25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion in 4K - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Feb 10, 2017
  • Sometimes ideas get too big for our backyard so in this video, Gav, Dan, a camera crew go to a Quarry to make the biggest and most colourful mess yet. Whip out your 4K TVs!
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    Cheers to Marcus, Brandon, Wes and Harter for the help.
    Filmed with the Phantom Flex 4K and Phantom Flex
    25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion in 4K - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Lightling Candy
    Lightling Candy 3 days ago

    8:05 Gavin looks like hes pooping lmao

  • Цифровые Развлечения

    Круто! Спасибо за отличный контент и без рекламы!!

  • Avi Henriksen
    Avi Henriksen 9 days ago

    5:30 look there's a rainbow in front of the rainbow!

  • Blacksheep
    Blacksheep 9 days ago

    Is it just me that allways think you look so stupid in slowmotion?

  • Nick Walker
    Nick Walker 10 days ago

    I just now realized Gav doesnt have shoestrings. XD

  • Silas
    Silas 11 days ago

    If you're on mobile keep rewinding at the beginning

  • Wild Spycrab
    Wild Spycrab 13 days ago

    hes not dead- its only a flesh wound

  • The Derp
    The Derp 13 days ago

    wow you guys made a rainbow mess XD

  • Oscar Viklund
    Oscar Viklund 13 days ago +1

    Now this is the gayest thing I've ever seen lol

  • stephane tranquille
    stephane tranquille 14 days ago

    Kinda jealous, that looked so awesome. Great job!

  • destroyer1107
    destroyer1107 15 days ago

    How power ranger episodes are made

  • XO LIF3
    XO LIF3 19 days ago

    This video is LGBT-friendly

  • Daniel Troger
    Daniel Troger 24 days ago

    lol at the subtitles @2:29

  • M&X
    M&X 24 days ago

    6ix9ine would be proud

  • KiwiKubeZ
    KiwiKubeZ 25 days ago +1

    Multiplies number of airbags by 25 and adds rainbows, cuts # of views in half

  • Amy Henriksen
    Amy Henriksen 26 days ago

    2:29 why do they have small bags of every other colour but a massive bag of orange?

  • Vishrut Khunt
    Vishrut Khunt 26 days ago

    HOLI HAI!!!!!!!!

  • Juney B.
    Juney B. 27 days ago

    I like the side angle View amazing and awesome

  • Promethean _night
    Promethean _night 27 days ago

    The red look pretty

  • Ananta Kabir
    Ananta Kabir 29 days ago

    i finally understand why power rangers have powdered explosion whenever they transform
    As well if you wanna see them turn into power rangers go to 7:10

  • EnderFlurry
    EnderFlurry Month ago

    What’s the slo mo song called?

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me Month ago

    7:57 And here we can hear the noise a wild Dan makes.

  • Leon Bornhoff
    Leon Bornhoff Month ago

    That jump😂

  • Robert McCutcheon
    Robert McCutcheon Month ago

    its funny I always think of dan as the lovable fat dumb guy of the duo . but then they do videos involving like this and i remember he is actually a experienced explosives expert formally with the British military

  • JordanTRS
    JordanTRS Month ago

    1:27 Am I the only person who instantly thought of DanTDM when I heard that song?

  • Lewis Orchard
    Lewis Orchard Month ago

    That’s a apple iPhone X ad right there 7:32

  • Ipsit Prabhu
    Ipsit Prabhu Month ago

    Holi hai!!!!(indian festival of colours) love from india

  • IcyGoldenbird
    IcyGoldenbird Month ago


  • John Victor Jacobson

    Try doing this with air cannons. You can vary the psi to fine tune the burst and it's a lot more reliable. Awesome SloMo !!!

  • Hawk flight
    Hawk flight Month ago

    U should do a fire tornado in all motion

  • mlg989
    mlg989 Month ago

    reminds me of the power rangers

  • Mr. Magikarp
    Mr. Magikarp Month ago

    a "cool" jump lol

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith Month ago +1


  • Giacomo Riccardo Hvaring

    7:57 the subtitles really got me there

  • Phoenix Productions
    Phoenix Productions Month ago +1

    7:28 looks so cool

  • Redstoneuplands
    Redstoneuplands Month ago

    1:42 *The amazing flying shoe v0.75*

  • Amber Law
    Amber Law 2 months ago +1

    how to celebrate pride, the slow mo way

  • Eric BOYER
    Eric BOYER 2 months ago

    Sorry guy's, my cat stepped on my ipad and disliked the video. And i simply cant't undo it, this little ball of fluffs is way too cute to me to undo anything it did... So basicly you can take a dislike and transform it in a like in your mind. Sooo... I'm pretty sure this will change your way to see the world x)

  • Norah Dawoodi
    Norah Dawoodi 2 months ago


  • Willow Yocky
    Willow Yocky 2 months ago

    Imagine ur just walk-in along by the quarry when suddenly a massive rainbow explosion happens in the distance and you hear the faint sound of what seems to be a dying turkey

  • nickvisick
    nickvisick 2 months ago

    How about using a drone to get aerial shots of the technicolored aftermath?

  • Joe Omundson
    Joe Omundson 2 months ago

    Is the paint very toxic? Or what's it made out of? Sure the rain will come and wash it away, but it'll still end up somewhere.

  • GIGI unicorn Cap
    GIGI unicorn Cap 2 months ago

    7:27 Instagram worthy shot📸😱🌈

  • Charles Daugherty
    Charles Daugherty 2 months ago

    Would it be possible to get a still of the explosion with all the colors visible (8:51-8:52 vid in vid)?

  • powelljma
    powelljma 2 months ago

    Got 10 million views last time, looks at the views, 5 milllion, awkward

  • Luis The Turquoise Cat
    Luis The Turquoise Cat 2 months ago +1

    It reminds me of color run

  • 212th Øri
    212th Øri 2 months ago

    Was this how the Painted Desert was made?

  • BigSis Gymnast
    BigSis Gymnast 2 months ago

    Gav: *drops airbag*
    Me: that lives there now?!?!?

  • TopHat Turtle
    TopHat Turtle 3 months ago

    best quier explosion evah!

  • Rowan Streeter
    Rowan Streeter 3 months ago

    This makes me so very happy. :)

  • The PokeCrew
    The PokeCrew 3 months ago

    I feel bad for Dan

  • Tom Nunya
    Tom Nunya 3 months ago

    That was absolutely Brilliant!

  • Garle Curco
    Garle Curco 3 months ago

    Looks like a a war trap in a war

  • Richard CYBORG Wilson
    Richard CYBORG Wilson 3 months ago


  • jermein williamson
    jermein williamson 3 months ago

    That was wwwwickeed!

  • Mash Rien
    Mash Rien 3 months ago

    As Adam said when they blew up the Snu; "It looks like a Clown's head exploded."

  • ZeikJT
    ZeikJT 3 months ago

    10:09 That is exactly what I thought of!

  • The Lord Herp
    The Lord Herp 3 months ago

    Go go slow mo guy!!!

  • A Humble Hero
    A Humble Hero 3 months ago

    The offscreen camera crew are the real MVPs.

  • Mahatab Mahat
    Mahatab Mahat 3 months ago


  • Shadow Shane
    Shadow Shane 3 months ago

    7:29 I took a screenshot of this.

  • Zero's
    Zero's 3 months ago

    This has no relation with war whatsoever but this reminds me of bombs exploding tons of people but just more colorful

  • Joshua Jesse
    Joshua Jesse 3 months ago

    Great video for testing a nice new amoled display

  • Crazy’s the New Normal

    Pause at 7:15

  • OxygenRBX
    OxygenRBX 3 months ago

    7:46 oml

  • Diamond Pixelators
    Diamond Pixelators 3 months ago

    Me: realizes they were talking about the video being in 4k* "hmm... I wonder.. *puts the quality on 4k on my macbook and sees that it is actually loading the video without lagging* :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Apple did something for once!

  • Tanks4lief t4l
    Tanks4lief t4l 3 months ago

    7:30 most epic thing ever

  • William Walters
    William Walters 3 months ago

    A frame at 7:28 is the poster I want to hang on my wall.

  • Alyssa Frantz
    Alyssa Frantz 3 months ago

    I wanna live in a world where every sunset is just a thunderous, rainbow explosion of clouds like at 7:32.

  • Edvinas Sungur
    Edvinas Sungur 4 months ago

    If that had 6 million vievs this one should have 150 mil

  • UIA Comedy
    UIA Comedy 4 months ago

    In every video it looks like you did it in photoshop but then you watch the video and you can see that its real (bad english, i'm from israel.)

  • Ed Bogan
    Ed Bogan 4 months ago


  • Melancholy Alex
    Melancholy Alex 4 months ago

    That purple though...sooo royally beautiful O.O

  • AhmetEfe HD
    AhmetEfe HD 4 months ago

    türk olan tek banmiyim

  • Wong Jowo
    Wong Jowo 4 months ago +1

    That's coolest background

  • Rhonda Larsen
    Rhonda Larsen 4 months ago


  • Rhonda Larsen
    Rhonda Larsen 4 months ago


  • jack0130 jack0130
    jack0130 jack0130 4 months ago


  • Trendi Tree
    Trendi Tree 4 months ago

    Do you guys have an instagram?

  • 4leef
    4leef 4 months ago

    Beautiful!! Loved it!!

  • UberingFool Mollestri
    UberingFool Mollestri 4 months ago

    You guys should host a pride month parade

  • RedJLetsPlay
    RedJLetsPlay 4 months ago

    Who gets to clean up that little box canyon in the middle of nowhere?

  • Crystal Tenor aka kenny cook

    Pride on flek

  • Adrianna Fischer
    Adrianna Fischer 4 months ago

    THAT WAS HELLA AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  • Linda Duemmel
    Linda Duemmel 4 months ago

    i like how you so this in the middle of nowhere

  • mermaid lover Sydney
    mermaid lover Sydney 4 months ago

    THE VIDEO IS LIT!! but from where is the powder

  • Sharron Mitchell
    Sharron Mitchell 4 months ago


  • Just Another Edgy Teen
    Just Another Edgy Teen 4 months ago +2

    7:03 shaggy, this isn’t weed...

  • mechpeanut
    mechpeanut 4 months ago

    Before this video, I listened to: She's like a rainbow by The Rolling Stones. And this reminded me of it.

  • abooseg223
    abooseg223 4 months ago


  • Sophie Baliff
    Sophie Baliff 4 months ago +1

    7:32 😯😯😯 that's the coolest

  • Lola Gomez
    Lola Gomez 4 months ago


  • supahsamurai1
    supahsamurai1 5 months ago

    This is so Power Rangers like! Lol With the colored explosions behind them as they do awesome heroic poses. Lol Very cool.

  • SirBritish
    SirBritish 5 months ago +1

    7:35 I didn't realise splatoon added arty in the game :)

  • Ham Merdh
    Ham Merdh 5 months ago


  • AhmedUllah
    AhmedUllah 5 months ago

    Loved ur hard work😊

  • TheG
    TheG 5 months ago

    Slowmo Sentai Cameranger!

  • Harry Sheppard
    Harry Sheppard 5 months ago

    Lol his jump tho

  • Rachel Huber
    Rachel Huber 5 months ago

    7:45 your welcome

  • Liz McCloskey
    Liz McCloskey 5 months ago

    hope that powder is eco friendly 😁😁