The Mighty Boosh- Soup Song

  • Published on Jan 6, 2010
  • Soup Soup
    Tasty Soup Soup
    Spicy carrot and corriander
    Chilli chowder
    Crouton Crouton
    Crunch friends in a liquid broth
    I am gespatchio Oh!
    I am a summer soup Mmmm!
    Miso Miso
    Fighting in the dojo
    Miso Miso
    Oriental Prince in the land of soup
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Comments • 45

  • Chief KReef
    Chief KReef 4 months ago +2

    Crimps are the greatest thing created by mankind after onion rings and hot sauce.

  • Meiry Muniz
    Meiry Muniz 6 months ago


  • This May End In Tears
    This May End In Tears 11 months ago

    Classic times...

  • sdain 76
    sdain 76 Year ago


  • Tune Aj
    Tune Aj Year ago +1

    I'm so glad my friend recommended this

  • Bike Daily
    Bike Daily Year ago +1

    Classic times!

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man 2 years ago +2

    19 croutons

  • Gabriel's Garage
    Gabriel's Garage 2 years ago +1

    19 don't want Miso in a dojo.

  • Rayn
    Rayn 2 years ago +15

    As a songwriter, I regard this highly

  • pogo god
    pogo god 2 years ago +20

    Better than sex

  • Kickthecam
    Kickthecam 2 years ago

    Oriental prince in the land of soup

  • iobe son
    iobe son 2 years ago +43

    best song ever created? i dont think theres any doubt

  • grumpy kitty
    grumpy kitty 3 years ago

    netty plays brought me here

  • Sam Dickinson
    Sam Dickinson 4 years ago +1

    Sick song!!!

  • Adorably Mathmaticious


  • guoda Morkunaite
    guoda Morkunaite 5 years ago +3

    Old Gregg better

  • Rachel Burman
    Rachel Burman 5 years ago

    This should be no1!!!

  • Daisy Lyons
    Daisy Lyons 5 years ago

    Me and Fern can easily do this ;) haha Booyar

  • Diablerie100
    Diablerie100 6 years ago

    Only five times?

  • MrTurtlelicious
    MrTurtlelicious 6 years ago

    lol, i see. Thanks of clearing that one up, thought i was going mental for a second there^^
    Now i see it's just brittain as usual, the universe is in order

  • thinkofarandomname
    thinkofarandomname 6 years ago

    Its just a random awesome Mighty Boosh song (crimp) about soup. XD

  • MrTurtlelicious
    MrTurtlelicious 6 years ago

    the point off this, and the fun off this flies right over my head.
    Guess it has to do with the language barrier. Anyone care to educate me some? I want to get it.

  • Alexander Brown
    Alexander Brown 6 years ago

    Who else sang this at Wagamamas!!!

  • caitlinwadexo
    caitlinwadexo 6 years ago +2


  • KeladryL
    KeladryL 6 years ago

    I sing this song every time I make soup.

  • starfire139
    starfire139 6 years ago

    I like miso.

  • Mms14
    Mms14 7 years ago +1

    the mighty boosh would of been better if there was a live audience

  • Lexybugs
    Lexybugs 7 years ago +1

    I just replayed this 5 times while singing.

  • Leanne King
    Leanne King 7 years ago


  • kdavenport333
    kdavenport333 7 years ago +7

    I sang this at school and all ma mates were staring at me like this O_o

  • DrWhoTorchwood3
    DrWhoTorchwood3 7 years ago

    What has Never Mind the Buzzcocks done to me?

  • outseeker
    outseeker 7 years ago

    @griffgriff78 u sure you're not confusing Miso with Mizu (water)? :)

  • jumbodavejimbo
    jumbodavejimbo 7 years ago

    @griffgriff78 Oriental Prince in the Land of Soup*

  • peacefrog1916
    peacefrog1916 7 years ago


  • swetergrl91
    swetergrl91 7 years ago

    What would Soup Nazi do?

  • Ciaran Russell
    Ciaran Russell 8 years ago +2

    2 people don't like soup

  • Jamie Garside
    Jamie Garside 8 years ago

    I have soup :D (I wanted chicken but they didn't have none, so I had to get oxtail instead)

  • Octogonk
    Octogonk 8 years ago +14

    the harmony for carrot and coriander =jizz

  • Maximus2kx
    Maximus2kx  9 years ago

    @griffgriff78 I was a bit busy when i uploaded this so i simply googled the lyrics. :)

  • griffgriff78
    griffgriff78 9 years ago +4

    You got the words wrong!
    Gazpacho is cold soup. Hence the next line is "I am a summer soup". Miso, not misso, is an ingredient for making a japanese soup. Lastly I think the last line is "Oriental Prince in a Land of Soup". You may disagree.