WALKING DEAD 9x14 Breakdown! Darkest Episode? SCARS EXPLAINED!

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 14 reveals the mystery of the scars on Michonne and Daryl, leading to one of the darkest and most shocking episodes of the entire series. Thanks to Philo for sponsoring today's episode. The first 50 NR fans to sign up here bit.ly/2ImtvLS will get their first month free. Start your free trial in seconds today!
    Walking Dead 9x14, "Scars," gets an in-depth breakdown & analysis! What details did you miss from Michonne and Daryl's bloody rescue mission of Judith from Jocelyn's group of murderous children? Erik Voss breaks down this violent episode scene by scene for all the subtle ways it connects to past Walking Dead episodes. What crucial directing and editing choices justified this major escalation of violence? What famous horror film does this episode evoke? What was the deeper reason Jocelyn and the kids burned Michonne and Daryl with brands? And what subtle clues did the new group give off to hint at their hidden agenda?
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Comments • 360

  • Bill Morgan
    Bill Morgan 9 days ago

    Interesting fact. Joslin aka Tara from True Blood was originally up for the part of Michonne!

  • Dawn Fizzle Mukbangs

    I dont get the whole mark our kill ...kill our mark...its beyond cheesy. Yes killing all these kids is dark but glenns still remains as the darkest episode ive seen....to date

  • Unexpected Thunder
    Unexpected Thunder Month ago

    Darkest episode really that's racist

  • DoomsDay
    DoomsDay 3 months ago

    Ororoza mixom

  • alexpectaculiar
    alexpectaculiar 4 months ago

    I just wanted to appreciate Danai's acting

  • Crimsonix
    Crimsonix 4 months ago +2

    This whole episode felt like it was only 2 minutes long

  • Joyce Danele Andaya
    Joyce Danele Andaya 4 months ago

    Carol killing Lizzie is definitely darker

  • Gaston POP!
    Gaston POP! 4 months ago

    The little shits deserved it

  • NarwhalsIncorporated
    NarwhalsIncorporated 4 months ago

    You gotta kill some kids every once in a while

  • pipuk3
    pipuk3 4 months ago

    hey guys, have you got a moment to talk about our lord and savior Philo? for just $20 a month you too can have your soul saved :

  • Weird storys with Jet
    Weird storys with Jet 4 months ago


  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker 4 months ago

    Cant stand listening to yanks, you lot really do need to learn English before you get nuked.

  • LizardMan001
    LizardMan001 4 months ago

    Little shits deserved it

  • Connor Anthony
    Connor Anthony 5 months ago

    Daryl and Rick were the wings on the vest and now that ricks gone one of the wings is gone

  • Jivplays
    Jivplays 5 months ago

    If only you knew what was coming

  • Morgan Henry
    Morgan Henry 5 months ago +1

    1:49 I interpreted the "I'm not" as "I'm not okay with being alone", basically telling Daryl that it's alright to need people and even the strongest fighters can need other people

  • Christian Bozwell
    Christian Bozwell 5 months ago

    In shows like this, killing children is great to watch.

  • Jonny B
    Jonny B 5 months ago +2

    5:26 Hey it's TARA from True Blood

  • Rudraksha Kalia
    Rudraksha Kalia 5 months ago

    Carol killing Lizzie e-zilly tops it.

  • Ya boi
    Ya boi 5 months ago

    I thought Episode 14 was dark, but then Episode 15 ended.. HOLY SHIT!

  • Kyourashi
    Kyourashi 5 months ago

    wow that licking was hot needs to check the comics now

  • Timeismoney102
    Timeismoney102 5 months ago

    Carol killing lizzie. i was never the same. I was traumatized for days. I was in a somber mood for days.

  • linalmeemow
    linalmeemow 5 months ago

    S9E14 - "I'm the darkest episode ever!"

    S9E15 - "Hold my beer..."

  • sophia D.
    sophia D. 5 months ago

    One episode later

  • may b.
    may b. 5 months ago +2

    might have been the darkest episode until 9x15 came out

  • AngeCon
    AngeCon 5 months ago

    Neither was darker. In that world... Both were justified. As far as I am concerned.

  • Will0928
    Will0928 5 months ago

    S9E15: Hold my beer

  • JAMESk3gs
    JAMESk3gs 5 months ago

    NEGAN killing glen and Abraham.

  • Mastrogiacomo
    Mastrogiacomo 5 months ago +1

    Michonne anakined two kids lmao

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 5 months ago

    Episode was definitely dark but wasn’t any good. Just uninteresting filler to make sure they have 16 episodes.

  • JacksGaming
    JacksGaming 5 months ago

    An easter egg you guys missed was that walker Chris Hardwick was, grabbed Judith where Carl got bit

  • Kbrads 17
    Kbrads 17 5 months ago

    Carol killing Lizzie is one of my favorite and one of the most sad moments in tv history in my opinion

  • Ailidh
    Ailidh 5 months ago

    This episode was bad, why did the kids mark Michionne and Daryl? to kill them later?
    the kids as psicopaths was not realistic at all, couldn't michionne punch/kicked them senseless?
    where the hell was Daryl while michionne was killing them, he took a tour of the whole place?

  • Dave Maffitt
    Dave Maffitt 5 months ago

    This season has been so dull and half of the episodes feel like fillers leading up to something (hopefully) spectacular.

  • joaquinR1stargate
    joaquinR1stargate 5 months ago


  • Marika
    Marika 5 months ago +4

    the title definitely didn't age well....

  • Epic Yet _______
    Epic Yet _______ 5 months ago +4

    The "Hi, I'm Erik Voss." Always makes me feel safe.

  • Justin Ballard
    Justin Ballard 5 months ago

    Carol, easy

  • Drizzle Studios
    Drizzle Studios 5 months ago

    I thought that Terminus was in Georgia, and after Terminus’s fall they went to Virginia to see if Noah’s family was still there. Unless Gareth’s group followed them. But I don’t think that Bob was with them to go to Virginia.
    What I’m saying is that Gareth’s school and Jocelyn’s school are in two different places, which means that Jocelyn’s school can’t be the same school that the Terminus survivors went to.

  • Aiden HD
    Aiden HD 5 months ago

    Oh boy no

  • Miko
    Miko 5 months ago +2

    oh no no no. Episode 15 is the craziest episode of season 9 :o

  • Mellymell_oe PSN
    Mellymell_oe PSN 5 months ago

    Carol killing like was worse mashone had no choice

  • Isaac the Worship Warrior

    If you think this episode was dark, you need to watch last night's ending

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese 5 months ago

    It is not the darkest episode ever. Not even the first episode to kill kids.

  • Vik Johnson
    Vik Johnson 5 months ago

    Carol killing lizzie

  • Howard Strike
    Howard Strike 5 months ago +2

    Episode 15 :hold my beer

  • FreakyFace
    FreakyFace 5 months ago +1


  • LegoMan0930 YT
    LegoMan0930 YT 5 months ago

    Um I think Daryl definitely killed a couple of kids considering he has bloody knives and there were no walkers in the building

  • Mike M
    Mike M 5 months ago

    I still don’t get this episode. Why Judith is not Judith.
    I really want to understand but I can’t. It seams everyone is understanding and I’m to dumb to understand....

  • UnforgettableScotty
    UnforgettableScotty 5 months ago

    The “Tainted Meat” episode was the creepiest. We miss you, Bob!

  • Kirsty
    Kirsty 5 months ago

    Hit or miss guess who killed all the kids

  • Parker Wood
    Parker Wood 5 months ago

    The markings might mean if they escape then the kids hunt them and if they find a look alike they will need to find the mark?

  • Yenny Glenn
    Yenny Glenn 5 months ago +2

    I'm not gonna lie this episode was like the Children of Corn

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes 5 months ago

    9/15 will be even darker

  • Ernest Dent
    Ernest Dent 5 months ago

    Soooo is RJ real or no??

  • Kane Green
    Kane Green 5 months ago +1

    You cood sa darl is a woondid batl anjl

  • Psycho Meerkat
    Psycho Meerkat 5 months ago

    Avengers Endgame (Stark & Peter) - When/If Tony comes back to Earth, I hope Aunt May is still alive. Seeing Tony and May comfort each other with Peter's death would be a great scene. (Is it right for me to Hope for this?)

  • Kay C
    Kay C 5 months ago

    They were both hard to watch. FAK!!

  • Jennifer Lane
    Jennifer Lane 5 months ago

    Carol & Lizzie

  • Brandon Blood
    Brandon Blood 5 months ago

    Naw totally not the ‘darkest’.. wasn’t hard for me.. but watching glen get brutalized was the worst for me