25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion in 4K - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Feb 10, 2017
  • Sometimes ideas get too big for our backyard so in this video, Gav, Dan, a camera crew go to a Quarry to make the biggest and most colourful mess yet. Whip out your 4K TVs!
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    Cheers to Marcus, Brandon, Wes and Harter for the help.
    Filmed with the Phantom Flex 4K and Phantom Flex
    25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion in 4K - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • МВ С
    МВ С 13 hours ago

    This is not a rainbow. There are 7 colors in the rainbow. You have 6. This is LGBT. You are misleading us.

  • Paige Erickson
    Paige Erickson Day ago

    This is one of my favorites

  • Chandrakanta Patil
    Chandrakanta Patil 2 days ago

    1 airbag, 10M views. 25 airbags, 5M views. Back to the backyard you go!

  • Catching Sole75
    Catching Sole75 2 days ago

    Why was I singing " Go go power Rangers" when he jumped????????

  • What a Loser
    What a Loser 3 days ago

    7:25 AWESOME

  • compa ricky
    compa ricky 5 days ago

    You look like shagy from Scooby doo when you jumped

  • Moist cabbage
    Moist cabbage 10 days ago

    This video in 4K is absolutely stunning

  • Alex Goldberg
    Alex Goldberg 11 days ago

    7:28 perfect screen shot

  • Império do BrasilBall

    3:16 Brazilian explosion

  • DarkKnight 8080
    DarkKnight 8080 14 days ago

    They looked like Rainbow air strikes am I right

  • dandre moy
    dandre moy 15 days ago

    "Thats some high end airbag"

  • Mikeygamer mcwain
    Mikeygamer mcwain 17 days ago

    Go at 5:29 and pause it gav has no arms

  • Paul B
    Paul B 17 days ago

    _[whale noises]_
    nice job on the captions

  • Kryptiv Official
    Kryptiv Official 18 days ago

    Camara panning is making me feel really uncomfortable

  • Vortex Knows Best
    Vortex Knows Best 19 days ago

    I wonder if this how they do the explosions in power rangers lol

  • Jurassic Park
    Jurassic Park 24 days ago

    That looks sooooo cool

  • jeon jungkook
    jeon jungkook 24 days ago

    Kto jest polakiem?

  • Lone wolf
    Lone wolf 24 days ago

    watch this in 4k guys you won't regret it

  • Wild Gaming
    Wild Gaming 25 days ago

    O_O Hoyl cow I just looked up the price for the camera they use... JEEZ

  • Jaxon Rieves
    Jaxon Rieves 26 days ago

    5:20 is this nuclear war

  • Fellow Jack Nation
    Fellow Jack Nation 26 days ago +1

    God made a rainbow
    as a sign that he should
    never destroy all
    his creation ever again.

  • Jimmy Shaves_A_Lot
    Jimmy Shaves_A_Lot 28 days ago

    That was the perfect shot.

  • king poopsalot
    king poopsalot 29 days ago

    7:46 perfect screensaver

  • Teejaay
    Teejaay 29 days ago

    The side shot would make a really cool screensaver 🤘🤘

  • ILuvKonata
    ILuvKonata Month ago

    Who throws a shoe? Honestly.

  • Miss Chloe Jenkins
    Miss Chloe Jenkins Month ago

    thank you for making this video for the PRIDE Community :)

  • Steal My Beats
    Steal My Beats Month ago

    What do you think about American viewers?

  • HinataElyonToph
    HinataElyonToph Month ago

    Brief moment of Kung shoe. I like it

  • The Elite Pickle
    The Elite Pickle Month ago

    Lol with subtitles it says they are going to have colorful sneezes

  • Moosedraw
    Moosedraw Month ago

    God dans a beautiful specimen.

  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams Month ago

    .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..- .-. / ...- .. -.. -.-.--

  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams Month ago

    love your vid!

  • creed 995
    creed 995 Month ago

    Imagine this on a huge scale to the point it was visible in space

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName Month ago

    0:18 look at all those Chevy airbags...
    Even a Mercedes Benz one!

  • Matt D
    Matt D Month ago

    The song started playing near the beginning and I thought I was watching an Outside Xtra video

  • DairenOh 693
    DairenOh 693 Month ago

    This was an awesome video! Reminds me of some of the pyrotechnics used in Super Sentai and Power Rangers.👌

  • Marc Rover
    Marc Rover Month ago

    If I walked by after they had done this, I'd think a Clown-car ran over a land-mine.

  • Cheeze GameZ
    Cheeze GameZ Month ago

    6ix9ine approves

  • Galactic Vlogs
    Galactic Vlogs Month ago

    Ohhhhh so thats why I have asthma

  • arandomchannel
    arandomchannel Month ago

    And my inner power ranger comes out

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark Month ago

    Go go slow mo rangers dah na na na na

  • Will B
    Will B Month ago

    My new favorite channel. I'm addicted.

  • David Evans
    David Evans Month ago

    Humans are so wasteful.

  • Taevyon Daly
    Taevyon Daly Month ago

    7:25 take that feminists

  • Henry Garcia
    Henry Garcia Month ago

    Boomerang between 7:10 - 7:15 😂

  • James Conte
    James Conte Month ago

    At 1:30 looks more than 25 airbags

  • Amy Jayne
    Amy Jayne Month ago

    That head turn at 7:22 lmao

  • Daren Garcia
    Daren Garcia Month ago

    Awesome....Thanks so much!

  • A swirly thing
    A swirly thing Month ago

    So that's how that Power Rangers effect works

  • Chrissy Lou
    Chrissy Lou Month ago +1

    Wow Gav is actually pretty flexible...

  • KaptCaveman
    KaptCaveman Month ago

    This is the best of the 10 Slow Mo Guys vids I've seen so far. Hard to top this, wow!

  • Dafuro
    Dafuro 2 months ago

    Yo, so how do you feel about turkish tv shows using your videos and clips from your videos and making money from it?

  • Conor Powers
    Conor Powers 2 months ago +1

    Does it look like they’re making an ied

  • Mystic
    Mystic 2 months ago

    8:05 Gavin looks like hes pooping lmao

  • Роман Денисов

    Круто! Спасибо за отличный контент и без рекламы!!

  • Avi Henriksen
    Avi Henriksen 2 months ago

    5:30 look there's a rainbow in front of the rainbow!

  • Blacksheep
    Blacksheep 2 months ago

    Is it just me that allways think you look so stupid in slowmotion?

  • Nick Walker
    Nick Walker 2 months ago

    I just now realized Gav doesnt have shoestrings. XD

  • Silas
    Silas 2 months ago

    If you're on mobile keep rewinding at the beginning

  • Wild Spycrab
    Wild Spycrab 2 months ago

    hes not dead- its only a flesh wound

  • The Derp
    The Derp 2 months ago

    wow you guys made a rainbow mess XD

  • Oscar Viklund
    Oscar Viklund 2 months ago +1

    Now this is the gayest thing I've ever seen lol

  • stephane tranquille
    stephane tranquille 2 months ago

    Kinda jealous, that looked so awesome. Great job!

  • destroyer1107
    destroyer1107 2 months ago

    How power ranger episodes are made

  • XO LIF3
    XO LIF3 2 months ago

    This video is LGBT-friendly

  • Daniel Troger
    Daniel Troger 2 months ago

    lol at the subtitles @2:29

  • M&X
    M&X 2 months ago

    6ix9ine would be proud

  • KiwiKubeZ
    KiwiKubeZ 2 months ago +1

    Multiplies number of airbags by 25 and adds rainbows, cuts # of views in half

  • Amy Henriksen
    Amy Henriksen 2 months ago

    2:29 why do they have small bags of every other colour but a massive bag of orange?

  • Vishrut Khunt
    Vishrut Khunt 2 months ago

    HOLI HAI!!!!!!!!

  • Juney B.
    Juney B. 2 months ago

    I like the side angle View amazing and awesome

  • Promethean _night
    Promethean _night 2 months ago

    The red look pretty

  • Ananta Kabir
    Ananta Kabir 3 months ago

    i finally understand why power rangers have powdered explosion whenever they transform
    As well if you wanna see them turn into power rangers go to 7:10

  • EnderFlurry
    EnderFlurry 3 months ago

    What’s the slo mo song called?

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me 3 months ago

    7:57 And here we can hear the noise a wild Dan makes.

  • Leon Bornhoff
    Leon Bornhoff 3 months ago

    That jump😂

  • Robert McCutcheon
    Robert McCutcheon 3 months ago

    its funny I always think of dan as the lovable fat dumb guy of the duo . but then they do videos involving like this and i remember he is actually a experienced explosives expert formally with the British military

  • JordanTRS
    JordanTRS 3 months ago

    1:27 Am I the only person who instantly thought of DanTDM when I heard that song?

  • Lewis Orchard
    Lewis Orchard 3 months ago

    That’s a apple iPhone X ad right there 7:32

  • Ipsit Prabhu
    Ipsit Prabhu 3 months ago

    Holi hai!!!!(indian festival of colours) love from india

  • IcyGoldenbird
    IcyGoldenbird 3 months ago


  • John Victor Jacobson
    John Victor Jacobson 3 months ago

    Try doing this with air cannons. You can vary the psi to fine tune the burst and it's a lot more reliable. Awesome SloMo !!!

  • Hawk flight
    Hawk flight 3 months ago

    U should do a fire tornado in all motion

  • mlg989
    mlg989 3 months ago

    reminds me of the power rangers

  • Mr. Magikarp
    Mr. Magikarp 3 months ago

    a "cool" jump lol

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith 3 months ago +1


  • Giacomo Riccardo Hvaring

    7:57 the subtitles really got me there

  • Phoenix Productions
    Phoenix Productions 3 months ago +1

    7:28 looks so cool

  • Bluestone Randomness
    Bluestone Randomness 3 months ago

    1:42 *The amazing flying shoe v0.75*

  • Amber Law
    Amber Law 4 months ago +1

    how to celebrate pride, the slow mo way

  • Eric BOYER
    Eric BOYER 4 months ago

    Sorry guy's, my cat stepped on my ipad and disliked the video. And i simply cant't undo it, this little ball of fluffs is way too cute to me to undo anything it did... So basicly you can take a dislike and transform it in a like in your mind. Sooo... I'm pretty sure this will change your way to see the world x)

  • Norah Dawoodi
    Norah Dawoodi 4 months ago


  • WillOhNo Videos
    WillOhNo Videos 4 months ago

    Imagine ur just walk-in along by the quarry when suddenly a massive rainbow explosion happens in the distance and you hear the faint sound of what seems to be a dying turkey

  • nickvisick
    nickvisick 4 months ago

    How about using a drone to get aerial shots of the technicolored aftermath?

  • Joe Omundson
    Joe Omundson 4 months ago

    Is the paint very toxic? Or what's it made out of? Sure the rain will come and wash it away, but it'll still end up somewhere.

  • GIGI Cap
    GIGI Cap 4 months ago

    7:27 Instagram worthy shot📸😱🌈

  • Charles Daugherty
    Charles Daugherty 4 months ago

    Would it be possible to get a still of the explosion with all the colors visible (8:51-8:52 vid in vid)?

  • powelljma
    powelljma 4 months ago

    Got 10 million views last time, looks at the views, 5 milllion, awkward

  • Luis The Turquoise Cat
    Luis The Turquoise Cat 4 months ago +1

    It reminds me of color run

  • 212th Øri
    212th Øri 4 months ago

    Was this how the Painted Desert was made?