Game Grumps Animated - Does Bruno Mars is Gay? - by ToriDomi

  • Published on Aug 4, 2016
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Comments • 4 561

  • Liliana Shoaf
    Liliana Shoaf 10 hours ago

    there is a literal exerpt just look up "does bruno mars is gay"

  • Owen Sharman
    Owen Sharman 17 hours ago

    And on this episode of Stroke Simulator,

  • DarkRed
    DarkRed 2 days ago +3

    My mind is literally blown
    Like a nuke just went off in my brain

  • Brooke Belus
    Brooke Belus 2 days ago

    One Question Shall Be Asked For All Eternity

    *Does Bruno Mars Is Gay? *

  • Bower Jr and keegan K

    Yes he does gay

  • Orchestra Of Ruin
    Orchestra Of Ruin 3 days ago

    No, he's just European.

  • Pokii Studios
    Pokii Studios 3 days ago

    *NEWS REPORT* : Bruno Mars does is be gay! His gay does reveal!

  • Gojiro7
    Gojiro7 3 days ago

    that sounded like an episode of Speed Racer if the writer suffered a serious blow to the head XD

  • PhatPotato
    PhatPotato 6 days ago

    It sounds good but i'm was the night you got a little nap before i was the last time?

  • Bare Noize
    Bare Noize 8 days ago

    Who actually look else up the article? I is for one has. Does found insightful very. As my gay found rumour breaking of Bruno Mars gay. You thank for this is read.

  • Pink diamond pip
    Pink diamond pip 10 days ago


  • LittleMizPezzie
    LittleMizPezzie 10 days ago

    What trying to hit that 200 word count really be like

  • Saen Hayes
    Saen Hayes 13 days ago

    So this is where the 'Does Jumin Han is gay? ' meme originally came from....

  • fallen star
    fallen star 14 days ago

    does jumin han is gay

  • Allyoop 4336
    Allyoop 4336 15 days ago

    I think im having a stroke

  • Awkward Cynic
    Awkward Cynic 17 days ago +1

    Wait... is his friend Ashley in this story his current girlfriend???

  • zillafire101
    zillafire101 17 days ago

    Hello Tv Tropes!

  • Chris East
    Chris East 17 days ago

    Shitty English..ish gossip/news media, just came up in a conversation with my mom. So now she has also heard Dan's reading of this.

    xZANZIBARZx 18 days ago

    *yep he's a butt pirate*

  • • Aleena •
    • Aleena • 19 days ago

    did i have a stroke...?

  • popplethefalafel
    popplethefalafel 20 days ago

    Animation style is adorable.

  • frances Velez
    frances Velez 21 day ago

    Literally the best video in USclip. I’ve sent this to everyone 😂

  • Jacko Walshy
    Jacko Walshy 22 days ago +3


    • Alex is out
      Alex is out 9 days ago

      Not his girlfriend, a different Ashley

  • InkSamsGamer324 ni idea wey :v

    *Yeah, he is hOmOSexUaL, if someone asks.*

  • Acrylic Jem
    Acrylic Jem 22 days ago

    Wait dose Bruno mars is gay now I wanna know

  • gigeon
    gigeon 22 days ago +5


  • Anxiëty Attåcks
    Anxiëty Attåcks 25 days ago

    Is that a Shiba

    BLUEBOSTON 25 days ago


  • Natalie Moenning
    Natalie Moenning 27 days ago


  • Death Note
    Death Note 28 days ago

    Drunken straight to gay immediate shower thoughts

  • joey, joestar
    joey, joestar 28 days ago

    does bruno mars is gay

  • panta sy
    panta sy 29 days ago

    Bruno mars is a FiLiPiNo

  • good smallboy
    good smallboy 29 days ago

    Does bruno mars is gay is the best sentence ive ever heard

  • Kuro Kage
    Kuro Kage Month ago

    "But some of the public still curious what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay" makes me laugh so hard

  • Naram-Sin of Akkad
    Naram-Sin of Akkad Month ago +1

    Dan's dating Ashley now!

  • Abel Binyam
    Abel Binyam Month ago

    Does he straight?

  • Ligma
    Ligma Month ago

    Does Bruno Mars is gay

  • LuigisBetter
    LuigisBetter Month ago

    SPEECH 100

  • Raymond Madden
    Raymond Madden Month ago

    When your trying to reach word count on a essay

  • Jimbabwe from Zimbabwe

    This does is my do one favorite of me animation

  • Matthew Rondello
    Matthew Rondello Month ago

    Anyone come back to this because of Caravan of Garbage? I can’t be the only one right?

  • K N A C K
    K N A C K Month ago +1

    Does English is language?

  • samz trapz
    samz trapz Month ago

    I believe this but then he said
    "Can you believe any of that"
    Yess dan i can

  • Cat Bird
    Cat Bird Month ago

    DOES. IS. GAY.

  • IShipItLikeFedEx2
    IShipItLikeFedEx2 Month ago +1

    "does Bruno Mars is gay?" grammar 11/10

  • Stephen Reed
    Stephen Reed Month ago +2

    I get my news from a *_reliable_* resource.

  • Tech-priest of Mars

    Does he gay though?

  • British Buffoons
    British Buffoons Month ago

    _The mystery still continues..._

  • Hammy Boi11
    Hammy Boi11 Month ago

    Yes does he gay!

  • Kitten Kun
    Kitten Kun Month ago

    The doggo is me when dan starts talking about him being gay but like "eh....Imma slep here"

  • Kawaii Lover101
    Kawaii Lover101 Month ago

    but does bruno marz is gay???/?

  • bleach kun
    bleach kun Month ago

    Does hobbits the trilogy long true is

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside Month ago

    Does Todoroki is gay?

  • soph
    soph Month ago

    _Speech increased to 100_

  • Icee Icecream
    Icee Icecream Month ago

    That was just a random dude in a pompador that wants his money

  • GracieFox34
    GracieFox34 Month ago


  • youngdolph
    youngdolph Month ago

    I feel as though doge is behind this

  • Rainfeather
    Rainfeather Month ago


    Does I see a MM meme here changed just a bit? .3.

  • Sansepticeye
    Sansepticeye Month ago

    well i dont know, does is?

  • Bubblemint animates, again

    God I love this one

  • Tetra Wolf
    Tetra Wolf Month ago

    When you get high writing a serious report and you have to follow through.

  • SomethinSpecialYT
    SomethinSpecialYT Month ago

    I looked up that article and bookmarked it so I have something whenever I'm stressed and/or sad

  • Izzy Bobizzy
    Izzy Bobizzy Month ago +1

    Isn't Ashley his girlfriend? He announced it on his Instagram, I'm correct

    • Alex is out
      Alex is out 9 days ago

      Different Ashley

    • 018AJB
      018AJB Month ago

      Does Ashley is THE girlfriend? Or not?

  • Link Skywalker
    Link Skywalker Month ago

    01001000 01101111 00100000 01011001 01100101 01100001 01101000 00100000 01011001 01100101 01100001 01101000

  • Lucas Medeiros
    Lucas Medeiros Month ago

    I like how they're talking about this of all things when getting the Master Sword.

  • Gigatless
    Gigatless Month ago +2

    So... does he?

  • It's-a-me
    It's-a-me Month ago +1

    I love the animation and art style

  • Verde the Star Warrior

    Did Fawful write this article?

  • Matthew West
    Matthew West Month ago +1

    Does he?

  • Tikky 326
    Tikky 326 Month ago +1

    *D O E S B R U N M A R S I S G A Y ?*

  • Memory AEBDC
    Memory AEBDC Month ago

    Even the news reporter ingleies well

  • Tronsonic
    Tronsonic Month ago

    But does he gay?

  • Fluffy Kitten
    Fluffy Kitten Month ago

    Does Bruno Mars is gay?

  • ZC Man
    ZC Man Month ago

    Who ever did was knew that Bruno Mars does is gay.

  • Liz Iz Fruztraded
    Liz Iz Fruztraded Month ago

    I think i will is do gay

  • Shadept
    Shadept Month ago

    I really want a link to the article...

  • Adam Schmoetzer
    Adam Schmoetzer Month ago

    Tag yourself I’m bad rumor

  • Matthew Albright
    Matthew Albright Month ago

    Vageta what does the scouter say about his English level??? IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Albright
    Matthew Albright Month ago

    Wait! Do Bruno Mars is gay???

  • Emma Young
    Emma Young Month ago

    I can’t tell if this is eluding to does Jumin Han is gay or not

  • hit or miss is me
    hit or miss is me Month ago

    Dose you like is cheese?
    Do is have have as dog?
    I have of gone to my localest supermarket.
    What in year dose your birth?
    Is in you as is female or male and?
    Mary of and calling Jacob in the very second!
    See if you can figure out what the fuck I'm saying c:

  • What is up my dude
    What is up my dude 2 months ago


  • Gio Deleo
    Gio Deleo 2 months ago

    *DOES. IS. GAY.*

  • Jose Figueroa
    Jose Figueroa 2 months ago

    Seeing them anime Arin in his underwear reminds me of when Kevin talked about how Arin interviewed him whilst in his underwear.

  • Mariana Skarsgård
    Mariana Skarsgård 2 months ago +3

    "Friend" Ashley

  • Lou Who
    Lou Who 2 months ago

    I watch this video on bad days and it always makes me smile.

  • Poopstank64 Yeet
    Poopstank64 Yeet 2 months ago +3


  • Jhamirh
    Jhamirh 2 months ago

    Does Bruno Mars is gay?
    Does Bruno Mars is gay
    Does Bruno Mars is ga
    Does Bruno Mars is g
    Does Bruno Mars is
    Does Bruno Mars i
    Does Bruno Mars
    Does Bruno Mar
    Does Bruno Ma
    Does Bruno M
    Does Bruno
    Does Brun
    Does Bru
    Does Br
    Does B
    Does B
    Does Br
    Does Bru
    Does Brun
    Does Bruno
    Does Bruno M
    Does Bruno Ma
    Does Bruno Mar
    Does Bruno Mars
    Does Bruno Mars i
    Does Bruno Mars is
    Does Bruno Mars is g
    Does Bruno Mars is ga
    Does Bruno Mars is gay
    Does Bruno Mars is gay?

  • Error Sans
    Error Sans 2 months ago +2

    My last brain cell during an exam.

  • Error Sans
    Error Sans 2 months ago +1

    Dem grammar skills tho.

  • Graham Kristensen
    Graham Kristensen 2 months ago +1

    I anything can't do right since because pickles.

  • Marsh MallowX
    Marsh MallowX 2 months ago

    Hmmm... 🤔 🤔

  • The Zavinski Stories
    The Zavinski Stories 2 months ago +11

    And now we know Ashley is Dan's current girlfriend. She really gave the greatest gift of all.

    • Alex is out
      Alex is out Month ago +1

      +The Zavinski Stories Apparently she said it on Instagram

    • The Zavinski Stories
      The Zavinski Stories Month ago

      Good to know! How'd you find that out?

    • Alex is out
      Alex is out Month ago +1

      No it's a different Ashley. Dan and his girlfriend met in 2018.

  • Dr Narwhal
    Dr Narwhal 2 months ago

    But... Does he?!?

  • Davin  Thompson
    Davin Thompson 2 months ago +10

    So Ashley is now Dan's girlfriend

    • Alex is out
      Alex is out Month ago +1

      No it's a different Ashley. Dan and his girlfriend met in 2018

  • RestlessPenguin
    RestlessPenguin 2 months ago +7

    Is this the same Ashley that he's dating ?

  • Fernanda ismail
    Fernanda ismail 2 months ago +5

    My friend Ashley omg, i'd love if it's the same Ashley that he's dating now 😍

  • Yeti Man
    Yeti Man 2 months ago

    Fun fact Ashley is Dan's Girlfriend

    • Alex is out
      Alex is out Month ago

      It's not. Dan and his girlfriend met in 2018

  • Panic! At The Disco Fanatic

    My brother and I randomly quote this and start laughing while everyone else looks at us

  • ShyPoke
    ShyPoke 2 months ago +1