Lewis Hamilton Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • doncmleon
    doncmleon 13 hours ago

    they made this man BUY some shoes he's sponsored by? I'm pretty sure he got that credited back

  • Crunch Buttsteak
    Crunch Buttsteak 4 days ago

    He's got that Italian painter about to paint a fresco on the side of a deli swag

  • Malique Clarke
    Malique Clarke 7 days ago +1

    Hight is a problem when you around them supermodels lmao.

  • Ricardo A
    Ricardo A 11 days ago +2

    NEW BOY🦄🦄🦄🦄

  • mackenziefearon
    mackenziefearon 11 days ago

    See I’m not as impressed buy these when they don’t spend a lot of money like I could afford that total I’m hoping for something I could only ever dream of

  • Abud Shirt
    Abud Shirt 12 days ago


  • Yung Chutney
    Yung Chutney 16 days ago

    Really humble for a guy wearing supreme x Louis Vuitton overalls

  • mht 621
    mht 621 17 days ago

    Pumas are underrated :/

  • HazedFPS
    HazedFPS 22 days ago

    Honestly what are we doing here racing or shoe shopping

  • Jacqueline Yongo
    Jacqueline Yongo 23 days ago

    I love Lewis even though I’m a Ferrari fan. Thanks to Micheal Schumacher.

  • Kaustubh Pawar
    Kaustubh Pawar 23 days ago

    Why is he dressed up like a rugrat?

  • Ansh Nenwani
    Ansh Nenwani Month ago

    Intro song?

  • david cotiga
    david cotiga Month ago

    fuck hamilton. vettel for life

  • Ernesto Castañeda Galindo Campeon

    Lewis Hamilton the King of the F1

  • John wick
    John wick Month ago

    Shopping with david beckham next

  • Arjun Swaminathan
    Arjun Swaminathan Month ago

    Wtf is he wearing eww

  • Christian Howe
    Christian Howe Month ago

    puma is such a boring brand

  • Jakob Bjerga
    Jakob Bjerga Month ago

    Puma hunting with complex

  • Gregory Agee
    Gregory Agee Month ago

    let's get TECH N9NE in on this please!!!!!

  • Lightrojsp
    Lightrojsp Month ago


  • Sam Muniz
    Sam Muniz Month ago

    0:32 lewis got us all with the upside down hand game smh

  • Stephen Kersting
    Stephen Kersting Month ago

    f1 > your mom

  • Clofic C
    Clofic C Month ago

    Living proof that money can't buy style

  • HardingHQ
    HardingHQ Month ago

    wtf he wearing

  • Sneakerhead 23
    Sneakerhead 23 Month ago

    Did joe invent puma

  • 1stGenStunter
    1stGenStunter Month ago

    I'd rather see them buy something that their sponsor doesn't make so they can speak and buy freely

  • TSM_ Mad
    TSM_ Mad Month ago

    Why you gotta blur out Mickey like that?🤔😂😂

  • JIGSTAR _17
    JIGSTAR _17 Month ago

    those white pumas he got lowkey fresh af.

  • Asphalt Ricky
    Asphalt Ricky Month ago

    Fucking lame ass commercial for Puma. I have more personality in my left testacle than this faggot

  • Gentleman
    Gentleman Month ago

    Dope ass outfit.

  • luminor007
    luminor007 Month ago +1

    He's a good guy.. he doesn't be need to be sticking those wigs on top of his head.. he would look good without it.

  • Leah Silk
    Leah Silk Month ago

    lame... pointless too

  • MSAgaming
    MSAgaming Month ago

    The old shop was better

  • Peter Ellis
    Peter Ellis Month ago

    All that money and look at how he fucking dresses

    MMCXII Month ago

    Pumas and overalls 🤣

  • Adrian Constantin
    Adrian Constantin Month ago

    why is Lewis wearing a pijama tho?

  • raty rat
    raty rat Month ago

    Puma suede ftw

  • let's do this wag1
    let's do this wag1 Month ago

    You look a cunt nice lad tho

  • DUIA
    DUIA 2 months ago

    neymar gastou 18mil usan bolt e hamilton nem 1mil,ate nisso neymar e exagerado se bem q cartao de credito q eles usaram nw eram deles eu acho,rs

  • flodA reltiH
    flodA reltiH 2 months ago

    Get pewdiepie on the show lol

  • Jonas Meiser
    Jonas Meiser 2 months ago


    • Purmy
      Purmy Month ago

      Jonas Meiser no he isnt

  • ryan chan tian ming
    ryan chan tian ming 2 months ago

    Obviously sponsored by puma to buy their products

  • Swift Section
    Swift Section 2 months ago

    Got more P than nearly anyone on one of these and he’s still just licking puma’s arse. Shit brand making shit shoes. Fuck off you wet arse

  • Ditto Adjie
    Ditto Adjie 2 months ago

    thought he's gonna beat Neymar.. but... bruhh....

  • Alex Reed
    Alex Reed 2 months ago

    Shame he chose all puma because they sponsor him

  • Pietro Barletta
    Pietro Barletta 2 months ago

    Valentino rossi is the best porcodio

  • SJ Dude
    SJ Dude 2 months ago

    he is so "neymar"

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 2 months ago

    His love for fashion? What stupid cunt would wear what he's wearing.

  • Damn Darcy
    Damn Darcy 2 months ago

    What the hell is he wearing

  • Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 2 months ago +1

    Man's swag is CLEAN bra

  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter 2 months ago

    He is defintely a closet homo.

  • HrdrSu
    HrdrSu 2 months ago

    what a ugly outfit .. what ugly shoes.. no swag detected sry

  • Sno dong
    Sno dong 2 months ago +1

    I dont care if his Jumpsuit or whatever cots like 10k, but really it looks very shitty, dunno why ppl buy smth like this

  • titotrejo 132
    titotrejo 132 2 months ago

    Do don cheto

  • Lucas García
    Lucas García 2 months ago

    Theo Walcott

  • Monster 55
    Monster 55 2 months ago

    Personality of a wet lettuce

  • Alex Anibal Martínez Navarro

    Pongan subtitulos xfa apenas entiendo :(

  • Rishik Kiran
    Rishik Kiran 2 months ago

    He don’t have freedom in buying shoes of different brands. Puma stuck.

  • Scott Blake
    Scott Blake 2 months ago

    He’s says kicks really he wants to say trainers but doesn’t want to upset the yanks who say it wrong by saying sneakers

  • Floris Klaver
    Floris Klaver 2 months ago

    In the thumbnail you can see him at the register with a Vans X Peanuts box, yet this is not shown in the video.. I have just watched a seven minute Puma commercial smh.

  • Booggz Mell
    Booggz Mell 2 months ago

    all those shoes wack

    ISSMA Z 2 months ago

    someone knows the ref for the shoes he rockin on this video?

  • antawn jasminson
    antawn jasminson 2 months ago

    bias asf

  • ryudraco
    ryudraco 2 months ago +1

    Did anyone else see the blur at and around 3:18 when they were in that part of the store?

  • Matthew Dawood Khaghani

    Trainer shopping, thanks.

  • dimitar ginev
    dimitar ginev 3 months ago

    Pls song !

    MVRTS 3 months ago


  • brendan pemberton
    brendan pemberton 3 months ago

    Did this fuckin retarded American ask a British guy about middle school? 😂😂 take ur head out ur ass

  • Yalowboi Music
    Yalowboi Music 3 months ago

    Bet He Got His Money Back After The Video! And Also The Shoes He Can Get Em For Free

  • DaggerMan11
    DaggerMan11 3 months ago

    something seems off about him

  • sjo q
    sjo q 3 months ago

    Wtf wears puma?

  • Theofilos Dimas
    Theofilos Dimas 3 months ago

    he said he had the fucking shoe but just bought it again....

    JIN KAZAMA 3 months ago

    When you wear overalls do you like wear extra pants inside the overalls or are you like naked in there?

  • Kyzuu
    Kyzuu 3 months ago

    0:45 -Louis ?

  • Kris Kris
    Kris Kris 3 months ago

    Here's a thought for PUMA and whomever.
    Most offices insist on a business professional attire, yet people would love to wear their trainers to work. So why not come out with a middle wear, a shoe which has comfortable trainers unders, with professional uppers, which are affordable and of course branded.

  • Bence MARSI
    Bence MARSI 3 months ago

    First word problem: too many shoes. Everyone is tripping over them. “Very bad”

  • freskidgodbless s
    freskidgodbless s 3 months ago


  • Híram Salmerón
    Híram Salmerón 3 months ago

    Otro vendido más que no es capaz de hablar de una marca que no sea la que le paga... yo no invitaría a gente así. Prefiero mil veces a coleccionistas como Franalations o gente que no se deba a una marca concreta.

  • Adan Segura
    Adan Segura 3 months ago

    what if his card got declined doe

  • Young Pavblo
    Young Pavblo 3 months ago

    I love seeing humans who are at the top echelon of their profession.

  • non_face
    non_face 3 months ago

    What are thoseeeeeeee..... Those overalls are so uglyyy damn

  • jack underwood
    jack underwood 4 months ago

    do a sneaker shopping with jeff goldblum

  • JTSW_ 04
    JTSW_ 04 4 months ago

    He got expelled from my secondary school (no joke)

  • HALAM899 Live
    HALAM899 Live 4 months ago

    Can you get Kimi Rakkikon on this show. Let's do this

  • JHDM 1997
    JHDM 1997 4 months ago

    When you've got to milk the cows at 12 but got to be a hype beast at 3

  • Greg C
    Greg C 4 months ago

    Puma shoes look wack

    EMMANUEL CABALLERO 4 months ago

    Do lil pump

    KELVIN T.H 4 months ago

    gucci shopping with conor mcgregor

  • Extremely Good Films
    Extremely Good Films 4 months ago

    All pumas are😵

  • Alvin Cornelius
    Alvin Cornelius 4 months ago


  • fitrin yurensia D.D.S
    fitrin yurensia D.D.S 4 months ago

    Wtf is Lewis wearing?

  • Tearoh™
    Tearoh™ 4 months ago

    wow fucker

  • MEME
    MEME 4 months ago

    Why the richest people buy the biggest crap shoe

  • Mario Ulises
    Mario Ulises 4 months ago

    Lmao his overalls hilarious.

  • Carlos Ontiveros
    Carlos Ontiveros 4 months ago

    I really don't mind them picking out pumas. I get it. But it really seems kinda pointless when they basically get any shoe for free. I mean the shoe store gets profit but they don't even need it lmao

  • joe 90
    joe 90 4 months ago

    millions in the bank ...grow up lewis you look like fuckin shit

  • Lukas Doumanlis
    Lukas Doumanlis 4 months ago

    the computer screen says log in when hes paying hahahahahaha

  • Jericson Salvacion
    Jericson Salvacion 4 months ago

    thanks to his popularity hes nit handsome like a ordinary guy