I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**


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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  10 days ago +5721

    Like the video if you’re scared of snakes.. I had anxiety the WHOLE TIME!!

  • Umair Khalid
    Umair Khalid 3 hours ago

    I wish you hit 10 million subscribers in one week

  • RIKI Ponnanna
    RIKI Ponnanna 3 hours ago +1

    if I would see one I would run away 😲😲😲😲

    FORTNITE GOD2170 4 hours ago

    Yo theres nothing to be scared of there cute snakes are the best

    FORTNITE GOD2170 4 hours ago

    I LOVE reptiles snakes are the best🐍🐢 🐉🐊🌊

  • Desiree Almanza
    Desiree Almanza 6 hours ago

    He’s using mindofrez little song 🤣

  • Dramiogo 456
    Dramiogo 456 9 hours ago

    I love snakes there one of my favorite animals

  • Will&TalScoot
    Will&TalScoot 9 hours ago

    I think snakes are cute 😂

  • Frahiwot Legess
    Frahiwot Legess 9 hours ago

    i wanna say you are crazy but i would do the same...

  • Kevin Toms
    Kevin Toms 9 hours ago

    That's my dream

  • Jacqueline Austin
    Jacqueline Austin 10 hours ago


  • Tanner Kothbauer
    Tanner Kothbauer 11 hours ago

    I love snakes
    And I am 8 years and i stud

  • Omar Cardoso
    Omar Cardoso 11 hours ago +1

    My parents would kill me

  • Michaela Murdock
    Michaela Murdock 11 hours ago

    Ugh I hate snakes 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ like I’m sooooo scared of dem 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Life with rooroo
    Life with rooroo 11 hours ago

    Oh my God their poop

    YO BRO GAMING 11 hours ago

    4:43 who is that girl

    ROBBIECLAW 12 hours ago

    Smfh.. Those are NOT water snakes. Except that one snake that lives on water..

  • Cano Tricks
    Cano Tricks 13 hours ago

    Jake Paul did this.

  • Nightmare Saint
    Nightmare Saint 13 hours ago

    If you do anything with snakes in the future invite me I love them!!!! 😂

  • troi Reed
    troi Reed 13 hours ago

    Ewwwww I was eating burritos

  • The Loud TV
    The Loud TV 13 hours ago

    Are you crazy omg

  • Thomas Bradley
    Thomas Bradley 14 hours ago


  • Babygirl a baller
    Babygirl a baller 14 hours ago

    I weigh 115 and im 14 😂

  • Noah Reed
    Noah Reed 15 hours ago


  • Savage Supreme
    Savage Supreme 15 hours ago

    Like for papa rug

  • J&O Videos MLP
    J&O Videos MLP 16 hours ago

    Not over excadurating

  • J&O Videos MLP
    J&O Videos MLP 16 hours ago

    Hey rug you are so cool plz say hi to Bosley sos if spelt it wrong 😢

  • Marie Velez
    Marie Velez 16 hours ago

    You are the craziest man in the world

  • Rich Velasco Alvarado
    Rich Velasco Alvarado 17 hours ago

    Hey rug why don't you do fish in your pool

  • RainBroPlayz MineCraft
    RainBroPlayz MineCraft 17 hours ago

    My biggist fear i you quiting youtube

  • amanda little
    amanda little 18 hours ago

    That’s my dream come true

  • Joey Landeros
    Joey Landeros 18 hours ago

    I lost my appetite

  • vickyisthebest 123
    vickyisthebest 123 19 hours ago

    I thought it was just small poop but it was a lot and I continued to eat my ramen 🍜

  • Kendal Rae
    Kendal Rae 20 hours ago

    You said don’t eat while watching and I look at my cracker in fear 😂

  • Queen Directioner
    Queen Directioner 20 hours ago

    You crazy dude
    Creepy af

  • Ariyan Ahmed
    Ariyan Ahmed 21 hour ago

    Rugrats are best ❤️❤️❤️

  • Quantum Angel
    Quantum Angel 21 hour ago

    Yo, anybody got any good USclip names?

  • Rex Gahley
    Rex Gahley 21 hour ago


  • Amelie Foulger
    Amelie Foulger 22 hours ago

    i think i liked the snakes better :)

  • Gloria Jimenez
    Gloria Jimenez 23 hours ago

    How the heck are they filming don't the alligators and the snakes bite

  • laura matic
    laura matic 23 hours ago


  • Lindiwe Phiri
    Lindiwe Phiri Day ago

    I hate snakes!!!!!! way would u get into a pool full of snakes,a Snake is man's worst night mar I hate snakes so much🐍🐍

  • Lindiwe Phiri
    Lindiwe Phiri Day ago

    I hate snakes!!!!!! way would u get into a pool full of snakes,a Snake is man's worst night mar.I hate snakes 🐍🐍🐍

  • Randomizer
    Randomizer Day ago +1

    Next Whales.

  • Goku
    Goku Day ago +1

    If I was wanna them snakes I would have bitten yo ass

  • Dakota Dakota
    Dakota Dakota Day ago

    Why were most of the snakes yellow

  • Dakota Dakota
    Dakota Dakota Day ago

    Well u know your the most lit channel on USclip btw u should check out the channel Morgan if u haven’t already

  • Josh Giles
    Josh Giles Day ago

    He's just a Silver spoon average joe getting young ignorant viewers to build his local cyber celebrity ego

  • Max van der Merwe


  • metalhead6442
    metalhead6442 Day ago

    That's so awesome

  • Marzia Arts
    Marzia Arts Day ago +1

    I hate snakeu? Does anyone here know this phrase?I love you rug!

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez Day ago

    Poop was so gross

  • Ale Avila
    Ale Avila Day ago

    I would die. I hate hate hate snakes.

  • TheMystic1 Eddie

    No ones done it because it’s literally pointless. I need a video so I’m going to put snakes in my pool for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Doesnt even make sense

  • yung cosmic
    yung cosmic Day ago

    This nigga weights 115 ?? Wtf

  • Namjuiceandkookies bicepsjeon

    As a prank

    You should put a python in mama rug's room

  • Tara Rocks
    Tara Rocks Day ago

    6:41 eww XD arm pit sweat 💀

  • Jordan Stoebner
    Jordan Stoebner Day ago

    That's cool


    ....Why would you fill your pool with snakes and ailgators....just.....Just why?

  • Charlie Kelley
    Charlie Kelley Day ago

    I would have freaked!

  • Aquanical YT
    Aquanical YT Day ago

    Thats guava juice whats in side the box dude....

  • BaCardi Foreva
    BaCardi Foreva Day ago

    People are so idiotic

  • Black out Wolf
    Black out Wolf Day ago

    I love snakes ❤️🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Sarah Vlogs
    Sarah Vlogs Day ago

    When i saw the poop for 1 second and then I said “OHH HELL NAHHH”🤢🤢😂

  • Jennifer Nicholson


  • Long Live X
    Long Live X Day ago

    Just when i though he was done

  • Nitro Killer
    Nitro Killer Day ago

    Omg you look like your dad

  • Jason
    Jason Day ago

    You didn’t fill it you just put some in there

  • Briana Kay
    Briana Kay Day ago

    OMG!!! I hate snakes

  • CORNSNAKE's vlog's

    Hmmm thinking of a title........a while later: ah I got it animal cruelty!

  • Isaias Brown
    Isaias Brown Day ago

    do sharks

  • Tank The Pitbull

    *throws an electric kettle in the pool 🔥

  • its a dolls life

    WTh h means heck

  • D35497 AJ
    D35497 AJ Day ago

    Lol thx friends r the warning

  • Lupo Donnini Long

    Not finished

  • PELON49ER 79
    PELON49ER 79 Day ago

    The snakes 💩 looks like mashed up boiled egg yokes 😦

  • gailan abdulwahab

    This man rug is fr a entertainer

  • Anshu Chavhan
    Anshu Chavhan Day ago

    Wow this was on my birthday lol

  • keirra leggins
    keirra leggins Day ago +2

    I hate snakes

  • Polar27
    Polar27 2 days ago

    I thought that was my girl friend for a sec

  • Dominick Gonzalez
    Dominick Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Whys he gaining subscribers all he does is clickbaits and shows off his money and clothes and jus feeds off his fans for vid ideas cus he's out of ideas ever since he moved into this house he's just been showing off or flashin money it's annoying he clickbaits and gets more money off of it and people defend him like we all know he clickbaits and shows off his cash

  • Lyrique Neilsen-Mckelvey

    I filled my pool with nothing terrifying

  • anabelle cijo
    anabelle cijo 2 days ago

    Oh my god subrang laki😮

  • Emma Thompson
    Emma Thompson 2 days ago

    the snakes poop looks like sand

  • Khergit
    Khergit 2 days ago

    What's even the point of this video?

  • Makayla Lagos
    Makayla Lagos 2 days ago +1

    Why did u think of this

  • SunnyMSP
    SunnyMSP 2 days ago

    I can't even touch a fly

  • endie4619
    endie4619 2 days ago


  • Jaquelyn Anderson
    Jaquelyn Anderson 2 days ago

    Exploiting animals for views? Shameful and not cool.

  • Shadow Boss Boy
    Shadow Boss Boy 2 days ago

    My eyes have sinned

  • Amrit Mungal
    Amrit Mungal 2 days ago

    Long live the rugeroo's

    ARIES RICHARDSON 2 days ago

    faze dude i love u i love it wen u make the mike videos i love the looks on his face and it makes me really happy can u plz make alot more videos

  • GalaxyXPlay 5
    GalaxyXPlay 5 2 days ago

    I thought the title said filled my pool with snacks.

  • Mr. Magnetic
    Mr. Magnetic 2 days ago

    This was up loaded on my bday!!



  • Juan Morales
    Juan Morales 2 days ago

    You should put sharks 🦈

  • iEmptyClipz
    iEmptyClipz 2 days ago

    “I dont fuck wit snakes but like gucci”

  • Molly Slechta
    Molly Slechta 2 days ago

    That is my dream I want to swim with snakes I'm sooo jelly😑😁

  • khylar flight
    khylar flight 2 days ago

    Everyone like this is so cool

  • la cuchi Carrasco
    la cuchi Carrasco 2 days ago +1

    Ooohh Dios mio😦