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  • retrospectrum 86
    retrospectrum 86 13 hours ago

    First question no tv or movies or no video games how would you know the difference because if you live in a world without movies you wouldnt know the difference you would think its normal same with no video games

  • Pink Wolfie
    Pink Wolfie Day ago

    Shayne: yeah i think thats going to win
    Noah:yeah it sounds like my ex girlfriend

    WOW NOAH 😂

  • Rebbeca Bowser
    Rebbeca Bowser Day ago

    Saaaame I want to go to Alaska and have a cabin

  • The Games and diy weird Squad

    Courtney looked like Taylor Swift in that vid

  • natasha wyatt
    natasha wyatt Day ago

    Can you all do this face your fears in a vid please

  • Geek Studios
    Geek Studios Day ago

    SMOSH SQUAD without keith

  • laneyletsplay roblox

    Courtney: *making sea lion noises
    Shayne: i think that one is going to win!
    Noah: yea it sounds like my X-girlfriend!

  • JellyRingIces - Fortnite

    4:30 a ghost in the window

  • Nevaeh Timbrook
    Nevaeh Timbrook 2 days ago +2

    4:33 what was that at the window on the right side..? ÖøF

  • Rachel Stone
    Rachel Stone 2 days ago

    4:33 a shadow goes by the window

  • XxitsAbbyx X
    XxitsAbbyx X 2 days ago

    My nightmare job is school/hell

  • Giselle Flores
    Giselle Flores 3 days ago

    4:32 There is a ghost in the window anyone like if you saw it

  • Spamthritus Syndrome

    did anyone else see the dark figure passing by at 4:35

  • lps blue eyes
    lps blue eyes 3 days ago

    I got the fox sound right lol

  • Mark Middleton
    Mark Middleton 3 days ago

    I won the anteater lol

  • Tedd Stanley
    Tedd Stanley 3 days ago

    anyone see the shadow pass by the right window at 4:31. where they were literally talking about if either ghosts are real or if aliens where.

  • mary chasse
    mary chasse 3 days ago

    I love you.

  • MsRacimo
    MsRacimo 4 days ago +1

    I saw something in the window

  • kiki shock
    kiki shock 4 days ago

    ur wrong

  • juliette inn
    juliette inn 4 days ago

    Courtney kinda looks like TS Taylor Swift

  • Angel Georgiev
    Angel Georgiev 5 days ago

    @tm,me t. B

  • christine byrd
    christine byrd 5 days ago +1

    Has any body look at Courtney and say Taylor swift lol

  • Reilly Kunkel
    Reilly Kunkel 6 days ago

    I’ve heard fox’s in my back they just sound like someone being killed

  • kiNEX CS:GO
    kiNEX CS:GO 6 days ago

    Olivia got rekt in the sound game

  • Small_ Cryptid
    Small_ Cryptid 6 days ago

    Colivia confirmed

  • FalconBoy76 Gaming
    FalconBoy76 Gaming 6 days ago

    I go to Monterey Bay all the time. I would have done so well with the sea lion

  • FalconBoy76 Gaming
    FalconBoy76 Gaming 6 days ago

    Shane said The Last of Us. I just turned gay

  • Jolie Iler
    Jolie Iler 6 days ago

    I have vocal tics that already sound like hiccups all the time XD

  • Emma Verain
    Emma Verain 6 days ago

    Guava Juice any game Truth or dare would you rather. Kiss marry kill. Picturenory

  • Amy McFadden
    Amy McFadden 6 days ago

    4:33 a dark figure walks by the window right as they're talking about ghosts. Coincidence?

  • Moreena GOLD
    Moreena GOLD 6 days ago

    At 4:33 someone walks by the right side window

  • Watermelon Katie
    Watermelon Katie 7 days ago

    Butt hiccups are farts

  • badmanroo101 PS4
    badmanroo101 PS4 7 days ago

    Man I got diagnosed with diabetes at age 8

  • Box Man
    Box Man 7 days ago

    My dream house would be the whole world

  • Box Man
    Box Man 7 days ago

    I would choose no video game

  • Call Me Al
    Call Me Al 8 days ago +3

    "i dont really have a lot of standards" SAME OLIVIA

  • Levi Heron
    Levi Heron 8 days ago

    Wtf look at the right window on 4:32

  • Brock McQuiston
    Brock McQuiston 8 days ago

    Did y'all see the figure move at the window 4:34

  • MissFlauschig
    MissFlauschig 8 days ago

    The ostrich sounded a lot like a vibrating mobile phone on a desk

  • Callum Rutherford
    Callum Rutherford 8 days ago

    Courtneys laugh is like a fox

  • 666 69
    666 69 9 days ago

    Poltergeists are dangerous they could take over the world

  • Tortilla Turnips45
    Tortilla Turnips45 9 days ago

    The worst job is ... Hunter mankind needs to be purged the animals don't

  • shea love
    shea love 9 days ago

    Olivia=cute Noah=smart Cortney=funny Shane=strong

  • Elliott Budden
    Elliott Budden 9 days ago

    Wait? Doesn’t living in Alaska mean you can’t get to the other parts of the United States of America because if you want to get too... let’s just say Arizona you have to cross Canada

  • Jóhanna Kristín Dúadóttir

    We are aliens

  • Sophie Harrison
    Sophie Harrison 10 days ago

    aRe YoU a PrIsOnEr Of AzKaBaN?!
    -Noah Grossman 2k16

  • Yaritza Castro
    Yaritza Castro 10 days ago

    I love this youtube channel so much. I literally just laughed so much and cried of pain too XDD

  • Otteryz
    Otteryz 10 days ago

    5:38 with headphones on is the most scariest thing on planet earth.

  • Julie Rueckert
    Julie Rueckert 10 days ago +4

    "I have a feeling that murder's not good."

    Oh really Shayne? 😂😂😂

  • Taeyveona Hall
    Taeyveona Hall 10 days ago

    My dream houses in the US that way I can still go places in travel in the house

  • Khloe Foster
    Khloe Foster 10 days ago

    Olivia is my least favorite because my dad has diebedies

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown 10 days ago +1

    Why didn’t I have these kind of sleepovers when I was a kid lmao😂😂

  • Holly Hughes
    Holly Hughes 10 days ago

    When the parent hears this from down stairs making animal noises mmm

  • GamingWithLiz
    GamingWithLiz 10 days ago

    If I was there I would make a kinda of baby sound because I learnt that some fox sounds,sound like babies it’s so strange

  • Cora Minor
    Cora Minor 10 days ago

    This wold be a amazing question to ask
    Wold your rather kill your biggest fan or quit your job

  • Nana Derpypig2018
    Nana Derpypig2018 10 days ago

    Noah:Sounds like my ex-girlfriend

  • Keegan Pyatt
    Keegan Pyatt 10 days ago

    I think you should live without Mel Gibson cause he is a racist asshole

  • iCraftBuilder HD
    iCraftBuilder HD 10 days ago

    The sea lion sounds like farts

  • Michelle Bradford
    Michelle Bradford 11 days ago

    12:50 I ship Courtney and Olivia there goals

  • Wendy Blankenship
    Wendy Blankenship 11 days ago

    And u want to make it worse we went trick or treating at ELM STREET

  • Wendy Blankenship
    Wendy Blankenship 11 days ago


  • Leslie waring
    Leslie waring 11 days ago

    Omg oschritc actually sound like that no joke search it😯

  • Emma Deel
    Emma Deel 12 days ago

    or courtney looked to her right, she didnt even look at him, yall are POOP

  • Dwayne Bautista
    Dwayne Bautista 12 days ago

    4:32 there is a real ghost at the window 😂😂

  • Lucky Lion11051
    Lucky Lion11051 12 days ago

    ιи тнє gαмє "¢αℓℓ σf тнє ωιℓ∂" ωнєи тнєу ωєяє ιмρєяѕσиαтιиg αи σѕтяι¢н му ∂σg тнσυgнт тнαт ¢συятиєу ωαѕ α ѕqυєαк тσу

  • Kylie The Neko Cutie Wolf

    12:51 And 12:52 Thats me on monday mornings

  • bork bork
    bork bork 12 days ago

    I think Olivia won the last one because Shayne’s noise had many different pitches unlike the anteater sound but it doesn’t matter anymore lol

  • Grapehead
    Grapehead 12 days ago

    I'm from Alaska and I think I've lived in the place closest to Shane's dream house cuz I lived in a cabin in Alaska with a zip line.

  • Alice Lopez
    Alice Lopez 12 days ago


  • Aizah Yaseen
    Aizah Yaseen 12 days ago +5

    Shayne: I feel like that one's gonna win
    Noah: yh sounds like my ex girlfriend

  • Jena’s World
    Jena’s World 12 days ago

    I be so happy if Olivia came and told me I had diabetes and would’ve been so much easier to handle if she didn’t

  • anime weeb
    anime weeb 12 days ago

    Ghost arent real aliens are, why you ask? Aliens are unknown living creatures on other planets like u think humans are so special that were the only living thing in the universe? No, no, no were not that special!

  • Galixy Flower
    Galixy Flower 12 days ago

    My theacher has hicups every bay

  • KC The savage
    KC The savage 12 days ago +1

    My aunt's son makes 300k a year he just got married a couple months ago and he is having a baby in May

  • Edawna McQuade
    Edawna McQuade 13 days ago

    My mom had diabetes...

  • Let's Go Gaming
    Let's Go Gaming 13 days ago

    I saw a shadow when they was talking about ghost

  • Jeremiah Hamil
    Jeremiah Hamil 13 days ago

    That sounds like my ex girlfriend

    BRYSTAL HUBBARD 13 days ago

    Omg I live in Alaska it’s beautiful here you guys make my day you are soooo funny

  • lillianjordan jordan
    lillianjordan jordan 13 days ago

    4:28 look at the right window

  • The Burnt marshmallow
    The Burnt marshmallow 13 days ago

    The dent in the forehead reminds me of dear David

  • The Burnt marshmallow
    The Burnt marshmallow 13 days ago

    Ghosts are real for one when people die their ghosts or souls have no where to go since scientifically energy can't be created or destroyed so there ghosts are real

  • Neveah Hoots
    Neveah Hoots 13 days ago

    My dog ran away and it would make me feel a little better if you guys did a dog challenge because my dog is my baby

  • Elaxys Berk
    Elaxys Berk 13 days ago

    With dinosaurs they could speak perfect english and we weren't there to here what they f****** made!!!!

  • Jessica Rainey
    Jessica Rainey 13 days ago

    And I would live with no video games

  • Jessica Rainey
    Jessica Rainey 13 days ago

    My note near is lousing my famley

  • Maddy Suggs
    Maddy Suggs 14 days ago

    Oml 4:32 did you see that?

  • jobby2812
    jobby2812 14 days ago

    9.55 I was chocking on my drink why Shane

  • Mia Holmes
    Mia Holmes 14 days ago

    13:00 "sounds like my ex girlfriend" ......?

  • #Marshmello Girl#
    #Marshmello Girl# 15 days ago

    At 4:33 there was a shadow behind the curtains like if you agree

  • Jack Unknown
    Jack Unknown 15 days ago

    I have had phases in my nrop(backwards) History. I'm normal now, but I don't think I would care if people saw it. Because no-one cares about me, to consequently no one cares about my nrop history.

  • Josie Lockwood
    Josie Lockwood 15 days ago

    I have Courtney and olivia shipname xD so sorry... courlivia (what have I done)

  • Hannah Covert
    Hannah Covert 15 days ago

    this reminds me of the try guys(anyone?)

  • Annabelle Tidd
    Annabelle Tidd 15 days ago

    Play at 4:31 to 4:36 look in the window on the right

  • InkyRose :D
    InkyRose :D 15 days ago


  • joshlyn carlisle
    joshlyn carlisle 15 days ago

    8:13 "unless your having butt hiccups"

  • joshlyn carlisle
    joshlyn carlisle 15 days ago

    at 4:32 look at the window something is there .

  • Topher Hodges
    Topher Hodges 15 days ago

    Did you see the black shadow move quickly behind Shane when they talked about foust or aliens

  • d criswell
    d criswell 15 days ago

    The campfire song song from spongbob

  • Bridget Adams
    Bridget Adams 15 days ago

    I constantly itch somewhere, always. I have really sensitive skin.

  • Before The Earth
    Before The Earth 15 days ago

    I genuinely have diabetes