Irish People Try Ben & Jerry's

  • Published on Oct 24, 2017
  • "It's so smooth you could just DRINK IT!"
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    We, here, at Facts. love some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. We've made our contributors eat a lot of weird things. So, we decided to try make things right by giving them some nice ice cream!
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    Contributors featured in this video, in order of appearance:
    George and Davey
    Shannon and Dianne
    Dermot and Aisling
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Comments • 2 285

  • unki3259
    unki3259 19 hours ago

    my favorite ben and jerrys use to be rain forest crunch, and they discontinued it for some reason...

  • BadHabitMarco
    BadHabitMarco 23 hours ago

    Why do you ladies have each others' initals written on your hands?

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper 2 days ago

    Young lady in the glasses is fucking gorgeous.

  • Ray Steffen
    Ray Steffen 2 days ago

    I may seem like a pervert but keep on giving that young lady what ever you have to too keep her BOUNCING UP AND DOWN in her chair!

  • Patrick Bittel
    Patrick Bittel 3 days ago

    New York super fudge chunk is the best. And Cherry Garcia. Also, love the two blond chicks.

  • Em McMullen
    Em McMullen 3 days ago

    American here -I agree I HATE that peanut butter is put in everything, especially chocolate. If the chocolate is good you do not need peanut butter.

  • Derek Light
    Derek Light 3 days ago

    Phish food is the best

  • xXxRawkFistxXx
    xXxRawkFistxXx 3 days ago +1

    Diane and Shannon are the best group you can put together. They should get a channel together. I can watch them all day. Didn't mean for that to sound creepy lol

  • Richard Gribble
    Richard Gribble 3 days ago +1

    what is it with Europeans and peanut butter, I love it it's made for us

  • Caseytify
    Caseytify 4 days ago +1

    Dermot sees peanut butter, flips out, hilarity ensues...

  • Paul Smallriver
    Paul Smallriver 5 days ago

    Peanut butter is lovely in curry

  • Kurwin Saunders
    Kurwin Saunders 5 days ago +1

    It seems like an unusually high proportion of Irish people don't like peanut butter.

  • Justin Corder
    Justin Corder 6 days ago

    Omg how can you not have cherry Garcia and chunky monkey. Those are like the 2 most famous ones. What a waste and a shame

  • Yicenia Felo-Franco
    Yicenia Felo-Franco 6 days ago

    My favorite is cherry Garcia

  • VALE_ 956
    VALE_ 956 7 days ago +1

    Who doesnt like peanut butter?!

  • Car Ric
    Car Ric 7 days ago

    Are you saying there isn't B&J in Ireland?! Half baked the best ever!

  • skinnytinny
    skinnytinny 8 days ago

    Ben & Jerry sold the company in 2000. It's now owned by a washing powder firm.

  • Will Crago
    Will Crago 8 days ago

    Red velvet is the best! And it’s as American as a flavor gets.... why do Irish dislike peanut butter?

  • James Paige
    James Paige 8 days ago

    I hate Dermot

  • Vang Nguyen
    Vang Nguyen 8 days ago

    Every time those two guys who don't like peanut butter makes me feel like a evil villain laughing at their misery and pain(bwahahaha)

  • Malorie
    Malorie 8 days ago

    Where's the Phish Foodddd

  • FLAVXer
    FLAVXer 8 days ago

    That was quite an impressive sugar high.... just sayin.

  • Aylbdr Madison
    Aylbdr Madison 9 days ago +3

    Wait... no New York Super Fudge Chunk or Mint Chip Oreo Cookie ?
    This totally invalidates the entire video. :/

    • Malorie
      Malorie 8 days ago +1

      Or Phish Food!!!

  • Jay Rogers
    Jay Rogers 10 days ago

    Like to see diane in a black on blonde blowbang

  • user1
    user1 10 days ago

    If Bla was doing this one she would have bitched the whole time.

  • Angela Bromley
    Angela Bromley 10 days ago

    Peanut butter my fave

  • Shawn Wolf
    Shawn Wolf 10 days ago

    What kind of protein is filling Dermot's hole lol

  • Debbie Austin
    Debbie Austin 11 days ago

    I knew as soon as I saw Dermot that there was going to be something peanut butter flavored. I'm so sorry lad. You deserve better.

  • halo92010
    halo92010 11 days ago

    I'm American and I HATE peanut butter!

  • janus bond.
    janus bond. 12 days ago

    Cherry Garcia is the only one to eat... Sad. You guys got jipped.

  • Oi40ozCasualty
    Oi40ozCasualty 13 days ago

    The Half Baked flavor is the best!

  • Jennifer Cline
    Jennifer Cline 13 days ago

    That was so funny Shannon says "there better be chocolate, or there will be blood" and I think she scared them cause right on cue Chocolate Fudge Brownie ❤

  • Kyle Simeon
    Kyle Simeon 14 days ago

    Who was eating Ben and Jerry’s while watching😂😂😂

  • Mark Camponeschi
    Mark Camponeschi 15 days ago +1

    We do Irish people hate peanut butter?

  • grnman86
    grnman86 16 days ago

    3:44 was my favorite part of the video, it had milkshakes instead of ice cream!

  • ragtop63
    ragtop63 18 days ago +1

    So basically, all the flavors nobody eats.

    • Malorie
      Malorie 8 days ago +1

      Right? Lol!! Phish Food all the way.

  • i7887
    i7887 18 days ago

    The two chicks that are together about both 8/10 fuckable.

  • Dan G
    Dan G 19 days ago

    I realize this is from a year ago, but can you just never give those guys peanut butter again? Please?

  • Red Death
    Red Death 19 days ago +2

    I respect your opinion on peanut butter, but you're wrong.

  • Denny Weaver
    Denny Weaver 21 day ago +2

    Phish food!

    • Malorie
      Malorie 8 days ago

      Yesssss! Been looking for you!

  • Kevin Bryan
    Kevin Bryan 22 days ago

    Why is it that Irish people hate peanut butter?

  • Tina Chandler
    Tina Chandler 22 days ago

    I want them to go for the Vermonster!

  • Rell Green
    Rell Green 22 days ago

    Shannon and Dianne are first class!!!

  • WorthlessLazyBum
    WorthlessLazyBum 24 days ago +1

    I live in Ben & Jerry and I've never eaten any of these.

  • what962
    what962 25 days ago

    I understand the pain. when you don't like peanut butter. You know its hard life when in America a lot of us would eat it plain by the jar. and even had just plain PB sandwitches.

  • Dee Boy
    Dee Boy 25 days ago

    If you had given Lauren some NEW YORK SUPER FUDGE CHUNK I guarantee we would have seen the big "O" right on camera!!!

  • Nathan Ventura
    Nathan Ventura 26 days ago +2

    Y'all hush, peanut butter is amazing. Better than that nutella crap.

  • dirk landers
    dirk landers 27 days ago +1

    lets pick the worst ben & jerry's flavors why dont cherry garcia or half-baked? this channel is ass

  • Kenneth James
    Kenneth James 28 days ago

    Why do they think peanut butter is like good for them? Peanuts have more fat then protein b4 adding whatever for butter ppl

  • Flex Seal
    Flex Seal 28 days ago

    Those Irish chicks should come eat ice cream with me, we would have a great time .

  • EpicWin1812
    EpicWin1812 28 days ago

    the only irish episode where the bitch men fit in

  • Michael Verhoest
    Michael Verhoest 29 days ago +1

    I surveyed the entire world and Irish people are the only ones that don't like peanut butter. LMAO

  • safaa alabudi
    safaa alabudi 29 days ago +1

    I keep saying this we need Americans to tryout Irish food please I want see what they eats I bet they have good chocolate most of Europe dose

  • Ron Rezen
    Ron Rezen Month ago

    Irish girls are hot .

  • Rachel Percell
    Rachel Percell Month ago

    Fucking love Shannon! 😂

  • Ogre MGTOW
    Ogre MGTOW Month ago

    Give the Blonds , Death by Chocolate.

  • George Williams
    George Williams Month ago +1

    No Phish food?

    • Malorie
      Malorie 8 days ago +1

      Nope. So sad.

  • David Kennedy
    David Kennedy Month ago

    Ben and Jerry's looks like it's made with sperm.

  • Alucard Peach
    Alucard Peach Month ago

    Sticky masticator LMFAO

  • VisualAddict
    VisualAddict Month ago +3

    To those who are wondering why Americans are obsessed with Peanut butter:
    1. We grow a to of peanuts. 3rd behind China & India.
    2. Peanut butter was created in America.
    3. During WW1, the Depression and WWII, it fed Americans.
    4. It's f delicious.
    Europeans won't understand because you don't grow peanuts like we do and it's expensive to import.

    • Malorie
      Malorie 8 days ago

      Also the culture that surrounds baseball and peanuts.

  • Rachel Taima
    Rachel Taima Month ago

    "If there isn't chocolate, there will be blood." lmfaoOO

  • Nicole Walter
    Nicole Walter Month ago +1

    What about fish food ben and jerry?

  • P I
    P I Month ago

    I really don't understand how you can hate peanut butter without having an allergy...

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Month ago +1

    Who the fuck don't like peanut butter

  • Alyssia Augenstine
    Alyssia Augenstine Month ago

    They hurt me when they didn't like the penutbutter Icecream

  • Alyssia Augenstine
    Alyssia Augenstine Month ago +1

    If you hate ICE cream just go of this Earth and dont return

  • Sean Croke
    Sean Croke Month ago

    What is with the Irish distaste of peanut butter?

  • Zara Wynters*
    Zara Wynters* Month ago

    I love how much they hate peanut butter.

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman Month ago

    What do the Irish have against peanut butter? I don't get it

  • swtv1754
    swtv1754 Month ago

    I'm American, and peanut butter is far from my favorite flavor. I do like Reese's peanut butter cups, but the peanut butter is mixed with something that I can't explain.

  • Phawked Up
    Phawked Up Month ago +1

    0:21 holy bounce forever!

  • Chad Wismer
    Chad Wismer Month ago

    I am in love with Shannon, but that glasses girl is fucking smoking hot too

  • ErichWilliam
    ErichWilliam Month ago

    No Half Baked...waste of a video.

  • Swhite
    Swhite Month ago

    It's peanut butter Ben & Jerry's time

  • Star Fighter
    Star Fighter Month ago

    And, to attract Irish people smear potatoes on everything. Ya dam spud eaters.

  • Star Fighter
    Star Fighter Month ago

    So, to apparently repel Irish people just smear peanut butter on things.

  • Lorri Miller
    Lorri Miller Month ago

    Ironically my favorite Ben and Jerry ice cream was called Dublin Mud slide. They stopped making that flavor 8-10 years ago.

  • Lorri Miller
    Lorri Miller Month ago

    Feed the guy who hates PB ice cream first. Then he won’t be full.

  • Calise Salter
    Calise Salter Month ago

    I never knew we as americans are so obsessed with peanut butter till I watch these videos.

  • Tracy Rowe
    Tracy Rowe Month ago

    don't mess with the Manilow, dude.

  • Deanna Crownover
    Deanna Crownover Month ago

    I hate peanut butter too

  • tony castellano
    tony castellano Month ago

    "Oh me god, what a fun surprise in me mouth!"

  • Wake me when we get there Huh

    I want my icecream served on those blondes.

  • Dk Adkins
    Dk Adkins Month ago

    No Cherry Garcia? You haven't tasted B&J then.

  • Juachelle Echols
    Juachelle Echols 2 months ago

    What is this? Where is the Cherry Garcia?? That stuff can bring world peace!

  • zackary williamson
    zackary williamson 2 months ago

    Irish people's KRYPTONITE = Peanut Butter!!! It is just like vampires and garlic!

  • Kathy
    Kathy 2 months ago

    The cry babies that can't take the peanut butter are the ones that ruined the WHOLE VIDEO. Honestly I stopped watching and went straight to make this comment. FOULED MOUTH CRY BABIES ARE EVEN WORSE.
    I don't understand why people that should be recently intelligent cannot make comments without using foul language. It's really pathetic. Just pathetic that's all I'm going to say

  • Cheeky Nham
    Cheeky Nham 2 months ago

    The coconut in Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream causes acid indigestion which could lead to Barrett's Esophagus which could lead to goblet cells and eventually cancer of the esophagus!

  • Gaeilgeoir
    Gaeilgeoir 2 months ago

    Why do so many Irish people hate peanut butter? lol

  • Mark Davies
    Mark Davies 2 months ago

    Nearly 100% of all peanuts and resulting products contain aflatoxins, one of the most dangerous substances on earth.

  • Jack McKee
    Jack McKee 2 months ago

    Americone Dream, That's My Jam, Chunky Monkey...otherwise I'm not interested.

  • qtpysusie54
    qtpysusie54 2 months ago


  • qtpysusie54
    qtpysusie54 2 months ago

    I see a couple a red eyes here .

  • SofaKingWeTodEd666
    SofaKingWeTodEd666 2 months ago

    ben and jerry's is overrated

  • William Rochr
    William Rochr 2 months ago

    NO CHUNKY MONKEY? CHERRY GARCIA? WTF!! Very disappointing.

  • Ginger Ann
    Ginger Ann 2 months ago

    Peanut butter ice cream is awesome!!!

  • Richard Harding
    Richard Harding 2 months ago

    Tonight Dough to me is a better version of Cookie Dough.

  • Pryderi
    Pryderi 2 months ago +1

    Someone, for the love of god. Loop 0:21

  • e1e2t3
    e1e2t3 2 months ago

    Apparently the great divide between the US and Ireland is peanut butter. Hah! Even if they don't like peanut butter (Say what?!), they're still darn likable.

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones 2 months ago

    I want to know who hurt that guy to hate peanut butter.