Mom's A Demon - Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul: Spooky Month | VR The Champions

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • We're playing Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul! We're brave and not scared. We swear it.
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Comments • 492

  • GHosTxShadoux
    GHosTxShadoux 6 days ago

    I want Fredo to star in the next big horror movie.

  • idk and idk
    idk and idk 7 days ago +1

    "Gotta hide" *plays demonic cassette*

  • Dee Duncker
    Dee Duncker 16 days ago

    37:22 the start of the scariest and funniest part of the video

  • John Green
    John Green 23 days ago

    5:55 I wonder how many people get that reference? GG Jack I love it!

  • bunnyhype
    bunnyhype 28 days ago

    watching the coin ping off the table when fredo opened the book was so immensely funny because i knew none of them saw it and the next 20 minutes would be spent looking for it

  • Rythian Black
    Rythian Black Month ago

    They should have had Geoff play this. He loves horror games.

  • William Mobley
    William Mobley Month ago

    Jesus the jump scare at the end I was not expecting it and dropped my phone into my boiling water ( currently cooking ) while watching this

  • Pastor of Muppets
    Pastor of Muppets Month ago

    Wow, Jack, from anything that's happening in AH, a vent made you reference Community

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming Month ago

    Part 1, right?? Part 1, right???

  • Kim Evans
    Kim Evans Month ago

    Are they going to do another episode

  • Taylor Gant
    Taylor Gant Month ago

    I find it ironic that Jeremey thinks that dead dog is sad but yet he heartlessly murdered DogMeat. What a piece of shit.

  • Dyerdon
    Dyerdon Month ago

    I've played some scary games before, been startled... but when the woman appeared behind him, that is the first time I've ever vocalized my surprise... I went from laughing at Alfredo to barking out "AH!"

  • MikeRKO316
    MikeRKO316 Month ago

    37:45 we see Alfredo break his own arm as a defensive mechanism to keep the scary shit in the light

  • Jason Damrau
    Jason Damrau Month ago

    Love how brave Jack is watching as a spectator but is too scared to actually play

  • yoursenpaii
    yoursenpaii Month ago

    I love it when Alfredo plays spooky games, his reactions are hilarious 😂

  • TMS_Muffin Cleaner
    TMS_Muffin Cleaner Month ago

    It was very funny when alfredo at the very beginning he pointed at the camera and said f that thing but he was talking about the clown in the game

  • fdub301
    fdub301 Month ago +2

    8:07 I was just thinking this house looks really irregular

    • Voxel Composer
      Voxel Composer Month ago +1

      The true horror of this house is how awfully it was furnished and how high the utility bills must be. You've got heat going into empty ceilings and secret passages, a bunch of rooms with no purpose and all the lights on, and that ritual chamber is definitely not up to code. You can't just have open spaces and big holes behind your fireplaces. Gas, radon, sewer contamination. And that's not to mention the bizarrely narrow architecture of the second floor. It's all just a mess.

  • Niko217
    Niko217 Month ago

    Fredo as the resident colored achievement hunter is right to be jumpy in a horror game.

  • Aaron Evans
    Aaron Evans Month ago

    My boi Jeremy listens to HIM

  • Aldo Zarate
    Aldo Zarate Month ago

    you guys should look up naturallocomotion on steam. It helps with motion sicknes

  • JusticeDoneIt
    JusticeDoneIt Month ago

    Mikey Jones = JACKED

  • Rebecca Pyke
    Rebecca Pyke Month ago

    Can Jeremy sing more HIM please

  • William Ly
    William Ly Month ago

    Anyone else think Alfredo looks extra good, Clothes and physique wise?

  • Wade Brasher
    Wade Brasher Month ago

    ngl, i let out a scream there at the end

  • Hailey Pryor
    Hailey Pryor Month ago


  • OnlyTheFinestKush
    OnlyTheFinestKush Month ago

    great H.I.M. refference jeromy.

  • Mark Niemann
    Mark Niemann Month ago

    "Why you got these little fucking creep holes, white family?" Had me absolutely rolling with laughter.

  • ムクホーク
    ムクホーク Month ago

    37:28 ROFL XD

  • James Powell
    James Powell Month ago

    anyone got a link to what the blurred out page is

    RAMlFlCATlONS Month ago

    The axe lady is not all that scary, shame ya just can't whap them on the head

  • Cory Tam
    Cory Tam Month ago

    I like how he still doesn't try to hit a woman coming at him with a hammer lol.

  • oMuStIiA
    oMuStIiA Month ago +1

    When he opened the book next to the altar it sent the coin flying lol

  • Rowan Streeter
    Rowan Streeter Month ago +1

    Aussies watching when Alfredo picks up the doll in the closet.. "Hey, it's Jemima!"

  • Bradlee Burns
    Bradlee Burns Month ago

    More gav in FNAF pleaseeee

  • Qanea van Gogh
    Qanea van Gogh Month ago

    5:55 Jack: "That's where Chang is and Annie's Boobs"

  • Frederik Jørgensen

    So wait, the paper's censored for having boobs on it, but the girl straight up sits with her head torn off, no censorship?

  • Marcus K.
    Marcus K. Month ago

    I didn't expect to hear Jeremy singing a Him song at 8:48

  • PurifiedMadness
    PurifiedMadness Month ago

    Scardey 'Fredo was the purpose of hiring him. Destiny Raids be Damned

  • Galvaton10000
    Galvaton10000 Month ago

    37:27 Aaahh, FREAK OUT!

  • UJ LT
    UJ LT Month ago +2

    "I didn't know myatt was in here"
    me, halfway through any video myatt is in

  • kingex3
    kingex3 Month ago

    Is it just me or does Micheal's arms looks huge

  • Sarah Weisters
    Sarah Weisters Month ago

    Jack: We have 999 ghosts ....
    Me: But a bitch ain't one?

  • Sabastian Vlogs
    Sabastian Vlogs Month ago

    these videos are great love the pov and the third person web cams

  • Unbound_Selrahc
    Unbound_Selrahc Month ago

    Their mixer must not have been working quite right, there are a lot of moments when someone talks loudly, and you can hear them echo. Its not really bad, but I could hear it. Surprising, considering that their audio is always mixed well, even if the volume of it all is too much, or too little. Anyways great video, please have Fredo-Chan play more horror games. He’s a less annoying to watch Geoff.....because Geoff only walks backwards through horror games, and looks away from everything that is happening. Which really takes away from the experience.

  • doommaster677
    doommaster677 Month ago

    IMO scared Fredi is the best Fredi XD

  • MrCeegeezy
    MrCeegeezy Month ago

    Jack with the community references. I'm all about Annie's boobs.

  • TheRealAlpha2
    TheRealAlpha2 Month ago

    "Fraido" is the new Geoff for horror games, but better because they can actually get him to play them.

  • Aarekk
    Aarekk Month ago

    First, that ending was basically Link turning around and seeing Chungus.
    Also, I really appreciate Alfredo in these scary games because despite being terrified, he tries his damndest to push forward and get that progress.

  • Monsteronamp Nation

    Alfredo uses surf
    It wasnt very effective

  • The Biting Irish
    The Biting Irish Month ago

    Hey, stop chopping these up. Give me the full video.

  • Google Account
    Google Account Month ago

    Upon finding the black light mode on the new flashlight...
    Jeremy and Michael, in Garbo-esque voices: You ever cover a demon in your sperm?
    Jack: Looks like the battery lasts on this one too so that's good! :)

  • darkgryffon
    darkgryffon Month ago

    i find it funny how anyone can be scared by a ragdolled body being swung around a room :I its more funny than scary

  • Neku Hanagumi
    Neku Hanagumi Month ago

    I honestly thought no one could out beat Geoff and Gavin in the scared shitless category in horror games, but man, Alfredo proved me wrong and I love it.XD

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R Month ago

    Like a true liberal, death of a dog way more sad than a human

  • Connor Birkholz
    Connor Birkholz Month ago +23

    Ryan just being a faceless voice only talking every once and a while some how makes it funnier, because no horror video would be complete without Ryan

  • POMax
    POMax Month ago

    Alfredo is the personification of "that shit didn't scare me I was just dancing but still fuck this"

  • Schie 'The Shy Girl'

    If found footage is in vertical... they deserved to die by some ghost or demon.

  • ZankuroMinazuki
    ZankuroMinazuki Month ago

    Maybe those tokens were Hitman coins and maybe there's a fountain somewhere No. That would be for Ryan. This is Alfredo. I'm sad now... :p

  • HaggardCar7790
    HaggardCar7790 Month ago

    Alfredo was literally the perfect person they could choose to have play this game

  • Kristina Marie
    Kristina Marie Month ago +1

    Jack's haunted Mansion reference 😂😂😂