10 Things Video Games Use To TRICK YOUR BRAIN

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Video games often use tricks to create the magic you see onscreen. Here are some fascinating techniques developers use.
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    D3RRANG3D Hour ago

    The dancer does follow a time signature its just an odd time signature like 5/4

  • Kevin Avila
    Kevin Avila Hour ago

    Inverted mouse players unite!

  • Zeitgeistmusic997
    Zeitgeistmusic997 2 days ago

    At this point in animal evolution the 'limitation glitch' where you point out truthfully without bias a limitation (personality flaw) a human beast without a soul cant overcome....yeah, that's a game breaking glitch. Before animals glitches with that limitation glitch but it wasn't game breaking, they would just do things like pee on territory or throw shit at each other or yell louder to feel more right to distract from the limitation but at this stage of evolution with a human brain that's a game breaking glitch. Use that as you wish. Look up David Michael Hermes (or David Michael Mercury depending on when you read this or Kyle Diamond Jones, all on facebook or the champishere997 on tumblr) for more.

  • One Two
    One Two 2 days ago

    The game sees you and knows what you're doing.
    What I learned: The game can cheat you.
    Dreamcast: I'm thinking.

  • ShadowLight Gaming
    ShadowLight Gaming 7 days ago +2

    Playing for way longer than you think. I play Minecraft, cut down a tree. Apparently I've played for 2 hours when I thought I played for a minute.

  • Orel Hutchins
    Orel Hutchins 8 days ago +1

    The dancer was like one of the easiest bosses.

  • Liam J
    Liam J 11 days ago

    Wow you realise Horizon Zero Dawn is not unique in the way it loads things? It's called Frustum Culling, or Occlusion culling on some engines. Literally ALL GAMES DO THIS! It makes no sense to draw all geometry at all times. Also thats just a spline tool. Easy stuff.

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 11 days ago

    So cool.

  • Eric Ling
    Eric Ling 11 days ago +1

    Some games don't manage to hide the hidden load in so well, that or my pc is a bit too underpowered and I get pop-in sometimes from turning my camera.

  • Eugene Miyelis
    Eugene Miyelis 14 days ago

    I tried to play Z:Wild on an emulator, and it's the most boring game I ever played! You really shouldn't have any life to play this crap.

  • Владислав Горанов

    Frustum culling and occlusion culling

  • Bergi B
    Bergi B 15 days ago

    No wonder the dancer was só difficult

  • Manuel Caldera
    Manuel Caldera 16 days ago

    Dancer does follow the rhythm but is 3:4 not 4:4 like most bosses

  • Kurt King
    Kurt King 16 days ago +1

    There is a mechanic i call the render bubble, and its in every open world game. The render bubble is an invisible sphere around the player that renders higher details then what is outside the bubble. Its very distracting.

  • Skyy Jump
    Skyy Jump 16 days ago +1

    Sweet another inverted freak XD I'm usually inverteds only friend

  • chris's tech tips
    chris's tech tips 17 days ago

    It makes me happy that falcon plays inverted like me no one really does

  • Bab's Corner
    Bab's Corner 17 days ago

    I understood nothing about the tricks in BotW and it’s LFD2 not LFD as you mentioned (just saying).
    The BotW didn’t make sense as I never saw a difference in the triangle or square polygons at all even though I know they exist. Various ways exist to get through both traversing the map.

  • Soulaima Rahal
    Soulaima Rahal 17 days ago

    These thumbnail, man.

  • TheGaming illustrator
    TheGaming illustrator 18 days ago

    I don't see god of war on this list. It hides all loading screens behind the cinematics.

  • nintendians
    nintendians 21 day ago

    8 most game probably does that.
    6. i guess if you don't trigger the other part, it stay on forever.
    5. i rather have it done via menu.
    4. well done, indeed.
    3. makes you feel powerful.
    2. i guess you can't be a camper and go along the ride. l4d series was okay.
    1. that's what some game should do.

  • Buds McDuds
    Buds McDuds 23 days ago

    You might be only the second or third invert Gamer other than myself that I've ever known of.

  • MrDaRkReMNanTs
    MrDaRkReMNanTs 23 days ago

    Not a single thing about 2D textures making the player assume things are 3D? Nothing about making things appear large but being actually small?

  • Robot Psycho
    Robot Psycho 25 days ago +2

    WAIT!? is that really why I'm so bad against the dancer in Dark Souls 3

    • Filip Mucala
      Filip Mucala 24 days ago +1

      same felling bhro ... same felling

  • 620 N0S
    620 N0S 25 days ago

    7:30 you ruined games

  • Jason Ridgill
    Jason Ridgill 26 days ago

    How do NPC’s know when to block?

  • Lc production
    Lc production 28 days ago

    actually dancer makes makes a sound right beore the grab attack so u dont know what u saying lolzz

  • Adrock 99
    Adrock 99 28 days ago

    I'm looking at u Zelda Ocarina of Time!

  • Levi Sloan
    Levi Sloan 29 days ago

    God of War 4!

  • Mikes 🔥 stuff
    Mikes 🔥 stuff 29 days ago

    Have you played gangstar vegas, they use a camera trick called spawn cars where ever the camera is facing

  • Finn San
    Finn San Month ago

    Dark souls is the dark souls of dark souls.

  • whitecobra97
    whitecobra97 Month ago

    I was wondering why the dancer was so damn hard

  • AM - 06DA - Centennial Sr PS (1506)

    in bioshock the splicer always MISS there first shot so you have a fighting chance

  • Manu Beker
    Manu Beker Month ago

    The dancer of the boreal valley DOES follow the music

  • Ian Hughes
    Ian Hughes Month ago

    Number 1, Graphics processors have always worked that way :/

  • Kro DaJuggalo
    Kro DaJuggalo Month ago

    I play inverted also. It's just the proper way to play. I've never leaned back in real life and found myself staring at the ground. Back=Up and Forward=Down. Pilots know, Submarine Captains know, and Real Gamers know. Great video 👍

  • Ionys the rogue
    Ionys the rogue Month ago

    I only play inverted, for whatever reason i absolutely cannot play with "normal" controls

  • tino dinamita
    tino dinamita Month ago

    @gameranx the jake rig (the one they had used in a road) .. where did you get the video and the explanation? looks super interesting but i cant find it anywhere!

  • Ovegrow120
    Ovegrow120 Month ago

    I always climb mountains in skyrim

  • Toffy
    Toffy Month ago

    The dancer actually follows the rythm... but it's in a different way... if you're a musician (but you don't really have to be one) then you sureley know about triplets. The dancer follows triplets.

  • Mason Florea
    Mason Florea Month ago

    Destiny is a good example of the low health trick. The health bar is split into 3 bars. 2 bars for shields and 1 bar for health. In reality you have the same amount of health as you do shields. It's a bit easier to catch bc of its pvp. Where enemy health bars reflect the half and half idea accurately

  • Devon Bolen
    Devon Bolen Month ago

    Mindfreak!! Mindfreak!!!

  • Minecraft Egg
    Minecraft Egg Month ago

    I didn't know bosses went with the rhythm of the music at all

  • The Thieves' Domain

    "See that mountain? You can go there..." in BoTW but not skyrim

  • Big Beerus
    Big Beerus Month ago

    I beat dark souls 3 times without noticing the music thing

  • pyr084
    pyr084 Month ago

    ohh....its one of those invertet freaks.......made my day

  • Samuel J Weber
    Samuel J Weber Month ago

    The Horizon: Zero Dawn “environment painting” is comparable to Disney’s Multiplane Camera, quite an evolution in the world of production.

  • MuRka Nism
    MuRka Nism Month ago

    This guy has a serious issue saying words with the letter A in them. Kind of hilarious.

  • Derek Harbaugh
    Derek Harbaugh Month ago

    BOTW- dosent go to end of map
    More content in ocean- am I a joke to you?

  • Thought Experiment
    Thought Experiment Month ago

    pretty much all games use occlusion which is what was explained for #1. It's pretty common for 3D games.

  • Daniel Nobre
    Daniel Nobre Month ago

    I love Horizon but it was not the first to have tools to create maps like that. I think Crysis or Far Cry were the first to use brushes with procedural vegetation. If you try the level editors you’ll see that.

  • Drew Radley
    Drew Radley Month ago

    LOL. It's called "Occlusion Culling" and is used in pretty much every game in the past 15 years.

  • alinzelnan
    alinzelnan Month ago +1

    the part with health actually bothered me sometimes because I knew I should've died in some situations

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    And the dancer really messes with you in Dark Souls III, up to that point you think you have the game figured out and that is a steep curve in difficulty up to the end.

  • mica davis
    mica davis Month ago

    How about mirror's edge, where they loaded the next level while you were in the elevator or waiting for the big sewer door to open? I only noticed that after i moved it to an external drive and the doors that were only open for 15 seconds would take a few minutes to open in the first place after you hit the button...

  • Aleksandar Zivanovic

    No offense to anyone- I love this channel :)
    But these tricks are really not that hard to achieve, most of them is just basic math to pinpoint assets that shouldn't be loaded :)
    Uncharted 2 thing- as technical as it looks, its really pretty easy to do it :D
    Nonetheless, gameranx is awesome channel, and this video is entertaining as hell!

  • Farid Sameni
    Farid Sameni Month ago

    I didnt understand the legend of zelda one

  • Emerald Krazy
    Emerald Krazy Month ago

    i play Horizon Zero Dawn... always wondered how the graphics were so good. im also wondering how Destiny 2 did it

  • Tony Melo
    Tony Melo Month ago

    How have I not seen this channel before today?! Great stuff! I subbed quickly, haha!

  • Nuric Dostay
    Nuric Dostay Month ago

    How about the Original Doom tricking you into thinking it was 3D?

  • Jairus Strunk
    Jairus Strunk 2 months ago

    just polygons with a texture. reality is just the same few atoms combined in different patterns. Everything in existence is just energy lol