Mitch McConnell: Dry Rot of Democracy | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Strap on your safety goggles and hold your breath, we're diving deep into the government's drain to take a closer look at the Mitch McConnell-shaped clog that's been mucking things up for ages.
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  • Jack Givens
    Jack Givens 7 hours ago

    Mitch MCConnel has slowed democracy to a crawl for his special interests...and of course his Chinese wife and her special interest in her Chinese shipping co. In CHINA...

  • Eileen Brogan
    Eileen Brogan 19 hours ago The Epoch Times is rated as biased right, and factually mixed due to reporting pseudoscience as news, and propaganda against China and in favor of Trump.

  • TheCanadiangirl4
    TheCanadiangirl4 3 days ago

    Thank you Sam for shining the light on the Republicans behind trump. I hope you do more episodes on them to highlight what they are doing. trump writes and says crazy things to distract the media and people to what the vile republicans like Mcconnell are doing in the background.

  • Zeeshaan Ahmad
    Zeeshaan Ahmad 3 days ago

    I like my turtle soup with the meat finely minced.

  • Kenneth de Vries
    Kenneth de Vries 9 days ago

    MM is a pig. Squeal like a pig Mitch!!

  • Luke Rummell
    Luke Rummell 11 days ago

    Is Mitch a transecusl

  • Anthony Juarez
    Anthony Juarez 12 days ago

    To be fair Trump is just being trump!! A running freely unchecked, and as graceful as a bull in a China shop!! The real Enabler arm which McConnell and Paul Ryan and I are starting to look like Nancy Pelosi!!

  • Alex Hopewell
    Alex Hopewell 12 days ago

    McConnell is sneaky. He acts as a gatekeeper for the GOP agenda while restricting issues on the Democratic side. He was and is not fair. He does not even care on whit for what is right or wrong. To be gentle I will say he’s morally challenged, but you know what I mean. He has repressed his conscience so much he’s turned himself into a sociopath.

  • Bronzee ɘɘznoɿઘ
    Bronzee ɘɘznoɿઘ 13 days ago

    Pelosi is no leader and she cant take strong action against anyone. Pelosi is weaksauce #weaksauce.

  • Sheryl Small
    Sheryl Small 13 days ago

    Mitch McConnell-the kidney stone of the Senate, the dry rot of democracy-I love it!

  • Creek Walker
    Creek Walker 14 days ago

    He throws up everytime he looks in the mirror.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones 14 days ago

    >Liberalism arises from weakness and delusion. Liberalism is perpetrated, promulgated and perpetuated by the weak and delusional. Liberalism is weakness that ultimately leads to RUIN. >

  • The Philosopher of Culture

    I totally agree. The minute Mitch McConnell does not get his $40 million a year in bribes anymore from Trump's government, he will drop Trump.

  • Garth W
    Garth W 14 days ago

    Term limits solves this. That shoukd be an easy fix. Of course that Congress would have to be involved means it will never happen.

  • clipobserver
    clipobserver 14 days ago

    Rand Paul's neighbor attacked the wrong US Senator from Kentucky.

  • Laura B
    Laura B 15 days ago

    Ditch Mitch, DUMP TRUMP

  • Nestor San Gabriel
    Nestor San Gabriel 15 days ago

    This wild animal DOM Mconnell isn't belong to good society. He should belong to the CAVE together with his uncivilized brethren. His ROTTEN DECAY of decent society! His character is ABOMINABLE WICKED that just to hear his name I feel nauseous and immediately use the toilet! He's such stinking DEVIL!

  • Abelardo Solo
    Abelardo Solo 15 days ago

    Dump the Trumps, dump the Trumps, dump the Trumps

  • Lee Schaefer
    Lee Schaefer 15 days ago

    Thrumps stupidity is beyond belief. And the Dems cant even muster up someone to beat him. LOL

  • 4get About It
    4get About It 15 days ago

    He has much to give account for when he stands before God.

  • Dee Pattison
    Dee Pattison 15 days ago

    Thank you, Samantha Bee.

  • Wado Waleli
    Wado Waleli 15 days ago

    Has anyone ever actually asked McConnell how he, as Senate leader, could justify accepting millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs during the last five years? Don't you think that might be something he should be given an opportunity to explain to the public? After all, doesn't that appear to be an incredible conflict of interest since he has led voting (and non-voting) on critically important Russia-related national security issues? True, McConnell makes every effort to avoid public exposure of any kind except to make some kind of occasional hypocritical and judgmental pronouncement about a political opponent, but this question is an important one that he has avoided elaborating on for far too long. Can we have an explanation as to why he received so much Russian money and is so tight-lipped about it? Can you imagine what he would be saying if he hadn't been singled out for Russian largesse and one of his opponents had? I suspect McConnell would be quite vocal if that were the case and we'd be hearing a lot about anti-American or unpatriotic or traitorous behavior. Instead we hear nothing....

  • melody mcgarrahan
    melody mcgarrahan 15 days ago

    Ditch Mitch!!! He is a traitor to our country!!!!!! Wake Up America....This is our country they are stealing for their personal gains!

  • Terry Wolf
    Terry Wolf 16 days ago

    McConnell blocks everything, he and Senate Republicans do not want to do their jobs on anything.

  • Olen Soifer
    Olen Soifer 16 days ago

    Love your show, but learn how to pronounce the words you read off your monogamous, and lutefisk. Pronouncing them incorrectly makes you sound like an idiot.

  • Heather Mefford
    Heather Mefford 16 days ago


  • Patricia M
    Patricia M 16 days ago

    Trump is surrounded by agents of ISRAEL.

  • john norris
    john norris 18 days ago

    both he nd pelosi need to go they both greedy useless dusty old nogoodnicks

  • huntermc
    huntermc 18 days ago

    The problem with the Dems is that they seem so gutless and weak. Oh, the Republicans stole all of these federal judges and even a supreme court seat? Boy, it's just too bad there's nothing we can do about it.

  • Chup Smith
    Chup Smith 18 days ago

    Please don't make me hate Kermit by association! ^_^

  • flynnbrown2001
    flynnbrown2001 18 days ago

    Amphibian mcconnell is a fffffking disgraceful critter.
    Filibuster the sonofabitch, put a four hundred pound jockey on his back and make him go round the Senate floor.

  • afonsords
    afonsords 18 days ago

    he's gotta have to retire soon no? The guy's 77...

  • Astrobrant2
    Astrobrant2 18 days ago

    Whatever happens in "The Room" stays in "The Room."
    At least until the dead turtle-man body starts stinking up the whole building and is hauled out, thrown into to an industrial coleslaw shredder, shop-vac'd into a 55 gallon drum, and trucked out to the farm for hog slop.
    (Admittedly, that certainly would never happen, but it does provide some relief to write it. Anyway, what farmer in his right mind would feed shredded McConnell gore to his hogs?)

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker 18 days ago +1

    He looks like he has escaped from a rest home without his false teeth

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker 18 days ago +1

    McConnell and his wife will get what is coming to them

  • RICTATOR2012
    RICTATOR2012 18 days ago

    #VAROO2020 - Vote All Republicans Out of Office in 2020! Time to end the destruction of Democracy & America!

  • RICTATOR2012
    RICTATOR2012 18 days ago

    McConnell is also guilty of obstruction of justice with his actions! McConnell is destroying Democracy! Time to jail McConnell for Obstruction of Justice! #LockHimUp

  • 8bitpothead
    8bitpothead 18 days ago

    How did you supporting Clinton in 16 go for the country. You should fall so far back you start to see dinosaurs. Establishment hag.

  • FUmarc
    FUmarc 19 days ago

    Mendacity Mitch must be stopped from poisoning our government any longer. GET OUT AND VOTE!

  • Jones Factor
    Jones Factor 19 days ago +1

    Do you suppose it's because a Russian aluminum company is investing in a plant in KY and Mitch got paid?

  • Eisdax
    Eisdax 19 days ago

    This guy is so absolutely disgusting. I seriously don't know why people compare him to a turtle, he is *absolutely* like the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth!

  • Ronald Funderburk
    Ronald Funderburk 19 days ago +1

    Get rid of mitch first responder killer

  • Stuck Muffin
    Stuck Muffin 19 days ago

    King and Queen of the swamp creatures... CORRUPTION

  • Stuck Muffin
    Stuck Muffin 19 days ago

    Investigate and Arrest Mitch McConnells wife

  • S Venter
    S Venter 19 days ago

    Don’t be nasty to Kermit! Mitch is lower than slime, not even amphibious yet

  • Celeste R. Adams
    Celeste R. Adams 19 days ago

    Hackers elect Republicans

  • Shannon Perry
    Shannon Perry 19 days ago

    The Great Constipator

  • CarnyChic
    CarnyChic 19 days ago

    Mitch is a veteran, but he got released from active duty via a court martial for putting something that wasn't his in his mouth. Now Mitch is a queen, and Donnie has promised to out him if he doesn't behave in a Trump-friendly fashion.

  • liberty Ann
    liberty Ann 20 days ago

    Calling Mitch a turtle insults turtles.

  • George Stiller
    George Stiller 20 days ago

    The way the Democratic presidential candidates should have responded to the question in the first debate in regard how to deal with Mitch McConnell should have been to apply Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution on Presidential Powers which enables the president to call a special session of Congress 24/7 and keep them in the capital building and isolated from the corporate lobbyists until they resolve issues like healthcare, gun control and immigration.

  • Heath Fletcher
    Heath Fletcher 20 days ago

    The left needs to target Mitch more than Trump.

  • David Amrod
    David Amrod 20 days ago

    Turtles are reptiles, not amphibians.

  • Lizanne Whitlow
    Lizanne Whitlow 20 days ago

    “The kidney stone of the Senate.” Would that be a calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, struvite, uric acid, or cystine stone? Or all of the above? There’s no question there is necrotic tissue throughout this ghoul. He is on the dole from the Russians. He and his wife are corrupt and need to be revealed.

  • Carly Simes
    Carly Simes 20 days ago

    This coming from Samantha Bee is the true comedy.

  • sailtheplains
    sailtheplains 20 days ago

    This is so disheartening. It seems like nothing will actually happen.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 21 day ago +1

    This man is a traitor of the US and should be treated as such

  • Gary Busey
    Gary Busey 21 day ago

    Mitch is pure, distilled, obstructionist evil. Kentucky rates towards the bottom of the states in education, healthcare, life expectancy, economy and fiscal stability yet he still gets re-elected. What exactly has he done all these years with his enormous power to benefit and lift the average Kentuckian towards a higher quality of life? The facts say he's done absolutely nothing.

  • Ann Horstman
    Ann Horstman 21 day ago

    I am from Kentucky and the sheep (Republicans) in my state love McConnell. I think they hate democrats so much that will keep an obstructionist in office. He only attends meetings with paid supporters. He will not answer any phone calls and in fact his answering machine is always full. He only wanted to be head of the Senate. He and his wife are dirty and wealthy and why he appeals to the poor in Kentucky just boggles the mind. People in Kentucky needs to wake up and see what he has not done for them. And 45 and Pence need to stay out of Kentucky stumping for the turtle. The 3 of them make me sick. We do not need to pay our police for their security when we are already strapped for money with our Pension crisis.

  • Carol Davis
    Carol Davis 21 day ago +1

    McConnell is in bed with the Russians and needs their help again to keep psychopath Trump in office.

  • George Banks
    George Banks 21 day ago

    Whoever votes McConnell next election is complicit in his racist actions. And if that means nothing to you then no doubt in my mind you're racist.

  • Bill Mason
    Bill Mason 21 day ago

    My computer was hacked as were several American Cities, etc. BUT Mitch continues to block all legislation that might just SAVE OUR/US ELECTIONS. Given his past history, he appears to like the RUSSIANs ALEC-sponsored Gerrymandering and Right-wing RADICALS . He's undermining our elections.

  • The Scooter
    The Scooter 21 day ago +2

    The evil and corrupt conduct of Donald J Trump is only surpassed by the sheer rotteness of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham.

  • OhPlease a
    OhPlease a 21 day ago

    I am waiting when chao will announce the infrastructure bill in west virginia. Only states with of republicans seem to get funding and west virginia is the state of ... lindsey graham. Most likely he will pocked half the tax payers money in his own pockets as he has stakes in the construction companies or his family. I love how republicans are now just openly corrupt.

  • Conny Bartels
    Conny Bartels 21 day ago

    Dry Rot!! Priceless.

  • John Halligan
    John Halligan 21 day ago

    You are so right. Mitch is 10 x more dangerous than the Conald!

  • Robert Gilbert
    Robert Gilbert 21 day ago

    America is not a democracy.

  • 65wiseman
    65wiseman 21 day ago

    Mitch McConnell is poultry in motion. BUK BUK BUK BUK.

  • zaq voir
    zaq voir 21 day ago +1

    investigate McConnell's wife so many worms there

  • Eric Haydock
    Eric Haydock 21 day ago

    McConnell backed the killing of Deripaska's sanctions. Deripaska murdered numerous people in Russia, this is well known. (When he took over the Aluminum industry). Deripaska made hundreds of millions when McConnell made sure the sanctions were removed (by Trump). Deripaska has just invested $200 million in a plant guessed it..........................Kentucky...........home of McConnell and his crooked wife.

  • Hans Roger
    Hans Roger 21 day ago

    Leave Norway out you orange dipshit🖕

  • Goahead
    Goahead 22 days ago +1

    Satan has a nice hot seat next to him for the evil turtle when he kicks the bucket. Can the House vote him to be deported to Russia?

  • James Cunningham
    James Cunningham 22 days ago

    bog mummy

  • DRSmetal
    DRSmetal 22 days ago

    Kentucky needs to wake up and vote this old turtle out.

  • Step cat
    Step cat 22 days ago

    Mitch McConnell is a guy who forgot what a two-party system of government was about to him it's his gang and his gang must win and make sure the other gang must lose ever time.... there's no sense of government or what's best for the country it's all about the gang

  • Raoul Radio
    Raoul Radio 22 days ago

    McConnell is the poster child for hypocrisy.

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson 22 days ago

    Wow Mitch is a total embarrassment he makes me ashamed to be from Kentucky

  • Spaceman1968
    Spaceman1968 22 days ago

    McConnell is horrible!

  • Ginger Yellock-carter
    Ginger Yellock-carter 22 days ago

    Mitch McConnell needs to be gone.He is a total drag on human beings wellbeing. Please just go, go home and pick your nose. Bye Felicia

  • Steve McFarland
    Steve McFarland 22 days ago

    McConnell: Deep voice, shallow character.

  • Jeff Jeffries
    Jeff Jeffries 22 days ago +1

    How brainwashed are the people of Kentucky to believe this guy is their best option. The corporate interests and conservative media are a fine tuned brainwashing machine.

  • Jeff Jeffries
    Jeff Jeffries 22 days ago

    How brainwashed are the people of Kentucky to believe this guy is their best option. The corporate interests and conservative media are a fine tuned brainwashing machine.

  • Kathy Sexton
    Kathy Sexton 22 days ago +1

    2020...The toxic turtle is voted out by the citizens of Kentucky and a Democrat is the Senate Majority....just meditate on that for a while...! Can't wait....

  • Truthful4ever
    Truthful4ever 22 days ago

    Addison "Mitch" McConnell aka "The Turtle". "Of what benefit is it to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul." Ole Mitch, everything has an expiration date. Here's hoping his is soon.

  • Leah Tigers
    Leah Tigers 22 days ago

    Hey Sam I hope you're ok. I hope the slow pace is something the network requested

  • Ronald Smith
    Ronald Smith 22 days ago

    Nice one Mitch and his Wife are Crooked .Whats done in the Dark will" come to the light

  • rwksasc
    rwksasc 22 days ago

    Mitch needs another term for his wife and family to indulge in their corruption. After that, he will supporting and pushing it.

  • Aaron Withers
    Aaron Withers 22 days ago

    McConnell is worse than Trump.

  • Dawn Renee
    Dawn Renee 22 days ago

    C'mon Melanoma & Basil cell :D

  • adrian collette
    adrian collette 22 days ago

    Not gonna happen, they love this guy.

  • kutub mesiwala
    kutub mesiwala 22 days ago

    Mitch McConnell is dirty rotten pig who is out to destroy America

  • Donald Bailey
    Donald Bailey 22 days ago

    better get used to it, unless we can get money out of politics and end gerrymandering, imo the 2 most important issues that needs dealt with asap! trust me we're in trouble folks! only going to get alot worse unless we can get Bernie Sanders for president. you may disagree with all his other policies but he's definitely the only one that can be trusted to get legalized bribery out of politics!

  • indigosigh
    indigosigh 23 days ago +1

    McConnell is a vile monster. I just wish for God's wrath or instant karma or any other moral or humane justice to strike him down, without mercy.

  • Jack
    Jack 23 days ago

    Mitch TURTLE McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao should be investigated by congress for corruption. The TURTLE is the #1 sycophant of Donald KKKrump who lost his dignity and integrity just to get the support of Donald KKKrump.

  • Gregory Parrott
    Gregory Parrott 23 days ago

    One item for which McConnell did NOT use the filibuster was his effort to remove Russian oligarch Deripaska from the sanctions list. Despite many Republicans wanting to keep Deripaska's sanctions in place, McConnell prevailed. The sanctions were lifted. Deripaska then returned the favor by announcing plans to invest $200 million on opening an aluminum plant in McConnell's home state.

  • Emilia Kaplan
    Emilia Kaplan 23 days ago

    Who does his make-up? And Putin can't wait to put his military inteligence to work in 2020. He was glowing next to Trump.

  • AJ Butler
    AJ Butler 23 days ago

    I never understood hate before
    Mitch McConnell

  • Catherine Leary
    Catherine Leary 23 days ago +1

    Chief news sprite🧚

  • A King
    A King 23 days ago

    A monogamous relationship or a caring mother???🤔

  • Doc Lewis
    Doc Lewis 23 days ago's on you. I guess you know that. He's blocking anything helping you too.

  • Doc Lewis
    Doc Lewis 23 days ago

    Well...they CAN'T win without cheating.