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  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
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    This was the most complex ad for a video game I've ever seem

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    jessica sanchez 2 hours ago

    Can you do Korean War and Vietnam War

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    ItsShøckWolf 190 2 hours ago

    6:13, lol it's Hitler's father from another video on the staircase!!

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    3 million views for 3 kingdoms

    JONH CENA 2 hours ago

    History of kingdom of Brazil?

  • ニッキフロフウラジスラフ

    pls make oversimplified history of japans edo period

  • Callum R. Macdonald
    Callum R. Macdonald 2 hours ago

    Who else caught the yellow-vest Easter egg?

  • Benny Wise
    Benny Wise 2 hours ago

    now i see why in china people go by their last names first(in china people had to go by their last name first then first name:for example fa mulan but if it was in america should would go by Mulan Fa)

  • Lizard WIZARD
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    6:19 I see u

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    3:52 i see u

  • History and Alternate history

    6:08 there's a call back

  • Nexdro
    Nexdro 3 hours ago

    I already knew this history through dynasty warriors game

  • panchopaton18
    panchopaton18 3 hours ago

    Did anyone see hitlers dad spanking the hell out of a...something. This comment enraged Hitlers father who punished me severely. 😥😥😥

  • kydkidd
    kydkidd 3 hours ago

    it is not accurate that Liu Bei declared him an Emperor of Shu (Han). Actually, he declared him as the Emperor of Han (while only controlled the Shu region).

  • James Greenleaf
    James Greenleaf 3 hours ago

    Great work I love ur channel ur so funny

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    Mark Deckard 3 hours ago

    Oversimplified u need to do Civil War video

  • Taman Indah Broadcasting Company

    Never gonna let you up, never gonna let you down.
    Don't know why I said this here? Check 8:36

  • Sharpened Butter03
    Sharpened Butter03 3 hours ago

    Where can I find your sources???

  • Hoàng Khôi Đỗ Xuân

    why there are hitler's father in 6:09

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    0:21 The birds are singing never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

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    Look on the stairs

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    I love that yellow vest joke.

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    Can u do Trojan war?

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    When you upload video again i wast so exicted to wacht it

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    This Channel makes history so fun

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    I see that Alouis punshing a eunuch severely

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    6:08 look right

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    6:07 why was hitlers dad kicking a butt of the eunichs

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    6:10 Hitlers dad spanking a guy in the background.

  • Adamski
    Adamski 4 hours ago

    3:50 The french guy.

  • James Serrano
    James Serrano 4 hours ago +1

    I actually thought
    "Who is boo hoo?"

    I'm too dumb it seems

  • James Serrano
    James Serrano 4 hours ago +1

    God, this is like... The best history channel!

  • Cam. R.
    Cam. R. 5 hours ago

    Did anyone else just die when he pronounced Dong Zhuo like Dong Zhou?

  • Deadly Mesh Designer
    Deadly Mesh Designer 5 hours ago

    One thing the eunuchs always did was make sure the prince married one of their daughters..almost every time...

  • PsycoHat Gaming
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    Vietnam war please !

  • Abhiroop Abhi
    Abhiroop Abhi 6 hours ago

    a daughter who was hot ! SUPER HOT ! LOL !

  • Xinzhe Li
    Xinzhe Li 6 hours ago

    I think it should be Zhang Jiao rather than Zhang Jue (Chinese 张角,the second word has multiple pronunciations for different meanings). Jiao is more likely as it comes from the name of a Chinese constellation.

  • Hi Champion
    Hi Champion 6 hours ago +1

    Oversimplified Can do you more videos as We want more! Maybe do a video about how the Roman empire lost all its lands in Europe and how everything separated to form many countries. or make a video about how US became United from east to west. These are things i would love to learn maybe even other people might want to learn as well!

  • Animalish Guy Acevedo Hernández

    Do a video about the civil war

    BERTPHIL TFM 6 hours ago

    Did u guys see Hitler's dad :D

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    im chinese and this is superb....

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    6:08 WHY Alois Hitler ???

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    Next napoleon wars!

  • Frederico Barreto
    Frederico Barreto 7 hours ago

    Soo techetalcly the state who invanted all the dynestis was Cao Cao

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    That bird rick rolled me

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    Dynasty Warriors taught me everything in this video.

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    OMG! you've only released 15 videos! get a move on and start posting more frequently p.s. I love ur videos :)

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    man, this video gets me all hyped about this game. Before it was meh, maybe I'll buy it, but now..... ohh boy.

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    Bill wurtz did this in 10 - 15 sec

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    Really liked this video in particular

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    Can you do the bulken war

  • Cao Ang
    Cao Ang 8 hours ago +7

    Here's a list of all the characters deaths in Dynasty Warriors:
    Xiahou Dun - Died of natural causes shortly after Cao Cao.
    Dian Wei - Killed covering Cao Cao's retreat from Zhang Xiu's ambush at Wan Castle.
    Zhang Liao - In the novel, shot in the groin by Ding Feng at Dongkou and died of the wound. Historically, died of illness that year.
    Cao Cao - Died of a brain tumour at age 65.
    Xu Zhu - Died of depression after Cao Cao's death.
    Xiahou Yuan - Killed at Mt. Dingjun when Huang Zhong cut him in half. Historically, he simply died amidst the fighting rather than personally at Huang Zhong's hand.
    Xu Huang - In the novel, shot in the forehead with an arrow by Meng Da when Meng Da tried to defect back to Shu and Sima Yi marched to stop him. Historically, died of illness around the same time frame.
    Zhang He - Ambushed and killed by Zhuge Liang during one of the Northern Campaigns.
    Cao Ren - Died in shame after losing to Zhu Huan in Ruxukou.
    Cao Pi - Died of illness at only 39 years old.
    Zhen Ji - Forced to commit suicide by Cao Pi, due to machinations of one of his concubines.
    Cai Wenji - Died of illness at age 72.
    Jia Xu - Died of natural causes at 76 years old.
    Pang De - Executed by Guan Yu at Fan Castle after refusing to surrender.
    Wang Yi - Unknown. Her last recorded mentioning was in Ji Castle.
    Guo Jia - Died of sickness shortly after eliminating the Yuan family.
    Yue Jin - In the novel, it is hinted that he died after being hit in the face with an arrow by Gan Ning while dueling Ling Tong. Historically, he died of illness.
    Li Dian - Died of unknown causes at age 36.
    Yu Jin - Died of sickness and deep regret after visiting Cao Cao's tomb, where he saw illustrations of the Battle of Fancheng depicting his surrender to Guan Yu, while Pang De was portrayed in a ferocious and courageous manner.
    Xun Yu - Died of illness at age 49, questionably after his opposition towards Cao Cao's ascension to duke.
    Cao Xiu - Died of illness in shame shortly after his defeat at Shiting.
    Man Chong - Died of natural causes at 70 years old.
    Xun You - Died of illness. In the novel, he died from grief after opposing Cao Cao's decision to have the title King of Wei.
    Zhou Yu - Died of complications from an arrow wound sustained while besieging Nanjun. In the novel, Zhuge Liang tormented Zhou Yu to worsen his condition and speed his death along.
    Lu Xun - Committed suicide when Sun Quan would not heed his advice on picking an heir.
    Sun Shang Xiang - In the novel, she committed suicide after Yiling on hearing mistakenly that Liu Bei was killed there. Historically, death unknown.
    Gan Ning - In the novel, he went to fight at Yiling despite being sick, but ran into barbarian leader Shamoke. Scared of Shamoke, he tried to flee, but got shot in the head and killed. Historically, he simply died of dysentery.
    Sun Jian - Killed by Liu Biao's messenger Lu Gong in a fluky fashion.
    Taishi Ci - Died of natural causes in 206 AD. In the novel, his life was extended to He Fei at 215 AD, where he died when ambushed by Zhang Liao.
    Lu Meng - Died of illness shortly after killing Guan Yu. In the novel, Guan Yu's spirit posessed and killed him.
    Huang Gai - Died of illness shortly after Chi Bi.
    Zhou Tai - Died of natural causes after Yiling.
    Ling Tong - Died of illness at age 28.
    Sun Ce - Died of wounds sustained in an attack while hunting, by retainers of Xu Gong seeking to avenge their master. In the novel, schemes by the mystic Gan Ji contributed to his death.
    Sun Quan - Died of natural causes at age 70.
    Xiao Qiao - Unknown.
    Da Qiao - Unknown.
    Ding Feng - Died of natural causes at a very advanced age, over 80.
    Lian Shi - Died of illness in 238 AD, post-humously honoured as an Empress.
    Lu Su - Died of sickness at age 45.
    Han Dang - Died of illness shortly after Yiling at age 71.
    Zhu Ran - In the novel, he was killed by Zhao Yun at Yiling. Historically, he died of illness at age 67.
    Cheng Pu - Died after contracting leprosy.
    Xu Sheng - Died of illness sometime after Guangling.
    Zhao Yun - Died of natural causes at an advanced age.
    Guan Yu - Executed by Wu after his capture at Mai Castle.
    Zhang Fei - Killed by his subordinates, Zhang Da and Fan Jiang, before Yiling. He had been beating his soldiers for some time.
    Zhuge Liang - Died of illness at Wu Zhang Plains, likely sped along by stress from working too hard.
    Liu Bei - Died of illness at Baidi Castle in shame two years after Yiling.
    Ma Chao - Died of illness at age 46.
    Huang Zhong - In the novel, died from an arrow wound after being ambushed by Ma Zhong at Yiling. Historically, died a year before that.
    Wei Yan - Killed by Ma Dai after he tried to seize control of Shu's army at Wu Zhang Plains after Zhuge Liang's death.
    Guan Ping - Shared his father's fate at Mai Castle.
    Pang Tong - Killed at Luo Feng Po (Fallen Phoenix Slope) by a volley of arrows. In the novel, he was riding Liu Bei's cursed horse Hex Mark at the time. Liu Bei had given it to him out of kindness when Pang Tong's own horse came up lame.
    Yue Ying - Died of natural causes after Wu Zhang Plains.
    Jiang Wei - Killed by Wei loyalists after trying to stage a revolt with Zhong Hui in Chengdu after Shu's fall.
    Liu Shan - Died of natural causes at age 64.
    Xing Cai - Died of natural causes.
    Ma Dai - Died of natural causes, date unknown. His last achievement was killing Wei Yan at Wu Zhang Plains.
    Guan Suo - Appears only in the novel, death unknown.
    Bao Sanniang - Does not appear in the novel or history.
    Xu Shu - Died of illness around 232-234 AD.
    Guan Xing - Died of unknown causes at a young age.
    Zhang Bao - In the novel, he fell into a gully and died from his injuries during the Northern Campaigns. Historically, he died of illness at a young age when Zhang Fei was alive.
    Guan Yinping - Unknown.
    Fa Zheng - Died of illness at age 44 after Fan Castle.
    Zhou Cang - Committed suicide after Guan Yu's death. Appears only in the novel.
    Xiahou Ji - Unknown. Her last recorded mentioning was requesting Xiahou Yuan's corpse to have a public burial.
    Sima Yi - Died of natural causes at age 72.
    Sima Shi - Developed an abscess under his eye, which ruptured and caused his death.
    Sima Zhao - Died of natural causes shortly after Shu's fall.
    Deng Ai - Arrested by Zhong Hui on suspicion of treason, due to Zhong Hui's jealousy. Zhong Hui was the true rebel. Sima Zhao ordered Deng Ai to be released, but his captor, Wei Guan, executed him instead due to a previous slight.
    Wang Yuanji - Died of illness four years after Sima Zhao, after serving as Empress Dowager to Sima Yan.
    Zhong Hui - Killed by Wei loyalists when he tried to rebel with Jiang Wei.
    Zhuge Dan - Killed by Hu Fen as his rebellion was put down at Shouchun.
    Xiahou Ba - In the novel, killed via an empty city ploy ambush by Sima Wang. Historically, his death is unknown.
    Guo Huai - In the novel, he pursued Jiang Wei on horseback after one of Jiang Wei's many defeats. He tried firing an arrow at Jiang Wei (who had run out of his own arrows), but Jiang Wei caught the arrow mid-flight, fitted it to his own bow, and shot Guo Huai in the face. Guo Huai died later in the camp from the wound.
    Jia Chong - Died of illness at age 65.
    Wen Yang - Falsely accused of treason by a relative of Zhuge Dan and was executed.
    Zhang Chunhua - Died of illness after her relationship with Sima Yi soured. Posthumously honoured as Empress Xuanmu by Sima Yan.
    Xin Xianying - Died of illness at an advanced age.
    Diao Chan - Appears only in the novel. In folklore, it is said that after Lu Bu's execution Cao Cao gave her to Liu Bei to cause dissent among the oath brothers. They fought over her due to her beauty, so Guan Yu eventually killed her to restore peace.
    Lu Bu - Executed by Cao Cao after Xia Pi. He begged for his life first.
    Dong Zhuo - Assassinated by Lu Bu.
    Yuan Shao - Died in 202 AD, two years after Guan Du, after another harsh defeat to Cao Cao.
    Zhang Jiao - Died of illness mid-rebellion.
    Meng Huo - Unknown.
    Zhu Rong - Appears only in the novel. Death unknown.
    Zuo Ci - Unknown.
    Chen Gong - Executed by Cao Cao after refusing to re-join his service.
    Lu Lingqi - Unknown
    Hua Xiong - Slain by Guan Yu at Sishui Pass. Historically, he was killed by Sun Jian at Yangren.
    Dong Bai - Killed during Wang Yun's purge of Dong Zhuo's clan.
    Yuan Shu - Died of illness after being defeated by Liu Bei. In the novel, he died of grief shortly after asking his cook for honeyed water, due to the remaining food in his camp being uneatable.

    • Nebras Al Rousan
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      that is one loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of deaths

  • SupaL33tKillar
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    Something alot of western people don't know is the old Chinese saying (something like an idiom) of the 3 generation rule.
    In English it basically says 1st Gen will be the innovating/compassionate ones, 2nd Gen will be the caretaker/apathetic ones and the 3rd Gen will be the selfish/cruel ones.

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    Yayyyyy I can finally look smart in front of my friends

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    But Oversimplified Marco Polo didn't discover China. The vikings did

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    4:28 After watching this a couple times I realized that "casualties in the millions" is HUGE considering the human population was only around 200 million at the time and also how early it was in human history.

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