24 hours in my closet challenge!


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  • Rhenda  Stephens
    Rhenda Stephens Hour ago

    Can they do a chapstick challenge

  • Chaniyah Choute
    Chaniyah Choute Hour ago

    so she claims she like 15 right, musically came out like 3-4 years ago making her 11-12 she still was kissing boys since SHES A HOEEEE how long has she claimed she was 14 and 15

  • GachaQueen Hayley

    3:15 was he in hes boxers

  • Shitzzles De Frizzles
    Shitzzles De Frizzles 2 hours ago

    When seven minutes heaven decides to take steroids

  • Jasleen Hayer
    Jasleen Hayer 2 hours ago +2

    This girl changes her boyfriend every day

  • Xxsam 7201xX
    Xxsam 7201xX 2 hours ago


  • Hilario Aniel
    Hilario Aniel 3 hours ago

    he looks like gay...

  • Jessica fucks
    Jessica fucks 3 hours ago

    i think its tottaly fine not liking someone like Dani. But everytime i see very disgusting comments it makes me sad like shes only 12. Trust me if she did anything bad then i would have on her just like everybody but she hasnt done anything. I personally love how dani dresses im 12 and wear similar ( not the as revealing ones ) clothes. Her dressing is fine! Except when she goes on musicaly and turns around to much and showes her whole stomach. Its okay for her having a older boyfriend only if hes not above 18. i think its very cute for them to kiss. Sleeping together is okay as long as you know no dirty stuff really. other than that i support her

  • The Gaming Kids 101
    The Gaming Kids 101 5 hours ago

    I KNOW ISN'T SO MUCH FUN?! OK BYE!!! *slams door in Dani's face* 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • clue less
    clue less 5 hours ago

    on no shes back with her nonce boyfriend this is y am MEMEULOUS GANG

  • Sister Shitty
    Sister Shitty 5 hours ago

    “We *like* a festive sister”

  • Caroline Pagliaro
    Caroline Pagliaro 9 hours ago +2

    Next video: “IM PREGNANT???”

  • Gassia Aintablian
    Gassia Aintablian 9 hours ago

    Guys is seb sebastian bails

  • Bishaka Darnal
    Bishaka Darnal 9 hours ago

    Ok no one gonna talk about how Miley dropped her in the end😂😂😂😂

  • Molly Blake
    Molly Blake 11 hours ago

    Who’s room was that ?

  • Julia Kassem
    Julia Kassem 12 hours ago

    12:33 he cant even hold her 😢

  • Ninloxs Crib
    Ninloxs Crib 15 hours ago

    I guess you can say Dani came out of the closet

    Edit: isn't her boyfriend gonna turn 17 this year one more year and he finally becomes a true pedo and this vid is probably fake timelaps next time

  • Johanna Doherty
    Johanna Doherty 16 hours ago

    This seems like an into to some porn scene

  • Kennedi dyson
    Kennedi dyson 16 hours ago

    Is the Orange filming?

  • Riana Santiago
    Riana Santiago 17 hours ago

    2:40 😭😭😩”booty”🤣🤣

  • Creative Dessi
    Creative Dessi 18 hours ago

    Finally they roast each other👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • AndreaAbigail SalazarAldana

    The recording dude needs to make a USclip channel I’ll suscribe

    CIELO VALDEZ 19 hours ago

    Did anyone see her boyfriends face in the thumbnail he looked pretty pissed

  • Demonizing Rat
    Demonizing Rat 19 hours ago

    yew honestly i think she knows what everyone thinks about her lmao

  • Duhh_its_ Hellen
    Duhh_its_ Hellen 19 hours ago +1

    just why that noise 2:26 JUST LOCK HER IN THERE

  • jordyn renk
    jordyn renk 20 hours ago

    dani: “what time is it?” Sebastian: “9:53 am” dani: “ so we have 6 minutes left. “ lol

  • Chloe Achnolia
    Chloe Achnolia 20 hours ago

    I'm the same age as Dani and, I'm not aloud to wear makeup till 20 and not aloud to have a boyfriend till college but I guess everyone doesn't have the same way of seeing a situation

  • Kenzie Cherese
    Kenzie Cherese 20 hours ago

    SHE’S 14 leave her tf alone, I’m mean like who tf cares what you were doing when u were 12 this is her life and her life decisions not yours so just calm down bcuz obviously your opinion is not valued💯

  • Walter Ferrufino
    Walter Ferrufino 20 hours ago

    He can Barley HOLD HER BHAHA

  • Ariana Ayala
    Ariana Ayala 20 hours ago

    12:32 is like 😂😂

  • Chelsea Valentine
    Chelsea Valentine 20 hours ago

    What about a having std for 24 hours.

  • Chelsea Valentine
    Chelsea Valentine 20 hours ago

    Why the boy recording nails painted tho😭

  • Chelsea Valentine
    Chelsea Valentine 21 hour ago


  • We!rd Ones
    We!rd Ones 21 hour ago

    I want a boyfriend that loves me like Dani's

  • Arliss Salas
    Arliss Salas 21 hour ago

    She kind of talks like if she was I baby

  • Zoe •-•
    Zoe •-• 22 hours ago

    Omfg she’s so pretty I love you..

  • zana adres
    zana adres 22 hours ago +2

    Bro all the were doing was eat

  • SavannahNods
    SavannahNods 23 hours ago

    Dear haters,
    You don't See her off camera. You don't know the true her. They are trying to be a good influence. Would you like it if someone came over to your page and started hating? One of my best friends killed herself because so many ppl hated on her. Do you want to be the cause of someone killing themself? Cause if you do, you need mental help. I'm sorry but I'm being honest. Hate is a strong thing. I almost killed myself due to hate and judgement. You may think it's just a few words that are supposed to be a joke, but hey, It's not funny. Words are the most powerful weapon. What if one day, you or your friends get hated on, just like Dani. Just like me and my best friend. What happens if you or someone you love or care about kills themselves because of hate? Will you be sorry then? What if Dani got hurt because of what you said? Would you feel bad? Even if you do feel bad, it would be to late to change anything. So be careful of what you say. You could end up hurting yourself and Everyone else around you.

  • Abigail Ferretiz

    Stop 🛑

  • Norma Escobedo
    Norma Escobedo Day ago

    6:52 😶

  • Sig Zoe
    Sig Zoe Day ago

    “Frickin” 3 secs later “frocking” SHDS SUCH A TRY HARD and her boyfriend is so ugly (she even sounds weird)

  • Brazzy_. MYA
    Brazzy_. MYA Day ago

    Dani's virginity has left the chat

  • Brazzy_. MYA
    Brazzy_. MYA Day ago


  • Brazzy_. MYA
    Brazzy_. MYA Day ago

    The title should be KISSING MY BOYFRIEND FOR 24 HOURS

  • Klow bugg
    Klow bugg Day ago

    These dum ass’es

  • Fraine Bernardo
    Fraine Bernardo Day ago

    Shit girl.....your like 12 yrs old.....but arggg!!!!yuck!!!your a fucking bitch

  • Marshall Walton
    Marshall Walton Day ago

    Your boyfriend is a nonse and in your native language it's called pedophile

  • Eve Tonkin
    Eve Tonkin Day ago +1

    Who is that profile photo cos it ain't danielle

  • Katie Sheldon
    Katie Sheldon Day ago

    Why sebs legs look like he rubbed them with watsites

  • Michelle Iloduba

    6:48 I get u mickey I get u

  • X Wolfie X
    X Wolfie X Day ago

    People keep saying she's like 12 but she says she's not and her mom is there AWARE they are both dating if she says she is not 12 just take it if you don't believe her just leave because even if she was 12 why would you pick on a 12 year old hmmm?? (And she ain't 12 she already said)

  • ItsJxcob
    ItsJxcob Day ago

    I feel bad for her mum

  • Tayla’s World
    Tayla’s World Day ago


  • ajs 189
    ajs 189 Day ago +2

    Bet ur nonce bf has already been in many closets before lmfao

  • braelynn steib
    braelynn steib Day ago

    diet dr peoper gross

  • Reese McKee
    Reese McKee Day ago

    Danielle probably doesn’t even know how to play fortnite

  • Reese McKee
    Reese McKee Day ago

    I swear to god everything she says is so whiny

  • American girl doll crafts/diy's/hairstyles

    Pretty sure she will be pregnant soon...

  • Rosalinda CaSa
    Rosalinda CaSa Day ago

    Hi... sorry
    One question
    Who old is she ?

  • Leila Thomas
    Leila Thomas Day ago

    I appreciate how shes the only youtuber that actually does 24 hours?

  • Rakeia. B
    Rakeia. B Day ago

    “Are you guys kissing” spilling all the tea😂😂

  • Mary’s Fun World!

    Ok I kinda like Sebastian the orange more! 😂

  • Mary’s Fun World!

    She prolly gonna have a kid by 18! 😂

  • User Name
    User Name Day ago

    WHEN DANI HIT HIM😂😂 I died LOVE U DANI LMAO y’all stay cracking me up

  • Kristen
    Kristen Day ago

    The pop tart thing was actually so satisfying

  • Eliza Carreon
    Eliza Carreon Day ago

    the food && kissing is so gross

  • Hannah Akers
    Hannah Akers Day ago

    She is 16 turning 17 this year

  • lil dark
    lil dark Day ago

    luv u dani!~ 🌷🌷💗💗

  • Ammerie Lopez
    Ammerie Lopez Day ago

    You guys are so ugly

  • 0_0 no
    0_0 no Day ago

    Hi 11 year old

  • Julie Manith
    Julie Manith Day ago

    I love seb😂😂

    COOKIE GEEKS Day ago

    Just because we hate Dani doesnt mean we are jealous of her beauty like wtf u guys think were jealous of that😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    COOKIE GEEKS Day ago

    Oh my I got sick looking at the positive comments....Hate me if u want though this is my body

  • My dude its Stef
    My dude its Stef 2 days ago

    She seems like an annoying gf.

  • Lily darksong
    Lily darksong 2 days ago

    I know the age difference is kinda gross and she doesn't act her age but like.... they are honestly couple goals.

  • Bridgett Albert
    Bridgett Albert 2 days ago

    All of you she is almost 15

  • Rocky Ardo
    Rocky Ardo 2 days ago +1

    I smell a pelirojo you Spanish 1 fam know what I mean by the way I feel bad for all the people who like this channel

  • Alaina Hubbell
    Alaina Hubbell 2 days ago

    i guarantee that they weren’t in there for 24 hrs.. there’s no way these bitches jus doing shit got clout

  • zarah Irfan
    zarah Irfan 2 days ago +1

    She's like 11 years old wtf???

  • iiiDreamy
    iiiDreamy 2 days ago

    Yooo gurl, ur a little kid 12 or 11 i don't care, i was playing whit fucking barbies that time and she's playing whit boys, she dyed her hair a million times and has fake nails? Wtf stop there..

    • Sienna Smith
      Sienna Smith 2 days ago

      If you were playing with barbies when you were 12 what the fuck is wrong with you

  • Brizeida Patiño
    Brizeida Patiño 2 days ago

    Why do they look so red

  • Miranda Otsamo
    Miranda Otsamo 2 days ago

    They look so goooood together. Couple goals absolutely😍

  • laila manuels
    laila manuels 2 days ago

    you guys are actually so cute love you DANI and MICKEY!!!!!

  • curlyhead paytonn
    curlyhead paytonn 2 days ago

    When he walked down the stairs his legs and arms her oranger than the stairs

  • ItsKatieBaby 1357
    ItsKatieBaby 1357 2 days ago +3

    0:08 just replay 1,000 times.....your welcome

  • Liv Cole
    Liv Cole 2 days ago

    wonder what they got up too when he left them

  • ItsZhaye
    ItsZhaye 2 days ago

    I hate Dani but I watch her videos and read the hate comments😂

  • may shio
    may shio 2 days ago

    I have Dan and I have ille
    Bitch 🤷🤷

  • may shio
    may shio 2 days ago

    U know ur so annoying.

  • Haidyn Saesee
    Haidyn Saesee 2 days ago

    kissing while there eating😂

  • jeojang
    jeojang 2 days ago

    where is the tea sis¿

  • Hailey Guyton
    Hailey Guyton 2 days ago

    I love y’alls relationship

  • Maxwell Baurer
    Maxwell Baurer 2 days ago

    U now thay trued to fuck in the closet

  • Marissa Antellas
    Marissa Antellas 2 days ago

    3:12 me entering class or leaving class.

  • Autumn Whitfield
    Autumn Whitfield 2 days ago

    Damn “you smell bad “ bad ass bf

  • Grace Mullin
    Grace Mullin 2 days ago

    Next video

    Dani is pregnant

  • Its Reagan
    Its Reagan 2 days ago

    Why are his nails painted😂

  • Miku ._.
    Miku ._. 2 days ago +1

    Where did they pee

  • MyNameisbananas
    MyNameisbananas 2 days ago

    Oh my gawd she has issues like is she even old enough to have a phone?!?! and she dates 12 other boys that are like 12 years older than her!