Testing Shower Toys!

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • Grown-ups get the raw end of the deal.
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Comments • 3 046

  • Sara Tindall
    Sara Tindall 3 hours ago

    I love you

  • BTS has us Jungshook
    BTS has us Jungshook 23 hours ago

    Rachel: what do you really need to watch in the shower?
    Me: *laughs* umm.... Ur videos...

  • Angelkiten 1128
    Angelkiten 1128 Day ago

    How are you going to FaceTime naked

  • Maggie Robinson
    Maggie Robinson 2 days ago +1

    My dirty ass mind that that this video was for something else 🙊

  • Svenlove Xoxo
    Svenlove Xoxo 4 days ago

    I’m sick 🤢

  • Haley Murphy
    Haley Murphy 4 days ago

    If the shower curtain dis not work what about your phone

  • YouTube Updates
    YouTube Updates 4 days ago

    5 minutes? Honey I’m in there for 30 minuets at LEAST

  • rainbow lover
    rainbow lover 4 days ago

    If i can last 4hours with out my phone you can last 5minuts without your phone

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase 5 days ago

    I take 30-40 minute showers, 20 minutes of washing hair and conditioning. 10-20 minutes of everything else.

  • cutie pie
    cutie pie 6 days ago

    I stay in the shower for half an our

  • Poisonous Papillon
    Poisonous Papillon 6 days ago


  • Heather Vasconcelos
    Heather Vasconcelos 6 days ago

    did anyone else think that she had 2 buns in the video #2 clip?

  • Mia B
    Mia B 6 days ago

    It takes me less than 5 minutes to shower

  • GalaxyCatLovesAll :3

    When I'm bathing,I don't use conditioner cuz I'm watching gacha verse.

  • Kristen Pearce
    Kristen Pearce 7 days ago

    That was rude

  • Trenton Talarico
    Trenton Talarico 8 days ago

    The shower liner for devices I think is so that you can listen to music in the shower

  • Catcrazy 73
    Catcrazy 73 8 days ago

    I take 6 min showers btw I’ve got halfway down the back thick hair

  • Lola51710
    Lola51710 8 days ago

    My showers are mostly 30 minutes without playing around

  • Ima Hufflepuff
    Ima Hufflepuff 8 days ago

    The thing for shower thoughts...

  • Cade Mae
    Cade Mae 8 days ago


  • Liane Bubs
    Liane Bubs 9 days ago

    What would you watch on your phone in the shower if not porn? Girl, I'm literally watching this video in my shower right now.
    Not a joke.

    ASMR QUEEN 9 days ago

    RACHEL: I’m also not wearing makeup.
    ME: REALLY!!!!!!

  • Thea Marcee Roman
    Thea Marcee Roman 9 days ago


  • Lindsey Womack
    Lindsey Womack 10 days ago

    All u need to do is twist the metal pease under the shower thingy then I think it's fixed

  • vvkittycat
    vvkittycat 10 days ago

    I had/have a light up shower head and I don't use it because it makes screaming sounds and the lights don't work well so it is pitch black when you turn it on.

  • Megan McDougall
    Megan McDougall 11 days ago

    I take hour long showers 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😈😡😡😡😡😡😣😣😣😤😤😤😢😞😞😞😞#unsubing

  • Aryan Kahar
    Aryan Kahar 11 days ago

    5 MINUTES no I stay in for a hour or two

  • Ej Disney lady
    Ej Disney lady 11 days ago +1

    My name is Eva

    ANUSHA MOHAMMED 13 days ago +1

    6:01 lol that face

    NEAL PRASAD 13 days ago +2

    Wait why would you FaceTime someone when your in the shower??? 🤔😐

  • Gina Biase
    Gina Biase 13 days ago +1

    It says subscribe

  • Aidgaming 123
    Aidgaming 123 13 days ago +1

    My brother puts his phone in a bag when he takes a shower

  • TiffanyMarie
    TiffanyMarie 13 days ago +1

    We love a slippery shishtar. Love when Rachel struggles with soap.

  • TiffanyMarie
    TiffanyMarie 13 days ago +1

    “Adult toys” 💀💀💀

  • UnicornsForLife 101
    UnicornsForLife 101 14 days ago +1

    I take 1 hour showers.....

  • Blue
    Blue 14 days ago +1

    I am a kid

  • Layla Brijbag
    Layla Brijbag 14 days ago +4

    45 min is my lowest time

  • Lolol ololololol
    Lolol ololololol 15 days ago +1

    5 mins?! Bruh more like 50.


    I’m a kid and all the toys you did in your kid videos I have every single one

  • nimzipow
    nimzipow 15 days ago

    We had severe water restrictions in Cape Town, I can’t even imagine taking anything longer than a 5 minute shower! And ours were meant to be 1 min or less

  • nimzipow
    nimzipow 15 days ago

    What would we watch in the shower?
    Maybe this video? 😂

  • Dominic Kelly
    Dominic Kelly 15 days ago

    My sister's nickname is Eva and she is really mean to me

  • Zoey Rose
    Zoey Rose 16 days ago

    My mom has a pink cup holder in her shower

  • Gymnastics Lover
    Gymnastics Lover 16 days ago

    My brother takes like 30 minutes to take a shower and loves his phone so that shower liner is perfect for him

  • Peyton Hulse
    Peyton Hulse 16 days ago

    I hope she knows that the things that hold the note pad to the wall has to be damp

  • Robb Camp
    Robb Camp 16 days ago

    ,u look beautiful with no makeup💄 and no I. Am not a boy👦

  • Jyllian Keener
    Jyllian Keener 16 days ago

    Why would you face time people in the shower

  • Lari Larisa
    Lari Larisa 17 days ago

    You WOULD lose a sub but u are lucky that even if u swear at me idc bc YE WE HAVE BETTER TOYS THAN YOU 😂😂

  • Gianna Ramsay
    Gianna Ramsay 17 days ago

    USclip videos are things I want in the shower

  • Shannon Westfall
    Shannon Westfall 17 days ago

    can you not drink tea for lease than five minutes

  • eatkins024
    eatkins024 17 days ago

    My name is Eva

  • alpaca squad
    alpaca squad 17 days ago +1

    I have that shower curtin

  • Nicole is cool
    Nicole is cool 17 days ago


  • Todd Deveau
    Todd Deveau 18 days ago

    You need to watch Rachel's videos in the shower

  • Gabe Goodrich
    Gabe Goodrich 18 days ago

    You kinda look like and remind me of amy from big bang theory and blossom

  • Lauryn Kovars
    Lauryn Kovars 18 days ago +1

    I'm in there for like 3 minutes

  • Kate & Rozy
    Kate & Rozy 18 days ago

    I guess no one noticed that it was a shower LINER not a shower CURTAIN

  • KAYLENE Tait
    KAYLENE Tait 18 days ago


  • Tanja Müller
    Tanja Müller 19 days ago

    My shower takes 1 hour 😶😶🙄🙄

  • Sensei Cameroonie
    Sensei Cameroonie 19 days ago

    Ok sister the liner with a spot for u phone be genius and people who take long showers 👉me could watch an episode of like friends or something so NOT JUST FOR PORN

  • Tessa Brown
    Tessa Brown 19 days ago


  • H_ slime536
    H_ slime536 20 days ago

    "Who cant be away from there device for 5 mins?"

    Me: *in the shower watching this video"

  • Kym - Hartman
    Kym - Hartman 20 days ago +4

    5:25 gets attacked by soap

  • Kym - Hartman
    Kym - Hartman 20 days ago

    I watched this right after I got out of the shower

  • Jaelyn Nelson
    Jaelyn Nelson 22 days ago

    I would watch your videos in the shower

  • Vesta Flynn
    Vesta Flynn 23 days ago

    Anybody else wondering why her eye lashes are longer than my life span?

  • Hailee Wrightls
    Hailee Wrightls 24 days ago

    3 hawrs

  • Tala Brummer
    Tala Brummer 25 days ago

    I am in the shower for 30 min

  • Kaiah Time
    Kaiah Time 25 days ago +1

    5-10minutes........25minutes for me

  • Amelia Simpson
    Amelia Simpson 25 days ago +1

    You should do the shower curtain and mat that goes out side you bath that when it gets wet it makes it look like there is blood on it idk why but it would seem cool you could do a smile face 🙂

  • life as leighla
    life as leighla 25 days ago

    So you mean, I can put my laptop in that shower curtain, and work on my 3 essays I have due tomorrow? And use my 1/100 of an ounce of free time? Great.

  • Chloe pitts
    Chloe pitts 25 days ago

    You should realize you are soooooooooooooo pretty without makeup girl ilove you the way you are♥️♥️♥️

  • The Gymnast
    The Gymnast 26 days ago

    I’m in the shower for a an hour😂

  • Maxine Jordan
    Maxine Jordan 27 days ago

    Is it just me or did she take a shower with clothes ?!?

  • Ruby Jack Lenoir
    Ruby Jack Lenoir 28 days ago

    Who stays in the shower for like 30 minutes

  • Laila oxox
    Laila oxox 28 days ago +1

    At first I thought that this was a sponsored video but then you were saying things like THE SHOWER CURTAINS DO NOTHING and I CAN’T USE THIS 😂🤣

  • Jennifer Nicole Schroeder

    I love my aqua notes.

  • Leela Robbins
    Leela Robbins 28 days ago +1

    I’m in there for like from 1-2 hours how long do u

  • Martha Osegueda
    Martha Osegueda 28 days ago

    Who here takes 5 min showers.. I take 1 hour showers..

  • Lizzy Dizzy
    Lizzy Dizzy 29 days ago

    No you take the LED (that doesn’t work) and play some techno music

  • Abby Huffman
    Abby Huffman 29 days ago

    caffiene is bad for your skin oof

  • Dereck Parker
    Dereck Parker 29 days ago

    My name is Eva

  • Amykid Gaming
    Amykid Gaming Month ago

    This is funny at 5:25 I chocked on my popcorn

  • Super Ali
    Super Ali Month ago

    So does she not realize that the things have to be wet to stick? Also I don’t watch porn in the shower I just get bored so I watch like the office or how I met your mother

  • Thays natasha Gomez

    What happens if someone walks in and you have the clear thinking id

  • Samantha Hodge
    Samantha Hodge Month ago

    Do you like baths or shower

  • Jocelyne Castillo
    Jocelyne Castillo Month ago

    So I wanna drink something but I can’t! because I vomit it all! I AM SO MAD,

  • Emma Mullinax
    Emma Mullinax Month ago

    What do you need to watch in your shower??? Well usually you or your sister.

  • Destiny Ellison
    Destiny Ellison Month ago

    I listen to music in the shower.
    It’s literally ALWAYS Hamilton songs 😂

  • Liv Vlogs
    Liv Vlogs Month ago

    Or the shower thing can be used for lising to music!!!!!!!!

  • millie plays
    millie plays Month ago

    Maybe to change your music

  • Pineapples
    Pineapples Month ago

    I take a 1 hour and a haft in the shower sis

  • Cinthia Phillips
    Cinthia Phillips Month ago +1

    Rachel some people take long showers and listen to music. That is why there is the Eva shower liner

  • Katlin Springer
    Katlin Springer Month ago

    Can someone turn the part at 7:50 into a gif.

  • Tyler Paul
    Tyler Paul Month ago

    So it’s random Thursday’s now

  • Kika Cuneo
    Kika Cuneo Month ago +1

    Welcome to another video where I do whatever I want, and today, I’m going to take a shower!
    *sips coffee verry calmly*

  • Kiten97 - Kenzie
    Kiten97 - Kenzie Month ago

    We could watch you in the shower will were in the shower

  • Juliana Trotter
    Juliana Trotter Month ago

    Get Duck tape

  • Lysandra Stamps
    Lysandra Stamps Month ago

    bruh i was rooting for the rave shower head like seriously

  • Turtle Fanatic
    Turtle Fanatic Month ago

    So I do have an inconvenience with not being able to play with my phone I love your vids tho ❤️❤️❤️