• Published on Apr 2, 2016
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    We've got Noah and Shayne here to play some Would You Rather!
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Comments • 8 338

  • Lilu Metreveli
    Lilu Metreveli Day ago

    My bed is the exact same as the one that olivia and courtney are sitting on❤️❤️❤️😱😱😱😱

  • Ender Girl
    Ender Girl Day ago +1

    Courtney yessssss girl I would live in that house too sorry if I spelt your name wrong :)

  • Ben
    Ben Day ago

    5:59 she went to look at Shayne for a split second then heated Olivia say ‘it’s me’ and quickly look up🤭🤭shartney is real😱

    IDF CARE Day ago

    How many times does Shayne say like

    TĖMPTATIØN 2 days ago

    I wish they would bring this show back I would actually tune in every time

  • [-]Spac{e}• Tim{e}s[-]

    Ik someone who has more facial hair than Noah and he’s 13

  • Jenna Bradshaw
    Jenna Bradshaw 2 days ago

    4:33 there is a ghost in the windowwwwwww

    JASMINE HEPHNER 2 days ago +1

    I live in Alaska

  • Madison Bengtson
    Madison Bengtson 3 days ago

    The first would you rather if you got rid of TVs u could not play video games on your TVs

  • Noodle 123
    Noodle 123 4 days ago

    Did anyone else see the shadow at 4.33

  • Sophia Monday
    Sophia Monday 6 days ago

    My sisters are diabetic, a few hours after finding she had it, my sister said, "You know, diabetes is actually kinda fun?" -_-

  • Salma Dayenne
    Salma Dayenne 6 days ago

    WER IS KEY 😐😐😐😐😐🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😐😐😐😐😐

  • Agent Silver
    Agent Silver 6 days ago

    Any Transformers fans out there wanting those bots to be real?

  • queen bee
    queen bee 7 days ago

    4:33 it looks like there is a ghost outside but it is just a person walking by

  • Daniela Lira
    Daniela Lira 7 days ago

    You're. The best cannel😎

  • EpicDoggiez
    EpicDoggiez 7 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how Noah looks like he has a giant sack?

  • Unicorn Pirates
    Unicorn Pirates 8 days ago

    At 4:33 a shadow was in the window when you said gohsts

  • Ananya Bommineni
    Ananya Bommineni 8 days ago

    Noah's pants have a hole in them!!!! 8:27

  • Jamie Hill
    Jamie Hill 8 days ago +1

    Olivia: "what if your soulmate's right in front of you right now."
    Courtney: looks at Shayne
    Olivia: "it's me"
    Courtney: quickly looks at Olivia and plays it off

  • Hungryman Man of Steel Productions

    You should do who would most likely

  • Tatem Poelma
    Tatem Poelma 9 days ago +2

    I can't leave the united states because im poor.. SO DREAM HOUSE

  • Kasen Olson
    Kasen Olson 9 days ago

    14:08 did shayne poop himself

  • Kasen Olson
    Kasen Olson 9 days ago +1

    I just imagined"hey com look at the view"then you turn around you see a boeng 747 flying right torwards them.

  • DiceTE
    DiceTE 9 days ago

    Why do I feel like Noah Shane Keith have had sex with Olivia and Courtney

  • Riley Hart
    Riley Hart 10 days ago

    “Are you a prisoner from Azkaban” Noah Grossman is the best

  • Ana Malienia
    Ana Malienia 10 days ago

    Olivia:Your soulmate is right in front of you
    Courtney:*looks at Shayne*
    Courtney:Oh yeah! I totally knew that ~Shayne I will see you in the after live 😭😭😭

  • Miss Pikachu
    Miss Pikachu 11 days ago

    Now get Shayne and Shane in seriously stupid sleepover

  • Samuel Broom
    Samuel Broom 11 days ago

    The ostrich sounds like a phone on silent

  • Samuel Broom
    Samuel Broom 11 days ago

    The ostrich sounds like a phone on silent

  • Samuel Broom
    Samuel Broom 11 days ago

    The ostrich sounds like a phone on silent

  • proven lies
    proven lies 11 days ago

    I think a camel sounds like it says hump day.

  • Teddie Wilson
    Teddie Wilson 11 days ago


  • Damire Wyatt
    Damire Wyatt 12 days ago

    Did you know goust are actually real.

  • Fizxly
    Fizxly 12 days ago

    this video is funny xD

  • Toothless The dragon
    Toothless The dragon 13 days ago

    My dream house is to live in zendayas house with her

  • zeta orphanide
    zeta orphanide 14 days ago


  • Vivian McDowell
    Vivian McDowell 14 days ago

    OMG look at 4:29 thar is a gows

  • Craig Cormier Jr.
    Craig Cormier Jr. 14 days ago

    When Olivia said your sole mate is in front of u right now, courtney glanced at shayne

  • Da'Von Boyd
    Da'Von Boyd 15 days ago

    I dont like olivia anymore

  • Natalia Tapia
    Natalia Tapia 15 days ago

    Ghost are actually real

  • Michael Olieman
    Michael Olieman 15 days ago

    9:59 more of gulag

  • Punchy 34
    Punchy 34 15 days ago

    4:33 they were talking about ghosts, BOOM right hand side there is a ghost right there.

  • solidmusic75601
    solidmusic75601 16 days ago

    Why not the whole earth

  • Julianne Gaming
    Julianne Gaming 16 days ago

    I have the hiccups right now

  • kimloach Loach
    kimloach Loach 16 days ago

    Cheers is bomb bro yasss shane

  • michelangelo storato
    michelangelo storato 16 days ago

    4:33 he is literally talking about ghost when a shadow passes by the curtain on the right😂😂😂

  • Kit CATS :3
    Kit CATS :3 17 days ago

    4:33 look at the window that Courtney is next to 😨

  • Kayleen Ramirez
    Kayleen Ramirez 17 days ago

    Did anybody notice at 4:33 somebody walk past the window

  • BillieJean Irizarry
    BillieJean Irizarry 18 days ago

    around 4:35 i saw a shadow go across the right window...and they were talking about ghosts!

  • PikaSka Alt
    PikaSka Alt 18 days ago

    I love how Olivia's demeanor instantly changed from happiness into utter shock in 0.2 seconds at 0:47.

  • dont judge the Rose
    dont judge the Rose 20 days ago

    15:32 the exsact moment shan fell in love with Cortney

  • Teh DogDemon
    Teh DogDemon 21 day ago

    I would go without video games because I CANT LIVE WITHOUT INUYASHA(its a anime and a better love story than twilight)

  • Sasha Ochieng
    Sasha Ochieng 21 day ago

    What if I pick tent teleporter and teleport to a manshoin and live in the tent in the manshoin

  • Mia’s World
    Mia’s World 22 days ago

    When olivia said your soulmate is right in front of you and Courtney looked at shayne?

  • Jazz Taylor
    Jazz Taylor 23 days ago

    You guys totally get me

  • Maya Singh
    Maya Singh 23 days ago +1

    At 4:32 holy crap! As they r talking bout ghost and aliens some creepy shadow appears from the fake window

  • I hate this so much.
    I hate this so much. 24 days ago

    4:31 Look in the right window

  • Rylee LEWIS
    Rylee LEWIS 25 days ago

    When Olivia said your soulmate is right In front of you Courtney looked down at shayne...TEEEEEAAAAA

  • Gaming with JJ Smith
    Gaming with JJ Smith 25 days ago

    i have diabetes

  • 05 pinkiepoos
    05 pinkiepoos 25 days ago +1

    I like how when Olivia said that Courtney's soulmate was in front of her see looked at Shayne

    ARI_LYFE 25 days ago

    who else noticed the shadow at the right window 4:33

  • Derrick Turpin
    Derrick Turpin 26 days ago

    0:27 if you lived in a world without TVs how are you supposed to play the games unless you have a Nintendo switch

  • spencer98881
    spencer98881 26 days ago

    anyone see the shadow in the window when they were talking about ghosts? 4:32

  • Santiago Mora
    Santiago Mora 27 days ago

    But I want to visit my grandparents in Mexico

  • Cupid’s Arrow
    Cupid’s Arrow 27 days ago

    Doctor:**whispering to Olivia** it’s your time to shine **sighs** :/
    Olivia:**talking to patient** You have diabetes.

  • Luis González
    Luis González 27 days ago

    10:55 10:48
    Click one after the other

  • Deuce
    Deuce 27 days ago +1

    What was that in the right window at 4:33 ?

  • Pop Reviews
    Pop Reviews 28 days ago

    After watching life I choose ghost

  • Mieke Hermans
    Mieke Hermans 28 days ago +1

    The four S’s
    SLEEPOVER 💤 ⬆️

  • Katie Oswald
    Katie Oswald 28 days ago


  • cam the dog
    cam the dog 29 days ago

    *back in the day when they didn't know they'd have to flee the country to escape trump*

  • InsaneFlame
    InsaneFlame 29 days ago

    12:38 Close your eyes and thank me later... 😏

  • Lia and Danaly Geen

    Lol Olivia’s face when Courtney and Noah say that they would rather live without TV.

  • Allison Rodriguez
    Allison Rodriguez Month ago

    At 4:34 what was that in the right window

  • Amethyst Kitty
    Amethyst Kitty Month ago

    Is it bad that I would rather punch a baby, because one time is worse than every day.

  • ben sibley
    ben sibley Month ago

    Do you guys live in the us

  • Maddie Hyung
    Maddie Hyung Month ago +2

    9:03 *Call of the wild... By: Jack London*

  • The Man Guy
    The Man Guy Month ago

    What is that on the window in 4:25

  • joseph
    joseph Month ago

    15:05 giving the carpet the SUCC

  • Feirce_ Gamer
    Feirce_ Gamer Month ago

    I'm allergic to horses, and I can communicate with spirits. So I would choose ghosts (:

  • Zing Lee
    Zing Lee Month ago

    4:33 did anyone notice something passing by their right window

  • Zing Lee
    Zing Lee Month ago

    Is it just me or does Courtney look like Taylor Swift

  • Sydney Zaletsky
    Sydney Zaletsky Month ago

    At 4:33, look at the right window... there’s something walking by the window! Just as Noah said ghosts & aliens something something something.

  • Sydney Zaletsky
    Sydney Zaletsky Month ago

    I agree with Olivia on the first one.

  • PandaWamen
    PandaWamen Month ago

    This is how i discovered smosh XD

  • Cora Nova
    Cora Nova Month ago

    Shayne Topp dies( Of laughter, don't worry. ) , how many times? Not once, not twice, not three times, BUT SEVEN MILLION TIMES BECAUSE I LOST TRACK. ( I knew Shayne would win the aminals one tho >:3 )

  • Kid Dillay
    Kid Dillay Month ago

    At 4:30 just watch the window...
    just watch...

    • Kid Dillay
      Kid Dillay Month ago

      the right side window that is

  • Mamta Khanzode
    Mamta Khanzode Month ago

    Yeah Obama is too good to be true he is the best he might be an alien

  • Marco Munoz
    Marco Munoz Month ago

    Wtf is that in the window a 4:33 ?

  • Shining Stars
    Shining Stars Month ago

    You guys should do a series in your channel but with kids instead of you guys like in my opinion that sounds amazing

  • Kate_Great
    Kate_Great Month ago


  • GregoryKitty Cat
    GregoryKitty Cat Month ago

    4:32. What’s that shadow In the background?

  • Sara Hatterman
    Sara Hatterman Month ago

    chef is my teacher

  • Cearra Wormstedt
    Cearra Wormstedt Month ago

    Courtney looked at shayne when Olivia said you stole mates right in front of you🤞

  • Get down to the funky sound

    4:33 there is something in the window

  • Nabi Hussain
    Nabi Hussain Month ago

    Where's Keeth?

  • Savana Niels
    Savana Niels Month ago


  • Mitchie Bear
    Mitchie Bear Month ago

    How are you supposed to play video games without TV?

  • Levi Bevers
    Levi Bevers Month ago

    I actually just watched a 22 min ad

  • HEH
    HEH Month ago

    IMAGINE RIDING A CAMEL AND STOPPING and just like 'ARE A PRISONER OF AZKABAN??' And it just like 'Nuu I a CAMEL!!'