I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**


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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  2 months ago +8121

    Like the video if you’re scared of snakes.. I had anxiety the WHOLE TIME!!

  • Sega Pogi
    Sega Pogi 8 hours ago

    The most stupid idea ive ever seen on USclip👎

  • Billy Foster
    Billy Foster 8 hours ago

    My biggest fear is my dad

  • Emmanuel Ortiz
    Emmanuel Ortiz 9 hours ago

    Those snakes aren’t even poisonous, fucking puss

  • kim dubois
    kim dubois 11 hours ago

    In my opinion, I think snakes are cute. call me crazy if you want. and also this is giving snakes a bad reputation.

  • Kiki Good
    Kiki Good 13 hours ago

    "that's actually crazy" idiot

  • Kiki Good
    Kiki Good 13 hours ago

    Stupid fucking rich kid. Poor snakes

  • Naomi Slytherin
    Naomi Slytherin 14 hours ago

    Poor noodles!!!

  • La Reine
    La Reine 14 hours ago

    😂🤣Someone tries to come and take a dip to cool off only to find this. Yeah no take imma stay out here and get scorched by the sun thank you very much

  • quitesadie 890
    quitesadie 890 16 hours ago

    I love snakes

  • Shax Rashid
    Shax Rashid 18 hours ago

    that chick's hot!!

  • JayBloxsss
    JayBloxsss 21 hour ago

    snakes are buitiful

    i have a pet snake :p

  • Angelica Cedillo
    Angelica Cedillo 23 hours ago

    Damn Bru what do u do for a living that's a dope crib

  • Shaireenj Petalber

    How about you put frogs on your pool

  • Shaireenj Petalber

    Whoa.. Its insane

  • Richard Almond
    Richard Almond Day ago

    I have never seen so many DEMOCRATS in one place.

  • Judy Dacutanan
    Judy Dacutanan Day ago

    Wow my favorite animal 😍

  • Ignacio Michelle

    You didnt even think about the clourine

  • Kay Elle Ah
    Kay Elle Ah Day ago

    These snakes don’t really bite because they’re “aggressive” it’s almost always because of defense or if they think you’re food (that’s uncommon, it’s just if you feed them where you handle them.)

  • Jordan-x-Yfl
    Jordan-x-Yfl Day ago

    What brand ramen is this... where do you find such a large pot

  • Paola Maldonado Torres

    your crazy i have a BIG fear (phobia) of snakes and i mean big

  • Emeka Adibe
    Emeka Adibe Day ago

    Nice house. I enjoyed the video. It was something different. Very entertaining and a cool idea. The White and Yellow snakes are not as scary as Black and Brown ones in my opinion.

  • Sasa torres
    Sasa torres Day ago

    Oooooooh my Gooooooood😲😭 so scary 😲

  • Dainara Leal
    Dainara Leal Day ago +3

    Alguém Brasileiro..#

  • Lili User
    Lili User Day ago

    Why do you don't fill it with cobra.i think that's more challenged🤣🤣🤣

  • Ama Rildo
    Ama Rildo Day ago

    That girl is fucking hot

  • Renny
    Renny Day ago

    OML I would live in there

  • Feroz Khan
    Feroz Khan Day ago

    Lol too much talking

  • Starwarrior 07
    Starwarrior 07 Day ago

    My biggest fear is homework every day is a nightmare. Lol 😨

  • Cody W
    Cody W Day ago

    Awww are they bermes pythons? Adorable. But I must say, this is almost abuse towards them. Some snakes do not enjoy water, some do. This is very irresponsible

  • Zoji Roshi
    Zoji Roshi Day ago

    It is more exciting to see if they are biting u and swallowing u slowly ryt?!?🤣🤣🤣

  • whitnes
    whitnes Day ago

    I really love snakes. You are lucky, I am jealauos 😍

  • Sadije Mimar
    Sadije Mimar 2 days ago


  • VBM speed
    VBM speed 2 days ago

    You have Lamborghini

  • Firman Syah
    Firman Syah 2 days ago

    Reques baby and crocodile - snake

  • Janet Fekaa
    Janet Fekaa 2 days ago

    He not correct

  • Janet Fekaa
    Janet Fekaa 2 days ago

    I here snake

  • vape story
    vape story 2 days ago

    Ulo boyo

  • Hieu Le
    Hieu Le 2 days ago


  • Reese Thomas
    Reese Thomas 2 days ago

    When your rich and bored

  • Carlla Bayer
    Carlla Bayer 2 days ago

    To much talking.

  • paula shockey
    paula shockey 2 days ago

    I poocked after I saw the pop

    WYLDE CAT10 2 days ago

    Rug I was going to say put the snakes in the pool like you did with out your brother knowing and told him let’s go swimming for a video and got his reaction or when he came out in this video to see the snakes asked him about it you only showed your brother for a sec and I know he is scared of snakes iam to but I’ve actually held a snake before


    She is sexy

  • Joswel Tyrngai
    Joswel Tyrngai 2 days ago

    me indian

  • Melanie Ops
    Melanie Ops 2 days ago

    Snakes don't wanna be in there... God this guy taking "care" of the snakes is a prick

  • Ma Ma
    Ma Ma 2 days ago


  • Gaary Lee
    Gaary Lee 2 days ago

    Not right

  • Connor Mack
    Connor Mack 2 days ago


  • Daisy Jones
    Daisy Jones 2 days ago

    You are so crazy I am terrifed of snakes!!!!!

  • Rudy Velasquez
    Rudy Velasquez 2 days ago

    same biggest fear

  • BigDinoBuilder
    BigDinoBuilder 2 days ago

    Put one of these in brandon's room without him knowing

  • Joaquim _Vlog android

    Que doido

  • Hadi Hachem
    Hadi Hachem 2 days ago


  • Line Tarabay
    Line Tarabay 2 days ago


  • Gregory Carter
    Gregory Carter 2 days ago

    My worst nightmare

  • Eclipse The Butterfly Dragon

    I'm scared of snakes but I feel more comfortable now that I like to watch them

  • Roxan Banhao
    Roxan Banhao 3 days ago

    Gossssh super scary

  • Rajat kumar
    Rajat kumar 3 days ago +1

    Are u mad

  • InfiresYouths Entertainment

    I see USclip has gave birth to another (unfotunate) kind of stupid

  • Gale Osmanovic
    Gale Osmanovic 3 days ago


  • Gutterspeaker ?
    Gutterspeaker ? 3 days ago

    I am a upcoming rapper so fuck with me and subscribe I will be doing a freestyle and songs I wanna have a strong fan base relationship

  • Vinnie Anna TJ
    Vinnie Anna TJ 3 days ago

    We should put this in pool and let my ex dive there..

  • ali Tasman
    ali Tasman 3 days ago


  • ali Tasman
    ali Tasman 3 days ago


  • Adriana Aylward
    Adriana Aylward 3 days ago

    Like and comment this comment if you think that Jay kinda looks like Mike

  • XYngxSharnaixYngx tv

    I actually can not believe what I am seeing like bruhhhhh these snakes are horrific like I am scarweddddddd it’s cool but really dangerous and Harlf of them are bundled on the pool steps 😂😂😂but the man that brought the snakes to his house decided to swim with THEM that’s crazyyyyyyy !!!

  • Gian Eldrick Reclosado

    wow he really supports youtubers when it comes to reptile video..last time i saw him at a Guava Juice video...

  • Clarence Espiritu
    Clarence Espiritu 3 days ago


  • Pinky Chetri
    Pinky Chetri 3 days ago

    wow nice

  • Hayagreeva Srinivasa


  • Liam Williams
    Liam Williams 3 days ago


  • L doubel L luna lala
    L doubel L luna lala 3 days ago +4


  • MrRanDUMB StrongIsland

    THAT SNAKE PEELED OFF😂😂😂😂😂😂🚄🚄🚄🚄🚄

  • Kara Armstrong
    Kara Armstrong 3 days ago


  • Talitha Carter
    Talitha Carter 3 days ago +1


  • Dani The Inkling
    Dani The Inkling 3 days ago

    They are so cute

  • Dani The Inkling
    Dani The Inkling 3 days ago

    Animal abuse

  • Zaire Whitaker
    Zaire Whitaker 3 days ago

    I would cry

  • Andrew Buendia
    Andrew Buendia 3 days ago

    Rug rat

  • 577
    577 4 days ago +3

    Snakes are friends. Not entertainment

  • Basava Patil
    Basava Patil 4 days ago

    She probably paid to do that.

  • sakura Mojemato
    sakura Mojemato 4 days ago

    Your talking to much. Just put the snake on the pool. And let them bite you .. lol.. crazy..!

  • maymay escalante
    maymay escalante 4 days ago

    Gosh.! So scary😨

  • titan boy
    titan boy 4 days ago

    so danger

  • Op Po
    Op Po 4 days ago


  • Sushma Vishwakarma
    Sushma Vishwakarma 4 days ago


  • Darmanto Darman
    Darmanto Darman 4 days ago

    YOU crezy

    IBRAHIM ISMAIL 4 days ago

    Why you do like that??????😡

  • Mike Obinna
    Mike Obinna 4 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks this family is crazy

  • Daniel Pita
    Daniel Pita 4 days ago

    So this is done for entertainment??? What the hell??!!

  • Minx.BloodBrink
    Minx.BloodBrink 4 days ago

    And he doesn’t have a phobia he may be scared but doesn’t have a phobia

  • Robin Dupuis
    Robin Dupuis 4 days ago

    Dude! 115 pounds!

  • Muhammad Muhammad
    Muhammad Muhammad 5 days ago


  • Tlana Hrahsel
    Tlana Hrahsel 5 days ago

    hot guest

  • Rim Lobna
    Rim Lobna 5 days ago

    L9lAwi la

  • Rody __
    Rody __ 5 days ago

    Can't find the point of this video!

  • Shadin Shadin
    Shadin Shadin 5 days ago

    Are you a mantal