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  • Published on Jul 6, 2018
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    In this guest episode of Learn Quick, Owen (NewGreenShoe) learns to slackline. Thanks to Owen for covering for me whilst I'm on my honeymoon! Owen's a fantastic creator, you should definitely check out his work, especially if you like magic. Thanks again, Owen! I have 1 more guest video on the way, so make sure you're subscribed to stay up to date.
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  • NewGreenShoe
    NewGreenShoe 4 months ago +1914

    Thanks again for the opportunity Mike and for the kind words! Had a blast filming this. Hope you're having a great honeymoon!

  • Ireelyenjoy Bread
    Ireelyenjoy Bread 13 hours ago

    Wow 2000 iq

    Have someone else film for you so you don't have to many useless skills

  • Sean Whelan
    Sean Whelan 16 hours ago +1

    Stop slacking around!

  • Sam Wheeler
    Sam Wheeler 2 days ago

    At first I thought the minutes were hours and I was like “dang, you put forty hours into this? That’s dedication

  • Aiden Cavalieri
    Aiden Cavalieri 5 days ago

    this dude reminds me of that other dude from now you see me

  • Wolf Venom3445
    Wolf Venom3445 5 days ago

    I can slackline and I'm ten and you need sweat pants or really flexible pants

  • ? ?
    ? ? 7 days ago

    Is that Shawn Mendes

    FOOTBALL FLICKERZ 8 days ago

    hour zewo

  • JustinGr03
    JustinGr03 8 days ago

    Heyy that's funny, his last tip about filming yourself while learning something, I did that while learning a backflip on ground and I landed it within a day (granted I already had quite a bit of experience with it on a trampoline, but I had never done it on ground before). It really does help.
    I originally did it to see where I went wrong when I did, but I guess it motivated me too.

  • Cheesus
    Cheesus 10 days ago

    Okay this channel has encouraged me to learn at least one new skill a month. So far I’ve tackled the apple split. Any other easy ones to start me off?

  • Spadez Youtube
    Spadez Youtube 11 days ago

    that's no mattress, that's a thick blanket.

  • morgan hunt
    morgan hunt 11 days ago

    I challenge you to be able to slide down a railing

  • MUSIC Psycho
    MUSIC Psycho 11 days ago


  • ApocalypseGamerBoy
    ApocalypseGamerBoy 12 days ago

    You know what? This video inspired me me to... Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle dun dun dun dun dun dun wiggle wiggle wiggle.

  • Adam Brady
    Adam Brady 12 days ago

    Owens cute oops

  • remindus _
    remindus _ 12 days ago

    He is a grade underA...ted diamond

  • Thatoneuglydude
    Thatoneuglydude 13 days ago

    I don’t think your foot is supposed to touch the floor on a butt bounce

  • RoamingPig
    RoamingPig 19 days ago

    odd flex but ok

  • Jacob Mullen
    Jacob Mullen 21 day ago

    That slack line beat the crap out of him

  • SumBoedy oncetoldame

    Ok i tried this it looks easy its hard af

  • Olis Lee
    Olis Lee 22 days ago

    i'm very jealous that you have so much time to waste.

  • MarisaTube
    MarisaTube 22 days ago

    This video was just a compilation of Owen falling but I loved it

  • Lord Flink
    Lord Flink 26 days ago

    I like these guests videos

  • Jasmin Dayrit
    Jasmin Dayrit 26 days ago


  • Don’t take this name Boi

    7:54 I’m dead laughing

  • Lowkii
    Lowkii 28 days ago

    6:25 i was waiting for this for the whole video

  • justforthetv
    justforthetv 28 days ago

    This guy sucks, I'm sorry. Where is Mike.

  • Axel Bres
    Axel Bres Month ago

    6:24 || 6:41|| 6:57 Only men know what it feels like

  • Adrienne Cabochan
    Adrienne Cabochan Month ago

    6:23 insert meme ooooooooo fuckXD

  • Sports and entertainment

    You should learn to backflip

  • Renzy Playzz
    Renzy Playzz Month ago

    It's scary cuz u might hit your balls

  • Wilbur Blaxland
    Wilbur Blaxland Month ago

    learn to rock climb

  • Zilla 810
    Zilla 810 Month ago

    He looks like a mix of Shawn Mendez “probably didn’t spell that right” and idubbz

  • Daniyaal Mukadam
    Daniyaal Mukadam Month ago

    Learn how to pogostick

  • Varia
    Varia Month ago

    Why in jeans.

  • TheStudio
    TheStudio Month ago +1

    ahh wow that hurts 6:58

  • Wilson Hotchkiss
    Wilson Hotchkiss Month ago


  • Haimura Moroha
    Haimura Moroha Month ago

    You mean tightrope?

  • Alexis Tresvan
    Alexis Tresvan Month ago

    This was extremely comical.

  • Itheswung Burrito
    Itheswung Burrito Month ago

    Mad, I live in the same town as this geezer

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Month ago

    This video was fucking amazing, loved it from beginning to end!

  • Charlie Gabriel
    Charlie Gabriel Month ago

    6:00 so cringey

  • Charlie Gabriel
    Charlie Gabriel Month ago

    That ain’t no mattress

  • Akbar Aminov
    Akbar Aminov Month ago

    the slack line was too lose

  • ABF BoyzzNL
    ABF BoyzzNL Month ago

    7:13 I first thought he broke his foot or his leg

  • n0t. Rin
    n0t. Rin Month ago

    This is to enjoyable to watch someone keep falling

  • xXThe GameXx
    xXThe GameXx Month ago

    Practise makes perfect

  • Isidora Pino
    Isidora Pino Month ago

    god why is he sooo cute?? haha love his hair

  • Moo Duck Taco Momo
    Moo Duck Taco Momo Month ago

    0:41 hi Roderick

  • DurpyRainbow 004
    DurpyRainbow 004 2 months ago

    DID MIKE JUST HIT 1MIL SUBS OVER NIGHT?!!! (I’m probably just crazy tho)

  • MeestaGho
    MeestaGho 2 months ago +1

    That is literally where I live

  • neo cosape
    neo cosape 2 months ago

    6:55 that broken trunk😂

  • JDtheGamer2005
    JDtheGamer2005 2 months ago

    Slacklinning is a popular hobby in brazil

  • thomasLike
    thomasLike 2 months ago

    2:03 I'm shakin - Jack White

  • koalagaming
    koalagaming 2 months ago

    6:24 and 6:57... ow

  • Kei Animated
    Kei Animated 2 months ago

    In America, we call it a tightrope XD and, a funroll is a somersault

  • Just Smile
    Just Smile 2 months ago

    Learn how to lose your virginity
    I really need that one for myself

  • Really Entertaining Tours

    Excellent fwont woll...sorry ;)

  • Mr Dude Man
    Mr Dude Man 2 months ago

    Why the helmet??

  • Cobalt Cardist
    Cobalt Cardist 2 months ago

    6:58 I see he got into a bit of a gender bender

  • Tom van der wulp
    Tom van der wulp 2 months ago

    You should always keep you feet straight en tighten the slackline

  • The WheelieSquad
    The WheelieSquad 2 months ago

    Where’s mike?

  • 58ode
    58ode 2 months ago

    You should make a learn how to sing the lyrics to Eminems rap god song.

  • CheesyChannel
    CheesyChannel 2 months ago

    I don't want to do this because of one reason... being a male, lol.

    • CheesyChannel
      CheesyChannel 2 months ago

      one wrong move and BOOM lots of pain.

  • Cplayz
    Cplayz 2 months ago

    Everybody do the flop 2:11

  • louise taylor
    louise taylor 2 months ago

    Like or you will get ligma

  • Matthew O’Grady
    Matthew O’Grady 2 months ago

    3:58 he was walking on the ground

  • Aymen Zer
    Aymen Zer 2 months ago

    You didn't heart your bals right

  • I F U C C Y O B I T C H

    He reminds me of frodo🤣

  • Vincenzo Varriale
    Vincenzo Varriale 2 months ago

    6:23 What everyone's waitin' for

  • EzTv Light
    EzTv Light 2 months ago

    Find a small tree and get the ratchet closer to the tree, more safe for you. Great job on learning it!

  • Женя Флам
    Женя Флам 2 months ago

    this is the most suitable music ever

  • Scumbag Woody
    Scumbag Woody 2 months ago

    day one hour zewwo hahaha

  • UltraSuicideBoy
    UltraSuicideBoy 2 months ago

    with these jeans you cant do it so well

  • Ethan Wood
    Ethan Wood 3 months ago

    2:43 RIP Owen

    • Ethan Wood
      Ethan Wood 3 months ago

      6:57 this is a fun game. No hard feelings Owen

    • Ethan Wood
      Ethan Wood 3 months ago

      6:24 RIP Owen again

  • Aneta Carlie Duvall
    Aneta Carlie Duvall 3 months ago

    U should learn to snowboard or break a board

  • Aneta Carlie Duvall
    Aneta Carlie Duvall 3 months ago

    U should learn to animate

  • Andrezzy941FL
    Andrezzy941FL 3 months ago

    This is the saddest display of "slacklining" I think I've ever seen. No effort into research for proper mounting or form. He had no control when walking across it and didn't even balance when doing a butt bounce. This isn't him learning a skill. this is him doing something as poorly and quickly as possibly for recorded time. You can clog a leak with bubble gum, or learn how to do it correctly.

  • Úna Parkinson
    Úna Parkinson 3 months ago

    Oh hey! I like your videos Owen

  • MAC Kenzie
    MAC Kenzie 3 months ago

    I challenge you to do pencil spinning please

  • Lil Jk47
    Lil Jk47 3 months ago

    Learn to ride unicycle backwards

  • Vansh Varak
    Vansh Varak 3 months ago

    6:03 its a me a mario

  • 簡宥名
    簡宥名 3 months ago

    Learn to create Despasito 2

  • Flurble Wibble
    Flurble Wibble 3 months ago

    Awesome, great fun, time to get my slack line out of the garage.

  • froody noolsen
    froody noolsen 3 months ago

    Every time he jumps for the butt bounce it reminds me of super Mario 😂

  • SlimeyMage YT
    SlimeyMage YT 3 months ago +1

    to think people do this over canyons

  • Fiske
    Fiske 3 months ago

    6:57 oof I can feel the pain

  • Allinall Vidoes
    Allinall Vidoes 3 months ago

    You should try gonggi

  • KArS7熏
    KArS7熏 3 months ago

    Ohh Ima Practise it when Im on m aunt Place

  • Brian
    Brian 3 months ago

    oi m8 u got a loicense 4 that there knife

  • kalle boll
    kalle boll 3 months ago

    do it over and over and over. then sleep on it.

  • Sir. Dank
    Sir. Dank 3 months ago

    he is the biggest copy cat

  • Paolo Sebastian
    Paolo Sebastian 3 months ago

    good job owen! i feel sorry for him everytime he hit his crotch then the face he makes hahaha

  • ElTino729
    ElTino729 3 months ago

    Should learn how to bend it like Beckham

    BANTER 3 months ago

    Hello? Hi? Wtf

  • Maene Trindall
    Maene Trindall 3 months ago

    Definetly should learn how to play the didgeridoo

  • Milly James
    Milly James 3 months ago

    Your line is too slack😂

  • Swifty Savage
    Swifty Savage 3 months ago

    he doesnt look like an Owen to me

  • Sam Peterson
    Sam Peterson 3 months ago

    The time is not right tho

  • How to Simple
    How to Simple 3 months ago

    He looks like pavard