Bill Maher mocks Rep. Tlaib's call to boycott his show

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • HBO host calls the BDS movement a 'purity test by people who want to appear woke'; reaction from the 'America's Newsroom' panel. #AmericasNewsroom #FoxNews
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Comments • 10 138

  • Khai Lee
    Khai Lee 2 minutes ago

    The lady jessica must have had a bad child hood growing up.

  • John Wolff
    John Wolff 23 minutes ago

    Boycott the squad and remove them from office I don't want my tax dollars paying their salaries.

  • Dane Mart
    Dane Mart Hour ago

    Jessica said....'telling women of color to go back to where they came from'....No. Trump told anti-Semites to back from where they came from. The color had nothing to do with the comment; t was the language and race-baiting used by four dumb congresswomen.

  • Tj Roberts
    Tj Roberts Hour ago

    That brunette is disgusting.

  • Morag Osullivan
    Morag Osullivan Hour ago

    What! When did the President say that. He said if they weren’t happy that they were free to go Home.

  • dude man
    dude man 2 hours ago

    Lady your ignornt ! Close your eyes talk like that to bunch people , you soon find out , it you lady that the racist ! Parent decide for children what best ! Not media influncers like you lady !

  • roughnecknight51
    roughnecknight51 2 hours ago

    Those People Are Not Supposed To Be Here. So why should We have to pay for it.

  • Esico6
    Esico6 3 hours ago

    That brunnette is really a moron.

  • TA
    TA 5 hours ago

    can someone make that idiot stop interrupting everyone to argue the same garbage narrative that any Dem says. So annoying. Might as well just let CNN replays spew their stupidity if you are going to allow this childlike behavior.

  • Steve Rives
    Steve Rives 5 hours ago

    If I denounce my US citizenship, leave the country, then cross the border illegally......I get free stuff! Maybe live better than I do now! Live in a sanctuary city, no taxes etc..

  • Anonymous 14
    Anonymous 14 5 hours ago +1

    The shrill voice of Jessica/Juan the Moron makes me cringe:/

  • John Tilson
    John Tilson 6 hours ago

    The dumb red head broad whining about skin color needs to just stfu

  • What did u just say?
    What did u just say? 6 hours ago

    Democrats are very angry.

  • keith michael
    keith michael 6 hours ago

    Lol... this goofy broad is THE personification of millennial insanity and stupidity. Shut up, go away, and the country will be immediately far better.

  • Crisann Deitch
    Crisann Deitch 6 hours ago

    Jessica Tarlov- is an ignorant toad!! Good gawd girl get a brain and quit drinking tour demonRat kool aid!!! I can't stand you!! Self righteous bitchy whiner!!

  • Crisann Deitch
    Crisann Deitch 6 hours ago

    PLEASE quit calling them "illegal immigrants"!!!😠 They are NOT IMMIGRANTS!! THEY are ILLEGAL ALIENS, FOREIGN NATIONALS who are violating our Laws and our Sovereignty!! Referring to them as illegal immigrants only furthers the lefts twisted narrative and bolsters confusion in ppl who fail to educate themselves on the issues facing our Nation!!

  • Javier Harth
    Javier Harth 7 hours ago

    The arrogance and the ignorance is appalling. How can TLA-IB be read as Talib by supposedly well educated people? Could it be because they're speaking American...
    And the fact that no one calls them on it, to correct it, speaks volumes on the ignorance and arrogance of United Statians!!

  • Steve
    Steve 7 hours ago

    That Dem rep woman should make sure her brain is loaded before she opens her mouth to speak. They have a right to see a Doctor in the home country. They should have stayed in the country that they left from.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 8 hours ago

    Bigmouthed Bill Mar could do everyone a favor and shut his silly psychotic spin show... Bigmouthed
    bill gossiping crap show...

  • Jose Aguilar
    Jose Aguilar 8 hours ago

    They want the truth to be a lie. I want Jesus now. These clowns are not fit to rule. Racism is an issue used that cannot be fixed. Segregation does not work. Remove congresswomen that overstep their boundaries. That is poison to our ears.

  • MezaZG
    MezaZG 12 hours ago

    President never told colored woman to leave the country. He said to to 3 specific woman. And those 3 woman are from 3 different countries.

  • Martin Clark
    Martin Clark 13 hours ago

    Jessica Tarlov is such a mouthpiece

  • Matthew Flom
    Matthew Flom 13 hours ago

    I liked this until the Democrat spoke...they have one play

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling 15 hours ago

    There we have it again "women of colour" in other words black females, nothing more than patronising condescending language policing!

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling 15 hours ago

    Many fail to realise where the antisemitism breeding machine is across the western world ie state education systems particularly universities that should be publicly exposed shamed and investigated by authorities!

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling 15 hours ago +1

    The pathological obsession with race is way beyond parody now and insults all of us!

  • Ian Paling
    Ian Paling 15 hours ago

    The crazies are destroying the left and moderates are scared to speak out when they should stand together and drown out the lunatics!

  • Steve Way
    Steve Way 15 hours ago

    Fix this. Tlaib is a Democrat, no Republican.

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards 16 hours ago

    they are getting a well balanced meal 3 times a day, there are alot of americans who don't get that

  • David S
    David S 17 hours ago

    I’m so tired of Talib and Omar. They seem too radical for my taste. And, I’m curious how they got elected! Their agendas don’t align with American patriotism.

  • SilentWolff
    SilentWolff 17 hours ago

    Jessica Tarkov is one stupid c*nt

  • Florentina Weber
    Florentina Weber 18 hours ago

    Shut up Lady , stop being so emotional
    I am an emigrant, I came here legal whit a work contract , I payed taxes right away , I spend money , time and I got vaccinated to be here , I mind my own business and I got to be a resident and many years after a citizen. I earn my citizenship by respecting the country and the law . You have no clue about the process and is actually insulting for the rest of us that came here legal and went through the process to see you clueless on Fox tv trying to influence the people .

  • Otto Skorzeny
    Otto Skorzeny 19 hours ago +1

    If adults wouldnt bring kids along while committing international crimes it wouldnt be an issue.. They whine about locking up kids, but if I bring my child along while robbing a bank, they will arrest me and separate him from me. He's a citizen so he gets placed in foster care, but non citizens are placed in detention centers. What horrible parents to bring your kid to commit a crime

  • Landon Kromhout
    Landon Kromhout 19 hours ago

    Jessica is a bunch of BS

  • Kathy Matheson
    Kathy Matheson 19 hours ago

    The dark haired lady is a little nuts! Keep your personal emotions in play!!!

  • Jersey Devil
    Jersey Devil 19 hours ago

    Whom is she calling too? Nobody likes her! She is a token.

  • Jerry Abram
    Jerry Abram 20 hours ago

    that Jessica is I shining idiot

  • Imelda Ledesma
    Imelda Ledesma 20 hours ago

    Mexico offered them asylum and most of them didn’t take.. now we have people here mad that their in detentions

  • Jean Richard
    Jean Richard 21 hour ago


  • Tom bryan
    Tom bryan 21 hour ago

    Its both

  • Mike Piek
    Mike Piek 22 hours ago +1

    Jessica Tarlov . . . what a bittter, twisted individual!

  • Julian Crooks
    Julian Crooks 22 hours ago

    Congress bitches about how trump is handling immigration but it's their job to write fair immigration law. This is a job they have failed to do for decades, that's why things have gotten so bad.

  • Mahri Beneda
    Mahri Beneda 23 hours ago

    Women why you and Jane Williams have show together at list I would have chance not to see your ugly face and your stupid opinion and voice.

  • Ryan Bucari
    Ryan Bucari 23 hours ago

    I love that immigrants should get a dr visit and all this stuff but we still have veterans homeless on the street and killing themselves.

  • Eugenio Concepcion
    Eugenio Concepcion 23 hours ago

    Democrats are evil this woman is one of satan wife's.

  • Bonnie Nero
    Bonnie Nero Day ago +1

    she,like her party are liars! The black community has the lowest unemployment rate in history! Trump has a very good relationship with the black community! Latinos in a large number support Trump.

  • RomeoTangoCharlie_78

    The POTUS didn’t tell women of color to go back where they came from. He told a treasonous unpatriotic, anti American immigrant to go back. And that person happened to be a woman and happened to be black. Media like this is what is fanning the flames of racism in America that President Obama started the moment he said Trevon Martin could’ve been his son. Trump is left to clean of the mess of the Obama administration.

  • Mike Easterwood
    Mike Easterwood Day ago +1

    Jessica Tarloff is a real idiot! But supporting democratic talking points is difficult, because they change often...

  • Twisted
    Twisted Day ago +2

    The snake eating its own tail.

  • Ernesto Colon
    Ernesto Colon Day ago +1

    4 creatures whose family work for al queda, , 1 of them her brother is sadat omar a man who killed thounsands of people in Somalia , killed more than 20 American soldiers in 1993, drag US dead soldiers through the streets of mog,, is a member of the us congress? , well well, the next time Osama bin laden's son can be part of the congress for the democratic party , this party has just spit on American families

  • Arjun M
    Arjun M Day ago

    If u allow free flow into your country people won't think about solving the problem in their country. Everyone simply want to enter somehow thinking the democrats will take care of them. Close the border let them find a solution to their issues all we need to do is to provide humanitarian aid directly in their country if needed.

  • USMC LAterZ
    USMC LAterZ Day ago

    Hey jessica, I know you read through the comments section, so read this. Open up the doors to your house to anyone that wants in. Lead by example.

  • Freedm M
    Freedm M Day ago +1

    This women should have been aborted!

  • ernesto romeo
    ernesto romeo Day ago

    The conversation is not about the president please stay on the topic point thank you.

  • Vincent Goularte
    Vincent Goularte Day ago +2

    It's not a color thing. It's a, we are full and your not supposed to be here thing.

  • Bill Williamson
    Bill Williamson Day ago

    So in her mind it's not killing because it's a "licensed medical professional" killing babies

  • Jim
    Jim Day ago +2

    In the early 60's there were stuffed animals and dolls that when you pulled a string they would play back on of several pre recorded sentences. It seems jessica must have found one of these and made it her pattern for life. But them all liberals seem to have the same problem. "wull the president says stuff to people that just because they might have certain color in their skin makes it racist". Crossing the border isn't illegal because you're hispanic nor does being hispanic make it ok to illegally cross our border.

  • Sar_E_Bear
    Sar_E_Bear Day ago +4

    I can't stand Jessica. She is such an agent if the left! She is so absolutely clueless.

  • Len Sawatzky
    Len Sawatzky Day ago +2

    Why do the Democrats say something and in the next breath claim they didn't say that ?

    • Len Sawatzky
      Len Sawatzky 22 hours ago

      I don't watch CNN or MSNBC or ABC so I listen to the Democrats on Fox so I don't get to be Brain Washed by their B S

    • C0110
      C0110 23 hours ago +1

      The same reason the Republicans do?

  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd Day ago +3

    2 types of racism. 1 is to target a group by their color and the other is to not target a group because of their color.