$1 VS $1000 iPhone X SCREEN PROTECTOR!

  • Published on Dec 27, 2017
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    Today we compare a $1 vs $1000 iPhone X screen protector!
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  • Hendrik De Mulder De Mulder

    I need a phone for school

  • Heather caggiano
    Heather caggiano 25 minutes ago

    i want a iphone x becuase i never had one ever

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    Thomas Davies 27 minutes ago

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  • Mislav Blotnej
    Mislav Blotnej 51 minute ago

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  • Ice Gamer
    Ice Gamer 58 minutes ago

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    śš pŕânk ťv 3 hours ago

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  • isminanda areef
    isminanda areef 5 hours ago

    I thought you regret testing on ur I phone last time

  • Fun amazing Bella Cool

    I love your Channel and all my friends have the iPhone X

    MS. BANANA 13 hours ago +1


  • Jarom McKinney
    Jarom McKinney 21 hour ago

    Cuz I dont't have a phone.

  • KingKaptian
    KingKaptian 21 hour ago

    Mine is a Xr

  • keith rai
    keith rai 21 hour ago

    can i have this phone for 1 cent

  • Isaias & Noe Carrera
    Isaias & Noe Carrera 21 hour ago

    Can I have the iPhone x

  • Snoopy Playz
    Snoopy Playz 22 hours ago

    I want Iphone to donated to the poor people

  • Diamond Playz
    Diamond Playz 23 hours ago


  • Sub to me I know it’s worthless

    Only OGs remember when he had glasses.

  • Christian Solomon
    Christian Solomon Day ago +1

    Plzz can i have the iPhone X i have a Samsung Galaxy A3

  • Panayiotis Katsouris

    I need this phone because i need this phone

  • enderghost 215
    enderghost 215 Day ago

    I want it because I never had a iPhone and it would be fun

  • Zeenat Haripersad

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    Cleofe Italia Day ago

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    PJ DM Day ago

    I need a new iPhone please 👦🏽

  • milmomof3
    milmomof3 Day ago

    I want that phone cuz I don't have 1

  • 4410cynthia
    4410cynthia Day ago +2

    Hey guava juice how old are u and how long have u been having this channel

  • hash_ brown2018
    hash_ brown2018 Day ago

    I want the phone plz let me have it 😀😀😀😀

  • Estevan Valdes
    Estevan Valdes Day ago

    I want the iPhone because I broke my iPhone doing things like that.

  • Justin Marshall
    Justin Marshall Day ago

    I want the phone because I already have a phone and it's cracked everywhere and that's the only really really want the phone

  • Tammra Anderson
    Tammra Anderson Day ago

    I want the phone because I don’t have a phone and I’m using my moms phone

  • Brecon Bridger
    Brecon Bridger Day ago

    I want that phone because I love your vids and you are awsome

  • Konrad Kawalec
    Konrad Kawalec 2 days ago

    You litery said 1$ vs 100$ on thumbnail it says 1$ vs 1000$ the hell I'll still sub

  • BellaRocks Bella
    BellaRocks Bella 2 days ago


  • BellaRocks Bella
    BellaRocks Bella 2 days ago

    I really want that iPhone X

  • android fans
    android fans 2 days ago

    Give it to me plz

  • DisasterMastwr
    DisasterMastwr 2 days ago

    I already have iPhone XR

  • Natan Kowalski
    Natan Kowalski 2 days ago

    Roi may I have the phone please

  • Tristan Garcia
    Tristan Garcia 2 days ago

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  • The Extreme Gamer
    The Extreme Gamer 2 days ago

    i want the phone because i dont have one pick me if its still out EDIT: PLUS I SUB AND THEY BULL MEH BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A PHONE Thanks Guava juice if u pick me

    STW々 DEÂDEYÉ 2 days ago

    i never have one plese bro

    STW々 DEÂDEYÉ 2 days ago

    bro iphone

  • Jamar Rubin
    Jamar Rubin 2 days ago +1

    Please i need the i phone sometimes i get lost

  • Eunice Serquiña
    Eunice Serquiña 2 days ago

    pls give me your iphone x because i want to play mobile legends on that 😉

  • G_FURY
    G_FURY 2 days ago

    I want it

  • Lucky Tiger
    Lucky Tiger 2 days ago

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    Maria Landeros 2 days ago

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    Geo#-245 mdy 2 days ago

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    Kayla Carattini 2 days ago

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    Ausmus Vlogs 2 days ago +1

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    ForAndy Nite 2 days ago

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    Rafael Sosa 2 days ago

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    Rafael Sosa 2 days ago

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  • Lynne is a potato
    Lynne is a potato 2 days ago

    Who remembers wen he used his own phone and it litterly died

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  • Rafael Sosa
    Rafael Sosa 2 days ago

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    land1950 land1950 2 days ago

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    Daniel Guajardo 2 days ago

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  • Jim Sweeney
    Jim Sweeney 3 days ago

    It said 1 vs 1000 not 100

  • Monika Michrinova
    Monika Michrinova 3 days ago

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  • Prestonplaz 57
    Prestonplaz 57 3 days ago

    3 screen protectors with a total value of $1 would mean each screen protector is worth (33.33333333333333333333 [ect.])cents

  • Jessica Chan
    Jessica Chan 3 days ago

    I do not care if the phone is broken but I want the phone because I only have Android and some people make fun of my phone

  • Erikson Gonzales
    Erikson Gonzales 3 days ago

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  • Nojus Betingis
    Nojus Betingis 3 days ago

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    bimear !!! 3 days ago

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  • CaptainAndy Gaming
    CaptainAndy Gaming 3 days ago

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    • satsuki narita
      satsuki narita 2 days ago

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    Pew diepie 3 days ago

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  • Kim Pentinio
    Kim Pentinio 3 days ago

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  • ihaveapickle milky
    ihaveapickle milky 3 days ago +3

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  • karl De Cello
    karl De Cello 3 days ago

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  • Dewald Bezuidenhout
    Dewald Bezuidenhout 3 days ago

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  • LilTaffy_30 YouTube
    LilTaffy_30 YouTube 3 days ago

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  • Oscar Pritchard
    Oscar Pritchard 4 days ago

    I sought love the phone so that I can watch more of your videos

  • Griffingaming220
    Griffingaming220 4 days ago

    I want it so I can give my brother a phone

  • Samantha Jones
    Samantha Jones 4 days ago

    I want it bc i wanna give it to my mom

  • Champion Gamer
    Champion Gamer 4 days ago

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  • alvin Calago
    alvin Calago 4 days ago

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  • KRISTEN Sophia Funny videos

    Are you a filipino?

    ÂK RØCKSTAR 4 days ago

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    Screen protecter=999$

  • Matteo
    Matteo 4 days ago

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  • Princess Yanyan
    Princess Yanyan 4 days ago

    I want the phone because i want to give it to my dad because he needs it for a better quality of his drone because he is using an low quality phone.i am hoping that i'll win thank youu

  • Lowen Baker
    Lowen Baker 4 days ago

    You are the best USclip and please can I have the iPhone X

  • Joshua Isaac Jose
    Joshua Isaac Jose 4 days ago

    Moggoloid 👎🏻

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    Mateo Havelka 4 days ago

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    Helga Dafi 4 days ago

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    Kevish Dewdanee 4 days ago

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    Hey it Kylie 4 days ago

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    Lanns marc Dimailig 4 days ago

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    Jeffrey Flythe 4 days ago

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    Madelyn Carpenter 4 days ago

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    Esther Show Fun 5 days ago

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