FUNNY Dodgeball in the Dark Challenge!


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  • Ice CreamCookie
    Ice CreamCookie Day ago


  • Polo Playz
    Polo Playz 4 days ago

    How does he look anything like someone from Initial R.

  • Caleb Phipps
    Caleb Phipps 7 days ago

    I wish I was playing right now

  • Raquel  m constantino
    Raquel m constantino 10 days ago

    Make a challenge in battle universal the is under wheels

  • Angel Rachelle
    Angel Rachelle 10 days ago

    Connors laugh is so creepy😂😂😂

  • You'll never Know my name

    Here we see four man babies in their natural habit. We see they are nocturnal, as they play illusively in the dark.


  • Mayu
    Mayu 11 days ago

    This reminds me of the horror game Outlast minus the horror part. Just a lot of laughs instead.

  • Santiago Cortez
    Santiago Cortez 11 days ago +1

    Don't go to hi5 stidios at 3:00 or matt will come for you 4:47

  • Creeplyawsomeness 1
    Creeplyawsomeness 1 11 days ago +1

    Tanner at 0:31

  • Weston Games
    Weston Games 12 days ago

    Matthias made me cry of laughter on the Segway

  • Harrison Keith
    Harrison Keith 12 days ago

    If it’s night why is there light out side

  • Can Do
    Can Do 12 days ago

    God's not Dead is on the t.v at 2:16

  • Anything and Everything

    15:29 dude perfect is shook

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker 13 days ago

    5:52 it's not dark out

  • A. K.
    A. K. 13 days ago

    Woods seems gay

  • Lance PH
    Lance PH 14 days ago

    I recommend you guys to plsy dodge ball while using a hover board

  • Izzy Warburton
    Izzy Warburton 14 days ago +1

    Matthias with the hoverboard tho

  • Briony Todd
    Briony Todd 15 days ago

    Hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1 Proud American
    1 Proud American 15 days ago

    You can clearly see Matthias at 8:13.

  • DragonTail
    DragonTail 15 days ago

    Little did they know hours later they’d be scared by an unknown force

  • Maya Raza
    Maya Raza 15 days ago


  • Maya Raza
    Maya Raza 15 days ago

    It’s like the game on good called you touched it last

  • Longa Gaming
    Longa Gaming 15 days ago

    Wait... Why does it look like its day outside?

  • Iam Sende
    Iam Sende 16 days ago

    10:10 that’s where I was at nigga

  • eek
    eek 16 days ago

    1:48 when your annoying cousins visit

  • Mochi Doggy
    Mochi Doggy 16 days ago

    Question what at bears is best .....false black bear we’ll that debatable bear eat beets bear beets battle star galitica

  • Hyperz089
    Hyperz089 16 days ago

    Connor is so funny!

  • Jada Claxton
    Jada Claxton 17 days ago

    I have the same pants Matt has on and I'm wearing them now

  • Samantha T Lane
    Samantha T Lane 17 days ago

    It's basically GMOD Dodgeball IRL which is a Dope!

  • Serenity Daisey
    Serenity Daisey 17 days ago

    I died when Matt was on the hover board

  • TheRageingRainbow 101
    TheRageingRainbow 101 18 days ago

    Respect for Connor

  • xX Little Leni Xx
    xX Little Leni Xx 18 days ago

    you guys are hilarious 😂

  • xXredninjaXx 555
    xXredninjaXx 555 19 days ago


  • Libitina Storm
    Libitina Storm 19 days ago

    I'm 14 and I still watch Battlestar Galactica, M.A.S.H, Andy Griffith, The Carol Burnett Show, ect. Anyone around my age remember these? Thanks Tan Man, and thanks Connor for the great vid!

  • deny5830 deny5830
    deny5830 deny5830 20 days ago +1

    hey, Conner I am your biggest fan! and you are the funniest one in GG and you're the best player!!!!!

  • RainbowToots 08
    RainbowToots 08 20 days ago

    You can tell its not night because you can look out the door and see the daylight

  • silver boot49913
    silver boot49913 23 days ago

    When you guys played dodge ball it remembed me on Gary's mods dodgeball.On GetGoodGaming

  • Cindy chan {Neko • Cute • Demon}

    Can you send it to me and then I’ll tell you what I want you to do.
    Predictive text is ded

  • bonikaboo
    bonikaboo 25 days ago

    Do not EVER use FUNNY in a title, it looks so dumb.

  • IAmWildFox_ZF
    IAmWildFox_ZF 26 days ago

    Gosh... It's super creepy at night............ As the camera faces twoards the door leading outside that has sunlight coming through

  • Reviewing Panther
    Reviewing Panther 26 days ago

    When a bunch of grown men have too much fun acting like children, you know that’s where the gold is

  • Sarah Alexander
    Sarah Alexander 27 days ago


  • It’s Ace
    It’s Ace 27 days ago

    They sounded like hyenas

  • w w
    w w 28 days ago

    405 Conner did the dab German for the hail hitler salute

  • tamatha simons
    tamatha simons 28 days ago

    You: the ball
    Woods: launchpad
    When a John Wick is shooting at you in fortnite

  • rnzeakor
    rnzeakor 29 days ago

    I thought Connor said babe instead of Dave... I have a sick mind

  • Jaayy Stylinson
    Jaayy Stylinson Month ago

    Where's Bryan and Joey ?

  • seth rhodes
    seth rhodes Month ago

    when they messed up the office refrence. im rolling on the floor

  • Miss Jayne
    Miss Jayne Month ago

    Wish all workplaces would be this cool, would so love that atmosphere

  • Lilly Loraas
    Lilly Loraas Month ago

    This was a great video! I loved it when Matt was on his hover board and was running around in the dark!!😂😂

  • land of Lincoln
    land of Lincoln Month ago

    No Sam no Nicole no views

  • • ēłłîę • ;-;

    i loved this! would love to see it again!!

  • Killeriscommin N
    Killeriscommin N Month ago

    4:20 do y’all hear static in the background

  • Ashley Zander
    Ashley Zander Month ago

    Lol matt on the hoverboard

  • Croissant Bae
    Croissant Bae Month ago

    Ok 7:22 terrified me for no reason

  • Skylar Gardiner
    Skylar Gardiner Month ago

    Apparently Matt is a demon millennia

  • ManiacGamer 266
    ManiacGamer 266 Month ago +1

    4:00 to 4:30 there is real bad mic audio is it real or fake plz let me know anyone comment if so

  • Enrike Gaming
    Enrike Gaming Month ago

    Count how many they say jammies ( I have bad grammar sorry)

  • Chandler Edwards
    Chandler Edwards Month ago

    When Matt gave that stare at 5:36, is anyone reminded of the Slender Man game they did a long time ago? XD

  • angel mazzeo
    angel mazzeo Month ago

    Conner has the same glasses as my boyfriend

  • Brittboss
    Brittboss Month ago


  • RedpandaAssasin
    RedpandaAssasin Month ago

    Your my favorite in Hi5 BTW...
    I don't know why.
    Probably because your like me.

  • Chubby Chubby Chipmunk

    And suddenly the wild Matt came out of the shadows!

  • Joshua Biswell
    Joshua Biswell Month ago

    If you look at the door while they are talking about pjs outside it is bright

  • Super Anderson Bro
    Super Anderson Bro Month ago


  • Super Anderson Bro
    Super Anderson Bro Month ago


  • gillian tran
    gillian tran Month ago

    it wasn't even dark outside

  • Derpytron84 The Awesome!!!

    17:56 Funniest highlight award

  • Smlundy 69
    Smlundy 69 2 months ago +1

    woods is cute like if he is cute to u

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 2 months ago

    Love you wood

  • Abbie Clark
    Abbie Clark 2 months ago

    I think Matt is more funnier at night

  • Alex Cerda
    Alex Cerda 2 months ago

    Matt did end up throwing the ball to his face like he said when they where all stting in the table in orange base

  • Brady Shearer
    Brady Shearer 2 months ago

    Dodgeball hide and seek tag

  • outsiders bikes
    outsiders bikes 2 months ago

    Can we do a 1v1 to see who is better in fortnite

  • Kronical
    Kronical 2 months ago

    Awesome ride dude

  • Mattyz
    Mattyz 2 months ago

    Is woods everyones cameraguy?

  • kyla Hammer
    kyla Hammer 2 months ago

    does woods have a channel

  • T.J. Munson
    T.J. Munson 2 months ago

    You should do another hide an tag with ball but make it to go orange an blue base

  • Fake_ ibomb28
    Fake_ ibomb28 2 months ago

    Who is watching in 2090

  • Joshua Gadman
    Joshua Gadman 2 months ago

    "Im never gana give you up,im never gana let you down" XD 7:53

  • Joshua Gadman
    Joshua Gadman 2 months ago

    AHHHHHH! XD 4:59

  • Caroline Hope
    Caroline Hope 2 months ago

    This has to be my favorite video ever

  • Kylie Clark
    Kylie Clark 2 months ago

    The gaming boys know what to do but woods has no clue

  • Garanga Bang
    Garanga Bang 2 months ago +1

    wheres Jfred

  • Octagon 8
    Octagon 8 2 months ago

    Great office reference

  • Skylar Gardiner
    Skylar Gardiner 2 months ago

    Conner get MATT

  • Gamer Wolfie 2587
    Gamer Wolfie 2587 2 months ago

    U guys should do this more

  • Huntsman 79
    Huntsman 79 2 months ago


  • thomas gatdula
    thomas gatdula 2 months ago

    I thought this was hide and seek DODGE ball,I didn't see too much dodging

  • fira script
    fira script 2 months ago

    lol you guys are so funny and crazy lol XD also DEMON MILLINAL!

  • Black_viking 1082
    Black_viking 1082 2 months ago

    Mat should do a horror movie with his hoverboard

  • Mohamed Adel Dessouki
    Mohamed Adel Dessouki 2 months ago

    It in the morning how do you call that dark

  • The gaming boy 30
    The gaming boy 30 2 months ago

    2:31 pause

  • Thalib Jackson
    Thalib Jackson 3 months ago


  • Sebastian Quinn
    Sebastian Quinn 3 months ago

    When Connor threw the ball at the storm trouper it legs looks unsettling

  • Scr!pxys
    Scr!pxys 3 months ago

    Connor is like super killEr

  • Karline Zubans
    Karline Zubans 3 months ago

    I loved how when tanner took the camera everything seemed further down 😂😂😂

  • Jon Baca
    Jon Baca 3 months ago +2

    Seriously looked like the funnest game ever.