LETS TALK ABOUT IT! Fenty Beauty Foundations, Concealers, Setting Powders || Nyma Tang

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Hey guys,
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    So Fenty Beauty decided to make us start the year off in a financial deficit by dropping new foundations, concealers, and setting powders. Did they hit the mark or do they have to go back to the drawing board?! Watch and find out!!
    Also, a HUGE thank you to all of you that are subscribed and watch regularly. I love you!! We just hit 800K subbies as I'm writing this description!! Thank you.
    How's everyones 2019 so far? Also if you've tried any of the new Fenty products let me know what you thought of them below!


    Fenty Beauty Foundation "490-498" rstyle.me/~cz-aqo3K
    #thecure Concealer "498"
    Setting Powder "Coffee and Nutmeg"
    Dior Show Liquid Eye Shadow
    Bare Minerals Gen Nude Blush "You had me at Merlot" rstyle.me/~cz-aqo4i
    MAC Skinfinish in "Superb"
    Sephora Collection Lipstain "43 & 28"

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  • Savannah Sky
    Savannah Sky 14 hours ago

    Thank you for your honest review! ❤️

  • blahblah162005
    blahblah162005 15 hours ago

    Oh snaps I didnt know you lived in tx? I live in the dfw too 🙂

  • Sylvia Sparkle
    Sylvia Sparkle 15 hours ago

    Always love your reviews. You're voice is so sultry. I'm not a fan of Fenty

  • Z3hoo
    Z3hoo 15 hours ago

    A brand should really work with her to expand their shade range, she’s the perfect person for this. And she seems like such a nice person overall. I love her voice!

  • Passions for life/ Singing & makeup

    your skin is so beautiful........

  • kathleen cutrell
    kathleen cutrell 16 hours ago

    You matched that perfectly!

  • Studiar Nececito31
    Studiar Nececito31 17 hours ago

    Is so weird the power look cakey in real life but in camera look brigth and flawless always like u reviews

  • Nikatronixx
    Nikatronixx 17 hours ago

    it makes me hella mad that companies don't make contour shades for darker skinned women!

  • Frostycakes Makeup
    Frostycakes Makeup 17 hours ago

    Booo you slay always your input is amazing it’s unfair how Jackie can say whatever she wants about a brand and they switch up but you are honest and not throwing shade and people come for you ugh do you boo the internet hates gorgeous good souls ❤️

  • Finah D.
    Finah D. 17 hours ago

    You look stunning in this video girl 😍😍

  • Maren L.
    Maren L. 18 hours ago

    Oml you are so beautiful 😍

  • Keana M.S.
    Keana M.S. 19 hours ago

    I loved your foundation mix! i also think the powder looked good ! but maybe (like you said) youre not used to the brightening effect so it threw you for a loop

  • Linda Nomino
    Linda Nomino 20 hours ago

    Love you Nyma ❤️❤️

  • Katherine Reyes
    Katherine Reyes 20 hours ago

    You’re gorgeous 🙈💕

  • Brandi M
    Brandi M 21 hour ago

    it is supposed to be brightening under your eyes...

  • related2beauty
    related2beauty 21 hour ago

    I didnt know you lived here! Dope

  • Violinda Lola
    Violinda Lola 21 hour ago

    I thought the powder looked good on you as well as the foundation. Maybe in person its different but on camera I liked how it looked.

  • Elena Perez
    Elena Perez 21 hour ago

    Your so pretty

  • Shareece Mikell
    Shareece Mikell 22 hours ago

    I liked nutmeg under your eye more than coffee. Both looked nice to me though ☺️

  • Lapittual Young
    Lapittual Young 23 hours ago

    I actually realy liked the powder under your eyes making them a lil brighter because everything u put on matched your skin so well it didnt look like u even used concealer at all. that's Fenty doing its job go (RIRI)! the last shade you tried was a match, so I don't know what you where seeing. This actually made me want it even more. You look gorgeous by the way. I cant wait,thanks for posting ;-)

  • Maliyah Rene’
    Maliyah Rene’ Day ago

    Great video not everyone is going to understand your opinion but it’s your opinion for reason you take negativity so well because that’s all that’s in these comments but keep pushing people will always talk regardless keep being you

  • Brisa Brambila
    Brisa Brambila Day ago

    Are you naturally oily af?

  • Jessica B.
    Jessica B. Day ago

    Your final makeup look is gorgeous!

  • Camila Chanca
    Camila Chanca Day ago

    Omg so pretty

  • I am Thania
    I am Thania Day ago

    Love the look today 😍😍😍

  • ava M
    ava M Day ago

    You are soooo gorgeous! 😍🤩😊❤️

  • Ishan Ali
    Ishan Ali Day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks better matte? Dewy makes her look so oily and greasy ew

  • john rusty
    john rusty Day ago

    I just hate you...

  • Savannah Howard
    Savannah Howard Day ago

    Girl! That nutmeg looks amazing!!!

  • Joelle Savage
    Joelle Savage Day ago

    Dallas love

  • Dolphins will take over

    The beauty i can’t take it

  • Sana Hanif
    Sana Hanif Day ago

    why watch her review if you're gonna hate on her opinion. that's what you came for??

  • 2721kitcat
    2721kitcat Day ago

    I really think the last shade was perfect. It dried perfectly also. I really don't think you needed to mix two shades. You have beautiful skin and keep vocalizing to these makeup companies that more shades are needed.

  • Toi Doll
    Toi Doll Day ago

    You don’t like your under eyes a little lighter?

  • QD KittenB
    QD KittenB Day ago

    You don't even seen happy to have gotten it. Like cheer up Some. You did A bad review. You Seem down. It looks Pretty just use less...... Idk Sis....... Like they polly won't send oy anything else. So don't worry

  • itsjust taylah
    itsjust taylah Day ago

    you are so gorgeous and your voice is so nice to listen to

  • Three Rainbows Over Texas

    From your review I am sure it's just a preference that the powder now be as brightening but in my opinion it looked really nice. It's a preference though and you have to be comfortable with it so I get it!

  • Riri's wife x
    Riri's wife x Day ago

    you guys act like just because Fenty tried to do a wide shade range with deep tones Nyma HAS to like it. Like... she can have an opinion lol

  • James Pharris
    James Pharris Day ago

    In this rocket. Higher than you've ever been. Prepare for lift off.

  • Melanie Rogers
    Melanie Rogers Day ago

    Foundation mix was on point. I love watching your videos. I’m happy to just watch how you put things together and how you make companies aware of deeper skin tones they often overlook. It makes me happy to see you in the spotlight and I wish you the best love ❤️

  • Sadista
    Sadista Day ago

    so much beauty

  • Bobby Boi
    Bobby Boi Day ago

    A bright under eye always makes me laugh when i see people do it besides drag queens

  • Kat 1234
    Kat 1234 Day ago

    the foundation mix matches you so good

  • Fon M
    Fon M Day ago

    You’re so beautiful 😍

  • Melissa Ferrante

    Their is nothing wrong with your undereye

  • e.late.d
    e.late.d Day ago

    I'm surprised at these comments, i don't think this video was negative at all. she had fair points. and the powder looked a bit light on her. she listed good points and what she would have preferred, that's all...

  • April Morton
    April Morton Day ago

    Your skin is GLORIOUS 😍. YOU ARE FLAWLESS!!!

  • Netta Ave Maria
    Netta Ave Maria Day ago

    You are absolutely beautiful❤❤ I can't wait to try and review these products!!! Mines are arriving tomorrow and I know I will not be disappointed😁😊

  • Sierrathegoat
    Sierrathegoat Day ago

    I liked the under eye lol idk I like super brighting powder under eyes

  • Sophie Sophie
    Sophie Sophie Day ago

    Your under eye area should be brighter.. I don't understand why you are so picky with this

  • Daisy Estrada
    Daisy Estrada Day ago

    WAIT YOU’RE FROM DALLAS! Represent girl! I’m from Arlington! I didn’t realize you were so close!

  • ornella mansano
    ornella mansano Day ago

    Haaaaaaa😆Haaaaaaa wow

  • Natasha Perkins
    Natasha Perkins Day ago

    Rich lux and luscious massacre were right you are sickening!!!!!!!!! Love your work

  • Nicole Birlew
    Nicole Birlew Day ago

    Heeeey I’m from Dallas too! That’s awesome, I never knew you lived here! 🥰

  • Brianna Stone
    Brianna Stone Day ago

    Omg didn’t know you’re from Dallas!

  • Samara Hughes
    Samara Hughes Day ago

    Girl i thought u where Karina Garcia's twin sister XD.U looked beautiful!!!!

  • I M A QYN
    I M A QYN Day ago

    Why they make dark shades to look red-orange??? Nobody is red-orange...They should use brown and shift from yellows, beiges to ash tones.

  • Sara Russell
    Sara Russell Day ago

    I really love how calm your voice is. I get so annoyed easily by most people’s voices on USclip and I appreciate your natural chill voice. Also you’re beautiful!

  • Milt Smith
    Milt Smith Day ago

    I think in the end your face looks great! Did you think 498 was too dark for you or too neutral? I definitely see what you mean about the powder but it looks great on you to be brightening

  • Lela Nesheim
    Lela Nesheim Day ago

    She wasn't even that negative? Why are people being so critical of her? This didn't seem any different from any other review I've seen of products?
    You are a great reviewer, Nyma! Keep it up! :)

  • Bruno Baroni
    Bruno Baroni Day ago

    She looks like a glamazon when she’s all set! Gosh such a goddes

  • LatinBeaute
    LatinBeaute Day ago

    your skin is soo flawlessss yas

  • Jay Penny
    Jay Penny Day ago

    Beautiful, as always

  • arianamb1
    arianamb1 Day ago

    I love your voice! It’s so calming and soothing 😌😌

  • Anitarmrz14
    Anitarmrz14 Day ago

    Texas 🙌

  • LaceyChan Cosplay

    You're such a down to earth, genuine person! Love your whole vibe

  • Dynasty Holman
    Dynasty Holman Day ago

    Girl I’m confused. I’m over here LIVING for your under eyes. Both of the powders looked soooo good on you!! I hollered “YAS” through every step 😂😂😂

  • Alondra Cisneros

    Girl I’m in San Antonio Texas omg I need to meet you

  • Tatyana Turner
    Tatyana Turner Day ago

    The fix is almost a perfect match for your face girl👌🏽😊

  • Kleopxtra -
    Kleopxtra - Day ago

    I’m so confused about these comments. I’m not getting the negativity you guys are talking about. All I see is an honest review. Y’all are so used to people dick riding Fenty that you feel personally attacked by honesty 🤣

  • Ghadeer
    Ghadeer Day ago

    GOD what a pretty !

  • Ru Si
    Ru Si Day ago

    You said let you know, so I'm saying: the mix of foundation colors = FLAWLESS. Fenty is a smart brand, so I'm hopeful they'll add that shade officially: it looked INCREDIBLE on you at the FIRST swipe.

  • Vikki Ortegon
    Vikki Ortegon Day ago

    I have loved your videos for a long time but I don’t know if it was the camera making it look better than it is in person but this video was very passive aggressive...like you would compliment the product but then instantly hit it with three more insults

  • roxana ready
    roxana ready Day ago

    I love the powder on you're eyes

  • Beth Mast
    Beth Mast Day ago

    The mix looks great !

  • Leslie Vanessa
    Leslie Vanessa Day ago

    I don’t want this to come off as being freaking rude, but like she needs to CHILL because the whole point of putting concealer is to brighten your under eye [and other areas] not to darken it. In my opinion her “go to powder” was too dark for her under eye and it would be sooo good to set the rest of her face. But that’s her. And the Fenty powder looked COMPLETELY FINE on her, it brightened up her under eye perfectly didn’t make her get a gray cast or anything like that and then she still said that she looked “cake-y” wearing it lol.

  • xx Brandy xx
    xx Brandy xx Day ago

    The powders looked amazing on you, I thought! So was the foundation after 7 hours!, but only you know how it feels on your face & sometimes products just don’t work out, but I think you look good & not cakey at all😊

  • Alexa Padilla Adams

    U don’t even need foundation your skin is beautifal

  • Brooke Nicole
    Brooke Nicole Day ago

    wow you are BEAUTIFUL. such a stunning glow and complexion you have. ❤️

  • Julie Turner
    Julie Turner Day ago

    I liked it straight off just because of the melanin ❣️❣️❣️

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B Day ago

    I'm 480 and the concealer I use is 490 because it goes with my foundation because I don't like to brighten that much just like to conceal.

  • Shantol K
    Shantol K Day ago

    Wow these comment went in...oh my. I personally agree that the poweder looked odd at first, but then after she finished her entire face it looked flawless to me, but i'm only seeing it on camera. Not in person. If it didn't suit her, it didn't suit her. Nothing wrong with the product. Nyma didn't say it's "trash"- she just prefers the concealers and is meh on the powder. No need for a rage/name-calling fest in the comments though. It's kinda mean. Keep up the good work girl, I appreciate it :)

  • sharonmina sheshe

    OMG the mix on you is 🔥🔥🔥you're just so gorgeous I can't 💖👑👑

  • Kaylor Murray
    Kaylor Murray 2 days ago +2

    Sweetheart you look beautiful and it actually looked amazing on you. Y’all are saying she didn’t do a great review because she didn’t like certain products but y’all don’t have her skin or the color of her skin. Do a collab or talk to Jackie Aina cause she liked the products and maybe you can get some pointers. We want our black queens to win!

  • I Am Katie
    I Am Katie 2 days ago

    You're such a queen ♥

  • Bliss' Heaven
    Bliss' Heaven 2 days ago

    Your makeup look very good👌I don’t know why but I felt that you were quite negative from the start😶, even JeffreeStar gives the brands a neutral star😞...

  • NyirahJ
    NyirahJ 2 days ago

    Your skin is soooo beautiful even without the makeup.

  • sarah slimani
    sarah slimani 2 days ago +1

    I notice that the beauty gurus give their reviews depend on their relation with the brand not the quality of the product and I think the reason why she didn't like all this stuff because Fenti didn't send her anything like the other beauty gurus , that's why she tried so hard to complain about this products dispite it looks flawless on her even the powder work very well for her

    • APRIL Fielder
      APRIL Fielder 18 hours ago

      sarah slimani they sent the entire Pr kit
      But she was complaining a tad bit much agreed

  • sylvia v
    sylvia v 2 days ago

    the mix of those shades was truly the perfect match for you nyma! 498 would have been a little too dark (matching your face more but def not matching your neck) but mixing them was the perfect blend. so good.

  • Scarlet Suarez
    Scarlet Suarez 2 days ago

    girl but the nutmeg power looked so good on you! actually both 😩

  • Jamichele Bennett
    Jamichele Bennett 2 days ago

    The powder was problematic for almost everyone in reviews

  • Aileen Molina
    Aileen Molina 2 days ago

    You are literally so gorgeous!!!

  • Jamichele Bennett
    Jamichele Bennett 2 days ago

    You have amazing skin. Beautiful.

  • monica
    monica 2 days ago

    That lip tho. Danggg. You look real cute. But I agree it looks bright under the eyes. Usually you go for a more subtle under eye powder. But the foundation and concealer were a good match.

  • Alice Strobele
    Alice Strobele 2 days ago

    The powder looked great! I think you need to put it all over your face... it’s so shiny.

  • Yulia Kasatkina
    Yulia Kasatkina 2 days ago

    Ничего не понимаю. Смотрела только потому, что ты очень красивая 🤗

  • Aimee Mentzer
    Aimee Mentzer 2 days ago

    Thanks for the honest review. :D I'll try the fenty concealer for sure. You aren't the first one to say that the powder is cakey. It hurts me so much because I want to try that lavender powder so much but I'm worried it'll look bad on me. I tend to check out youtubers who say they've got dry under eyes like myself (I think you mentioned you having dry under eyes in one of your videos). I wonder if maybe that's our problem with it? Can you or anyone else recommend a good setting powder for dry under eyes? I wonder if this would work if I used it with a light hand. Hm. I may just break down and get it anyway - agh!

    JOSSY MASSAMBA 2 days ago

    This make up job👌🏾👏🏾😍

  • Jasmeen Rana
    Jasmeen Rana 2 days ago +1

    O wow very nice video god bless you dear sister