Jordan, Stefanik respond to Sondland's impeachment testimony

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee address the media following key impeachment hearing. #FoxNews
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Comments • 6 116

  • Mark Austin
    Mark Austin 13 days ago

    She a real Congresswomen unlike the Squad there fake trash

  • Susan Lea
    Susan Lea 14 days ago

    Well done, Stefanik and Jordan!!!! You're on it!!!

  • Nate Malchik
    Nate Malchik 15 days ago

    I love how now that his first grade reading level lies got caught on camera and went public by accident all of the tRump nosers are repeating them like they are quoting the constitution

  • RER
    RER 15 days ago

    I hope Chris Gibbs challenges Jim Jordan. I will continue to search "Chris Gibbs for Congress" and donate until it hurts.

  • Chris Tine
    Chris Tine 16 days ago +1

    The democrats should be applauded as they have now secured Trump for four more years!

  • Aqua Starr
    Aqua Starr 17 days ago

    Two crazy treasonous peas in a pod

  • jarchitect
    jarchitect 17 days ago

    This is the nut job who is involved in a lawsuit for when he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State. He ignored sexual assault there reported by young men who were assaulted by Dr. Richard Strauss. He could have blown the whistle, so to speak, but did not. He knew.

  • Daniel Crook
    Daniel Crook 17 days ago

    Watching the impeachment joke was like watching kids,and I mean young kids playing,hoping if they say stuff enough times it would stick to someone.
    Can anyone imagine if Donald Trump Jr. had taken 87,500 dollars a month from a foreign entity?
    This is going to backfire so badly on Joe Biden and he can forget about being President...purely and simply,corrupt to the core.
    I'll take Trump any day over any lying Democrat,any Democrat...they are not to be trusted and Adam Schiff needs a good ads whipping.
    What an awful and useless man.
    How much does Schiffs office cost the American taxpayer each year? Thrown away money for sure!

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension 17 days ago +1

    Jim Jordan attends Luciferian Pan celebrations & wife swapping key parties.

  • Daniel Migliarese
    Daniel Migliarese 17 days ago

    Jordan is a bull dog. he should be on every committee.

  • Ralph E Shong
    Ralph E Shong 18 days ago

    Jordan retire stop changing trump's DIAPERS

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 18 days ago

    I am not aware that Hunter Biden is running for office. If the Ukraine wants to arrest him on corruption charges I am sure we can extradite him.

  • Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis 18 days ago


  • 39darkknight
    39darkknight 18 days ago

    True republican hearing. They only hear what they want to hear. It's pretty sad that Republicans think american are that stupid. I have watched the hearings and the ambassador said that there "was a quid pro quo".

  • Joel Hundley
    Joel Hundley 18 days ago


  • BigFoot Bubba
    BigFoot Bubba 18 days ago

    Jim Jordan looks like he took a punch to his left eye.

    • Aqua Starr
      Aqua Starr 17 days ago

      He looks like he sleeps in his car every night before work

  • Richard Brouillard
    Richard Brouillard 18 days ago

    there is a lot of brain dead people in the comments can u really be that stupid trolls

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh 19 days ago

    "I Want Nothing, I Want Nothing" after the whistleblower come out, good move Trump lol

  • strikeunion
    strikeunion 19 days ago

    Of course he didnt want anything after he already was busted! Duhhhhh

  • Dakota Mcconnell
    Dakota Mcconnell 19 days ago +1

    People in the comments are so funny. Everyone acts like they were there and knew exactly what happened. Like every single politician will lie to prove there point. On both sides. This impeachment is all here say. Let’s move on and start keeping the promises you promised when you ran for the house, Democrats. Why aren’t you guys working on health care for everyone? Instead you’re trying to impeach something that’s not impeachable. Put all that energy into helping the American people for once.

  • donamick
    donamick 19 days ago

    🖕u Jordan

  • ideacrafter
    ideacrafter 19 days ago

    So is anyone else floored that USclip allowed this video to show up under "Trending"?

  • AlanaFounder Ⓥ
    AlanaFounder Ⓥ 19 days ago

    The Republican party is just evil at this point

  • Wayne Maciejewski
    Wayne Maciejewski 19 days ago

    Jordan thistle keep drinking the Kool-Aid there is no evidence he did anything wrong

  • Brand Gadfly
    Brand Gadfly 19 days ago

    If this was a slam dunk impeachment there wouldn't be this much debate and he'd be ousted. It's not happening. Just win the election cuz this will be yet another L for Democrats. Say what you want about trump but he has humiliated, embarrassed, bullied, clowned, and dominated the Democratic party. Over and over he just dog walks them in front of America. And yes, im a Massachusetts democrat

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni 19 days ago

      Id luv to see DEMS GET A TASTE OF THIS BS FROM REPUBS only prob is if the DEMS get in power they would hurt you. In all the yrs of OHOMO the Repubs have acted so

  • Eddie Salas
    Eddie Salas 19 days ago

    2 face. cant watch

  • OP 1000
    OP 1000 19 days ago +1

    That is a text book example of a lier. Just look at his face and mannerism.

  • mark jackson
    mark jackson 19 days ago

    Stefanik(R) and Jordan(R) two Honest and Decent politicians standing up for what's Right.

    • vervegrande
      vervegrande 17 days ago

      mark jackson Stefanik and Jordan are pathetic sycophants!

  • KustomautoShop
    KustomautoShop 19 days ago

    What's scary is that people are ok with railroading someone and ruining they're career and possibly hurting they're family , as long as it fits they're agenda ..
    That's not the people i want running the country ..
    Vote the guy out in the booths if u don't like him ...
    Don't frame him ...
    It's utterly atrocious at this point

  • ladamyre
    ladamyre 19 days ago

    The Republicans need to bring up a word when talking to these so-called journalists so the people can get a better understanding of what they are doing: *OBTUSE:* 1) annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand.
    Add the word *DELIBERATELY* as a pretext and you'll have a perfect description of "The Press" in DC: deliberately obtuse.
    Thankfully it's not a disease that most Americans suffer from.

  • Christopher Aderson
    Christopher Aderson 19 days ago

    So! Dems and their MSM lose again!!!

  • Christopher Aderson
    Christopher Aderson 19 days ago +2

    Why are the press not interested in Biden corruption???

  • less kiss
    less kiss 19 days ago

    Scrolling by and thought this thumbnail was Jim and Pam from The Office ran through the old person app.

  • Jason Helms
    Jason Helms 19 days ago

    Stefanik for President 2024!

  • Dominique Charriere
    Dominique Charriere 19 days ago +3

    This is already backfiring on the anti-Democrat Party

  • C White301
    C White301 19 days ago

    It still amazes me that the left controlled media is hailing this as game over, and the conservatives know that the impeachment game has crumbled. I truly hope that the left acknowledges that the Clown News Network et al, is cherry picking sound bites to sway public opinion and will not show Rep Jordan's clear summary of the farce that is being run by Schiff.

    • C White301
      C White301 19 days ago

      @less kiss ????? What does that even mean?

    • less kiss
      less kiss 19 days ago

      should fox be allowed to have news in their name?

  • Elizabeth Brower
    Elizabeth Brower 19 days ago

    I’m really proud of you two congresspersons. Go ms Stefanik, a fellow upstater!

  • Jose Barrera
    Jose Barrera 19 days ago

    Stefanik for president !!!

  • Chris Honke
    Chris Honke 19 days ago

    Listen to that CNN whacko.

  • El Gumbo
    El Gumbo 19 days ago

    Id luv to see DEMS GET A TASTE OF THIS BS FROM REPUBS only prob is if the DEMS get in power they would hurt you. In all the yrs of OHOMO the Repubs have acted so respectful to the libs but THATS HOW A CHRISTIAN ACTS TOWARDS mentally ill humans...we say AWWW-PWOH BWABBIES, them a lil slow. Maga to handicapped libs.

  • razer 53
    razer 53 19 days ago

    So whats next for the Greatest President in history ? Go TRUMP 2020

  • Barron Ingram
    Barron Ingram 19 days ago

    why would anyone believe these two especially Jordan 🤥

  • Bubs1214
    Bubs1214 19 days ago

    WAY to go little darl'n Ms. Stefanik YOU LAMBASTED the witnesses and held your ground and actually OWNED Pencil Neck in his crying rants against the truth being told. Keep up the good work because you know these morons are NOT going to stop until the IG report comes out and THEY get their ASSES indicted and then incarcerated!!! Tip of the hat to Mr. Jordan as well for absolutely destroying the witnesses so called credibility on the witness stand. Finally to Mr. Devin Nunes for summing UP the ENTIRE impeachment hearing/coup/ joke. IN 3 words HE DESTROYED AND PUT an END to this never ending saga.
    Quote " THEY GOT CAUGHT" Game over, End of Story and NOW its SHOWTIME!!!!!!

  • Steven Willis
    Steven Willis 19 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • MrSpeedyAce
    MrSpeedyAce 19 days ago

    Jim Jordan is such a goober. I bet he wears tighty whities one size too small.

  • Roxana Nazar
    Roxana Nazar 19 days ago

    Trump is a liar and a moron. Period.

  • R Custis
    R Custis 19 days ago

    As far as anyone knows, this so called whistle blower could be the tooth fairy?

  • Howard Blasingame
    Howard Blasingame 19 days ago

    # ImpeachmentInquisition

  • AccidentalAtlas
    AccidentalAtlas 19 days ago

    should fox be allowed to have news in their name?

  • cullermann2
    cullermann2 19 days ago +1

    Yeah, he said i want nothing after he got caught.

  • Francis Mcvie
    Francis Mcvie 19 days ago

    Well Done!Republicans Trump 20/20 Justice is served love it ,!

  • SUP richie
    SUP richie 19 days ago

    Trump 2020 is going to perfecto

  • No name M
    No name M 19 days ago

    Yo I can’t with this!

  • Cassie
    Cassie 19 days ago

    They want a job if he's reelected.

  • Stacy Tucker
    Stacy Tucker 19 days ago

    I can't wait to see the look on Pelosi and Schiff's faces when Trump and the republicans play their Ace card. We all know who that is. 😀. They're fixing to get shut down

  • Kirk Grimm
    Kirk Grimm 19 days ago

    Why re we not talking about the national debt?

  • Stacy Tucker
    Stacy Tucker 19 days ago

    Can't tell dumbasscrats nothing.

    • Cassie
      Cassie 19 days ago

      Stefaniks head almost spun around and spewed pea soup....

  • Tim Arychuk
    Tim Arychuk 20 days ago

    The Emu society emerges, these two should be so embarrassed of them selves.

  • Charlotte Summers
    Charlotte Summers 20 days ago

    Allow me to present exhibit A, Trump wins in 2020.

  • Peter Hudson
    Peter Hudson 20 days ago

    so sad that republicans refuse to see the evidence. a sad sign of the great divide in our country.
    reminds me of 11/08/2016 sinking feeling that i do not live in the country that i thought i did. :(