GRWM! My Mourning Routine!

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • What's one thing you have to do every morning before you start your day?
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Comments • 10 058

  • Matthats me
    Matthats me Day ago

    Damn this got dark

  • Lexi Dawn
    Lexi Dawn Day ago

    my morning routine
    1. wake up
    2. lay there for like an hour or more because i know if i get up right away i am going to hate the world and everyone in it.
    3. get out of bed and go pee.
    4. go back to bed and contemplate my reason for existing.
    5. go downstairs and find something to eat. more often than not i will walk away with a drink instead of solid food.
    6. watch tv or youtube videos. i will possibly call my friends or just roll over and go back to sleep because at this time in my life i could give a crap less about being awake.

  • Alice Bolton
    Alice Bolton Day ago

    😂😂😂 when I was a kid I would wake up to the fire alarms and know that breakfast was done😂😂😂

  • Telara Day
    Telara Day 3 days ago

    This broke my heart. I love Gabbie so much and I want her to be happy

  • Kylee maddison
    Kylee maddison 4 days ago

    I am such a big big Fan of #GabbieShow 💜

  • f o r e v e r a l o n e .

    this music is giving me samsung vibes

  • Sarah Sealy
    Sarah Sealy 5 days ago

    did you mean: gabbie hanna having an existential crisis for 10 minutes straight

  • Kade Leftwich
    Kade Leftwich 5 days ago

    Good video but a little too deep for it almost made me cry

  • Sara Luna
    Sara Luna 5 days ago

    I realize now why I never wanted to watch her videos: THIS IS TOO DEEP AND I FEEL ATTACKED

  • Damian Marlowe
    Damian Marlowe 6 days ago

    I love when Gabbie made these types of videos and shown us how she actually thinks and not something that’s fake. Her roast yourself video and this one is why I love Gabbie so much.

  • William Eyelash
    William Eyelash 6 days ago +1

    Well that was depressing

  • Arielle Champion
    Arielle Champion 8 days ago

    Watching this made me realize that I really need therapy like really really need therapy

  • queer iero
    queer iero 10 days ago

    i didn’t even notice that it was MOURNing routine

  • xX GalaxyGacha Xx
    xX GalaxyGacha Xx 11 days ago

    #verylateagain when you were eating breakfast should I be laughing???? Or crying..?? And when your doing your makeup, the life ‘speech’, *i think the same thinggg!!*

  • child person
    child person 14 days ago

    Gabbie hanna triggering my sucidal thought since 2016

  • child person
    child person 14 days ago

    Hey Gabbie breakfast resenated so deep with me so deeply that I had a exstemal crisis

  • Gemmie Land
    Gemmie Land 16 days ago

    Why was this so relatable? Love you gabbie!

  • lmn boi
    lmn boi 16 days ago +2

    late commenting because I'm binging buuutt {@6:50} bless you😂

  • Taylor Ranae 2
    Taylor Ranae 2 18 days ago

    dude i’m about to go to bed i didn’t need to overthink this hard wtf gabs

  • Rhian Balmer
    Rhian Balmer 19 days ago

    How have I never seen this?

  • April Wright
    April Wright 19 days ago

    Gabbie Hanna reminds me of this one girl I used to be friends with, and maaaaan am I glad I don’t hangout with her anymore.

  • Ollie Polly
    Ollie Polly 19 days ago

    That was dark 6:00

  • madd art
    madd art 22 days ago +1

    How to people brush their tongues without gagging, I don’t understand 😂

    That is a genuine question, someone please help me out 😂

  • Cody Chappell
    Cody Chappell Month ago +2

    This made me very worried for gabbie, I wasn't sure weather to smile bc of how blunt and kinda hinting at sarcasam, but also thinking that she's literally this depressed

  • Sophie Mae
    Sophie Mae Month ago

    came back to this video to show my friend and ended up buying the spin brush

  • Molly Smith
    Molly Smith Month ago +1

    you really should have put a trigger warning

  • Rachel
    Rachel Month ago

    gabbie: *cleans table so her house doesnt look disgusting to the camera*
    also gabbie: *angles the camera so her dirty air vent is showing*

  • Doni Williams
    Doni Williams Month ago +1

    as a fellow aquarius w severe, debilitating depression i could relate to this

  • Professor Pulp
    Professor Pulp Month ago

    Don’t you mean your “morning” routine???? Not “mourning” unless you are mourning something ofc

  • Ann Lawson
    Ann Lawson Month ago

    Love you Gabbie 💜

  • Dead Roses
    Dead Roses Month ago +1

    Why do you sound like cady from mean girls???😂😂😂

  • Lindsay Wyckoff
    Lindsay Wyckoff Month ago +1

    thanks for sharing your breakfast thoughts, makes me realize i'm not the only person who thinks LOL

  • idfk
    idfk Month ago

    Her mourning routine is my morning routine

  • myahouston20
    myahouston20 Month ago

    Hoping someone could answer this! Has Gabbie ever said what happened to her in her childhood? Is there a video??!

  • Ella Serafina
    Ella Serafina Month ago

    Sometimes I wonder does Gabbie use knifes at all while eating or does she know how to

  • Manuela Yawson
    Manuela Yawson Month ago

    Use code GDBLACK for 71$ off spin brush

  • April Love
    April Love Month ago

    That face tho in front of the coffee maker but it's all good

  • XxFallen AshesxX
    XxFallen AshesxX Month ago

    I have that Sally mug lol. It's so cool. I also have a Jack one.

  • Nevada Short
    Nevada Short Month ago

    Legit love this and you.

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby Williams 2 months ago

    “ I’m gonna show way too much of this to get my watch time up” makes us watch her brush her teeth twice. 🧐 I was waiting on bloopers so I didn’t feel so depressed.

  • Armand Marx
    Armand Marx 2 months ago +1

    Her breakfast was really depressing an the NOW I AM GONNA DO My 💄💄

  • Aeign Tubello '0'
    Aeign Tubello '0' 2 months ago


  • Claudia Aguilar
    Claudia Aguilar 2 months ago

    It’s very satisfying to watch you brush your teeth and eat..

  • Nightcore Girl
    Nightcore Girl 2 months ago

    Gabbie is such a real USclipr and not a fake person
    Ps I always think that life is pointless and I do the same thing at breakfast

  • Hannah Davis
    Hannah Davis 2 months ago

    Therapy with gabbie

  • Misa Harada
    Misa Harada 2 months ago

    Ouch... this is the most relatable content on USclip

  • Celi Caban
    Celi Caban 2 months ago

    6:00 was real af wtf lmfaooo

  • Shaina Wilson
    Shaina Wilson 2 months ago

    😂 mood

    TOMMYS WHACCY WORL 2 months ago

    7:55 my last three braincells pretending to be productive

  • Suzanna Selinay Meyer Gilgil

    Gabbie needs a podcast🤔

  • Helen Poplin
    Helen Poplin 2 months ago

    .....I’m confused.

  • Autumn Mallette
    Autumn Mallette 2 months ago

    Can relate, but like gabs.. things get better, things suck sometimes but they get better.. also you look so pretttttttyyyyyyy

  • Honey Puffs
    Honey Puffs 2 months ago +2

    Damn this is sad but very relatable(i have depression)

  • taleenie weenie
    taleenie weenie 2 months ago

    My husband asked me why I'm crying. I showed him breakfast and he got sad too.... idk if you were doing that to be funny in a dark way or....if it was actually a look inside your mind. Either way. I love you. You make me happy.

  • pie
    pie 2 months ago

    this video is so underrated

  • Veronica Geiger
    Veronica Geiger 2 months ago

    You should do a story time video soon

  • Anotherday
    Anotherday 3 months ago

    Get ready and spiral with me? Both funny and harrowing, thank you

  • minkakemi
    minkakemi 3 months ago


  • Gaba Flo
    Gaba Flo 3 months ago

    the bathroom start is cute but when you got to breakfast i almost cried thinking about my life too lol GoWithTheFlo and this is how backed up i am on your vids starting now to catch up lol

  • Isabelle Richeson
    Isabelle Richeson 3 months ago

    I love you Gabbie I really want to meet you one day and read your book but I have no way to get it yet but your an inspiration to me and your the best

  • Cortney Clare
    Cortney Clare 3 months ago

    I love how real this is

  • Lhakyi Lola
    Lhakyi Lola 3 months ago

    😂😂😂👌🏼that life thought is what i think evrytime

  • Houd A
    Houd A 3 months ago

    Damn this got real deep real fast

  • Meg
    Meg 3 months ago

    R.I.P headphone users at 4:13

  • Rainbow Z
    Rainbow Z 3 months ago +3

    Who watched till the very end just to see if she would do anything😆

  • Layla Crollman
    Layla Crollman 3 months ago +14

    "it reminds me of my farther.. 😊.... but then I remember my childhood 😓😔"

    Me: "Omg, the same ☺😑"

  • Maranda Irwin
    Maranda Irwin 3 months ago

    dude i fucking love you 😂😭❤

  • XxFallen AshesxX
    XxFallen AshesxX 3 months ago


  • Daily dose Of Emi
    Daily dose Of Emi 3 months ago


    I can’t rn I live for gabbie

  • Emma Vaughan
    Emma Vaughan 3 months ago

    Every teenage girl

  • Diana Balzer
    Diana Balzer 3 months ago

    Why don't you use your fork and a knife when you eat 😂😂

  • Peter’s Channel
    Peter’s Channel 4 months ago

    Is this poetry?

  • Anna crystal
    Anna crystal 4 months ago

    So no one is gonna talk about how she used the LONG ASS "brushing teeth" clip TWICE to get to the 10 min mark instead of thinking of something creative like a fancy edit to fill it out,again,i find that disgusting since u mentioned u don't care about money -_-

  • Mia Mazzolini
    Mia Mazzolini 4 months ago

    Everything we do, all of it, every little thing. We do it for Jesus Christ that’s why we are here. I love you Gabbie and I hope and look forward to seeing you in heaven one day. ❤️

  • Isabella Harper
    Isabella Harper 4 months ago

    great now I need BACON AND EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!