Gordon HATES EVERYTHING He's Served | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • Kitchen Nightmares Bingo - Frozen food sold as fresh.
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Comments • 4 775

  • Andy Tran
    Andy Tran 36 minutes ago

    lmao gordon is ver intuitive, he could tell that the guy was dating the chick instantly, what a god

  • EBBE E
    EBBE E 5 hours ago

    Iza Johansson = 😂

  • the seraphrim
    the seraphrim 11 hours ago

    Deadpool: l love breaking the 4th wall
    Gordon: hold my lamb sauce

    WRMTW 19 hours ago

    Lol he is like no one cares about you being vegetarian
    They microwaved that shit

  • Rishabh Vailaya
    Rishabh Vailaya Day ago +5

    Hey, how are you?
    Young man, how are you?

  • WhisperingFantasies
    WhisperingFantasies 2 days ago

    This title could refer to pretty much any episode of the show

  • NovaPavlova
    NovaPavlova 2 days ago

    2:51, 2:54 I love how the cameramen refuses by shaking the camera XD

  • VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs

    This could be the title of almost every kitchen nightmares video

  • Latte
    Latte 3 days ago +1

    Me: To be honest, when does he not?

  • Dustin Cole
    Dustin Cole 3 days ago +1

    “How are you?”
    “mY NAmE iS...”

  • Elizabeth Herrera
    Elizabeth Herrera 3 days ago

    For a person like Gordon is better he just cook at home

  • *Lisa* *Manoban*
    *Lisa* *Manoban* 4 days ago

    *yep I'm lovely*

  • Thomas Lynch
    Thomas Lynch 4 days ago

    Can someone please tell me which episode this is??

  • Sky Marie
    Sky Marie 4 days ago

    Bitchhhh you can salt to lettuce and thats good tf wrong wit her

  • statikk666
    statikk666 4 days ago

    No, no cmooon

  • Galvatron Studios 3.0

    How come everytime Gordon goes to a restaurant he always gets served the worst food possible?

  • Poland
    Poland 4 days ago


  • jarek stypula
    jarek stypula 4 days ago

    I think we all know by now what Gordon Ramsay thinks about vegetarians

  • Hepatitis D
    Hepatitis D 4 days ago

    Look, I’m not saying all vegetarian food tastes bad, but all vegetarians have bad taste in food.

  • Ian Elgar
    Ian Elgar 5 days ago

    Id fuck the boss. Shes probably a starfish in bed but hey shes cute

  • davids11131113
    davids11131113 5 days ago

    Ahi tuna tower no way I'd eat that thing, death sentence!

  • alzauri fatahillah
    alzauri fatahillah 6 days ago +1

    Atleast the Chicks are hot.

  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams 6 days ago

    How can you call the food great when you have no customers? Something must be wrong, are they stupid?

  • Yuno Gasai x
    Yuno Gasai x 7 days ago

    I’m surprised Gordon didn’t shout at the cameraman for not trying the food XD

  • Dragonetta
    Dragonetta 8 days ago

    He looked that guy up and down and called it. "You're screwing her, right? No other way you got this job, you asshole." HAHAHAHAAAAA! Gordon is the King of Pain! :)

  • Her Agh
    Her Agh 8 days ago

    Why does every restaurant on this show use microwaves. Is it so hard to use an oven .

  • Joey Buttafuoco
    Joey Buttafuoco 8 days ago

    The owner is hot

  • Bri Ba
    Bri Ba 9 days ago

    Sniffed out the romance in 5 mins

  • Deagan Krohn
    Deagan Krohn 9 days ago

    Contently *stares at Gordon*

  • Crescentpaws5000Wolfpaws

    Yo whats the reastion called

  • BIGK Harris
    BIGK Harris 11 days ago

    In almost every episode someone uses a microwave but no one catches on not to do that

  • Mackenzie yEET
    Mackenzie yEET 13 days ago

    I love you the camera men shook the cameras lmao

  • Haikal Aulia
    Haikal Aulia 14 days ago

    *sees title*
    Me : *pretends to be shocked*

  • The Mad Hacker
    The Mad Hacker 15 days ago

    lmao, even the cameraman was like "nope"

  • gatorboymike
    gatorboymike 15 days ago

    Camera guy #1: "Sorry boss, I ain't gettin' hazard pay on this gig."
    Camera guy #2: "Yeah, and botulism is against my religion."

  • Bluntify
    Bluntify 17 days ago +2

    He looks up at them...proceeds to spit food out...😂😂😂😂

  • Smollittlechimchim Jimin
    Smollittlechimchim Jimin 18 days ago +1

    For the thumbnail I thought it was a cylinder shaped watermelon with Avocado in the middle....

  • Louwen James Camasura
    Louwen James Camasura 18 days ago

    Don't ever serve microwaved food!😵

  • O A S
    O A S 18 days ago +2

    "Gordon hates everything he is served"
    Firat time?

  • Dread Pirate Roberts
    Dread Pirate Roberts 18 days ago

    That Asian chick is gorgeous

  • Hybrid Spektar
    Hybrid Spektar 19 days ago

    That owner is hawt

  • Ayman Syed
    Ayman Syed 19 days ago

    Those sound effects tho

  • Chris derrick
    Chris derrick 19 days ago

    Lisa can get this dick

  • m t
    m t 20 days ago +1

    Chef Mic!

  • Nancy Nolan
    Nancy Nolan 20 days ago +1

    Why was Lisa watching him like a creep while he was eating 😭🤣

  • Matthew
    Matthew 20 days ago

    She is so adorable :)

  • The_Kingslayer
    The_Kingslayer 20 days ago +4

    Server: I'm AcTually VEGEtarian

  • Bat Ranger117
    Bat Ranger117 21 day ago +1

    Even the cameraman is like “NO”

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 21 day ago

    Ummmm that's not an uncommon insurance on the show. It seems they're just looking for views

  • John P.
    John P. 21 day ago

    aint that asian priscila mark zuckwrberg’s wife?

  • margareth michelina
    margareth michelina 22 days ago

    Things that Gordon hates:
    -Raw foods
    -Frozen foods

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 22 days ago

    Gordon always HATES EVERYTHING,

  • It's Alright
    It's Alright 23 days ago +1

    Love how the entire staff is just standing there watching him eat lol

    THAT TARGARYEN GUY 24 days ago

    Kitchen Nightmares: Gordon hates everything he’s served.

    Me:Yeah so what’s new ????

  • Tayo Wilde
    Tayo Wilde 25 days ago

    Where are the feminists now, if that was a male boss dating the female bar manager there would be outrage.

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 26 days ago +1

    A dumbshit delusional owner

  • Rudy Ramadhana
    Rudy Ramadhana 28 days ago


  • T a T o
    T a T o 29 days ago

    Serve him ratatouille

  • gregory Waltz
    gregory Waltz Month ago +3

    This could be the title for every Gordon Ramsay video

  • TheEvilpot
    TheEvilpot Month ago

    Doesn't he hate everything he's served everywhere?

  • Dragon Beast
    Dragon Beast Month ago

    Wtf is this abomination

  • Elusive Wanderer
    Elusive Wanderer Month ago

    Which episode was this?????

    MUHAMAD NUR NALI Month ago

    love u gordan (●´∀`)ノ♡

  • Simon0
    Simon0 Month ago

    How are you.. Priscilla.


  • hoodie penguin
    hoodie penguin Month ago

    _this doesnt look very appetising does it_

    why is that funny ?

  • Kevin Jaramillo
    Kevin Jaramillo Month ago

    4:08 Deludeeeeeeed😂

  • cherry penguin
    cherry penguin Month ago

    Title: Gordon hates everything hes served. But lets be real isn't that always??

  • Fayray Rita
    Fayray Rita Month ago +1

    Man u cannot fool Gordon at all. He knows if somethings frozen or microwaved or fresh. Guys awesome. He knows his food all too well

  • Strange Girl
    Strange Girl Month ago +1

    Does he ever like something ? He always "HATES EVERYTHING"

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant Month ago

      I think if you search long and hard you'll find a short compilation of the times he cleaned his plate. Probably took a decade to gather.. :)

  • Nate Marinate
    Nate Marinate Month ago

    That thumbnail is the worst dish I’ve seen. You get 6 tortilla chips and what looks like a whole can of salsa still in the shape of the can.

  • Rangerrye
    Rangerrye Month ago

    One thing I love about this channel is that we can comment unlike other channels which produce shows

  • Royalty MSP
    Royalty MSP Month ago +1

    GORDON SEE’S A POOL. He sits down.
    Owner: Who’s the pool?
    Gordon: IT’S RAW!

  • Ingrid Garcia
    Ingrid Garcia Month ago

    How tf did Gordon know they was datin💀

  • Sandra Sarai
    Sandra Sarai Month ago +2

    If they have a microwave you know the place is trash

  • Kyla Karim
    Kyla Karim Month ago

    He never likes anything

  • TheMrWillje
    TheMrWillje Month ago +1

    Wrapped in panSetta? Wow

  • IDon’tLikeMyName
    IDon’tLikeMyName Month ago

    Has Gordon ever eaten a ready meal

  • Zacvhavnz
    Zacvhavnz Month ago


  • _Bob McCoy
    _Bob McCoy Month ago +25

    “It taste like rubber”

    I wanna know what episode he tasted legit rubber

  • _Bob McCoy
    _Bob McCoy Month ago

    “It taste like rubber”

    I wanna know what episode he tasted legit rubber

  • Saki Miyu
    Saki Miyu Month ago

    I feel bad for Gordon, he has to try shit food at all these restaurants.

  • autistic dalek
    autistic dalek Month ago

    Nothing new there then.

  • RemIxWay - ROBLOX! And more!

    Haha the camera man’s refused to eat the food lmao

  • Dynasti Crawford
    Dynasti Crawford Month ago

    Lol😂😂 Gordon Ramsay tried to offer the camera man some of his food but the camera man shook his head and the whole screen went sideways

  • Ethan Wood
    Ethan Wood Month ago

    What sort of mind fuckery is did Ramsay just pull when he immediately knew he was dating the owner?

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Month ago

    Vegeterians are dumb

  • Lance
    Lance Month ago +2

    Just sniping that relationship I'm 😂

  • Paladin Allama
    Paladin Allama Month ago +1

    I love when he looks up with that disgusted/ confused look

  • L0rd W0rm 696
    L0rd W0rm 696 Month ago +2

    0:14 ..... did you see that fly?!

  • this one
    this one Month ago

    well the title descries Gordon in a nutshell

  • Stellar Aevum
    Stellar Aevum Month ago +7

    Dating an employee? Really? Amateurs.

  • Therealdeal710
    Therealdeal710 Month ago


  • Briclyn is a bitch
    Briclyn is a bitch Month ago +2

    Frozen or not im just hungry.
    Ramsay: **Slaps**

  • Danish Zain
    Danish Zain Month ago

    Did he paid?

  • Nicole Pinelook
    Nicole Pinelook Month ago

    She should not have to eat meat to be a owner!!!

  • Shan Shan
    Shan Shan Month ago

    The Vegetarian girl kinda like Gordon

  • DAWNS13
    DAWNS13 Month ago +6

    Is It Me, Or The Owner Smile So Sweet?

  • hiss hiss this is Snek

    Why are you people not talking about they gorgeous waitress?

  • Andrew Odinson
    Andrew Odinson Month ago

    This title is fitting for most Kitchen Nightmares clips.

  • Bronstantine
    Bronstantine Month ago

    I honestly hate the US version, same stupidly dramatic music... and is there any need for the fake eating/squishy mouth chewing effects?