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  • Stephanie Demorest
    Stephanie Demorest 6 hours ago

    When Olivia did the sea lion it looked like she was getting rapped in the ass lol love yall

  • Carmen Harkness
    Carmen Harkness Day ago

    Shayne looks like an actor

  • Anna Pinchbeck
    Anna Pinchbeck Day ago



    4:40 they are both real well ghosts are real I know that

  • Honey Crisp
    Honey Crisp Day ago

    Thanks alien Obama for giving the gays the right to marriage

  • Itz Unicorn Gaming
    Itz Unicorn Gaming 2 days ago

    5:25 The curtain moved

  • Marty Jenkins
    Marty Jenkins 2 days ago

    Me - *looks at video*

  • TinyPotatoes
    TinyPotatoes 2 days ago

    Some people have called the cops because they think a child is being murdered but it's just a fox screeming

  • Jaleah Bynum
    Jaleah Bynum 2 days ago

    OMG I can't believe y'all don't have Keith

  • Kiera and Morgz Fan
    Kiera and Morgz Fan 2 days ago

    100 dollors is enough Jesus

  • Musical Maniac
    Musical Maniac 2 days ago

    wait that shadow

  • JAlly Farms
    JAlly Farms 2 days ago +1

    No video games for sure, growing up in the 80's no one really cared much about video games they just went out side to play

  • chloe mcgonagle
    chloe mcgonagle 2 days ago

    Well if you think about it.. the ghosts or aliens are real..
    Really ghosts are real..spirits...I’m just saying!

  • Nina Basaric
    Nina Basaric 2 days ago

    4:32 look at the right window

  • Trinity K
    Trinity K 3 days ago

    is Courtney gay

  • Super Happy Fun Timez

    “Let your family see your life’s search history?”

  • Super Happy Fun Timez
    Super Happy Fun Timez 3 days ago +1

    I literally always come back to smash like eventually I will not really be interested in watching them for like a week then USclip will recommend them to me then for like a month or two I will just straight love them, then I repeat, but once I went like almost a year just loving smash. And even though I don’t watch them sometimes I still love them!❤️💖❤️😗

  • Orion Gladson
    Orion Gladson 4 days ago

    Shayne could honestly beat Chey up

  • D̥ͦr̤̈. OᑭᑭѕιEʑ

    *Olivia and her TV.* I can relate.

  • plamitateva
    plamitateva 4 days ago

    I was shocked when I saw something passing through the window when Noah was talking about ghosts... da fak??

    KL14KS R1SING 4 days ago +1

    I would work for Smosh(not defy media) for 10k a year 😊

  • ItzYourGurlBriaunna
    ItzYourGurlBriaunna 5 days ago

    At 4:32 if u look in the background someone was on the otherside. GHOST!!! Dang it Noah you jinxed it.

  • Emerson Foster
    Emerson Foster 5 days ago

    did anyone else see at like 4:27 and so on when noah was talking about ghosts and making a joke about obama that there was like a shadowy figure on the right in like the window cause i kinda go freaked out!!

  • Kay Rosenberger
    Kay Rosenberger 6 days ago

    Oml 4:33 I saw a shadow behind Courtney in the window

  • PigMaster 3000
    PigMaster 3000 6 days ago

    I love how Shane has a chicken suit

  • Boom Brains
    Boom Brains 6 days ago +1

    With the itch for a year, couldn't you get someone else to scratch it?

  • GokuOfficial
    GokuOfficial 7 days ago

    4:33 look to the right

  • Albert Baldry
    Albert Baldry 7 days ago

    Can the baby beat me up. Or how much damage is required. Like can i get away with a raspberry monster attack.

  • Skindelfield Phillips

    6:50 Is it just me or does Shayne sound like fucking Elmo on crack!!??

  • alex chan
    alex chan 8 days ago

    omg I really do ship the to girls together so cute

  • Niomi Richardson
    Niomi Richardson 8 days ago


  • Luna Aliza
    Luna Aliza 8 days ago

    is anyone else here in 2019

  • Luna Aliza
    Luna Aliza 8 days ago

    okay did anyone else see the shadow walking past the window when Noah was talking about ghost's at 4:32

  • joshua calcano
    joshua calcano 9 days ago

    My nightmarejob is not having a job so em 500k year is mine baby

  • ToadTastic
    ToadTastic 9 days ago

    my hicups hurt

  • Abbas Hameid
    Abbas Hameid 10 days ago

    When ur girl wanna a sucky sucky 15:05

  • A.Nonny Mouse
    A.Nonny Mouse 10 days ago

    Some games are based off of movies, and vice versa.

  • King of the snakes
    King of the snakes 10 days ago

    Whats up with Noah's eyes

  • Brandi Williams
    Brandi Williams 10 days ago

    Did u guys see that shadow in the window

  • Baby friction
    Baby friction 10 days ago

    7:53 same Courtney

  • Grayson’s Blonde streak

    “ yea, it sounds like my ex girlfriend” I lost it 😭😭😭😭😂

  • Rocket Bear
    Rocket Bear 10 days ago

    I saw someone walk by te right window

  • Albert Sjoberg
    Albert Sjoberg 10 days ago

    Thats the fenic fox not the fox

  • Just Luna
    Just Luna 11 days ago

    Olivia: your soulmates right in front of you
    Courtney: *looks immediately at shayne*

  • Galaxy Star & Galaxy Moon

    At 0:15 u can see over the walls

  • Kayla
    Kayla 11 days ago

    When their talking about Obama’s grandpa a shadow moves at the window

  • Ava Keil
    Ava Keil 11 days ago

    I just realised I sleep on that same day bed! It's from Ikea 😂

  • Moore Stunts
    Moore Stunts 11 days ago

    4:33 did you guys see that in the window ?

  • lil dork
    lil dork 11 days ago

    6:00 I dont care! I ship it!

  • Gacha Twins
    Gacha Twins 11 days ago

    The very end and last card I always have an itch because I have a

  • Saya Jung
    Saya Jung 12 days ago

    Did anyone notice that figure in the window at 4:31

  • elizabeth Young
    elizabeth Young 12 days ago

    "Pooping is like an 80's printer."😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Faith Bernaden
    Faith Bernaden 12 days ago

    I’d show my search history, cuz everyone I know is too lazy to even read it.

  • Bella Tolk
    Bella Tolk 12 days ago

    For the wyr with the dream job or nightmare one I would pick dream job. Mostly because my nightmare job would be putting down animals.

  • IzzyTheUnicorn King
    IzzyTheUnicorn King 12 days ago +1

    As Noah was talking about the ghost speech, did anybody else see the showdown pass the right window? 😵😲

  • Fan Account
    Fan Account 12 days ago

    I miss...

    Shayne's dark hair..

    JADEN PERU 12 days ago

    Who else at 4:33 saw a shadow moving the right window ( facings screen )

  • Simone w
    Simone w 12 days ago

    Omg the diabetes doctor killed me I can't stop laughing

  • Pickle Juice Tenderloin

    Did anyone else see the black figure in the right window

  • Chameleon Clan
    Chameleon Clan 12 days ago

    My dream house is a mansion next to the Grand Canyon

  • Chameleon Clan
    Chameleon Clan 12 days ago

    I can’t live without meh boi the cartoon the amazing world of gumball

  • Kira Holt
    Kira Holt 12 days ago

    Yes u can as that happened to me so u can have a person that tells people that they have diabetes

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 13 days ago

    Without tv no screen no video game

  • Isa and Vero
    Isa and Vero 13 days ago

    It is , my doctor told that to me

  • Alice the demon
    Alice the demon 13 days ago

    When Shane did the camel sound it sounded like he was taking a 💩💩💩💩

  • Maliyah C
    Maliyah C 13 days ago

    Have me on the show

  • Connor Hemmert
    Connor Hemmert 13 days ago

    Pause at 12:43 and enjoy the veiw

  • Lainey's life stories
    Lainey's life stories 13 days ago

    I looked up the ostrich and that is the real sound they make they make it through their throats

  • Emma Arriola
    Emma Arriola 13 days ago

    shayne and courtney look cute as a couple

  • Jasmyn Stubbs
    Jasmyn Stubbs 13 days ago +1

    I would live in the tent then buy a house and just cut foot holes and walk around but still be able to travel because I’m living in the tent

  • Samuel Uchiha
    Samuel Uchiha 13 days ago

    Like you console

  • Samuel Uchiha
    Samuel Uchiha 13 days ago

    If you live in a world without TV or Netflix then no TV means no place to set up you video games

  • Rachel roberts
    Rachel roberts 13 days ago

    Who else heard Noah say, "yeah that's what my ex girlfriend sounded like." When Courtney was a sea lion lmao

  • Rosie Morkos
    Rosie Morkos 13 days ago

    4:28 look out the right window and as noah is taking about ghost's it looks like there is one outside

  • SpringTrapMadness
    SpringTrapMadness 13 days ago

    4:30 Do you guys notice that something passed by the back right window when Noah was talking about ghosts?
    I freaked me out

  • kyleigh volgs
    kyleigh volgs 13 days ago

    Look at 4:34 something walked by when they were talking about ghost

  • Lachlan Minehan
    Lachlan Minehan 13 days ago

    I thought Shane was under house arrest because look at his feet

  • Nicole Nyabwa
    Nicole Nyabwa 14 days ago

    courtney looks like my 3rd grade teacher

  • Rebecca Chen
    Rebecca Chen 14 days ago

    I got thirsty while watching this video so I got a glass of water. I started drinking it when they started making animal noises. I laughed so hard I spat water all over my phone and nearly choked. Thumbs up If you've ever done that.

  • Abigail Brown
    Abigail Brown 14 days ago

    Courtney burps and he just says no.

  • ej vasquez
    ej vasquez 14 days ago

    Shayne is the funniest in the hole group Noah you crazy bro

  • ej vasquez
    ej vasquez 14 days ago

    Why shayne why

  • Keira Charlton
    Keira Charlton 14 days ago

    A camel did the voice of Chewbacca from Star Wars. Also anteaters use their tounge to eat

  • Joy Vines
    Joy Vines 14 days ago

    ok im freaking out because when they talk about ghosts or aliens there is a shadow in the right window just watch it if u want a scare.

  • Jeffre star is kween
    Jeffre star is kween 14 days ago

    4:33 a human shape shadow appered by the window whule talking about ghosts

  • Dani Timanus
    Dani Timanus 14 days ago +1

    Did you notice that when Noah was talking about ghost something passed in the right window it was around 4:32

  • Nikolas luchian
    Nikolas luchian 14 days ago

    Foxes are so annoying

  • Cruz Labranche
    Cruz Labranche 14 days ago

    So a farm

  • Miss_ Camelbak
    Miss_ Camelbak 14 days ago

    4:30 look at the right window there was a shadow

  • Amanda Redus
    Amanda Redus 14 days ago

    That’s what they actually sound like the ostrich i live on a ostrich farm

  • SnowstruckML
    SnowstruckML 14 days ago

    I actually have diabetes

  • Lucia Timo Lindsay kanal Zastrow

    I have the same bed
    PS: I love Courtney and Olivia ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😘

  • JadynSnaKeZ
    JadynSnaKeZ 14 days ago

    So uh- A lot of people confirm my dream job as a nightmare job
    A snake scientist bruh

  • Sean Geary Vlogs
    Sean Geary Vlogs 15 days ago

    at the left of the screen 'Courtney Freakin Miller's wig is right there

  • Keelan Jones
    Keelan Jones 15 days ago

    Watch 4:34 seconds into the video and look at the window on the side with muscular dude

  • Keelan Jones
    Keelan Jones 15 days ago

    Is everyone about to ignore the fact that something appeared in the window behind them

  • Tiffany Tiffany
    Tiffany Tiffany 15 days ago

    I couldn’t stop laugh when they tried to copy a sea lion 😂😂

    SAVAGE PATRICK 15 days ago

    U say squad but where’s Ian or Keith

  • thumperjr24 playstation

    I don't like murder *steps on a cockroach* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Brooklyn Black
    Brooklyn Black 15 days ago

    There was a shadow behind you on the right side of the screen when you did would you rather about the ghost or aliens