Hands-On with HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • We go hands-on with HTC's upcoming Vive Cosmos desktop virtual reality headset! This is the replacement for the original HTC Vive, and utilizes inside-out positional tracking instead of Valve's Lighthouse-based tracking system. We share our impressions on its tracking quality, high-resolution display, and new controllers!
    Shot and edited by Norman Chan
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Comments • 901

  • Ayush Apoorva
    Ayush Apoorva 5 days ago

    I am willing to pay if the product is good but VR headsets are progressing too slow it's like mobile phones now a days very incremental updates and not enough innovation.

  • Mike Crossbones
    Mike Crossbones 6 days ago

    Oh my...i am up to step into VR and i had Vive in mind all the time, especially the COSMOS, but since disappointment is becomming almost a regular thing in todays gaming industry, whether it is about the next AAA disapointment or another AAA game being full of bugs, i thought i probably just wait for more reviews instead of already pre-ordering it......thank god i did not. Guess i will go for the RIFT-S after all, and yeah...i am neither a hater nor seeing things all that negative but....looks like HTC will have hard times coming at them.

  • Pierre-Luc Meunier
    Pierre-Luc Meunier 6 days ago

    No problems with batteries guys, some can tough longer. Just take rechargeable Energizer, I'm sure you will tough a little more and have 4 batteries in backup. No the best way but work well :/.

  • Mcrayfish
    Mcrayfish 7 days ago

    I wish I could have one of these but they are so expensive :(

  • Yanu Szapinszky
    Yanu Szapinszky 7 days ago

    I preorderen the vive cosmos, I played with it for a few days and this is what I experienced:
    - Controlllers and tracking
    The tracking system was okey. It was fine for the most of the time but when your hands went behind your back or above your head it would take longer then expect to track them again. I had all my lights on in my house and it was sometimes still too dark, Then it was too light, I had to run the room setup again sometimes because the headset was telling me to go back into the play are while I was standing in the area. You could solve this by buying the lighthouse trackers. The batteries last way longer then 2 hours, I played for like 5 hours and I could still play with them and just buy batteries that you can recharge. Sometimes my ingame hands would stay stuck in place, I could rotate them but not move them(had to restart the headset). You will lose tracking when the controllers stay over each other.
    -Headset itself
    You can change the Idp and that was nice but when I had to go left and right fast with my head like in beatsaber, Sometimes the idp screen would just pop up and it wouls stay there for like 4/5 seconds and I would lose my combo(this happend 3 or 4 times in total). The screen was nice, clear view.
    After wearing the headset for 1,5 hours my back of my head would start to hurt but you could just take a break for 10 minutes and it would be gone.
    -What do I think?
    The Vive is fine and a decent vr headset but for a price of €800 I would prefer to add a little bit of money and buy the index with the nice controllers etc. A lot of games are not supported but they will fix that in the future. Ofcourse there will be more tracking fixes in the future. But I dont want to rely on that so I am just buying the Valve Index.
    ps: sorry if my spelling was bad but I have Dysorthographia.

  • John Buscher
    John Buscher 8 days ago +1

    Was hoping this would be about $200 cheaper. HTC's hardware reliability seems to be iffy on the Vive wands, so I'm not optmistic about a lot of this hardware, but it could have been a good middle-road but decent upgrade over a Rift S (higher refresh rate, slightly higher resolution, better speakers built in, etc) at about $500. At $700, I'll make the jump to an Index instead. The inside out tracking (even with a promise of wireless adapter coming soon) isn't enough to pull me away from just setting up a base station or two and having an amazing time with the Index.
    $600 for Wireless Cosmos would be the sweet spot, imo, and then I'd take a look.

  • ian brown
    ian brown 10 days ago

    It's trash and mine is going back

  • rek7
    rek7 10 days ago

    Cool shirt, Norm 👍

  • Harvey Stewart
    Harvey Stewart 10 days ago

    Looking to buy a vr headset for gaming I take it I should just get a valve index, or would I be better getting an oculus quest or this new cosmos also I take it oculus quest is the only one of those I won’t need a high spec gaming pc as I don’t need a pc for quest right?

  • ricodylan13
    ricodylan13 11 days ago

    Can anyone help me decide which headset to get?? I'm running an i7-8700k and a rtx 2017 and basically am considering a valve index and trying to cinvince myself otherwise lol....any advice?

  • ShaneyPo0
    ShaneyPo0 11 days ago

    I cant stand how you have to bend your neck nearly 90' forward to look down. Wtf.

  • Samson Sliteye
    Samson Sliteye 11 days ago

    AA batteries? in 2019? hahahah ridiculous...
    how can they come without built in lithium ion batteries??

    • tibor29
      tibor29 10 days ago

      So you want to end your VR session when the built in rechargable batteries run out? Just buy a bunch of rechargable AA batteries and you can swap them around in 1 minute and be back to playing. I don't understand why people are making such a big deal out of this.

  • elitebasker
    elitebasker 11 days ago

    The guys that has tried this over the old htc vive dont like it at all. Me personaly i havent tried it.

  • Pixel Dust
    Pixel Dust 12 days ago

    clarity of text is critical.

  • Kwality Kontrol
    Kwality Kontrol 12 days ago +1

    The controllers need batteries? I’m out.

  • VR flight sim guy
    VR flight sim guy 12 days ago

    Thanks for the review, once again, the Rift S comes out on top for price vs features. Two hours between battery changes?! That's insanity. I can easily spend 3-4 hours at a time when flying.

  • Demon Cleaner
    Demon Cleaner 12 days ago

    PSVR all the way!

  • andy lai
    andy lai 13 days ago

    looses tracking if your arm is too far back?? that's completely useless.

  • andy lai
    andy lai 13 days ago

    definitely NOT worth the upgrade.

  • RangerHawk
    RangerHawk 13 days ago +3

    I think it is getting more hate than it deserves. Inside out tracking, better screens, better controllers, the ability to do augmented reality. My only real complaints are FOV, and price point. As for the tracking being one or the other, inside out or lighthouses, I'd bet that's just a software fix away.

  • prallund feucht
    prallund feucht 13 days ago

    guaranteed neck fuckup

  • alto
    alto 13 days ago

    with Vive they took a step forwards and like, up the stairs. i think HTC just fell back down the stairs. its literally Vive 1.01. Valve INdex is the ONLY headset that looks very interesting as a consumer

  • Live Maschine Tutorials

    Wow. I was thinking the resolution and audio might be a benefit worth it but that controller battery life, plus the price, I don't really see a reason to get this over a Rift S. Even less so than a Quest and the oculus link.
    Honestly, I also don't feel as comfortable trusting HTC's software skills compared to Oculus. I do hope they survive though as more competition is always good and they did do great things for VR in general.

  • ay ck
    ay ck 13 days ago

    copy rift s but price almost double of the s. good job htc

  • Xan_Griegor
    Xan_Griegor 14 days ago

    $700? This is garbage for $700. You can get a better quality experience with a rift S at half the price. And you can get a mobile AND (soon) pc experience with the Quest at $399. Sorry HTC but nobody is gonna buy this for $700...

  • Sama.40shooter martin
    Sama.40shooter martin 14 days ago

    Why still no finger tracking yet?

  • Imhotep397
    Imhotep397 14 days ago

    Ah....so another company aping a number of the features of the PSVR.

  • snillur snillson
    snillur snillson 14 days ago

    DONT BUY THIS CRAP!!!!! I just got mine 2 days early, the Quality is Shit, it feels like having a rock on you're head. and it is nearly impossible to set up, it takes hours

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo 14 days ago

    Welp, rip vive

  • Darren _K
    Darren _K 14 days ago

    That really is an ugly device.

  • The Dtuned
    The Dtuned 15 days ago +3

    Pass. Let me know when they have one that plugs into the back of your head.

    • AlleyCa7
      AlleyCa7 13 days ago

      It's on the way my friend! If you haven't heard of or seen Elon Musk's "Neurolink" you should check it out. The future is now.

  • Tranel Bland
    Tranel Bland 15 days ago

    Can it be tethered to a smartphone? It's been teased forever but never confirmed or shown? And what is the extent of it's capabilities when it's tethered? Can it still use the index controllers while tethered?

  • SpaceMage
    SpaceMage 15 days ago +3

    2 hours? even my mixed reality controllers will last longer than that.

    • joseph scozzari
      joseph scozzari 12 days ago

      ya my samsung ones last waaaay longer than that...wtf

  • Chris Backues
    Chris Backues 15 days ago

    The wireless option is a HUGE selling point for me. I never want to go back to wired ever again.

  • Miki Cerise
    Miki Cerise 15 days ago

    So, the problems of Rift S at double the price? :P

  • Bean_Boie
    Bean_Boie 15 days ago +6

    No reason to buy this, especially after seeing what all oculus has planned for the quest.

    • Shonist
      Shonist 12 days ago

      @MoondoggieGaming 32 wut? quest is king sorry.

    • Allah SpreadsHate
      Allah SpreadsHate 13 days ago

      @MoondoggieGaming 32 - The Quest is soon to be best of both worlds when oculus link is released... You'd have to be mad to by the Cosmos.

    • Ian Miller
      Ian Miller 13 days ago

      @MoondoggieGaming 32 Have you even tried it? It's quite good.

    • MoondoggieGaming 32
      MoondoggieGaming 32 13 days ago

      The quest is trash, its mobile quality VR at best. It's not blowing anyone away.

  • モバイル Sentry
    モバイル Sentry 15 days ago

    If you have an original vive, there does not seem to be any point upgrading with anything that's been offered so far. It's all just minor tweaks, design changes, headband improvements, display sidegrades, a display DOWNGRADE in this case in the sense of LCD over OLED. If you don't have a VR solution yet, these options are just different skus to find the headset that you like the best. Maybe I'm just jaded with VR.

  • adman370
    adman370 15 days ago

    As to why you can't mix vr hardware tracking systems, it's because each system creates its own coordinate space.
    Inside out system's coordinate space is determined by the headset and it's movements and relative position to the room you're in.
    Lighthouse tracking system has a coordinate system based on the lighthouses.

    If you wanted to mix and match those, you'd need to be able to figure out the offset between the two (or more) coordinate spaces. If you can't do that then the hardware doesn't know where each piece of hardware is relative to each other.

  • SmoothOp
    SmoothOp 15 days ago +1

    HTC is DONE!

  • VR Shoggoth
    VR Shoggoth 15 days ago +2

    I'll write it here as well: It is modular, has higher screen resolution than the other two, double display with hardware IPD adjustment, smart design, solid construction and sturdier controller, it is wireless, does support eye tracking, has inside out tracking with 6 cameras. Can`t really understand the reasons of some dumb comments around.

    • sb0bc
      sb0bc 7 days ago +1

      It's not wireless and it doesn't have eye tracking. It is basically a 15% improvement over Rift S for 75% increase in price. How is it worthwhile?

    • VR Shoggoth
      VR Shoggoth 12 days ago

      @Allah SpreadsHate Fuck few hundreds bucks one has to use his headset during years, its not a life changing amount of money.

    • Allah SpreadsHate
      Allah SpreadsHate 13 days ago

      The price?

    • Carlos Montes
      Carlos Montes 14 days ago +2

      2 hour controller battery...

  • Hexx
    Hexx 15 days ago

    Looks like a scuffed quest

  • 조지_.G30rge
    조지_.G30rge 15 days ago

    I think I'm just gonna get the original vive...this seems a bit overpriced

    • 조지_.G30rge
      조지_.G30rge 13 days ago

      @I like dead memes idk if I trust that oculus link thing for the quest tho...

    • I like dead memes
      I like dead memes 13 days ago

      조지_.G30rge you shouldn’t get a vive at all cuz its more overpriced then oculus headsets and oculus has a lot of stuff planned for the quest

  • Zac Dior
    Zac Dior 15 days ago

    So the FOV is the same, slightly better resolution, outside in tracking seem good, the halo system look OK. Apart from that USB type C connector in the headset that's got me intrigued, I say buy the valve index.

  • Keegs
    Keegs 15 days ago

    Yo what game is that with the whale that looks super cool to look at in VR

  • FieriRoad
    FieriRoad 16 days ago

    Really wish that the Oculus Rift S was more easily compatible with the Knuckles or Index controllers cause HTC has lost me for their products, and I really liked their upgradability features

  • Macafee
    Macafee 16 days ago

    Controllers look higher quality than the Gen 2 Touch controllers.

  • Creatoroflight
    Creatoroflight 16 days ago +1

    why did they go with a Bright Light for tracking its like the damn ps4 controller with its light bar thing . Stop putting lights inside the damn controls it drains the battery

  • The Gaming Boys
    The Gaming Boys 16 days ago +1

    Im sorry but this could be the greatest headset in the world (it isn't) but with a two hour battery life for the controllers its dead on arrival.

    • Allah SpreadsHate
      Allah SpreadsHate 13 days ago

      It's fucking madness. Who thought 2 hours would be 'good enough'? They need to be taken out back and shot.

  • ProtoFab 3D
    ProtoFab 3D 17 days ago

    Can anyone think of something to do on these headset that make the price worth it. I have the Original rift and the Vive and they are both collecting dust. Most of the things that I was interested in where underdeveloped or not delivered at all.
    What is the game or application that justifies paying 500-1000 for these?

  • thesmart1
    thesmart1 17 days ago +2

    I'm still glad I bought the Quest

  • Holret
    Holret 17 days ago

    2 hours batter life.
    No adjustable distance of lenses.
    same FOV as the HTC Vive (110).

    Just give us an Index with inside tracking for a lower price and you got yourself a deal. For now, yeah.. uh no.

  • Beokabatukaba
    Beokabatukaba 17 days ago

    Considering how much crap WMR got originally, it's amusing to see that most companies have just added to the same basic spec list established by the OG Samsung Odyssey that came out nearly 3 years ago. Same resolution, maybe a bit lighter/comfier, but really just slapped a couple more cameras on and doubled the price.

  • Alex Vojacek
    Alex Vojacek 17 days ago +1

    2 hours of battery life?. That's just insane. That can't be real. Well this is not a minor downside, it's a disgrace and definitely a no-no for me. My Rift S controller's batteries last for a whole week with entire Beat Sabers sessions in-between. What were they thinking !!

    STOPYOURCLICKBAIT Bruh 17 days ago +1

    The thing is...
    What is a competitor to the quest?
    It has link, so it’s basically a rift.
    It has (soon to be) hand tracking

    It is only $400
    What can top this?
    Aside from google daydream obv 🙄

    • Allah SpreadsHate
      Allah SpreadsHate 11 days ago

      @The Passionate Gamer - If you've got the cash and the PC to push it properly the index must be awesome. I can only dream...

    • The Passionate Gamer
      The Passionate Gamer 11 days ago

      @Allah SpreadsHate I have very little faith in HTC. I was gonna get a Vive Pro unroll I read some user reviews and they talked about how bad the customer service is. I guess it's a moot point though because they all have shit customer service tbh. The Valve Index is the most tempting one out right now. I will probably just get a Rift S black Friday and get a Index first of next year.

    • Allah SpreadsHate
      Allah SpreadsHate 12 days ago

      @The Passionate Gamer - I'm reading a lot of posts from Cosmos users about his the tracking is atrocious in anything other than floodlight-level lighting. Sounds like a great system to me... :D

    • The Passionate Gamer
      The Passionate Gamer 12 days ago

      @Allah SpreadsHate It's just how tech works man. A compressed video will never look as good as a native signal. This isn't rocket science. Early testers are already saying it causes artifacting and input lag. But we already knew that was gonna be the case traveling through USB. Quest 2 can fix this by having a removable HDMI or Display port cable for picture perfect tethered play. It's not that big of a deal anyways as I'd say probably 90% of quest owners never use the feature, cause lets be honest if they had a beefy enough PC to run VR they wouldn't have went with quest in the first place.

    • Allah SpreadsHate
      Allah SpreadsHate 12 days ago

      @The Passionate Gamer - How about maybe viewing some evidence before passing a guilty verdict? Have you never been wrong before?

  • Mikey Wolf
    Mikey Wolf 17 days ago

    does this work with HMD?

  • Darth KegRaider
    Darth KegRaider 18 days ago

    I think i'll just keep playing on my original HTC1 headset. Does me fine, and the rechargable controllers last probably twice as long as the wireless kit i bought for it anyway. Having no tether cord, as well as the upgraded audio kit, it seems all i will get a benefit from is higher resolution. I can live without that for now.

  • Etwas
    Etwas 18 days ago

    2 hour batterie life? wtf were they thinking?

  • VR Shoggoth
    VR Shoggoth 18 days ago

    This seems to be a great headset, can`t wait to get mine. IMHO its the most exciting headset of this gen.

    • VR Shoggoth
      VR Shoggoth 15 days ago

      @Bigboi 360 Nope the Quest is a different product and sits on the lowest end of PC VR (tethered) . Not to mention its games are the most expensive.

    • Bigboi 360
      Bigboi 360 15 days ago

      @VR Shoggoth so basically the quest but not stand alone and more expensive. I'll pass.

    • VR Shoggoth
      VR Shoggoth 15 days ago

      @Bigboi 360WTF Are you kidding me? It is modular, has higher screen resolution than the other two, double display with hardware IPD adjustment solid construction and sturdier controller, it`s wireless, does support eye tracking, has inside out tracking with 6 cameras,. I understand being a fan of another product but this definitely has his strong point in favour over competitors. The least exiting is Rift S, unless one gets excited by the lower price.

    • Bigboi 360
      Bigboi 360 16 days ago

      No this is probably the least exciting

  • Leggir
    Leggir 18 days ago +4

    I just want an upgraded display for the vive. Everything else works for me.

  • Leggir
    Leggir 18 days ago

    I play in a dark room all night, so I wonder how well it'll work. Although I heard it can use lighthouses if you enable it.