash test 4 months ago

    Buying from GameStop is like liking your own comment
    everyone at least did it once.

  • seanpaulrb10
    seanpaulrb10 4 months ago

    Couldn’t he just traded it in for some credit back?

  • NPC 1916
    NPC 1916 4 months ago

    Happened to me awhile ago when I mistakenly bought Blu Ray instead of DVD at Walmart, however I acted like a responsible adult and instead of throwing a fit about it I just stopped buying media at Walmart.

  • Carter Eichorn
    Carter Eichorn 4 months ago

    *Number 16, GameStop Return Policy. If I buy a $60 game and I return it for $5, I will clap them cheeks with the power of Zeus*

  • Shot Psychotic
    Shot Psychotic 4 months ago

    He went sicko mode

  • RickNumber97
    RickNumber97 4 months ago


  • Miss Secret
    Miss Secret 4 months ago

    The hero we need, but don't want.

  • 8Inch Donkey
    8Inch Donkey 4 months ago

    Just a black man being black

  • Zero J
    Zero J 4 months ago

    Also you can't sell a game 'new' after it's been open. Bethesda stated that straight up when someone tried to sell a 'new' game on Amazon. Because it's not new and therefore misrepresents the product to consumers.

  • Francisco Andrade
    Francisco Andrade 4 months ago

    Lose some weight

  • Josh Chase
    Josh Chase 4 months ago

    Gamestop has that policy because no one is going to buy a hard copy of a new game that has already been opened at full price. Honestly, who actually buys hard copies of games now a days anyways?!?

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 4 months ago

    So Rich how can GameStop tell if the customer only played a physical copy for only a few hours? How about the fact Steam is just a download and they are really losing nothing while GameStop has physical copies that they paid for being returned for a full refund then have to sell that copy at a discount because it is opened and used?

  • Matt Ferrigno
    Matt Ferrigno 4 months ago

    They were gonna give him store credit even without a receipt is crazy. People would just buy used games and return them as new for store credit or cash. Gamestop would go out of business over night if they allowed this to happen. This customer is an idiot. With or without receipt you can't get a full refund. It amazes me how stupid some people are.

  • Nunuvell Mephais
    Nunuvell Mephais 4 months ago

    Did you really need the 20 seconds of complaining about the literal 2 seconds of the cameraman reacting? You're literally espousing your reaction to the events by reporting them, complete with attention-demanding facial expressions. You make pretty good content, otherwise.

  • Lovish Landson.U.M
    Lovish Landson.U.M 4 months ago

    I think destroying a whole store for 70$ is ridiculous I would have taken stuff from the store that equals what I paid now he is on camera destroying a whole store which turns from 70$ to thousands to repair if Gamestop seeks justice for this which I know they are and I am pretty sure he is not looking at a GameStop the same since

  • Classic Jesse
    Classic Jesse 4 months ago

    nintendo may have lousy return policies but 80% of their games have demos which... steam doesnt do at all... or xbox... or sony... id rather try out a demo than buy a game only to go through the hassle of returning it.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 4 months ago

    I’ll bet that red cup is filled with mayonnaise...

  • Joseph Clearwater
    Joseph Clearwater 4 months ago

    It's called Walmart guys.

  • lito dat
    lito dat 4 months ago

    But i understand if u return a opened game how can they sell it as new again rewrap it ? Then ppl will complain about that i don’t see nothing wrong with it anytime i returned to GameStop i got money back as long as it was in same condition

  • Nasty Zonkers
    Nasty Zonkers 4 months ago

    Them boobs are laying on your desk

  • Vincent Briganti
    Vincent Briganti 4 months ago

    I remember GameStop wouldn’t let me return a brand new game with the cellophane and seal on it with the receipt

  • Sil3nt Kn1ght
    Sil3nt Kn1ght 4 months ago

    I NEVER buy physical games anymore, better to have something that can't be destroyed and if something happens to the system, you can re-download it.

  • Fader Playz
    Fader Playz 4 months ago

    2:07 bobs

  • Neon Weasel
    Neon Weasel 4 months ago

    I bought Civilization 6 on steam, wouldn't work on my computer. Six months later, steam still gave me a full refund.

  • Tourmalino
    Tourmalino 4 months ago

    New game return policy: If you buy a new game and wish to return it you have 7 days, if it is opened it can only be returned for store credit. Here's hoping the guy got charged for damages.

  • Dennis Holden
    Dennis Holden 4 months ago +1

    You cant open the game then return it lol they open almost all the new games and put it into there cd sleeves then sell a opened game for new. to me any time i dont open a game from its original packing plastic wrap it should be sold as used. So gamestop should consider that if they open a new game then try to sell it as new is bullshit. its the same thing they did to this guy eather the company quit opening the new games then selling them as new when an opened product in there eyes is used means 99% of gamestops products that they say are new are actualy used because the company opened it

  • tony Alvarez
    tony Alvarez 4 months ago

    Aint that soulja boy lol

  • White Rob
    White Rob 4 months ago

    How did they know to record? 🤔

  • Rebecca George
    Rebecca George 4 months ago

    You seriously took the persons who destroyed the stores side. Dude, he didn't have a receipt and he used it. People never complain about movies not getting a refund after you've watched them. Why should videogames get special treatment for return policies?
    Also, don't hate on Nintendo man. Digital returns are bullshit.

  • usmarine2100
    usmarine2100 4 months ago

    Eh I enjoy fallout 76 it could be alot better but it's getting improved and I enjoy it to each their own though.

  • Kostheory82
    Kostheory82 4 months ago

    Gamestop looks like a company that's hemorrhaging money at this point. They give 1/3 back for trade-in value then charge 95% of the original price.

  • JohnBull1889
    JohnBull1889 4 months ago

    Another angry GameStop customer. Link:

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 4 months ago

    It's about time how many times have we felt the pain

  • beezle1976
    beezle1976 4 months ago

    Can't agree *at all* that he policy is antiquated. It's just basic common sense.
    Want to return something that you've already opened and used? Seriously?
    Their policy is actually lenient. If you've opened it, and possibly/probably used it then it's ridiculous to expect a full return. It has been devalued by your own hands and the business you're trying to sell it back to for full price (which is exactly what is occurring at this point) will lose money on the item.... it's actually obscene and entitled to think you can do that. No other retailer anywhere is expected to give full refunds on second hand items. The people at Gamestop are just average Joe. Why are they expected to effectively loan out their stock for just a deposit that they'll give back? It's stupid and entitled to think that way.
    Return it in new and sealed condition isnt a problem. You're not selling back a 2nd hand item in that instance.

  • Corey Fankhauser
    Corey Fankhauser 4 months ago

    Wtf r u talking about every store has that policy is you open a game you cant return it

  • Candy and Violence
    Candy and Violence 4 months ago

    Peak male gamer entitlement

  • elekid330
    elekid330 4 months ago

    Your getting 7 minutes of Fame off the same video and your face is all over it even more than his 3 seconds so y criticize him for doing the same thing your doing for far longer than he is ?? lmao

  • Lance`s Creepy Reading
    Lance`s Creepy Reading 4 months ago

    Power to the players? Yeah right...

  • PixelBat
    PixelBat 4 months ago

    Fallout 76 doesn't have a physical copy so they can't refund it anyway.
    Not only that, you CAN return new games. You just take it in and say you want to trade it in for cash or store credit. Honestly. Has nobody else thought of this??

  • leslie burden
    leslie burden 4 months ago

    Why should you be able to return a used physical copy? It cant be sold on at full retail can it, why should the shop take it in the wallet cos you changed your mind?
    Digital copies however what does a company loose for refunding a digital copy, absolutely nothing need i say more?

  • Dreamcazman
    Dreamcazman 4 months ago

    Here in Australia, EB Games allows you to return a game up to 7 days after purchase, whether it's still sealed or not. (not sure if it's the same in Canada).
    Trouble with that is, opened & returned games are sold again as 'brand new'. Personally I never buy games from EB unless they're sealed as you never know if someone else had previously returned it.

  • Ragemonkey
    Ragemonkey 4 months ago

    His rage represents that of fallout fans after what bethesda has done to the franchise. this clip speaks volumes and i hope bethesda sees it and maybe gets a bit of a understanding on how we really feel lmao. if only this was a bethesda store.

  • Ragemonkey
    Ragemonkey 4 months ago

    i love how everybody in the store was black lmao

  • Skippi Skip Production LLC

    GameStop will not go out of business anytime soon, because lots of people don't have good internet, or none, but they still want games, so you need discs.

    ROBBIE QUINTANA 4 months ago

    I thought that was called the Digital Millennium Act best buy and Walmart none of these stores will return a game or movie if the cellophane is removed unless it is an exchange for exact same copy due to defect

  • cr33pvilla
    cr33pvilla 4 months ago

    1:50 you're joking right?

  • uncle dante is the best uncle

    I'm am surprise we got another store destroying video again, I know there were a lots of videos of people destroying stores, and now we got a video of a dude.
    Destroying that gamestop, now i'm am wondering what will the next store destroying video is going to happening. 🤔

  • Alan Saldivar
    Alan Saldivar 4 months ago

    Yeah stop filming yourself get rid of your USclip channel no one cares about you

  • sasutomato
    sasutomato 4 months ago

    Here's a tip on how to get a full refund on a game. Go in the store and see if they have anymore on the shelf if they don't then tell them the copy you have doesn't work and that you want an exchange since they don't have anymore copies they have no choice but to give you a refund. And do not let them talk you into buying another game unless you actually want one. I've done this twice before but this was years ago when I was a teenager.

  • Bryce Armstrong
    Bryce Armstrong 4 months ago


  • L Tea
    L Tea 4 months ago

    sorry to burst ur bubble dude microsoft now will not refund

  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter 4 months ago +1

    GameStop is a disease. They took over every small business chain of video game stores (and some non-video gaming related stores!) they could get their greedy hands on. It's costing them more than they're gaining, and yes, I look forward to seeing them go, or better yet, bought out by a good gaming company like GoG.
    Actually, seeing a brick and mortar GoG store would be a real sight for sore eyes...

  • Kiyarsa
    Kiyarsa 4 months ago

    My local retro games and anime store will do returns on opened games for a store credit, and on used games within 7 days. Much better than corporate BS Game Stop.

  • Niya Blake
    Niya Blake 4 months ago

    Check you state laws. They tried this with my Niece but in California you have to hang a sign stating that all sales are final for new products.

  • georgiiii1000
    georgiiii1000 4 months ago

    I don’t even know that it’s GameStop’s policies for sure. I’m in Canada so the laws may be different but I know that it’s the law that anything dealing with data after it’s been opened can’t be returned. It’s kinda silly that it applies to video games in Canada I think since no consumer data is stored on the disk but thems the breaks. So it might not even be GameStop’s fault?

  • BWide13
    BWide13 4 months ago

    Gamestop will be gone soon lol

  • TimberJackEB
    TimberJackEB 4 months ago

    This is the kind of reaction I might have when I got mad 11 or 12 years ago. The kind that caused my parents to worry if I'll end up in jail by the time I got to my current age. I wonder what's gonna happen to him?

  • Joker
    Joker 4 months ago

    I think I wanna play fallout 76 for all the bugs XD

  • Pun King
    Pun King 4 months ago

    steams nice. however gamexchange in my town sells used games and not only gives you a 30 day mony back but replaces the game with a better copy if it does not run :0