Emergence - How Stupid Things Become Smart Together

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • How can many stupid things combine to form smart things? How can proteins become living cells? How become lots of ants a colony? What is emergence?
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    Emergence - How Stupid Things Become Smart Together

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  • Will Chen
    Will Chen 21 hour ago

    Kubernetes in nature
    Probably like 1 guy gets what I am talking about

  • Ndkseji Shsuozndwjo

    These animations are amazing

  • Fabian kipling
    Fabian kipling Day ago

    Love u

  • Vasuki Gowda
    Vasuki Gowda Day ago

    Wow thank you

    CRUSTAAY Day ago

    emergence? saki :(

  • Sazokage
    Sazokage Day ago

    Nothing is stupid, ant's are "programmed" to behave this way and are too small to form memories(unfortunately:( )

  • Jo Lester Sumpio

    But is water wet

  • Beelzebub
    Beelzebub Day ago

    Emergence? Literally Reddit and 4Chan

  • bvoq
    bvoq 2 days ago

    it's not that we don't know what life is, but rather which definition we use for the term

  • ZJZ
    ZJZ 2 days ago

    Maybe ants will act like cells and form extremely giant creatures in the future.

  • aden kunz
    aden kunz 2 days ago

    The idea of things being "stupid" is a misnomer.

  • DanPROsak
    DanPROsak 2 days ago

    Hey creator, try to make a video about a dumb people influences a community that caused them to be dumb along

  • Badboy DCX
    Badboy DCX 2 days ago

    Explain how a bunch of stupid memes can become smart together

  • John Boone
    John Boone 3 days ago

    Water isn’t wet

  • Lobo
    Lobo 3 days ago

    Ant may be stupid but it is quite adamant

  • peter graaf
    peter graaf 3 days ago

    the neurons in 5:07 are going in the wrong direction

  • Rhett Melton
    Rhett Melton 3 days ago

    5:00 tripped me out pretty hard. I didn't like that at all.

  • Ron B
    Ron B 3 days ago

    I love this video

  • Yameromn
    Yameromn 3 days ago

    The video is titled "How Stupid Things Become Smart Together" and then you start talking about Nations. Still thinking what that could mean :P

  • Type-Jay
    Type-Jay 3 days ago

    Why are ants better at switching to support than 90% of my teammates in games?

  • Midish MoonShadow
    Midish MoonShadow 3 days ago

    W A T E R I S N O T W E T

  • rauticung ralte
    rauticung ralte 3 days ago

    'Ant stooopid' - 6ix9ine ..2018

  • Yottaqubyter
    Yottaqubyter 4 days ago

    When would a society turn sentient by itself from the emergent behavior of us

  • Alaric _
    Alaric _ 4 days ago

    never underestimate stupid people in large group

  • Macfurry Wong
    Macfurry Wong 4 days ago

    Seems interesting, the universe as a whole with all these stars and planets, are like stupid rocks and gases. What if as a whole its actually working together to form a complex structure, maybe a higher being beyond our comprehension?

  • Toy Boonsan
    Toy Boonsan 4 days ago

    Me and my friends in a group Project lol

  • The Global Stalker
    The Global Stalker 4 days ago

    Human is very smart but humans are the most stupid things ever

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris 5 days ago

    unexpected Adolph Hitler mask at 5:03

  • Zeus Designs
    Zeus Designs 5 days ago

    You saved my life, Kurzgesagt. This video has made me enjoy the beautiful people around me who together make life meaningful... thank you so much

  • Daiki Cipolloni
    Daiki Cipolloni 5 days ago

    You just became my favorite USclip channel!

  • Pedro Talons
    Pedro Talons 5 days ago

    When the team school project turns out actualy preety good!
    Teacher: 0:23

  • zach4310 zach4310
    zach4310 zach4310 5 days ago

    E M E R G E N C E

  • WheezeMachine
    WheezeMachine 6 days ago

    This has given me more compassion for ants. Show this video to people burning or casting colonies

  • Abdul Mujeeb
    Abdul Mujeeb 7 days ago

    Can the stars and galaxies are like individual cells that might have an emergence phonomen which we cant feel as we are like small cell inside a liver

  • Tony KC
    Tony KC 8 days ago

    The assertion that living cells emerged from things that are not alive has not yet been proved, though there has been lots of theories and many trials/experiments have been performed on this.

  • Arbaaz Atar
    Arbaaz Atar 8 days ago

    U guys take my sleep

  • Te C-Jones
    Te C-Jones 8 days ago

    Other signs of intelligence from emergence in ants:
    They commit genocide
    They form alliances
    They use their formic acid as herbicide
    They keep slaves
    They create bridges and boats of their own bodies
    Ants are surprisingly humanlike... like tiny six legged people.

  • Sharon is there
    Sharon is there 8 days ago

    This whole video is a justification for nationalists philosophy, and it's kinda heartwarming although I don't really know where I stand about that topic. The science part was loose but fun and simple to understand.

  • Captain Price
    Captain Price 9 days ago

    Water is not wet😯

  • Left anti pc
    Left anti pc 10 days ago

    Maybe it is not that beautiful.
    Maybe the only reason we are seeing smart things formed by a lot of small stupid things is because the stupid things formed by many small stupid things could not work.
    Evolution is the reason. The universe just does a lot of trials and errors, we never pay attention to the errors.

  • Left anti pc
    Left anti pc 10 days ago

    There is only one question left. How does ants count? My 3 years old still have not learnt that.

  • Winter Cedrick25
    Winter Cedrick25 10 days ago

    So your saying that if me and my classmates 'help' each other in a test, we can all pass?! :D

  • Kirua Zorudikku
    Kirua Zorudikku 11 days ago

    Great video and very interesting !

  • sammu el
    sammu el 11 days ago

    still waiting for that emergent consciousness video

  • Matt H
    Matt H 11 days ago

    Yea but whassup wit dat purple bitch at 6:33?

  • aUser
    aUser 12 days ago

    Video begins ... "an ant is pretty stupid"

  • Hoàng Điệp Lựu
    Hoàng Điệp Lựu 13 days ago

    Society is a living organism. It's a bunch of cells like human body.

  • Friedrich Hayek
    Friedrich Hayek 14 days ago

    Could this be used on AI?

  • Hirramai
    Hirramai 14 days ago

    Loved that doujin

  • 23moon dog
    23moon dog 14 days ago

    Like how the water molecules fists each other

  • Wolf
    Wolf 14 days ago

    And then theres trump supporters who will never be smart no matter how many you put together

  • HappyGoLucky
    HappyGoLucky 15 days ago

    Please don’t say emergence

  • 자유의지
    자유의지 15 days ago


  • Ants Scandinavia
    Ants Scandinavia 16 days ago

    I love ants :)

  • Stock Brazen
    Stock Brazen 18 days ago

    Too bad this doesn’t apply to randoms while playing Pubg

  • Jason Lanko
    Jason Lanko 19 days ago


  • Nahuel Martínez
    Nahuel Martínez 19 days ago

    Wouldn't 1π be simply π?

  • Riccardo Franci Montorzi

    This video literally gave me the chills

  • Hindi Edge
    Hindi Edge 19 days ago

    Oh god...😍😍😍

  • IXK01 santiago sinapsis
    IXK01 santiago sinapsis 19 days ago +1

    Best Video Ever In This Channel

  • Desin Stryke
    Desin Stryke 20 days ago

    I loved this video!

  • Vin Kadhir
    Vin Kadhir 20 days ago

    In meantime some aliens Will watch us and wonder how these small brained stupid individuals forms colonies, split their works with those small little brains..

  • Moe Boe
    Moe Boe 21 day ago

    But how does this evolve randomly, this is evidence of design.

  • GodOfStrategy
    GodOfStrategy 21 day ago

    On behalf of all ants, fuck you.

  • Aphreditto
    Aphreditto 21 day ago

    Waging war is a stupid thing. Humanity needs to outgrow it.

  • Roy Paenen
    Roy Paenen 22 days ago

    When a woman becomes Hitler @5:03

  • samanta ferreira
    samanta ferreira 23 days ago


  • Syamsul Hidayat
    Syamsul Hidayat 23 days ago

    Sifat dasar alam semesta yg menakjubkan tersebut di kontrol oleh Tuhan.
    Ilmuwan hanya bisa menjelaskan bagaimana hal tersebut bisa terjadi, tapi tidak akan bisa menjawab mengapa hal tersebut bisa terjadi.

  • General Beifong
    General Beifong 23 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The title is in german
    The video should be too

  • William Nguyen
    William Nguyen 23 days ago


  • Melihim Retro
    Melihim Retro 23 days ago

    It's so GOOD I LOVE IT Please Make More!!!

  • Raven Valentine
    Raven Valentine 24 days ago

    the piano theme gets me every time its soo beautiful

  • n Jah'Reece
    n Jah'Reece 24 days ago

    Did anyone else see...dendrites?????

  • SSniperGhost
    SSniperGhost 24 days ago

    your saying were stupid?

  • The Delusionist And His Demons

    Isn't it weird that on the one hand, we have emergence, a phenomenon that allows stupid things to come together and create order, out of chaos, and on the other hand we have entropy, the universe's basic nature to dissolve into chaos.

  • Azalea Bradley
    Azalea Bradley 25 days ago

    The animation and art direction on this channel is just superb.

  • kenya Reed
    kenya Reed 25 days ago

    I love this video

  • mister smoky
    mister smoky 25 days ago

    what if the pheromones in an ants nest changes because of a mass death so at night when all the ants are in the nest they sense the phenomenon change and under go chemical restructuring some one should pump pheromones down an ants nest and see if any change happens overnight for science

  • RedHunter1304
    RedHunter1304 26 days ago

    they said there were no real leader in a organ/system for cells...
    but there are leaders of nations though!

  • Cauê Chubs
    Cauê Chubs 26 days ago

    I love these videos, but they get me depressed

  • Atharva Jadhav
    Atharva Jadhav 27 days ago +1

    Things are greater than the sum of their parts!!!😊

  • Raven
    Raven 27 days ago

    *WaTEr Is WeT*

  • Austin Cox
    Austin Cox 27 days ago

    So what you're saying is water is wet😁

  • Darkstealthgamer
    Darkstealthgamer 27 days ago

    Wrong. A group of stupid people mashed and compressed into a gory mess does not become intelligent

  • Red alert.
    Red alert. 27 days ago

    Humans are not so smart 🤔 They are destroying the nature, changing the places, making dissappear the ice-land, making most importants animal extincting remaining around 1000 of them and etc, anyway the sun is not a problem because it will sure die after we're extimct.

  • HUMAN-512 Not robot
    HUMAN-512 Not robot 28 days ago

    3:50 Oh, no. The piano started playing. It's about to get existential.

  • Amin The researcher
    Amin The researcher 28 days ago

    I am surprised how people still think that all this came by chance

  • DeadPistolsBrainGerms
    DeadPistolsBrainGerms 28 days ago

    1:22 Scientific evidence that water is, indeed, not wet.

  • Thelonestar Pelican
    Thelonestar Pelican 28 days ago

    How Stupid Things Become Smart Together. IMO, it depends on the species. Humans aren't ants. For humans, I'd say it's (1) teach other people to think for themselves (independent thinkers are likely to come up with new ideas. Yes, indep thinkers can be very mistaken too, but that's the price of the product); (2) Don't shame people who have "stupid" ideas, that destroys their confidence to think for themselves, and in fact shame them into accepting majority-believed ideas that are ultimately stupid, even if they seem smart on the surface. There's more to say, but this being only a comments section, that'll get you off to a good start.

  • Eliot _
    Eliot _ 29 days ago

    The music. So epic.

  • Gaming Dude
    Gaming Dude Month ago

    Binge watching these...love them

  • Yusri Amilkassim
    Yusri Amilkassim Month ago

    No.. its what god create... its a evidence that god is the greatest...

  • Moistenator
    Moistenator Month ago


  • DFGuy DFGuy
    DFGuy DFGuy Month ago

    *doritos and mountain dew*

  • Splestrie
    Splestrie Month ago

    5:01 “What about our most important part?” Wrong answer, that’s a girl.
    A girl with a Hitler mustache. Why would you do that?

  • Brock Peters
    Brock Peters Month ago

    >of course (nations are real)
    Whoah, Buzzfeed is gonna have some choice words about this.

  • Skeletor Messiah
    Skeletor Messiah Month ago

    yeah that doujin was lit af

  • doorkman13
    doorkman13 Month ago

    Kind of reminds me of 4Chan.

  • Smuper Marron gaming


  • Fertday
    Fertday Month ago

    5:02 - 5:04 *_J E S U S_*