Match the Dog to Their Owner (Tom) | Lineup | Cut


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  • Austin White
    Austin White 11 hours ago

    what kind of dog the second one 2:02

  • F BA
    F BA Day ago

    Tom is so cute !!

  • Yebbe Steentoft
    Yebbe Steentoft Day ago

    When you try to sound smart but just end up looking like a idiot:
    "It's that lack of confidence that gives me confidence"

  • Tanith vdh
    Tanith vdh Day ago

    What is the dog breed from the blonde lady that struggles with depression?

  • BenzGamer
    BenzGamer 2 days ago

    Jacks eyes were trippy

  • Caro Mayo
    Caro Mayo 2 days ago

    this video is so freaking cute

  • Gac951
    Gac951 2 days ago

    Tom is Canadian!!!

  • C Spratling
    C Spratling 2 days ago

    Omg I got them all right

  • Ellena Augh
    Ellena Augh 3 days ago

    I love how the first dog keeps trying to go to his owner ♡♡♡ I knew who the owner was at 1:15

  • christina awak
    christina awak 3 days ago

    3:32 I saw the second girl on the left pet the big dog

  • T DRIT
    T DRIT 5 days ago

    The cocaine comment was hilarious!

  • Teazlin
    Teazlin 5 days ago +1

    Walter is so cuteeeeeeee

  • Nada Rakha
    Nada Rakha 5 days ago

    @2:48 riley's real owner couldnt stop herself from petting her baby

  • RainbowHaired Riley
    RainbowHaired Riley 6 days ago +1

    Hello I am Riley, and I want to hug Riley.

  • Donna Krutz Moore HMUA

    Cute episode!!! 💗💗💗

  • Amanda Wadsworth
    Amanda Wadsworth 7 days ago

    Omg I Love Tom

  • Bella Grace
    Bella Grace 8 days ago

    The amount of times I nearly cried because of the pureness in this video is astounding

  • Anna Leclair
    Anna Leclair 8 days ago

    My Dog name is rylie

  • Milo The Crayon
    Milo The Crayon 9 days ago +1

    "it's all the cocaine you do, walter"

  • Alexia Moll
    Alexia Moll 9 days ago

    I love the dogs, the owners, and Tom's pin

  • foggy sky
    foggy sky 9 days ago


  • SamIsOnline
    SamIsOnline 9 days ago

    oh god, i need a dog before i go crazy!

  • Jordyn Largusa
    Jordyn Largusa 10 days ago

    I knew who jacks owner was as soon as he walked into the room because his eyes lit up ugghhh I love doggos

  • Alyssa Wilson
    Alyssa Wilson 10 days ago

    I love how in love with them he is, his laugh is adorable

  • Sasha x
    Sasha x 11 days ago

    walter flopping on the ground is a fat mood

  • m
    m 11 days ago


  • Krista Larkin
    Krista Larkin 12 days ago

    what breed is leo? (dachsund?)

  • katelyn anne
    katelyn anne 12 days ago

    “It’s all the cocaine you do Walter, slow down buddy”

  • Kaylie Villa
    Kaylie Villa 13 days ago

    Loveeeee this ❤️ we need more videos with pups 💕

  • BeeBean
    BeeBean 15 days ago

    hes so happy this is so pure omg

  • ellie ledgerwood
    ellie ledgerwood 16 days ago

    ¡fuck trump!

  • buffnuffin
    buffnuffin 17 days ago

    Zero correct answers, but whats that ?! %70 Accuracy in position !
    He followed the intuitions of the dogs.
    See how the dogs stand towards the person next to the leashes holder !
    Well done Tom ! : )
    If had begun with Riley correct he would guess the bulldog also correct and so on

  • Skyler Sroka
    Skyler Sroka 17 days ago

    The girl with the emotional support dog seemed so sad when he guessed wrong

  • Efjasa gaming
    Efjasa gaming 17 days ago

    Depression isn't real, it's just small dick energy.

  • Spicy
    Spicy 18 days ago

    emotional support animals are just scams to get on airlines for free did you notice how poorly he was acting and the actual service dog was able to calm down

  • Irene Sidere
    Irene Sidere 18 days ago

    I love Walter and I have the same breed as walter

  • Becca Welch
    Becca Welch 18 days ago

    The way the blonde girl grabbed the other dogs snout when he started barking lol I was like "oof that's her dog dog for sure"

  • Tonia Castro
    Tonia Castro 18 days ago

    The pug is so cute with a really cute guy 💕 is this man single 😉

  • Tyree Brown
    Tyree Brown 18 days ago

    He was the happiest man alive in this moment

  • Jo Lyn
    Jo Lyn 19 days ago

    Seems like the happiest man on earth, love his smiles. This was so much fun. Thx for the feels.

  • annahelenaej
    annahelenaej 20 days ago

    Beginning of video: AWWW cute dogs
    End of video: AAWWWW cute guy

  • Saltiest Walrus
    Saltiest Walrus 21 day ago

    3:23 the blonde girl touches that other dog's snout and that's when I knew which was hers

  • Stephanie James Keenan

    The pit bull is of course the most happy and well behaved ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • rylee_.mckenna
    rylee_.mckenna 21 day ago


  • Clara Han
    Clara Han 22 days ago

    i got asian girl, red shirt guy and black beanie dude right:)

  • i s a b e l l a
    i s a b e l l a 24 days ago

    The girl with the striped shirt's dog.. what type is that dog? Its so cute

  • Emilio Velazquez
    Emilio Velazquez 24 days ago

    That Asian girl is hot

  • Professor Cheetah
    Professor Cheetah 25 days ago

    I LOVE WALTER ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I have a frenchie and I love them!

  • Elihu Vera
    Elihu Vera 26 days ago

    Why did the black girl get her dog last ??

  • Courtney King
    Courtney King 27 days ago

    Tom your gorgeous :)

  • nfinitiduck
    nfinitiduck 28 days ago

    Look at the guy in the hat's face when they bring in Jack at 2:44 - so obvious that's his dog he loves

  • Emily Espinosa
    Emily Espinosa 28 days ago

    I love that guys laugh

  • BurntToast256
    BurntToast256 28 days ago

    That Tom guy is so happy. Goals.

  • MusicloverX88
    MusicloverX88 Month ago

    What kind of breed is Walter?

  • Dragon Fang Art
    Dragon Fang Art Month ago

    This really made me realize how much I’m like my own dog haha! Visually and personality wise

  • Icewo Locum
    Icewo Locum Month ago

    I fuck dogs for living

  • TheRealCardoso
    TheRealCardoso Month ago

    I knew the blonde girl had the lassie looking dog bc she looked very shy so I can see her having an emotional support animal

    RICKYakaZEPHYR Month ago

    I ❤️ U Tom

  • Liam Power
    Liam Power Month ago

    Arya seemed so sad throughout the video because her mum died :(....... glad she has Riley cause I feel rlly bad for her

  • שרח דה קוסטה

    C u t e

  • Giuseppe Caruso
    Giuseppe Caruso Month ago

    Tom is so adorable :) i'd like to pet him :)

  • Amelia Marie
    Amelia Marie Month ago

    He was so happy to be with the dogs awww

  • Dot Sy
    Dot Sy Month ago

    I hate Walter's heavy breathing

  • Letter
    Letter Month ago

    "are you a dog person" to a room full of dog owners lmao

  • Emilee Hill
    Emilee Hill Month ago

    I would love to be apart of this! I think both my dogs would probably come straight to me. I have two Dachshunds, and they’re one person dogs! 😂❤️

  • Mattie Taylor
    Mattie Taylor Month ago

    Meanwhile me at home in bed with my cat

  • Darth 0ptic
    Darth 0ptic Month ago

    he got a dog right after

  • wtf is this
    wtf is this Month ago

    wow jack is beautiful

  • fleurified
    fleurified Month ago

    Watching this the 2nd time is so much fun, you actually notice some of the chemistry going on between the true owner/dog couple. Especially chip the cute couch potato keeps shuffling back to his owner its so adorable.

  • difranchise
    difranchise Month ago

    A single millennial male with a dog, living in a city is a closet phag.

  • mikayla clark
    mikayla clark Month ago

    I mixed up the two men's dogs but I got the rest right, I feel like I really accomplished something when in reality I'm staying up late on a "cut" binge.

  • Jeb :/
    Jeb :/ Month ago

    That asian girl is t h i c c c 🍑

  • aleena young
    aleena young Month ago

    I knew that bulldog belong to the guy in the Burgoyne shirt

  • Katie Cox
    Katie Cox Month ago

    I love how happy and giddy Tom is.

  • Seidie aSmr
    Seidie aSmr Month ago

    What type of dog is chip

  • k k
    k k Month ago +2

    dogs are so beautiful

  • jeremy
    jeremy Month ago

    7:58 beanie dude just breaks down

  • lyndsay
    lyndsay Month ago

    “It’s all the cocaine you do, Walter. Slow down little guy”

  • kittycat
    kittycat Month ago

    I love dogs so much that i just started crying😂👌🏻 because these doggies eve everything 😭😭😭

  • Ayahriyah King
    Ayahriyah King Month ago


  • Jack van Winden
    Jack van Winden Month ago

    I have a feeling you shouldn't do this with a huskey...x) That could create some loud barks ..

  • SeeburgMusic
    SeeburgMusic Month ago

    Hi, I'm Tom, I'm a bartender and a film maker and I'm guessing a homosexual and I have the most annoying laugh in the world that never stops ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ...

  • TheCheck7
    TheCheck7 Month ago


  • calnio
    calnio Month ago

    YAY I got 5 correct

  • Hand Signs
    Hand Signs Month ago

    i have no idea why im here today

  • Martha t
    Martha t Month ago

    Aww I want a dog too😭

  • The Service Goldy
    The Service Goldy Month ago

    You can tell that that guys service dog is a real service dog because he actually knows the laws and is tasked trained!

  • Kad rie
    Kad rie Month ago

    Bring this lovely man back! His laugh is amazing, i smiled like an idiot through the whole video

  • RedHabour79 XBL
    RedHabour79 XBL Month ago

    that guy was having the time of his life, what a lad

  • firmly grasp it
    firmly grasp it Month ago

    Video ends at 5:00

  • Jimi Jaimz Entertainment

    I was with him with all his decisions besides the guy with the red shirt. I knew that was his dog for some reason

  • Chiara Andrighetto
    Chiara Andrighetto Month ago +1

    I love his laugh but... Tom has the same laugh as Lord Farquaad?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    I am struggling with mental health problems and now I realize I need a dog/cat to help me cope. I love cats and dogs. Too bad I don't have the conditions for them...

  • Praveen Rajendran
    Praveen Rajendran Month ago

    Every single 🐕 is an emotional support dog.

  • Mello
    Mello 2 months ago

    I guessed the emotional support dog right. The way that girl was standing just screams anxiety

  • Ahm3Lo X
    Ahm3Lo X 2 months ago

    His Laugh WTF hohohoho hehehehe

  • VidiaPlays
    VidiaPlays 2 months ago

    I think if the guy had paid more attention to the owners reactions to the hints and how they look at the dogs he would’ve gotten more correct. There’s just a certain way people look at their dogs. Like for example when they said moose was an emotional support animal, I knew he was the girl in green’s just based on her reaction to that hint.
    But, when you’re surrounded by dogs, I can definitely see how you wouldn’t focus much on anything else lmao

  • Elsa Labouret
    Elsa Labouret 2 months ago

    Tom looks so fucking sweet. He just hohoho'ed at all the dogs and laughed at being wrong, he asked very original questions, he just looks so warm and fun.

  • Lillian Gonzalez
    Lillian Gonzalez 2 months ago

    What dog breed is Mocha?? So cute!

  • Shelby Doner
    Shelby Doner 2 months ago

    I love his laugh, that is the laugh of a pure soul