Jordan Peterson on Brexit and the Doom of the EU

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • Professor Jordan B. Peterson on Brexit, governance by referendum, and (the very likely doom of) the EU.
    Jordan Peterson: "... (Europe is) so big, it will certainly fail."
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Comments • 3 803

  • Natedoc808
    Natedoc808 2 hours ago

    Jordan B Peterson and Victor Davis Hansen need to be included in the highest levels of policy

  • perf. russian
    perf. russian 5 hours ago

    I like Dr Peterson but to put it plainly: his theology sucks

  • John Portelli
    John Portelli 7 hours ago

    This guy is a Marxist.

  • Ian Betts
    Ian Betts 12 hours ago

    I pray you will come to know Jesus as your personal saviour.

  • SO O
    SO O 14 hours ago

    Greece has been in the EU since 1981...

  • SO O
    SO O 14 hours ago

    The EU has alot more flexability built into it, than the US.

  • Grazikon
    Grazikon 17 hours ago

    He is right in saying it's better for things to be decided locally and it's better to avoid gigantic far-away strctures, which is why China, Russia, the US and the UK among other countries should be split up.

  • Paul Dennis
    Paul Dennis 20 hours ago

    All politicians are like babies nappies! They need to be changed frequently when they fill up with crap and start oozing urine!

  • calamaresfrito
    calamaresfrito Day ago

    Without the EU all European nations will be owned by the USA or worse China. Together we stand. The British have decided to leave but seem reluctant to go, so the time is coming to tell them to go now, instead of wasting the EU's time, there is no point in talking any longer the EU needs to move forward without having a member who is constantly moaning, dump the Brits and move on.

  • Nix Bronowski
    Nix Bronowski Day ago

    In Our world..We..
    .have a growing problem of Religions/Cultures stating we do not understand their beliefs..Due to the Context of their language/history/..and Beliefs.. etc.. IE:.OPENLY Explaining it.
    I would STOP any Conflict OR Misinterpretation..? OBVIOUS.
    THIS is not Happening!
    This..Creates Suspision.

  • Owen Campbell
    Owen Campbell Day ago +1

    The most forgotten at times of unrest, is the question who made us fight each other? the "who" always existed but not suspected.

  • Count Rufus
    Count Rufus Day ago

    Fuck the EU
    We need to help dismantling it.
    I wellcome any nation willing to do it.And im from Europe

  • Alexis M
    Alexis M Day ago

    Brexit? UK has never really been in the EU, the yellow teeth have always used the European Union as a cash cow.

    PETER J.K 2 days ago

    At heart I have pro-EU sentiments - but it will come unstuck. Too ambitious too fast and 90% of Europeans are not ready for federation - which is critical for managing the whole thing. Confederation only goes that far and the cracks are all over the place. The problem is nobody mentions federation out load (even though that is the whole idea with the EU) as they are probably aware the average Pole, Frenchman, German etc etc may very quickly turn against the project once known that their countries will seize to exist as national countries. So everybody just keeps on bullshitting each other. We are talking about 520 million people actually ...but unlike the US many different cultures, languages and histories, many also former enemies. Unlike the US .. the EU is also very much socialist in make-up.

  • Pantelis K
    Pantelis K 2 days ago

    This is not the case for Greece though. It is true that last generations Greeks made a lot of bad decisions like you said avoiding taxes. But the biggest problem is corrupt politicians borrowing loads of money from german banks that the country couldn't afford and then passing the debt to the next one. The problem was that the biggest banks in Germany went bankrupt twice just before Greece announced it's economical problems. The truth is it's a chain. Everyone ows to everyone and when that happens you should arrange it in a way that everyone is able to "breath". But what's actually happening now is they give money to Greece and a set of austerity measures for the people in a referendum every few years cutting down everything for the people. And in the end the debt is growing.
    As I said in cases like that Debt restructuring is necessary, we are doing that all the time in the world. This is the way that Greece is gonna be able to pay the debt. But it's easier to blame it all in the smaller country when your banks are fucked up. And I am ok with paying back. But cutting down and making people cross the line of poverty isn't gonna do it. The same politicians that corrupted the whole country are still in the fucking parliament enjoying high salaries and stolen money.
    Sorry for the long post but the Greek problem isn't just a problem of Greek people paying taxes. It's a deep economical EU problem and it justs reflects in Greece.

  • Nick Ivanov
    Nick Ivanov 2 days ago

    Wow, what a load of rubbish! The hierarchy in america part is comedy gold, he must have listened to an I.T. talk.
    I love his simplistic speculative view of the world and his assertions without any reasoning or justification.
    And the analogy of the tower of babel just "brilliant", especially for the world majority which is not christian. Lol.
    Greece not paying taxes, see U.S.A. including Donald Trump.
    On the Chomsky scale I rate him a 2 to 3 out of 10.

  • Defender of WHITE! masculinity

    'MERICA!, has been turned into "america?", a rotting dying brown dumping ground for the world's garbage. TRUMP! came along WAAAAAAY! too late to stop this death spiral.

  • Trayan Hristov
    Trayan Hristov 2 days ago

    How come the same does not apply for the US, Russia, China, Brazil, India who are also unions? In order to have the same global representation no small country has a say unless a part of a bigger entity.

  • gavin Reid
    gavin Reid 2 days ago

    Isn't EU like USA?

  • gavin Reid
    gavin Reid 2 days ago

    Americans hate the EU because it is a competing economic union.

    • Lester Scates
      Lester Scates 3 hours ago

      What's it like being so insignificant?

  • Louis Gagnon
    Louis Gagnon 2 days ago +1

    “The danger is that the nation will subordinate the individual”

  • Blame Yourself
    Blame Yourself 2 days ago

    The EU is not failing. Only Americans and some people in the UK believe this. It is wrong to state that the Greeks would like the leave the Eurozone. They don't want to.

  • Mistah J
    Mistah J 2 days ago

    If size mattered then the USA would have failed. No, the EU will not fall. It devowered the USSR. Britan will not leave the EU. Brixit was built on lies and did not survive it's birth. People have seen the harm it will do and they will turn away from it.

  • Peter Phosphate
    Peter Phosphate 3 days ago

    I think what he is saying is that the EU is doomed to failure because the components countries don’t have enough in common with each other. Fair enough comment to make I would say.

  • Arend van Campen
    Arend van Campen 3 days ago

    Jordan, you just described 'Entropy' - Disorder that arrives when people try to operate power beyond the natural boundaries of functionality or what I call 'Realimiteit' i.e. the limits of reality. A system like Europe will collapse because it does not communicate or wants to learn and its members do not share all information to achieve proper cooperation. Cybernetics proves scientifically what you just passionately explained from observation. I can produce a feedback loop map which predicts inevitable implosion soon.

  • Ken Lee
    Ken Lee 4 days ago

    Dear Mr. Peterson, the Eu is a collection of sovereign states. Their local governments and parliaments are very strong. Brussels is more or less just a coordination body. Not a monolithic state. Try to study things before you talk about them. Makes you look less of a moron.

  • Simon Gilman
    Simon Gilman 5 days ago

    I am from the Isle of man, crowned dependence from the UK. We have the oldest parliament in the world dating back to the Vikings. we pass our own laws and are not members of the EU or UK, I started a new job at a hotel. why do I have to sign a paper to say I agree with EU laws.
    The sooner the better we get out. They are taking away our national identity.

  • Kur Norock
    Kur Norock 5 days ago +1

    He's 100% right about the referendum process. It's awful and completely against the constitutional representative republic that the US is supposed to be.
    My state (Arizona) has a proposition system where the people vote on certain new laws. It out almost always leads to more government control over the people. It's awful. It's one of the very few thing about Arizona that I don't like.
    But a lot of states have similar systems. So it's not like I can just move to get away from it.
    Edit: yes I know this video is about Europe and the UK.

  • AscendingDescendant
    AscendingDescendant 5 days ago

    How does he expect normies to u understand him with words like does that even mean hahaha I know I could check but I cant check every word he says. Damn authors...

  • Norie Huddle
    Norie Huddle 5 days ago

    One key point that needs noting about the European Union is that when it was created, each country had to keep its own debt and that debt was then converted from national currencies into the newly created Euros. When the Euro subsequently gained much greater value, these debts also massively increased. In the case of Greece, Goldman Sachs made many millions (perhps as high as 500 million) on "advising" Greece about its debt. Do a search on "Goldman Sachs, Greek debt").
    I highly recommend a little book, "Lessons of History," by Will and Ariel Durant, who wrote over 30 books of history about different parts of the world and different periods of history. Then, they read everything they'd written in order to distill lessons from all historic periods.
    In the chapter "Lessons of Economic History," the Durants boil the lessons down to a simple set of priniciples: Money and resources concentrate in a small number of hands and then there is either a benign redistribution (think, FDR, 1930s) or a violent revolution after which the money and resources go out to the perifery of society for awhile.
    BUT because of different levels of education, and understanding of how money works and how to play the money game effectively, social connections, etc., once again begins an inexorable march back to concentrate into a small numbe of hands again.
    This is why I mention in my TEDx talk the urgent need to redesign the money system and the design of money itself - see, where the talk is posted.
    Jordan, I'm a big fan of yours and hope we can have a conversation one day. Thanks for everything you're doing!

  • John Luther
    John Luther 5 days ago

    Bible says Europe will not cleave together Hitler failed Napoleon failed charlmaien of France failed now the EU before our very eyes will and is failing.

  • Manisha Sharma
    Manisha Sharma 5 days ago +1

    My like automatically gets deleted. What is wrong with USclip?

  • Rainer Unsinn
    Rainer Unsinn 6 days ago +1

    He has been misinformed about the EU. He does not know what he is talking about. From his level of information he might come to that conclusion but he misses the federalistic, humanistic point of the EU completely.

    • Mina Krouse
      Mina Krouse 4 days ago

      Rainer Unsinn how can you put humanist and federalist together they are complete opposites good bad

  • Captain Quint
    Captain Quint 6 days ago

    Jordan "hierarchy" Peterson.

  • Richy
    Richy 7 days ago +1

    your logic here is non existent, its clearly a topic you have not thought about in depth. There is nothing undemocratic about the EU if you take the time to analyse it, the problem here is a lack of appreciation of what the EU is and that reflects really badly on you Prof Peterson because I dwell on your comments regarding your expertise in clinical pyschology. This spanks of the same ignorance as Cathy Newman demonstrated in her polemic interview and i would hope a man that I respect could take the time to engage with the facts if you are so ready to comment on them . The EU like all supra national constructs has many constituents eg US, China, Russia, Australia - these are not homogenous constructs - all are diverse - all are babylon as you like to espouse - being anti EU might be cool but it undermines your credibility as an area you really shouldn't comment on unless you have taken the same time to study it as you have your core competence

    • Bill Patrick Jones
      Bill Patrick Jones 3 days ago +1

      Whatever good the EU does, or more accurately did, how can you possibly say that decisions being taken by ELECTED officials in a Nation State being overruled or changed by UNLECTED officials far away from the electorate is not undemocratic????

    • Kane Alson
      Kane Alson 3 days ago

      I'm certain he's only saying it to appear cool.

  • Suz Rau
    Suz Rau 7 days ago

    Is there ANYthing Jordan Peterson won't opine on? This no nothing has an opinion on everything.

    • Sapwolf
      Sapwolf 5 days ago

      That's "know" ms. know nothing.

  • Sean Doc
    Sean Doc 7 days ago

    The Lisbon treaty will override any decision made on Brexit, by 2022

  • Allan Hall
    Allan Hall 7 days ago

    The EU is a fascist regime that has its origins with the nazis

  • William Doubleu
    William Doubleu 7 days ago

    Blah blah blah!

  • Les Meszaros
    Les Meszaros 7 days ago

    2min in......he mentions the Flood myth......l was alway under the impression that there is overwhelming evidence that a deluge did occur at about the time the bible talks about a flood .....??

  • Nick JD
    Nick JD 7 days ago +27

    Free trade YES political integration NO.

    • nick atanassov
      nick atanassov 2 days ago

      Nick JD Absolutely

    • Blame Yourself
      Blame Yourself 2 days ago

      You cannot trade freely without aligning politics. Free trade is about give and take sovereignty to be able to align and accept standards to reduce red tape.

    • Independent Nationalist
      Independent Nationalist 6 days ago

      Nick JD Are you fucking kidding me? Free trade is awful.

  • Robin Hodson
    Robin Hodson 7 days ago

    They cut off what he was saying in the first interview. The second segment, a monologue about large countries and empires fragmenting, which indeed history shows happening (and re-forming), doesn't apply to the EU, because it's a loose cooperative structure, not a country. It doesn't take away individual countries independence, identity, nor self-determination; it adds another layer of identity on top. However, this is only one aspect of politics, and his subject isn't politics, it's ethics, which is a narrower subject and not really touched upon here.

  • Mos Samii
    Mos Samii 8 days ago


  • powskier
    powskier 8 days ago

    Why is that sickening leftist cunt shown in the beginning so popular in England?

  • Nick Kingston
    Nick Kingston 8 days ago +1

    Is this the fella that knows everything?

    • Suz Rau
      Suz Rau 7 days ago

      Yup, there is nothing so obscure on which he won't give us his 2 cents worth and he's arrogant enough to pretend he knows of which he speaks.

  • Ronin
    Ronin 8 days ago

    Can't we leave the Bible to the religion and argue about politics with Intellect. I mean as a French I am tired of the mix. This doesn't mean he's wrong, it's just I like squared things. We don't live in Saoudi Arabia where politics and religion is the same, right ?

  • ThatsSOJohn
    ThatsSOJohn 9 days ago

    So if the EU can’t work because of its lack of homogeneous & America is becoming fragmented due to shifts in opinions in a large population..what about China? They’re over one billion strong, with a concrete ideology with almost no resistance from its own people.

  • sandro Casagrande
    sandro Casagrande 9 days ago

    My goodness who's the bespectacled male imbecile? Surely he can't be born & bred in Great Britain? can he?

  • verybigheart
    verybigheart 9 days ago

    The EU is just another step in our global enslavement. It is pure evil. We must repel this monstrosity at all costs. The Red, Blue and Yellow team left-right paradigm is dead. For the first time in my life, I joined a political party - UKIP - to get us out of this nightmare.

  • Roman Fochta
    Roman Fochta 9 days ago

    It's the first time i strongly disagree with Peterson: There are a lot of even bigger organisations (nations, countries) than the EU, which work more or less propper, although they obtain a lot of groups of people with a different sense of moral, mentality and so on. Also the EU didn't grow as fast as Peterson thinks. Throughout history european countries came closer and closer to each other, despite the neverending conflicts and their human beings mixed up through thousands of years. Mentality throughout the EU isn't as different as he thinks, too. Of course there are differences but the fundamental principles about family, religion, prosperity etc. are more or less the same.

    The last point i'd like to mention is that - am i really the only one to see it ??? - the individuals never ever had really a choice when it was up to very important national decissions. The Brexit-Referendum was accompanied by an enormous anti-EU-campaign and NO relevant pro-EU-campaign, and so the british people were influenced with propaganda. Whenever there was an important decission to do, the establishment was clever enough to get its will. So my conclusion is, that not the British people made this decission, but the british establishment did it.

  • Mark Russell
    Mark Russell 10 days ago

    This buffoon has no idea how the EU functions, nor has he any idea what existential damage Great Britain has done to itself with Brexit, whether it actually occurs. The more I listen to Peterson, the more I realize he is a pseudo-intellectual.

    • Mark Russell
      Mark Russell 4 days ago

      +Marilyn Shaw Well, Marylin, first, I'm not British so I haven't "lost" anything. I'm very afraid of England, though, that you will soon enough learn how much you have lost. I see something similar to your attitude here in America in Trump supporters who are now realizing what a disastrous choice he was for them.

    • Marilyn Shaw
      Marilyn Shaw 9 days ago

      Mark Russell nice to see a nice respectful attitude and not at all arrogant - another sorry arsed loser we won get over it

  • Michael Chesny
    Michael Chesny 10 days ago

    Well stated.

  • Dinosaur Trees
    Dinosaur Trees 10 days ago

    Jordan's opinions at the beginning explains Britain's multi-cultural problem in a nutshell.

  • Solve Everything
    Solve Everything 11 days ago +2

    Why isn't Peterson running for prime minister in Canada?

    • powskier
      powskier 8 days ago

      He has a video on that. He didn’t rule it out, but as a serious academic, he needs the many months he needs to dedicate to learning the laws.

    • Merlin Geikie
      Merlin Geikie 10 days ago

      He's not a low life

  • raphael ward
    raphael ward 11 days ago

    That's actually the ANARCHIST Brexit argument, I would say, no anarchist could vote to remain in a European superstate and shout "smash the state" the next day... The opening statement.

  • Jim Weights
    Jim Weights 11 days ago

    Haha - imbecile with a big mouth knows nothing

  • Robert Forrest
    Robert Forrest 11 days ago

    Jordon..............just another jew shill

  • royster Futrell
    royster Futrell 11 days ago +1

    Ric is right. Money is the thing ONLY in so far as it is a major part of getting and having POWER. IT's about power and control. Dont delegate your power. Keep it.

  • Sardar Kadir
    Sardar Kadir 11 days ago +3

    If this man supports it , leaving is going towards a right direction

  • Marcel Penuela Traub
    Marcel Penuela Traub 11 days ago

    This new US PRESIDENT should be EU!!!

  • Marcel Penuela Traub
    Marcel Penuela Traub 11 days ago

    But NATO not accepting the fact that the Iron Curtain no longer exists!!! But unfortunately, Truman has guided world too much into capitalism, instead of trying to have a new US president to guide into a globalised world!!!

  • Marcel Penuela Traub
    Marcel Penuela Traub 11 days ago +1

    Or possibly the tower of Babel is NATO?

  • MC Mark Markson
    MC Mark Markson 12 days ago

    Thanks to the UK, EU government looks Rock solid lol. JP said it best, it's a very bad way of governing. Should have stuck with the first referendum and eaten the bullet as a consequence, this back and forth just shows way too clearly how powerless the UK has become and how little they have to negotiate with.

  • people's poet
    people's poet 12 days ago

    Gonna give my vote to George soroz next time ..

  • David W
    David W 12 days ago

    Jordan has a better perspective on the way it would work after the divorce. Why does it take an outsider to tell us what we should be able to see it proves we have collective blindness.........a disease or a state of mind altering?

  • Peter Foster
    Peter Foster 12 days ago +1

    We have been in the EU for 40 years I think and they make ALL the rules right ? So why do we have to pay so many MP's here who do NOTHING or ... IF they do something it all turns out WRONG ? (I want my money back)

  • Zoe Nelson
    Zoe Nelson 12 days ago +2

    I look at the left and the right and think: "Oh God, I have to pick one?!"

    • Marilyn Shaw
      Marilyn Shaw 9 days ago

      Zoe Nelson maybe use your own brain

  • elni29xyz
    elni29xyz 12 days ago +1

    It's not true that the Greeks don't pay their taxes. As a whole they do. The people who run the place do not pay their taxes. They burden their debts on the public sector and then they blame it on the people. The people are the most heavily taxed citizens in Europe. 24% vat tax?? Are you kidding? They pay taxes within taxes. It's nothing like what you describe.

  • holylingus
    holylingus 13 days ago +2

    Peterson should stick to his psychological stuff because he seems clueless about politics and macro economics or Europe in general.

    • Politicu5
      Politicu5 12 days ago +1

      And you show that you know less!

  • Peter Dixon
    Peter Dixon 13 days ago +2

    The UK has agreed with or even instigated about 90% of EU laws. You can find the precise details on the government website.

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      +Santacitta The unelected EU Commission`s word is final, but like the soviet USSR Commission they go through a semblance of "democracy" and get the zero powered EU parliament to rubber stamp it.

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago +1

      +Julian Cottingham Trust the Soviet EU Commission? - Hahaha !!

    • Santacitta
      Santacitta 11 days ago

      We do know who they are - they are MEPs and we vote for them, but only 30% of the electorate in this country bother to vote!

    • Santacitta
      Santacitta 11 days ago

      Oliver Hust

    • Oliver Hust
      Oliver Hust 11 days ago +1

      Then you sir, are a fool. We have no idea of who these people are, their records, why the deserve such large amounts of money and power. If we've learned anything as a specie, it's that power corrupts

  • Khaleel Abdullah
    Khaleel Abdullah 13 days ago +1

    I have a wisdom folder on USclip and it’s full of this fine gentleman.

  • Frank Parker
    Frank Parker 13 days ago

    Being 1/300,000,000th is too much of a non-entity to feel any affinity with that structure. USA? USA? USA?

  • SPAM K995
    SPAM K995 13 days ago

    Peterson has no clue what the EU is, how it was setup and how the people in it feel. He should stick to what he knows.

    • SPAM K995
      SPAM K995 4 days ago

      +Khaleel Abdullah Nope, its clear he is just rehashing what he heard from others. To bad one certain topics he has quite good idea's.

    • Khaleel Abdullah
      Khaleel Abdullah 13 days ago +1

      He is sticking to what he knows.. and this falls under that category. 🤗

    CWD COMPANY 13 days ago

    The Flood is not a myth Jordan it's a part of the regular cleaning of sin from the earth.

    • Phil Davey
      Phil Davey 13 days ago +1

      The flood is only a parable, a v.useful story for getting children to fear God.

  • Kostěj Nesmrtelný
    Kostěj Nesmrtelný 14 days ago +1

    EU is good.

    • Kostěj Nesmrtelný
      Kostěj Nesmrtelný 10 days ago

      +Canis Root How so? And is USA soviet too?

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      EU is NOT good, EU is soviet in it`s implication....

  • Strength Training with Perry Miller

    Jordan seems to believe that it has to do with the size of Babylon instead of the intent of the power structure. Babylon is the belief that men are good and that we can become our own gods. That is why it fails every time.

  • pigofapilot1
    pigofapilot1 14 days ago +1

    He is quite right . The real reason for morphing the Common Market into the EU was to promote neoliberal globalism, the de-regulated transfer of currency across national borders and create the eurozone. This neoliberal deregulation of the financial sector was chiefly responsible for the global crash of 2007/8. If you are going to merge national currencies and/or adopt a binding EU-wide monetary policy you first have to gain EU sovereignty over the UK taxpayer despite the UK having their own currency. That is why the EU demonises national-borders, national democracy and national sovereignty. In effect, EU law decides the UK monetary policy and thus gains full sovereignty over the UK taxpayer. The UK taxpayer is a net contributor the EU and not a net benefactor and you are not going to get your money back because it is not re-distributed directly to the taxpayer or necessarily to the country of origin. Why would anyone want to continue with the EU policy of austerity in order to support the financial-sector and corporate globalism? This is taxation without representation because no UK political party or the EU had previously offered a national referendum on the issue. It is vaguely similar to the cause of the American war of independence. History has a habit of repeating itself.

    • Kostěj Nesmrtelný
      Kostěj Nesmrtelný 10 days ago

      ​+Canis Root Who gave you the right to speak for everyone?

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      We (the UK) were FORCED into this unelected soviet style monolith by deceit and subtefusion. And we are being kept in against our collective will by deceit and subtefusion.

    • Kostěj Nesmrtelný
      Kostěj Nesmrtelný 14 days ago

      No, it's vaguely similar to American United States. California alone is a piece of shit. The United States is a great power. UK alone is a piece of shit. The Union has the potential of a great power. Sadly, some people want Europeans to be globally irrelevant.

  • craig owensby
    craig owensby 14 days ago +1

    Is Peterson on the Russian payroll? No one should listen to a word he’s saying. Democracy is messy! But messy isn’t bad. Now that the UK’s people have discovered what Brexit means, they should have the right to vote on it again, because the vote prior to this point was based on a lack on information, and real democracy requires an informed population.
    Regarding the Tower of Babel, the meaning that Peterson finds is completely useless. To have ancient wisdom of a time when the global population might have been 50 million people speak to our world with all its technology is truly useless. Furthermore, Europe is small compared to China, and China is succeeding to grow so fast that it has brought 1 billion out of poverty. So his argument that big doesn’t work, is completely ignorant. Same goes for his judgment of the US problems with differences between the various regions and again claiming size doesn’t work.
    I repeat: Is Peterson being paid by Russia? Russia is the primary opponent of big in the world today. Russia hates that There are three super power economies in the world, and it does not control any of them. Putin wants Russia to be a major player, but they are too small. No block wants Russia involved because the blocks know Russia. So Russia hates the current world order and has gone on a huge program to destabilize the Western World. But, Russia is also pleased to see Trump cutting down on China. So of course, guys who know nothing, like Peterson, quote Genesis to determine global political wisdom. Idiot. In fact, the size of the US, China and the EU is what has improved life around the world so immensely in the past 50 years.
    To assume that size is the danger, again, is crazy.
    Regarding Greece vs. “us” in paying taxes, being because the EU is too big is stupid. The US has the highest tax compliance rate on earth and its regions are quite diverse. Only Russia wants the US to splinter and the EU to splinter. And given how small Russia is, they deserve credit for having a huge impact on the world right now: In fact, the only reason the US and Europe aren’t declaring war is that Russia has the bomb.
    But everyone in power knows the truth. All this chaos is due to Russia.
    Really, Peterson needs to shut up because he doesn’t understand the dynamics involved. And maybe he needs to look into who is backing him.
    Wake up comrade. You are a useful idiot of Russia, and you son’t Know. Unless you do, and if so, you are evil.
    Btw, the Nigel Farage quote is right: Power is the key to peace. Ask America!

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      What a load of absolute BS!!

  • kevin munnelly
    kevin munnelly 15 days ago +1

    Jordan Peterson you speak unclearly.( what's all this babble coming from your mouth.)

  • Ali
    Ali 15 days ago

    He's wrong about this. Britain will suffer necessarily from this.

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      WRONG! - we will only suffer if we are FORCED to stay in the unelected soviet EU...

  • kevin munnelly
    kevin munnelly 15 days ago

    more like the doom of the uk.

  • Michael Basmati
    Michael Basmati 15 days ago

    Jordan Peterson doesnt know shit about europe. But ofc he has to say the things he says. Because well... he wants the world to become far right as it seems.
    Peterson just another typical American who doesnt now shit about the world outside of Murica. PLEASE! Keep your shit in USA and vote for Trump. Europe will do fine. Even EU will do fine. Maybe UK will do fine as well some time after BREXIT.
    Please stop talking about Europe or EU, Peterson. Its hard to understand the complexity of 47 countries in Europe and their relationships even if you live in Europe studying history or politics.

    • Michael Basmati
      Michael Basmati 10 days ago

      +Canis Root So Canada is not in America?

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      You are SO wrong in all that you say, firstly he is NOT American he is Canadian and Europe is NOT doing "fine", Europe is in turmoil. And i would rather be on the right of center ie, patriotic and nationalistic than accede to the unelected far left EU soviet as that way leads only to doom for all of Europe.

  • Parture
    Parture 15 days ago

    Christians recognize the EU as the "Revived Roman Empire" (Rev. 18) out from which the Antichrist comes. Christians do not believe Europe is doomed, but it will flourish before Jesus returns. Jordan Peterson doesn't understand this because he does not have the Holy Spirit in his spirit. He is not born-again, that is, not a Christian. Jordon is going to Hell according to the Bible.

  • Roger Alsop
    Roger Alsop 15 days ago +1

    He gets to the point straightaway.

  • Chris Rees
    Chris Rees 16 days ago

    There'll always be an England. 1200 yrs +!

  • skyblue
    skyblue 16 days ago +1

    nah, we need an old, good big world war to remind people why it's better to be in an union that on your own. It's been way to long and people feel entitled to peace. They don't understand that pacifism and peace is something you have to work for and often you have to sacrafice a lot so others can enjoy it while you may have to suffer.

    • Trevor Or
      Trevor Or 10 days ago

      +Canis Root your vision is one that will come to pass again if the Marxist socialists we in the West have now are not stopped. And that's only going to be stopped the hard way

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      Yes I bet the Russian people absolutely LOVED being in the murderous soviet union - I bet that the millions of them that still lie buried in the frozen Siberian tundra would agree with your words of sacrifice. And I hope that in the next "good old world war" you will be there on the front line making YOUR sacrifice too!

    • Michael Basmati
      Michael Basmati 15 days ago

      yeah you are right :)

    • Trevor Or
      Trevor Or 15 days ago

      Yep couldn't agree more. Entitled modern kids have no frickin idea just how hard won these thing they think their entitled were won. They badly need reminding

  • Doldol D
    Doldol D 16 days ago +1

    Actually a bad faith actor, UK leaving EU is not good for either parties

  • Peadar MacMillan
    Peadar MacMillan 17 days ago

    Back to the Irish nation --------------------------------- The Right are going to put the Lib lefts back where they should be - out of the picture.

  • Onestrangebrain
    Onestrangebrain 17 days ago +1

    I respect Jordan Peterson and agree with him on most things, but when it comes to politics, he should stick to North America. He has only a very basic and superficial understanding of what Europe is, does and feels.

    • Onestrangebrain
      Onestrangebrain 10 days ago

      +Canis Root Repeating lies does not make them true...

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      +Onestrangebrain "most of "Brussels" are elected representatives deciding by concensus." No they are NOT - the unelected EU Commission`s word is final and the "parliament" is only there to rubber stamp the unelected Commission`s laws (same as the soviet union). And no European country has left this power bloc yet BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE! their wishes to leave are constantly ignored - the same as Britain`s wish to leave this abomination is being ignored as we speak!

    • Onestrangebrain
      Onestrangebrain 17 days ago

      +Robert K He also does not understand that there is such a thing as overarching European identity that has existed since the Roman empire and throughout the middle ages and as a strong undercurrents during the epoch of the Nation State. Furthermore, his image of distant bureaucrats in "Brussels" is completely wrong: in reality, most of "Brussels" are elected representatives deciding by concensus. The notion that Germany and Greece somehow do not belong together because Greece is so corrupt is also ridiculous. Do Mississippi and Vermont belong together? The truth is, the EU benefits Member States enormously, which is precisely why noone has yet left it, despite being completely free to do so. The botched attempt at Brexit is a case at point.

    • Robert K
      Robert K 17 days ago +1

      You are right.
      Like the Brits he does not understand the EU project is about avoiding another war in Europe at any cost.
      Neither Britain nor Canada experienced foreign army on their soil. Just like someone who never experienced hunger can not understand why people who did stockpile provisions even though supermarkets are full.

  • Tee Eng
    Tee Eng 17 days ago +3

    Remain MP's will stop at nothing, including changing laws or brining about new ones to stop Britain leaving the EU. But those same MP's may regret upsetting 17.4 million people!

    • Seamus Brown
      Seamus Brown 15 days ago

      They sound like American democrats. They feel so hopeless about 2020, they want to amend the constitution to abolish the electoral college with only one body of Congress alone, lower the voting age to 16 and give every non-citizen (of which there are now 10's of millions more then they admit and refuse to even count). They estimate that this completely artificial migrant crisis in South America, sponsored and abetted by democrat lawyers will bring 1 million more non-citizens this year. Border Patrol is out of beds and has been forced to release 18,000 migrants back into the country in January and February. 60,000 migrants showed up at Texas ports of entry just two days ago. Trump needs to stop threatening to close the border and actually do so if the border is to be secured. Depending on Mexico, a failed states by almost every measure is not a solution. Their president is a communist on the side of the left and cannot be trusted.

      And, in democrat controlled areas, it is illegal to ask for id at the polling place. Literally 3 million illegals in California voted for Hillary in 2019. You worry about Remain. If our authoritarian left gets its way, they will have a permanent lock on government in 3/4 of the nation's largest states and the presidency. The US will effectively become a one party state or break up which is likely. I don't think the indoctrinated screen time/social media addicted youth are going to rise up in the millions like in the Civil War to save the union this time. The question is, will the 30-60 million majority Latino illegals in this country take the side of its people or its self-anointed "rulers" in government and law. The very survival of liberty on the planet is at stake. There is literally no place left on the planet now to run where a citizen unconnected to government can defend themselves and their family legally against crime or tyranny with rights and protections spelled out by our Bill of Rights.

  • Nick Hodgkins
    Nick Hodgkins 17 days ago

    Jordan how about the negative outcome of the troubles in Northern Ireland starting again if they don't work out a deal with the Republic of Ireland this could resort back to pre 1998 Good Friday Agreement and a return to fighting.

    • Nick Hodgkins
      Nick Hodgkins 17 days ago

      That would be nice. I'm afraid it's a bigger problem though. They don't want hard borders in place or checkpoints in place. The majority of the North voted to remain in the EU. Brexit goes against the Good Friday agreement.

    • AngellXXl
      AngellXXl 17 days ago +1

      Or the peoples there could grow up about there slightly different invisible friends

  • Subscribe to me for no reason

    Thank you Mr Peterson. The EU is just a bunch of old men in Brussels who think they can walk all over the UK. I love how they equate the UK leaving EU as us trying to restart the British empire, like hold on. Wanting to disentangle from a tyrannical power isn't the same as trying to become one.

  • Sq Peter
    Sq Peter 18 days ago

    it is all well said about people's motivation and the criticism of the EU.
    although this approach is pretty lopsided.
    it is very irresponsible to throw a country to economical and political disruption and hazard game for the shake of experimenting.
    the world is global now. companies beyond border. they dont waste money on social experimentation.
    without any positive ideology or framework to shape a 'better world' in the UK, it will fall back to the previous state. as history can provide apple of examples.

  • Viktor Ivanković
    Viktor Ivanković 19 days ago

    right. he's not the least bit right-wing.

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      +Viktor Ivanković Methinks thou protest too much !!

    • Viktor Ivanković
      Viktor Ivanković 18 days ago

      +yomz0r I don't want to get into a debate about the definition of left-wing/right-wing, or why people tend to be one or the other. I take it those conceptions are widely understandable, and that motivations can vary. All I'm saying is that Peterson consistently keeps saying that he's not right-wing, yet on pretty much any policy opinion, he predominantly spews out the most standard right-wing stance. That makes you right-wing. A dishonest right-wing. I'm sure right-wings would love that their positions are somehow "facts-based", but facts are only premises. They don't drive out normative conclusions.

      Also, there is next to nothing factual about Peterson's opinions on Brexit and climate change. But of course he delivers a typical right-wing response to each of those questions. Surprise surprise.

    • yomz0r
      yomz0r 18 days ago +1

      Well the world is based on a hierarchy of competence and the left is created by a need to stand up for those who do not fit into that hierarchy. This is why the left is made up of less-than-competent people and those who care about them. Intelligence is a good marker for competence. A competent/intelligent person can be compelled for some reason to care for the disenfranchised but in general they are not drawn to the left because they don't fit into that structure (or, rather, they fit into the normal hierarchical structure so they don't 'need' the left) . A competent person lets facts control their actions, not emotions (though they still have them, of course). Jordan is very intelligent and competent but I've not heard him
      subscribe to what someone would call right-wing. Rather he seems to look at the facts and draw conclusions based on them no matter if the conclusion is "left" or "right". Sensible.

  • TheAverageGamer
    TheAverageGamer 19 days ago

    His views are way too shallow to comprehend or explain the depth of the what and why of the EU.

  • Daniel Dravot
    Daniel Dravot 19 days ago +1

    "Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalty to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority. Later the regions can be brought together all the way into a single world dictatorship."

    Joseph Stalin

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists" J. Edgar Hoover.

  • Karl Smith
    Karl Smith 20 days ago +1

    I bet on Britain.

  • Sam
    Sam 20 days ago

    Yes, but I'd argue that gigantism is better than starting a downward spiral of divisiveness. If you get enough people believing to divide gives them more power, watch how divisive things get - imagine each town in the UK becoming a country for example. Thinks get far more complex, aggressive - and potentially barbaric - far more quickly, than if you just have 'those bad guys' at the top. An extreme case perhaps, but town-to-town conflicts are far more dangerous.

    Besides, as an individual living in the UK which is still the 5th richest country in the world, I really don't know what the effect of the EU is to the country either way. I don't think anyone really does because most never knew the UK without it, and those that did can't say they were better off because of innovation and evolution in the quality of life has since improved dramatically for most if not all.

    It comes down to how much you ascribe your personal or local success to entities far outside of yourself and your realm of control, which actually is in no way a healthy thing to be doing. The more self-victimisation perpetuates a nation, the more the powers far out get blamed. Sure I understand the feeling of disconnection, but nothing stops people from joining together in communities anyway. I don't think Donald Tusk is coming for you if you decide to organise local events to better your towns economy specifically. It's just laziness, but to be fairer, also a lack of education.

    • Sam
      Sam 10 days ago

      +Canis Root What laws do you so vehemently want to change that the EU controls? It's laws are mainly regarding interaction with other EU member states, mostly giving advantages to each other.

      Even if there are some awful EU laws, do you really trust our government to do a better job given what we're seeing now and in the last 5-10 years?

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      There`s just no point in being the richest or the fifth richest if one is living in an unelected EU prison where a foreign power dictates ones laws. Economics are NOTHING compared to the loss of one`s freedom and sacred sovereignty.

  • BenazetG
    BenazetG 20 days ago +1

    Jordan Peterson can't always be right, but he voices his opinion firmly. Many europeans believe in the future of the EU. If the EU doesn't work, individual countries will become meaningless and powerless on a worldwide scale. Don't forget that the EU has brought many advantages to Europe, like a common currency, open borders for people, 75 years of peace, cheaper phone and mobile data, environmental regulations, helping people in countries who would have to live in extreme poverty without the European solidarity.
    I can understand why Jordan Peterson has his opinion as a non-european and can't blame him for it. Following his logic, though, the United States should split into 50 Different countries to make people happier. And don't even get me started on India and China.

    Also, clickbait title.

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      BenazetG - "Don't forget that the EU has brought many advantages to Europe"
      The EU has brought ZERO advantages to Europe, wide open borders will mean the eradication of indigenous Europeans.
      "75 years of peace" untrue, Europe is in turmoil as we speak.
      "cheaper phone and mobile data" irrelevant.
      The unelected EU is the absolute WORST thing to happen to the sovereign nations of Europe!

    • Boi?
      Boi? 19 days ago

      "Following his logic, though, the United States should split into 50 Different countries to make people happier"
      I don't think so. Following Jordan's argument from 5:50 onwards, it seems that what sets the USA apart from the proclaimed "United States of Europe" is the loose (or I'd say properly integrated) hierarchies in the USA which emerged organically and not top-down as those imposed by the EU. From what I can tell, the issue with the EU is not its size per se - It is the lack of this kind of integration. Brussels does not acknowledge any sovereignty in regards to the principle of subsidiarity. It ignores the particular instead of regarding it as a necessity to balance the size (and the multilateral tendencies) of the whole project.

  • H2X2E2532
    H2X2E2532 20 days ago +2

    I’d be curious to see who else would Britain blame for its own problems decades after Brexit, though I suspect Brits would still blame the EU then, cause blaming outsides is just what island nations people do.

    • Canis Root
      Canis Root 10 days ago

      +James Royce Well said James - and judging by the comments on this video`s thread the enemies of Britain within and without are indeed numerous.

    • H2X2E2532
      H2X2E2532 18 days ago

      James Royce Yes actually. Look at Japan’s perception towards foreigners and then look at Singaporeans’ attitude towards non domestic South Asian and Malaysian laborers. Do you even know before you tried to be sarcastic. Or do you still think Britain still runs an empire?

    • James Royce
      James Royce 18 days ago +1

      What a wonderfully all encompassing comment - I'm sure you're very pleased with your own cleverness.