Marking “Not For Kids” Doesn’t Protect You - COPPA Update

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
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Comments • 25 096

  • Chadtronic
    Chadtronic  17 days ago +11018

    Voice yourself. Let the FTC know COPPA is too aggressive and will harm creators.
    Deadline is December 9th.
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      DJ DUCKEY 7 days ago

      I signed the petition we can’t let this happen.

    • Alvin Fuller
      Alvin Fuller 13 days ago

      Chadtronic Just another way to stop paying.

    • mrlitbottoms 69
      mrlitbottoms 69 13 days ago

      @Joshua well u aren't monetized then so it wont affect u until u monetize ur acount

    • Void Demon
      Void Demon 13 days ago

      *_This is extreme to the point of oppression..._*

    • Macky Me
      Macky Me 13 days ago

      This is so insane huhu

  • MrNoobBlox
    MrNoobBlox 15 hours ago

    "the video will not be searchable"
    how the heck are you supposed the watch a video you want to watch!
    also its ironic how "language for children under 12 is duh, free stuff, games, duh, etc"
    they forgot about lil tay

  • Arka Cheese
    Arka Cheese 17 hours ago

    Will it effect very small creatorss

  • noob of noobs
    noob of noobs 19 hours ago

    it's doomsday for youtube

  • TheRadioactiveBanana-Brawl Stars

    i started 2 weeks ago and COPPA is about to end me......great

  • The Spirit Of Radio 99
    The Spirit Of Radio 99 23 hours ago

    Listen here. Don't you realize that all this stuff about is CLEARLY NOT TRUE!?! It's all a big rumor! It's CLEARLY confirmed that the account deleted thing doesn't apply with users without demonetization! So you should know that your my channel be okay! I'm telling the truth!

  • The1Wolfcast
    The1Wolfcast 23 hours ago

    I guess I'll just make edgy content now

  • TheNew Brazy999
    TheNew Brazy999 Day ago

    0:13 soyboy spotted!!!
    Call in the flamesqaud we got a snowflake

  • Itz Blue Vito
    Itz Blue Vito Day ago

    Guys PLEASE HELP gacha is serious danger along with ALL the others make sure to spread the word to EVERYONE you know LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!!!

  • HI HI
    HI HI Day ago

    what if you delete it

  • HI HI
    HI HI Day ago

    this is an offense to all creators and kids themselves on youtube

  • Captain Slimsam
    Captain Slimsam Day ago

    this is the youtube killer, time to move to other platforms.

  • Olivia Kowalski
    Olivia Kowalski Day ago

    Thankyou for making such a serious video. I know that other channels made serious videos, but you made it very clear that this is not a matter to laugh at. I think this should be talked about

  • Grumpy Potato186

    We seriously need to make a new video sharing company with no censorship

  • Sky Kast
    Sky Kast Day ago

    The meteor is USclip punishing the creators...

  • Mystic Paranormal

    SOMETHING PLEASE HELP! I have other channels on here that I lost the login info and get get in anymore. So I won’t be able to label my videos properly. Am I going to get fined now?

  • Lilpoke
    Lilpoke Day ago

    I honestly wanted to start a animation channel next year but now that I see this
    it really makes me rethink my choice

  • Just Another Gamer

    I want to create CoD content and also Dark Souls content. I have no idea what they will think of that.

  • Black_Hole
    Black_Hole Day ago

    So what I am hearing is that basically these new lawsforce content creators to basically not be natural humans. And with the vibrant colours rule, that DEFINITLEY makes no sense (everything else does as well, but you should listen here), because vibrant colours are basically, nay LITERALLY every colour in existence.

  • Bainting SnipEz
    Bainting SnipEz Day ago

    This is the apocalypse

  • Tidalwave Princess

    Does coppa just effect USclip or does it effect everything like social media or websites

  • danny b
    danny b Day ago

    think about all the kids who created channels and are about to get fined thousands of dollars because of COPPA

  • hauls. ASMR .positivity.

    My channel is not for kids not intended for kids

  • Mizu
    Mizu Day ago

    So pretty much everything on youtube is for kids

  • PoWer to the sHeepLe

    So if I show a clip of myself drawing a piece of flash for a tattoo I have to do is that now considered kids content?? Was debating on starting a channel for my Tattooing business and opening my shop and this could potentially destroy that prospect? Because it has drawing in it or?!

  • Queen fam Cara
    Queen fam Cara Day ago

    With my old account wasn’t kid friendly and I did Queen songs review f**k lol

  • ZombiePandaParty

    Mikeymegamega also for kids .

  • Revived Content
    Revived Content Day ago


    LUCΛS Day ago

    we should all just try make youtube EXTRA edgy 🤪

  • Scoggle Gaming
    Scoggle Gaming Day ago

    What happens if you mark a video for kids but it's actually very mature?

  • Quqquu
    Quqquu Day ago

    So basically Coppa doesnt want youtube to exsist anymore

  • the loner guy parodys

    Dosent the government have anything better to do like I don't know attack people from the deep web instead of harassing us who want to intertain everyone depending on there since of humor kids grow up eventually no one's a kid forever like come on

  • Scott Billingham

    You be Frank, I'll be Earnest

  • Majesty Studio Pro
    Majesty Studio Pro Day ago +1

    Just mark it for kids..

  • Clovur Kaya
    Clovur Kaya Day ago

    So even content creators not from america, are under american COPPA law?

  • Linda Khasi Gospel Videos

    What about gospel videos?

  • Lolmg Gaming
    Lolmg Gaming Day ago

    Theres Only one solution:

    Just be a streamer only on a streaming platform.

  • Splendid DIY
    Splendid DIY Day ago

    please file in the petition on this being made by 'video creators' channel
    they have gotten thousands of signatures and have shared guidelines too on what way to write to make your opinion sound valid. Just sharing here so that more of us can voice our opinions together as a community and save livelihoods. Good day :)

  • Mobile_Gamer 717

    I’ve made it to 1.5k subs in 7 months and now I have to say goodbye 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • nikholaz_candiz
    nikholaz_candiz Day ago +1

    Well I’m not going to make anymore content

  • Phil R
    Phil R 2 days ago

    Just left a comment at regulations and signed the petition too....I hope everyone does this only 6 more days left!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maloboss22
    Maloboss22 2 days ago

    i love chadtronic like my cmt if u do to💖

  • Marmalade 891
    Marmalade 891 2 days ago

    how long will this go on? is it gonna be here forever or is it gonna stop at some point?

  • Quadingly
    Quadingly 2 days ago

    Anyone working with the FTC has a hit list.

  • Chris Mercadante
    Chris Mercadante 2 days ago

    While this IS a serious concern...the FTC employs slightly over 1,000 people. They are NOT going to be sitting there going through videos on USclip on a daily basis, that's a laughable concept. It's going to be, like most things with the FTC, when an outside group, non-profit, or anything like that raise a complaint. Just like the FTC doesn't go after companies for false advertising unless someone (usually a competitor) complains. I would also imagine, based on my own experience with consumer products and advertising with the FTC, that the first step is usually a cease and desist letter or response/warning - you don't just wake up one day and get a $40,000 fine. The government (say what you will about it) doesn't operate like that.

  • Jude Lim
    Jude Lim 2 days ago

    What happens to the content creators that don’t live in the US

  • HopefulMC
    HopefulMC 2 days ago

    Well I think youtube rewind is going to be the best one ever this year because it will be summing up everything youtube has done. USclip will probably be finished soon :(

  • HopefulMC
    HopefulMC 2 days ago

    no gaming!?? wth

  • Jennifer Gitler
    Jennifer Gitler 2 days ago

    If this goes into effect as is, will the FTC be able to track views and police on that? I don't think my channel, video content, or thumbnails are in any way "aimed at kids" but technically it's entirely possible a kid could watch. So if I say a video is not for kids and whatever scanning system the FTC uses agrees with that, am I safe? Or could I still get fined if a kid ends up watching without me knowing?

    • hauls. ASMR .positivity.
      hauls. ASMR .positivity. Day ago

      Jennifer Gitler I def subbed I love supernatural I have a supernatural tumblr fan page

  • Php&mysql ineasysteps

    The problem with google's youtube is, making a sole living from it is never a good idea.

  • Php&mysql ineasysteps

    Well my clips are website stuff.

  • greypistolsquad1
    greypistolsquad1 2 days ago +1

    If the video isn’t searchable and is not suggested, how will it ever be found?

    • Aline Thomson
      Aline Thomson 2 days ago

      I guess if you search the channel and sort through the videos to find that one

  • Kazuki The 16-bit Jolteon

    Let’s raid Coppa they can’t stop all of us

  • Ean Ames
    Ean Ames 2 days ago

    I dont want youtube to go

  • Ean Ames
    Ean Ames 2 days ago

    Im scared

  • Funtime freddy gaming39

    I did not known this now im DUN FOR!!!!😓

  • gaster101 reacts
    gaster101 reacts 2 days ago

    screw FTC

  • Sonic Goku Jiren
    Sonic Goku Jiren 2 days ago

    COPPA is against the bill of rights

  • Matt TNT
    Matt TNT 2 days ago

    There is a reason there is USclip Kids lol