30 BEST and WORST Tattoos Ever

  • Published on Mar 19, 2018
  • From the best back pieces in the world, to some very unfortunate animals, these are the BEST and WORST Tattoos Ever !
    In the western world, tattoos were seen as uncivilized for many years, nowadays, chances are your lawyer or your doctor are inked up. Lets enjoy these works of art, and wonder why someone would decide to get them !

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    12. Can you guess who the person in this tattoo is supposed to be? Its none other than Freddie Mercury ! We are the champions, not because we won, but because we don’t have this stupid tattoo on our arms
    11. Not all back pieces have to be aggressive, sometimes, even something cute can turn into an amazing piece of art. The color palette makes it even better.
    10. Poor, poor wolf. He looks like he is in serious pain. This is what a wolf is actually supposed to look like, in case you forgot.
    9. This tattoo is nothing short of photo realistic. It looks like a black white photo was superimposed on the arm.. The artist was able to achieve a great depth of field in this tattoo.
    8. “Uhh yeah, I’ve done portrait tattoos before” - the tattoo artist probably. And seriously, you couldn’t choose a better picture of Angelina Jolie to turn into a tattoo? Chances are, even if the artist was a pro, the tattoo would still look bad.
    7. Have you ever seen a chest piece like this one? The design of this tattoo is out of this world. Mixing two styles to create this art piece is something that is very hard to do. This artist pulled it off, without a question.
    6. Another animal that doesn’t deserve this. What the hell ? It looks like it was supposed to be a dragon but halfway thru the tattoo the guy decided to make it a white tiger. And those flames… my god… those flames.
    5. Look at that ! Its a dragon ! And Its done right, and it looks good… a rare sight when it comes to dragon tattoos. By the way ? Do you have any tattoos ? How do they compare to the ones see in this video ?
    4. Wow ! an original design ! Maybe the next time they destroy someone’s arm like that, they should do it in the morning and not after 5 tall boys. Looks like an artichoke and what is all that stuff at the bottom ? Is that supposed to be teeth or something? So confusing.
    3. This tattoo definitely calms you down. The serene scene is transferred perfectly to the skin.
    2. Remember kids, knowledge is power. Nolege however is another word for “stupid”. Unless the person did the tattoo themselves, 2 people looked at the spelling and thought it looked good.

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  • Blue Warrior
    Blue Warrior Day ago


  • Drugs Bunny
    Drugs Bunny 2 days ago

    4:28 jesus look like a fail girl raped x.x

    LAD TAM 2 days ago

    That tattoo at 5:26 I thought that was a real picture and the tattoo was that on her face so real

  • Gihi Kyrt
    Gihi Kyrt 2 days ago

    Lil peep made tirtle tatto Wau so cool
    Rendom guy made turtle tatto worst

  • Mr. Wonderful
    Mr. Wonderful 2 days ago

    Leo & Bitch

  • brennaz0wn
    brennaz0wn 2 days ago

    Actually, the spelling Nolege means: Ancient wisdom that confers its wielder with infinite power.
    While Knowledge means : facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

  • carl borneke
    carl borneke 2 days ago

    My uncle has an awesome phoenix on his back.

  • Truth & Justice
    Truth & Justice 3 days ago

    This is why they invented T-shirts!
    ; ¬)

  • Terrance Jackson
    Terrance Jackson 3 days ago

    “Rats!” Even if it was Splinter’s idea that guy “nose” better. 😂😂

  • steven gainey
    steven gainey 3 days ago

    I have tats but they are all bad cause there stick an pokes while I was drunk

  • Xu Zu
    Xu Zu 3 days ago

    Teenage Mucous Nija Turtles

  • No Life Sloth
    No Life Sloth 3 days ago

    Nolege is power one the tattooist may not of been dumb but just trying to teach an idiot a lesson

  • Steven Beadell
    Steven Beadell 4 days ago

    OMG it's Donnasmello

  • Nathan Rhodes
    Nathan Rhodes 4 days ago

    Teenage mutant Ni... Ni.... Ni choo!

  • BladeAddict
    BladeAddict 4 days ago +1

    6:03 That wolf looks like his uncle just stepped into the bathroom while he was peeing and locked the door

  • BEEFY 7895
    BEEFY 7895 4 days ago

    That skull one is 🔥

  • BrainError
    BrainError 5 days ago

    I love the narrator 😊

  • pika Smith
    pika Smith 5 days ago

    The worst ones are so cute

  • Michelle Vu
    Michelle Vu 5 days ago

    I can design some of these tattoos better....

    I’m 12

  • Beast of all Savages

    Who nose if they are permanent

  • Vladimir Cvetkovic
    Vladimir Cvetkovic 5 days ago

    8:24 you before and after crack. Remember kids crack - not even once.

  • Curly Bizkit
    Curly Bizkit 5 days ago

    @ 3:48 I’ve also got uncle fester tattooed along with Wednesday,from The Munsters Herman,grandpa and Marilyn...reason?...cause the Addams Family and the munsters are class!!!

  • RRRobelt Nest
    RRRobelt Nest 5 days ago

    well put

  • Gracenote Studio Pune

    Number 25... 'the *execution* is incredible'...

  • Christina Stephenson

    As for the nose tat, Michelangel- nose!

  • Willowby Y
    Willowby Y 6 days ago

    Yeah I got tattoos on my left/Right arms With one Shenron Dragon and Goku super Saiyan 4 tattoo and they are both AWESOME

  • Michael McConnell
    Michael McConnell 6 days ago

    Love the negative comments on the bad tattoos. I have an entire sleeve and then 7 other tattoo's. All are good. None are great.

  • ionannis kivrakidis
    ionannis kivrakidis 6 days ago

    The last tattoo may be on a father who put his sons first drawing or something that's why it looks so bad ...you never know

  • Kraniumbrud
    Kraniumbrud 6 days ago

    this narration voice is more cringe worthy than the tattoos

  • mega lodon
    mega lodon 6 days ago

    stupid people who get tattoed have Mental illness issues

  • Sheila Burrell
    Sheila Burrell 6 days ago

    I have,38 tattoos. There all nice

  • Grace
    Grace 6 days ago

    The 4th tattoo reminds me of Gru

  • Madison Belanger
    Madison Belanger 7 days ago

    If he picks his nose, he will get salmonella.
    If you know what that is, you we’ll get this joke

  • Gazzy Garcia
    Gazzy Garcia 7 days ago

    Im 15 and got tatts hood shit

  • SandsOfArrakis
    SandsOfArrakis 7 days ago

    Never don't give up = Do give up ?

  • will ordonez
    will ordonez 7 days ago


  • Bo Staph-Maverix
    Bo Staph-Maverix 7 days ago

    Try to revisit your glorious TATs ten years later after the color dies the body plallate deforms and see what these people are stuck with FOR LIFE. It looks as bad as your worst examples.
    I have seen people go back and get them recolored and the lines redone. They begin to look like drawings of toddlers with markers.
    It goes from COOL to FOOL in a short decade. Try to look at tats on those who are in their fifties and do a montage on how HIP that looks. . .

  • Michael Whittman
    Michael Whittman 8 days ago +2

    That wolf looked like it had down syndrome and wad mid-prostrate exam

  • Michael Whittman
    Michael Whittman 8 days ago

    He nose Michelangelo is the lamest turtle right? Might be mixed up on the name but orange one was definitely the lamest one

  • Sherry
    Sherry 8 days ago

    Last tat isn't Lilo, it's Stitch.

  • deshaun dozier
    deshaun dozier 8 days ago +4

    That African lady is by far the greatest portrait I ever seen

  • Elleni 36
    Elleni 36 8 days ago +1

    I got 4 good tattoos n one crappy one that a girl did, n it looks terrible.. like they said u get what u Pay for...

    DANTARAD 97 8 days ago

    How did some of those people become tattoo artist??

  • Curt rude
    Curt rude 8 days ago

    Your talking ruined this video for me

  • Jake Oldale
    Jake Oldale 8 days ago +1

    In the first one, that guy has NOSE brains! (no brains)

  • Cadet girl
    Cadet girl 8 days ago +2

    I love stitch. It'll why his just so cute! So imma get one of him, a small one 😘

  • dopest man
    dopest man 9 days ago

    Sum are ment to look like dat like 2

  • TRP Plays
    TRP Plays 9 days ago

    Nose pun
    I didn’t nose what I was thinking at the time

  • jfree1998
    jfree1998 9 days ago

    Tattoos are always a bad idea

  • American Man
    American Man 9 days ago

    If im putting something on my body for life im def paying thousands to not look a hot mess. But i think it's more artist than anything.

  • BlueNoodle79
    BlueNoodle79 9 days ago

    I hope to god that nose turtle is just makeup...

  • Joystick Jay
    Joystick Jay 9 days ago

    I cant wait 'til that guy with the tmnt nose gets old

  • Carolina Lameda
    Carolina Lameda 9 days ago

    Its acually Stitch

  • mpcaldwell7
    mpcaldwell7 9 days ago

    Cowwwaaabooger! ... I mean bunga!

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White 9 days ago +1

    The first guys tatt......he BLEW it! 🙀

  • BanlordX
    BanlordX 9 days ago

    if your an idiot,tattoo a turtle on your nose,and youll become a bigger idiot!

  • Awesome Stuff Reviewer
    Awesome Stuff Reviewer 9 days ago +2

    number 10 look like the wolf is taking a dump

  • David Humes
    David Humes 9 days ago

    10 plus years and my tattoos still look good

  • Amanda Susanne
    Amanda Susanne 9 days ago

    The wolf one is probably like that because she got so fat it stretched out. You can tell that is what happened.

  • Amanda Susanne
    Amanda Susanne 9 days ago

    I’ve seen thousands of tattoos in my lifetime, of those probably two of them were well done.

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez 9 days ago


  • Albee Hdz
    Albee Hdz 10 days ago


  • anywaythewindblows 89
    anywaythewindblows 89 10 days ago

    Nobody should get a tattoo when they’re drunk or high

  • The Pink Slime
    The Pink Slime 10 days ago

    I have several good tattoos. I tend to draw out my own designs, and pick artist that work magic, but give me great deals. So I end up saving money, and getting some good art that i can proudly say I drew the design for.

  • Crazed Cat
    Crazed Cat 10 days ago

    Invisible. I have no tats

  • ed hicks
    ed hicks 10 days ago

    I am is...Ferddee Morkery!!

  • honey hush
    honey hush 10 days ago

    They only tattoo I would get is my dogs paw print with her name in it and a 💓 in the middle saying you left your paw prints on my 💓 in colors not a dark paw print

  • Red Balloon
    Red Balloon 10 days ago

    If he thinks that nose looks like a penis he ought to go and get his checked out

  • YaGirl, Brit
    YaGirl, Brit 10 days ago +1

    "Super Mutant Nasal Turtle!!!" 👃🏻

  • Un Battlegaurd
    Un Battlegaurd 10 days ago

    #1 not a tat

  • EhhItsAcid
    EhhItsAcid 10 days ago

    @2:48 is actually suppose to look bad, that’s the style of that tattoo

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill 10 days ago

    When I see shitty work like some of these it makes me feel good that even as a newbie to tattooing I'm not even that bad lol

  • Alexiah belle
    Alexiah belle 10 days ago

    No I don't have any tattoos because I'm 10

  • Silverfox M
    Silverfox M 10 days ago

    Op is a dumbass that's stitch not lilo not to mention the whole video sounds like you know NOTHING about tattoos or the tattoos you are showing

  • eric balon
    eric balon 10 days ago

    i got a tattoo in my whole back !! but i cant imagine a nose tattoo..lol :)) i think its really hurt..ill go on thr whole back but not whole nose even it is small..lol

  • Preston Henson
    Preston Henson 10 days ago

    lmfao these guys crack me up

  • 765 lb squat
    765 lb squat 10 days ago

    This is a lazy video. Copied them all straight from other bad tattoo videos.

  • 門主佳子
    門主佳子 10 days ago

    Dirty images

  • daynel bauta
    daynel bauta 10 days ago

    Wow the bad tattoos are fucking horrible

  • tonga741
    tonga741 11 days ago

    only made it to 14 thats a lady's leg..

  • lucas hall
    lucas hall 11 days ago +2


  • Bolt
    Bolt 11 days ago

    I have a tattoo, my mark of power!!!!

  • Dakota Totten
    Dakota Totten 11 days ago

    Number 1 ......... I smell pizza 🍕

  • Udalix
    Udalix 11 days ago

    Stupidity nose no bounds.

  • Louise Gassett
    Louise Gassett 11 days ago

    #1 is very turtlynough for the turtle club 🤗✌️😍🙏💙 💙🌪️🐢🤔👺💩

  • Angel The Alpha
    Angel The Alpha 11 days ago

    My dad has a tattoo on his back and it's angel wings and it's very good and has no color so he's a fallen angel

  • ThePlayboyLen
    ThePlayboyLen 11 days ago


  • Ahmad Faris
    Ahmad Faris 11 days ago

    It's stich, not lilo or leo

  • is6r
    is6r 11 days ago

    4:57 its not even finished, look at the instagram caption🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger 11 days ago

    The video would have been a lot better if you didn't talk.

  • Monzell Hughes
    Monzell Hughes 11 days ago

    Who can make the best nose pun in the comments. Shoot. Who NOSE😂

  • Alex Drake
    Alex Drake 11 days ago

    I'm trying my best to be positive....but # 28 .... isn't male

  • A.J. Pekarek
    A.J. Pekarek 12 days ago

    at 5:15 if you look at the post you can see its an unfinished tattoo and thats the just the online of it.

  • Christina Rosen
    Christina Rosen 12 days ago

    Stop being so nosey in his space

  • Lionness
    Lionness 12 days ago

    5:34 when I first looked I thought Dracula? wait... where's the fangs?

  • Maripily Greenessaav
    Maripily Greenessaav 12 days ago

    Always remember
    *noledge is power*

  • Keanu Koren
    Keanu Koren 12 days ago

    Where are people getting these godly tattoos 😧

  • Crescendo Musique
    Crescendo Musique 12 days ago +1

    Number 1 really nose hows to pick tattoos.

  • Darkness fear
    Darkness fear 12 days ago

    if those bad tattoos were drawn by your 7-year old kid then it's ok, if not then you waisted a lot of money

  • Kenny Rosado
    Kenny Rosado 13 days ago

    This is the pun Cow-wa-booger