Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sno Balls | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • Sno Balls. Baby boomers will remember this post-World War II junk food favorite. Claire Saffitz returns to the Test Kitchen to try her hand at making gourmet Sno Balls.

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sno Balls | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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Comments • 10 956

  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  7 months ago +47676

    Claire. Is. Back. Not prerecorded.

  • Tegnet
    Tegnet 15 hours ago

    Marshmallow and cake?
    You Muhricans are disgusting! :P
    Over here, marshmallows are only to put on a stick over a campfire. If you're VERY VERY VERY weird, you might put a few in hot chocolate. But that's it.

  • Mia Adams
    Mia Adams Day ago

    Pleeeaaaasse do lofthouse sugar cookies

  • Shelby May
    Shelby May Day ago

    i’m australian, never seen a sno ball in real life and only knew them from icarly, coconut??

  • flapjack 34
    flapjack 34 Day ago

    1:30 babish would be proud of that cross section

  • Traci Parisey
    Traci Parisey 2 days ago

    Yours looked so much better!!!

  • Gachagirl #1
    Gachagirl #1 2 days ago

    Me:taps on video
    My mom:why is she making balls

  • It's Me
    It's Me 3 days ago

    She always underestimate processed food. It's processed. Unnatural. Lol. She's the best

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 3 days ago

    Can u do reese's peanut butter cups

  • Rachel Brooks
    Rachel Brooks 4 days ago

    Claire: Are you talking about m-
    Brad: no

  • J. Mason Buck
    J. Mason Buck 4 days ago

    The snowballs made from the leftover marshmallow look like brains. Would be cute as such with a dyed filling around Halloween.

  • Radha Patel
    Radha Patel 4 days ago

    The siren's lament calls

    _taste the rainbow_

  • Dawn Walker
    Dawn Walker 4 days ago

    How do you justify degradation of the wonderful Snowball when obviously never had the joy of getting one as a kid???

  • Diego García Gonzalez
    Diego García Gonzalez 5 days ago +3

    Everytime Claire says "my favorite part is reading the ingredients" I just expect someone (Brad) yelling from the back "nerd!"

  • JTK 14
    JTK 14 6 days ago +6

    Wish Claire would just punch Brad in the face 1 time

    • SPERTS
      SPERTS Day ago +1

      JTK 14 damn u kinky

  • Vivien schmidt
    Vivien schmidt 6 days ago

    the contents from these things are just gross! I‘ve never had a snoball before and I don‘t I‘d ever want to!

  • Catherine Santos
    Catherine Santos 6 days ago

    If Claire is not low key attracted to Brad imma be mad 😂

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 8 days ago +1

    Claire opening a coconut: bam, bam, bam, CRACK
    Carla opening a coconut: "Okay so now we plug in our power drill...."

  • P Iris
    P Iris 9 days ago +14

    Chris' face when Claire told him Brad likes the snoballs dry

  • M Ryan
    M Ryan 9 days ago

    I am 100% here for Claire's grey wings.

  • Raphael Gordh
    Raphael Gordh 9 days ago

    I agree with Claire and Chris, the dryness of them is disgusting

  • Harper Kate
    Harper Kate 10 days ago

    oatmeal cream pies??????????? plz

  • Dearilla
    Dearilla 10 days ago +1

    I'm from the UK, why does all your food colouring have lake in there names

  • asyoz
    asyoz 12 days ago

    OMG I got so excited just now when I realised what the t-shirt is you have on Claire!
    I went to that Paul Simon 'Graceland' Concert back in 1987! And yes, I have the T-Shirt (still).
    OK, it doesn't fit me anymore, but it's in my box of 'T-shirts I will one day turn into a quilt because I love them'.
    How cool!
    Oh, and, I love your cooking!!!

  • illwill1991
    illwill1991 12 days ago

    I've never had snowballs either

  • Kathryn Zingone
    Kathryn Zingone 12 days ago

    Claire: Pam
    Brad: Jim
    Chris: Dwight

  • Dank_Hank_Hill
    Dank_Hank_Hill 12 days ago

    Do hot pockets

  • Katherine
    Katherine 12 days ago

    I was thinking lemon or sakura for natural food colouring, rather than beets... 🍋🌸

  • Luma
    Luma 14 days ago

    I absolutely love snow balls and if you give me one I will praise you like a god

  • Avoid At All Costs
    Avoid At All Costs 14 days ago

    We saw Brad without headwear and censoring?! Is this a different dimension?

  • prancer101 555
    prancer101 555 15 days ago

    I guess this is what you do with a Harvard degree

  • chloe gross
    chloe gross 15 days ago

    Recreate pop tarts!

  • Cat Man
    Cat Man 16 days ago

    6:46 I know what she means

  • Aniyah.Barber 05
    Aniyah.Barber 05 16 days ago

    Brad is such a great person

  • Ethan Quinones
    Ethan Quinones 16 days ago +1

    We know these are just fat cakes from icarly

  • Natalie Reese
    Natalie Reese 16 days ago +14

    *eats just straight coconut

    claire: tastes very coconuty

  • Rachel Morrisroe
    Rachel Morrisroe 17 days ago +1

    9:00 I live for brad an this has to be my fav moment and every second on

  • Kyan Yauchler
    Kyan Yauchler 17 days ago

    Dang, I've heard of these but never tried one

    welp now ive got to :P

  • Miguel A.
    Miguel A. 17 days ago

    What was that at 10:14

  • Vishyswaz
    Vishyswaz 18 days ago

    "I hate coconut! Not the taste, the consistency"

  • Deanna Gorum
    Deanna Gorum 20 days ago

    Can we just talk about how she looks at brad. 8)

  • Emma Crowley
    Emma Crowley 21 day ago

    Claire is the best in the ba kichen

  • Sheryl Fisher
    Sheryl Fisher 21 day ago

    I want Chris to be free to REALLY express his opinions on the food and his coworkers. He’s REALLY holding back.

  • Pragya Thapa
    Pragya Thapa 21 day ago

    I know everyone loves Brad but I find his know-it-all personality so tiring 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • nicole chavez
    nicole chavez 22 days ago

    We are here for Claire.

  • Xellixor
    Xellixor 22 days ago

    Lol how the f can anyone eat all this unhealthy crap?! 😂 That ingredient list is just a recipe for bad health.

  • Lily Adams
    Lily Adams 22 days ago +5

    I want more. GOURMET GOLDFISH CRACKERS!!! ❤️😢❤️😢

  • Lily Adams
    Lily Adams 22 days ago +1

    I want more. GOURMET GOLDFISH CRACKERS!!! ❤️😢❤️😢

  • hellie119
    hellie119 23 days ago

    Chris judging Brad @2:10 LOL

  • StaceWah
    StaceWah 24 days ago

    Ha! Chris all genuinely angry that Brad likes dry cake 🤣

  • Keara Bartlett
    Keara Bartlett 24 days ago +2

    I would love to watch you do a remake of every Hostess dessert snack!!

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 24 days ago

    That "eee" at 11:34 *-* Just adorbs

  • What Ever
    What Ever 24 days ago

    Pastry Chef, Brad, and Chris Attempts To Make Gourmet Sno Balls

  • Alex Chopra
    Alex Chopra 26 days ago +2

    mixing the beet juice with malibu was a masterstroke

  • Max Ravenwood
    Max Ravenwood 26 days ago

    In all these videos we see how Brad is a outlier in his opinion on snack foods.

  • A J
    A J 27 days ago

    All I remember is the movie Zombie Land

  • 0MegaBeast
    0MegaBeast 27 days ago +1

    Why’d Claire leave in the first place?

  • Julie Baker
    Julie Baker 28 days ago

    Wouldn't it have been easier to dye the coconut first, THEN dehydrate it? You wouldn't have to worry about sediment in your dye clogging the air brush, or about the dye adding too much moisture.

  • Cazadoo nske
    Cazadoo nske 28 days ago

    Claire is so good to watch

  • Tyler Bellefleur
    Tyler Bellefleur 28 days ago


  • Delwar Hossain
    Delwar Hossain 29 days ago

    Can she pls try to make Mochi Ice Cream

  • Parker Brooke
    Parker Brooke Month ago

    When she first said beets I thought she said beans. I couldn't figure out how she was going to use beans for the color. Lol.

  • Alexis Mitchell
    Alexis Mitchell Month ago

    I had no idea they came in so many colors! I’d never eat one, but WOW! Those things are sweetened chemicals...

  • Clayton Murrell
    Clayton Murrell Month ago

    Snowballs are do disgusting

  • Ali Trainor
    Ali Trainor Month ago +1

    I love when her and Brad work together!!!!! "I'm not mad I'm disappointed!" Bahahahha

  • ballerina2rockerchik

    Hostess Cupcakes Hostess Cupcakes Hostess Cupcakes Hostess Cupcakes

  • Alexandra Macaraig
    Alexandra Macaraig Month ago

    The amount of focus Claire has at 11:37 tho

  • Kathy rabon
    Kathy rabon Month ago



  • Bailey Lynne
    Bailey Lynne Month ago

    Sam Puckett used to call these Fat Cakes

  • jelt 24
    jelt 24 Month ago

    Gourmet lollipops!?!!?!??!!!

  • christina lee
    christina lee Month ago

    make takis

  • Jennie Gomez
    Jennie Gomez Month ago

    Brad is the friend we all need

  • A J
    A J Month ago

    How are these people making money? Even the cooks seem like they don’t know what they’re doing

  • Karissa W
    Karissa W Month ago +1

    "how do you set the PSI? Right here?" "What does that mean?" lolololol

  • Erryn Killiner
    Erryn Killiner Month ago +1

    Omg wow American and British snoballs look SO different! These sound incredible

  • Karl Pat
    Karl Pat Month ago

    I kinda ship Clarie with Brad

    • Kitty Pryde
      Kitty Pryde Month ago

      Karl Pat yeah, but he has a wife and children. I was so sad when I found out! I ship them so much too!

  • Nancy Jane
    Nancy Jane Month ago

    Who else has never heard of snoballs?

  • Jade Gacha
    Jade Gacha Month ago +2

    I had my captions on and it said “v8 test kitchen

  • Crucial Farms Urban and Fresh

    Next episode please . I've now watched them all

  • Diamond more Diamonds

    Potential change: Adding the coconut malibu rum, or some other form of coconut flavoring, to the marshmallow coating.

  • Musiclover3
    Musiclover3 Month ago +1

    I just wished she had filled them with marshmallow not buttercream personally

  • Meagan Tiller
    Meagan Tiller Month ago

    excuse me
    did you just throw shade at snoballs
    get on their level
    I’m kidding claire you’re great
    But don’t mess with my snoballs :)

  • Victoria
    Victoria Month ago

    Coconut is not a nut. Coco (portuguese) is a fruit. In this case english messed up 😅

  • Heidi Kermit
    Heidi Kermit Month ago

    Wtf is a snowball bro

  • Jolie Ta
    Jolie Ta Month ago

    We all love claire!

  • Rwby Tetsuya
    Rwby Tetsuya Month ago +1

    Is Claire okay she always has that white strip of hair is it because of stress or does she paint it?

  • Max Spechter
    Max Spechter Month ago

    Lol'd so hard at those sigh montages of Claire

  • vegan
    vegan Month ago +1

    does anyone eat sno balls?

  • hobo the true
    hobo the true Month ago

    Is that the thing Sam pucket liked

  • Gianna Gervais
    Gianna Gervais Month ago +1

    does anyone else remember fat cakes from iCarly? They used a pink snoball. The more u know

  • Heylola2
    Heylola2 Month ago

    you read the ingredients for the wrong color

  • valcassette84
    valcassette84 Month ago

    Kiss you hand 5 times
    Post this on 3 videos
    Check under your pillow

  • Катя Брусковская

    This is so much work

  • Why am i Like this
    Why am i Like this Month ago +1

    Whenever I eat sno balls,
    I peel off the coconut,
    Eat the cake,
    Then eat the coconut and marshmallow...

  • Elise Hoffman
    Elise Hoffman Month ago

    Ohhh make gourmet cresent rolls from the tin!

  • someone you might know

    Whoa the snoballs I know loo exactly the same from the outside but they're just a hard meringue!

  • Nathan Viveiros
    Nathan Viveiros Month ago

    Brad knows what he’s talking about

  • Idk Oli
    Idk Oli Month ago

    Claire having ptsd flashbacks at 8:06 🤣

  • Sharon 92075
    Sharon 92075 Month ago

    Claire's snowballs look divine!

  • Sharon 92075
    Sharon 92075 Month ago +1

    I used to love Hostess snowballs. If you get them when they are *really* fresh, they are not dry, they are perfect!