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  • Published on Apr 27, 2017
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    Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST! From novelty cakes that look like your favourite foods to my MEGA mash up cakes that have layers upon layers of goodness - I dream in cake!
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  • Vanessa Da-Sandwich
    Vanessa Da-Sandwich 19 days ago

    I watch the Netflix show Nailed It, and I saw you! This is where I came to your channel.
    Raise your hand if that’s how you did too! 🤚🏻

  • Nicole Zhao
    Nicole Zhao Month ago

    Omg I’m ur biggest fan, right now I’m watching you on nailed it right now
    You look so different!!!
    By the way, ur emoji cakes r AMAZING

  • Kawaii_Plush Panda
    Kawaii_Plush Panda Month ago

    You were on "naild it"

  • Shamieka White
    Shamieka White 2 months ago

    Thank you for being so good to me while I am healing in bed from surgery i won't forget you I'm going to stay faithful to your channel I promise I love cooking since Julia childs

  • Susie Arms
    Susie Arms 2 months ago

    hi how is cake boss

  • Nye Plays
    Nye Plays 2 months ago

    No lie, no lie. I just started watching Nailed It and she was on one of the episodes, I checked out her channel this is the first video I've seen of hers and I subbed lol.

  • HappyHarper
    HappyHarper 2 months ago

    I was like she needs her own Netflix tv show of hers while I was watching nailed it and I went to the next episode and there she is like my dream came true

  • Kay Balaoing
    Kay Balaoing 2 months ago

    You should make a Monopoly board game cake

  • Katie Brown
    Katie Brown 2 months ago

    You was on the show called naild it I am waiting it Right now

  • Ria Adake
    Ria Adake 3 months ago

    Do a colab with Rossana Pansino! Like if you agree!

  • Alessandro Luiz Couto
    Alessandro Luiz Couto 3 months ago

    Eu comecei a seguir vc pq eu assistir a série mandou bem e vi vc

    ( Marianne ) ♥

  • Margie~
    Margie~ 4 months ago


  • April Owens
    April Owens 4 months ago

    You should be on cake wars but you know you will win it

  • Edy Otten
    Edy Otten 4 months ago


  • DarkRevenge7 - Fortnite
    DarkRevenge7 - Fortnite 4 months ago +1

    I noticed your on nailed it😍 I’m watching the episode

  • Ivette Carter
    Ivette Carter 4 months ago

    I like it.

  • Christie Krissy
    Christie Krissy 4 months ago

    999,999 views .... WOW

  • MattisOK Queen
    MattisOK Queen 5 months ago +1

    can you make a giraffe cake

  • Gachaverse Life
    Gachaverse Life 5 months ago

    I saw the sushi one on nailed it!!!!

  • Ashley Whittaker
    Ashley Whittaker 5 months ago

    Good job on making it to nailed it! 😋😊🤗

  • Gen Rodriguez
    Gen Rodriguez 5 months ago

    :o shes in nailed it

  • Bts Lover
    Bts Lover 5 months ago


  • Davion Young
    Davion Young 5 months ago

    I saw you on nailed it or fail it

  • holymoly animations
    holymoly animations 5 months ago

    Nice a nailed it star!!

  • Icy 31
    Icy 31 5 months ago

    I seen you on NAILED IT. I SUBSCRIBED

  • Natalie_Slimez
    Natalie_Slimez 5 months ago +1

    I saw you on NAILED IT

  • maddie lol
    maddie lol 5 months ago

    Road to 4mil

  • Tina Butler
    Tina Butler 6 months ago

    I saw you as one of the judges on nailed it

  • Valery Casu
    Valery Casu 6 months ago

    Make a cake of yourself.

  • Jazzy !
    Jazzy ! 6 months ago +1

    My favorite cake is the pizza because I requested it and u did it thx

  • Gracie Zhou
    Gracie Zhou 6 months ago +2


  • Liza noway
    Liza noway 6 months ago

    I loved your emoji cakes on nailed it!!!😘

  • Danae Bullock
    Danae Bullock 6 months ago

    I saw you a nailed it. Emojis!!!!!!!!!!the girls were so funny “can I eat it” I mean duh it’s a cake

  • M&Ms Francis
    M&Ms Francis 7 months ago

    Hello I was watching nailed it and I liked the sushi so I wanted to come watch you btw I subscribed

  • FoxyPlays AJ
    FoxyPlays AJ 7 months ago

    Hey! I saw you on Nailed it!
    And wow nice emoji cakes :D

  • Avery McGee
    Avery McGee 7 months ago

    First ten seconds- Pushed the subscribe button immediately

  • The Adri Family
    The Adri Family 8 months ago

    You should make a giant chocolate bar

  • Charlie gruchy
    Charlie gruchy 8 months ago

    hi... did u go to art school? what is your educational background? where dud u go to university?

  • Mx Blackwell
    Mx Blackwell 8 months ago

    sooo i was sold just off this... love this

  • Cristian Mancillas
    Cristian Mancillas 8 months ago

    CLOUT. I saw you on that baking show

  • Misty Owens
    Misty Owens 8 months ago

    Do you have any really good cake recipes? Vanilla or yellow

  • charli ha
    charli ha 8 months ago

    I saw you on nailed it 😂💕💕

  • Third Culture Wife
    Third Culture Wife 9 months ago

    Just watched you on “Nailed It” and I subscribed. Great channel 🤗

  • Kynaat Hussain
    Kynaat Hussain 9 months ago

    you should make a cake that's a twin of you

  • Arvi Arvi
    Arvi Arvi 9 months ago

    Love this lady

  • Samara Cool
    Samara Cool 9 months ago

    Congratulations I saw you on"nailed it"

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    Naomi Haras 9 months ago


  • Sumaiya Azfar
    Sumaiya Azfar 9 months ago

    You should do a collab Rosanna pancino

  • Kamile Kamiliukas
    Kamile Kamiliukas 10 months ago

    Do Camila Cabello cake plzzz 😘😍

  • laniya duplessis
    laniya duplessis 10 months ago

    You have 3, 546,656 subscribers

  • Connie González Albornoz

    heey ! i follow u from Instagram and now for USclip !! i love your cakes !! a fan from Chile !

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    Iris Garcia 11 months ago

    I purchased your book ,I love it .. thank you

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    stop 11 months ago

    I saw you were on USclip we wind to 2017

  • Shelby Robinson
    Shelby Robinson Year ago

    Hay Yolanda try making Siri squeeze a lot

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    JustEmme Year ago

    I saw you on Home and family on hallmark Channel!

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    Silina Agougou Year ago

    Vive algiria

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    Babiole Treize Year ago

    Jean-Claude Merisier I got everything done

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    Reval Anims Year ago

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  • Burton Kelso
    Burton Kelso Year ago

    Awesome videos! I want to be you when I grow up

  • Oscar Echeverri
    Oscar Echeverri Year ago

    Absolutely stunning cakes. Any vegan cake options?

  • Miriam Grijalva
    Miriam Grijalva Year ago

    Se me ase que le volla a pedir a mi ama que me aga un pastel igual que tú igual devonito

  • Stuart Hussey
    Stuart Hussey Year ago

    you are the best

  • youngbankroll thefirst

    Can you make me a birthday cake ? ❤😘💦

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    Steven Oliveros Year ago

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    Rigel Aco Year ago

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  • Simmer Panda
    Simmer Panda Year ago

    Hey Idk if you'll see this but I'm 13 years old and I wanna be a cake maker someday and I get inspired by you I love your videos soooooo much!

  • Nadine Koloth
    Nadine Koloth Year ago

    Giant smores Cake #YoQuotes

  • Evelyn Salinas
    Evelyn Salinas Year ago

    Make a pocket watch

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    ms.jordan Year ago

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    Alejandra Lopez Year ago

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    Megan Elianna Year ago


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    Ok, guys. Can you teach me how to eat these big cakes? Every tike pice of cake is too large.

  • Lidya Woldetinsae

    Could u do a collab with JJR from man about cake... both of u guus are so awesome

  • Ciera M
    Ciera M Year ago

    As soon as I watched this video I was like I HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE ANS TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS

  • Creamy Lps
    Creamy Lps Year ago

    i get so Hungry when i watch how to cake it

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    Ronke Otusajo Year ago


  • Laila Benoit
    Laila Benoit Year ago

    Yolonda you should cake a fighet spinner like if you agree

  • Cookie Butt
    Cookie Butt Year ago


  • Team A
    Team A Year ago

    I'm hungry!!!

  • Sade Condell
    Sade Condell Year ago

    Dear Yolanda could you make a mango cake? I know you specialize in cake art but I have a mango tree that's going crazy with the fruit and don't know what do with all this fruit. I wanted to make a cake with puree but am kinda lost. Help please! Thanks for all your inspiring creative videos!!

  • Y H & C Investments

    Can we get 100 likes for yo and all her hard work

  • Selwyn Fisher
    Selwyn Fisher Year ago

    There is a FB page called fantastic ideas showing your videos. Not sure if you are aware of this

  • Hussamk
    Hussamk Year ago +1

    you are so creative

  • Brittney Srags
    Brittney Srags Year ago

    Can anyone please tell me what songs play during this video? I have tried looking, but was unsuccessful. Thanks 😀

  • Amazing Cooks
    Amazing Cooks Year ago

    I love making cakes but I don't like eating them

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    Sumaya Hussein Year ago

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    Karlene Sanchez Year ago

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    I've been here since 38 subs!!! I was the 39th!

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    Nana Neal Year ago

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  • Rebecka Store
    Rebecka Store Year ago

    Hi Yolanda! I had a dream about you tonight. In the dream you helped me bake my first cake with fondant, since it's not yet usual in Finland to use it. I was so proud of my pretty cake and just went inside to get some sprinkles. (Obviously we were making the cake sitting in the grass outside?) But when I came back with the sprinkles the cake was in pieces. You told me that a two year old girl had come by to borrow bits to make her sand castle. I tried to play it cool but inside I was devastated. I'm sad it was only a dream because it was so much fun to cake with you 😄

  • Lexis Marler
    Lexis Marler Year ago

    my sister made a parody of you

    UBAID KHAN Year ago +1

    hey volanda i have a idea can u make a cake of frigit spiner like this if u like this idea