Found a Secret Hidden Mini Safe in Hi5 Studios!


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  • FFL Exterminator
    FFL Exterminator 8 hours ago +1

    I googled TS5 and it was a linux camera

  • THEdragonslayrr _
    THEdragonslayrr _ 15 hours ago

    It's a key to a Sentry safe.

  • Renee Woodard
    Renee Woodard 18 hours ago

    I love your videos
    Ashley😄 😍😄😍😄😍😄😍😄😍😄😍😄😍😄😍😄😍🎙🎤

  • Ze Fox TheBoredDude

    I've been through googling and found out that TS key was a series of keys (TS0 to TS9) that are used for Sentry Cash Box/Mini safe, because the TS5 key was similar to the images in google. 863 key is no longer needed or maybe its needed, it depends what is the vault/mini safe; But the real question is...

    What's inside of the mini vault of TS5 key?

  • Out Of The Mouth Of North

    thats not a mini safe thats a lock

  • Leo esc
    Leo esc 2 days ago

    Ask goner

  • Heather Cool
    Heather Cool 2 days ago

    M. M m m :

  • Katy Rivera
    Katy Rivera 2 days ago

    Search in the roof of blue base

  • Littlebro Videos
    Littlebro Videos 2 days ago

    That’s a safe key I have a key just like that that goes to a safe

  • Djbdhfgh Hudjdbb
    Djbdhfgh Hudjdbb 2 days ago

    For what's in it

  • Djbdhfgh Hudjdbb
    Djbdhfgh Hudjdbb 2 days ago

    The key could be a code

  • Dallas Peters
    Dallas Peters 3 days ago

    Its for a sentry safe

  • Liseth H
    Liseth H 3 days ago

    TS5 = 1989 lmaooo only a few will get this

  • Makamae Deguzman
    Makamae Deguzman 4 days ago

    Why dont u make copies of the keys just in case u find something and wanna test the keys out

  • Josh
    Josh 5 days ago

    All set up

  • NicaCat
    NicaCat 5 days ago

    i love mysteries and this has got to be the weirdest one but like a key inside of a safe that the code for was on a key

  • Brooklynn Robison
    Brooklynn Robison 5 days ago +1

    Um this mystery is still unsolved like please continue this

  • Hazel Daly
    Hazel Daly 6 days ago

    The square TS5 key should go to a flattish black box with a handle on the top, it's another SentrySafe product. It has sort of beveled edges. It's called a SentrySafe Cash Box CB-12 (
    It might be in one of the extra spaces, like the corners in the weird offices and whatnot.

  • Twist579
    Twist579 7 days ago +1

    Both keys belong to sentry is this a paid promotion for them?

  • Kindra Crowther
    Kindra Crowther 7 days ago +1

    This is scary

  • I_take_them_ L’s_boi _

    Found this on google just searched up ts5
    The TS5 Key for Sentry Safes is a double sided (cut top and bottom) used on many Sentry Safe products and others. Key will be cut to code and ready to work in the lock. ... FYI- This key series is very difficult to reproduce as there is not an equiveleny key blank / key way to use.

  • Jerzie Rusch
    Jerzie Rusch 8 days ago

    Did you find anything yet

  • mariko saito
    mariko saito 8 days ago

    when you found the key you have the same t shirt

  • Riggs Kephart
    Riggs Kephart 8 days ago

    why are you absuing kids *I am one*

  • Venom Gaming Clan
    Venom Gaming Clan 8 days ago

    Nice tesla

  • John Wild clay
    John Wild clay 8 days ago

    Why don’t you check your stuff out and read bass the room check stuff arm blue birds just go from bass the base check it all and see if you can see stuff in and in any of the bases bass bass bass bass that’s what you need to you need to check all of your ground make sure nothing goes to those keys but make sure stuff does

  • A_squad 580
    A_squad 580 8 days ago

    Continue it please

  • FNAF Friends World
    FNAF Friends World 8 days ago

    Go back to the hidden roof place

  • Snowfanges Whitney
    Snowfanges Whitney 9 days ago


  • Aoibhin Kelly
    Aoibhin Kelly 9 days ago

    this was a few days before my bday

  • Heymommywhatdoin Gaming

    The key is for a small money box

  • Saryn Harrington
    Saryn Harrington 10 days ago

    Ts5 is a sentry safe product

  • Justin Sutcliffe
    Justin Sutcliffe 11 days ago

    It might be for a storage unit or for a door lock that is hidden

  • Kelsey Bittecuffer
    Kelsey Bittecuffer 11 days ago

    Did Matt ever find what the other key belongs to I mean if they are hiding keys to safes all over the place there has to be like some big money involved.... right??? 🤑🤑 Don’t leave this unsolved plzzzz

  • Aurora ChuChu
    Aurora ChuChu 12 days ago


  • Wolfy Coon
    Wolfy Coon 12 days ago


  • cameron Penguin
    cameron Penguin 12 days ago

    i was looking up 863 and a yale loke poped up i have no clue what that is but it said that the 863 key is a replacment key

  • Xander Davis
    Xander Davis 13 days ago

    Keep looking for it so suspenseful

  • IWillGame
    IWillGame 13 days ago

    TS5 if you search it up you get Craig david

  • Caleb Bell
    Caleb Bell 15 days ago

    Like a other person said it is a sentry box it will be a small black box that goes with it and it sometimes goes to a tool box of some sort

  • Caleb Bell
    Caleb Bell 15 days ago

    It is a number of a mail box

  • Regina Brockmann
    Regina Brockmann 15 days ago

    tell everyone to look blue orange and red base

  • Noah Seitz
    Noah Seitz 15 days ago


  • Youtube fan #TT and Thatyoutub3 family 1234

    Could be a huge locker were you know people put their junk

  • Pokemon Epic
    Pokemon Epic 16 days ago

    Plz see my comment

  • Pokemon Epic
    Pokemon Epic 16 days ago

    TS5 looks like a safe or camera

  • Myke King
    Myke King 16 days ago

    The keys belongs to a hidden safe in 1 of the bases.But I don't know what base its in.

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 17 days ago

    Plz solve it I luv this type or vid

  • מיכאל פרץ
    מיכאל פרץ 17 days ago

    The first two keys, I think they open a door and the other opens a safe.

  • garrmill931 FEM
    garrmill931 FEM 18 days ago

    That key is for the mailbox in your city or is safe it’s for a safe because they build TS fives and stuff like that

  • Katy K
    Katy K 18 days ago

    Omg Tanner just keeps expanding it! Stahhhhp!

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin 20 days ago

    It might have went to the lock for the filing cabinet

    IT’S YOUR BOY 20 days ago

    I need to be kept up-to-date with the situation

  • Juvi
    Juvi 22 days ago

    That’s witchcraft! WTF?

  • Christine Fitzpatrick
    Christine Fitzpatrick 22 days ago

    Please continue this..... IM BEGGING

  • Elizabeth S
    Elizabeth S 22 days ago

    I feel like they should look in the ceiling again. Cause the safe would be hidden somewhere if anything. But the previous owners might have the safe but then again they wouldn’t have the key to that safe. But also they probably wouldn’t have the safe in the same area as the keys. So that leads me to think that it could be above the ceiling like upstairs in blue base.

  • Jaskirat Singh
    Jaskirat Singh 23 days ago +1

    Ts5 key for sentry safe

  • Sophia Chung
    Sophia Chung 23 days ago

    It’s probably a safe that has another key in it to an abandoned building

  • Kayla Cayzer
    Kayla Cayzer 23 days ago

    I searched in the TS5 on google and one of the picture said its a sentry safe key and apparently there's cash

  • Elizabeth Wyatt
    Elizabeth Wyatt 24 days ago

    The key belongs to Sentry safe i looked it up. There website says so. Its a double sided key that is very hard to reproduce or make.

  • Theironfist Iron
    Theironfist Iron 25 days ago

    Matt you need to dig even deeper

  • Skylar the Werewolf
    Skylar the Werewolf 25 days ago

    863 is the Area code for Florida

  • Beth Barber
    Beth Barber 25 days ago

    Please continue it. I wanna know what’s in this

  • James Koplin
    James Koplin 26 days ago

    i have a key like that its for a safe sme key same safe

  • BaseballKing Hall
    BaseballKing Hall 27 days ago

    Do more of these videos continue this more please

  • Sing It Loud, And Play It Louder!


  • Paige Hogan
    Paige Hogan 29 days ago

    The ts5 key is meant for Sentry stuff and is also mainly used for double sided ( cut top and bottom) and can also go to other Sentry safes products

  • Zoey 9169
    Zoey 9169 29 days ago

    It's been a year and no one's found anything?

  • Crystal Sandoval
    Crystal Sandoval Month ago

    A storage unit

  • Jonah Howell
    Jonah Howell Month ago

    Pause the video and saw the product

  • none1 noname
    none1 noname Month ago

    5:50 is that oishi potato fries? (phil snack)

  • Noah Mirling
    Noah Mirling Month ago

    i wouldent mind if you continued this but it was fake but the others dont know whats gona happen

  • Jb Tropical
    Jb Tropical Month ago

    Ts5 is a model of a sentry safe

  • Callen Blakely
    Callen Blakely Month ago

    You broke the 836 key! It probably goes to some thing

  • bigger chungus
    bigger chungus Month ago

    A ts5 key is just a safe key

  • Picklelover 101
    Picklelover 101 Month ago

    I have one of those. It was made to hide your house key on your gutter.

  • Kira Miller
    Kira Miller Month ago

    TS5 is a century safe key

  • Unicorn Gamer
    Unicorn Gamer Month ago


  • Bluefall76
    Bluefall76 Month ago

    The key you found in the "key-safe" is actually the key to the filing cabinet you broke and threw out... bummer :P

  • Tomas Padilla
    Tomas Padilla Month ago

    We need to see what the ts5 key goes to

  • The Robotic Sound
    The Robotic Sound Month ago

    what if you look in the attic if there are attics or look deeper into the roof
    (pls like so everyone can see this )

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen Month ago

    Use the hey that you have

  • weeding bro
    weeding bro Month ago

    Look at 7:08

  • Josiah Cleck
    Josiah Cleck Month ago

    Ts5 is the key to an actual fire proof water proof sentry safe.

  • alfonso mateo
    alfonso mateo Month ago

    The ts5 is like a door from hotel and I saw that key the different key is that it

  • Toy Model Collector

    This is staged right?

  • Christopher McCormic

    The key goes to a sentry safe

  • Alexx Faedan
    Alexx Faedan Month ago

    Have they continued this yet?

  • Abbey Bartolomei
    Abbey Bartolomei Month ago

    Did this ever get resolved lol very curious

  • Charbel Ghannam
    Charbel Ghannam Month ago

    try talking to the old owners

  • TheN00bSss N00bie
    TheN00bSss N00bie Month ago +1

    R.i.p cabinet 2015 - 2018

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez Month ago +1

    Is it key for bule house

  • Jeanette Bielby
    Jeanette Bielby Month ago

    ts5 is a raper or a DJs house

  • Jason Geyer
    Jason Geyer Month ago

    it has to go to another safe that probably has another key that might go to a storage unit that has expensive stuff in it

  • 1 Proud American
    1 Proud American Month ago

    Just a suggestion.
    THUMBS UP: if you would like to see this happen.
    Singing and Dancing to a remake of the YMCA.
    The song goes:
    "You can work there and I'm sure you will find... Many ways to have a good time...
    I know it's kinda cheesey. But it could be really funny with these guys.

  • Kelly Allston
    Kelly Allston Month ago

    In someone’s house

  • Lucky Dog
    Lucky Dog Month ago

  • Jaran Alford
    Jaran Alford Month ago

    You can buy replacement keys TS5 goes to any sentry safe.

  • Selene Trevino
    Selene Trevino Month ago


  • Connor George
    Connor George Month ago

    if you google images of a sentry safe key (TS5) you get a picture of the same square key.