I Found Daequan's Daughter In Random Duos... (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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Comments • 1 574

  • Pigluv
    Pigluv 3 months ago

    I think i know this girl
    Pretty sure she is in my school

  • Rohan k
    Rohan k 4 months ago

    That Thumbnail though😂😂🤣

  • Tristan Weinstein
    Tristan Weinstein 5 months ago


  • the jstar
    the jstar 5 months ago

    Dequan would be a little kid when she was born thats how you know shes lying

  • Mai Lee
    Mai Lee 5 months ago


  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 5 months ago +2

    Turn on captions and read what it says at 0:20 and 4:22

  • Sam Kozaily
    Sam Kozaily 5 months ago

    Daequan is TRASH

  • Boo Da Dog
    Boo Da Dog 5 months ago

    My friend bullies me because I’m not good at Fortnite but I eliminated them more than they eliminated me

  • BMW Sean
    BMW Sean 6 months ago

    does daequans daugher stream?

  • Restax
    Restax 6 months ago

    Daequan killed him once when he kissed him..(in game btw)

  • Lokno Loknish
    Lokno Loknish 7 months ago

    Noooo don’t believe her she’s lying

  • Takumi F
    Takumi F 7 months ago

    No Way Sypher is 6’4 😂

  • Bono Nicegamerboy
    Bono Nicegamerboy 7 months ago

    Where the hell is the scrim in the title

  • Landon Lilly
    Landon Lilly 7 months ago

    She has 12 wins lmoa

  • Pri Nce
    Pri Nce 7 months ago

    6:58 is that a bounce pad

  • Saucy Szechuan
    Saucy Szechuan 7 months ago

    Cizzorz played with a person who played with Daquan’s daughter and she said she was trying to stream snipe

  • evidentberry13
    evidentberry13 7 months ago

    She only has 12 wins

  • Mr. Kip
    Mr. Kip 8 months ago

    I get builed for being bad at Fortnite

  • TAY
    TAY 8 months ago

    Yooo is that TSM_chica ???

  • Launch Loyalz
    Launch Loyalz 8 months ago


  • Launch Loyalz
    Launch Loyalz 8 months ago

    Her first account name fangirlcheenaq

  • Michael McCutcheon
    Michael McCutcheon 8 months ago

    Deadass my friend and I were the top 4 duo you killed. GGs

  • gaby dejesus
    gaby dejesus 8 months ago

    i think i've seen this girl in 20 other different videos

  • Tristan Keegan
    Tristan Keegan 8 months ago

    I get billed at school because I watch people to get me better at fortnite so I get billed for watching your videos

  • Chris Bautista
    Chris Bautista 8 months ago

    Wait are you actually 6'4?

  • ItsExotic
    ItsExotic 8 months ago

    Lol she sounds white

  • Martin Q2000
    Martin Q2000 8 months ago

    3:41 FBI OPEN UP !!!

  • AcTiVe Pulse
    AcTiVe Pulse 8 months ago

    she seems really nice

  • radman5
    radman5 8 months ago

    wait.. is the supressed smg back?

  • The Horned One
    The Horned One 8 months ago

    "300 wins, not that amazing" I still havent got a single win wtf

  • Chad Mckane
    Chad Mckane 8 months ago

    Sounded like a boy at first then a female im confused

  • Cacarela
    Cacarela 8 months ago

    She seems pretty chill. I want a girl like that hihihi

  • Skullz
    Skullz 8 months ago

    She be jumping on the trampoline screaming "360 ooga booga booga " and breaking her neck .

    I'm joking leave me alone

  • Zongqi Zhang
    Zongqi Zhang 8 months ago

    yep bullying has gone that far and further

  • Chris Finkbohner
    Chris Finkbohner 8 months ago

    home schooled.........

  • Yuhua Tan
    Yuhua Tan 8 months ago


  • Ashton A
    Ashton A 8 months ago +1

    The thing is, i had a full out conversation with this girl, on twitch, the first time she did it im so famous lol

  • Brandon Sing
    Brandon Sing 8 months ago

    He’s 6,4... shit

  • Brandon Sing
    Brandon Sing 8 months ago

    She sounds like Jess from Jkfilms (if anyone knows who they are)

  • Retrocidal
    Retrocidal 8 months ago

    She seemed nice I am still grinding my self was abused in school by teachers is 1st grada a teacher cracked my head open and I had to go to the emergency room and I was beat by teachers for 4 years and then I told then my dad and I also told them if they ever touched me agine in 4th grade I would kill them my dad was pissee and he told them if they ever touched me agine he would personally fuck them up then they made it illegal to do what they did but the abuse went in for many years I had to go to special needs becuase I was kind if fuked up I got stabbed by a girl in like 5th grade and put down made fun if ruthlessly was really hard and then I let peop test me badly becuase I thought I was worthless and a lot of things happend makes me want to cry still even thow I am like 40 but I been doing better now but it's still a struggle and I still have some issues

  • 3rdPartyGod
    3rdPartyGod 8 months ago

    Stream sniping whore😂

  • D MA
    D MA 8 months ago

    How old is daeqaun? He must be almost 40

  • ParallelKy
    ParallelKy 8 months ago +1

    I NEED TO SEE HER FACEEEE I’m not a pedo chill out I just wanna see if she’s cute

  • FazePixel
    FazePixel 8 months ago

    On the way to 100 subs I will subscribe to you if you subscribe to me!

  • Mr.Adriano
    Mr.Adriano 8 months ago

    Since when are bouncers back??

  • Benjamin Clark (STUDENT)


  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Says she doesn’t use twitch but at the beginning she said she uses twitch 99% of her day SMH

  • Alexis Brille
    Alexis Brille 8 months ago

    Lololololololo the thumbnail

  • Mary Davis
    Mary Davis 8 months ago

    i use esdf to move

  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson 8 months ago

    Clickbait thumbnails you did use 😂

  • Nathan
    Nathan 8 months ago

    Bitch, 300 wins is a lot

  • Trevor L
    Trevor L 9 months ago +1

    Did they add suppress smg and bouncers back ?

  • FightingDJツ
    FightingDJツ 9 months ago

    In my contry kids are bullying you because you are playing firtnite (kid game)

  • W-W Beats
    W-W Beats 9 months ago


  • ChlorineMusic
    ChlorineMusic 9 months ago

    Why’d you give daequan such a big chest? Lol that could hold two chug jugs.

  • /TAT/TheAgentTim
    /TAT/TheAgentTim 9 months ago +2

    Here has been the CLICKBAIT thumbnail we have used lol

  • Harrison Thrasher
    Harrison Thrasher 9 months ago

    She is a little off

  • Heinrich Kufeldt
    Heinrich Kufeldt 9 months ago

    WTF is 300 wins "not great"??

  • Skullz
    Skullz 9 months ago

    The thumbnail 😂

  • Lock
    Lock 9 months ago

    i lold at kids getting bullied for their K/D

  • Chamak0 R
    Chamak0 R 9 months ago

    She might be the daughter but she does not push like Daquan, nor build lol

  • BoisonGaming
    BoisonGaming 9 months ago

    Bruh why is there a Spanish Colgate add on your vid?

  • Aimee Graff
    Aimee Graff 9 months ago

    300 wins is not that great? The fck you mean?

  • Kirsten Davis
    Kirsten Davis 9 months ago

    The tsm thot thot

  • Drak _e
    Drak _e 9 months ago

    The thumbnail with Daequan having a wig on his head 😂. But those airbags under that shirt tho 👌

  • Jake Winstead
    Jake Winstead 9 months ago

    300 In all so ya im not that good, man i just got my 25th win...

  • ajg6152
    ajg6152 9 months ago

    wait sypher is 6'4 ?

  • Mashable
    Mashable 9 months ago

    She knows dequean but not Sypher?? Lool how

  • Domingo Gutierrez
    Domingo Gutierrez 9 months ago

    “I’m on twitch most of the time” “I’m not on twitch that’s much” signs of a liar

  • BraganzaHQ
    BraganzaHQ 9 months ago

    Is that the girl that talks in daequan intro?

  • Alberturkey
    Alberturkey 9 months ago

    Is she really Daequan's daughter?

  • Cybertronlaser
    Cybertronlaser 9 months ago

    300???!! I HAVE 0 SOLO WINS AND LIKE 6 DUO/SQUAD WINS DUDE!? Not much?! wow...

  • Connor Macquisten
    Connor Macquisten 9 months ago


  • Georgia Herondale if ykyk

    I get bullied because of my stats

  • mervin infantraj
    mervin infantraj 9 months ago


  • Armani Scott
    Armani Scott 9 months ago

    She said 300 wins? Lying bro check fortnite tracker🤣

  • Liam
    Liam 9 months ago

    Wow sypher 1M already u poppin offff

  • Liam
    Liam 9 months ago

    Cringe alert

  • Liam
    Liam 9 months ago


  • Abdal _07
    Abdal _07 9 months ago

    I’m sorry for her

  • J.A.F
    J.A.F 9 months ago

    I was homeschooled, it was good.

  • thebackseatbandit
    thebackseatbandit 9 months ago


  • American Dippers
    American Dippers 9 months ago

    -Eminem vs mgk vol. 2 ft. Sypher pk and dequan-

  • Peyton Hagens
    Peyton Hagens 9 months ago

    Even if she stream sniped to get into his game it would be complete luck to be matched with him in a duo fill. You have to get the same game and partner. Very low chance 😂 especially when there’s another thousand players trying the same thing.

  • dm xkore
    dm xkore 9 months ago

    Damn she was bullied holy cow if I were her friend I would have beat the niggas up

  • GO1 JR
    GO1 JR 9 months ago

    I was homeschooled for Sophomore junior and senior year. finished my last three years of Highschool in 2 years and had lots of scholarships. If you’re not yet in Highschool you should consider Homeschool honestly. it’s not all that bad. just have a couple friends that you can chill with and even though u dint attend a regular school u can still play sports for highschools as long as you live in their district. not sure if that’s for all states but in California it is.

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez 9 months ago

    all these hinas that play fortnite are 80% home schooled I swear

  • Golden Weed
    Golden Weed 9 months ago

    Sounds like an absolute bittcchh

  • Micky Thao
    Micky Thao 9 months ago

    Lmaooo but why you do my boy like that with the thumbnail

  • GGViperking YT
    GGViperking YT 9 months ago

    I remember in cizzors stream a few weeks ago he played with a random duo guy who played with her

  • Tammy Roush
    Tammy Roush 9 months ago

    She seems so sweet. Can I add her

  • Ivan Wang
    Ivan Wang 9 months ago

    Who else thought i was gonna be a guy?

  • Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez 9 months ago

    You missed your chance to say “My daughter now😈”

  • Najmie Abrar
    Najmie Abrar 9 months ago

    Why would you edit daequan daughter like that in the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • amgK v2.0
    amgK v2.0 9 months ago

    She’s actually pretty cool

  • Evan Murch
    Evan Murch 9 months ago

    Lmao she complaining about 300 wins while i only got 12 😂

  • EddyPlayz _
    EddyPlayz _ 9 months ago

    Yeah I get bullied cause of my stats

  • Mark Joiner
    Mark Joiner 9 months ago +1

    Who do you like more sypherPK or Daquan like for shepherd comment for daquan

  • Plexiify
    Plexiify 9 months ago

    Which skin is better?!🔥


  • Sudheer Narasimha
    Sudheer Narasimha 9 months ago