The Mom Tag - Meet My Mom


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  • radical adequacy
    radical adequacy 8 days ago

    ur gonna break ur mom dude

  • it's true
    it's true 19 days ago +1

    Hello Jenna's mom ;)

  • Jaxx Converse
    Jaxx Converse 20 days ago

    Jenna lowkey looks like Blake lively im this video, and I'm kinda living for it

  • J.R Cody
    J.R Cody 29 days ago

    "Mom I'm pretty sure there's a squirrel in the fireplace"

  • Mikaela Phillips
    Mikaela Phillips Month ago

    Baby cermet

  • stripez
    stripez Month ago

    why am i crying in the club at that ending 😭♥️

  • cominatrix
    cominatrix Month ago

    LORD you literally made me cry

  • Cheryl Haggerty
    Cheryl Haggerty Month ago

    Jenna I love your mom❤️

  • smock hunt
    smock hunt Month ago

    I love her moms made up vocabulary like "in a snitz" or "glob onto me"

  • Breanna Snow
    Breanna Snow Month ago

    is this the first video with the debbie machine iconic

  • Olhiber ProudSnowFlake

    The world needs more Debbie Machines.

  • PipsKay
    PipsKay 2 months ago

    OMG if I had said at ahe 16 Mom I declare open swearing and then start, yeah my mom wouldn't of fact I might not be right now..the 70's were a different time

  • Madison
    Madison 2 months ago


  • natalia szymaniak
    natalia szymaniak 2 months ago


  • Maddie Sullivan
    Maddie Sullivan 2 months ago

    I wish I had a relationship with my mom like Jenna and her mom.

  • Subscribe to me I'll sub back

    Okay I know I'm going to get a lot of hate but it's the truth jenna is TRANSGENDER! Check out transvestigation on USclip. Her shoulders are brawder then her hips and on her left hand her ring finger is longer then her index finger. I love jenna but it's the truth.

  • Blaise Winterhalter
    Blaise Winterhalter 3 months ago

    Bruh why Florida out of all 50 states?

  • Christine EnCrypt
    Christine EnCrypt 3 months ago

    Thumbs up for Debbie Machine for putting up with this nonsense

  • Brenna Kathleen
    Brenna Kathleen 3 months ago


  • _.colorsofthewind._
    _.colorsofthewind._ 3 months ago

    The Debbie machine!

  • Sarah
    Sarah 3 months ago

    This is honestly one of my favorite videos from Jenna and I rewatch it every once in a while 😂

  • Lukey Antinoro
    Lukey Antinoro 3 months ago +1

    (at the end) okay, brb crying one sec

  • Steffani S
    Steffani S 3 months ago

    I need an updated mom tag, Jenna. Pronto. Chop chop.

  • MyTurtleApril
    MyTurtleApril 3 months ago +1

    Debbie Marbles!

  • Tina Carter
    Tina Carter 4 months ago

    Probably my favorite Jenna video. 💕❤️💕 I love Jenna and Debbie!!

  • Brooke Lazarov
    Brooke Lazarov 4 months ago


  • Kathastrophe
    Kathastrophe 4 months ago

    Great butt though, Debbie

  • KimmiNicole
    KimmiNicole 5 months ago

    Jenna's mom's name would be Debbie lol

  • Deydis 07
    Deydis 07 6 months ago +1


  • Aurora Cantoris
    Aurora Cantoris 6 months ago

    I LOVE how it only took about ten seconds of watching this to see beyond any reasonable (or unreasonable) doubt that this is your mom! SIMPLY LOVE THIS!!!!

  • Alexandria Ranae
    Alexandria Ranae 6 months ago

    Bring back the Debbie Machine!!!!

  • Anna Jobe
    Anna Jobe 7 months ago

    “It’s gonna be a great video of me harassing you” me honestly with my mom 😂😂😂

  • Lilly Lamothe
    Lilly Lamothe 7 months ago

    *in a snit*

  • Heather F.
    Heather F. 7 months ago

    Debbie really is such a gem.... I'm glad we have her and Jenna to grace us with their hilarious existence

  • J E ss E Y
    J E ss E Y 7 months ago

    Thank you d3bbie machine for having a majestic landshark

  • Miss Informed
    Miss Informed 7 months ago

    I really loved this video Jenna. You ladies are beautiful souls. ^-^

  • Holly Carlile
    Holly Carlile 8 months ago

    “I expect little of life anymore”

  • Michael Milsom
    Michael Milsom 8 months ago

    Hurrah for Mom!! :-))

  • Gina G
    Gina G 8 months ago


  • yepisuredolikecats
    yepisuredolikecats 8 months ago

    Ur mom should just take over ur channel

  • anissa
    anissa 8 months ago

    They have the same laugh its adorable

  • Dina Zikopoulos
    Dina Zikopoulos 8 months ago

    your mom has the best 😊💖

  • Megan Hanson
    Megan Hanson 8 months ago


  • Taylor B
    Taylor B 8 months ago

    “We have a LADY present”
    *immediately shows Debbie sticking her tongue out*

  • That One Annoying Kid
    That One Annoying Kid 9 months ago

    “See ya in Florida!” Why baby Jenna? 😂😂😂

  • Daishie poo57
    Daishie poo57 9 months ago

    I wish I was this close to my mom

  • megan kathleen
    megan kathleen 9 months ago

    omg my name was gonna be benjamin if i was a boy too! :O

  • Savannah Whalen
    Savannah Whalen 9 months ago

    Your mommy has such pretty hair

  • Cocaine Sally
    Cocaine Sally 9 months ago

    I think Jenna would be an otter

  • Seamus McKenna
    Seamus McKenna 9 months ago

    When are we getting a Dad tag?

  • Jonathan Lol
    Jonathan Lol 9 months ago

    hahahah I couldn't help thinking about this...

  • Taylor Wallace
    Taylor Wallace 9 months ago

    The same thing happened in my house! A squirrel was in the fireplace and I saw it but nobody believed me and years later we had the fireplace cleaned and there was a dead squirrel in there. Nobody ever listens to me.

  • Valeriable
    Valeriable 9 months ago

    Please do the Pottermore quiz!
    I swear that you're a Hufflepuff!

  • Leah Carton
    Leah Carton 10 months ago +1

    See ya in Florida was the first I have a basketball game tomorrowwwwwwwww

  • Motherwaffle
    Motherwaffle 10 months ago

    I like to see Jenna revert back to being a child (more than usual) when shes around her mom

  • joanna lawson
    joanna lawson 10 months ago

    So funny me and my mum are like this

  • Kaia Harrison
    Kaia Harrison 10 months ago

    Se ya in FLORIDA!!!

  • Elisabeth
    Elisabeth 11 months ago


  • Kayla Michelle Murphy
    Kayla Michelle Murphy 11 months ago

    Can you make a video on how to landshark

  • - ̗̀clair ̖́-
    - ̗̀clair ̖́- 11 months ago

    So Jenna as a teenager was basically an Cermet?

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C 11 months ago

    Debbie is Linda from Bob's burgers

  • alluvermin
    alluvermin 11 months ago

    Do people really still fantasize about FL? Cause eh... It's a frozen wet wasteland now.

  • Sofia Woman
    Sofia Woman 11 months ago +2

    "good debbying"😂😂😂their relationship is great

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 11 months ago

    You can definitely see jenna got her humor from her mom her moms hilarious

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares 11 months ago

    Jenna Marbles, Julien, Debbie Machine and puppies. Happy New Year :-D

  • Gina Bacarella
    Gina Bacarella 11 months ago

    i used to do the same thing with my dad's hand before i fell asleep. I would make him give me his hand, and if he tried to leave i would just shake my head and hold out my hand and say "give"

  • Science side of YouTube -Also there’s cats

    I know I’m three years late but god let me thank Jenna’s mother for giving birth to such a goddess,queen,and icon.

  • Preston Wright
    Preston Wright Year ago


  • Tammy Roberts
    Tammy Roberts Year ago

    I thought this was so awesome!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Jessi Combs
    Jessi Combs Year ago

    This sounds exactly like me and my mom! :)

  • R Bl
    R Bl Year ago

    this makes me miss my mom so much. i wish i could sit with her and just have a lighthearted conversation like this

  • Morgyn D
    Morgyn D Year ago

    Thank you Jennas mom for giving the world such a cool Jenna!

  • skreamingninja
    skreamingninja Year ago

    jenna: moooom you're gonna make everybody cry!!
    me: *wiping away tears* NOTHING NOBODY IS CRYING

  • julioncl175 SMS
    julioncl175 SMS Year ago

    If I was a boy my name would have been Benjamin to but instead it's just Julia

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Year ago +1

    Your mom looks like dakota johnson

  • Natalie Appreciates Waverly Earp

    Pulling out the tinsel like that could have pulled out it’d intestines. so that’s a fun fact

  • A. 1109
    A. 1109 Year ago +1

    I watch this every thanksgiving ❤️😂

  • TheDisguise
    TheDisguise Year ago

    Couple of Boston girls

  • Huntix 125
    Huntix 125 Year ago


  • MS Strong with a Service Dog

    LOL So she has always said random things for no reason.

  • Mostafa Kazimi
    Mostafa Kazimi Year ago


  • Kaylee Roze
    Kaylee Roze Year ago

    your mom is the cutest thing

  • Beer Deers
    Beer Deers Year ago

    I just wanna tell youre Mom she is the one of the biggest respectfull human beeing in the world, to raise up a child like not to many people can.
    and also I just wanna say thank you, Jenna you makes me happy all of my bad days and good.
    So HELL YEaH!
    let the show begin

  • lol idk
    lol idk Year ago

    The Debbie machine!

  • Joanne
    Joanne Year ago

    Goshhhhh this is such a funny/sweet/fun video!! Love the Debbie Machine :)

  • Maseofbass
    Maseofbass Year ago

    Haha she would've been BenjaMarbles

  • Blair Waldorf
    Blair Waldorf Year ago

    See you in Florida!!!! Nothing has changed lmfao

  • TovaShai
    TovaShai Year ago

    OMG, the worst thing my mom used to say to me when I was learning to drive was, "You can't drive till you've had more experience." Arghhhh! Mom! Where do you think experience comes from?!?

  • Elizabeth&I
    Elizabeth&I Year ago

    Re-watching in 2017 -- baby peach is so adorable.

  • fr20ea159k2d
    fr20ea159k2d Year ago

    Both of you are so lovely!It's wonderful to meet your mom!

  • Eve Chelios
    Eve Chelios Year ago

    I would have been a Benjamin too. This makes me happier than it should.

  • SpamBAT
    SpamBAT Year ago

    Jenna stop abusing your mom.

  • Ehsa
    Ehsa Year ago

    Damnit Debbie made me cry at the end

  • MS Strong with a Service Dog

    oh my god my girl is 17 and she does the I don't want to talk to you or she is up my butt LOL

  • Jenna Shaw
    Jenna Shaw Year ago

    Omg the machine made me cry 😭😭😭

  • Notmatt
    Notmatt Year ago


  • daniela salas
    daniela salas Year ago +1

    See you in Florida !

  • Riley Lyn
    Riley Lyn Year ago +1

    If I was a boy I was gonna be Jack Daniel😂 NO JOKE !!! My mum likes the name Jack and my dads name is Daniel

  • Sully
    Sully Year ago

    If Debbie said "Hell yeah!!" I'd be convinced that she was older Jenna. 💖