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  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Hey guys,
    New Video Schedule: Every Friday And Sunday
    So Fenty Beauty decided to make us start the year off in a financial deficit by dropping new foundations, concealers, and setting powders. Did they hit the mark or do they have to go back to the drawing board?! Watch and find out!!
    Also, a HUGE thank you to all of you that are subscribed and watch regularly. I love you!! We just hit 800K subbies as I'm writing this description!! Thank you.
    How's everyones 2019 so far? Also if you've tried any of the new Fenty products let me know what you thought of them below!


    Fenty Beauty Foundation "490-498" rstyle.me/~cz-aqo3K
    #thecure Concealer "498"
    Setting Powder "Coffee and Nutmeg"
    Dior Show Liquid Eye Shadow
    Bare Minerals Gen Nude Blush "You had me at Merlot" rstyle.me/~cz-aqo4i
    MAC Skinfinish in "Superb"
    Sephora Collection Lipstain "43 & 28"

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  • RJ Woods
    RJ Woods Day ago

    You are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t believe I only just found your channel!!!! Def gonna binge watch now, look forward to many more!!

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique 3 days ago

    The foundation mix is perfect 👌. Well done Nyma

  • Jessica johnson
    Jessica johnson 3 days ago

    You’re gorgeous! Didn’t know you were located in dallas. Would love to meet you.

  • S Gibs
    S Gibs 3 days ago

    the foundations look ready good mixed, 495 is way to orange

  • Ruth Morales
    Ruth Morales 4 days ago

    Holy crap..what a looker...
    COFFEE under eyes..it looks so nice in color on your skin

  • Ruth Morales
    Ruth Morales 4 days ago

    Coffee!!!!perfect.makes you look 16

  • Ruth Morales
    Ruth Morales 4 days ago


  • Blake Gildaphish
    Blake Gildaphish 9 days ago

    Nyma, you are BAD😍 and i mean that in the best possible way. i’m so happy to have found you. Thanks to LovelyTi for mentioning you in one of her videos 🥰

  • ShutUpReallyNow
    ShutUpReallyNow 11 days ago

    People on opposite sides of the spectrum can have trouble with finding a color match without blending two shades. For deep and rich skin tones, they are often just non-existent and when a company does make them, they are limited. For fair tones, if the color is off, it tends to be very noticeable. The available shades are limited as well. I have very fair skin with yellow undertones, but most companies palest shades are usually neutral or cool/pink toned. Even Fenty - which has quite a few very fair foundations - doesn't have a match for me. IMO, they pretty much got the pale shades all wrong. The warm/yellow fair foundation is SO yellow, it looks as if I have jaundice.

  • Diana Pimentel
    Diana Pimentel 12 days ago

    Idk how the hell they make foundations so orange ?? Like is it so hard to add the tiniest bit a blue to even it out ?? Do they know NOTHING about color theory ?? It’s so absurd to me that all these companies either don’t actually know what dark skinned people look like, or they make the shades half-asses

  • Nicole Aguilar
    Nicole Aguilar 12 days ago

    don't get me wrong, I like her videos and her honesty, but it seems like nothing is good enough for her, everything looks flawless on her yet she still is complaining. I don't know..

  • Rid
    Rid 13 days ago

    It definitely looks orange to me

  • Sydney Novotny
    Sydney Novotny 25 days ago

    Omg you are so pretty

  • thundercat
    thundercat 28 days ago

    maybe you could try the invisimatte blotting powder? it has no colour and helps with oil. plus more fenty MUAs use this one :) but yeah hopefully they come out with a bigger concealer range for contour w/ deeper skin shades like urs!
    ok but ur actually so beautiful i cannot 🥰

  • lindsey widman
    lindsey widman Month ago

    I live in fort worth can we be real life friends though?!?!? 🙏🏻💕

  • Kabre Perry
    Kabre Perry Month ago

    What camera are you using?

  • Davena Couch
    Davena Couch Month ago

    You are BEAUTIFUL ❤️❤️❤️

  • Suetrue
    Suetrue Month ago

    The under eye powder looks really good. It is meant to look like you have light on that area. So it did what it's supposed to. You looked BEAUTIFUL

  • Makeup Diva Mesha
    Makeup Diva Mesha Month ago

    I can not believe it this whole time I was in Dallas Texas too!

  • Corina Vasquez
    Corina Vasquez Month ago

    New here and I love how detailed you are with your testing. Like with the flash test and mixing foundations. New sub 😉

  • Gally Marlon
    Gally Marlon Month ago

    I understand it’s so hard to get make up in your tones (mixing things up and what not) but personally I think you’re gorgeous without any foundation 😩 fenty is a fav of mine but you are too ❤️

  • Jada Wilson
    Jada Wilson Month ago +2

    Can we just have realistic dark brown shades that aren't RED

    CHAMPAGNE MAMI Month ago

    Wtf you’re the cutest omg

  • Olivia Hurst
    Olivia Hurst Month ago

    Omg she literally just hit 1 mil while I was watching this omg congrats!!!🥳🤩💜💞

  • Beberlew YT
    Beberlew YT Month ago

    Gurl I just gotta say ur gorgeous, I also love your vids and think ima sub!! :D

  • Kacey Laity
    Kacey Laity Month ago

    At least when you mix them together they’ll last longer

  • ᄒᄆ초ᄆZulfa
    ᄒᄆ초ᄆZulfa Month ago


  • Little Squid
    Little Squid Month ago

    the foundation mix looked really nice on you

  • Felina Bernabe
    Felina Bernabe Month ago

    you look like a young Gabrielle union... gorgeous!!

  • Confidently Zay
    Confidently Zay Month ago

    I’m literally getting up to go get these fenty products right now because they all looked bomb on you!

  • Taylor Poore
    Taylor Poore Month ago

    Hi girl! Love your videos. I live in DTX too!!!

  • Zoë Blunderfield
    Zoë Blunderfield Month ago

    Her skin look absolutely flawless 😩😩🔐🔐❤️❤️🥰

  • Judith Ongiri
    Judith Ongiri Month ago

    Your skin is like butter!!!!💝,you should totally come up with your own makeup line for darkskin women!!!!

  • Janelle Flagg
    Janelle Flagg Month ago

    Wow!😱you are beautiful! I think you should put on a red burgundy lip color and blouse

  • يونس سرحان


  • Xxx_Greselda_xxX X
    Xxx_Greselda_xxX X Month ago

    You have inspired me to do something with our makeup community when I grow up I really want to make a difference in the makeup industry I rlly want to make a wide verity of colors for all ppl💕

  • BellaLiamsi
    BellaLiamsi Month ago

    I don’t need the information in this video but you’re absolutely gorgeous and I love watching you ♥️

  • Jennie Jen
    Jennie Jen 2 months ago

    i acgually think that the fenty powder looks pretty on you

  • chris andrus
    chris andrus 2 months ago

    Is 495 Trumps custom foundation shade? 🤣🤣

  • Adriana Rugamas
    Adriana Rugamas 2 months ago

    Like because im hear and i dnt now understand the colors, why is diference??

  • Agnieszka Marchewska
    Agnieszka Marchewska 2 months ago

    The powder looks good underneath your eyes. I like Fenty beauty powder. It's very fine and I think it looks really good on face. I have the one with the shade butter. I also have Fenty beauty foundation in shade 140 and 120. At first I bought 140. Lady at Sephora suggested to me buying this shade. She put it on me and said this was my color. But it is actually a little darker and warmer than my skin tone. So it looked a bit to yellow and too dark on me. Later I got shade 120 and it matches my skin tone very well. Lady at Sephora told me 120 would be too light for me but it actually isn't. I like texture of this foundation.

  • madison fisher
    madison fisher 2 months ago

    I think your under eyes look good!!!

  • Sabeen Ahmed
    Sabeen Ahmed 2 months ago

    you are so gorgeous and that match is perfect omg

  • Taylor Arneson
    Taylor Arneson 2 months ago

    It always looks so good like even if your face gets oily it doesn’t look like oil it looks like glow👌👌

  • mimi 03
    mimi 03 2 months ago

    Your skin is gorgeous without make up

  • Chloe Acquavella
    Chloe Acquavella 2 months ago

    Her skin is soooooooo good, like clear skin Goddess

  • Julie Castle
    Julie Castle 2 months ago +3

    i have just discovered your channel and you are absolutely gorgeous! keep speaking out about these issues in the beauty industry, i’ll be in your corner the whole way!

  • Tessa Marton
    Tessa Marton 2 months ago

    How does she not 1 million subscribers yet?

  • Kate Isntreal
    Kate Isntreal 2 months ago

    A Dallas Texas queen I’m glad we still have one beauty guru!

  • Alexis Jade2
    Alexis Jade2 2 months ago

    The powder looks really good on you! :) you’re beautiful!

  • Marissa Bondi
    Marissa Bondi 2 months ago

    Ah ur so pretty, also love your reviews, makeup always cakes on my face so thanks for being real, too many youtubers say they like everything im like how???

  • Andrea
    Andrea 2 months ago +1

    Like if you’re white

  • stipple
    stipple 2 months ago

    bust down totianna

  • Ella Buckner
    Ella Buckner 2 months ago

    The mix of foundations looks amazing! You are so talented

  • Zoe McCarthy
    Zoe McCarthy 2 months ago +1

    I would think if you've found literally no good products from other companies that you would use your own coin to create your own product! Do it yourself.

  • Liza Romero
    Liza Romero 2 months ago +1

    Just subbed

  • Burnt Butter
    Burnt Butter 2 months ago +1

    Wtf your complaining that the concealer isn’t deep enough to be a contour ???

  • Elisabet Helga
    Elisabet Helga 2 months ago

    U look sooo amazing 😍😍😍 i think the foundation mix was perfect

  • Kega Salsabiil
    Kega Salsabiil 2 months ago

    The way you talk is so soothing :(

  • Ellie Ramwell Blogs
    Ellie Ramwell Blogs 2 months ago

    Exususe me you are so beautiful but I would live to see y with box braids xoxox

  • Kristin Olene Sivertsen
    Kristin Olene Sivertsen 2 months ago +1

    You dont need makeup!!!!! It dosn"t show

  • jonny gage
    jonny gage 2 months ago

    If you want to support another up and coming make up artist , check out this channel usclip.net/video/3XBMt4P5Spc/video.html

  • Julia Hawkins
    Julia Hawkins 2 months ago +1

    She fr out here not liking the powder for making it brighter under her eyes...when it says it on the package
    And she fr being way to judgmental like I get that u would like it if u didn’t have to mix foundations but literally I’m white and I have to do that so literally deal with it.

    • Princess Azula
      Princess Azula 2 months ago

      Bitch... She doesn't have to like everything. Maybe she thought it was too bright. Also, you can probably find your shade somewhere and not have to blend. I can't believe you really brought your ignorant ass to the comments to say that.

  • SuperMaria 64
    SuperMaria 64 2 months ago

    her skin is so smooth and supple.

  • sekhmetsaes
    sekhmetsaes 2 months ago

    I liked the Nutmeg powder on you better than coffee

  • Yes Rocha
    Yes Rocha 2 months ago

    Idk but i feel like your skin is amazing with out makeup. Looks so silky smooth and beautiful

  • vreed27
    vreed27 2 months ago

    The mix is perfect for you.

  • Amy Candice
    Amy Candice 2 months ago

    you are so beautiful

  • Kat luvs Babes in Toyland

    Hi Nyma, I just read an article on Revelist on your experience with Fenty's "deepest" bronzer.
    I'm disappointed in Rihanna. Truth be told, I use bronzer to even out my skintone along with that sunkissed warmth.
    My shade is Island Ting.
    I follow Alicia, kinkysweat a, beautiful soul with a caramel complexion and she also wears Island Tang.
    I'm an NC 30-35, (depending on the seasons) in Mac and have olive skin with neutral undertones.
    I think Rhianna needs to add more shades with different undertones in mind.
    I'm so glad you reviewed these bronzers and kept it real. I appreciate your honesty.
    New subbie.
    Very nice to meet you. Kat
    P.S. Your resemblance to Gabrielle Union is uncanny. 💜

  • Hadiya Hanley
    Hadiya Hanley 2 months ago

    Your skin is GORGEOUS! Yesss Queen !

  • izabela618
    izabela618 2 months ago

    with and without make up you are Beautyful wonem

  • anonna ahmed
    anonna ahmed 2 months ago +1

    hey i'm from bangladesh in Dhaka... I love your makeup tutorial... & i like you

  • ilovecupcakes211
    ilovecupcakes211 2 months ago

    Ever since I saw you on an insta beauty page I've been looking for your youtube. I love you already

  • louise
    louise 2 months ago

    Nyma, I just love your background music. Who is the artist. You BTW have gorgeous velvety skin. I know you've heard that a million times. But still...

  • P Lee
    P Lee 2 months ago +1

    The mixed foundation is beautiful. I just wish you didn’t need to mix foundations.

  • Bunni 08
    Bunni 08 2 months ago

    I know nothing about colors in deep foundations. But looks like there should be some more shades between 495 and 498

  • Micaela Escamilla
    Micaela Escamilla 2 months ago

    the powder looks soooo good on you

  • Daisy Kemi
    Daisy Kemi 2 months ago

    I see everyone in these comments talking about how everyone needs to stop talking about how her review was “unfair” and people were “coming” for her, but to be honest the majority of these comments are people telling them not to do it and not many people actually saying mean things about her...

  • Sarah Louison
    Sarah Louison 2 months ago

    Ugh, you're goooorgeous!!

  • carisa polite
    carisa polite 2 months ago

    Absolutely love watching your videos. Just wanted to know where you got that makeup fenty bag from?

  • Margaux Barroga
    Margaux Barroga 2 months ago

    sending love from the Philippines!! 💗

  • Manmeet Kaur
    Manmeet Kaur 2 months ago


  • G Blake
    G Blake 2 months ago

    She looked so much better without the goo on her face. Will never understand why women do this when makeup always looks worse than clean skin, especially if you have young clear skin

  • Dosochka
    Dosochka 2 months ago

    У белых и черных одни и те же проблемы, консилер не подходит. У белых- он темный, у черных- от рыжий, хаэаэаэ

  • Ingrid Bianka Winter
    Ingrid Bianka Winter 2 months ago

    I wish you didn´t mix the foundation, I am wondering if the darkest one would have matched you skin tone. I think your natural skin colour is superb!! Such a beautiful tone, wow!

  • LeSad -
    LeSad - 2 months ago +1

    All I hear is complaints like girl your look was great the products worked well for you wouldn't hurt you to not act defensive against makeup that worked fine with you.

  • Beata Sowinska
    Beata Sowinska 2 months ago

    you have beautiful hair - what color is it ???

  • Josue Jackson
    Josue Jackson 2 months ago

    OMG I never knew you were here in Dallas TX!!! Hope I’m able to meet you one day! Love your videos and content. ♥️

  • Ines Gocha Movies
    Ines Gocha Movies 2 months ago

    Im subbing ur so gorgous and honest

  • Ance Freimane
    Ance Freimane 2 months ago +1

    those powders look like hot coco powder😂💜

  • JamieMaiyah
    JamieMaiyah 2 months ago

    You are literally so sweet. I love it.

  • Rebecca Dindyal
    Rebecca Dindyal 2 months ago

    Omg you’re so beautiful. You don’t need makeup at all. Like really

  • anna
    anna 2 months ago

    Your skin is sooooo clear and gorgeous 💛

  • Lucía Macedo
    Lucía Macedo 2 months ago +18

    I love the fact that you keep pushing the brands to include more shades so everybody has an option of every product. You are doing a great job, a very honorable one. Thank you ♥️

  • King Kiaya
    King Kiaya 2 months ago

    I personally didn’t think the powders looked bad, and the end look with the eyes and lip looked so good.

  • Lisa Belzer
    Lisa Belzer 2 months ago

    I think The Powder look preeeeeetty

  • Yodele Ladejobi
    Yodele Ladejobi 2 months ago

    you're so beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  • daric nd
    daric nd 2 months ago

    Ur voice is so smoothing

  • Nadirah Smith
    Nadirah Smith 2 months ago

    Smh Rihanna calls those shades dark

  • Aly Phimmasone
    Aly Phimmasone 2 months ago

    the way she talks reminds of alex from star. both of there voices are so relaxing lmaooo