Found a Secret Hidden Mini Safe in Hi5 Studios!


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  • Emma Gracie
    Emma Gracie 22 hours ago

    TS5 is for a safe

  • Gracie herrick
    Gracie herrick 22 hours ago

    its for a sentry safe and I saw some sentry cases are for guns so please be careful!

  • Asim Hussain
    Asim Hussain Day ago

    try it on that door

  • Vanessa Latini
    Vanessa Latini Day ago

    the code to the think you found in the safe is 863

  • Starter Pro
    Starter Pro Day ago

    Huh Matt is like the previous owner want you to find something within your blue base red base and orange base. It's more likely the previous owner left that but it wasn't an accident im thinking like that he want you to find the truth behind the building past

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Day ago

    Matt's weak because he thought there was something in the file it cabinet but their was only that little thing

  • harupi gaming
    harupi gaming Day ago

    Liz is eating potato fries I know it because I eat it too and I see it on the Philippines

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 days ago

    the key in the filing cabinet goes to the lock of the filing cabinet. the cabinet is from target, i have the same one and it comes with two keys, they locked up one, locked the cabinet with the other, destroyed the other key, threw the 863 key in the ceiling and hid the filing cabinet for someone else to find.

  • saphiah hall
    saphiah hall 2 days ago

    Are you going to try to find out what the safe

  • Jake Cyr
    Jake Cyr 2 days ago

    Put it in google maps

  • Peter Morton
    Peter Morton 2 days ago

    it might be for another safe(2 key holes to the safe.)

  • Seth Burt
    Seth Burt 2 days ago

    Did Jim halpert used to work there

  • The professor
    The professor 2 days ago

    Who doesn’t like a good mystery

  • Slithering Snack
    Slithering Snack 3 days ago

    8=h 6=f 3=c

  • Crazy Panda 11
    Crazy Panda 11 3 days ago

    Its a key to a cash box!!!

  • Papa Bear
    Papa Bear 4 days ago

    I can't wait for the next video of what y'all find

  • Leslie Carlson
    Leslie Carlson 6 days ago

    I love your videos mattias

  • aubrey novak
    aubrey novak 6 days ago

    it could be for a storage unit

  • Potato Lover
    Potato Lover 7 days ago

    I say u take the top cabinet off and then reach in the middle cabinet 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Cian O'Meara
    Cian O'Meara 8 days ago

    its for a cash box

  • Mr. Personality
    Mr. Personality 8 days ago

    Garage key

  • Bethany Campione
    Bethany Campione 8 days ago

    "Speak to my lawyer." #AaronRocks

  • Elsa Schultz 
    Elsa Schultz  9 days ago


  • Juan Cortez
    Juan Cortez 9 days ago

  • Punch Man
    Punch Man 9 days ago

    863 translates to HFC in a number to letter code

  • Nurah Abrahams
    Nurah Abrahams 9 days ago

    Guys, we need an update on this

  • Nurah Abrahams
    Nurah Abrahams 9 days ago


    ZAR ZAR 10 days ago

    I have the same keys that go to a safe of mine and and it goes to a SENTRY SAFE and it should be a small black safe 8in x12in and 3in high so hopeful that helps

    ACTION ANYTHING!!! 10 days ago

    wait... so, what happened!!!???

  • ThEFnAF FiGhTeRs
    ThEFnAF FiGhTeRs 11 days ago

    Morse code maybe

  • Kyler Palmer
    Kyler Palmer 11 days ago +1

    that is so cool

  • Marcus_ Sux_Sox
    Marcus_ Sux_Sox 13 days ago

    Totally more stuff in the ceiling like maybe in red base orange base or blue base

  • The black Hoodini
    The black Hoodini 13 days ago

    Little tv🤣😂

  • Toasty Fries
    Toasty Fries 13 days ago

    I looked up TS5 on google and the first result was about Craig David, maybe it connects, but I don’t know, maybe someone could help, does anyone have any ideas?

  • Denise Dean
    Denise Dean 14 days ago

    Hi five get it

  • Ainsley Latimer
    Ainsley Latimer 15 days ago

    Have you found anything yet?😂

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman 16 days ago

    This video was filmed on the day paranormal activity started in Hi5
    (Or not who knows)

  • Gemma Floyd
    Gemma Floyd 16 days ago

    I did some research and it said that it open a cash box safe

  • Krunklette
    Krunklette 17 days ago

    Ts5 is a key to a lock box I own one so

  • GAMER CJ OVER 9000
    GAMER CJ OVER 9000 17 days ago

    the hacker is ********l ***********n there now everyone knows

  • Kaela Wetzel
    Kaela Wetzel 18 days ago

    Depending on how old the key and lock was, the 863 key could go to the file lock, because when metal gets old and worn it has the tendency to not fit its original “mold”, or lock in this case, and when keys are old the break really easily because of the worn out metal. And another addition to the key being worn, it was in the ceiling next to a light and I learned in science class when metal is heated below melting point then it expands which would make it so the key didn’t fit the lock. So in the end the key is more than likely to the file cabinet.

  • nogard ashvalt
    nogard ashvalt 18 days ago

    It is an lf mostly used for garage door locks small electronic safes and cash boxes

  • Gabby Nicholls
    Gabby Nicholls 18 days ago

    TS5 is a safe try to look for a safe

  • COKA
    COKA 18 days ago


  • david westlake
    david westlake 19 days ago

    Polk county's area code is 863 lol

  • littledragon girl
    littledragon girl 20 days ago

    Have a playlist on this mysterious Adventure

  • Tid Ali
    Tid Ali 20 days ago

    Why haven't you made another one of these videos

  • Lea Schloss
    Lea Schloss 20 days ago

    House key

  • Hi Buds
    Hi Buds 20 days ago

    In the thumbnail the filing cabanat is not rented which means they set this up for the views!

  • AnuAdi K
    AnuAdi K 21 day ago +1

    REKT today's vedio breaking into an abonded safe

  • Samuel Hagler
    Samuel Hagler 22 days ago

    My name is Connor

  • Scarlett Clements
    Scarlett Clements 23 days ago

    I think the 863 key was meant to be in the mini safe, and the square key in the mini safe opens the safe. So pretty much the keys were swapped so noone could access what the keys are for.

  • Libby Loo
    Libby Loo 24 days ago

    It's another Sentry key! I looked it up and it said it goes to a "cash box"

  • Challis Hanlon
    Challis Hanlon 24 days ago

    I hope you guys show another video of what that key leads to cuz I really want to find out what it is I wonder if you guys find treasure or money or something it would be really cool

  • Benjamin Hackett
    Benjamin Hackett 24 days ago

    You didn't try the TS5 key in the filing cabinet... Fortunately, it's not a filing cabinet key.

  • Bethany Campione
    Bethany Campione 25 days ago

    Apparently, they make a career out of being children

  • Elijah Kaehler
    Elijah Kaehler 26 days ago

    What happened to this

  • danny napier
    danny napier 27 days ago


  • Sienna Heywood
    Sienna Heywood 27 days ago

    Hey guys I searched up the key!!
    It’s for a .....
    CASH BOX like what the!!
    Please like so they can see thx!

  • Sienna Heywood
    Sienna Heywood 27 days ago

    7:09 when he comes down the stairs and hides it sooo funny
    I started laughing like
    Really hard......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth justus
    Elizabeth justus 28 days ago

    “We are going to find Elvis Presley’s body” 😂 😂

  • morgan brooks
    morgan brooks 28 days ago

    I bet you’ll find Amelia Airhart. Maybe she went ALL the way around the world...

  • James Jarvis
    James Jarvis 28 days ago

    its just a prank guys

  • Mikahil12345 Minecraft

    I googled Ts5 key and I found this hopefully the link works. The link is safe But it looks like you can order a Ts5 kTs5 key?

  • Marlon Herrera
    Marlon Herrera 29 days ago

    6:13-6:16 anyone else noticed that they were looking/eating filipino snacks

    Like if you AGREE

  • Dayton Mayo
    Dayton Mayo Month ago

    The ts5 key is a key that belongs to a cash box

  • Dayton Mayo
    Dayton Mayo Month ago

    Wait, new to the channel. Umm do the bases just have different people in them working??

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Month ago

    Please continue

  • FChan Gaming
    FChan Gaming Month ago

    TS5 LEADS TO A SENTRY SAFE NO WAY .you should ask gunner

  • Nueina Formoso
    Nueina Formoso Month ago

    Can you unlocked the door

  • SamROX
    SamROX Month ago

    Why did you leave us on a cliffhanger? Please investigate, I’m anticipating it.

  • Eric Olson
    Eric Olson Month ago

    That looks like a mosquito on your window. lol

  • iiOmqItzMax950
    iiOmqItzMax950 Month ago

    The key is important

  • Cody Saunders
    Cody Saunders Month ago

    M E T A

  • Connor Macaulay
    Connor Macaulay Month ago

    WHERE IS THE NEXT EPISODE OF "The Mysterious Keys"

  • swagalishisbunnies
    swagalishisbunnies Month ago

    TS5 Key for SENTRY Safe and other Sentry Products

  • Mr. Jax
    Mr. Jax Month ago

    This is the link

  • Mr. Jax
    Mr. Jax Month ago

    It's a cash box

  • Judah DS
    Judah DS Month ago


  • Judah DS
    Judah DS Month ago

    the key is for a safe or a moneybox

  • Abhilasha Lala
    Abhilasha Lala Month ago

    It's a hacker

  • Beth MD
    Beth MD Month ago

    Mathis a lot of you tubers have been getting hacked in a video of chadwild plays and vy quinte they found a base and found a laptop that was logged into your channel and lodes others this hacker can do anything on your channel check the video out

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    The ts5 key leads to a cash box !!!!!!!

  • Zen H
    Zen H Month ago


  • Jen The Gymnast
    Jen The Gymnast Month ago

    You havent been doing these investigations recently, did you hit a dead end or give up or something? you should continue! the first key might be to a safe or something, and that safe has another safe or something inside, and the Ts5 key may be to the second safe. Just a thought!

  • Anthony Creek
    Anthony Creek Month ago

    The TS5 key is another sentry key for a safe

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    The bandits are wering back and cowboy hats and cowboy boots 👢

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    If you want to know more gust tell me

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    Let everyone about everything that i told you

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    They can put chrackrs on you on your car eney were you go thats how they find you even if you have sickirite cameras they can hack or bracke in your studies if you have chreshr thay can even get in to your house even if you lock you house

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    Do not separate when you are doing those stuff make sure you guys stick together

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    That mite explane all the werd stuff that is hapening in all your studies

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    I am not playing around

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    They are wering black and a cowboy hat and cowboy boots 👢

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    Be careful if you go to the woods they have camras in the woods the beach house and that youtube family live in utah they fonded a unicorn horne.

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    I will tell you how you know if you are chast by bandits if you see alot of white vans and if they follow you they could make you in to a bandit

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    Magic stuff hapens

  • Allison Arguello
    Allison Arguello Month ago

    Matthias i now to youtubers that go hunting but they get chast by bandits i will tell you there youtube channel the first one is that youtube family and the other one it is called the bech houes they are prows at finding cresher you cood also be cast by bandits they will help you just find there channel and at the end of there channel names put bandits be careful.

  • Lilly Robert
    Lilly Robert Month ago


  • Razjah Batad
    Razjah Batad Month ago

    Ummm. The ts5 key is for a money safe