Dunkey's Best of 2018

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Fourteen incredible games I played in 2018.
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    thumb art by twitter.com/Desuplex
    List of Games
    14. Monolith (0:35)
    13. Jackbox Party Packs (1:11)
    12. Downwell (1:47)
    11. Bloodstained : Curse of the Moon (2:13)
    10. Monster Hunter World (3:03)
    9. Lumines (4:05)
    8. Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End (4:35)
    7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (5:26)
    6. Donkey Kong Country : Tropical Freeze (5:39)
    5. Enter the Gungeon (6:56)
    4. Zeroranger (7:20)
    3. Into the Breach (7:59)
    2. Celeste (8:49)
    1. God of War (9:15)
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  • Javad Karimli
    Javad Karimli 9 hours ago +1

    3:04 oh but when EPIC GAMES does it its all popular and mainstream.

  • Алексей Порсев

    Every time I watch this Best of the Year videos of yours I wait for Super Mario Bros. 2, and every year you trick me to believe that it wouldn't be in the top) Nice video, Dunkey!

  • Wintery Chez
    Wintery Chez Day ago

    whats the song that plays during the Gungeon gameplay?

  • wYsock
    wYsock Day ago

    "... The climbing.."

  • migo magno
    migo magno Day ago

    what pisses me off is that my friends say that GoW4 is shit when they didnt even get past the 1st troll boss

  • Attah Peter
    Attah Peter 2 days ago +1

    Dunkey where have you been all my life... lmaooooooooo

  • RemeisterMoo
    RemeisterMoo 2 days ago

    Why is literally every game apart from like 2 indi pixel art games

  • That One ODST
    That One ODST 3 days ago +1

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End/Initial release date
    May 10, 2016

  • Robby Sabol
    Robby Sabol 3 days ago

    The climbing

    KROX LOMAR 3 days ago +3

    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon makes you *feel* like old man

  • Vidya Vlogs
    Vidya Vlogs 3 days ago +1

    Everyone who disliked this does not like super Mario 2 or knack 2

  • O' Splinter
    O' Splinter 3 days ago

    Red Dead is not on your list?

  • Naomi Hammond
    Naomi Hammond 3 days ago

    I still play Overwatch...

  • Your mom Gaming
    Your mom Gaming 3 days ago +1

    Well deserved God of War placement you have my respects

  • Gaming Grandpa
    Gaming Grandpa 4 days ago +2

    Dunky: mhw is hard
    Me: mhw was supposed to be easier than the older games

    VIEWER BRO 4 days ago


  • Gaston Vazquez
    Gaston Vazquez 4 days ago

    Why isn't RDR2 here

  • Night blade
    Night blade 5 days ago

    Im just amazed how he fit all that in 10 minutes

  • ItzYatz
    ItzYatz 6 days ago

    No super mario 2? Edit: Fuck he got me

  • Pranav Sharma
    Pranav Sharma 6 days ago

    you call a 106 hours too much time?? pffff casual...

  • Lök Polymorfa
    Lök Polymorfa 7 days ago +4

    This was the reason why I played ZeroRanger. Thank you, Dunkey.

  • TRB Who cares
    TRB Who cares 7 days ago

    Where is super Mario bros 2

  • Bette D
    Bette D 7 days ago

    Dude, Dunkey is funny and charismatic as fuck, but damn... hands-down an articulate, downright prose-laden commentator as well... **Awe**
    He could write for IGN on all these topics and his word WOULD BE LAW

  • Bagel Boy
    Bagel Boy 8 days ago

    Uncharted 4 came out 2016 what even

  • F
    F 9 days ago +60

    Really this whole video is about swapping to the old man.

  • The Leader Of The World
    The Leader Of The World 10 days ago +2

    The way Dunkey used tropical freeze and Mario U, I gotta use that trap for Rap songs and one Random song

  • Captain Blyat
    Captain Blyat 11 days ago

    I just wish GoW wasn't exclusive, damn you Sony.

  • Felix Newhouse
    Felix Newhouse 11 days ago

    I would love it if he did a Worst Of, series, his ranting makes me so happy

  • TheHottest B
    TheHottest B 12 days ago

    I fucking love downwell

  • Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald 12 days ago

    DK Country: Tropical Freeze is the only game where I actually enjoyed playing the water levels.

  • Oh no Дa
    Oh no Дa 12 days ago

    Oh yes I love pulling onions.

  • Kurai Anima
    Kurai Anima 13 days ago +2

    "In Downwell, you go down (small pause) a well" I laughed more than I should've

  • Santiago Mendoza
    Santiago Mendoza 13 days ago

    What a shame, wizard of legend beats most of these indie games in my opinion

  • Nathaniel Figueroa
    Nathaniel Figueroa 13 days ago

    What about red dead and Spider-Man ps4

  • Jigglypoop97
    Jigglypoop97 14 days ago

    I think you meant to say “Donkey Kong: Frozen Ape”. Which I also heard was on sale for only $50 dollars, incredible.

  • JustPickAlready
    JustPickAlready 14 days ago

    I must agree with Dunk. -God of War- *super mario brothers 2* is an absolute master of a game. So fuckin good. The melee alone is so damn satisfying the way he -slams bitches with that axe- *tosses them rads*. Don't even get me started on the story and graphics! That's a comment for another time.

  • amin ka
    amin ka 14 days ago

    Spiderman is not in this list!

  • Stefan Del Campo
    Stefan Del Campo 14 days ago

    Cum rag

  • Neil Kishore Mathur
    Neil Kishore Mathur 15 days ago

    ...exactly ten minutes of sponsors!

    • Neil Kishore Mathur
      Neil Kishore Mathur 12 days ago

      JohnTheGrey I know I was kidding I’ve been watching dunkey for like 2 years bro :P

    • JohnTheGrey
      JohnTheGrey 13 days ago

      Not sponsors. He just likes every one of these games. He was not payed by a single person

  • CuP.? CaKe.?
    CuP.? CaKe.? 15 days ago +3

    No rdr2?!😢

  • IllumiCrafters
    IllumiCrafters 16 days ago

    I lovw u dunkley big fan

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 16 days ago +1

    106 hours=too much time

    uh no

  • Color Yellow
    Color Yellow 17 days ago +77

    Tropical Freeze really makes me feel like Donkey Kong

  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry 17 days ago +1

    I love ducky voice

  • Dank Beats
    Dank Beats 17 days ago

    Where was knack I mean not to be racist but where is knack

  • PLUTO Scales
    PLUTO Scales 17 days ago

    I swear if this man say super Mario bros 2 again I'll throw a turnip at you head

  • Terror
    Terror 18 days ago

    You might like HEROES of hammerwatch dunkey, you should give it a try, u can play with ur friends too.

  • Orange peel
    Orange peel 18 days ago

    did somebody say advance war?

  • Kyran Katzenbach
    Kyran Katzenbach 19 days ago

    Wow, I'm not the only one who played downwell

  • skaN
    skaN 20 days ago

    Zeroranger looks Epic

  • arjun maheshwari
    arjun maheshwari 21 day ago

    Why the hell is spider man ps4 not on this??

  • Shanid G
    Shanid G 22 days ago

    Switching a character with a button press is not an new concept in those types of games. But other than that it's fine video.

  • Despair
    Despair 22 days ago

    Lol, God of Fart. Yeah right

  • DavidBrit
    DavidBrit 24 days ago

    Where's best of 2020?

  • DavidBrit
    DavidBrit 24 days ago

    Where's best of 2020?

  • the man, the myth, the legend Lukieboi

    10/10 really makes you FEEL like the old man

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones 24 days ago

    I love his sarcasm XD

  • marko9686
    marko9686 27 days ago

    What was the God of War song right before "Super Mario Brothers 2"?

  • Dire-Wolf Xx
    Dire-Wolf Xx 28 days ago

    I think every one who has followed this channel for a while has expected super Mario bros 2 to pop up somewhere

  • Joseph Vaccaro
    Joseph Vaccaro 28 days ago

    Super mario brothers 2 again baby

  • Operative.
    Operative. 28 days ago

    it really makes you feel like donkey kong

  • SelfishFire
    SelfishFire 29 days ago


  • KSI OhyeahyeahBT
    KSI OhyeahyeahBT 29 days ago +1

    Spider-Man PS4?

  • Largish Sushi
    Largish Sushi Month ago

    Why does the mouse is spinning?

  • what
    what Month ago

    what about bookworm adventures 2

  • Ryan Cawley
    Ryan Cawley Month ago

    No-one saw, Hogan’s Castle on this list.

  • morbid mason
    morbid mason Month ago

    Video: 10:00
    *everyone disliked that

  • LuckyOwl
    LuckyOwl Month ago

    Celeste. Nuff said

  • Clare Eno
    Clare Eno Month ago +1

    No one:
    Old man: No you are an icecube

  • Gavin Myre
    Gavin Myre Month ago

    What was the song st the end (god of war)

  • Mixed Bag Clips
    Mixed Bag Clips Month ago

    Watching in 2019

  • Zayn mowzoon-mogharrabi

    here is the reason why i dont like celeste

    friend: hey, you wanna play celeste
    me: ya. i got 5 hours of free time. what else would i do

  • Emanuel Kline
    Emanuel Kline Month ago

    Maybe fortnite isn't fun for you, but that 8 million player count doesnt lie

  • Dunkey Clone
    Dunkey Clone Month ago +1

    #1 Spot is me

  • a cookie in disguise
    a cookie in disguise Month ago +7

    Y hasn't dunkey made a persona 5 vid yet

  • Nicholas West
    Nicholas West Month ago

    Ive been wanting to ask this for a while, thought you would give a quality answer. im wondering what you think about phantom dust and sonic adventure 2 battle? Ive put the most time in those games. Phantom i played until xbox shut the live down and opened 360s network they brought it back on xbox one and ive played it sence. But i been through 4 or 5 game cubes and i treat my chaos(sonic pokemon) on sonic like tamagotchi and have had the same ones sence like 3rd grade. Its been fun but destiny was my only other game that i really loved until they made destiny 2 and i stopped right there, i just felt taking away peoples armor and guns was a mentaly disabled move. I digress, just wanted youre opinion on phantom dust and sonic aventure 2 battle. Thanks man. Tier list was funny as hell. Arman white style comedy is youre bread and butter.

  • K-leb
    K-leb Month ago

    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is the worst game of 2018.

    Because it's actually a 2014 game (that also didn't cost me $60).

  • Squishy
    Squishy Month ago

    How have I never seen your channel. Fucking love this so much

  • Vanir II
    Vanir II Month ago

    9:35 distinctly pershonal

  • Kevlar Vrus 57
    Kevlar Vrus 57 Month ago +1

    Who does the artwork for dunkey?

  • DudeaFrude Gaming
    DudeaFrude Gaming Month ago +3

    Like because god of war was number 1

  • Ash.
    Ash. Month ago +1

    People gonna complain about all the 8 bit games but their actually challenging with of self accomplishment. Playing Fortnite acting like the same experience is fun.
    Good list.

  • WTFAnyNameWorks
    WTFAnyNameWorks Month ago

    God i love thi ls channel !!

  • Hugh Quigley
    Hugh Quigley Month ago

    I love how professional critics that sell out more than give their honest opinions talk shit about dunkey because he’s a USclipr. Dunkey is in the video game critic elite: the people who are actually good.

  • ivan nilin
    ivan nilin Month ago

    Nintendo switch is shit

  • Limey Joe
    Limey Joe Month ago

    It's like going back in time with most of these games, I think I had one of those games on the ZX Spectrum in my youth!

  • penguin lord
    penguin lord Month ago

    Wait he only to put 100hr in enter the gungaon i put 325 i need help

  • darkness3ish
    darkness3ish Month ago

    Donkey where's knack 2

  • Prince Raphael
    Prince Raphael Month ago


  • Seba Di Giuseppe
    Seba Di Giuseppe Month ago

    "Into the Breach achieved something that I thought it was impossible: Made turn based combat exciting"... So Dunkey hasn't play Roguelikes it seems?

  • 1000000 subscribes with one Video

    I thought the number 1 game would be


  • L U C
    L U C Month ago

    Hi hi

  • AlphaQ
    AlphaQ Month ago

    The song at 7:47 is called "ZeroRanger - Unstopping (w/intro)" I would post the link for it but then dunkey would have to review it and he has better things to do.

  • Raymond Fernandez
    Raymond Fernandez Month ago

    jontron vibe???

  • Owen Mahony
    Owen Mahony Month ago

    Tropical freeze was boring I thought, mayn
    Be Ive played it too much

  • Extremely Adequate
    Extremely Adequate Month ago

    i dont understand why is uncharted 4 on here

  • coreyon davis
    coreyon davis Month ago +1

    u said gow is the best of 2018, you sir have my respect

  • Denialz
    Denialz Month ago

    I dont see bookworm adventures

  • Awesome ALV
    Awesome ALV Month ago +2

    Uncharted 4 in 2018???

  • fortnitebad minecraftgood

    What kind of mad lad makes their video exactly 10 minutes but doesn’t put any ads on it

    • AJ Lucas
      AJ Lucas Month ago

      Also, you are a wise person,judging by your name

    • AJ Lucas
      AJ Lucas Month ago

      Unsub form T series And sub PewDiePie dunk