I Thought My House Was on Fire!

  • Published on May 30, 2019
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    This is the story of how Gabriel's house burned down. Well, how it almost burned down. Here's how it happened - it's just Gabriel and his brother Michael, and his Mom and Dad, basic family of four. Now, his Mom, like a lot of parents, is really adamant (crazy) about keeping the house neat and clean AT ALL TIMES!
    So, on this day, his Mom announced to the family that they had to make the house spotless and beautiful because her best friend from the Dominican Republic was coming to stay with them. She gave them all household chores to do, and yelled at them that they had better be on their best behavior!
    So his brother started cleaning up the inside of the house, and Gabriel got tasked with raking the leaves and cleaning up the lawn and yard. So, he grabbed a rake, put his headphones on and started raking and jamming out and checking his social media and just trying to stay out of his Mom's way and maybe rake a few leaves wile he was at it.
    But suddenly he heard his Mom screaming - Dios Mio! - so he ran to the front door, swung it open to ask what was wrong but before he could say anything his Mom rushed past him and out the door. He looked in and saw a blurry cloud of smoke and fire, and then through the smoke he saw his brother running around the kitchen with a flaming pan in his hand.
    All at once it dawned on him what must have happened - his Mom was doing too many things at once, typical - and she had been cooking Fritos and was heating the oil for the plantains and she must have forgotten about it while she went to clean, and it was on high heat - it must have caught on fire, and then the whole oven started to smoke and caught fire.
    HIs brother was spraying the fire extinguisher everywhere and Gabriel thought it was probably all taken care of, but when he went back to check on his Mom she was on the lawn totally freaked out, needing some major counselling, or the FDNY, or something, and she pointed to the house. He looked back, and now there was smoke coming out of every window, and through the roof, everywhere.
    On the outside, seeing this, he stayed cool, but on the inside he was full of anxiety, his brain on red alert, sounding the alarm. So, he did what he had been taught to do. He saw smoke and fire and so he dialed 911. This was an emergency, right? There was smoke and fire. They needed fire trucks responding and police and paramedics and whatever else gets sent to a house on fire, about to burn down, or, well, sending clouds of smoke out.....
    They answered, 911 what's your emergency. There's smoke coming out of the house, and fire, and you guys have to get over here quick! He thought his house was on fire. He was proud that he had handled it so calmly, but his Mom came over and yelled at him. Why did you dial 911? It's just some smoke! What? he said. He reminded her that she and others had taught him, always. if you see smoke or fire you need to just immediately call 911, so he called 911!
    But as if he didn't feel bad enough about it, they sent what seemed like the entire fire department AND police department AND paramedics AND ambulances and it was just super embarrassing. The firefighters stayed and used a giant fan to clear the smoke, and really the only damage was all the foam that his brother had sprayed everywhere.
    They had more cleaning to do, but they were alive, and Michael was taking all the credit for that. Still, Gabriel believes he did the right thing - always call 911 if you see smoke or fire! And he would tell you I thought my house was on fire.
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  • Zara Vargas
    Zara Vargas Day ago

    This story was so funny cause i am dominican

  • Danielė Matukaitė

    1:45 He said to fire department that smoke is coming from his house, so why fire department and police are so shocked that it's not fire

  • Sienna Simeon
    Sienna Simeon Day ago

    I like the fact they gave us a free recipe in the middle of the video.

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  • Anyanelis Molina

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    Lol when I was about 7 years old my mom had a doctors appointment and she had to go early, she left me there for about three minutes (Only three minutes it was an emergency) my dad was going to come in about 2 min but I thought they left me and called the police XD And I did not know what a address was so I said “ the house with 2 swings and a white door” My dad came like 2 minutes later and he had to explain to the lady why he left me home XD

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    Danielle Gillespie 23 days ago

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