Emergence - How Stupid Things Become Smart Together

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • How can many stupid things combine to form smart things? How can proteins become living cells? How become lots of ants a colony? What is emergence?
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    Emergence - How Stupid Things Become Smart Together

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  • Technical Ones
    Technical Ones 2 days ago +2


  • Nguyễn Nam
    Nguyễn Nam 2 days ago

    So Ant community is Communist? They do what ever they want and receive what they need with self-consciousness

  • Andy Suparta
    Andy Suparta 2 days ago

    "An ant is pretty stupid" 😤 that's rude

  • Qaxza
    Qaxza 4 days ago

    Accidental Hitler at 5:04

  • PeJaDal
    PeJaDal 4 days ago

    i love this soundtrack

  • Huy Vo
    Huy Vo 4 days ago

    Can I get a list of Kurzgesagt's music?

  • Ihatequests Dev
    Ihatequests Dev 4 days ago +1

    When I was five, I pulled an ant apart with my bare hands.... I felt like such a god.

  • Villianova
    Villianova 4 days ago

    You are spending all this time analyzing everything that happens. These are not stupid things. These things are the product of God's will. You're taking all this time to explain what you see without actually taking a moment to look at it.

  • Paladin Tux Ace
    Paladin Tux Ace 5 days ago

    5:07, hold on, i thought neural impulses travel from the soma to the axon terminal, not the other way around!

  • Discovaria
    Discovaria 6 days ago

    How smart things become stupid things - When you get a team on a school

  • Game Play Star LP
    Game Play Star LP 7 days ago +1

    I love this channel!

  • your local furry
    your local furry 7 days ago

    Does this apply with Incels?

  • FishOni
    FishOni 8 days ago

    "A nation has no face, no brain, no body"
    Hetalia was a lie

  • PragmaticMeru
    PragmaticMeru 8 days ago

    5:00 this scares de shit out of me


    Meaning of the channel name

  • Georgia does Whatever

    * eating ice *

  • Cabutronize
    Cabutronize 8 days ago +1

    I'm still desperately waiting on the video on conciousness :(

  • NoifloX2
    NoifloX2 9 days ago

    5:02 xD
    I had a lachflash xD

  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith 9 days ago

    Hi, I'm an ant. Smell me (smell my butt! Smell my finger! Smell my antennae!) and you 'll know what my job is--probably part of it is to smell YOUR butt.

  • kitkat12
    kitkat12 9 days ago +1

    But can you tell me why stupid people in my class group together but are still do stupid things?

  • Nicolas I
    Nicolas I 9 days ago +1

    This video just proved water is not wet

  • Jose omar Sanchez flores

    Me what!!!?

  • Abel Ramirez
    Abel Ramirez 10 days ago

    4:23 literally me

  • Andy Awesomesauce
    Andy Awesomesauce 10 days ago

    who else realized the atoms in the video are incorrect?

  • Vitche
    Vitche 10 days ago

    05:06 These dots are moving the wrong way ._.

  • Glyne Martin
    Glyne Martin 11 days ago

    How can something that's dumb count too few gatherers ans switch its role on a dime and STILL be complete idiots????....Maybe it's not the ant that's dumb if you catch my drift....

  • Zes
    Zes 11 days ago

    no such thing as stupix or smartx or not, think, do any is ok

  • BLT Player
    BLT Player 11 days ago +1

    Like humans being collectively a virus to the planet? I could see it.

  • Ginger V
    Ginger V 12 days ago

    Ants are pretty interesting

  • sir eggrol
    sir eggrol 12 days ago +2

    wait is he calling us ants?

  • Jack Wagon
    Jack Wagon 13 days ago

    Is gravity an emergent property of space/time?

  • Chloe Delgado
    Chloe Delgado 13 days ago

    1:24 that's the cutest fucking thing i've seen in my life

  • Blight
    Blight 14 days ago +1

    But when many smart things comes together, you get something stupid by group think.

  • ganondorfchampin
    ganondorfchampin 14 days ago

    This is by far the WORST explanation of emergence I have EVER seen. It's just a bunch of cliche examples without any explanation of how it actually demonstrates emergence. It's like someone read the Wikipedia on emergence, failed to understand what it was talking, and then attempted to regurgitate it from memory, failing to retain the important parts. First off, the examples are pretty bad. "Wetness" is a poorly defined property, more explanation is needed to prove it's not a property water has on it's own aside from changing the frame of reference. Then comes the fact that for many of the examples, the emergent behavior is actually simpler than the parts, defeating the whole point of the idea. For example, maintaining a count is much easier than creating a chemical communication system. The reoccurring "how do live things come from dead things" BS comes up again, it's really not that hard to explain, but you just had to act like it's too mysterious to tackle instead of giving a real example. And you just had to throw in the consciousness BS as a result of not understanding the difference between weak and strong emergence. Finally, we can explain emergence, it's just math and metaphysics. Only people who have no clue what they are talking about think it's unexplainable. The whole thing is a huge disappoint because animation could be used to make explaining concepts like this easier, but it does nothing here, it's just doodles on the side.

  • The T Bard
    The T Bard 15 days ago

    ...But water isn't wet...

  • Wasabi _Melon785
    Wasabi _Melon785 15 days ago

    U forgot tissues

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen 16 days ago +1

    The title sums up our society

  • Elijah Lucian
    Elijah Lucian 16 days ago

    or the short version: nobody knows wtf is going on, so stop asking.

  • roberto delier
    roberto delier 16 days ago

    atoms-molecules-proteins-organelles-cells-organs-individuals-groups-city-nations-continents-planets-solar systems-galaxies-groups(like the local group)-universe
    so everything is the whole universe wich means is alive as long there is life on it
    for example you, all of you is dead, you're dead
    this universe is alive yet.

  • Christos Ioannou
    Christos Ioannou 16 days ago

    Wow interesting stuff!... too bad all these leave unanswered questions and making things more complex than they appear. Failing to properly understand co-ordinated systems we cannot possibly start explaining emergence...same goes for what is living and the difference of the mechanical hardware of it's parts. Without You right now reading this could not possibly think that you are just a sum of your hardware (body machine), any-thing cannot possibly be alive they way you understand you, being self aware, Conscious, having input and output responses, Sentient. Stupid things cannot possibly make a 'smart' thing without a coordinator(s) (or in the case of the ant colonies and other stuff at least a coordinating technology) otherwise their perception of the world around them would not allow for them to amass such complexity as we see today.
    Take a look at Engineers/Programmers/Designers. Since we already established that everything is just made up of atoms and atoms are not alive at least the way we understand them...then you can't argue that biological hardware can be differentiated from computer hardware and say that somehow they are alive and mutate over time and evolve to create species of super complexity that we are still trying to figure out and imitate in our designed robotics.
    The moment we realised the DNA was a piece of code we should have realised that there is one or more coordinators out there who have in fact programmed and designed us.
    Honestly though who defines a rule set that produces order through chaos ?? The universe ?? Is the universe alive and creating rules ??

  • 伍崇謙
    伍崇謙 16 days ago

    How is a hydrogen atom larger than an oxygen atom

  • Boško Koloper
    Boško Koloper 16 days ago

    05:00 When will this one be?!

  • Harasaki Asanagi
    Harasaki Asanagi 16 days ago

    Emergence is one of the best art in this era. The story it tells is really sad and amazing at the same time

  • Dhanush Mendu
    Dhanush Mendu 17 days ago

    I love the intro

  • W3475ter Weird name probably

    Emergence is basically natural versions of nanotechnology used to make different things

  • Cleverson Matiolli
    Cleverson Matiolli 17 days ago +1

    Please explain why smart things become stupid together!

  • baked beans
    baked beans 17 days ago +1

    In a nutshell, water is not wet

  • Spikey Plant
    Spikey Plant 17 days ago


  • TuxedoPanther
    TuxedoPanther 18 days ago +2

    A big thumbs down for calling ants "stupid". You may have 3M views but you are talking absolute rubbish and are disrespectful to all ants. If there is anything stupid here, it is you. You may be good at making cartoons, but you have completely failed to properly explain the concept of "emergence". "Stupid" people say "stupid" things, "stupid" is not a scientific term, it is a derogatory term. At least ants are not destroying the planet like stupid humans are doing.

  • GamerFTW 184
    GamerFTW 184 18 days ago

    My group be like

  • Bob Rolander
    Bob Rolander 18 days ago

    I would like to suggest a *General Cosmological Principle.*
    _No system of information or complexity is more fundamental than any other._
    Which means that physics and chemistry _co-emerged,_ chemistry and biology _co-emerged._ and so on. As far as I know, no single ants have been discovered to evolve without any colony.

  • Bob Rolander
    Bob Rolander 18 days ago

    If more is different, why do so many scientists still believe in reductionism? Why should stupid particles be regarded as more fundamental as smart life?

  • goblancas
    goblancas 19 days ago +1

    For those wondering how the mind emerges from less conscious and ultimately unconscious processes, vide Dennett's Consciousness explained.

  • bad boys
    bad boys 19 days ago

    Who makes you say that ants are stupid?

  • paul Le
    paul Le 19 days ago

    it was 2:00 and my mind got dumped

  • GamingAstronamy
    GamingAstronamy 19 days ago +1

    So, is water wet?

  • Enchanted puma
    Enchanted puma 20 days ago +1

    so stupid things together get stuff done

  • Tom Chord
    Tom Chord 20 days ago +1

    Same could be said about humans

  • Speedbun
    Speedbun 20 days ago

    Forgot how beautiful the music in this video was.

  • Speedbun
    Speedbun 20 days ago

    0:00 That's not very nice.

  • Aquarius Savior
    Aquarius Savior 20 days ago

    The vicious cells. I don't need your music. Where there's an engineer, there's a whole happy army with a golden calf. F'ing stack of papers gone; in their place: pills! If I judged you. But I don't. What the rich would be judged for giving up for the galaxies: teepees.
    What are you going to say to the 300 tons of insects per person beside you in line at the registry of complaints when you realize even I fail in the infinite eternal sense of ongoing ages? "There's a marmot 500 feet ahead of you in line if its any consolation till the end of time." What, "that analogy is not a correction of my sensitivity to climate change?"

  • Krislyn Placide
    Krislyn Placide 20 days ago

    God in action.

  • Dylan Romkey
    Dylan Romkey 20 days ago

    humans: the only animal that gets more stupid when in a group

  • Gulrez umar
    Gulrez umar 20 days ago

    Why can't we just assume gravity as being an example of emergence?

  • 김하울
    김하울 20 days ago

    Emergence is much b~~~~~~~igger than you thought. Also small too.

  • Karuna Pal
    Karuna Pal 20 days ago

    Your intro is best... Your videos are best and you also are best.. I want to be a patreon..

  • Edwin Varghese
    Edwin Varghese 20 days ago

    Water isn't wet you uncultured swine.

    A joke chill
    edit: nvm

  • Wiza ʞ
    Wiza ʞ 21 day ago +1

    Wow ants are actually smarter than I thought!!!

  • simdimdim12
    simdimdim12 21 day ago

    A nation is a bunch of prejudice and old fashionned morals

  • RZ 1285608
    RZ 1285608 22 days ago +1

    we know this because a computer with the display quality of 1x1 is shit

  • Jason CALDWELL
    Jason CALDWELL 24 days ago

    Amazing video.

  • Minecraft Cosmose
    Minecraft Cosmose 24 days ago

    And societies make planets

  • Kevin1103 Gaming
    Kevin1103 Gaming 24 days ago

    How to make a Kurzgesagt video.
    1 intro.
    1 narrator.
    1 good video title.
    Some animated stuff.
    2 or more birds.
    Usually a pinch of existential crisis.
    And an outro.

  • Nafi Akbar
    Nafi Akbar 24 days ago


  • Kivanch K Official
    Kivanch K Official 25 days ago

    Perfect presentation.

  • s Jones
    s Jones 26 days ago

    Likes sober person turning into drunkenness , turning into an alcoholic and then a group of alcoholics producing a riot

  • els :/\
    els :/\ 26 days ago

    So water is wet?

  • Agast
    Agast 26 days ago

    Ant colony's are just extra-dimensional entities playing RTS ant games

  • NotableBias /
    NotableBias / 26 days ago

    I had no idea that ants keep aphids for "milk" till I watched this video... Huh, you learn something every day.

  • Jennifer Wang
    Jennifer Wang 26 days ago

    tom holland lip sync reference? at 1:07

  • Alina Sailekeyeva
    Alina Sailekeyeva 27 days ago


  • jjy and lee taemin enthusiast

    so basically, we’re ants made up of ants

  • mirazam mir
    mirazam mir 28 days ago

    Ant is hard worker

  • CalvindeWaal
    CalvindeWaal 28 days ago

    But human arent tbh

  • abinaya srikanth
    abinaya srikanth 28 days ago

    we are like ants and ants are stupid !!

  • NATmusic
    NATmusic 29 days ago

    3:57 I still see a cell as a set of things interacting between one another (not alive) and so organs and living organisms like us. Everything is a “thing”, what else can we be? We’re made of things. A cell is very complex but it still exists because of physics and chemical laws and so do every emerged things like us

  • Patel Shubham
    Patel Shubham 29 days ago

    I think you should've defined what called smart and whats called stupid because these things are relative after all :/

  • Patel Shubham
    Patel Shubham 29 days ago

    Can Emergence be generalized to the universe emerging from 'few things' assembled to each other making new properties that we know today?

  • DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5 29 days ago

    A nation is a very large group of people working together under the same rules, protection, and ideals as a whole. different nations have different rules and ideals for its people. Some can be similar but a lot is usually different. until the day we all agree on the exact same rules and guidance for others we can never really operate as one. just separate bodies with different intentions but still able to benefit from one another.
    we cant even all decide on what measurement or temperature system to use as a standard. or what foot ball is....

  • Enemy Hunter Official/EHO EHOfficial/

    That's why God needs us ti be united

    JLGLINK 2 Month ago

    Biology is literally teaching this to me and this video taught me a chapter in just ten minutes

  • iloos
    iloos Month ago

    Stunning and inspiring video.

  • Awesomeness gamer
    Awesomeness gamer Month ago

    1:21 this proves it water is not wet

  • 林瀚恩
    林瀚恩 Month ago +1

    Complex machinations converge to a single act of power.

  • PoRouS22
    PoRouS22 Month ago

    Ihr seid echt hart geil

  • Kalman Mahlich
    Kalman Mahlich Month ago

    So a Potara fusion is an example of emergence? Stronger than the sum of their parts was it?

  • A crazy guy
    A crazy guy Month ago


  • Shinzy Orsini
    Shinzy Orsini Month ago

    While HUMANS are smart. But together, does STUPID THINGS. 😐 hmmmmmmm. I would like to be an ant now.
    (Im talking about destroying our own planet)

  • Necromonger Nation
    Necromonger Nation Month ago

    'Emergence' is a useless, forgettable term. It's merely a *description.* It literally, actually, explains *nothing.*

  • ContraZombie4
    ContraZombie4 Month ago

    Is this the origin of that stupid "Is water wet?" meme?