Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunset Performance

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Watch the band's first performance of the Sunset part of their new album Everyday Life (out now, listen at at sunset in Jordan. You can watch the first part of the album performed during sunrise in Jordan by clicking the link at the end of this video.

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  • Junior Cravo
    Junior Cravo 30 minutes ago

    Cry,cry,cry minha predileta 🇧🇷❤

  • The Smurf
    The Smurf Hour ago

    I’ve loved Coldplay since the beginning. I remember buying their first album all those years ago and playing it to death! But I have to say their decision not to tour is depriving loyal fans from a magical experience. I saw them in 2016 and that concert at the Etihad Stadium will stay will me for life. I think big business is doing more harm than a rock concert ever will so why not tour. We have such a little life and most of us work hard so what’s so wrong in a once in a lifetime occasion like a Coldplay concert?

  • Олег Е.В.
    Олег Е.В. Hour ago

    Красивое исполнение, а какой божественный вид вокруг! Рай да и только!

  • Ask the Harry
    Ask the Harry 3 hours ago

    i want to hit LIKE at least 1 Million this magic?

  • Fundación Patriótica

    Dedito para arriba

  • Darko Markovic
    Darko Markovic 3 hours ago

    Beautiful massage,beautiful performance,beautiful production and GREAT BAND!!!Thanks COLDPLAY.😍☮

  • Matthew Rozario
    Matthew Rozario 3 hours ago

    Holyshit, Mike Zuckerberg can really sing!

  • ALAN OLAN WALKER faus7295

    Wuaaa es hermosooo

  • Tim Cantrell
    Tim Cantrell 4 hours ago

    Totally Awesome

  • Tássio JBass
    Tássio JBass 5 hours ago

    Beautiful ♫♪♫♪

  • sozka snko
    sozka snko 5 hours ago

    My favorite song is Champion of the world , i cant stop lister this music ...

  • Jay Hu
    Jay Hu 6 hours ago

    What a live performance from "Cry Cry Cry ". This song touch my soul. Hopely also for the people in Jordan.

  • 에제키엘준
    에제키엘준 7 hours ago

    1987 : The Joshua Tree
    2019 : Everyday Life

  • Farah Aburamadan
    Farah Aburamadan 9 hours ago

    Mashallah the Athan call to prayer voice.. My favorite ever..

  • Thiago Amaral
    Thiago Amaral 9 hours ago

    haha they gave up on their new career in electronic music hahah

  • Paul Tavres
    Paul Tavres 9 hours ago

    2 of the most emotional videos Ive seen in a long time thank you see you in oakland

  • conchi eixeres piquer
    conchi eixeres piquer 10 hours ago

    I've been in Aman, Precious.

  • anunk izanagi
    anunk izanagi 11 hours ago +1

    Time 15:57 😘 champion of the world

  • Corinne Clarke
    Corinne Clarke 12 hours ago

    Where do we begin to describe this beautiful setting, do we start with the sunset, the location, the music? It is ALL gorgeous. I think I'll go for a wonder now and let this all sink into my bones. Well done Coldplay you have managed to reach my heart and soul yet again. Love you all xxx

    ANN VAN DAMME 12 hours ago


  • Naim Mady
    Naim Mady 13 hours ago

    So emotional everting!
    ...Cry, Cry,Cry baby “
    You’re the only one.

  • 陈广华
    陈广华 15 hours ago


  • Saka Bodunrin
    Saka Bodunrin 19 hours ago

    come to lagos already😣

  • adel rasooli
    adel rasooli 19 hours ago

    "Bani adam" is actually a persian poem. Why didn't you chose a persian speaking person?

  • The Universe
    The Universe 19 hours ago

    Boring songs compared to the first three albums of them.. but the sound quality and image are great!

  • Lina Brugés
    Lina Brugés 21 hour ago

    Beautiful work ♥️ 💚 💫🌻 gracias amigo 🌻💫

  • Yanni Roldan
    Yanni Roldan 22 hours ago

    Los amo!!!!!!!!😍😍😍🙌👏👏

  • Emerson Elizeu
    Emerson Elizeu 23 hours ago

    Meu Deus que Lindo!!!, pena que nunca tive condições de assistir um show de vocês. Parabéns Vcs são demais!!!!!

  • Amy&TheAmazingMaisy
    Amy&TheAmazingMaisy 23 hours ago

    😉Joy Bliss Harmony😉

  • Amy&TheAmazingMaisy
    Amy&TheAmazingMaisy 23 hours ago


  • Amy&TheAmazingMaisy
    Amy&TheAmazingMaisy 23 hours ago


  • Meme J. Johnson
    Meme J. Johnson Day ago

    Simply AHHHHHMAZING!!!!
    Thanks Coldplay!

  • Camilla Marthinsen

    This explains why it was impossible to get tickets. I only see some 20-30 people in the "audience". The demographic is very narrow: all seem to be in their 20s, all female, all Jordanian.... The latter being fair enough since the concert was in Amman.

  • Progressive Dreamers

    Love you 😍

  • Caio Augusto
    Caio Augusto Day ago

    Manoooo Coldplay e muito fodaaaa 💗💗💗💗💗

  • Ras
    Ras Day ago


  • Rayyan Hijji
    Rayyan Hijji Day ago

  • Baby D95
    Baby D95 Day ago


  • sebastian perez
    sebastian perez Day ago

    Am i the only that hear a lot of u2 here ? 🤔

  • Jason Curran
    Jason Curran Day ago

    Awesome video and the song and one day to see this band in concert you people have a great day

  • Gunner Andersen
    Gunner Andersen Day ago

    if you dislike this video, please tell me wtf is ur problem in a comment below, thanks xD

  • Théo Chapel
    Théo Chapel Day ago

    17:49 I wish I was this filmmaker in the background

  • Dania Mousa
    Dania Mousa Day ago


  • tree sho
    tree sho Day ago

    I love ColdPlay 🇯🇵


    You could also say "madloba" (მადლობა) which means thank you in the Georgian language..))

  • Elaine Delmar
    Elaine Delmar Day ago

    Coldplay the best band in the world.

  • Rene Willemsen
    Rene Willemsen Day ago


  • Frank
    Frank Day ago

    This is probably cathartic for the neoo palisteanians

  • Dustin Sharber
    Dustin Sharber Day ago

    I really dont know why I clicked on this video. I dont like this band at all. They're so cheesy. Dude is so unfortunate looking. This new music is the worst by far.

  • Miraj #miraj
    Miraj #miraj Day ago +1

    This is beyond coldplay

  • david king
    david king Day ago

    Jordan wowww

  • To Yang
    To Yang Day ago


  • Arkadiusz AGDAN
    Arkadiusz AGDAN Day ago +1

    I am so glad they chose Amman Jordan ❤️My favourite country been there twice this summer absolutely love it ! ❤️❤️❤️

  • ron freeman
    ron freeman Day ago

    John Lennon is smiling...give peace a chance...

  • Ali Wahidin
    Ali Wahidin Day ago


  • Amanda Traner
    Amanda Traner Day ago

    This is the old Castle grounds, behind them is the oldest Mosque in Jordan, Temple of Hercules, a old Graveyard, and Ark and Treasure caverns, I have some great pictures of this city and this is where I got Married, Honeymoon in Petra, also seen The Dead Sea, I have some great pictures of the other Roman city and the desert mountains

  • kaushik sarma
    kaushik sarma Day ago


  • bety animus09
    bety animus09 Day ago

    I love youuuu 🥰🥰🙏🙏

  • faizal rizky
    faizal rizky Day ago

    salah satu mimpi gua yg belum terwujud, nonton konser coldplay :"

  • Muhammad Aniq 'Izzuddin Mohd Nazari

    I know I am not the only that finds Middle East women quite pretty tho.