The Most Spectacular Ship Anchor Drop Failures 2018

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
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  • hao trinh ba
    hao trinh ba Day ago

    Cho hỏi tại sao ko bơm nước vào

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez 3 days ago

    3 shots from a desert eagle and it woulda stoped that son of a bitch

  • Ross Price
    Ross Price 6 days ago

    Imagine bein the boss on that shift fucking nightmare 💀

  • Dvnie
    Dvnie 9 days ago

    How deep is the oceon????

  • randy scott
    randy scott 11 days ago

    If they need a new anchor I can sell em a paint can filled with concrete tied to an old piece of clothes line. I'll throw in the clothes line for free .

  • 粋スギコージー
    粋スギコージー 12 days ago


  • Lance Pena
    Lance Pena 13 days ago

    1. Some of the clips didnt happen in 2018 (not even close) and 2. Clickbait thumbnail. So fuck you!

  • Lance Pena
    Lance Pena 13 days ago

    The anchor dropping is not for impatient people lol

  • Lance Pena
    Lance Pena 13 days ago

    Anchor: im gonna end this man's whole career!

  • Foxy The Fox
    Foxy The Fox 13 days ago

    Anchor: Gotta go fast

  • Mario BaloStelli
    Mario BaloStelli 13 days ago

    First one, fucking idiots greece

  • Eddie Marquez
    Eddie Marquez 15 days ago

    All they had to do was stick a pipe in one of the chain holes to jam it up.....duh

  • u666sa
    u666sa 16 days ago

    I want to stick my dck into your holes.

  • j k
    j k 16 days ago

    Posioden is only taking his dental floss

  • ぐうたらぼっち
    ぐうたらぼっち 18 days ago


  • xYz aBc
    xYz aBc 18 days ago

    How precious!

  • Dylan Alves
    Dylan Alves 19 days ago

    Whoever runs this channel you're a piece of ship find some new videos not the same ship that's on every other channel

  • M Natee
    M Natee 19 days ago +1

    มันคือโซ้อะไร ใว้ทำอะไร ? สหมอเรือหรือป่าว?สงสัย

  • Knuckles Dodd
    Knuckles Dodd 19 days ago

    How much does one of those chains cost😂

  • Drewski _
    Drewski _ 20 days ago

    it’s finals week. i should be studying, yet i’m watching fucking anchor fails...

  • Joe
    Joe 20 days ago

    Deep water.

  • CH0ZEN
    CH0ZEN 20 days ago +5

    *Looks like my grades are falling down so fast*

  • MadGary
    MadGary 20 days ago

    At least the girl was pretty

  • Fritz Mikhail
    Fritz Mikhail 20 days ago

    7:45 she makes me drop my anchor all day!😍😍😍

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 day ago

    I bet any fish will think he's the shark slayeer.

    THE GREEK TROLLER 21 day ago +1

    1:58 MALAKAAAA

  • Chris Toff
    Chris Toff 21 day ago


  • augustusmd
    augustusmd 21 day ago +1

    these aren’t your videos! its not original. all you did is crop them to make it look different.

  • Christian Stein
    Christian Stein 22 days ago

    Clickbait pic!

  • Daniel
    Daniel 22 days ago

    Is there a tardis for all this chain??

  • Rick Fessler
    Rick Fessler 22 days ago


  • Rogelio Maza
    Rogelio Maza 22 days ago

    The last anchor fall. In the US Navy on job site they have more chief than Indians. You see more none officer working than 3rd class and lower tank working. That's why I retired in the Merchant Marine instead of the US. Navy

  • Jose Candelas
    Jose Candelas 22 days ago

    Obra de Satanás por los oídos sordos y ciegos Dios dales poder porque voy para allá contigo en contacto conmigo amén 🙏🏿

  • Ваше Величество

    Pfffff...Just Godzilla catch the anchor and nothing more

  • callemos los brutos E
    callemos los brutos E 22 days ago


  • area51r
    area51r 22 days ago

    the 2nd clip was great. i mean how do you not know to never be directly under an anchor ? hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Doc Brown
    Doc Brown 23 days ago

    Somewhere below a whale sees an anchor and a lotta chain go by, sends a sound to his whale shark buddy below to get the fuck out of the way. There goes a lotta $$$$ to the bottom, maybe they can use an ROV to attach a cable and bring it up, depending on depth. Meanwhile Capt Nemo just shakes his head and goes full to get the fuck out of the area. Can you imagine having to report you lost the anchor and chain to the captain, you know the chance of being tossed overboard is still high. Of course some ppl have been caught in chains and gone down, pretty much fucked.

  • kevin
    kevin 23 days ago


  • i have seen things
    i have seen things 23 days ago

    Is that how they bulit Anchorage, Alaska?

  • Bokirsky
    Bokirsky 23 days ago

    **megalodon has left the sea**

  • Bokirsky
    Bokirsky 23 days ago

    How much to pay lost anchor in video? 😂

  • Сергей Иванов


  • greeksalad84
    greeksalad84 24 days ago

    Fathoms ?

  • TraviTrail
    TraviTrail 25 days ago +1

    I hope the incompetent pieces of shit responsible were fired ...this is way more dangerous than people think.

  • nickkaboo
    nickkaboo 28 days ago


  • Daryl Halliday
    Daryl Halliday 28 days ago

    Imagine how much money's worth these huge chains are.

  • ryan olson
    ryan olson 29 days ago

    Love the first one where the brake shoes catches fire!

  • Stan Knight
    Stan Knight Month ago +1

    Hey Todd, how are you doing? Fine? Good. I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to go to the bottom of the sea and retrieve the anchor we just lost. If you would do that it would be great, thanks!

  • n3wbee
    n3wbee Month ago +2

    Haha there is a filipino guy in the first vid he said "hala ka no more anchor"
    Wich means "screw you theres no more anchor"

  • TheLegend 27
    TheLegend 27 Month ago +2

    I thought they just let it go without a care in the world

  • Alton Rowell
    Alton Rowell Month ago +1

    Anker away. A long way.

  • Bionic Paul
    Bionic Paul Month ago


  • Malik Traders 786
    Malik Traders 786 Month ago +2

    Intresting 👌👌👌👌👌
    Love From Pakistan❤❤

  • Ali Syed
    Ali Syed Month ago +1

    Gravitational potential energy -> kinetic + thermal energy

  • Owen Bradley
    Owen Bradley Month ago


  • Kestas Smaid
    Kestas Smaid Month ago

    Debyly 2

  • Ajesh T K Onakkoor
    Ajesh T K Onakkoor Month ago

    നൻങ്കൂരം ഇടുന്നതൊരു നിസ്സാരസംഭവമല്ലല്ലേ..... 🙄🙄🙄

  • john hannahan
    john hannahan Month ago

    Why not use a cable instead of the monster chain with the same anchor ..

  • Piotr ek
    Piotr ek Month ago

    I'm a mechanic, but this is f.....g engineer mistake :-)

  • Piotr ek
    Piotr ek Month ago

    ...i w pizdu wylądował

  • Debayan Basu
    Debayan Basu Month ago

    Allah hu Akbar!!!


    that so awesome, we strong


    that so awesome, we strong

  • Erik Hägglund
    Erik Hägglund Month ago

    I saw most of these in 2017. And 2016. And 2015.

  • C L Thomas
    C L Thomas Month ago

    In some of these you can actually see the moment when the operator says “well, shit”.

  • BoilerBloodline
    BoilerBloodline Month ago

    What are “Fathoms”?

  • Godflesh 29
    Godflesh 29 Month ago

    Damn boatswain mates!!!!!

  • Godflesh 29
    Godflesh 29 Month ago

    Thanks to the asshole dipping the camera down we didn't get see that chain whip around on last vid.

  • Chuck Harper
    Chuck Harper Month ago


  • DMXiNc
    DMXiNc Month ago

    so we can keep "producing content" ??? so collating videos is producing? damn son they need to rewrite the dictionary for you lot lol

  • Lance Revell
    Lance Revell Month ago

    Happened on my Navy ship in 1983. We left it and went on our cruise. The anchor had been recovered and sat on our pier upon return. Embarrassing. But we got it back.

  • Tankrit Kiddo
    Tankrit Kiddo Month ago +1

    @2:00 Bahala ka! No more anchor! Dropped all the way! 😂😂😂🇵🇭

  • Innaman Joubert
    Innaman Joubert Month ago

    Anchor overboard to Davey Jones' locker and f the consequences.

  • brizzlefizzle
    brizzlefizzle Month ago

    When you’re approaching the skull fort too quickly

  • Carlos Rodriguez Von-Samosa de Aquas

    Having dropped a few anchors in my time, I have never seen such a bunch of half ars*d amateurs in all my life

  • billy 626
    billy 626 2 months ago

    Fucking thing is still sinking.

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 2 months ago

    Reminds me of taking a cocaine shit

  • Dale Nelson
    Dale Nelson 2 months ago

    How fing long is that chain

  • Old Skool Nutter Bielefeld BBC

    Let the blame games begin,he did it you did it you should have done it and could have done it but you done it Wong master Chen

  • alvyno
    alvyno 2 months ago

    I bet no one like this comment

  • Edward Myers
    Edward Myers 2 months ago

    Why didnt they slap that guillotine looking thing shut?

  • Ed H.
    Ed H. 2 months ago

    End was shit!

  • Werrner Erstead
    Werrner Erstead 2 months ago

    wow the last (and best) one is a study in team incompetence, every last person down to the cameraman manages to fuck up beyond his wildest dreams... seriously, i dont care if any or all of those people died as a result of an accident like this but YOU SOMEHOW SPAZ OUT AND RUIN SUCH AN EPIC MONEY SHOT, MAYBE 5 OR 6 FRAMES AT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART?! pointing the camera down for a split second and then back up again as soon as the climax is dunzo? fuck you cameraman. fuck you in the butt

  • gustavo xar
    gustavo xar 2 months ago

    You can allways fish it out with a magnet

  • Jill LeRoy
    Jill LeRoy 2 months ago

    that garage on 2572 apple valley road in Brookhaven Georgia has been stopped disassembled do to laziness abuse and lying I want the perpatratior locked up in an insane asylum

  • Mike NJ
    Mike NJ 2 months ago

    Are you supposed to let 1 link at a time go? How do you prevent that from happening with that much weight?

  • Marc Wouters
    Marc Wouters 2 months ago +1

    Just order a new one on ebay with free delivery . Not satisfied , money back . So simple today !!!!!!!!

    • BatteryH1862
      BatteryH1862 2 months ago

      I use Amazon Prime to get it free in 2 days...

  • Marc Wouters
    Marc Wouters 2 months ago +1

    These ships now sail more eco friendly with less weight , win win situation !!!! lol !!!!

  • Sebas Rodriguez
    Sebas Rodriguez 2 months ago

    intern has to swim down and get it

  • Tim Bibin
    Tim Bibin 2 months ago

    The chains weigh more than the anchors

  • WootTootZoot
    WootTootZoot 2 months ago

    There's always someone in Navy who doesn't know their job who will stand around with their hands in their pockets shouting "Muv-uh fuc-uh"

  • Bada Bing Bada Boom
    Bada Bing Bada Boom 2 months ago

    Captain thinks to himself, Oh crap I should have bought 2 when I was at walmart yesterday.

  • 77MrAH
    77MrAH 2 months ago

    I'm a pirate and I find this video really humiliates us pirates. Take it down you landlovers! 👊

  • S J G
    S J G 2 months ago

    😂😂 exactly what I was thinking

  • Luca Diamante
    Luca Diamante 2 months ago

    Message for ship designers: provide two or three brakes pour anchor, not only one

  • Flatfoot2282
    Flatfoot2282 2 months ago

    ummmmmm...Didn't the captain mention about needing a new anchor or sumptin just the other day?

  • mr cynical
    mr cynical 2 months ago

    Chinese crap

  • Jake Foster
    Jake Foster 2 months ago

    Real men lift there own anchors

  • charlie frost the first

    Someone hooked chuck Norris

  • Paul Naylor
    Paul Naylor 2 months ago

    The first vid the Captain comes out and says “now go get it”