Jordan Peterson on Brexit and the Doom of the EU

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • Professor Jordan B. Peterson on Brexit, governance by referendum, and (the very likely doom of) the EU.
    Jordan Peterson: "... (Europe is) so big, it will certainly fail."
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  • Mark56
    Mark56 5 hours ago

    So there is indeed, wisdom to the old french saying: "Vive la Difference!"

  • Jesper Gotthelf
    Jesper Gotthelf 5 hours ago +1

    Jordan is a fantastic, inspiring psykologist. But he is on foreign ground. EU has been a succes for 40 years. There is problems in 5-6 of EU's countries, yes. 6 out of 28 🤗. Jordan is a splitter. Thanks god, he only is splitting the US. Stay there 😊

  • Francis Couderq
    Francis Couderq Day ago +1

    EU grow too fast. Yes ,but that doesn't mean we can't work it out.
    One day EU will be from the atlantic to the urals, so C. de Gaulle said...just wait and see.
    Meanwhile we need to build a strong back bone to get this going.

  • J S
    J S 2 days ago

    He warns against gigantism by referring to the tower of babel. Presumably he warns against the USA?

  • mmm nnn
    mmm nnn 2 days ago

    Doom of the EU … you cabbage ... the US and Canada is made by the Europeans … of course you want it doomed so all that brain surge will reach your shores ... your protection comes only from the geolocation ... is not very intelligent to me and pretend you reach another level of attainment ... what a loser mind narrow prick short term memory cabbage ... talking about the gulags camps in his book but what about the Indians they chased away when they colonised Canada ... you make me sick professor.

  • Robert Peace
    Robert Peace 3 days ago +2

    This guy speaks the truth and let’s hope the EU just becomes a loose trading group and NO MORE!!!

  • Ernest Oglesby
    Ernest Oglesby 3 days ago

    We have had very bad government in the UK ever since Heath joined us up to the Common Market.

  • Chris Barrett
    Chris Barrett 4 days ago

    Too big, too fast ...

  • Michael Mayo
    Michael Mayo 4 days ago +1

    You mean like the USA's empire-building and their Tower of Babel. Your just another American commentator that just can't cut the idea of the USA losing influence in the world. Just because you call yourself a professor, doesn't mean that you have found the stone of wisdom."Tower of Babel" What a load of bollocks. Let's hear your views on the decline of the USA's influence in the world of today. Maybe the Americans could try influencing others by deed and not by the force of arms, religious clap-trap and nationalism. "The Americans are very robust people," Yea tell that to the Vietnamese, remember them, the ones that gave you a good whipping. Hypocrite.

  • Nick
    Nick 5 days ago

    Go back to your classroom and teach psychology.

  • John Burman
    John Burman 6 days ago +2

    I was a Brexit fan til I twigged. The British 1 percent don't want the EU 1percent to rule them. The rest of us don't have any say anyway - it's all rigged

  • Sad Machines
    Sad Machines 7 days ago

    It's funny Jordan, how hundreds of cultures have a flood "myth" taking place around the same time. Theres tremendous evidence that the earth was hit by a fragmented comet. I first read about it in "Uriels machine". It was written in 1996 and academia is barely catching on now. There are MASSIVE mammoth graveyards all over, who all looked to have died suddenly, at the same time. The ones near the poles are frozen with food in their stomachs and even mouths. Tremendous amounts of water were ejected into the upper atmosphere, coming down as an epic snowstorm that trapped all these animals instantly. Where'd they get all the plant matter in their stomachs if the north was already a barren Iceland? Something happened suddenly, and Uriels machine puts forth the theory that they knew these comet was coming for some time and prepared for it.

  • Gary Morrison
    Gary Morrison 8 days ago

    The doom of the UK would be more precise . JP usually talks mainly sense but I cannot even be bothered to look at this complete bollocks fae a Canadian who kens Zero aboot Europe

  • DougZ
    DougZ 8 days ago

    What hardships have Americans gone trough? Bombing others all around the world?

  • Coneman3
    Coneman3 9 days ago

    It's a peasant revolt due to many years of poor political representation. The main cause is not thick, racist people. That's lazy thinking and betrays a demonstration of ordinary working people. It's using the nature argument over nurture, to avoid focus on politics. Politicians on the right use that trick all the time by personalizing arguments rather than addressing populations, which would involve analyzing policies and recognizing how divided a society we have. Blame the people not the politicians. Are clever and rich people not racist??

    KONGO JOHN 9 days ago

    Too much diversity

    KONGO JOHN 9 days ago

    Idea of United States of Europe is a joke. France Italy Sweden etc are NATIONS

    KONGO JOHN 9 days ago

    So big it will certainly fail. This is why China always chooses absolute centralized power. Huge state and one billion. USA too now closing on 400 million

    KONGO JOHN 9 days ago

    EU is Germany winning WW2

    KONGO JOHN 9 days ago

    EU leaders are frustrated Stalinists

  • Al Garnier
    Al Garnier 10 days ago

    It's the Doom of the UK! The EU will survive as the world powers after the collapse of unfettered Capitalism in America into Fascism and white nationalism.

  • Bradley Wylie
    Bradley Wylie 11 days ago

    He's got an opinion but facts are facts. It is hard to see the Greek debt crisis having such an effect on the EU. There is no need to just "pay the debt" like a restaurant bill. But if it came to that.....
    Greek GDP: 200.3 billion USD (2017) 1.3% growth
    German GDP: 3.677 trillion USD (2017) 0.7% growth
    Greek debt: 181.1 % of Greek GDP (2018)
    This is why the debt was restructured. In the world of finance, Greek debt is not a big factor in Europe, nor was it a big political deal. I also strongly dislike his erroneous and biased, almost racist assumption that "the Greeks don't pay their taxes". Best estimates put Greek tax evasion at 6 to 9% of GDP. In comparison, in the USA it is estimated that over 15% of federal taxes are "evaded". Not to overlook the various and extremely generous fiscal advantages afforded to US taxpayers. Mr Peterson should stay away from making generalities outside of his field of expertise.

  • yasmani martinez
    yasmani martinez 12 days ago

    I am not american but i can tell you with confidence, whoever you are, you cannot destroy america, its such a well formulated monster and its so big, but europe is going down the tubes, america is a binary superpower, which means it has great britain with it, no manmade government or manmade enemy can destroy it, because it is very well formulated, like its fou dations and principles, if you look carefully, they are not of this world.

  • David miorgan
    David miorgan 13 days ago

    Jordan is pissing off to much time trying to tie all modern behavior to ideas he believes from religious beliefs in the ancient past. Like we are forced to act over and over the same as some middle eastern knuckle draggers that we aren't even related to.

  • Ravi Chanana
    Ravi Chanana 14 days ago

    The difficult times of 'the unknown' is not there anymore on Earth, with 'substantially known' regime taking over. This should provide consolation to anyone on the planet.

  • Basilis Tsakalos
    Basilis Tsakalos 15 days ago

    Dear Jordan, Greeks don't pay their taxes because the taxes are 70% of the income.

  • slarti bartfast
    slarti bartfast 16 days ago +2

    Sometimes this man is the true master of word salad.

  • hgkjh jhjkhjk
    hgkjh jhjkhjk 16 days ago +2

    Leave Europe but assume the cost

  • dafyduck79
    dafyduck79 16 days ago

    and and yes, referendum is bad way of running country ... for political class, which only intention is living in luxury on taxpayers costs

  • dafyduck79
    dafyduck79 16 days ago

    the reason of brexit is english democracy - to have democracy in germany, they gonna run same referendum after realized, that they are gonna bail out greece, italy and spain

  • Dutch Man
    Dutch Man 18 days ago +1

    A true democracy cannot exist in a society with more than one person, because conflict will be the result. He is fully correct.

  • John Wordsworth
    John Wordsworth 18 days ago

    Global homogeneity is what four Judaism have sought: Judaism in the book of Isaiah, Judeo-Christianity, Judeo-Islam, and Marxism. Success of any of these moments would have treasured in the disappearance of unique cultures. More recently the Jewish program of George Soros has been to destroy cultural identities of Western nations thus the destruction of Western Civilization through multiculturalization of those nations. The Jewish programs have always been global and have sought the destruction of other cultures: non-Jewish, non-Christian, non-Muslims, and non-Marxist. Soros's problem is unique because it is one of nihilism: destruction for the sake of destruction.

  • Martin Crossman
    Martin Crossman 19 days ago

    The middle between socialism and capitalism economically is that no one falls below the poverty line, everyone is equal here, but everyone has free enterprise, to be as wealthy as they can achieve.

  • 黄白人
    黄白人 20 days ago +2

    Well, JP's right about the EU being doomed. It's already started to fall apart with Brexit! 🇬🇧

  • TheTline2010
    TheTline2010 20 days ago

    "Why American people pay their taxes? God knows."
    Try a thought experiment: voluntary tax paying without the IRS.
    So much for "God knows".

  • Tamara Issa
    Tamara Issa 21 day ago

    Dr Peterson it is very obvious you do not know even the basic facts of the EU

    • Per Dunk
      Per Dunk 19 days ago

      Do tell us then! ohh you can't?

  • Tamara Issa
    Tamara Issa 21 day ago +3

    As a EU citizen... I don't agree. It works in practice and we are all very happy with our free healthcare, free education and jobs the trade agreement and single market has created.

    • Angie Griffiths
      Angie Griffiths 8 days ago

      @Tamara Issa it seems to me that you are the one trying to make an invalid point. Put it this way I work and pay taxes for my health care and my child's food and education so still not free someone has to pay for it. Enjoy your not so free education and health service 😂

    • Tamara Issa
      Tamara Issa 8 days ago

      @Angie Griffiths It would be best explained like the food the child eats free? No..but it is for the child. It the same system. I studied for free and I got healthcare for free, my parents payed for it without feeling they have paid for it. It is the equation where everyone gives lets say 1$ for something. But not everyone is going to use/need that something making it cheap/free for others that do. Imagine you have a tumor. If you have to pay for the treatment yourself you will just die from lack of money, but if you took from that 1$ pond everyone contributed you could get your treatment. Luckily not everyone gets cancer so you can get your medicine. So, to answer your question since you are dying only to make a I am right you are wrong its not free. But it sure as hell feels like it! Cheers.

    • Angie Griffiths
      Angie Griffiths 8 days ago

      @Tamara Issa I don't know what the taxes are in the USA I don't contribute to them. I am more concerned about where my taxes. There is no such thing as free health care, free education the only thing free is the air we breathe and they will find a way to tax that soon.

    • Angie Griffiths
      Angie Griffiths 8 days ago

      @Tamara Issa so not free then?

    • Tamara Issa
      Tamara Issa 8 days ago

      @Angie Griffiths Everything needed for country operations is payed from tax. EU countries like Germany have an average tax of 19%. And it is payed above the salary. So if you have 2000€ salary employer will pay 19% tax on you also he will pay into health insurance and pensions. Out of that 19% tax coutries invest in healthcare and education so the costs are divided. Usa takes 50% tax on most profits like online income and you have to pay your healthcare and education on your own. We..people of Europe know what we work for and where that tax goes..opportunities for ourselves and our children so they can start their life fucking debt free. Something the USA can dream of. I see more and more US citizens comming here to study.

  • White Owl
    White Owl 21 day ago

    ((( EUROPEAN UNION )))

  • john adams
    john adams 21 day ago

    You won't get any sense from a BBC person. Their little minds are clogged with lentils and virtue signalling.

  • Luke Moses
    Luke Moses 22 days ago +9

    In a nutshell:
    More diverse = More problems.

  • Scooby McDooby
    Scooby McDooby 22 days ago +1

    Of course, we have absolutely no say in who stands for Parliament - the choice of candidate is entirely down to the various parties. We have no vote on WHO should stand, so in what sense do we actually vote for them?

  • Sean Lynch
    Sean Lynch 23 days ago +1

    Hes usually full of data facts and figures .
    But not one single fact or figure here ,just his imagination .
    Hes looking to America as an an example when every country in Europe can make it's own decisions for their own countries at least their representatives can .
    The UK decided not to join the Euro and didn't for example .

    • Tamara Issa
      Tamara Issa 21 day ago

      Finally someone that understands! Mr. Peterson is a brilliant man but he is a philosopher. And his thoughts and ideas are just not reality or possibility just distant dreams & ideas that are also very influenced with his american point of view.

  • lanceblack888
    lanceblack888 23 days ago

    Not very logical. Americans are also one three hundredth of a million and the Americans are okay with it, so why not Europe. The EU is not a monolith. It’s a trading block.

  • Bintu Adam
    Bintu Adam 23 days ago

    1:57 did he just say Noah's flood was a MYTH?????

  • William Ford
    William Ford 27 days ago +1

    The then Prime Minister David Cameron was 5th Cousin to Queen Of England. Just have to see if Present Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 25 July 2019 takes Britain out of EU in 98 Days Time.

  • Annette Elliott-Dunn
    Annette Elliott-Dunn 29 days ago +9

    I have always been pro Europe and am a Remainer. But lurking at the back of my mind is exactly what the professor is saying. We are now leaving, so I’m going to make the best of it and not whine

  • Penelope Hunt
    Penelope Hunt Month ago +2

    The Brits never do anything not calculated to maximize benefit for Britain. Tower of Babel is a cellphone tower

  • Edd25164605
    Edd25164605 Month ago +1

    I have such respect for this man.
    When he speaks I'm transfixed, yer he isn't preachy.
    His intellectual approach is astounding!

  • Minimalism
    Minimalism Month ago

    What a joke this charlatan is. The EU is “an attempt To transcend god.” Hahahahaha. Displaying how little he knows about Economics and politics. Guess what Doctor, neoliberalism is the totalitarian structure you absolute fucking mong. 😂😂😂😂

  • Nathan Bushey
    Nathan Bushey Month ago

    Just look at America's structure. We have a Federal Government who tells us when not to infringe on an individual's right. Then we have states who allow each of us to express our individual thoughts. If you don't like how NY thinks, move to GA. An amazing hierarchy. Because the Federal Government will still be there in GA so you can be free to disagree...

  • Linux Python
    Linux Python Month ago +1

    The US has maybe 340 million, but Europe, and the EU, has around 500 million.

  • Don Conde
    Don Conde Month ago +1

    Tower of Babel! Perfect analogy.

  • Nathan Bushey
    Nathan Bushey Month ago

    Love the part " Americans have an uncanny ability to rise out of the ashes even stronger than they were before." Exact perfect proof that freedom (true freedom) will cause a perfect Union to stick together to keep it...

  • attilamaradi
    attilamaradi Month ago

    He is not a right referendum is necessary because voting is a fraud and politicians are not representatives of people

  • Xia Pete
    Xia Pete Month ago

    Governments of E.U countries are losing their power of rule and becoming mediators only .They are already being used to make their citizens tow the E.U.line.The channel of communication will only be one way ,from the E.U down to each countries government onto its citizens .Every citizen will have to put up with ,and shut up .

  • Don Sullivan
    Don Sullivan Month ago +4

    Not just trying to intergrate Grease but then integrating North Africa and the Middle East with out asking any European if that is what they want to do.

  • Michael Lydon
    Michael Lydon Month ago +1

    He is a blagger. He gets away with it because his audience cant think of a different opinion

  • Dorrian Stone
    Dorrian Stone Month ago +9

    ⚠️ *_TOWER OF BABEL_*
    Amazing that he failed to mention the FACT that the current EU building was modeled after Brughel’s painting TOWER OF BABEL. Look at side by side comparisons and see for yourself.
    The EU did this intentionally they’ve used Brughel’s painting in early PR campaigns too.

    • Xia Pete
      Xia Pete Month ago

      I think it’s amazing that they used it to ,Was it Nimrod ?Known as a mighty hunter in opposition to GOD.
      It makes what Jordan said ring more true.They are trying to put themselves in a Godlike position ,ruling over the citizens of many countries .What we have here is a hierarchy ,ruling over democratic countries.

    • stewyj6
      stewyj6 Month ago +1

      why is it amazing?

  • maimultovidiu
    maimultovidiu Month ago

    yeah, right! the USA can rise from their ashes, but Europe can't. WTH is he talking about?!
    What ashes in USA?! How about the World Wars in Europe(not to count all the others), isn't EU a sign of rising from the grave? Isn't EU a sign of maturity and resilience?
    Just asking for a friend.

  • C Klan
    C Klan Month ago +63

    I'd challenge anyone to spend any time in any major city in Europe and tell me multiculturalism is working. I'm not right wing or left wing or hold any extreme political views but everyone feels under siege now everywhere in Europe.

    • Jean Ànnè
      Jean Ànnè 5 days ago

      The feeling of "being under seige" is about right.

    • slarti bartfast
      slarti bartfast 16 days ago +2

      @White Owl we literally just had an EU election.

    • Mario Neziri
      Mario Neziri 20 days ago

      C Klan completely with u on this ...

    • C Klan
      C Klan 20 days ago +1

      @Mario Neziri People voted out of Europe because of all the migrants in the country but most of them aren't even European. Britain isn't full of French, Germans, Swedish, Spanish people etc. Most foreigners in the UK are from the Middle East, Africa, China, Philippines so it's not going to change anything.

    • C Klan
      C Klan 20 days ago +3

      @Mario Neziri What I find strange is if you go to any country in the world that isnt predominantly white there's almost no divercity/ multiculturalism or even talk of it. In countries like Japan, Nigeria, South Korea, Senegal etc they have absolutely no other people living there besides themselves and there no pressure being put on them to change. People in those countries would tell you to piss of if you brought up the lack of multiculturalism. We shouldn't be taking in these refugees/ economic migrants in from Africa, they should be brought back to Africa and told to stay there and I feel the same with the Middle East

  • Truth Channel
    Truth Channel Month ago

    You suck Jordan Peterson

  • Arend van Campen
    Arend van Campen Month ago

    Cybernetics confirms his predictions. A system which does not learn or communicates, can't be sustained. Therefore EU will be enforced upon us by ideological brutes.

  • Waiting for ES6
    Waiting for ES6 Month ago

    The EU destroyed Europe with their mass importation of human garbage for votes. Europe's major cities will look like an Islamic Haiti in a few generations..

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo Month ago

    All that the UN STOOD FOR keeping peace in the world fighting the evol keeping it at bay . All the WARS to make this world To NOT BE OVERRUN by DICTATORS . VOID!

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo Month ago

    So easy for the mouth to move . On that end in that position to discount . The western view now . . Sad. That were losing all we had as a free world in the 50 60 70 on though . To now FEEL FORCED TO ADOPT A . SELFISH TYRANT WORLD

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo Month ago


  • P N
    P N Month ago +3

    He is right. Should they even have held a referendum on EU Independence? The elected politicians didn’t want it - it should have been up to the public to elect UKIP into power, if UKIP were elected with promise of EU withdrawal, then allow them to proceed without need for a referendum.

    • Farseer1995
      Farseer1995 Month ago +1

      True, if people really wanted to leave, they would have voted for parties that would formulate their stances over a longer period of time. A referendum is the equivalent of giving cavemen machine guns, instead of letting them naturally build them making mistakes and learning and discussing along the way.

  • Alex Xirou
    Alex Xirou Month ago

    I'm astonished that everyone thinks that the Greeks don't pay their taxes. I mean you can surely accuse us of supporting the same corrupt gonverments again and again on empty promises and of turning a blind eye on the "free" money the goverments gave out, but to say that Greek people in general actively avoid paying their taxes is both a generalisation and false.

  • the bunnyman
    the bunnyman Month ago

    As much as i respect the good professor, he's talking out his arse here.

  • i cleary
    i cleary Month ago +1

    Diversity is our strength is bs

  • Jacque boyce
    Jacque boyce Month ago

    The rabbinical commentaries reveal how "Nimrod, the mighty hunter of the Lord" was not one seeking the Lord, but wanted to hunt Him down. So his power over the Lord was to build a tower so tall God could not flood it hence rendering God impotent, and secondly, to build it tall enough to be able to stand on the top and shoot arrows into the cloud (where he believed God was enthroned) and kill God and as the poem says:It was the Masonic influence that the European Parliament building in Strasbourg Would be a symbol of what they were doing In this they all concurred. They built it exactly as Pieter Bruegel Painted the Tower of Babel saying, "Where Babel left off we will continue And complete its work." Evil's power conveying.(the gaps in the poem show the beginnings of the lines)

  • Zorka Kelly
    Zorka Kelly Month ago

    Silly to ask about politics or social problems this Popular madiocrasy..same social sickness as Shapiro or Imbecile Trump

    • A S Humphrey
      A S Humphrey Month ago

      Zorka Kelly You won’t happen to be a ‘me too liberal’ would you !

  • Roberto Biagio Randazzo

    Jordan Peterson on one hand has a good conservative perspective on the "bildung" of the individual while on the other hand on political-philosophical issues is pretty misguiding and his opinion is over rated due to his huge crowd of followers although his comprehension of reality on these issues is not everytime so correct.

  • TheLege
    TheLege Month ago

    He should be torn to shreds for his views on modern-day America. He simply doesn't understand the source of tension.

  • Windyworm
    Windyworm Month ago

    Makes you wonder how it survived without us for so long.