30 BEST and WORST Tattoos Ever

  • Published on Mar 19, 2018
  • From the best back pieces in the world, to some very unfortunate animals, these are the BEST and WORST Tattoos Ever !
    In the western world, tattoos were seen as uncivilized for many years, nowadays, chances are your lawyer or your doctor are inked up. Lets enjoy these works of art, and wonder why someone would decide to get them !

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    12. Can you guess who the person in this tattoo is supposed to be? Its none other than Freddie Mercury ! We are the champions, not because we won, but because we don’t have this stupid tattoo on our arms
    11. Not all back pieces have to be aggressive, sometimes, even something cute can turn into an amazing piece of art. The color palette makes it even better.
    10. Poor, poor wolf. He looks like he is in serious pain. This is what a wolf is actually supposed to look like, in case you forgot.
    9. This tattoo is nothing short of photo realistic. It looks like a black white photo was superimposed on the arm.. The artist was able to achieve a great depth of field in this tattoo.
    8. “Uhh yeah, I’ve done portrait tattoos before” - the tattoo artist probably. And seriously, you couldn’t choose a better picture of Angelina Jolie to turn into a tattoo? Chances are, even if the artist was a pro, the tattoo would still look bad.
    7. Have you ever seen a chest piece like this one? The design of this tattoo is out of this world. Mixing two styles to create this art piece is something that is very hard to do. This artist pulled it off, without a question.
    6. Another animal that doesn’t deserve this. What the hell ? It looks like it was supposed to be a dragon but halfway thru the tattoo the guy decided to make it a white tiger. And those flames… my god… those flames.
    5. Look at that ! Its a dragon ! And Its done right, and it looks good… a rare sight when it comes to dragon tattoos. By the way ? Do you have any tattoos ? How do they compare to the ones see in this video ?
    4. Wow ! an original design ! Maybe the next time they destroy someone’s arm like that, they should do it in the morning and not after 5 tall boys. Looks like an artichoke and what is all that stuff at the bottom ? Is that supposed to be teeth or something? So confusing.
    3. This tattoo definitely calms you down. The serene scene is transferred perfectly to the skin.
    2. Remember kids, knowledge is power. Nolege however is another word for “stupid”. Unless the person did the tattoo themselves, 2 people looked at the spelling and thought it looked good.

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  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 18 hours ago


  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 18 hours ago

    Every one nose what you’ve been doing

  • jollyrancher30
    jollyrancher30 21 hour ago

    A cat with tits.... ok

  • Bruh
    Bruh Day ago

    This guy laughs like Joe Rogan

  • Tom Payne
    Tom Payne 2 days ago

    Dose his nose know what he did

  • Bossgamer3421
    Bossgamer3421 6 days ago

    I have an American flag on my upper back

  • Hattie Atkins
    Hattie Atkins 7 days ago

    Just because the art is good doesn’t make it a good tattoo lol

  • Missy197666
    Missy197666 7 days ago

    How do these people (with the terrible tats) not say “stop !!” ???

    NASTY HAM 8 days ago

    bathroom selfie tattoo wasn’t that bad

  • green armor
    green armor 10 days ago

    Hav 4 tattoos

  • ben rice
    ben rice 10 days ago

    That wolf looks like he howled at the sun

  • Bruce Knight444
    Bruce Knight444 13 days ago

    That skull sleeve at 2:10 is a masterpiece. 😎

  • Gary W-l-o-t
    Gary W-l-o-t 14 days ago

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Dodo birds

    JUSTIN PICKENS 15 days ago

    Are you kidding me??..... The Leo on the right Looks way better than Lilo on the left..... the "K" and "W" were just really really small so just Ac.no.ledge it

  • Pe6ek
    Pe6ek 16 days ago

    Good tattoos are not cow and cow tattoos are not milk.

  • Jared
    Jared 16 days ago

    Your voice isn't irritating - socal mexifry

  • odaine Dale
    odaine Dale 17 days ago

    nolege is power 😂😂 what a moron stupid maf**ker.

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster 18 days ago

    No.2’s hands and fingers are jacked!

    AQUARIUS QU33ñ 19 days ago

    Hey look stitch on crack😂😂😂

  • Faith Bennett
    Faith Bennett 19 days ago

    When I saw the skull one, I thought it was an actual skull

  • Amanda Sweet
    Amanda Sweet 20 days ago

    Never don't give up.means give up

  • Lil Splash
    Lil Splash 20 days ago

    For the 1st one pun i have. I hope he nose that the ink is permanent

  • William Faulknor
    William Faulknor 20 days ago

    Teenage mucous nostril turtles, turtles in a half smell, turtle power

  • K K
    K K 21 day ago

    Unfortunately a lot of these colorful bright tattoos won't look as good in a few years as they do when they are fresh. Almost no outlines will smudge the colors together after time and also fade 😑

  • Dan Wells
    Dan Wells 21 day ago

    Teenasal mutant ninja turtles

  • bih Bih
    bih Bih 21 day ago

    Minha nossa 🙀BR

  • Chris House
    Chris House 22 days ago

    "Give it your best snot in the comments."

  • RANT
    RANT 23 days ago

    7:39 I actually like that tattoo, it's bizarre

  • Rizz Music
    Rizz Music 24 days ago

    For future reference it's Stich not Lilo

  • Dannie Trent
    Dannie Trent 25 days ago +1

    And never forget......nolege is power!!

  • Rachel D
    Rachel D 26 days ago

    I have a tattoo of a cartoon style cow on my forearm

  • Kirishimasbitch Yee
    Kirishimasbitch Yee 26 days ago

    I really want to get a tattoo of Saturn 😁

  • Amber Webb
    Amber Webb 27 days ago

    Teenage mutant ninja nostrils

  • Jade z demon 66
    Jade z demon 66 27 days ago

    I want a painting by Bob Ross tattoo

  • The Almighty Tallest
    The Almighty Tallest 27 days ago

    I'm getting a Gir tattoo ( if you guys don't know who Gir is he's from Invader Zim)

  • Stripe Rainbow
    Stripe Rainbow 27 days ago

    I am getting inked tomorrow

  • The Youtuber
    The Youtuber 28 days ago

    That turtle is nosy

  • Candy Cane Corner
    Candy Cane Corner 28 days ago +1

    Well.. That last one isn't even Lilo.. It's Stitch.

  • DeezOP
    DeezOP 28 days ago

    The skull arm sleeve is LIT

  • mr joex3
    mr joex3 29 days ago

    but why oh why???

  • Robbie Atterbury
    Robbie Atterbury 29 days ago

    I have 13 and all done right

  • kendra clark
    kendra clark 29 days ago

    That skull🔥👍🔥👍

  • kendra clark
    kendra clark 29 days ago

    That lion tat is 🔥🔥👍🔥👍🔥👍🔥🔥

  • Michael Johnston
    Michael Johnston 29 days ago

    Teenage Mutant Nostril Turtle

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love Month ago

    all suck

  • Trucker Jacksone
    Trucker Jacksone Month ago

    Just think about it what if... number 1 was the last picture drawn by that guys son before he got sick or past away

  • Nis
    Nis Month ago

    Actually that would be stitch...

  • Erick Rodriguez
    Erick Rodriguez Month ago

    My sleeve could have been on this list instagram.com/p/BO8dJOQgrI3/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=92mo43xy6je1

  • Lazy gammer300
    Lazy gammer300 Month ago

    Its stitch not lilo😂🤦‍♀️

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Month ago

    That Simpson tattoo was badass

  • BJ Productions
    BJ Productions Month ago

    Have this guy heard of laser removal?

  • H20 Delirious Fan
    H20 Delirious Fan Month ago

    3 million for Leo tattoo, I'm 13

  • Nicolas Barrios
    Nicolas Barrios Month ago

    El de tortuga ninja en la nariz se va a morir solo, virgen y muerto!!!

  • Alana Does Vlogs
    Alana Does Vlogs Month ago

    Why is 29 even on here that looks bomb as f

  • Emma's vlogs
    Emma's vlogs Month ago +1

    That ninja turtle is so nosy

  • Nathan Gomez
    Nathan Gomez Month ago

    I have a tattoo of the soccer team logo Real Madrid because my uncle passed away a year ago and he loved soccer and the team

  • Crip52Crazy
    Crip52Crazy Month ago

    #13 Wow The African Portrait has to be the Best Portrait Tatt maybe even Tattoo Period that i have Ever seen

  • Russell Bob
    Russell Bob Month ago

    My wife got a Minion drawing tattooed onto her. It isn't the best tattoo but she got it because her Godson died and she wanted something tattooed in memory of him. It's a minion with Woody's outfit and Buzz Lightyear Wings.

  • GeoGDeo
    GeoGDeo Month ago

    Read 14s description, it's not even finished

  • GeoGDeo
    GeoGDeo Month ago

    I nose a good pun! Teenage mucus ninja turtles

  • Katelyn Tabor
    Katelyn Tabor Month ago

    Nolege is power!

  • T Arch
    T Arch Month ago

    TMNT TATTOO!!! ( Is that "MocoAngelo"???)

  • ii VG live ii
    ii VG live ii Month ago

    I think he meant to say give it your best snot in the coments

  • Johnny Rebel
    Johnny Rebel Month ago

    That 'tiger'head is so bad, I would just love to have it!
    So ugly that it is great

  • Tamera Tychansky
    Tamera Tychansky Month ago

    You didn't show the full Jesus tattoo. It looks disproportionate because his actual hand is supposed to be Jesus' hand. Regardless it's still pretty shitty work.

  • tripple 3
    tripple 3 Month ago

    (Guy with ninja turtles tattoo)
    Does someone smell pizza?

  • Aydin Henning
    Aydin Henning Month ago +1

    The tiger nose looks a potato

  • Diablotin 08
    Diablotin 08 Month ago

    2:10 very very beautiful tatoo =O

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez Month ago

    6:00 i Thought the story was "The Boy who Cried Wolf" not "The Wolf who Cried"

  • RideTheLightning
    RideTheLightning Month ago

    I got a realistic looking Joker on my right upper arm shoulder area. No, don't really need an expert artist to get good work done, just need a good artist that takes their time and wants to show his/her pride in his work. By the way, the Joker is my picture you see. Used form the graphic novel The Killing Joke.

  • DarkCreature
    DarkCreature Month ago

    this guy is stupid he says dum stuff just to entertain the people that watch this video like he dosent know why juesses eyes where rip out he was like WHERE ARE JEUSSES EYES dumy in the bible he got his eyes pookedinto hes socked when he was on the cross

  • The Coppered Legend

    That mountain lion-cougar-jaguar-bobcat-sphinx-meerkat tat was 🔥🔥🔥
    *In a Jean-Michel Basquiat kinda way*

  • Kenny Venegas
    Kenny Venegas Month ago

    These people need to learn what a tattoo that's been edited on Photoshop looks like. Nearly all of these "amazing" ones are just insanely edited

  • rreidnauer
    rreidnauer Month ago

    Oh, this was a great video. I lost it at the photoshopped tattoo!

    AIM WEW 2 months ago

    He "nose" that was a bad idea!
    Who "nose" why he got it done?
    Everyone "nose" not to tattoo your nose!
    The nose "nose" best!!

  • Noor Swier
    Noor Swier 2 months ago

    I think firts that 13 was real😅😂

  • AshiiLovezMusic
    AshiiLovezMusic 2 months ago

    Who nose

    RKSALVS GT 2 months ago

    Oops bruce has an itchy nose

  • Patrick Merry
    Patrick Merry 2 months ago

    That Freddie Mercury is so bad it's GOOD. I love it

  • Grace Goodenberger
    Grace Goodenberger 2 months ago

    There's art and then there's a bad tattoo.

  • William Bonney
    William Bonney 2 months ago

    Most tattoos=idiot But, I'm glad the idiots have tattoos, especially those easily seen, so that I can see the idiots coming.

    • William Bonney
      William Bonney Month ago

      RideTheLightning People who use the term, "trolling"= Millennials & Millennials=IDIOTS

    • RideTheLightning
      RideTheLightning Month ago

      Tattoos don't equal idiots, but your comment equals trolling though.

  • zz weizz
    zz weizz 2 months ago

    Feel pity sad to those peoples have cheap, ugly tattoo.

  • jessica Johanson
    jessica Johanson 2 months ago

    He nose how to be stupid

    ZbieRAm WJENCEJ SuBóW 2 months ago


  • Notti
    Notti 2 months ago

    Dude couldve Said teenage mutant Ninja nostrils brO

  • Sean Gilliland
    Sean Gilliland 2 months ago

    At 6:00 it looks like the wolf jerked off dor the first time

  • wirhannah
    wirhannah 2 months ago

    Michelangelo 'nose' he shouldn't be on that guy's face...

  • Saboth
    Saboth 2 months ago

    Why would anyone get a tattoo of Uncle Fester? Because Uncle Fester is awesome.

  • Y e e
    Y e e 2 months ago

    5:31 oh god Freddie what have they done and what the fuck was the guy on whilst applying this mess

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 months ago

    5:28 I thought that was a photo

    GAVIN STUEVE 2 months ago

    I got a dank ass traditional dagger skull rose combo and a skateboard

  • Julian Lopez
    Julian Lopez 2 months ago

    Addams Family I got Wednesday tattoo on me

  • Zach_MC
    Zach_MC 2 months ago

    Does anybody know the name of the artist who did 23?

  • Ali Kahlout
    Ali Kahlout 2 months ago

    4:58 min in the video that's a leg not A back

  • Fen dorian
    Fen dorian 2 months ago

    Here you have good ideas for your tattoos, feel free to follow :D

  • Jon Quist
    Jon Quist 2 months ago

    That guy probably has a nose for pizza

  • BlueJay Chirps
    BlueJay Chirps 2 months ago

    4:58 The insta comment says this is 4 sessions in- was the artist stoned to the next dimension?

  • Abi Swu
    Abi Swu 2 months ago

    Oh shit bhatroom selfie .😂😂🤣🤣

  • Susanna Howard
    Susanna Howard 2 months ago

    Actually 10 looks like a real wolf howl but in movies they make it majestic

  • Mad Biker
    Mad Biker 2 months ago

    Number 14 is a woman's leg not a mans arm. You really should know what you are talking about before you go making fun of people. It is not very hard to tell the difference between a mans arm and a lady leg. And just a FYI I have a Star wars Half sleeve. My artist is a god =)