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  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
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  • pichu1234533
    pichu1234533 Day ago

    i would get total war three kingdoms but i dont have that money

  • TheFailLife
    TheFailLife Day ago

    Can you please do the “Plains of Abraham” since there were 2 battles?

  • Soaz _ab
    Soaz _ab Day ago +1

    Make a vid about the civil war

  • xdd
    xdd Day ago

    6:17 I've never noticed until now but is that fucking Hitlers dad punishing a Eunuch severely in the background?? XD

  • Spike ball Productions

    This video is sponsored by total war 3-

    *gets ad by total wars 3 kingdoms*

  • Lfor 99
    Lfor 99 Day ago

    According to his uploading schedule he should upload soon

  • Jayfol
    Jayfol Day ago +1

    Lmao hitlers dad at 6:15

  • XXXswaggermg
    XXXswaggermg Day ago

    Oversimplified hasn’t made a video in two months
    You know what that means ?

    More economic downturn |

  • langston huddy
    langston huddy Day ago +1

    make a new video pls

  • S C R U N C H
    S C R U N C H Day ago

    Am I the only one who sees Hitlers dad on the steps at 6:19

  • Lee C
    Lee C Day ago

    Please can you tackle religion next? Maybe some videos of different types of worship, and how there came to be Christianity, Islam, and other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism?

  • R.A.K YT
    R.A.K YT Day ago

    AT 3:52 why does that guy have a OSHA yellow vest and a bagguet and at 6:14 why is alois hitler spanking someone wtf

  • General Kot
    General Kot Day ago

    cats in China don' t says "meow"
    they says "Mao"


    umm actually there are four

  • Riad Rasheed
    Riad Rasheed Day ago

    the Civil War for the U.S.A with Abe Lincoln yeah

  • Riad Rasheed
    Riad Rasheed Day ago

    Oversimplified make a animation war of the Civil War

  • Brian Chen
    Brian Chen Day ago

    6:09 the eunuchs killed he jin. this enraged adolf's father who punished them severely. (Look in the background in 6:09, you will see adolf's father)

  • Catgirl Uni
    Catgirl Uni Day ago

    Can you make Winter war Oversimplified??

  • BountyFlamor
    BountyFlamor Day ago

    Who's that in the background?

  • Only here for the memes

    3:52 I think you're a little lost buddy...

  • Beckinator 101
    Beckinator 101 Day ago

    Make a video about the American Civil war

  • M Khan
    M Khan Day ago

    6:09 This enraged his father, who punished him severely.

  • Faisal Azizi
    Faisal Azizi Day ago +1

    Eunuchs killed He Jin

    This enraged Hitlers father who punished them severely (6:08)

  • abcslayer
    abcslayer Day ago

    6:08 look daddy hitler got in on the action

  • Vorinthus
    Vorinthus Day ago

    Who else saw hitlers dad punishing someone severly at the stairs at 6:08

  • Ghost VN
    Ghost VN Day ago

    Dude, make one about Vietnam War

  • Masnu
    Masnu Day ago

    Who's Know three kingdom from Dynasty warriors? ☝🏻

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen Day ago

    6:13 hitler dad

  • HRPendragon
    HRPendragon Day ago

    modern China
    Communist Party = Corrupt Eunuchs
    Xi Jing Ping = Ambitious Warlord
    Xi Jing Ping possible Successor = Child Emperor

  • Myster1ous
    Myster1ous Day ago

    Hahahaha, the yellow vest reference😂😂😂 3:53

  • CRYPTIC _Soul
    CRYPTIC _Soul Day ago

    Why is hitlers dad beating one them😂😂😂😂

  • EChanell X
    EChanell X Day ago

    Spanish Civil War please do oneeeee

  • Car game Videos
    Car game Videos Day ago

    moar videios

  • funnyguygrayson
    funnyguygrayson Day ago

    really its been 2 monthes

  • obesechicken13
    obesechicken13 Day ago

    A lot of this sounds like it was based on the romance of the three kingdoms books. In particular lu bu being an amazing fighter which then influenced TV shows which then influenced dynasty warriors.

  • Calvin Hong
    Calvin Hong Day ago

    Apparently, hitler's dad could time travel

  • Christiaan van Stek

    Make a miniwar

  • 王艺潼
    王艺潼 Day ago

    what do we do?
    kill them all
    right on
    oh man I luv ur videos, so fun.

  • Sir Smiley
    Sir Smiley 2 days ago

    Do the Vietnam War

  • D.Plague The docter
    D.Plague The docter 2 days ago +1

    6:15 Chinese soldier killed the uncle.

    This enraged his father, who punished him severely.

  • Freak_ Quency
    Freak_ Quency 2 days ago

    When u notice it at 6:10

  • aquila zyy
    aquila zyy 2 days ago

    1:10 But that one JUST sort of fell apart? Warring States - Oversimplified PLEASE!

  • Diriliş
    Diriliş 2 days ago

    *Idea for next Video* : Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • Young baby Carl
    Young baby Carl 2 days ago

    I know how to pronounce the names I speak some chinese

  • wisecraft live
    wisecraft live 2 days ago

    the map thing looks like paper io

  • Ariane Dutta
    Ariane Dutta 2 days ago

    So funny🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Muscat
    Jordan Muscat 2 days ago +1

    Do the great siege of malta

  • Kexin Guo
    Kexin Guo 2 days ago

    "Betrayal is like his personal hobby"hahahah you guys know LV BU so well!

  • Daniel Black
    Daniel Black 2 days ago +1

    6:13 Does anyone else see the *ahem* thing on the steps?

  • Purushottam Gupta
    Purushottam Gupta 2 days ago

    Can you do the same for INDIAN kingdoms? It would be really fun to watch

  • ?Nagisa Valt?
    ?Nagisa Valt? 2 days ago

    Can you maka history of the Philippines

  • Theroux
    Theroux 2 days ago

    I wasn’t expecting a 15-minute promo for a Steam game.

  • Kxng TheArtist
    Kxng TheArtist 2 days ago +1

    The sponsor at the end was freaking 10/10 😭😭😭😭

  • Elixir 256
    Elixir 256 2 days ago

    Oversimplified when are you gonna make a new video it’s been 2 freakin months

  • Michael Lewicki
    Michael Lewicki 2 days ago

    Industrial revolution next?????

  • Lama여호수아
    Lama여호수아 2 days ago

    DO the 12 Crusades next Deus vult!

  • Chilean Mapper
    Chilean Mapper 2 days ago +2

    Hitler dad

    in china

    Very intresting

  • this random stranger

    Oversimplified is just Bill Wurtz brother

  • 海洋之王
    海洋之王 2 days ago

    Mini Wars #5 please thanks

  • lil Rich native
    lil Rich native 2 days ago +1

    When’s the next video?

  • Soaz _ab
    Soaz _ab 2 days ago +2

    Did anyone notice at 6:15 on the backroad hitlers father was there uhm just meh..

    Okie we Gucci

    • Soaz _ab
      Soaz _ab Day ago

      I’m sorry back round

  • Laurence Miller
    Laurence Miller 2 days ago

    Mexican drug war simplified

  • ShugarCaneKid
    ShugarCaneKid 2 days ago

    Who else noticed at 6:10?

  • Lord Toxicity
    Lord Toxicity 2 days ago +2

    This enraged his father

    Who punished Him severely

  • Kenzie M
    Kenzie M 2 days ago +1

    The beginning is like the battle of Hastings beginning

  • Drinking Outta Cups
    Drinking Outta Cups 2 days ago

    It has been 72 Days since a video.

    This didn’t enrage oversimplified fans because the love and appreciate his quality over quantity

  • メイスン
    メイスン 2 days ago

    「漢」って書いた旗を見ても模様にしか見えないし、劉備はliu beiとして覚えるしかない。

  • Georgia Neilson-holloway

    Can the next video be about Joseph Stalin (his life)

  • Judas Weasley
    Judas Weasley 2 days ago

    Turkish Independence War?

  • Noobies
    Noobies 2 days ago

    Hitler’s dad in background 😂

  • Tasos
    Tasos 2 days ago

    Balkan wars pleaseeeee

  • Kon Physics
    Kon Physics 2 days ago +1

    Oversimplified is like: sponsor = video
    Jk i love his channel and his videos dont kill me. Plz

  • DOH games
    DOH games 2 days ago

    I have idea make video about second boer war

  • yensama
    yensama 2 days ago


  • Ozzy J.
    Ozzy J. 2 days ago

    6:09 did anyone notice Hitler's dad spanking the hell out of a eunuch

  • ThePropeople
    ThePropeople 2 days ago

    Can your next war be the Spanish-American War? It’s a medium sized war so it would be a relatively easy subject.

  • Brick studios
    Brick studios 2 days ago

    Who wants civil war oversimplified

  • Sean Pomasin
    Sean Pomasin 2 days ago +1

    Do a philipines-spanish war video

  • The Z Man
    The Z Man 2 days ago

    13:40 The new fire emblem game looks great.

  • Cam N
    Cam N 2 days ago

    Those Eunuchs make Lord Baelish look like a good guy

  • Joy McIlroy
    Joy McIlroy 2 days ago

    dude make an oversimplified citizen life animation

  • Isaiah White
    Isaiah White 2 days ago

    Over simplified neglected his viewers which enraged them, who punished him severely

  • enkerprise
    enkerprise 3 days ago

    Lol Hitlers Father at 6:08

  • Mohammad Alkhiyami
    Mohammad Alkhiyami 3 days ago

    6:11 Adol Hitler's Father Must be anceint because he is spanking in the past! Wow! XD

  • Loshey
    Loshey 3 days ago

    do the chinese civel war

  • 2nd Airborne Productions

    6:10 this enraged the eunuch's father, who punished him severly.

    (Look in the back on the steps.)

  • Xrocks
    Xrocks 3 days ago

    i cant tell if this episode is a whole ad

  • Nathan Downey
    Nathan Downey 3 days ago

    Do the American Civil War next

  • cool faces
    cool faces 3 days ago +1

    OverSimplified has said "Hitler" 70 times. Well done.
    Well that is crazy because he has only said "British" 41 times.
    In fact he has said "Hitler" more than any other two syllable word.

    OverSimplified "loves" 4 times as much as he "hates".
    He also "answers" more than he asks"

    If he said Hitler 70 times, which means he says it on average every 75 seconds.
    More than half of those times were in HitlerOversimplified part 1.

  • Γιάννης Κάπα

    why is hitler's dad beating some guy in the back 6:15

  • The Supreme
    The Supreme 3 days ago +1

    make a new video oversimplified

  • Παυλος Καραμπατζιακης

    very nice very nice

  • Elvin Hadi
    Elvin Hadi 3 days ago

    3:53 and 6:15 has France and British people, anybody realize dis?

  • Nasgul 062
    Nasgul 062 3 days ago

    3:51 BIG RACIST

  • DektonLP
    DektonLP 3 days ago

    Do a Joseph Stalin Pin pls PS: love your videos

  • bob khan
    bob khan 3 days ago

    india vs pakistan please bro

  • 许学英
    许学英 3 days ago

    why don't have ZHUGE LIANG, who helped LIU BEI.

  • big oof
    big oof 3 days ago +1

    Please do one the french revolution!😃

  • Champion JUT1N
    Champion JUT1N 3 days ago

    I got a legit total war three kingdoms ad

  • Arctic Fox Games
    Arctic Fox Games 3 days ago

    Could you do the American civil war? It was sort of hinted at in the American revolution video...