Match the Dog to Their Owner (Tom) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on May 19, 2018
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    Match the Dog to Their Owner (Tom) | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 1 018

  • G Julian Cantu
    G Julian Cantu Day ago

    7:56 lol

  • shannon morton
    shannon morton 2 days ago

    "to his/her* owner"
    it reflects on how we perceive and treat them♡

  • Magnus McKie
    Magnus McKie 5 days ago

    WAIT. Is Moose a Hoverwart? they are the most adorable puppers ever

  • KoleXJericho4eva
    KoleXJericho4eva 9 days ago

    me: the pitbull belongs to the guy who donates his time ill swear by it
    bearded dude: *explains jack*
    Me: HELL YEA

  • leah ketilsson
    leah ketilsson 10 days ago

    "its all the cocaine you do walter" lmaaaooooo

  • Amber Chrones
    Amber Chrones 13 days ago

    I LOVE his button!!!

  • Annabella Paulic
    Annabella Paulic 14 days ago

    The guy that was matching the digs and their owners looks almost exactly like my religion teacher lmao

  • Shea Butter Beauty
    Shea Butter Beauty 14 days ago

    How is helping during a panic attack, unless he like passes out or something, qualify the dog as a service animal instead of an esa?

  • Alexa Alexandria
    Alexa Alexandria 15 days ago

    His laugh is contagious.

  • alexia c:
    alexia c: 16 days ago

    i love his laugh😂

  • sky z
    sky z 17 days ago

    this guy is so happy to be around dogs its frkn adorable lol id be the same

  • Solace Huntsman Studios

    I’m so jealous of this man.

  • Maurits
    Maurits 18 days ago

    ''to it's owner'''?

  • Helen Womack
    Helen Womack 19 days ago

    Props to PTSD guy that made me cry his relationship with his dog is comforting and cute

  • chris odenweller
    chris odenweller 20 days ago

    Jack is a pitbull btw

  • Hannah Fortenberry
    Hannah Fortenberry 21 day ago

    Does anyone know what breed Mocha is?

  • Hannah Fortenberry
    Hannah Fortenberry 21 day ago

    Riley is my middle name I'm honored

  • boog_masskwé
    boog_masskwé 21 day ago

    Man that Asian girl is soooo fine.

  • basil !
    basil ! 21 day ago

    id die for tom

  • Tasha Vladimiroff
    Tasha Vladimiroff 22 days ago

    Loving that pit bull shown in a great light. I have two myself. Got me through chemo.

  • Rhiahna Lewis
    Rhiahna Lewis 23 days ago

    Difference is Service/assistance dogs are task trained and have full public access rights
    ESAs are just for comfort and have no public access rights
    I loved jack!!!! I have a staffy assistance dog for CPTSD (+other mental health issues).

  • shane sparks
    shane sparks 24 days ago


  • Chase Williams golf
    Chase Williams golf 26 days ago

    “Fuck trump “ fuck you

  • Ivy Cat
    Ivy Cat 26 days ago

    I feel in love with Tom omg

  • Amelia beeedelia
    Amelia beeedelia 27 days ago

    Where's my match cat with human🤣

  • Niko Aj
    Niko Aj 27 days ago

    ive found my twin my nAME is rylee to just spelled different

  • ebonyyy e
    ebonyyy e 27 days ago

    I have a moose but his name is poohbear

  • Moira Davis
    Moira Davis 29 days ago

    This makes my heart so happy

  • Amatay Boutte
    Amatay Boutte 29 days ago

    How were the dogs not trying to play/fight with each other lol. Such good babies

  • mels edits
    mels edits Month ago +1

    I want a cat version

  • red velvet
    red velvet Month ago


  • Junior Jackson
    Junior Jackson Month ago

    Emotional support dog. They all are. Naturally.

  • Ethan Morris
    Ethan Morris Month ago +1

    Was he the guy on the series of the unfortunate events

  • Katalimess
    Katalimess Month ago

    So I just about started crying when the service animals were talked about.

  • melo cst
    melo cst Month ago

    that guy was in heaven

  • idylle♡doll
    idylle♡doll Month ago

    I loved the video but we as a progressive society need to stop using the word “owner” as it perpetuates the idea that dogs are inanimate objects to own and enables that mentality especially with people who mistreat animals. The less we dehumanise them the closer we are to changing that mentality that they are objects to own. They have feelings and complex emotions, we adopt them as our own children. We are their parents and guardians.

  • Adri Michelle
    Adri Michelle Month ago

    Love this, it should be a show

  • Lívia Maria Souza
    Lívia Maria Souza Month ago

    Why didn't they zoom to the dogs, though?

  • Hailie Homrighausen

    *GASP* Is it puppy time?!

  • gemstone switchblades

    Fuck the video what’s the Asian girls @

  • Andrew Dela Calzada

    I love dogs!

  • EVIL Co.
    EVIL Co. Month ago

    The intellect own equines.

  • Sarah N
    Sarah N Month ago

    Tom has such a nice laugh it’s contagious

  • Elite Death
    Elite Death Month ago


  • MuStaCHeSTEF
    MuStaCHeSTEF Month ago +1

    I fuking love his laugh XD I started laughing when he did xD

  • Karie Schneider
    Karie Schneider Month ago

    Annoying fake laugh....I had to turn the sound off...

    FLOWER Month ago

    There no such thing as an emotional support animal. Lies!

  • ljglhv
    ljglhv Month ago

    I love that pitty very adorable. Have one myself named baby sweetest puppy ever

  • Spicy Truth
    Spicy Truth Month ago

    He has really kind eyes

  • albinoshira
    albinoshira Month ago

    I needed this. Such a sweet and pure video.

  • keirasuniga
    keirasuniga Month ago

    I love the guys laugh

  • Loren Flores
    Loren Flores Month ago

    Go subscribe to (Spectfn) He needs it!!! Please!!!

  • xyz.x x
    xyz.x x Month ago

    I really liked man in a hat, he's such a good person and his dog is wonderful!

  • Hayley Howard
    Hayley Howard Month ago

    I like how through the last two dogs, Riley was quietly barking in the background at his owner like, ", hi....."

  • AshleyDarrlyn
    AshleyDarrlyn Month ago

    Some good-ass facial hair up in this video.

  • twenty one aliens
    twenty one aliens Month ago

    this made me so happy aw

  • Sherwin H
    Sherwin H Month ago

    is Leo a Dachsund?

  • G Devesa
    G Devesa Month ago

    How can someone dislike this video?..

  • AbigailO_o Mishu*-*
    AbigailO_o Mishu*-* Month ago +1

    God his laughter is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard!

  • sophia karpoev
    sophia karpoev Month ago

    What dog breed is Mocha?

  • nhi phan
    nhi phan Month ago

    Matching cat!!

  • Vie
    Vie Month ago

    I thought this was gonna be like bdsm dogs not real ones...

  • Boop Doop
    Boop Doop Month ago

    4:13 the dog on the end awwwwww. I love him

  • Sam Bandvik
    Sam Bandvik Month ago

    The only reason I guessed the emotional support dog right was because her body language and how much she was trying to protect herself yk

  • M A
    M A Month ago

    This guys laugh is off putting

  • Yoko April Tamada
    Yoko April Tamada Month ago

    I LOVE Tom's laugh!!!

  • Korbyn Vigil
    Korbyn Vigil Month ago

    It's kind of sad to see people of my generation with these problems like anxiety and depression....

  • Emily Pentland
    Emily Pentland Month ago

    If my dog was there she would rip all your faces off she is a dachshund

  • Mae Hovland
    Mae Hovland Month ago

    I love older people misusing Netflix and chill lolll

  • Jade Marie
    Jade Marie Month ago

    Tom rules.

  • Kxrnie Xx
    Kxrnie Xx Month ago

    People don’t deserve dogs 😍💓 the best animals with the kindest and biggest hearts.

    • Chloe 38
      Chloe 38 Month ago

      Kxrnie xx, I think your supposed to say “deserve dogs” or else it doesn’t make sense

  • Grace M
    Grace M Month ago

    That’s guy is literally me when I see any dog

  • Elise Walker
    Elise Walker Month ago

    Walter is me in dog form

  • EmmaProductions
    EmmaProductions Month ago

    I guessed right!!

  • EmmaProductions
    EmmaProductions Month ago

    I guessed right!!

  • Dameca Primm
    Dameca Primm Month ago

    I thought most dogs were emotional support

  • Christy S
    Christy S Month ago

    Its really cute how they all immediately chill out when theyre with their owners:// i love doggos

  • r10623
    r10623 Month ago


  • shaecoulae
    shaecoulae Month ago

    tom made my heart happy. and the fact he was so happy with all these dogs.

  • Brittaney B
    Brittaney B Month ago

    At 4:15 Chip keeps inching closer and closer to his owner // if you rewatch the sheepdog does the same at 3:26!

  • Sithion
    Sithion Month ago

    This is the most adorable and precious video i’ve seen in a while

  • Three Dollars, Man.
    Three Dollars, Man. Month ago +2

    "It's the lack of confidence i can be confident"
    -The most relatable thing I've heard

  • Isabella Hurley
    Isabella Hurley Month ago

    In 12 years I’d want to be one of those people with the dogs

  • Kaylee Smith
    Kaylee Smith Month ago

    I knew about the blonde girls riley and the guys pitbull

  • •The 7 OGS•
    •The 7 OGS• Month ago

    3:32 the blonde girl on the left was petting the big dog so I knew it was hers

  • ED
    ED Month ago

    I think almost everyone appearing on this channel, the vast majority at least to me seem like actors or students in drama school, including these dogs that seem right out an animal shelter lol! The main guy is annoying as fuck with that non stop laughter, sorry if I am being bad but that's just how I feel :)

  • Laura Pennington
    Laura Pennington Month ago

    I was right about Chip and Chance. BUT OMG THAT FRENCHIE IS SO CUTE IM GONNA DIE

  • Woah Aimee!
    Woah Aimee! Month ago

    *"its cause all the cocaine you do walker"*

  • WeeabooCyborg
    WeeabooCyborg Month ago

    4:09 Walterrrr I love youuuu

  • Aisha Bilal
    Aisha Bilal Month ago

    Anyone know what kind of the dog was the smallest one ?

  • daneth noy
    daneth noy Month ago

    Tom's laugh is so evil

  • JadedAngel14
    JadedAngel14 Month ago

    "I don't care, the puppies are so cute."
    I feel that, Tom. I feel that.
    Really mad that you guys mentioned Moose was an emotional support animal when you introduced him to Tom, but that you didn't mention that Jack is a service animal when you first introduced him to Tom. What's up with that, Cut?
    Honestly though I love that Jack's owner is just doting on Riley the whole time he has him. Like they're all pretty good with the dogs that aren't there's, but he especially just clearly adores all dogs. And since Riley is a senior dog, it's really nice to see him getting lots and lots of attention.
    They're all beautiful dogs - Moose especially is gorgeous, actually. But I have to say, Jack is my favourite. I have a pit bull named Magnum and he displays a lot of the same behaviour whenever I'm anxious or upset. They're a very affectionate breed, but also very persistent. Truly wonderful dogs.

  • silent pegg
    silent pegg Month ago

    I need to Tom’s profiles in Instagram , plz

  • Hyunjinator
    Hyunjinator Month ago +1

    5:48 that doggo lying in the background is a mood

  • Emmi Heywood
    Emmi Heywood Month ago +4

    The MINUTE they said that the black dog was an emotional support animal I knew it belonged to the girl in the green camo jacket because she was sort of holding herself in a shy position

  • Lethalmonster22
    Lethalmonster22 Month ago +1

    Owowoowo ahahah

  • Dixxi91
    Dixxi91 Month ago

    Can I be Tom next time plz? :3

  • Don’t subscribe to Me
    Don’t subscribe to Me 2 months ago +1

    I have rats..i guess when im older id look like a rat.

  • Ejirou Kirishima
    Ejirou Kirishima 2 months ago

    Omg the dog with hetrochromia was so cute

  • Юлія Julia
    Юлія Julia 2 months ago

    so cute laugh at the end of the video 😊😊😊