Lil Yachty Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • MKIM2024
    MKIM2024 11 minutes ago

    Today, those $200 sneakers(Jordan 1) cost a 1000 bucks

  • Vanessa M.
    Vanessa M. 14 minutes ago

    Y'all sure that's a grill?

  • Sami sucks Willie amv
    Sami sucks Willie amv 16 hours ago

    them teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth

    CLOUD GUY 18 hours ago

    Do one with nav

    TBK TIME Day ago

    Tokyo 5’s r the best

  • telepathy90
    telepathy90 2 days ago

    Is yachty wearing like a yellow diamond grill or is his teeth like dead yellow?

  • KikiBabbe
    KikiBabbe 2 days ago

    "Omg my elbow is dumb ashy"

  • Kiran Mendez
    Kiran Mendez 3 days ago

    Bruh I saw the Fragments right next to the supreme tempos

  • Big Quicky
    Big Quicky 3 days ago

    Do sneaker shopping with blazendary

  • Butt Face
    Butt Face 3 days ago


  • PL4N ZR0
    PL4N ZR0 3 days ago

    people please you dont say lil yatty you say lil yahty

  • L O L M
    L O L M 4 days ago

    Hi teeth are like mustard

    MARCEL TALENT MAXIM 4 days ago

    This guy is so annoying his face is so horrible and also he's talking like he has some dicks in his mouth

  • Persia
    Persia 4 days ago

    3:32 "personally I don't ploop"
    grills are tough huh

  • Jayden Soto
    Jayden Soto 4 days ago

    I got the spirit commercial on this vid

  • Drew Monroe
    Drew Monroe 4 days ago

    Do one with Marshmello dude

  • Tumbld
    Tumbld 4 days ago

    this is the flyest fit ive seen on this show ezly

    DANE OSEVEN 4 days ago

    Y’all did him dirty w the thumbnail lmao

  • Brayden Norton
    Brayden Norton 5 days ago

    For a
    Munite I actually thought he had yellow teeth lol

  • gerardo alvarado
    gerardo alvarado 5 days ago +1

    8:42 lol he got awkward

  • scr6ps HD
    scr6ps HD 5 days ago

    was he wearing grills or like he don’t brush

  • Viewer
    Viewer 5 days ago

    Damn I thought He didn't brush his teeth and was gonna compare them to Gucci Mane's teeth.

  • Elia Thomas
    Elia Thomas 6 days ago

    That intro FIRE🔥

  • Joshua Flores
    Joshua Flores 6 days ago

    Why his teeth yellow

  • Fifa God
    Fifa God 6 days ago +1

    I got 9$ shoes how acspensive

  • Sam Alxr
    Sam Alxr 7 days ago


  • JamietheSharp
    JamietheSharp 7 days ago +1

    Sneaker Shopping with Susan Boyle

  • AKA Immense
    AKA Immense 8 days ago

    I thought he said he was going to get the air mags and he never did😂

  • Lili Grace
    Lili Grace 8 days ago

    I love lil yatchy voice

  • Quanisha Gathers
    Quanisha Gathers 8 days ago

    I'm but to go there right now

  • Lokstar Megatronix
    Lokstar Megatronix 9 days ago

    PERIOD !!!!!!!😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • frank goedhart
    frank goedhart 9 days ago


  • Alfian Nurachman
    Alfian Nurachman 9 days ago

    How can i get a sweatpants like joe's wear there

  • Spit Fire
    Spit Fire 10 days ago +1

    Im not the biggest Yachty fan like there are some songs I don’t really feel but now i know just why he raps and he is an all-around amazing person!

  • Michelle Mullen
    Michelle Mullen 10 days ago

    Nah fam. Them grills make him look like ain't never brushed his teeth

  • Kenwin Neil Agcaoili
    Kenwin Neil Agcaoili 10 days ago

    what's the tittle of the background music in the intro?

  • nyasia williams
    nyasia williams 11 days ago

    I love his odd personality 😂

  • BluezPump
    BluezPump 11 days ago

    Anyone know what the intro song is lol helppp

  • Eddy Lorenzo
    Eddy Lorenzo 11 days ago

    My uncle said I look like lil yhaty

  • Eddie
    Eddie 11 days ago

    for a sec i thought yatchys teeth were green

    KB GOES 12 days ago

    Are those grills or is his teeth that yellow

    • amelia
      amelia 11 days ago

      KB GOES grill

  • grasshopperz5
    grasshopperz5 12 days ago

    haha Yachty sounds like he has so much flem

  • diamond drifter76
    diamond drifter76 12 days ago

    Lil yachy looking like no neck in the thumbnail

  • Harrison Kilpatrick
    Harrison Kilpatrick 12 days ago

    When u get a huge pay loan 8:24 😂

  • Harrison Kilpatrick
    Harrison Kilpatrick 12 days ago +1

    I’m watching this with a sprite

  • Alison Little
    Alison Little 12 days ago

    Am I the only one that likes his tiger chain?

  • Yolo,2230
    Yolo,2230 13 days ago

    he so cute wt

  • fortnite god
    fortnite god 13 days ago

    is he in the illumunity

  • Lil Matthew The Flexx God

    My hype beast Supreme Bape Fendi Gucci Louis Vuitton Versace Yeezus

  • Evan Arango
    Evan Arango 13 days ago

    He didn’t see the frags behind joe??😭😂😂😂

  • Vita Loew
    Vita Loew 13 days ago

    he has red hair

  • TYHD Croc
    TYHD Croc 14 days ago

    Is he wearing grills

  • iLaGtoxic
    iLaGtoxic 14 days ago

    I always loved the foams I’ve never owned one I would love to

  • kxng stxrm
    kxng stxrm 14 days ago

    that intro tho

  • Omar Zabady
    Omar Zabady 14 days ago

    ironic how now yachty works with Reebok

  • Mitin Birre
    Mitin Birre 14 days ago

    You should put Bhad Bhabie on this show

  • maddy g
    maddy g 14 days ago

    poor guy can never find his shoe size

  • iM sHoOk
    iM sHoOk 14 days ago

    They really need to do NF

  • Mahan Rafeei
    Mahan Rafeei 15 days ago +1

    Post Malone lil yachty and ski mask the slump god have like the best personality

  • thiskid andrew
    thiskid andrew 15 days ago

    Reebok X Lil Yacthy
    They came out better than the ones he said

  • Talapenio
    Talapenio 15 days ago

    fragment 1's for 165 lmfao

  • XxDrewTheDudexX
    XxDrewTheDudexX 15 days ago

    A rapper that has shoe knowledge? 🔥

  • Fernando Ayala
    Fernando Ayala 16 days ago

    0:51 😬

  • Martijn Jacobs
    Martijn Jacobs 16 days ago

    I love his t-shirt

    VEL KOZBY 16 days ago

    For some reason i thought he getting 14 retros i was right

  • Charles Blue
    Charles Blue 17 days ago

    His teeth yellow

  • Adrian Rivera
    Adrian Rivera 17 days ago

    This man pulled out 2 phones In the beginning like he's david coperfield or something

  • OJ 21
    OJ 21 17 days ago

    The 5th actually bes lil dicky aswell

  • Ryan Barbosa
    Ryan Barbosa 17 days ago

    joe la puma has the best job in the world

  • marcello kendall
    marcello kendall 18 days ago

    All they do is get people with money to shop and overprice everything

  • Derp Lion
    Derp Lion 18 days ago

    Dang Little Yachty has two phones

  • FoAz Pamaj
    FoAz Pamaj 18 days ago

    his teeth are really yellow

  • M1X 1S
    M1X 1S 18 days ago +1

    YoU kNoW iM sAyi nnnnn

  • Brother-Z 1010
    Brother-Z 1010 19 days ago

    Omg I’m dying, 8:25. Who asks that? Lol 😂😆 😝

  • Yoni TTZ
    Yoni TTZ 19 days ago

    Wtf somebody can tell me how’s the sick beat in the start called?

  • Taylor Little
    Taylor Little 19 days ago

    Ofc he has 2 phones

  • Mother Knows Best
    Mother Knows Best 20 days ago +2

    He talks like Meatwad from Aqua Team Hunger Force 🤣🤣

  • 0907 Juju
    0907 Juju 20 days ago

    Sneaker shopping with lil mosey

  • lil andones
    lil andones 21 day ago

    8:28 that's a dirty joke for the internet

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry 22 days ago

    20k for some f***n sneakers!?!...That's stupid

  • safwan ahmedmia
    safwan ahmedmia 22 days ago

    is that gold grill or his yellow teeth .. ahahahahahah im dead

  • ben kosiek
    ben kosiek 23 days ago +1

    Yatchy a clown😂😂😂😂

  • DeadMan
    DeadMan 23 days ago

    That “there you go” after Joe told him they don’t make black and purple seven for some reason is so funny to me 😂

  • Lemon hade
    Lemon hade 23 days ago

    2mil fo sum mom won't even let me get shoes over 19$

  • Moonshiney x
    Moonshiney x 23 days ago

    Lil yachtys a fucking retard

  • 50pLucozade
    50pLucozade 24 days ago

    lil yachty sounds like such a cool guy

  • Emmet Dickinsoin
    Emmet Dickinsoin 24 days ago

    Thank you. For me. Having....

  • Avishay Ram
    Avishay Ram 25 days ago

    Fuck i wanna go buy some new shoes now

  • Kush D
    Kush D 25 days ago

    Someone knows where to find yachty's chanel bag?

  • Leo rivaje
    Leo rivaje 26 days ago

    That niggu head lookin like billy bunny donut ma niggu 😂 on god that niggu teeth look like he ain’t fkn ever brush them mfkas💀

  • Sam Alxr
    Sam Alxr 26 days ago

    1:06 Lol 😂 I used to wear fake Air Forces ( I didn’t know they were fake though, I was just broke 😂😂 )

  • Bastian Bergstrøm
    Bastian Bergstrøm 26 days ago

    id on pants??

  • Thats Symphoni
    Thats Symphoni 27 days ago

    his top lip ashy for no reason

  • Arlexis Albiar
    Arlexis Albiar 27 days ago

    me to bruh rip kris kross

  • Ari Cardoso
    Ari Cardoso 27 days ago

    Sneaker shopping with Billie Eilish!!!

  • Bailey N.
    Bailey N. 27 days ago

    His grills make his teeth look disgusting

  • Finesse IcGames
    Finesse IcGames 28 days ago

    The intro music fit well with Lil’ Yachty because thats his signature type of beat

  • Mister Spankkky
    Mister Spankkky 28 days ago

    Those grills r SOOOO WACK LIKE W T A F