Lewis Hamilton Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on Jan 2, 2018
  • F1 champion Lewis Hamilton goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at BAIT in Los Angeles and talks about getting his own signature sneaker, plus his love for fashion.
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Comments • 3 764

  • Derek Spencer
    Derek Spencer 20 hours ago

    Damn that outfit

  • Ifk 1899
    Ifk 1899 Day ago

    lol, black people have no taste. Regardless of how rich they are they still go for the pimp look.

    • Clenzy
      Clenzy 23 hours ago

      Ifk 1899 what does there color have to do with how they dress

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa 6 days ago

    This is why I like Puma... they give quality shoes without ripping you off

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa 6 days ago


  • David Castillo
    David Castillo 7 days ago

    "it wasn't easy to find... I had to go online" uhmmm bruh.. come on.

  • R N
    R N 8 days ago +1

    If you have so many shoes give them away to someone who doesn't.

  • mark jeffers
    mark jeffers 10 days ago

    God I'd love to do that tho I think I'd be all NIKE and UNDER ARMOUR lol

  • Michael Dunlap
    Michael Dunlap 10 days ago

    feels like he lowkey loves sneakers. under rated episode i think.

  • Rupert Wilkes
    Rupert Wilkes 11 days ago

    It must be so cool to work there cause you get to see all the stars and then serve them

  • Ste P
    Ste P 12 days ago

    Few hundred shoes from someone who says he is concerned about the environment (PLASTICS LEWIS) come on man!!

  • Swizzle
    Swizzle 13 days ago

    Lewis Hamilton is gay you better got Vettel

  • Bradaco
    Bradaco 14 days ago

    The FOURmula 1

  • Luthfi Kautsar
    Luthfi Kautsar 16 days ago

    Hahahahaha he probably buys lots of Nike off camera. Puma? Lol

  • GabbyJ LittleMacTwiddle

    I don't get why if someone is under contract with a sneaker company that they have to BUY sneaks from that same company. I would think they could get whatever sneaker they want from that company for free. It doesn't make any sense to BUY them. I BET he bought J's when those cameras were off.

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows 17 days ago +1

    Bruh what is he wearing😟

  • Scott last name
    Scott last name 18 days ago +1

    This guy use to be the biggest nerd but now he tries way too hard to convince everyone he's a hip black man lmao

  • qadeer fazale
    qadeer fazale 21 day ago

    He said that his family didnt have a lot of money? How da hell did he become an f1 driver? Because it costs a ton of money to achiveve that high!

    • BaByFaCe
      BaByFaCe 19 days ago

      The dad of Hamilton had 2 jobs and a second mortgage on there house to pay for karting..the whole family was involved to get Lewis to F1. When he became a kartchampion mclaren picked him up because of his talents and Lewis was born.

  • Arslan Güngil
    Arslan Güngil 24 days ago

    ... 5 time

  • My Shit
    My Shit 24 days ago

    How i know he in LA he tucked them chains

  • Suhayb Abdi
    Suhayb Abdi 26 days ago

    He said *P'yuma*

  • Brandon Le
    Brandon Le 28 days ago

    cheap bastard

  • Xtasis 19
    Xtasis 19 Month ago

    Aahh perro trae Lic. Valeriano

  • ff Sapreo
    ff Sapreo Month ago

    Charles Leclerc goes sneaker shopping with complex?

  • monk LP
    monk LP Month ago

    Ugly as hell

  • Joey Mills
    Joey Mills Month ago

    We all know what he brought after this

  • The Mtb Master
    The Mtb Master Month ago

    Need a do daniel riccardo!

  • Ford the Flowerhorn

    WTF is he wearing

  • Nick mechenich
    Nick mechenich Month ago

    Do more race car drivers

  • Evan Curtis
    Evan Curtis Month ago +9

    The host of Complex "Joe"...

    His last name is Puma

  • metalmaster76
    metalmaster76 Month ago

    Lh is a great guy

  • arish venkatesh
    arish venkatesh Month ago

    Why t

  • Sjeune
    Sjeune Month ago

    his overall is worth about 2600 euro, very nice

  • Toby Knight
    Toby Knight Month ago

    Lewis mate wtf is that accent

  • Zack Pike
    Zack Pike 2 months ago

    The only reason why he is in bait is because it is puma

  • Erty
    Erty 2 months ago

    Love his monster lmao

    ALEXANDERCRETA1 2 months ago

    For a player that playsems 5 month and the other 5 month is ingury spend a lot!!!
    I feel sorry for PSG that took that player!!!!

  • M F
    M F 2 months ago

    I'm sure it's very expensive but my god wtf is he wearing

  • The next boxing Champ
    The next boxing Champ 2 months ago

    We want wilder

  • UmbrElla December
    UmbrElla December 2 months ago

    Wtf ru wearing

  • Nic Flava 'Artist' Hoskins

    Nice video 🔥👊🏽

  • George Varghese
    George Varghese 2 months ago +1

    U can invite Mo vlogs or money kicks for shopping it will be a hike in show

  • Fabio Vit
    Fabio Vit 2 months ago

    Can I have the tracklist of your videos? Someone can help me?

  • BeastofModern Era
    BeastofModern Era 2 months ago +33

    Lewis hamilton goes Puma shopping with joe La Puma

  • Aaron ___
    Aaron ___ 2 months ago

    Louis...the break on those overalls is wrong. There's definitely a difference between "fashion" and looking good in any setting. And did he even try the shoes on? Oh yeah, they're dislay pieces...

  • ninjabiomech
    ninjabiomech 2 months ago

    One of the cheaper complex hauls

  • CrashEdits :3
    CrashEdits :3 2 months ago +10

    Finally someone with a brain!!!

  • Zehzz
    Zehzz 2 months ago +1

    Is he putting on an accent?

  • Goodaim
    Goodaim 2 months ago

    He could probobly bought the whole shop but he didnt

  • Tobias Schneider
    Tobias Schneider 2 months ago +5

    Ok, he's a cool guy, but Forza Scuderia!!

    • Ben
      Ben 2 months ago +1

      Not goin well at the moment for you is it?

  • Hong Kong Tony
    Hong Kong Tony 2 months ago +3

    Lewis Hamilton looking like he's straight out of the sweat shop

  • Nicole Petruzzo
    Nicole Petruzzo 2 months ago

    Kurt Cobain on that T-shirt🤤🤤🤤

    NASCAR BOY9 2 months ago

    They need to do Denny Hamlin

  • Dragos Pruteanu
    Dragos Pruteanu 2 months ago

    The most boring episode

  • Chris Paige
    Chris Paige 2 months ago

    Go sneaker shopping with the host from sneaker shopping with complex

  • xxslayerpro420mlg360xx
    xxslayerpro420mlg360xx 3 months ago

    I want kimi räikkönen

  • いたちイチゴ
    いたちイチゴ 3 months ago +3

    3.1K people are Ferrari or McLaren fans smh they love to hate on Sweet Lew and all he does is Win 6xWC #speakitintoexistence

  • I Eat I Pay
    I Eat I Pay 3 months ago

    So far I seen CR7 the only big spending

  • james burton
    james burton 3 months ago +2

    You might not like Mercedes but you gotta admit
    Lewis got styyyyylllle

  • Dayumhesgood
    Dayumhesgood 3 months ago

    hamilton douche

  • Juan Muriel
    Juan Muriel 3 months ago

    Just went I couldn’t feel broker

  • eltorivio de camelias
    eltorivio de camelias 3 months ago

    Menuda pinta

  • Mauricio R. Banda
    Mauricio R. Banda 3 months ago

    Puma are the last option to buy seriously

  • Raed Junior Abu Kartomy

    I don’t understand, he is sponsored by puma and he bought more pumas ?

  • Sam Hens
    Sam Hens 3 months ago

    Throwing shots at Abel being short 😭😂😥😥😭😂😂😂

  • Svenja P.
    Svenja P. 3 months ago

    The out fit looks like a 5 yo with to much bucks

  • Rupert Bloomsbury
    Rupert Bloomsbury 3 months ago +3

    The most boring Sneaker Shopping yet. Nobody wear Puma

  • Tim SD
    Tim SD 3 months ago


  • Tre Cool
    Tre Cool 3 months ago

    I can't stand it when dudes cut their beards too high in the neck area.

  • Diya R
    Diya R 3 months ago


  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 3 months ago

    One brand is bullshit