World's Most Painful Spelling Bee!!

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
  • Hey guys! in this challenge, we challenge each other in an extremely messy spelling bee! If you misspell a word, you get shot with a mystery punishment! Who do you think will win? Let us know down below!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 587

  • Ryker Lewis
    Ryker Lewis 6 hours ago

    Joey is know one of my favorites (because he named a dinosaur correctly)

  • Sam Berry
    Sam Berry 7 hours ago

    We love you billy! Ha

  • Chase and Gavin tube
    Chase and Gavin tube 8 hours ago

    I LOVE this video so much! It’s hilarious!

  • Angelica Kurzweil
    Angelica Kurzweil 8 hours ago +1

    We love billy!!!

    MᎾᏒᏆᎪᏞ Ꮆm 8 hours ago

    1:53 if u saw that leave a like for me plz🤣🤣🤣

  • Jackie Wilson
    Jackie Wilson 12 hours ago

    Your supposed to say the word then spell it didn’t say the word again so they would’ve technically all got it wrong in a real one

  • 552 AR-15
    552 AR-15 17 hours ago

    He was shot with bird shot

  • Taz_1207
    Taz_1207 21 hour ago

    We love Billy

  • Annoying Bower
    Annoying Bower Day ago

    Wow why would he say to Bryan wrong on cabbage worm lol

  • pizazz pizza!
    pizazz pizza! Day ago

    1:54 had me dying

  • Chrome Phantom
    Chrome Phantom Day ago +4

    They could have used their lifeline and asked for Kevin’s help

  • Tikki and Prim Studio

    He just wanted to make sure Bryan to got shot

  • Jaylinie Chan
    Jaylinie Chan Day ago

    Did 7:46 remind anyone else of Akeelah and the Bee when the one kid's mom was helping him spell a word and Akeelah's sister called them out 😂😂

  • Shahil Jim
    Shahil Jim Day ago

    We love billy

  • Combat Veteran
    Combat Veteran 2 days ago +1

    Please get rid of Kevin, seriously Mathias, FIRE KEVIN he is garbage and tryst so hard to be funny!

  • ApexGlide
    ApexGlide 2 days ago

    Bruh Round 2 was so eeeeeasy lmao only cuz im a car nerd. But even so those were all big name brands, minus maybe Spyker idk

  • Epic Playz
    Epic Playz 2 days ago

    Snip Snip Vids:
    Kevin: *SAY IT WITH ME! SNIP SNIP!!*
    Kevin: *SAY IT WITH ME!*
    Me: *SNIP SNIP!!* :D
    Kevin: *BANG BANG!!*
    Me: What!?

  • Tara Brown
    Tara Brown 2 days ago

    Who is watching this in “2020”

  • Quin Lin
    Quin Lin 2 days ago

    Kevin: I like your space but your wrong. 10 seconds later, Hey Bryan you got it correct, hey judges don’t count that as a punishment. Bryan: But I got the punishment! Me after seeing that died of laughter.

  • Avery Davis
    Avery Davis 2 days ago

    When Bobby got it wrong the first time at 2:28 if you have captions on it says “punch fish mint” and it’s ironic that Bobby is a fisherman

  • Ben Collins
    Ben Collins 2 days ago

    bobby his face 7:05

  • ThePieGuy
    ThePieGuy 2 days ago

    Ngl this helped me with my spelling test 😂

  • LoveForKittyCats123
    LoveForKittyCats123 2 days ago

    we love billy

  • Aqua Mintz
    Aqua Mintz 3 days ago +1

    we love Billy

  • Emma owens
    Emma owens 3 days ago

    Are u telling me Bobby’s brothers name is Billy. That’s amazing

    DAVID HANEY 3 days ago

    We love Billy lol

  • Wuppie ODonn
    Wuppie ODonn 3 days ago


  • Ezekiel Malais
    Ezekiel Malais 3 days ago

    We love billy

  • sophie day
    sophie day 3 days ago

    "well done, Bryan you got it wrong.

  • Ryan Reeves
    Ryan Reeves 4 days ago

    Me and Joey have the same shoes but his are a lot bigger lol

  • Mary Burke
    Mary Burke 4 days ago

    We love Bibbily

  • Thomas Holguin
    Thomas Holguin 4 days ago

    I like how Joey really won but they counted incorrectly joey should have one since he got gyromagnetic right

  • T rocca
    T rocca 4 days ago

    They all did it wrong example me m e me still love you guys

  • Sean Keali'i
    Sean Keali'i 4 days ago

    How did bryan win if joey had 5 points? And bryan had 4?

  • Wolf-leader300
    Wolf-leader300 4 days ago +1

    You guys should dona video with vat19

  • ThespecialGAMER RANDOM
    ThespecialGAMER RANDOM 4 days ago +12

    Kevin: say it with me

    Me:Snip Snip

    Kevin: bang bang

  • JaztinPH
    JaztinPH 5 days ago +45

    Who’s watching this at Oct 11, 2019?

  • Kanue Vang
    Kanue Vang 5 days ago

    We love Billy!

  • John You
    John You 5 days ago +1

    Team edge is making me laugh every time

  • Lucas Meierhofer
    Lucas Meierhofer 5 days ago

    we love danny

  • Hoodoo Life
    Hoodoo Life 5 days ago

    Whitney should host an episode!!

  • Daniel Rose
    Daniel Rose 5 days ago

    that is so rigged joey gets all the easy words

  • Cason Lane
    Cason Lane 5 days ago +1

    When your girl comes to your bedroom, (Kevin) " say it with me BANG BANG

  • Manav Udgirkar
    Manav Udgirkar 5 days ago


  • Japhet Jay Acub
    Japhet Jay Acub 6 days ago

    Billy ur the best

  • Captain Dani
    Captain Dani 6 days ago

    This is how many people agree how many times They said "What is That!"

  • WatermelonGaming :D
    WatermelonGaming :D 6 days ago +10

    Joey: comment down below "we love billy"
    We love billy❤

  • Jay Nation
    Jay Nation 6 days ago

    Bobby parents are the best, they named their kids billy and Bobby like 😂

  • Laykan Thee Alien
    Laykan Thee Alien 6 days ago +1

    *Saw you on ❤️GMM❤️ figured I'd stop by and sub!* 😊😊

  • Sarah Shae
    Sarah Shae 6 days ago +7

    “How do you overthink it when you’re correct?”
    OH MY FRIEND Welcome to my life 😂😫

  • Daniel Lec
    Daniel Lec 6 days ago

    3:24 I didn't see that coming

  • Flip Cat
    Flip Cat 6 days ago


  • Ivar Helleve
    Ivar Helleve 6 days ago

    We love Billy.

  • Kyra Elliman
    Kyra Elliman 6 days ago

    The words really guys really
    Round one
    Cabbage worm

  • Braceface Allen
    Braceface Allen 7 days ago

    I was in the spelling bee

  • Song So Hee
    Song So Hee 7 days ago

    “Good job you got it wrong!”
    *And then that time....Kevin noticed that he screwed up.....*
    *MISSON FAILED,we’ll try next time.....*

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One 7 days ago +2

    Anytime someone in the comments says Kevin says snip snip I never read it correctly I'm like SNIIIIIIIIIIP SNIIIIIIIIIIIIIP

  • Derek Horsfall
    Derek Horsfall 7 days ago

    I would hate working at Team Edge.

  • S. A. Hill
    S. A. Hill 8 days ago

    You said wrong.

  • Afrin Arissa
    Afrin Arissa 8 days ago

    Kevin is the worst headmaster in my life SORRY KEVIN🤗