10 Things Video Games Use To TRICK YOUR BRAIN

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Video games often use tricks to create the magic you see onscreen. Here are some fascinating techniques developers use.
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  • Dirk Pieraerts
    Dirk Pieraerts 4 hours ago

    i can not respect the lower health boost! But atleast everyone has it huh... Pffff

  • OverloadOverlord
    OverloadOverlord 12 hours ago

    Doom did the camera render trick in 1993

  • Carter Poindexter
    Carter Poindexter 22 hours ago +1

    8:16 bruh my guy just said GAYME

  • Jack Leech
    Jack Leech Day ago

    1:45 She does follow the music, but the rhythm of the the music comes from the violin, so you have to foll9w the violin instead of the drums

  • Tyler Butcher
    Tyler Butcher Day ago

    Actually the Dancer from Dark Souls does have a rhythm but it's not the usual 4/4 rhythm it's actually a 3/4 rhythm which is why characters get thrown off

  • Ash Anarchy
    Ash Anarchy 2 days ago

    Crash bandicoot, the original used some pretty hefty camera trickery. Basically everything was placed on 2d cards, and it would only render the cards that the screen would see. At any given time there are only 3 to 7 3d cards shown.
    They also do this heavily in the show The Dragon Prince on Netflix since it's a fixed camera.

  • Fabio Lanzoni
    Fabio Lanzoni 2 days ago

    thanks for explaining why i felt like Zero Dawn felt flat

  • Handsome Menace
    Handsome Menace 3 days ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn isn't some tech marvel for eliminating the stuff off of the screen. It's called culling and literally every game does it. It's one of the first things we learn in graphics programming.

  • Pump Delicious
    Pump Delicious 3 days ago

    If i find a game where i can’t invert my Y axis i just dont get to play it.

  • aalever
    aalever 3 days ago

    That health bar trick is awesome

  • Andrew Gilbert
    Andrew Gilbert 4 days ago

    I'm pretty sure almost every game used to be inverted?

  • Jacob Cole
    Jacob Cole 5 days ago

    I play inverted too. I've always been curious how many people actually do this though. How do you play??

  • Kyle
    Kyle 5 days ago

    I'm invert myself and I know the struggle, but the worst has got to be those Silent Hills games that had no invert option at all...

  • Justice Mace
    Justice Mace 6 days ago

    In L4D zombies attack first player and anyone near him

  • Joni Räikkälä
    Joni Räikkälä 6 days ago

    Then a very simple but an interesting one especially on source based games, a separate skybox that is a miniature of distant objects like mountains and buildings, and it’s located below the playable map. That’s a bit clever if you ask me, albeit an old trick.

  • flat mars society
    flat mars society 6 days ago

    rectangles mean dont go there - minecraft...

  • Alexander McCabe
    Alexander McCabe 6 days ago

    inverted disgusting i lost faith in falcon

  • Arent
    Arent 7 days ago

    The Dark Souls thing: That is wrong. Dancer of the Boreal Valley follows the music's time signature, but in notes of 3/4 and not 4/4, which is why some people instinctly find it a confusing boss, without really knowing why. However, if you are used to listening to music, have a rudimentary understanding of time signatures and know of the music - boss mechanic of the game, you can use the same "sort of predictions" of the boss's attack patterns. The Dancer of the Boreal Valley still follow the music, just in another time signature.

  • EL juego TV
    EL juego TV 7 days ago

    If you look at yourself from a third person perspective, your head looks like a joystick being pulled down when you raise your head to look up. Thus, it's more natural use inverted look if you feel yourself with this perspective.
    - reasoning behind inverted controls - FYI

  • Frederic Schlueter
    Frederic Schlueter 7 days ago

    In witcher 3 your horse is always loaded offscreen. Resulting in those funny memes

  • Erulin68
    Erulin68 8 days ago

    The end of a health bar taking alot longer to clear then the rest you can blaim on Microsoft and their install bar... they started that trend :-)

  • GOKU Saiyan
    GOKU Saiyan 8 days ago

    Is there anyway to get PlayStation at free of cost? So that i can play games rather than watching gameplay in youTube.

  • Narakarr arr
    Narakarr arr 8 days ago

    You play.... On inverted? I want to know how and why you made that decision. What made you think 'yeah. Imma be that guy'.

  • Radioactive Blueberry

    Mass Effect uses ugly-low-resolution textures to keep loading wait times short, then replaces them almost immediately with higher resolution versions. It all happens so snappy you barely even notice.
    Many web pages work the same way. First background color, then some overall layout/template with appropriate placeholders, then the actual payload (image, video), and finally event-based post-processing. All constructed piece by piece in front of your eyes, so you actually see something meaningful even before it is fully loaded yet. You feel like "it's loading" instead of "it's stuck".

  • Lord Storm
    Lord Storm 9 days ago

    Number 1: Fallout 76.
    16 times the details.

  • Radioactive Blueberry

    Productivity to max level: "You can paint a forest" 2:25

  • raven schihl
    raven schihl 9 days ago

    I play inverted

  • Dustin Farnum
    Dustin Farnum 9 days ago

    As an invert player... This is an awesome feature.

  • andre cabral
    andre cabral 9 days ago

    wheres the mode 7 haha

  • saša ivanović
    saša ivanović 9 days ago

    How do i completely block a channel so i will never see it again on my playlists or recomendations?
    No offense, you got ok content, but fuck me i cant stand the way this dude talks for a single second.
    "I mean.... i dunno........ they could........... i guess..... or not...............theoretically......... anyyyyyway.............."

  • Jason
    Jason 10 days ago

    Many of these things are trivial standard practices for all games and not specific to the game you called out..

  • ScrapMetal
    ScrapMetal 10 days ago

    In alien isolation the alien has two “brains” were ai in one knows where you are and in the other ai gives hints to the other one, this makes it so you have to keep running and hiding

  • Juraj Tirpak
    Juraj Tirpak 10 days ago +4

    So the horizon is not on PC just because people can set their sensitivity to milion turn around faster than game loads and game just crashes, nice

  • VR FOB
    VR FOB 10 days ago

    Vr works like horizon zero dawn. Things you look at are there and out of your viewcone is nothing

  • Mighty Brake
    Mighty Brake 10 days ago

    Uh. Weird i didn't play with the sound on for DS3 but i still got fucked

  • Austin Santiago-Edenfield

    @ 6:37 that shit scared me and idkw.

  • Ayush Bakshi
    Ayush Bakshi 11 days ago

    Disliked 01:23 No example shown.

  • Michael McAllister
    Michael McAllister 11 days ago

    I remember playing GTA and the map would take forever to render on PC if you didn't have a decent PC and was trying to play GTA rather it be 4 or 5 I have had issues with both.

  • Dean Luxton
    Dean Luxton 11 days ago

    Inverted players are inbred

  • steweygrrr
    steweygrrr 11 days ago

    The biggest trick is that the image on an utterly flat and most likely quite thin monitor appears to be a fully three dimensional image with depth deeper than said screen is capable of physically holding.

  • Lovre kos
    Lovre kos 11 days ago


  • herohunter81
    herohunter81 11 days ago

    5:11 I have to play inverted. It’s more natural to me.

  • MasterMarioMX
    MasterMarioMX 12 days ago

    fun fact: #1 is what most developers used on the n64 era so this is a developer trick from ye old times that made it to modern consoles.

  • Sean Mills
    Sean Mills 12 days ago

    The Dancer does in fact have a time signature, just not one most people can easily keep in rhythm. All other bosses in the game operate on a 4/4 time signature. The Dancer moves to 3/4 making many players think there's no relation to the music.

    ACE THE HUSTLER 12 days ago

    All my friends think I’m weird for playing inverted.. It only makes sense to Me.

  • Dean Shaw
    Dean Shaw 12 days ago

    in number 9 in other words it isn't bust a groove lol

  • Hououin Kyouma
    Hououin Kyouma 12 days ago

    This video tricked my brain. It promised be to show game techniques that trick my brain and instead I got game techniques that trick the console.

  • Kaneu
    Kaneu 12 days ago

    "You as a kid. No. No!" HA!!!!

  • DanKorCZ
    DanKorCZ 13 days ago +1

    02:00 No! The dancer follows the pattern but for it you need to adjust to a 3 beats rhythm as opposed to the others which are 4 beats

  • Gladiatvra
    Gladiatvra 13 days ago

    Hmm, I notice you hadn't included all the negative ways games use to trick your brain...more specifically anything that EA does...

  • Bunie Luv
    Bunie Luv 13 days ago

    Literally like every game does this. Including like, Banjo Kazooie on N64...

  • GarrettP130
    GarrettP130 13 days ago

    USclip User....Freako.
    Hmmmm. 0_0

  • Dalton Davis
    Dalton Davis 14 days ago

    mor dark souls

  • EndlessNomad
    EndlessNomad 14 days ago

    5:51 THANK YOU! So I'm not the only freak left in the world who plays inverted. That almost cured my depression. Almost. 😁...😥

  • Branden Kroskie
    Branden Kroskie 14 days ago

    To say that there is nothing next to you or behind you in Horizon Zero Dawn is BS. I get attacked from angles that ain't in front of me all the time!
    I recently started playing again on its ultra hard mode just to see if I can. WITHOUT new game+. ya... I really love the 1 hit KOs from tiny little watchers lol

  • DrizzyVapor
    DrizzyVapor 14 days ago

    Facts about L4D. Man I clocked in some serrrrrrious hours playing that game. Shit was so fun. And even MORE fun with friends. PC of course

  • KillDaire
    KillDaire 14 days ago

    What is the background music at 9:11

  • John DoLo
    John DoLo 15 days ago

    Why havent you guys done byb layers of fear 2 yet

  • soloj 37
    soloj 37 16 days ago

    Where Subnatica!

  • shamanik1320
    shamanik1320 17 days ago

    Interesting, so that is how Zero Dawn has enemies with 500k or more triangles. Btw, game engines only display triangles, you can model quad sided and more sided geometry but the engine will turn it into triangles on import, so you usually triangulate beforehand so you know where they get split because an automatic triangulation by the engine might choose to split different polygons and make the effects in your textures look bad.

  • navisoul
    navisoul 17 days ago +1

    Horizon zero dawn one of the best? What have you been smoking?

  • The Improv Club
    The Improv Club 17 days ago

    Dishonored 2’s famous map on top of map on top of map scene!!!

  • GamingSmartVideos
    GamingSmartVideos 17 days ago

    I think WIPEOUT THE OMEGA COLLECTION USES a camera trick to unload everything behind the player until he's on that part of the map and allows the detail in front to be perfect

  • GamingSmartVideos
    GamingSmartVideos 17 days ago

    How does Sony go from a system with only 257Mb of RAM (PS3) to 8Gb of RAM (PS4)?

  • ShadowAce
    ShadowAce 18 days ago

    a third release of L4D would be an instant success, especially if they had as great a director as the other 2 and added more modding ability to the point where stuff can actually be added to the game and not just modified / replaced.

  • james albus
    james albus 19 days ago

    I know one: in 2d side scrollers that seem endless, its actually the background moving most of the time, not the player

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda 19 days ago

    Fallout 4 on console let's say you build up a settlement and there's a lot of objects if you turn fast enough you can see things despawn and respond off the edge of your screen this video is quite enlightening

  • God Immortal
    God Immortal 19 days ago

    oh no I have to go to the settings to change it to inverted 😭

  • frank dijkhuizen
    frank dijkhuizen 20 days ago

    you do realise that frustum culling, and to a lesser extend occlusion culling are normal AF and any open world game, and a lot of non-open world games use that right? not using it would be ridicilous...... (the procedural generation of horizon zero dawn is good, but the culling is nothing special)

  • northerpl
    northerpl 20 days ago

    I don't know any person who play non inverted y axis. So that must be american thing.

  • mitchyk
    mitchyk 20 days ago

    Any games with cars or balls or moving objects you are responsible for. When the maths are worked out for the most part it's pretty easy. However at lower speeds you start to run into divide by zero errors. That's why in some games you can really feel the difference when you slow down. Like your steering will suddenly become super responsive or your pool balls will start juddering or some other effect. It's because at these lower speeds the developers have to fudge the numbers to make it work. If they don't do a good job of it, it becomes noticeable.

  • ducktape000
    ducktape000 20 days ago +1

    Why the fuck do u play inverted. Was enjoying this countdown till he ruined my immersion

  • Jerry Gossett jr.
    Jerry Gossett jr. 21 day ago

    Not a numbers guy just think they should stop ripping through them and take their time to make them

  • TheBatimDude
    TheBatimDude 21 day ago

    Inverted ewww I only play that with planes I *HATE* THE GAMES THAT DONT HAVE INVERTED WITH PLANES

  • DraXeLiquE
    DraXeLiquE 21 day ago

    #3 just kinda ruined it for me. Now I feel sad whenever I got through a fight with low health
    PS: That explains why I felt like I was kinda tanky in ACO when my health went red. I thought it was just in my head.

  • Jace Campbell
    Jace Campbell 21 day ago

    Great video

  • 5tyxz
    5tyxz 21 day ago

    Minecraft does that view render thing from HZD with distant chunks
    My PC, being a bit slow, tends to not load the chunks on time, so usually I see empty spacesin my world
    It also happens when I fly with the sprint button pressed, in which case it does not load on time

  • Vanwolfster
    Vanwolfster 21 day ago

    Back 4 Blood

  • Hail every thing
    Hail every thing 21 day ago

    need for speed 2
    if you are the last player in the final lab it will let you be in 2ed plece eizy buzy

  • extremegamer642
    extremegamer642 21 day ago

    I used to like when ps1 would have Atari game galaticia in the loading screen. Sometimes I wanted it to load a little longer so I could have some more fun killing the enemy.

  • brandon sowells
    brandon sowells 22 days ago

    I play on invert and I wish more games would do what halo 2 did. I'm probably the only person I know that plays on invert. But I know there are more of us out there in the world lol

  • Robert Spaulding
    Robert Spaulding 22 days ago

    "Oh, so it's one of those inverted freaks."
    I died because my best friend played Halo inverted and was a beast.

  • Aswin
    Aswin 22 days ago +4

    Someone in USclip said this
    Batman Arkham series loads the game when Batman holds the button in the earpiece to speak...

  • Anthony Contreras
    Anthony Contreras 22 days ago

    No NO

  • Adam Bartlett
    Adam Bartlett 23 days ago

    my life.....is just a road with polygons textured onto it...
    my life is jake's back

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker 23 days ago

    Halo did inverted players justice. Unlike borderlands where you can't play couch co-op with both inverted and non-inverted control schemes.

  • Miciso
    Miciso 23 days ago

    kingdom hearts 2 : having 1000 enemies battle you at once.
    but it was really a awesome trick where u only fight about 20 enemies and the rest was animated in the background.
    for a playstation 2 game this was amazing as fuck.
    they did it again on kingdom hearts 3 with even more enemies 10.000 and it was so cool.

  • smiley
    smiley 23 days ago

    I have to use inverted too. It just seems more intuitive to me.

  • AnThony DenZzel
    AnThony DenZzel 23 days ago

    well, if these are the tricks, I want to be tricked : ))

  • DP Productions
    DP Productions 23 days ago

    Rubber banding in racing games is also a significant trick used to fool us into thinking we’re better drives than we really are

  • Yash
    Yash 23 days ago

    0:08 lol loved the way he came out of that Hat

  • Ahmad Iftikhar
    Ahmad Iftikhar 23 days ago

    Nintendo switch, PS4, PS3, Xbox(from Halo), you got every console man...

  • Carlos Carrera
    Carlos Carrera 23 days ago

    Oh its one of those inverted freaks lmao this is why i love you falcon wish we could get a session in div2

  • Cole 96
    Cole 96 23 days ago

    Well that was pointless for number 9, beat the dancer on first try on two characters thanks to bloodborne prepping me

  • Aadit Doshi
    Aadit Doshi 24 days ago

    Umm. All games only render what you see, it would be an enormous waste to render things that the player is not looking at. Horizon Zero dawn is no exception.
    Also, My favourite trick is how they hide loading screens in modern games. In Uncharted the button mashing parts, where ur trying to open a door are just there to hide the loading screens while it loads in the next section.
    Most single player games also have something called the Magic Hitpoint. If you get hit by an attack that would do 45 damage but ur at 30 health. U wont die, but go to 1 health. That way u get one additional chance at dodging or running.

  • Даниил Шмелев

    Dude discovers culling, mind blown.

  • First Don Diego
    First Don Diego 24 days ago

    In the 1st division, when you go into the post office, even if you are sprinting through the door, the game slows you down to a walk once you enter the door. This is so it has time to load the interior as you enter.

  • num2son
    num2son 24 days ago

    The Matrix is jealous. You explained it so well.

  • Justin Allen Capalad
    Justin Allen Capalad 24 days ago

    EA always trick us, some fall for it but we're done with EA.

  • IamAndrey Mbao
    IamAndrey Mbao 24 days ago

    Really surprised uncharted 4 didn't appear on this list