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  • Ali Narab
    Ali Narab 3 days ago

    The @ of the Chinese girl please

  • QuickCrafts
    QuickCrafts 3 days ago

    I love how much he loves the dogs

  • Kioku
    Kioku 3 days ago

    I would think the dogs would try to go to their owners and give it away. My family's dog sticks to my mom like glue ;p

  • Minoo Shiroyama
    Minoo Shiroyama 3 days ago

    need a cat version u knowwww ;)

  • Erin Roberts
    Erin Roberts 4 days ago

    I’m starting to think that I have a depression radar. I attempted to guess as well and when they said moose was an emotional support dog I immediately thought it was the girl in the green jacket with blonde hairs dog.
    The way she behaved and stood reminded me of myself (someone who has depression and an emotional support dog)


    This could be my full time job.

  • Shayanne de Boer
    Shayanne de Boer 6 days ago

    The Frenchie was SPLOOTING

  • Akisha Green
    Akisha Green 6 days ago

    Tom is soooo cute and funny

  • Layla Imperatori
    Layla Imperatori 7 days ago

    His laugh made me happy

  • 0Claire420
    0Claire420 7 days ago

    I have C-PTSD too and my cat was my support, I didn’t have a diagnosis at that point but she knew. When she passed away I went down hill fast and ended up getting my diagnosis after months off sick from work. She’s slappin bitches in heaven now. So glad that guy has a pupper to help him, I know how it feels.

  • daeja l’nai
    daeja l’nai 8 days ago

    Hi I just finished the video and still would love to meet.. is that weird? I love your volunteer heart & love for pits (:

  • daeja l’nai
    daeja l’nai 8 days ago

    Hi guy in a beanie let’s go on a date(: lol

  • Konrad Kozyrski
    Konrad Kozyrski 8 days ago

    he fuckin LOVES dogs

  • Nathaniel Spurrier
    Nathaniel Spurrier 9 days ago

    I could use an emotional support dog but instead I've got a useless, naughty cat

  • 슈
     9 days ago

    omg this is so fun tho playing with the cute puppies awwwww

  • Sandra Baggett
    Sandra Baggett 10 days ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t pickup on the cues the dogs were giving him. A few of them were trying to get to their owner, so you could totally tell who belonged to who

  • Alyssa B
    Alyssa B 11 days ago

    “We have a bunch of dogs here today” pure excitement and confusion

  • Anna May
    Anna May 12 days ago

    Don't mind me. I'm just melting into the cuteness... 😍

  • Emilia Xi
    Emilia Xi 14 days ago

    This guy is the absolute sweetest ❤️

  • Retarded Shaq
    Retarded Shaq 15 days ago

    “Are you a social person?”
    *almost crying* “Yeah I’d say so”

  • Fancy Paws
    Fancy Paws 15 days ago

    Why does everyone seem a bit awkward, im new here so idk

  • xxxoceanxxx ?
    xxxoceanxxx ? 18 days ago

    am i the only one who saw his fuck trump pin on his shirt bahah

  • Sam O
    Sam O 18 days ago +1

    The Asian girl is cute

  • Corporal Idiot
    Corporal Idiot 18 days ago

    this video was so wholesome

  • Regina Del Real
    Regina Del Real 18 days ago

    This video just made me smile so much. I love these videos!

    NTH THN 18 days ago

    awww :3

  • annielator
    annielator 18 days ago

    THE pitbull is so cool with the blue eye on the white side and the brown eye on the dark side

  • Kirito 77
    Kirito 77 18 days ago

    What breed is moose

  • AmandaV.
    AmandaV. 19 days ago

    I am obsessed with how happy and giddy he was through this entire video, so many giggles haha

  • Pernilla
    Pernilla 20 days ago

    The dog jack how he had two different coloured eyes 😍😍

  • DasPikachu
    DasPikachu 20 days ago

    I feel sorry for Walter, he is breathing so heavily :/ Please don't support these breeds.

    SHOURYA SINGH 20 days ago


  • lock heart
    lock heart 21 day ago

    dogs are like celeberties, i always wanna go up to them and hug them

  • eating is gr8
    eating is gr8 22 days ago +1

    I loved his laugh

  • Floor Floor
    Floor Floor 22 days ago

    Honestly his guesses looked more accurate

  • Hannah H
    Hannah H 22 days ago

    I could tell Riley was the blonde girl's dog because he kept turning over to her & she kept petting him. You could tell he was looking at her like "who tf is this Shaggy dude you're letting hold me?!"

    PCLHH 22 days ago

    All dogs are born sevice dogs.

  • athena
    athena 23 days ago

    watching this made me sad because I had a French bulldog just like Walter that happened to pass away like a month ago. :(

  • jed Tomczat
    jed Tomczat 23 days ago +1

    oo asian with the af!

  • Mooi Jahning
    Mooi Jahning 23 days ago

    I want jack!!!

  • hipnhappenin
    hipnhappenin 24 days ago +2

    All the therapy dogs were freaking out. Probably cos they could sense their owners were nervous and they couldn’t be with them

  • Savage Cat
    Savage Cat 24 days ago

    I would have picked the same ones as him

  • Sheralee Ripikoi
    Sheralee Ripikoi 24 days ago

    dudes, if you haven't already, you should do "Match the child to the parent"

  • Elite665
    Elite665 24 days ago

    What type of dog is moose I want it!!!!

  • juss Gianna
    juss Gianna 24 days ago

    When he said netflix and chill i was like do you know what that means😂

  • Ishda Goat
    Ishda Goat 25 days ago

    0:35 is the dumbest thing I heard today

  • Benjamín Luque
    Benjamín Luque 25 days ago

    Loved this dude! Loved the dogs! This video warmed my day

  • Jonas
    Jonas 25 days ago

    Ohoohohooh noo ohahaoohohoho Aww
    his reaction when each dog comes out :Ddd

  • iitto
    iitto 26 days ago


  • Madison Berridge
    Madison Berridge 26 days ago

    I love you CUT!

  • Isxxc
    Isxxc 26 days ago

    Jacks eyes 😭😍

  • MillieFaye Tutorials
    MillieFaye Tutorials 26 days ago

    Favorite episode yet

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey 27 days ago

    If Winnie the Pooh was a person, he’d be this guy omg. I love him

  • The Damned Alpaca
    The Damned Alpaca 27 days ago

    I envy that dude

  • Nanya Sanders
    Nanya Sanders 28 days ago

    He was so happy with the dogs omg 😭

  • Grace Heller
    Grace Heller 29 days ago

    I love this but oh my goodness Tom seems so sweet! I need his insta haha

  • TDF_ W0rldKeY
    TDF_ W0rldKeY 29 days ago

    OMG..... That pit has heterochromea.... Uuugh I can't anymore I love doggos. Nobody could guess my dog belongs to me tho...

  • Neon Majora
    Neon Majora 29 days ago

    Tom is cute too.

  • liv
    liv 29 days ago

    wiener loops

  • Annie Kycek
    Annie Kycek 29 days ago

    who else knew that walter belonged to the first guy because of truth or drink blind dates

  • Janet Caldera
    Janet Caldera 29 days ago


  • Vikas Kyatannawar
    Vikas Kyatannawar 29 days ago

    they should get exerts in the fields when they do matching sessions.

  • MegatronLP 700
    MegatronLP 700 Month ago

    I love this video

    KEIKI Month ago

    What breed is the first dog

  • 포피[Popi]
    포피[Popi] Month ago

    this was so adorable! I wanna meet dogs as my job too!

  • Julia Gill
    Julia Gill Month ago

    The guy who guessed the owners has such a great laugh!!

    †邪YOKOSHIMA Month ago +1

    I knew it was her dog because she was trying to hush it barking at her and was patting it (on the left)
    I noticed it wouldn't stop reaching her ever since.

    †邪YOKOSHIMA Month ago +1

    Jack has two different colored eyes.
    My name is Jack and I wear one colored eye for fashion to express the self life made of me.

  • Yester Games
    Yester Games Month ago

    6:20 I know that's very serious and a very real thing but god damnit that was cute af

  • Mandy Caldwell
    Mandy Caldwell Month ago

    4:10 left bottem corner MOOD


    This makes me miss my hound... he was a pitbull named rockstar and he was the best pup in the world

  • Between the Stars
    Between the Stars Month ago

    Ok now I want a dog like the last one can anyone lemme know how can I get one

  • ytsas49748
    ytsas49748 Month ago

    WHAT guys Jack has 1 brown eye and 1 blue so cool

  • Amber Waite
    Amber Waite Month ago

    Omg! I want Jack!!!

  • King ZaiLea
    King ZaiLea Month ago

    Walter is the same dog I have

  • Gamingwith Nikki
    Gamingwith Nikki Month ago

    Moose and Riley sitting on a tree k. I. S. S. I. N. G I ship them ❤️

  • Just leyah Vlogs
    Just leyah Vlogs Month ago


  • Miriam K-G
    Miriam K-G Month ago

    Mocha is so cute

  • Olivia Howard
    Olivia Howard Month ago +1

    They should do a match the art(art style) to the artist.

  • Ellen Dean
    Ellen Dean Month ago

    That big dog I was matching it with the right owner because girls like bug fluffy dogs
    Edit: big*

  • Genesis A
    Genesis A Month ago

    The moose dog reminded me of Lauren’s (laurdiy) dog because he is called moose and he’s an emotional support animal too

  • Bella Pfaff
    Bella Pfaff Month ago +1

    I'm allergic to dogs 😭😭

  • Ruleyourface
    Ruleyourface Month ago


  • Queen Akira
    Queen Akira Month ago

    *I love his pin*

  • Christelle &YT
    Christelle &YT Month ago

    I just notice that Jack has different colour eyes Brown and blue

  • Llama_Is_Cool Yeet
    Llama_Is_Cool Yeet Month ago

    all walter did was lay down and try to chill

  • cherry Hong
    cherry Hong Month ago +1

    Jack has a blue and and a brown eyes

  • Stefos
    Stefos Month ago

    3:48 Patch saying "FUCK TRUMP"

  • Skippy Cupcake
    Skippy Cupcake Month ago

    I love how Tom has a badge on saying 'F*** Trump' XD

  • Ana G.
    Ana G. Month ago

    if he had to match me with any dog it would be so hard because i would make such a fuss about how cute they all are i would be all giggles and smiles jsjdjsjsjs

  • Scott Bello
    Scott Bello Month ago

    7:57 “it’s all the cocaine you do Walter” 😂

  • TEL
    TEL Month ago

    Can I join cut?'

    I wanna meet cute dogs or pets.

  • Janis Lopez
    Janis Lopez Month ago

    I literally love his pin on his jacket!

  • Ab Carlyon
    Ab Carlyon Month ago


  • Zeifos
    Zeifos Month ago

    When they said Moose was an emotional support dog I immediately knew who was the girl in the camo, but then he choose the girl next to her and I was like noooooo 😂 But Tom is such a fun loving guy it was really pleasant to watch

  • lilkiddy69 Xxx
    lilkiddy69 Xxx Month ago

    Jack is sooo cute 😭❤️

  • Shay Louise
    Shay Louise Month ago

    Best video in this series!

  • Justkiki20
    Justkiki20 Month ago

    5:11 the blond and guy with the hat diffused the situation so quick

  • Anpa
    Anpa Month ago

    He looks just like Drew powell

  • Oliwia Wears
    Oliwia Wears Month ago

    Omg jack’s eyes 👀 ❤️