Jordan Peterson on Brexit and the Doom of the EU


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  • J Palmer
    J Palmer 5 hours ago

    I believe that the Tower of Babel has two very misinterpreted points.
    First point is that as a fairly scientific modern society we know do a fact that you can’t build a tower that reaches the heavens, unless you look at the tower as a rocket, or to be more concise “a spaceship”.
    The second point is that pre Babel humans had the ability to communicate through thought alone, and when that was removed by “God” they were forced to use verbal communications, which was where babbling derived from.
    To this respect it isn’t too far of a stretch to link the use of pictographs and other ancient mediums to the telepathic thought process, because the consensus is that thought projection is more of a projection of pictures and emotions as opposed to “words”.
    Hey it’s just a theory))

  • Paula Gonzalez
    Paula Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    What a load of rubbish. Check your facts.

  • Fresh
    Fresh 10 hours ago

    I agree with Peterson's analysis of the EU on a psychological level when it's looked at from the perspective of the individual. There's nothing positive about the idea that there's bureaucrates in other countries effectively running a large portion of your country's affairs. Yet: People always give up sovereignity, be it in the family, within a society or to the state. In a way, it's not only how the individual gives up freedom, it's also how the finitude of individuality is transcended, by working together towards a common goal that is unobtainable by a single individual. The question is whether the EU has/can have such a goal, because if it doesn't, the abdication of lower-level freedom is indeed purely negative.
    The most common and perhaps even most honest explanation EU-representatives would give that the EU is a necessity in times of reforming global blocks of superpowers. It's true, but it's a somewhat low-grade argument, because it makes the EU into a mere 'lesser evil' if compared to (especially) China. If the EU wants to keep an internal integrity, it has to have a goal that stems from within itself, not just the one of external defense.

  • balaji karthik
    balaji karthik 14 hours ago

    My guess Brexit won't happen before 2020 ....

  • Martin Moser
    Martin Moser Day ago +1

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is Jordan Peterson how he completely debunks himself. He should stick to Psychology.

  • J Vincenzi
    J Vincenzi Day ago +1

    Neville Chamberlain might have been a brilliant politician and a wonderful man. Who would know? For he is remembered today, and forever will be so remembered, as that weak man who sold appeasement to Hitler for a piece of paper: Europe's history might have been wholly different had he stood tall and defiant and had he wielded a 'big stick' at the strutting Hitler and his overdressed bullies. Similarly, David Cameron might have been a gifted politician and a talented human being. Who would know? He will be forever remembered as another weak man who sold out his country to the Tory bullies in his party. Britannia, quo vadis nunc?

    May we all look away from Netflix for a moment to assess earnestly the state of the world today? It is not a pleasant place. Though perhaps, many in our own lands would not like it noticed, let alone said. People will always vote with their feet, when they are able. Do we see masses of desperate people fleeing Australia, Canada, the USA and the EU to camp at the borders of nation states in other regions of the world?

    Stories are told and retold by History of kingdoms and empires come and gone. We should take care, we in the West, lest the same fate befalls us. The liberal, free market democracies of the world are still few and are not as robust as they once were. At the same time the balance of wealth and patterns of trade are shifting Eastwards. Rightly or wrongly the free West no longer commands an automatic lion's share of global GDP as it once did.

    This is a time when the West needs to be strong: politically, economically and militarily. It is a time to band together ever more unitedly; ever more strongly to face the uncertainties of the future world. It is not the time for a small nation to set out alone in the world in search of its fortune like a niaive, dim-witted Dick Whittington.

  • James Dalton
    James Dalton Day ago

    Friday March 29th Brexit . First day of Business after Brexit is
    Monday April 1st..will it be BREXIT FOOLS DAY?
    Brexit would have been so much easier if we had left Ireland 100 years ago when they made it clear they didn't want to be ruled by an unelected elite in a foreign country. However we created a Backstop called Northern Ireland and kept Ireland tied to us in a United Custom Kingdom Union causing economic damage and the death of thousands. This was only 50 years after we let 1 million Irish people die of starvation (and yet we make sneering jokes about potatoes) If we got out of Ireland now and allowed our neighbours to reunite then Brexit would be easily completed.
    There should be no British border in Ireland. The Irish border for the whole island is at the beach. Yet we are happy to make Ireland suffer again because our unelected German elites sitting in Buckingham Palace say so.
    When we go into WTO rules we need to deal with countries like India who will remember the damage we did to their country when we starved 12 million Indians and left their country partitioned too. Will they be as welcoming to invite us in to trade again? Trusting us will not be front of mind for them this time.
    The world is watching how we English behave and so many have now been truly educated on our devastating history in Ireland and on how we use words like Nazis at the EU when we don't get our way. It's disrespectful to those who experienced actual Nazis.
    We should truly be ashamed of ourselves by continuing to have any decisions in Irish sovereignty. We voted out of Europe but we won't allow Ireland to vote out of the UK. What is wrong with us?.
    May God save England because Meghan Markle won't save us. We need to give Ireland back control of it's borders and release them from our Union which they never voted to be part of but were forced into . All the things we claim the EU did to us we have done and continue to do to Ireland. Fellow Brits , let's respect Ireland for once

  • K Doc
    K Doc 2 days ago

    The European project - a union of nations first proposed by Churchill - has already been a success in terms of peace.
    Jordan Peterson states that the utility of the American system is the hierarchy: families, towns, cities & states. Is Europe really that different? It too has families, towns, cities and countries. He questions whether Greece should be in with Germany; on that basis, should Louisiana be tied in with States like California?
    I think most European citizens are happy with the rules, regulations and directives from Brussels; they understand that they serve to maintain high standards for the consumers. There are democratic elections for the European parliament.
    It's simply wrong to say no one in Greece pays their tax. Tax evasion, however, is huge, about the equivalent of one third of taxes collected, but their collection systems are improving.
    Far from the EU being doomed, the BREXIT chaos has ensured stronger unity among the remaining countries.
    It's only a matter of time before the UK reapplies for membership.

  • zagyex
    zagyex 2 days ago

    A very typical misinterpretation of the Greek vs German problem. The problem is a lot more complex and it is not about paying taxes. It is a lot more about the Euro being a re-branded Deutsche Mark, the centrum-periphery problem, bailing aout german banks in greece, etc.

  • peter gbrics
    peter gbrics 2 days ago

    This time the “shakiness”fields different because the far left has been infiltrated the west a long time ago.They have been working on demoralizing western nations,they spent decades demoralizing.Now they are in step 2.Destabilisation.They subvert everything and everybody,turn people against each other,turn values up side down.The Destabilisation stage won’t take as long as the demoralization.Next stage 3,Crisis.I think there will be a massive financial crisis during the Trump administration,and it will drag down the world with it.In that crisis,the far left going to blame everything on trump and capitalism,and they will pretend that they have the solution.If at the time,the country turns left,we going to be superfucked for a long time,because the far left is an internationalist ,globalist movement,so they will try to implement the same rubbish totalitarian system worldwide.If they succeed,we will be doomed.Or America turns right with ir without Trump smash the left and far left whatever it takes.With votes with guns and rise again and establish the new free world.The Same forces are in game,which started the first Bolshevik communist revolution a 100 years ago.This time the far left wants a global system based on the chineese model an amalgamation of total centralized power and capitalism.Full police state and full survellience on the public.Seems like that the left is desperate and loosing grip bit by bit in Maerica,in Western Europe,but they raised kids they will try to use.Thats why most uni students are Marxist symphatisers.Thats Why heaps of Antifa members are transgenders and alike.The left created this oppressed and oppressor division.We are far away from winning.When the financial meltdown going on,even if free shit sounds great when you have no job,do not turn left.They promise anything,tell you what you want to hear,but the the goal of the far left is always power.Thats all they want.Ultimate total power.Thats why all leftist communist countries ended up as totalitarian regimes,because that was the goal all along.They just tell you,that we gonna be equal,and fair and high pays,and higher minimum vpwage and more benefits,and free shit....but they don’t give a fuck about you.They don’t care about the trans,the Muslims,th gays nobody,in their eyes everybody just a useful idiot,a tool can be used.And when they get into power,they will drop you,inprison you,shoot you...and they always keep one promise.Everybody going to be equal...equally fucked.

  • TheChazas
    TheChazas 3 days ago

    If EU fail Russia take over it, and then it is US turn and rest of the world.

  • Anne Mouse
    Anne Mouse 4 days ago

    So big it must fail!

  • rutger5000
    rutger5000 5 days ago +1

    The EU is the most ambitious project in modern history. You can be 100% certain that it's going to f*ck up a few times. Doesn't mean it can't work or doesn't have a future.

  • Phil McDonald
    Phil McDonald 5 days ago

    General Elections split the Country every 5 years ....We're used to it.

  • Rob Staples
    Rob Staples 6 days ago

    As a Canadian who is seriously concerned about the future of our Country, I dream about the day this man becomes our Prime Minister.

  • Daniel Julian
    Daniel Julian 6 days ago

    Well, Peterson may be working a little outside his competency on this one. Then again, how could anyone tell? Peterson's competence is in telling a certain demographic what they like to hear. He should get into politics, and see if he's any good at anything specific after he's elected. He might be.

  • leighmossien2009
    leighmossien2009 6 days ago

    Enoch Powell was RIGHT !!!!!!!

  • DefinitelyNotDan
    DefinitelyNotDan 7 days ago

    He’s mistaken on a couple things, but especially that Americans are a hardy bunch; not because we are not, but because there are very few actual American left and there are way more non and unAmericans. There are huge foreign born populations in the USA and even more foreign allied illegal aliens and even more foreign allied children of illegal aliens to such a degree that they outnumber Americans that are not white submissive gimps. This America is not at all in any way the America of the past and it will become ever less so as time passes and the liberal rot keeps eating its way through the society that created the USA to whom America is given away to for free and stolen from Americans.

  • Christian Kunert
    Christian Kunert 7 days ago

    Ohh he wants Michigan to split from the US
    His argument holds for that.

  • dudewhatthehellman
    dudewhatthehellman 7 days ago

    JP doesn't understand the European perspective. We have far more that unites us than divides us, and having a common structure doesn't mean we have to give up our national identities. Just visit one of our neighbours and it will be clear as day. In fact, until we set common legal and economic standards across the european state we will never be able to have sustained economic growth. On top of that, the EU under the centrist Liberal programme is based on local democracy and the individual above any nation or superstate, it would be a 28x reduction in bureaucracy and a huge increase in the power of the individual to influence not just their local community but an entire continent.

  • Jack Xerox
    Jack Xerox 7 days ago

    EUSSR - One Nation, One Army, One Flag.

  • Eclipse Now
    Eclipse Now 7 days ago

    The EU is a great idea but it has a major problem the way it is currently structured. It has the northern nations that are economic powerhouses and the southern states that are somewhat stagnant. These 2 stage economies use 1 currency, and this really hurts the recovery of the southern states. It's highly irregular trying to have multiple finance ministers and policies all using the one currency! This Vox piece sums it up well.
    So while I hope the ultimate destination is a fully integrated European Super-Power, maybe right now they need both upward and downward integration moves? The northern countries should go UP the integration scale and Federate into one country, while the southern countries go DOWN a little and regain their own currencies for a while (while remaining in the Common Market) until they are ready to join a full Federal Europe? More on the integration scale here.

  • Eclipse Now
    Eclipse Now 7 days ago +1

    British Members of the European Parliament voted for 95% of EU legislation. The UK was represented at Brussels. That British rural folk without much exposure to metropolitan multicultural cities voted leave says more about them than it does the EU.

  • Eclipse Now
    Eclipse Now 7 days ago

    So big it has to fail? Europe only has 500 million consumers. Does that mean China and India are doomed?

  • Andrew DuChene
    Andrew DuChene 8 days ago

    the flood in the Bible is not a myth

  • Timmahh
    Timmahh 8 days ago

    People have been Brainwashed into thinking paying Taxes is a benefit to society.
    That is the biggest lie people have bought.

  • Timmahh
    Timmahh 8 days ago

    Dr. Peterson needs a far better understanding of America, and our Constitutional Foundation and the way Power is Constitutionally Structured opposed to how it is currently working.
    And We are Not Doomed Peterson. We are still on top, and will be for a very very long time.

  • James Popplewell
    James Popplewell 8 days ago

    This man speaks so much sense in a world gone mad !

  • Ken Brown
    Ken Brown 8 days ago

    (((Mordor)))goblins not happy with relevant mind,oh no,lets all get 1984 cosy,lets all group think,which group of goblins designed the gulags?

  • Diche Bach
    Diche Bach 8 days ago

    6:00 his analysis of the difference between a 375 m U.S. entity and a ~530 m EU entity seems very instructive.

  • keir1984
    keir1984 9 days ago

    completely contradicts himself - hes not an idiot but his ego on his own opinions have shown he knows not much about this topic. The USA can have flex as different states etc have diff norms, laws etc. But in the EU those different cultures work against themselves. It cant be both if you are talking about human behaviour.

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci Wootchie 9 days ago +1

    Hopefully the EU collapses when the UK leave.

  • ParcelOf Rogue
    ParcelOf Rogue 9 days ago

    They have been forecasting doom every year for about two decades. The EU has outgrown the UK for 3 years and the Euro has risen 15% to the pound since the stupid vote. Brexit is dying.

  • Show Cat
    Show Cat 10 days ago

    J Peterson is a plant by socialist, anti-white globalist. Be informed.

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 10 days ago

    Great summary of the Brexit issue. I left the UK, moving to Canada and eventually adding its nationality to my own. I left the UK 12 years ago because I saw this European mess coming and you don’t need a degree or any kind of high level education to understand how it came about. When a European Parliament thinks things like packaging food goods in metric should apply to farmers markets and that bananas should have a particular amount of bend are significant concerns you start to wonder.
    When the incomes of overly taxed citizens are used to support those who have no desire or intention to integrate, when a nation’s identity is no longer protected or valued by its leaders and corrupt nations are invited to join under the naive belief that they will eventually assimilate then the writing is on the wall.
    Europe is a hot, misguided mess of overly liberal socialist ideologies coupled with weak conservative leadership.
    Just gotta ride it out and see what gives.

  • Alex Andrei
    Alex Andrei 10 days ago

    this guy is down playing the idea that the right has been hijacked by pro-rich propaganda. it's like the 'left' are pragmatists that want government to work, and the right just get angry over issues that only benefit people much richer than them. yannis varoufakis has better idea on europe future.

  • David Lever
    David Lever 11 days ago

    When you surrender economic, political, social control to a central group of unelected foreign bureaucrats who belong to countries that are in direct competition to your industry; and opposed to much of your legislation and social norms, you have lost democracy; this is a disgrace to the history of the "mother Of Parliaments"

  • tyzer32
    tyzer32 11 days ago

    Holy shit. The way he described brexit in his livestream (before 5:14) was spot on

  • napalm3000
    napalm3000 11 days ago

    Jordan, you're a good psychologist and sociologist, but please shut up on politics, relegion and economics!

  • Peter Balla
    Peter Balla 11 days ago

    OMG, pseudo intellectual master class! He talks awful lot just to say nothing.

  • Ian Moody
    Ian Moody 12 days ago

    To find out more about how and why the UK ended up voting to leave the EU in 2016, go to where you will find links to a number of articles discussing what has been playing out for so many years, and why the vote to leave has generated so much abusive language towards those who voted to leave.

  • Graham Scott
    Graham Scott 12 days ago

    when David cameron came out of downing st after the result of the vote, I thought he was going to say ? ok you,v made the decision to leave, Now lets get on with it ?? instead he did a bleeding runner.

  • Iam Notevenanumber
    Iam Notevenanumber 12 days ago

    6:50 What? Is he lecturing on the EU too? I worry this guy is losing it... :-(
    He is just mediating his own ideas and views, no substance at all. And he sees himmself as an expert and oracle in all fields. Not good Peterson.

  • jansson007
    jansson007 12 days ago

    He's got a point. I agree entirely about Europe, and in fact about the US too. In the States we do have this inherent messiness purposefully built into our government as checks and balances.
    Regarding Europe, they really are huge, there's actually more than 300 million, with the UK there's over 500 million of them and without the UK, there's still 450 million.
    Thing is, I don't think it's about them being too big, there are even bigger countries. It's about them being too different. For example and to paraphrase Peterson: it's not obvious that say, Denmark with its internal stability, transparency, trust in their institutions and fiscal discipline, can be in the same country with Greece or other balkan states where fiscal chaos and corruption are everyday life. Not an exception, but a rule.
    So, yes...things indeed are in a flux. They can end up really good, but also can spell the end of the EU. Or at least the end of the EU which includes these eastern countries.

  • John Barrett
    John Barrett 13 days ago

    I love Jordan and regard him as brilliant - usually.
    But here he really went "mainstream media" at just before the 8 minute mark when he pigeon holed Greece with the mass media myth that the Greek problem stems from Greeks not paying taxes. That sir is patently false. The Greek tragedy that has unfolded is precisely because Greece was dragged into the EU (as was Ireland and others - remember?) and where there was once a Greek way of doing things, a neo-fascist European bureaucracy was put into place, thus initiating the unraveling of the very fabric of Greek culture.
    There are some other intellectuals worth listening to and reading regarding the crisis in Greece. First I would recommend the former Greek finance minister: Yanis Varoufakis. His analysis of the Greek problem is nothing short of brilliant.
    Next check out Andreas Antonopoulos and what he says about Greece & the "troika" in Europe.
    But Peterson is right - the EU is doomed. This is not an opinion anymore. It's a fact.
    And once this euro-fascist bullshit is behind us, Greece and Cyprus and Spain and Portugal, etc. will rise again.
    I pray.

  • Paddy Early
    Paddy Early 13 days ago

    Good explanation of the errors and totalitarian bullying of the EU who are a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who are imposing globalist agenda which seeks to destroy human beings🛑

  • johnybbb
    johnybbb 13 days ago

    Paterson is full of $hite... egocentric populist that craves fame

  • Phil.T.McNastee
    Phil.T.McNastee 13 days ago

    Simple answer. Bitcoins ids used to link the person to their internet voting. Govt by 600 person revolving lottery parliament with a one year term. Get rid of politicians .

  • Daturata
    Daturata 14 days ago

    Britain isn't Britain anymore. It's India, Pakistan, Arabia, Algier etc.

  • Alex Devereaux
    Alex Devereaux 14 days ago Is this building even modelled on the tower of babel?

  • swapnil sathe
    swapnil sathe 14 days ago

    Yeah no fuck Europe. They just bitching because they cannot colonize the world anymore. Or they are bitching because they are on the receiving end of it. they had no problem with invasion and colonization when they were doing it. I say we let them suffer like the sub-human trash they are.

  • bademoxy
    bademoxy 15 days ago

    we are of many nations, of cultures, of ethnicity. it's a complex task to differentiate where one begins and the other ends and how those effect wether a county can succeed

  • pseudaeles
    pseudaeles 15 days ago

    let us sing the doom song now: doom doomdooodomm dooom doom...

  • v1das007
    v1das007 15 days ago

    Peterson should stick to North America. He's completely clueless when speaking about Europe or Russia.

  • mogznwaz
    mogznwaz 15 days ago

    I totally agree with Dr Peterson - placing more and more power into fewer and fewer hands further and further away from the people is destined to fail. The US only works because of its specific history, and each State has a good degree of autonomy and separate culture even then. Europe has such a long and diverse history it was never going to be easy homogenising it. Culture, nationality and identity still mean a lot to people, and this is something the European Project has totally misread.

  • Justin Philpott
    Justin Philpott 15 days ago

    He doesn't know enough about Europe and what's going on between Germany and Greece to have knowledgeably spoken on his topic.

  • Olivier Verdys
    Olivier Verdys 15 days ago

    I consider Dr Peterson an eloquent, cultivated, concise and intellectually honest debater worthy of respect. However his argument concerning the Tower of Babel (which he correctly analysis from a scripture standpoint) can easily be rebuked. What about the USA? Or the Commonwealth for that matter? Isn't it even more uniform than the EU from a cultural point of view?
    Isn't the EU not the exact opposite of Babel, where not one language or culture dominates?
    The problem of the EU is not its monolithic structure it is rather its technocratic organisation. It has a horizontal problem not a vertical one!

  • Earl Woode
    Earl Woode 15 days ago +2

    Jordan Peterson forgot to mention that maybe the EU would have worked if the unelected politicians in Brussels hadn’t decided to add millions of illegal migrants to 27 nation states all with their different languages and cultures. We in Europe share a history and an identity with other nations in our continent but we DO NOT share any sense of identity with the African or Middle Eastern populations foisted upon us by a dictatorial EU.

    JOHN THEHUMANIST 15 days ago +1

    what does he think about different forms of socialism?

  • KeepItReal
    KeepItReal 15 days ago +1

    The EU was originally introduced purely to unify "Trade Deals" throughout Europe....the EEC (European Economic Community)
    Then they slowly, but surely, they took it upon themselves to think they "Own" Europe. Now they even want to form a European Macron fend off China, Russia & the USA, just in case.
    We already have "Nato" in place, so no need for Germany & France to Dictate another Army.
    The EU are simply "Bullies", and the cracks are starting to appear.
    I think the next ten years will see the EU dissolve.
    Macron & his EU Army
    Why did 17.4 Million vote to leave the EU ?
    My opinion.......Because the people of the UK feel like they are being invaded and losing OUR land.
    Most Major Town,s & Cities in the UK are turning Black & Brown and White Flight is occurring as we speak (Or are afraid to speak for fear of being called Racist).
    We blame the EU for the lack of border control.
    UNFORTUNATELY.....FACT......Black people are more comfortable (on the whole), living among are White are Brown.....we are instinctively tribal.
    {{{I keep tropical fish....and the fish always feel happier within their own groups/kind}}} do human's. We will NEVER Integrate....Social Engineering will never work....simply the starting block for a Civil War.
    Globalism....the Kalergi Plan.....The Melting Pot.....Bullshit.....I think the introduction of Mass Immigration is mainly because of Demographics.....White people are simply not having enough children to sustain the "Modern Western World" have to watch this video
    MANUFACTURE......we have almost completely Lost our Fishing Industry....due to the EU.
    We have lost Most of our Industries....and we blame the EU.
    We vote in a Prime Minister every four years.......why bother?......the EU tell us what to do !!
    The sooner they disappear....the happier the World will be !

  • Elfrad
    Elfrad 15 days ago

    What would a clinical psychologist know about the European Union? This guy is too stupid to piss a hole in the snow.

  • Anton Antonson
    Anton Antonson 15 days ago

    Jordan Peterson: are you for or against massimmigration into Europe?

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 15 days ago +1

    The thing is no one wants to think for themselves , it's hard work . So lets get some one else to do it for us . You may agree with everything this Peterson says , so be it . BUT LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELVES !

  • david williams
    david williams 15 days ago

    also the eu leaders are not elected by the people.

  • Kenneth Albert
    Kenneth Albert 15 days ago +1

    5:10 this is the exact reason why the founders "intended" to create a country that were "united States".

  • bik boy
    bik boy 16 days ago

    Notice at 0:38 the presenter sarcastically says "alright" that's everything that's wrong with these bias leftist defeatist traitors.

  • George Christoforou
    George Christoforou 16 days ago +2

    The problem with referenda is the information people are supplied with to make the decision. You can blame the media and the propaganda machines which go into overdrive during referenda.

    BENJAMIN DE JONGE 16 days ago

    Husband said, I want a divorce,, but I keep the relation but keep the children out?. Where that goes....

  • George Christoforou
    George Christoforou 16 days ago +2

    The trouble with the EU is that it has brought many countries together without doing anything with the created superstate. If you think of the EU as a large corporation: then think about what the advantages are of a large corporation in terms of the synergy and economies of scale and buying power. A centralised research and development sector coupled with an EU wide industrial investment policy would have seen a much more successful EU than is the case. All that is missing in the EU. Just think about the different nation states in the EU such as Germany with its advanced industrial sector. The EU should have been a vehicle to spread the industrial know how of Germany throughout the EU. Instead the EU has been just an ever increasing market place for laissez faire economics that has allowed German industry to more freely wipe out competition in other EU countries and allowed the free movement of cheap unskilled workers from poorer EU countries to richer countries. This has resulted in business growth in areas that require cheap unskilled labour as opposed to business growth in high tech, high skilled worker industries.

  • replaygeorge
    replaygeorge 16 days ago

    It is so hard for a north American to understand the Old Continent... People commenting here have not learned much from history, and mostly are clueless about what EU is about. To sum it up, the European countries, since the ancient Greeks have ALWAYS battled each other for various reasons, but the general rule in Europe before the WW2 was concluded was WAR. The EU is far from perfect, but it the right path because it has brought peace and even with its flaws, it brought prosperity to more people than before. So the reason EU should exist is to bring the nations work together, not like in the past. People should press for reforming EU, not destroying it. Besides, Peterson and ppl here tend to forget about EU's eastern neighbour Russia, who has never been an ally of Europe. For the UK it is a different story, but in their defiance they risk breaking the UK apart. I love JPs videos, but his out of his field when talking about politics or economics

  • gerry whelan
    gerry whelan 16 days ago

    The uk voting public that voted to leave the EU thinks that things will be some how different, sorry but things will be much the same, they will be as powerless as ever, and a good chance of having messed up their economy.

  • Fevos Man
    Fevos Man 16 days ago

    The majority of people in Greece ARE paying their extremely high taxes, except for people who have to choose between paying taxes and surviving.

    Greece IS part of the West. In fact the word Europe is Greek.
    Corrupt German politicians KNOWINGLY brought Greece in the EU , in cooperation with corrupt Greek politicians, for the same reason they brought the other countries in.

    Debt slaves.

  • Griffith Harland
    Griffith Harland 16 days ago

    "Sick Sick Sick. Can't wait for Bitch Lizzie to Die, and we can move on from all this Shit off the screen!"

  • klaus peter kraa
    klaus peter kraa 16 days ago

    Brexit ist der erste Abgesang dieses Gebildes Europa (Brexit is the first farewell to this entity of Europe)
    Gemessen an den Regeln einer humanistischen Gesellschaftsordnung (John Rawl; Wolfgang Kersting - Philosophie des Gesellschaftsvertrages) ist diese EU eine totale und gefährliche Fehlentwicklung. Sie ähnelt eher dem Leviathan des Thomas Hobbes aus dem 17.ahrhundert als einer demokratisch verfassten Gesellschaft nach der Aufklärung. Und sie entwickelt sich jetzt, weil niemand widerspricht oder außer den französischen Gelbwespen und den Torys in England auf die Strasse geht, ungeniert zu einem Eldorado des Frühkapitalismus des 19. Jhd und damit zu einem Angelteich internationaler Renditejäger.
    Der Mensch zählt nur noch als Manipulationsmasse und Konsument zur Erhaltung oder Steigerung des BIP, von einer demokratischen Kultur ist seit Beginn dieser Zwangsvereinigung ( forced merger ) über eine genetisch kranke Währung seit dem Bruch von Maastricht (Lie of
    Maastricht) und späteren Regelverstößen (Migrationswelle und Migrationspakt als Folgen) nicht die Rede.
    Zwei gesetzte Diener des Kapitals bestimmen allein die Richtlinien der Politik, die nationalen Legislativen, Administrativen und Jurisdiktionen werden kaum noch gefragt und wenn sie mal gefragt werden, nicken sie nur noch ab: Der EuGH hat Draghi einen Persilschein ausgestellt: Was der auch macht, dient immer dieser EU, whatever it takes.
    Die EU lebt zurzeit noch, weil 15 der 17 Länder der EWU durch großzügige Zuwendungen aus einer gigantischen Geldschöpfung auf Pump am Leben gehalten werden. Weil so aber nur Investoren entschädigt werden, hat sich für 90% der Menschen der Himmel seit 2000 verdüstert, für 10% ist die Sonne aufgegangen, wie man an der nie dagewesenen Spreizung von Einkommen und Vermögen in Europa sieht: Die reichen 10% haben alles und die armen
    90 % können sich nur mit mehreren Jobs über Wasser halten und haben zu allem Überfluss auch noch die gewaltigen Schulden am Hals, die Draghi mit geschöpftem Geld weiterhin auftürmt, what ever it takes. Die Britten haben das alles erkannt und die Mehrheit hat im Sinne einer menschlichen Gesellschaftsordnung richtig entschieden. Sie haben nur Schwierigkeiten der Vorklärungen unterschätzt. Vor allem die Separatisten aus Schottland und Irland, die jetzt glauben, in Europa auf Raub ausgehen zu können wie das nationale Irland. Aber das wird nicht
    mehr funktionieren, denn die Kassen sind leer.
    Und sollte nach einer Neuwahl dieser Jeremy Bernard Corbyn ans Ruder kommen, dann bricht über England sowieso das moslemisch-neofaschistische Chaos aus. Das spüren aber die Briten jetzt schon und werden solchen Hyänen des Kollektivismus als eine der ältesten Demokratien der westlichen Hemisphäre keine Chance geben, denn Corbyn gehört eher in ein
    politisches Erziehungslager ( political education camp) als auf die politische Bühne.
    Aber die gesetzten Vertreter des Kapitals in der EU schätzen und hoffen,dass der Brexit misslingt. Denn wenn er gelingt, werden weitere Austritte folgen. Es stehen ja schon einige weitere Länder „Gewehr bei Fuß“ - und das wäre auch ein Segen für die Menschen in Europa. Nieder mit dieser EU - für ein menschenwürdiges Europa.

  • The Watchman
    The Watchman 16 days ago

    The EU will win, the shear power of the elites as they regroup from Trump and Brexit is staggering. Watch both disappear as the massive media propaganda machine swings into action; never before has truth and fact been so disguised and manipulated in front of the public.

  • Phillip White
    Phillip White 16 days ago

    New Babylon?

  • Troll ?
    Troll ? 16 days ago

    It’s amazing that people talk stupid so much that when someone says something that makes sense people bust out and applaud with great enthusiasm. Like no one has said anything that makes sense ever

  • Cem Birol
    Cem Birol 16 days ago

    Jordan Peterson is in dire need to consult the literature on common pool resource allocation problems. Many microeconomists and quantitative political scientists have published papers, generated and solved interesting theoretical questions in this literature. That said, I think EU wasn't a bright idea in the first place. So, Peterson kinda makes sense up until the 7th minute or so.

  • good shooting tex
    good shooting tex 17 days ago

    i can't wait to see the EU fall...:) i'm going to laugh my sox off and party through the night....:)

  • Jenny Hulme
    Jenny Hulme 17 days ago

    Maybe if greed oriented corporations acting as a feeder for the American population and every other twisted profit instigated wrong doing, the population would be in a hell of a lot better shape

  • Peyton Henny
    Peyton Henny 17 days ago

    First time I made the connection between the Tower story and Globalization. The one voice that tries and silence all the other voices. I'll go with a Federation instead of a Hegemony.

  • Dante Marotta
    Dante Marotta 17 days ago

    The oligarchy and it's presstitute media are in decline and fortunately people are waking up . Thanks for the upload

  • stuartj1234
    stuartj1234 17 days ago

    British government is full of convicted but un punished criminals just like the royal family scum bags.

  • stuartj1234
    stuartj1234 17 days ago

    The EU needs to be destroyed and its fat cats need to be held to account for their crimes and their assests taken from them.
    Fuck the EU fuck the main stream media and fuck the current UK government scum. And as for the parrasite royal family perhaps they should return to their own country aswell.

  • Gilles 82
    Gilles 82 17 days ago

    Peterson's entire argument is "no but yeah but no but yeah but..."

  • Adam Jenkins
    Adam Jenkins 17 days ago

    The EU is a mafia type country club, money and power is their mission statement...and to leave it, WILL be made an example of... then the world will see its intensions, then it will fall.

  • Chris
    Chris 17 days ago +1

    I understand why a 5 yr old throws a temper tantrum for candy... Doesn't mean it's the right thing to do (or the best way to get what you want). As is Brexit...

  • Neon Leon
    Neon Leon 18 days ago +1

    I just hope whatever happens, it'll go down peacefully.

  • crystalawen
    crystalawen 18 days ago +1

    I like this guy - but why ask him his opinion of brexit ? No English person is interested in his opinion...

  • dionn flr
    dionn flr 18 days ago

    Thinktanks that would like to serve the real globalists have people like this gentleman to serve us Biblical nonsense...the real globalists are the ones who would like to see EU broken up and 100 little currencies instead the euro, so they can walk in and impose their own rule...Europeans colonized Africa because it was consisted by thousands of tribes hostile to each other...this is what imperial capitalism and globalism wants and that's why it hates EU....that's why the rich British Brexiters moved to Singapore or Monaco while campaign for no-deal Brexit...because they will walk in when the UK will be out and the pound will be devalued to buy back everything foreigners left behind...while the useful fools will see their country break-up and even the NHS getting privatized....the winners from Brexit are many EU, the future republic of Scotland, NI and the uber-rich of the UK...all the fools who voted out will be way poorer than they are now That's why Milton Friedman and this guy here are so against EU and in favor of independent states...because they are the cheerleaders of the real globalists and ultra-capitalists who will own England very soon and turn the labor laws back to 19th century...

  • peterah7957
    peterah7957 18 days ago

    Jordan is a smart man.. He alone has all the answers.. Little shit just a trouble maker and on the side of the capitalist and invested interests I see a greedy lying manuplative conman. Conman can be very cunning and convincing when they are well spoken. He knows the EU is a threat to his own selfish desires and beliefs so he jumping on the bandwagon about brexit.. Do us all a favor Jordan... Jog on you scoundrel

  • dionn flr
    dionn flr 18 days ago

    Wow Biblical Brexiteer and Genesis...he should study some biology or basic history nations are created and about evolution. He would have supported the EU cause

  • Andy r
    Andy r 18 days ago

    I strongly disagree with Peterson on the idea that a referendum is a bad way to govern a country.
    The trouble with elections is that they are like going to a supermarket with only a fixed set of shopping baskets. If you badly want one policy that's only represented by one party, you have to accept all of the other policies the party offers.
    Or to put it another way, it's like saying "you can have a pint of beer with a kick in the balls, or a glass of wine with a punch in the face"
    One striking thing about both Brexit and Remain votes is how they cut across traditional party votes - there's no way it could happen by any of the three largest parties taking it on as a policy - because so many Brexit voters loathe one or the other parties.

  • Grogster2007
    Grogster2007 18 days ago

    His Question Time assessment was flawed....If referendum's are problematical what about an election?....surely they are full of questions regarding what people were voting for and how difficult it is to judge whether the things they thought they voted for were carried out.

  • Lindsey Pitt
    Lindsey Pitt 18 days ago

    where can we ask Dr. Peterson questions directly to expect a response to say myself
    Dr. xxx nearly 40 years now, one of my sons military intelligence strategic planning uk/cdn 25 years now. HE CLAIMS:
    FDR and top 5% conspired to break up British Empire even before US entered WW2.
    Disgusted how many 'experts' written do not know difference between 'commonwealth' ie. India, Pakistan and "realms" whose elected to retain Monarchy as "Head of State" ie. Canada, Australia, NZ total 17 now including new member Africa never member of British Empire, others like Jamaica who left then came back again.
    That same as Alberta/Sask is forced to sell its oil to Quebec for less than cost, Canada is forced to sell to America for below market,
    Australia caught in trade with China who ignore international law, contracts and money systems
    UK caught forced to purchase oil natural gas.
    If return to Empire, get rid of unelected senate, House of Commons and 2nd house at provincial/state level using TECHNOLOGY to allow MPs to remain in home constituents, if USA and Russia can do it, Britain can do it. Capital remain London, even today UK and NZ alone it true the Sun never sets on the British Empire.
    Canada sells UK ALL it needs and wants in resources, oil, gas, energy, strategic resources, nickel, cadmium, uranium, water all for VASTLY less than Russia charges yet VASTLY more than America locks us in.
    Australia et same. In return, UK shipyards FULL of new super-tankers, merchant ships AND WARSHIPS the Empire will REQUIRE to protect her sea-lanes to the Empire all but wiping out unemployment in both ship-building, airforce, army, heavy industry while resource industries also fully employed and investing profits for renewable resources in future, robotics laws regulated NOT to cause unemployment. Each nation will end up with trade surpluses and strong economies under COMMON LAWS to protect citizens, ie. men/boys from feminazism.
    The new 'Empire' economy will be different, spread out, diversified, as much going out as coming. As Ghandi once expressed idealism, any citizen can move to go to school and work or live then retire in any nation of the empire with equal rights, common language, culture and traditions of 'modernity', where 'faith does NOT come before reason' and feminazis 'feelings are NOT INSTEAD of reason', instead.
    He also insists that the 1% and feminazism both will risk global war to 'save the planet', cull the over population, the haves and have nots. In such case Empire requires protection of Royal Navy nuclear option.
    With 50 million more citizens, the Royal Army can increase four fold, the air force five fold and the Navy as well as Canada and Australia alone will require trebling the Royal aircraft carrier and nuclear submarines, everything from support units, resupply at sea, frigates, destroyers, missle cruisers, escort and battle carriers, the lot, 2nd only to the USN. The British Empire will be a stand alone Super Power with possible 'special relationship' with Japan as well(Japan's navy and airforce were built, organized and trained by British, use same systems).
    Indeed, according to him, India and South Africa have been reconsidering rejoining the Empire for some years now. The Indian Navy joined the Royal Navy in sailing through Chinese waters and outright signed a Chinese-infuriating Active Military Alliance with Australia against China and Pakistan. Though he does NOT believe South Africa with it's anti-white laws nor India will actually rejoin the Empire, it is significant.
    He used to always promise me there never would be another global war, now sadly he promised me there will be, probably in my life-time, if not at manipulation of the 1% who have loyalty to no nation only themselves, and that the majority of the 1% are in fact women/feminists through inheritance alone no longer willing to 'tolerate' masculinity under their SCUM Manifesto.
    This would require a 'counter-revolution' of REASON within the Empire. For the Anglo-Saxon nations have already become the WORST for feminism and sjw globally. And the Commonwealth have promised the Queen ONLY to remain during Prince/King Charles reign for 'cultural/traditional/religious' sexist reasons, no 'feminism', no Queens over Kings.
    According to my son and his colleagues, Liz2 has refused to abdicate to Charles even considering directly naming William for POLITICALLY CORRECT FEMINIST REASONS the commonwealth will NOT go along with. However, Charles also believes the Crown has to use its power more, 'police' corrupt politics more, after all, you can't bribe the King of the British Empire and in return the elected representatives police the King. Multi-party systems are necessary to avoid the American 2 Party (if Republicans say the sky is Blue the Democrats will disagree) and nothing ever gets done, Democratic President Republican Houses.
    All my sons, scientist too, agree that mankind has to colonize space, has already probably cured cancer etc. conspiracy theory cure not profitable as treatment, even the aging genetically solved but until overpopulation solved by interstellar colonization. As he says, it is 'inconceivable' that so many diseases were identified and cured the century leading up to joint global SUPER COMPUTERS. I tend to agree.
    Sadly his own mentor and some colleagues have ended their own lives, they feel there is no future for men and masculinity, too dangerous.
    I am at a crossroads, seeing the world hopeless misandrist, i miss my husband so and wish to follow him even if into just into oblivion,
    on the other hand to see a potential resurrected British Empire, expanding into colonizing space and the wonders of those Wonders for my great grand children.
    I'm really quite proud of him, I wonder what you think Dr. Jordanson?
    Please reply somehow if read this.
    If someone else can get this to the Dr. on my behalf i'd be greatful.
    Thank you kindly for your time and consideration. Regards, Cheers and Take Care all.

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 18 days ago

    America is not in the Bible check and I don't read

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 18 days ago

    American thieves. Stealing land, land grabbers

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 18 days ago

    This is not political

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 18 days ago

    Give China those Islands back in the Pacific and South Korea

  • Ab Aha
    Ab Aha 18 days ago

    And you haven't stopped