Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • Zac Efron and Lily Collins take a friendship test. Lily and Zac star in "Extremely Wicked, Incredibly Evil," now streaming on Netflix.
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    Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour
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  • felicia.
    felicia. 8 minutes ago

    is this what you called as friendship,, duh too sweet

  • 鍾毓展
    鍾毓展 45 minutes ago

    6:35 Who else thought he just didn't care anymore and tried to go for it?

  • asheley
    asheley 53 minutes ago

    i would not be surprised if they start dating, THEY ARE MEANT FOR EACHOTHER

  • PLV Consistent
    PLV Consistent 55 minutes ago

    That was awesome.... more love, more friendship, more , more more ❤❤

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77 Hour ago

    "Kiss the girl" by Sebastian the crab(The little mermaid soundtrack) should be this video background music.

  • kaia jordan
    kaia jordan Hour ago

    i want them to date

  • Putri Anggie
    Putri Anggie 2 hours ago

    Just date already

  • Kateřina Lišková
    Kateřina Lišková 3 hours ago

    They should be a couple not just friends! 💏

    HAZƏY FLOWƏRZ 3 hours ago

    They hella cute together

  • Rose Venezia
    Rose Venezia 3 hours ago +3

    Look how beautiful she is, and she's FULLY clothed- shes practically wearing a turtle neck. Ladies, take notes!!!

  • Nathalie Portillo
    Nathalie Portillo 3 hours ago

    I ship them

  • Al-jeebar Dionga
    Al-jeebar Dionga 4 hours ago +1

    they bangin

  • Brenda Vargas
    Brenda Vargas 4 hours ago

    perhaps they must get married like NOW

  • Mariel Valentín
    Mariel Valentín 4 hours ago

    I believe in love because of this 💖

  • Anna T.
    Anna T. 4 hours ago

    They re in love... 100% ❤️❤️

  • Lu See
    Lu See 4 hours ago +1

    “That’s just the shortlist” 😭😍

  • Simplymarty
    Simplymarty 5 hours ago

    I’ve never waned two co-stars to be together more than these two

  • Simplymarty
    Simplymarty 5 hours ago

    You may kiss the bride

  • Zoe
    Zoe 5 hours ago

    He seems so in love with her omg get married already

  • ester ferreira
    ester ferreira 5 hours ago

    Oof this is some true love right there not in a best friend way

  • Destinee and Joe
    Destinee and Joe 6 hours ago

    Literally perfect together...

  • brooklynvtc
    brooklynvtc 6 hours ago


  • Erin
    Erin 7 hours ago

    I thought maybe they were already married.

  • nick
    nick 7 hours ago

    Zac literally flirts with all of his pretty costars and y’all fall for it every time

  • Mage Front
    Mage Front 7 hours ago +1

    These guys are actors and actresses, I don't know it's love or act anymore.

  • Claudia J. Gil
    Claudia J. Gil 7 hours ago

    She has BEAUTIFUL skin.

  • Kameron Cook
    Kameron Cook 8 hours ago

    I need this to happen

  • b1rdkeeper S
    b1rdkeeper S 9 hours ago

    I think Zac is batting for the other team.

  • Carly Tanowitz
    Carly Tanowitz 9 hours ago

    Why am I crying in the club rn😪

  • Peeled Potato
    Peeled Potato 10 hours ago

    when he tried to hold her hand at 6:26 thu!

  • Katy M
    Katy M 10 hours ago

    Get with Kaya!!

  • Sydney Addison-Rudat
    Sydney Addison-Rudat 10 hours ago

    Why was this titled "Friendship"? Clearly they even edited this to be romantic

  • Unhealthy Obession
    Unhealthy Obession 11 hours ago

    didnt they like date or sum

  • Micksters
    Micksters 11 hours ago

    they’re both confessing their love, hopefully they’ll take the next step .

  • grg var
    grg var 11 hours ago

    Zac Efron looks like Pedro Capo

  • Honey K
    Honey K 12 hours ago

    Uhm ok. ill have a side order of that kind of romance thank you very much ! 😂💕💖💖💕

  • Amanda Montiel
    Amanda Montiel 12 hours ago

    i love this and everything but i just NEED bangtan to do this plEASE

  • Nina Gee
    Nina Gee 13 hours ago

    He secretly loves her🖤 lol

  • Emma Ferguson
    Emma Ferguson 13 hours ago +1

    She would have made a much better Gabriella in High School Musical

  • Jamaika Joujou
    Jamaika Joujou 13 hours ago

    i bet his heart was beating fast when they were staring at each other 😉

  • Gianna Koons
    Gianna Koons 13 hours ago

    Just date already please god

  • Queen Camryn
    Queen Camryn 13 hours ago

    They need to be together , they're so cute lol

  • Sofia Leite
    Sofia Leite 13 hours ago

    Just marry. Now.

  • Sumayyah Inglis
    Sumayyah Inglis 14 hours ago +2

    My smile is so big its hurting my face 🙈😊😊❤

  • Jimry Gabil
    Jimry Gabil 14 hours ago +1

    Just make babies already

  • Rudy Salcido
    Rudy Salcido 14 hours ago

    I hope they marry each other

  • momo
    momo 15 hours ago


  • Michael O'Brien
    Michael O'Brien 15 hours ago

    To be honest, Zac seems a little proud and not able to articulate his thoughts that well. Lily on the other hand, appears very humble, patient with Zac's self-indulgent mutterings, intelligent and articulate. She is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Cece s
    Cece s 16 hours ago

    they are staring at each other and i am screaming KISS HER

  • Krisztina Révész
    Krisztina Révész 18 hours ago

    I'd like one of those with Josephine Langford and Hero! 😊

  • Marichka Milord
    Marichka Milord 18 hours ago +1

    If they are not a couple yet, they will be....the chemistry is so real.

  • Choy Rachel
    Choy Rachel 19 hours ago

    I thought she's British

  • skurty bird
    skurty bird 19 hours ago +1

    Ok just his eyes I’m pretty sure I can tell he’s in love with her

  • Dilpreet Singh
    Dilpreet Singh 19 hours ago

    Man they’re so perfect

  • IsThisRealLife
    IsThisRealLife 19 hours ago +1

    So they are doin’ it on the down low eh

  • Radha Osan
    Radha Osan 19 hours ago


  • mg19cal
    mg19cal 19 hours ago

    This is like "mid 90s, 3am movie on HBO" music
    Real folks know what that music is

  • mg19cal
    mg19cal 19 hours ago

    I feel like I just watched them make love without the actual intercourse. Which makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad that I didn't get to see Lily Collins in intercourse, happy that I didn't see someone other than me having intercourse with Lily Collins

  • Akmaral Abdubalieva
    Akmaral Abdubalieva 19 hours ago +3

    They remind me of David Beckham and his wife because of visuals

  • Jelaicah Ponce
    Jelaicah Ponce 20 hours ago +3

    A real life Love, Rosie storrry!!!

  • Faith Iris MacIlvaine
    Faith Iris MacIlvaine 22 hours ago

    Omg they are perfect for each other

  • Yvonne N
    Yvonne N 22 hours ago

    They dated 7 years ago...?!

  • Sophia Stamakou
    Sophia Stamakou 22 hours ago +3

    The first thing he wrote was " I love you" in the compliments part and then he tried to explain it with a more friendly way but WE JUST KNOW

  • Claudia M
    Claudia M Day ago


  • Vic Iag
    Vic Iag Day ago

    They just don’t stop looking at each other's lips omfg.
    And the hint that all Zac wants is someone to make cookies for him and watch movies 🤠 I’m dead

  • Art Medina
    Art Medina Day ago +2

    So have they smashed

  • Gemm Acaylar
    Gemm Acaylar Day ago

    i ship them too hard

  • vict oria
    vict oria Day ago

    They would make BOOTIFUL children 😍😍😍

  • Lana Fan Forever
    Lana Fan Forever Day ago +1

    I felt like they fell in love and got married in this video 🤣🤣 and their compliments were the wedding vows lmao, as if this was them getting g eloped and I’m one of the witnesses 🤣🤣

  • Adiba H
    Adiba H Day ago

    I ship them

  • Josue Alvarado
    Josue Alvarado Day ago

    I ship them

  • Sycho
    Sycho Day ago

    I felt kind of uncomfortable watching this.

  • Max Creativity
    Max Creativity Day ago +3

    And this is how i got over zac and vanessa

  • GoddammitDarth
    GoddammitDarth Day ago +1

    Yeah...... y'all ain't slick glamour

  • Lani Jayne
    Lani Jayne Day ago +3

    I loved watching that. You could see their connection and you could see that he likes her more than a friend.
    His eyes in this 😍

  • Stephanie Sanchez

    I ship them but they're probably fwb only 😥 should be more

  • Cynthia silva
    Cynthia silva Day ago

    Can they please date in real life?! 🥰

  • Fysqa Affendy
    Fysqa Affendy Day ago

    is this like a pre-wedding interview sesh / videoshoot or smn??

  • siosiana fakaongo

    I ship them hard bro😍😍🙈

  • Yarialis Lopez
    Yarialis Lopez Day ago

    Please date. They are so cute together

  • Maria
    Maria Day ago

    this is how love looks

  • Lindsay White
    Lindsay White Day ago

    Their so cute!they need to date!

  • Horvath Economics

    So sad theyre just friends

  • yikes
    yikes Day ago +1

    2:17 IS SO CUTE BYE

  • Emma Gillett
    Emma Gillett Day ago

    So when do they get married??

  • Sxnny
    Sxnny Day ago

    i feel like I just watched them fall in love, and my heart???? is so full

  • alessia pietraroia

    they’re literally in love wtf

  • Delaney Davis
    Delaney Davis Day ago

    I literally smiled for the whole video this makes me happy

  • Nobody
    Nobody Day ago +3

    I've watched this so many times, I can't get over their looks!

  • Yongkang Liu
    Yongkang Liu Day ago

    They are perfect to be together !!

  • Saša Bogdanović

    you are humble have more gold on him that i ever seen in my life on pictures

  • Victoria Grace
    Victoria Grace Day ago +1

    when they winked... i was just... whoooo

  • Aimee Capizzi
    Aimee Capizzi Day ago

    Zac I saw that sneaky look at her lips when you were staring at her

  • Annie Fyfe
    Annie Fyfe Day ago

    Does anyone else low key hope they get married

  • Mariana Hernandez

    Tell me why I totally ship them 😚

  • sofia soto
    sofia soto Day ago

    Where!! Helppp

  • Mary J.
    Mary J. Day ago

    This melted my heart awww❤

  • GOSIAA _
    GOSIAA _ Day ago


  • Greta Caschette
    Greta Caschette Day ago +1

    You should do Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice next!!!

  • for LN
    for LN Day ago