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  • Sham Idrees VLOGS
    Sham Idrees VLOGS  8 days ago +7430

    We are engaged and i shared her real name on the most special night. Say Mashaa’Allah ❤️ SUBSCRIBE and this is where a new chapter of our lives starts...

    BIG POPA PUM Hour ago

    Khyaal rakhna froggy ka .pari ki tareh sunder hain vo ...samjhe ..ego daba k rakhna thoda

  • fatima ali
    fatima ali 2 hours ago

    I hope you have a good time lots of blessings your biggest fan

  • Mina Salehzai
    Mina Salehzai 4 hours ago

    I always new this was gonna happen

  • Red Green
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  • Ali Noorullah
    Ali Noorullah 7 hours ago

    There are not really muslims

  • S k
    S k 7 hours ago

    Do people really believe they were just "best friends" before this??

  • Samiirah Rusooly
    Samiirah Rusooly 8 hours ago

    PlayStation 4❤

  • Fatoumata Barry
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  • Zuqia Chaudhry
    Zuqia Chaudhry 10 hours ago

    Sahair MASHALLA

  • Ranju Lama
    Ranju Lama 11 hours ago

    congratulations sham and froggy i always knew you loved each other

  • Uzi Taim
    Uzi Taim 11 hours ago

    Agar iske nazar ma apni real family and friends ki ye auqat ha to un viewers ki kia auqat hogi jin ko ye apni family bolta ha hahahahaha

  • Afshan Ali09
    Afshan Ali09 11 hours ago

    Congrats bro

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  • Mohib Abbasi
    Mohib Abbasi 13 hours ago

    Love u all mashallah

  • Ruth Sorchaga
    Ruth Sorchaga 13 hours ago

    We're are her parents and yours but you still nailed it

  • Ruth Sorchaga
    Ruth Sorchaga 13 hours ago

    Aww so adorable congrats

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  • Football Football
    Football Football 13 hours ago

    I hope you live your best life

  • Nadia Bangash
    Nadia Bangash 13 hours ago

    Congratulations ... may you have a happy life ahead 😍😘

  • Nimra Usman
    Nimra Usman 14 hours ago

    Nice name

  • Nimra Usman
    Nimra Usman 14 hours ago

    Congrats dear

    DEVIL XVII 15 hours ago

    Nd end pe apne tat*i song ko play krna zaroori tha?!#bakw*sss

    SAAD THE GAMER 15 hours ago


  • Dilshad Ahmad
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  • Dilshad Ahmad
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  • Usama Ashraf
    Usama Ashraf 16 hours ago

    Is ka naam h k kia h jo 10 vlog name pr hi bana diay..

  • Lovely Sweetie
    Lovely Sweetie 17 hours ago

    پہلی بات : یہ سب جو تم نے کیا غیر اسلامی اور غیر شرعی طریقہ ہے۔👎
    دوسری بات : جب انگریز لوگ اس طرح پروپوزل کرتے ہیں تو وہ کافی سوچ بچار میں ہوتے ہیں کہ آیا ان کی پروپوزل accept کی جائے گی یا نہیں۔ لیکن شام ادریس کی تو بات ہی الگ تھی۔پہلے سے اس طرح planning کی گئی تھی جیسے کوئی فلم کا scene ہو۔ 🤔

  • Amir Rajpoot
    Amir Rajpoot 18 hours ago

    It's so cute

  • Fathima Anjum
    Fathima Anjum 18 hours ago

    I m big fan of PS4 pro but I don't have PS4 pro because I can't afford that so I have subscribed to your channel as you said I want to make my gaming channel I have everything but I don't have PS4 pro this is my talk know it's up to you sham

  • Fathima Anjum
    Fathima Anjum 18 hours ago

    I m big fan of PS4 pro but I don't have PS4 pro because I can't afford that so I have subscribed to your channel as you said I want to make my gaming channel I have everything but I don't have PS4 pro this is my talk know it's up to you sham

  • Farheen Naaz
    Farheen Naaz 19 hours ago +1

    I am Just Watching This Vlog Again and Again

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  • anmol rida
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  • Urooj Shoaib
    Urooj Shoaib 20 hours ago

    Wow that's so sweet Congratulations!!

  • Emaan Zahra
    Emaan Zahra 22 hours ago

    Hey sham... R u gonna vlog on your wedding day?

  • Asma Begum
    Asma Begum 22 hours ago

    MashaaAllah congratulations guys! :)

  • Arif Hussain
    Arif Hussain 23 hours ago

    Really very congratulations from sialkot. Pakistan

  • Ammar Hussain
    Ammar Hussain 23 hours ago

    Real name ... not interested ...

  • Ammar Hussain
    Ammar Hussain 23 hours ago

    Chalo ab en dolo k daramy thory kam ho gy .... tum dono apna style change kro ... es lamhy ma b wessa style ... main ny urdu ma es liye likha ha cuz filtr na roky essy

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit Day ago

    Love you sham bahi happy engagement

    ARMAN MALIK Day ago

    She is not even close to Immy's poop

  • Bk Denali
    Bk Denali Day ago

    omggggg Yaaayyyyyyyyyyy

  • Hamza Shoukat
    Hamza Shoukat Day ago

    shadi kr lay

  • J Khan
    J Khan Day ago

    I watched 5 second not even.I Fell Asleep.

  • blueberries
    blueberries Day ago

    uhm...so i guess they don't eat halal

  • Ahmed Alk
    Ahmed Alk Day ago

    Finally sham
    I can believe this I can’t believe this I can believe thissham

  • Mohammed Kazal
    Mohammed Kazal Day ago

    What the frick

  • Syeda Farhan
    Syeda Farhan Day ago

    Oh my god congrats on this beautiful night may Allah swt bless you mashallah!and what is the name of this restaurant

  • mohsin maqsood
    mohsin maqsood Day ago

    🦆 Jani WTF??? 😃😃🤣🤣🤣😃😃

  • JS Studio
    JS Studio Day ago

    Check This Hottest Song

  • Mufeed Maliha
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  • Muhammad shukaib

    Thank god Dramy khatam huwy inn k

  • Haseena Ali
    Haseena Ali Day ago

    Froggy's real name was revealed by simmi in the "reunited after a year video" between 5:25 to 5:35

  • Zaroon Khan
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  • SK production
    SK production Day ago

    Congratulations guys and Allah give you all happiness in your life ❤❤

  • Bilal Ahmed
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  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed Day ago

    Mashallah you r looking gr8 together and veeerrrryyyy congratulations for your new life guys congrats

  • muhammad ibraheem

    May u blessed more n more bro n sis. Ameen

  • Tanolisdaughter MehrooAsad

    U guys are made for each other ...
    stay blessed ...
    Love u guys...

  • April xoxo
    April xoxo Day ago

    No kiss?

  • ć vìvã vívã

    There is nothing called boy and girl friendship and girls if u don't beleive me call your friend home to do the nasty and i'm sure he will be down for that

  • Erum Mobeen
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  • Just another guy

    8:58 the guy on the left is showing off his passport wtf lol


    Tu phela Kiya ta yar

  • MMc
    MMc Day ago


  • MMc
    MMc Day ago


  • Manella
    Manella Day ago +3

    Well thats not a suprise. Everyone knew this was going to happen.... Congrats ❤

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy Day ago

    So proved girl boy can never be just friends...😒😒😒

  • Maria&Aiza TV
    Maria&Aiza TV Day ago

    Mashallah, Have a very Beautiful life together. I am so happy for you

  • Muhammad nasir
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  • Samima Bhorat
    Samima Bhorat Day ago

    Love you

  • ainnie333
    ainnie333 Day ago

    God bless both of you! congratulations!

  • Lucky
    Lucky Day ago

    Froggy is hot🔥🔥🔥

  • naeem bhaiji
    naeem bhaiji Day ago

    Bro. I love you. M very very happy. Really bro.

  • Safoora Mehdi
    Safoora Mehdi Day ago

    Masha allaah
    Ia m so happy for u guys

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  • Asadullah arijo
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    UNCLE TV Day ago

    but what was her real name

  • aseem ansari
    aseem ansari Day ago

    Ass holl west of time lol

  • WaKeeL KhaN TaReeN OffiCiAL

    mubarakan and congratulations sham bro and fruggy queen love from Pakistan quetta 😍

  • VIP records
    VIP records Day ago

    Ultra congratulations

  • K Fatima
    K Fatima Day ago

    Omggg this is so cute. I love them omggggggg

  • Hajira Tabassum
    Hajira Tabassum Day ago

    Mashaa'Allah .The best vlog ever I'm so happy .😍😍😍😘😍😘😍Stay Happy 😀 blessed😇 and together👫 FOREVER💑.

  • Zohaib Mughal
    Zohaib Mughal Day ago

    Shukr hai Shadi karle Ki Shadi ho gaii 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Faiza Mahnoor
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  • Najeeb Najeo
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  • Jisrat Hasan Rafe

    Doesn't she have a child? Is she divorced or something?

  • Amina Mohammed
    Amina Mohammed Day ago

    mashaaAllah i am so happy for you guys. May Allah protect your union inshaaAllah # beautifulcouple

  • Khan Rafay
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  • Sneha Khan
    Sneha Khan Day ago

    I'm so happy.. congratulation from Bangladesh,❤️❤️❤️

  • Farzam Baig
    Farzam Baig Day ago

    *Kasam sey Adhy Tharkii idr sirf Foggy ka naam sunny aay thy mery ilawa😂*

  • Madhumita shindhe

    Congratulations .. have a happy life ahead ..

  • la la
    la la Day ago

    Her name means magic !

  • Bhabhi HD Videos



    Shukar aa iski b ho gayi

  • crystal watars
    crystal watars Day ago

    V happpy for u guys😍#shroggy👍