I Bought The First 5 Things Insta Celebs Recommended To Me


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +14718

    HELLO BBs! this one took a ~while~ to be birthed, but I finally got through all of the products! would you try any of these?
    EDIT: also don't click on anything a fake "safiya nygaard" account asks you to click on!!! its spam!

  • Tracy W
    Tracy W 7 hours ago

    Stumbled on one of your videos yesterday and can't stop watching! Love the editing and your personality is super cute!

  • maddie's edits
    maddie's edits 12 hours ago

    She said stay with crest white strips ...DON'T they suck the tast bad and r just awful so do not bye crest white strips by the weird light thing so good

  • riley pariot
    riley pariot 15 hours ago

    Safiya has well put together videos she puts time and effort into her videos so thank you safiya, love ya .

  • RickyTheRyuu
    RickyTheRyuu 17 hours ago +1

    as soon as she said hit or miss i immediately thought of tiktok like if agree

  • chikns96
    chikns96 17 hours ago

    straight up props for just having the patience to do this video over the span of two months :00000

  • Anita Brunsvig
    Anita Brunsvig 19 hours ago

    i would really like to see you try some product if you wanna hear more about it let me know :)

  • Shadestorm
    Shadestorm 19 hours ago

    16:37 I guess they never miss, huh

  • The Greer Sisters
    The Greer Sisters 19 hours ago

    did her lashes get smaller

  • Mealia F
    Mealia F 23 hours ago

    this video was posted December 17th 2017 and is is officially a year later (2018)

  • maria cg
    maria cg Day ago +1

    16:37 i guess they never miss HUH

  • Kristie
    Kristie Day ago

    11:09 pause,pretty surr vitamins made her arm hair grow 😂😂(not hating)

  • Kayla Lees
    Kayla Lees Day ago

    im dead because when she said that some of the products were "hit or miss" i screamed "i guess they never miss HUH?"
    this was at 2:47

  • Samantha Davey
    Samantha Davey Day ago +1

    They look better before with the lash thing

  • Elyssa
    Elyssa Day ago

    Khloe’s my favorite kardashian. I was watching videos of her earlier then I was scrolling down your page trying to find a video I haven’t watched yet and I seen her on the thumbnail so I’m now watching this video. ❤️

    LIL RAY Day ago

    Khloe and Kylie are my favorite Kardashian’s and Jenner’s because they are so inspiring and independent and not looking for drama

  • poser at work
    poser at work Day ago

    Tomorrow will be the 1 year anniversary of dis vid

  • #catlover1234
    #catlover1234 Day ago

    Cristine would be proud

  • Abby Tracy
    Abby Tracy Day ago

    I have same mug

  • Harrypotter Hogwarts

    Omg have u guys see safe engagement ring it sooooo pretty

  • Pam Duncan
    Pam Duncan Day ago

    The issue with tooth whiteners is that we tend to forget pretty quickly over time where a dentist may have filled in a small cavity or even a crack or pit to prevent it becoming a cavity and often mention it in passing or not mention it at all and then the whitening process discolors what they used. They would have matched it to the tooth color at the time and many dental fillers either change to a color like a tea stain and suddenly appear when an over the counter whitener is used. This is why its always better to have a dentist whiten your teeth as they look for spots like that first and/or can correct them to match the new whitened color of the teeth. Its almost certain if you suddenly have a spot appear that is either not whitening with the rest of the enamel or suddenly looks off white or like a light tea stain you had some dental work there are one time or your enamel wore off there.

  • Holly Schultz
    Holly Schultz Day ago

    Girl! Plz do a hair routine vid because your hair is so fricken healthy and gorgeous.

  • Laura Watt
    Laura Watt Day ago

    If you had to drink a cup of tea at night, were you up all night going to the bathroom?

  • Nellyy IMVU
    Nellyy IMVU Day ago

    *ive been with you since 900k and I never left and I love to see you do all of this silliness just to make your viewers happy*

  • Caroline Nicholas
    Caroline Nicholas Day ago +2

    16:37 guess i never miss huh

    • Lola Ross
      Lola Ross Day ago

      Caroline Nicholas I was waiting for someone to say that 😂

  • Boopity Boop
    Boopity Boop Day ago +1

    16:37 I guess they never miss huh

  • Doge Lover
    Doge Lover Day ago

    Oh my god I love your style,it's so awesome 😍

  • Aliede Holweg
    Aliede Holweg 2 days ago

    The stain can also happen if you breath through your mouth when sleeping a dentist can scratch it of

  • carrol bilger
    carrol bilger 2 days ago

    i guess they never miss, HUH........

  • Jessica Medyati
    Jessica Medyati 2 days ago

    Hey I love ur videos would you be able to do a review on Arbonne? From me

  • Nicole Plays
    Nicole Plays 2 days ago

    Oml! I love sugarbearhair eek! they’re so good too! It made my hair silky and smooth! :D

  • CAS
    CAS 2 days ago

    AHA my mom has the fabfitfun box and we have that mug, good mug 👌

  • kyleen crosby
    kyleen crosby 2 days ago

    Do a pretty little thing video!!!!!

  • Michal Dadon
    Michal Dadon 2 days ago

    Ahava is a Hebrew word it says love in english

  • Zaniah Pigott
    Zaniah Pigott 2 days ago +2

    When I first saw the "gold eye mask" I thought they were cut up peaches.

  • mann shambles
    mann shambles 2 days ago

    Alright...so I teared up. Demanding an invite to the nups for my wife and I ! I MEAN IT!!!

  • Llesica Ortiz
    Llesica Ortiz 2 days ago

    Look at safiyas right eye on 15:55 ummmm what is that?

  • Suus & Kieke
    Suus & Kieke 3 days ago

    16:36 Hit or miss, i’ll guess they never miss huh...

  • KyaraBondima
    KyaraBondima 3 days ago


  • Emma Lyons
    Emma Lyons 3 days ago

    Anyone here after the engagement 🤗🤗

  • Holly Stop
    Holly Stop 3 days ago

    16:38 I guess you never miss huh got a girlfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss yah

  • SamFooSammieComments
    SamFooSammieComments 3 days ago +1


  • Alex Amphonephong
    Alex Amphonephong 3 days ago +3

    Who else is here after Tyler proposed to Safiya? I don’t see the ring.;)

  • Rebeca Dumitru
    Rebeca Dumitru 3 days ago

    Wow disgusting arm hair 11:09 .

  • zo olivier
    zo olivier 3 days ago

    safiya: the products are a hit or miss
    me: i guess they never miss huh ?

  • Abdullah Samsodeen
    Abdullah Samsodeen 3 days ago

    Lol really good speaker👌👍👆😊

  • I. K.
    I. K. 3 days ago

    It's none of my business, but there are much better ways to waste money, this is just pure consumption.

  • 앤디Aendi
    앤디Aendi 4 days ago


  • Abre Z
    Abre Z 4 days ago

    Chamomile tea does the same thing to you

  • Fletcher Fox
    Fletcher Fox 4 days ago

    omg my name is fletcher to!

  • CraftyNinja07
    CraftyNinja07 4 days ago +1

    You should try fortnite!!!

  • Becca Rhodes
    Becca Rhodes 5 days ago +1


  • Ариадна Ариа

    I love ur voice

  • Barb Hayes
    Barb Hayes 5 days ago

    The socks and shawl showed up in a Causebox. Now I’m wondering if all this stuff is just remainders that didn’t sell elsewhere.

  • Lookingglassslimes
    Lookingglassslimes 5 days ago

    Safiya- “I guess it just wasn’t a hit” me- “ or miss huh you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss ya

  • Rosie's life
    Rosie's life 6 days ago

    I think u didn't do the whitening thing right because I think you are soposed to boil it first then shape ur to your teeth then do all the other stuff

  • Ashly Henriquez
    Ashly Henriquez 6 days ago

    I want you to waste $200 on wish

  • The Magical Purple Dragon

    16:37 I guess they never miss huh

  • Emersyn Pannell
    Emersyn Pannell 6 days ago +3

    Her hair looks almost thicker

  • Fallen Sway
    Fallen Sway 7 days ago

    30 days won't do crap lol 6 months minimum so you can see change in regrowth. Hair is dead the moment it passes past the scalp so it won't change the dead part.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 7 days ago +1

    16:38 I guess they never miss huh

  • Lillian and Maya Morris and Wetzel

    Honestly, I hate all of those reality shows, but she still makes a good video out of it, which shows talent.

  • Tami Pe
    Tami Pe 8 days ago

    Love the look! That lash serum took out your eyelashes and for that...I'm going to subscribe!!!

  • Julie Winkler
    Julie Winkler 8 days ago

    Lol I forgot what I was watching for a lil while, so my dumb ass thought the tea bags were bags of weed

  • Lilo Wazula
    Lilo Wazula 8 days ago

    Saf? Your arms?

  • 16bitFishing
    16bitFishing 9 days ago

    This is why Instagram is ass cancer

  • Rhianna Frost
    Rhianna Frost 9 days ago +1

    Her lashes look thinner and shorter after using it which is worrying 😲😲

  • Kim TaehyungSenpai
    Kim TaehyungSenpai 9 days ago +1

    she said "the products are like hit or miss"

  • Tranxy
    Tranxy 9 days ago

    16:37 I guess they never miss *Huh*

  • Debo Beye
    Debo Beye 9 days ago

    Hit or miss...

  • benjy the master of dank memes


  • Zibi DaLemur
    Zibi DaLemur 10 days ago

    They say that the sponsored photos on your Instagram feed are tailored to whatever they think you would like. Mine is filled with ads for art supplies, Halloween stored, and bakeries...
    How did they know I enjoy scaring five-year-olds on Halloween while eating cream puffs? I have an addiction to cream puffs...

  • Anoushka Mariam marine
    Anoushka Mariam marine 10 days ago +1

    10mil view EHHHH it should be 100 mil

  • Sara Michaels
    Sara Michaels 11 days ago

    Oh gosh this is GREAT!!!!!!! I found your videos last night and new Favorite Vlog!!!! 😂💕👏🏻🥂

  • mia clark
    mia clark 11 days ago

    does anyone else sing a long to her intro 😂

  • Marqui Marie
    Marqui Marie 11 days ago

    The blinks for the lash stuff 😂

  • MissAlex480
    MissAlex480 11 days ago

    Yay we have the same waist size

  • Anna
    Anna 12 days ago +2


    I guess they never miss huh?

  • Camille Cole
    Camille Cole 12 days ago

    I’m fairly new to your channel and I’m Love Love Loving your videos!!!!! I’ve only watched 37 or so in the last week lol😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Question; how does one get the shout outs for watching at the end??? Keep up the fun loving good natured entertainment Safiya👌🏽!!

  • easilyamused713
    easilyamused713 12 days ago

    Watching Safiya actually makes me give a bit of a shit about my appearance, which I like. She actually boosts my confidence! Thanks Safiya ❤

  • Shae W
    Shae W 13 days ago

    How can you be a "beginner at tea" it's water sugar and a teabag

  • strawberry fields
    strawberry fields 13 days ago

    I somehow instantly knew that teen mom would be an option.

  • Jonathan Suber
    Jonathan Suber 13 days ago

    Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh?
    You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn't kiss ya (Mwah!)
    He gon' find another girl and he won't miss ya
    He gon' skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa

  • Kadesha Smith
    Kadesha Smith 13 days ago

    Your hair for sure looked shinier in the after 😍😍

  • Victoria Myers
    Victoria Myers 13 days ago

    More videos like this please!!!! I was super interested in every product you tried out! So thank you for letting me not waste more money

  • fatima haibah
    fatima haibah 13 days ago

    16:37 hehe

  • Star Nunley
    Star Nunley 13 days ago

    You became addicted to the tea

  • Aikaterina18
    Aikaterina18 13 days ago

    Love your videos, they always make me laugh and put me in a good mood :D!

  • Bethany Wright
    Bethany Wright 14 days ago +5

    You need to get a refund on the lash stuff, because your lashes look shorter after using it!

  • Tanzila Hoque
    Tanzila Hoque 14 days ago +1

    Smashed it

  • Jobline Jouana
    Jobline Jouana 14 days ago

    can you try cocoa locks n tell me

  • Explicit Content
    Explicit Content 14 days ago


  • Sharon  Aguirre
    Sharon Aguirre 14 days ago

    actualy i think your hair got a little longer

  • ThankYouPain09
    ThankYouPain09 14 days ago

    Safiya: Sugarbear Hair!
    *Brad Mondo has left the chatroom*

  • BFF-DIYS 1911
    BFF-DIYS 1911 14 days ago

    her lashes got shorter and thinner

  • Lilly bass
    Lilly bass 14 days ago

    I think the mascara made your eye lashes worse...

  • KittyKat_MeowMeow
    KittyKat_MeowMeow 14 days ago

    The eyelashes honestly look better before

  • Stay Happy
    Stay Happy 14 days ago

    How long does it take to make 1 video???????

  • Grimm Book
    Grimm Book 15 days ago

    Damn, these instagram people make me feel like I need a rape shower.

  • jazzy_for_realz jazzy
    jazzy_for_realz jazzy 15 days ago

    The curling iron I got it for $90 because discount but it came with other wands